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File: 1539091695857.jpg (146.81 KB, 1125x1630, IMG_20181009_082235.jpg)

4a239 No.178134

As every day goes by it seems like we are eternally fucked. Where is the bottom of this hellish well we have been thrown down?

e8386 No.178135

>identify as Muslim
Not even Muslims deserve to be associated with that abomination.

b5ed7 No.178137

Great Depressions serve a purpose. You'll have to wait for the retirement boom of the Boomers to crash the economy, this replaces imaginary problems with real ones. Whilst there is enough excess wealth to support chaos in the society that chaos exists. Seem like 10-15 years to go.

69d6b No.178157

Unironically kill it with fire.

b6be4 No.178207

Forget about Muslims, this is an insult to the name of physics as well. Quantum states are most certainly not related to any gender at all.

f7454 No.178209

The collapse is all that can save us at this point.

b44f9 No.178244

File: 1539165560079.jpg (104.6 KB, 460x268, pierce.jpg)

I really don't think so.
What we call "collapse" is planned from the top.
I don't believe "collapse" will save us, but it will take us to a deeper state of slavery.
It is naif not to expect that the kikes are waiting for this event to take control once and for all.
Perhaps we will stand a chance if we are able to seize the moment when war comes.

8be3b No.178254

You just got a republican SCOTUS majority for the next quarter century and you're adamant in believing things are getting worse? You fags just hit a turning point, we should all be so lucky.

b44f9 No.178265

File: 1539192208782.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2248x2331, read-siege.jpeg)

>and you're adamant in believing things are getting worse?
Yes, yes, and YES!
A "republican SCOTUS" is still a ZOG's SCOTUS.
They are not at our side at all.
If you pay attention closely, you will notice that all aspects of the decay are still in place and they will not change in the foreseeable future.
Just as an example in social issues:
Feminism, Marxism, homosexuality, consumerism, is promoted from governments, corporations, schools, and even from the Christian leadership.

No, those who can see through the lies of the jüdenpresse known that war is coming.

caaad No.178301

File: 1539215702623.jpg (477.69 KB, 886x674, _david vs(((goliath))).jpg)

this tbh.

84421 No.178334

Yeah, most Whites(and pretty much everyone else) are still asleep.
I think the middle class it's the best starting point, it has the productive advantage it's getting tired of this and it's mostly White.

ba63c No.178339

No, things only get worse. We were born in an era of decay, we can either be optimists and believe in escapist fantasies or we can be brave pessimists and understand that we'll never live in the world we long for. Just because things are bad and will be worse doesn't mean we can't live our lives out to be good lives and understand what is good and beautiful. That dignity is something no one can have taken away.

Enjoy life, not by escapism but through hardship.

2bbbb No.178340

but is it okay to practice some escapism alongside working towards a better future?

ba63c No.178341

It isn't bad unless you let it warp your view of reality.

464fc No.178342

File: 1539240058316.jpg (44.27 KB, 621x637, Dn4SQ3XV4AEJgtL.jpg large.jpg)

Crucifixion is the only cure for this degeneracy

cc6e3 No.178553

Lmfao Bronies are literally the last kind of people who could fix society

fb0e0 No.178554

File: 1539351870512.png (61.19 KB, 653x496, MLPIsFascist.png)


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