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9d17c No.158532

>Several gang rapes in Nordsjælland towns creates fear and violent outrage right now with the townspeople.
>Six boys with different ethnic origin than Danish under 18 years is charged with having raped or contributed to the rape of girls down to 13-years of age, and although the boys are now in custody, as are parents in the area still scared and still keeps a watchful eye on their children.
>The alleged rapes should be taken place allegedly in the course of the past six years in Hørsholm, Nivå and Kokkedal, and five out of the six boys have been remanded in custody in surrogate since June. All boys refuse guilty, and there is still no charges in some cases, writes Berlingske, who has had a reporter on a visit to the different areas in order to sense the mood of the city's citizens.

>According to retsbøgerne (court-reports) the first rape took place on 16 December. October 2017, when six boys with different ethnic origin than Danish broke into a property in Caloocan City, where, among other things, a 14-year-old girl lived. Here are three of the boys allegedly forced the girl to give them oral sex in turn.

>Just one month later, the same 14-year-old girl, according to the indictment forced to oral sex and sexual intercourse with three of the boys again. And the day after it happened once again against the 14-year-old in a tanning salon in Hørsholm.
>In addition to the 14-year-old girl, there are four other girls aged 13 to 16 years, who according to the charges has been subjected to serious sexual assaults by one or more of the six boys in pre-trial detention. They are made from October last year to april this year.

>"It is completely unheard of, when boys in the bunch of abusing underage girls sexually. They're just big kids, but the young boys here have had no filter. It has been like a help-yourself-table, ' says investigative Manager Henrik Favor to Berlingske Tidende, he has not previously had similar cases of the same gravity.

>According to nordsjællands Police know the girls and the term boys each other from the local area.
>The police beleave they have reached the bottom of the cases, but they will not rule out the possibility that there may be more exposed to abuse by boys, writes Berlingske.

df2ec No.158543

Its almost like, if you take a cross-cultural and non assimilating demographic and thrust them en masse into localized populations they will inevitably engage in forms of tribalism (aided by a statistically decreased IQ and comprehension abilitiy,… all hypothetical of course) and criminal depravity as a result of an absence of significant discipline and/or disciplinarians… I could go on.
Anyway, no shit they're still scared, do they think that the "good police have caught all of them"?

9d17c No.158687

File: 1531308237415-0.png (159.35 KB, 1053x1620, screenshot-www.bt.dk-2018-….png)

File: 1531308237415-1.png (63.5 KB, 991x726, screenshot-www.bt.dk-2018-….png)

>Every second time the hammer falls into cases of rape at the Danish courts, it is an immigrant or descendant who is found guilty. It shows a completely unique review of all convictions for rape and rape trial through a year and a half that BT has made.
>Two experts point out that the overrepresentation is partly due to poor integration, which puts many immigrants and descendants out of society, but both experts also believe that cultural differences may be the explanation that more immigrants and descendants are convicted of rape and rape.

>There are often those who are the perpetrators-not least those who perpetrate the rape in groups-a woman's contempt, where women are accused of being whores who can only be exploited. They are not going to protest, because they themselves go out and are offering themselfes (provocative clothing etc.), says Professor emeritus at Stockholm University Christian Diesen, who has been researching rape sentences.

>BT's review of all rape judgments from January 1, 2016 to May 8, 2017 shows that at least 35 out of 65 people convicted of rape, other sexual relationships than intercourse or attempted rape against a person over 15 years were immigrant or descendant.

>Including the 28 cases in the period involving child abuse are at least every third convicted of rape, sexual relationship other than sexual intercourse or attempted rape immigrant or descendants. The number may be higher because no information about the perpetrator's origin is found in all sentences.

>By comparison, immigrants and descendants make up 12.9 percent of the total population in Denmark.

>BT's countdown shows that the majority of immigrants and descendants convicted of rape come from non-western countries such as Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq and Cameroon.

>"Most types of crime are committed by people with a low social background, and it is typical that immigrants and descendants are in the lower social classes in Denmark. But even when corrected for all background variables, you will probably still find that immigrants and descendants are over-represented, "he says.

>Both Peter Kruize and Christian Diesen point out that there may be a higher reporting flexibility in cases where there is an immigrant or descendant who is the perpetrator.
>"Another explanation is that there are some cultural differences that make people with an immigrant background more often represented," explains Peter Kruize, who says that you can become more aware of whether culture plays a role by looking further on what foreign background they have sentenced.
>"Of course, we know the cases from Germany with asylum seekers who committed abuse on New Year's Eve, and the trouble that has been in Sweden, so there is enough reason to believe that there is also a cultural element in this. I am also convinced that it is probably, "says Peter Kruize, pointing out that one should go into the individual cases to investigate whether the rape is based on a cultural misunderstanding of Danish women.
>Christian Diesen has done that in his research, and found that the immigrant men charged with rape in Sweden more blame the woman for her behavior, cloathing and attire, compared to ethnic Swedish men.

http://archive.is/tOBUB (translated)
http://archive.is/lL2Tp (original article in Danish)

3ab06 No.158754

File: 1531355753496.png (381.68 KB, 800x1800, 1509342757788.png)

Is it wrong to kill someone?

2ee6d No.158758

The left wants to use fascism to stop fascism.
The right wants to use barbarism to stop barbarism.
I think if the law says a crime is punishable by death, and the perpetrator is convicted, they had fair warning. The problem here is that then the state can stage fake evidence to kill off it's enemies.

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