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File: 1537372064544-0.png (312.22 KB, 2309x3000, 18-09-15_luft.png)

File: 1537372064544-1.png (120.55 KB, 1646x1411, 22_Anonymous_Pegasus_flirt….png)

File: 1537372064544-2.png (248.8 KB, 2000x2134, 1142474__safe_oc_vector_fi….png)

File: 1537372064544-3.png (247.36 KB, 2000x2026, 1400212__safe_artist-colon….png)

File: 1537372064544-4.png (613 KB, 1716x1258, stretch.png)

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Last thread: >>10197
The Luftkrieg thread returns once again.
Writefag and drawfags welcome!
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fc117 No.192340

File: 1544782010342-0.jpeg (1017.09 KB, 2560x1440, 1854844.jpeg)

File: 1544782010342-1.jpeg (352.27 KB, 1152x2048, 1811175.jpeg)

fc117 No.192349

File: 1544784406266.jpeg (87.72 KB, 945x845, luftkrieg_and_family_by_g….jpeg)

cf300 No.192402

Now that's adorable.

7eeda No.192868

File: 1545064507563.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1440, 20181214_105036.jpg)

7eeda No.195676

File: 1546357396957.jpg (945.87 KB, 2560x1440, 20181227_120807.jpg)

57c13 No.195681

Whoa, that's neat.

b1f9e No.195684

7eeda No.196120

File: 1546564343602.gif (945.52 KB, 600x576, luftpat.gif)

Headpats for cute filly

57244 No.196127

Adorable and lovely, keep up the great work.

57c13 No.196132

Now that is a good filly who earned her good filly pats.

15d6c No.196134

The best pats for the best filly.

1f71a No.196739

File: 1546817504970.gif (946.28 KB, 600x576, Headpat.gif)

Now with wings.

fc117 No.196744

7eeda No.202030

File: 1549000433797-0.png (746.72 KB, 3312x4001, luftkrieg.png)

File: 1549000433797-1.png (1.6 MB, 7821x4321, luftkriegsidebyside.png)

57c13 No.202072

Also, good numbers.

7eeda No.202073

441bc No.202494

File: 1549197666231.png (440.69 KB, 4000x3210, g1745.png)

Luft OC.

I think this is the first time I've tried Luftkrieg, so there's probably something off about it.

fc117 No.202495

6156f No.202506

File: 1549202433353.gif (159.65 KB, 749x578, dancing spurdo bed.gif)


These are pretty nice.

A question for the the UK Anon, do you happen to be the same guy who posted a new Vector in the Aryanne Thread recently? And if so, have you made art like this before or are you new here?

441bc No.202508


That's right.

I've been around the Aryanne threads for a long time, long before the mlpol april fools day thing. Been lurking this site since it was created, haven't had cause to post much unfortuantely.

7eeda No.202509

Nice job man!

f5291 No.202511

Sorry if I or anyone confuses you for Nigel, thanks for your work

6156f No.202520

File: 1549211213565.png (2.12 MB, 3004x3100, 0207_OAT_Vectors_smiling_c….png)


That is good to hear. I believe we are familiar then. Also, like i credited you correctly after all, Accu.

Welcome. Its been some time, isnt it? I thought you lost some time during 2015 or 2016. I had no idea you were actually here the entire time, but I am glad. Hope you are well and in good condition.

If you feel like talking, theres a link to the Aryanne Discord in the OAT, if you are not already in it, that is. This is purely optional of course. Glad to have you around. c:

9732e No.202534

It has been a while, pretty much didn't manage to do anything in 2018. Hopefully I'll have more time this year.

b09b6 No.202536


7eeda No.202893

Hey if you like to man, we could use you over on the Aryanne discord. If you wanna join it. I miss the old vector artist that the Aryanne thread had.

7eeda No.204424

File: 1550074416159.jpg (119.62 KB, 2028x2264, WBOd2qT.jpg)

94a66 No.204433


7eeda No.205415

File: 1550442053718-0.png (17.36 KB, 385x296, trgjsdrt.png)

File: 1550442053718-1.png (361.42 KB, 939x1080, dltzces4_Filly.png)

7eeda No.205672

File: 1550542082523.png (603.57 KB, 1034x1504, 2612082_aquoquoo_luftkrieg.png)

7eeda No.207614

File: 1551313329302-0.png (7.67 KB, 554x443, milked.png)

File: 1551313329302-1.png (976.46 KB, 4092x2893, 1550622026461.png)

57c13 No.207637

>Anyone explains this
She is a cute filly.

94a66 No.207643

I think it was more of a question of where she came from.

57c13 No.207689

Last thread we burned 100 posts trying to explain that.
There wasn't an answer in that time neither.

7eeda No.208498

I'm aware that we had this discussion before but to be honest it cool to see how ambiguous on where Luftkrieg comes from. And I mostly like seeing what other come up with

fc117 No.208499

File: 1551659929758.jpg (1.87 MB, 3120x4160, Luftkrieg - Plush.jpg)

>where she came from
Does it matter?
She is lovely.

1d4a8 No.208500

>where did she come from?
>where did she go?

57c13 No.208502

>Where did you come from,
>Cotton fur Luft?

7eeda No.208512

File: 1551667911065.zip (1.72 MB, Luftkreig.zip)

Not sure if I can post zip files but here's a model of Luftkrieg to be used in source filmmaker

7eeda No.209008

File: 1551935974288.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, rainposter.png)

I made this in sfm

57c13 No.209047

Huh, neato.

7b5c1 No.209147

Nice Job anon

7eeda No.209155

33177 No.209164

I concur. It looks awesome.

3a0fc No.210211

File: 1552356702162.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, luftposter.png)

Here have another SFM I made a while back

7b5c1 No.210216

Sleep tight poner

33177 No.210220

Love it, she looks so happy and peaceful.

fc117 No.210228

I will pet her.

135e3 No.210268

File: 1552398186405.jpg (110.13 KB, 865x856, pretty degenerate.jpg)


>I think it was more of a question of where she came from.

Gary fucked up and pretended Aryanne somehow impregnated Kyrie and made a child, somehow with Franziskas involvement. After telling him repeatedly that this is degenerate as fuck and this lesbian spawn futa shit out of character Gary retracted this origin story in shame.

5c5b6 No.210358

I don't think gary's fetish for lesbians has anything to do with him retracting it. The official story is, after all, just "Luftkrieg is Kyrie's child" and as we've all seen, gary likes his degenerate fantasies, and moral crusades likely aren't going to stop him from commissioning futa aryanne x kyrie pictures.

Anyways, it's a moot point considering Randy wouldn't agree to it, because it doesn't have enough cats in the equation.

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