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File: 1531164024760.png (778.11 KB, 1280x720, Pirate_Applejack_shouting_….png)

1ab84 No.158219

Have you ever experienced a family member who agrees that immigration is massively negative, don't want to become a minority in their own ancestral homelands but gets upset when you explain to them what has to be done to stop this future as a minority, such as withdrawn welfare for close to all immigrants and generous benefits to those who return — well have you?

I simply do not understand this glaring contention in this family member's way of thinking: don't want to become a minority but is glaringly unwilling to look at the policies with the highest rate of success that stays away from direct lethal violence. This family member, whenever we meet, usually mentions how immoral and stupid our government and acquaintances are in regards to immigration. Not rarely this family member brings up the future of their grandchildren to emphasis how worried they are for the future but still refuses to understand that if we Swedes are not to become minorities there really are no moderate policies available.

Is there any way to have this family member to get it or should I just leave it be?

7554f No.158220

Well, having grown up in rural Texas with family from rural North Carolina, I can say I have never - never - had the experience of family not wanting to cut welfare benefits for immigrants. I don't think they would take as kindly to talking about it in a racial way, or mention "becoming a minority."

1ab84 No.158221


I understand how deeply shocking and provocative it is to talk openly and honestly about minorities and race, but I never mention race and when I mention minorities I make it very clear that I speak not about all minorities. I make it 100% clear that I do not wish harm on others but if we're to avoid becoming a minority in our own nation then there really are few options that will work realistically.

But would your family accept becoming a minority? This family member is entirely against the idea, so why the protest is sort of contradictory for me.

f46ba No.158227

Opposite problem throughout most of burgerland. Most people here will be fine with saying they want welfare cuts and especially for immigrants. But you'll find very few people who will be able to discus the >becoming a minority in your own country.

f4c5c No.158243

My guess is they are uncomfortable with their racism and so cannot act further due to guilt. You could try to remove the racism part from them and replace it with how massive immigration is an economic and social cost regardless of where they come from, add in the ageing demographics cost already happening in the West. This then frees them from racism guilt. If you want to go that way give them documentation to back that up, which isn't racist, they can then keep reading over it to develop a new concept of the situation.

1ab84 No.158247

File: 1531171181267.jpg (74.92 KB, 1024x430, 1523113330611.jpg)

I regularly read statistics, I regularly expose people and family to these statistics, I read a lot of history so I can explain why immigration is usually a negative event, my family member complains about the economic side and the massive spike in violent crimes, still my family member refuses to acknowledge the fact that there is little we can to avoid becoming a minority without using rather extreme policies, such as removing most immigrants peacefully from Sweden using incentives.

f4c5c No.158249

>avoid becoming a minority without using rather extreme policies, such as removing most immigrants peacefully from Sweden using incentives.
I personally would not call that extreme. I would call violence extreme. Citizenry should have managed their elites better through voting prior to these stresses emerging. But it is human nature to act on feelings rather than forethought.

I have a supposition that the reason for immigration is to maintain house prices. Due to ageing in the West, the boomers are retiring now and for the next ~20 years. They will, en mass, sell houses and move away from cities/suburbs to smaller nicer houses. This will create a housing market crash and could lead to a Great Depression. (The timing is about right if we assume 100 year cycles.) Immigration soaks up this massive continuous housing supply. My suspicion is there is a purposeful translation from Great Depression potential to social tension. The elites prefer the later because it affects them less. If so then your difficulty being solved won't change things anyway. They are just choosing between which way to fall on a knife.

f4c5c No.158250

File: 1531173276259.png (461.51 KB, 700x462, afg_nihilism_pill.png)

22eab No.158251

Den enda lösningen är att följa Varg Vikernes exempel, din degenererade hästknullare!

1ab84 No.158252

File: 1531175371615.jpg (123.23 KB, 960x720, 1526339182449.jpg)


Haha! Känns ganska extremt men jo visst, varför inte, din degenerade hästknullare.

1ab84 No.158253


Without question, they should have managed the elite better, but people don't care about the details if their lives are secure and they get their weekly beer.

As welfare expenditures increase and we can't cover them with taxes then, of course, they're going to offset this somehow, that they choose immigration is beyond me because it is rather obvious it doesn't work and throughout history, it has ended often in disaster.

The boomers are a generation of traitors or at least very shortsighted and greedy.

22eab No.158254

Jag vill göra som Anton Lundin Pettersson och reinkarneras till Anonfilly.

f4c5c No.158263

File: 1531177725895.jpg (27.61 KB, 620x326, contraception.jpg)

>Without question, they should have managed the elite better, but people don't care about the details if their lives are secure and they get their weekly beer.
Sadly, too true.

>As welfare expenditures increase and we can't cover them with taxes then, of course, they're going to offset this somehow, that they choose immigration is beyond me because it is rather obvious it doesn't work and throughout history, it has ended often in disaster.

What was the other option? Assuming my supposition is true, I think they had 1 bad choice to choose from… imagine trying to ban abortion or make The Pill unavailable? Who would actually vote for that government when the retirement boom stress has not arrived yet?

>The boomers are a generation of traitors or at least very shortsighted and greedy.

Short sighted, yes. Traitors, no, their parents had children at a natural rate almost equal to before condoms were widely available (1920s). There is a flood of stupid children (no insult, children are born stupid) and then young immature adults. Society becomes more selfish and immature under that natural influence of youth flooding it. The Pill comes in 1960, it's an advancement of science technology and mass production, it, like condoms, saves women from unwanted pregnancy and therefore a risk of death or lack of ability to raise children due to costs. It frees women, do you like liberty? But, like condoms (roarings 20's), that money now goes into investment of the 1980s. Stock market does a repeat of the Roaring '20s. Getting rich is natural if it isn't diverted to raising children. I don't think they collectively sat down and said… "hmmm, The Pill and rich and screw up the future -or- children and remain poor, trapped but protect the future." It's very difficult to predict the blow-back of something, and they (most boomers) did not even have computers or the internet to begin to contemplate or calculate the consequences.

Once all the boomers are dead, though, things can smooth out at low baby rates. We are in that awkward part of the blow-back from the gyration in baby rates. The one remaining problem is that debt money requires economic expansion… how can you have expansion when baby rates is below expansion rates? Immigration!

1ab84 No.158267

File: 1531179964489.jpg (49.45 KB, 800x390, out_in_the_field_by_ajvl-d….jpg)


Immigration, of course, but there was enough data to prove that this would not aid in alleviating the economic burden, we've known the economic and social issues of immigration since the medieval times. Whilst the information wasn't easily obtained during the 1950s policymakers had all the opportunity to fetch the data and inform the public, they didn't and people did not care to ask themselves the effects of expanding the entitlements. As the demographics changed locally people were treated to the future they voted in, White flight began attracting attention as more and more neighborhoods saw poor Blacks moving in and causing issues, still, they kept voting for liberal policies and kept expanding the welfare state.

Even with a healthy birth rate the entitlements would expand and cause a deep recession because of debt and economically unproductive demographics, Blacks and Mexicans, expanding their share of the total populous would add on the burden as well; at best they'd put economic difficulties further into the future.

They didn't sit down and agree on a conspiracy but they had enough resources to consult their local libraries, universities, and local news stations to begin to piece together a weak picture over what's going on in their own nation. The funny thing is that the American public was highly involved in several policy changes, such as the change in the immigration act during 1965 to deregulate immigration. People were very clear that they did not want the demographics of the nation to change, that White Americans would remain the majority, but they were lied to.

You don't really need to expand your demographics to keep your economy healthy and strong enough to burden periods of high expenditures. I agree that maintained low birth rates will negatively affect an economy but too large a population can be equally as devastating, and I argue more so in certain conditions. As we're going through a natural cycle in our demographics, low fertility demographic vs high fertility demographic, this issue will resolve itself within the next hundred to two hundred years. However, now we've ensured that as the majority demographic, which is also one of the most productive, rapidly contracts the new unproductive demographics will only be a burden on the entire system; the boomers won't be treated their entitlements for their shortsighted decision.

Our boomers here in Sweden are not being given their entitlements because of how they've voted and the way they've damaged my culture by teaching children little work ethics and to mind the future. They willingly opened up borders, despite data not supporting the supposition that immigration would be a net benefit by default, as they voted for themselves more handouts on the expense of future generations. Today we're paying at least 1/3 of what we earn, we're accepting massive public debts to pay for immigrants, and the older generations are hellbent at continuing this farce of high immigration. Despite reports coming out that the elderly are being handed caretakers who do not know our language or mistreating our elderly, these retards are still sporting a high rate of a positive attitude towards immigration and the left. As I see it, they deserve nothing but the dust they've made of once a stable and very prosperous nation.

f4c5c No.158309

File: 1531185398203-0.png (172.14 KB, 1601x839, EuropeFertility.png)

File: 1531185398203-1.png (29.95 KB, 553x453, population-negative.png)

File: 1531185398203-2.gif (4.62 MB, 662x579, europe-aging.gif)

But, anon!, there was pot to smoke and acid to take! Why would anyone want to go to a boring library?! Tune in and drop out, dude! Relax and have a beer! The Ruskies are going to kill us anyway!

I think after WW2 and the threat of being atomised by nukes they just rebelled into a chaotic selfish mess. It's the Left/Right pendulum, which is the boom/bust pendulum, the young are naturally more left. If we were young adults in the 60s would we be like our friends? And rebelling against The Man and the wars of fascist governments?

Entitlements were affordable when kids weren't being born/paid for. And that has led to the perception that a Leftist utopia can be afforded, few realise how damaging contraception is, even now. That is changing though, just in time for the next 1940's, I mean, 2040s baby boom. Followed by exactly the same mistake I expect. Which makes it us, or the next generation, repeating the same mistake! Wheee!

>You don't really need to expand your demographics to keep your economy healthy

Except when gov debts are high and money movement creates taxes that pay the debts. And business expansion, needing more customers, is required to pay the bank loan interest.

Pensions give the impression that governments can cover your old age. But that comes from taxes, which comes from workers, which come from babies. No babies, no old age protection. No babies, no cultural future. You can't have a society where average age is 50s and have it be viable. And the economists and the government will just get babies from another culture.

I think we can all agree this is Germany's fault ultimately. They should be invaded! They keep doing shit to everyone!

I submit for your consideration that the economic structure we use and contraception are incompatible and will break the West one way or another, one of the ways is culture loss. I think we should change the economic system, but the bankers won't agree. The big bankers have no cultural or national affiliation. And women (who now vote) won't give up controlling their own body. Should we turn on women or the banking system? We won't do either, and so like all civilizations, we will fall to the invaders.

b2a84 No.158411

File: 1531197409087.jpg (86.32 KB, 576x832, Varg.jpg)

b2a84 No.158415

File: 1531199809591-0.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1753x2480, 5b42810da254e.jpeg)

File: 1531199809591-1.jpg (23.18 KB, 400x400, h8taJKiX_400x400.jpg)

Well your family are a special kind of bluepill normies especially if they are critical of third word immigration, useless government but at same time wont take drastic measure to correct the problem. Im pretty sure the 75 % Trump voter wouldn't mind if Trump use the military to kick off all the illegal immigrants using force deadly force if necessary and putting ai laser turret that shot spic if they come to close to the wall. Btw are u already a Nordic resistance movement member ? https://www.nordfront.se/

f4c5c No.158434

Pic #1: #WalkAway

2f4c5 No.158464

File: 1531230844260.jpg (8.5 KB, 275x183, index.jpg)


Of course, you need children to continue your civilization but the fact is that it isn't all White groups who don't fall below replacement level, it is leftists who do not have enough children. The latter group is the majority that is why we're experiencing this massive demographic contraction. Eventually, our birth rates will level out and then slowly rise.

Economically we can sustain yourself using technology and new production methods and expand certain sectors of our market, such as service sectors or technicians who service automated machinery. There is not a magic bullet available to maintain a strong market when you have low birth rates, but migration doesn't solve it either.

Debt is created even during healthy birth rates, why we wouldn't avoid the inevitable economic recession. In a way, low birth rates are exposing us to the fault in our economic structure; to observe its past and current effects and deduce the future from them.

No, we can't change the system peacefully or without a massive calamity. It will happen, the issue is in what state are we Whites in when it happens. And women won't change until they themselves are threatened; here in Sweden more women are reporting they feel afraid and unsafe in our society, this has boosted the voting power behind SD.

2f4c5 No.158465

File: 1531231538704.png (540.32 KB, 640x640, Jimmie.png)


Mhm. My family are very special bluepillers. Damn infuriating.

And here I expose my own bluepilled self: I'm not a member of nordfront, because they are not the most strategical and tactical thinkers. As of late, they attacked a reporter for being of Jewish ancestry to denigrate and ignore him instead of debating him.

I rather join AfS (Alternativ för Sverige) than NF. At this point, I'll vote for SD (Sverigedemokraterna) the coming election; we should make the first step towards liberation by pushing a part that is pro-Swedish and move from there.

You're welcome to convince me to join NF.

22eab No.158501

det största hotet till sverige är:
1. social darwenism
Våra kroppar är skappade för ett liv i jägar och samlar samhällen, inte i civilisation. Det är tänkt att vi skap vara barn i 15-21 år, mellan 15-40 år ha familj och sen vara gammla mellan 41-81.
För i tiden måste man ha 8 barn, och enbart 2 blir 81 år gammla. Hälften dör i barndomen. Och 2 eller 3 dör i mellan stadiumet av livet. Medans enbart en uppnår gammal ålder.
Vi lever nu i ett samhälle där modern medecin gör det möjligt att vem som hellst kan överleva till gammal ålder. Och person har enbart 2 barn eftersom det är bekvämt. Det är därför 6/8=75% att barnen är av lägre blood. Det här med för till att vår folk degenereras kraftigt för varje generation. Enbart 25% av den nya generation med modern medecin är igentligen av bra "kvalitet".
Den enda medecinen som borde vara tillåten är medecin för att till exemple bota brutna ben och inte medecin som hjälper emunförsvaret.

2. mass median förstör vår tradion
Människor i tider har gjort samma sak från generation till generation i över 10 000 år. Vad man inte kan erva genetiskt måste medföras från mun till mun. Hur man gör kläder, pilbågar, vad man kan äta och inte äta är all baserat på tradion. Man ärver inte kunskapen att en svamp är giftig, enbart tradion kan ge dig den information.
Vi lever nu inte in jägar och samlar samhällen utan i civilisation, det betyder att det finns ett konsumentöverskott av födda. Vilket möjliggör att men kan bette sig som en idiot och fortfarande överleva. Jag kan går ut på torget helt naken och äta bajs och slänga bajs på mina kamrater utan problem, varje dag. Om folk inte skulle se mig som galen och accepter mitt betende förstås, först. Och på grund av civilisationen så har vi ett överskot av mat, därför kan jag överleva utan av bry mig om tradion(ler mig saker som man måst lära sig, annars dör man).

De var de här två problemen som orsakade Romarikets svaghet, villket medförde till att våra :-D germanska förfäder kunde döda Romarna. Som var mycket bra eftersom Romarna hade nåt höjdpunkten av total degenerering.

Romarna var två folkslag, indo-europer(latin)(ljust hår och ögon) och pre-indo-european europeans(Etruscans)(bruna ögon och oliv oljig hud).
Latin var nomader och vandrade till etruscans. De våldtog deras kvinnor och så skapades patrican klassen, våltäksbarn som de var, tog dem de anndra Etruscans i omgivningen och gjorde de till pleb klassen. Med tiden så växte romerska civilisationen. De enda som räknas in i civilisationen var Patricianerna medans slvarna och plebs var inte människor. Det gjorde att Romarna(enbart Patricianerna) hade lika hög levnad standard som på 17 talet i europa. De gjorde då att de fick samma problem som vi lider nu av, social darwenism och mass median förstörde deras tradion. De visste inte hur social darwenism fungerade, och men de förstod till en viss del hur däras tradion förstördes. Romarna kunde alltså bete sig som en galning, det vill säga gå och kasta bajs på varandra nakna i koluseumet utan några konsekvenser som helst. Här har du en seri som beskriver galen heten i Romariket:
När du inte behöver ta hänsyn till tradion, så förlorar du tradionen. Eftersom "mun till mun" kedjan bryts. Om du förstår vad jag menar.
Därför glömmde Romarna bort Etruscan språket, eftersom de vill hellre "kasta bajs" på varandra en att fövara tradionen. Det funkade också, de överlevde utan språket, de hade mat och behövde inte språket för att överleva. Der för försvan identiteten som Patrician och Romarna rasblandade sig mer och mera med de omkring boende folken. poff! Och så en dag var de borta. De enda som återsod var en massa av allt och inget.

Här är en bra film från USA:
Här är en bra film från japan:
En bra låt från filmen:

22eab No.158502


Romariket löste dock problemet med "social darwenism" och "mass median förstör vår tradion", lösningen var kristendomen. Folk i romariket försökte för lösa problemet med icke handlingskraftiga ideologier som Stoicism. Stoicism er en pjilosopi för cucks, det är: värden vi lever i är "mass median förstör vår tradion", bara låt det vara och acceptera sitvationen. Forsätt enbar du som induvid och gör ditt bästa av livet. Men cuck philospier kommer man inte någon stans med(moder veriation av den här philosphine är "men going there own way"), utan handlinkskraftiga philosopi som kristendome gjorde något.
För att bota "mass median förstör vår tradion", så förstörde de kristna den gammla värden degenerering. Folk säger att de var synd att kristna förstörde bibloteket av alexandria, fast förmodligen var det 60% av "bökerna" erotiska beretelse medans 30% var verdelös cuck philosophi och 10% vetenskap teorier och historia. De löst också de andra problemet "social darwenism" med att hel enkelt döda de personer som skulle inte kunna klara av att leva utan civilisation, a.k.a bögar och transor.

När Europa skulle bli igen en hög civilisation på 1500 till 1800 talet, så skulle igentligen samma skit utvecklas som vi har idag, alltså bög/trans kultur skulle utvecklas, men kristendome kom till räddningen och dödade dem. Fast degredering av sammhället på anndra plan kunde ej stoppas, som det här:
Men det var tillräckligt för oss att komma till industrialiseringen. Men så småningom skulle kristendome dö, som Friedrich Nietzsche eller vad fan sa: "gud är död/kristendomen är död" och Weimarrepubliken degenerering. Nazisterna vill då ersätta kristendomen med ny religion och bota "social darwenism" och "mass median förstör vår tradion". Men det hände inte, och det är nu tabu att prata om social darwenism och lösningen.

Lyssna på Emil hagberg:
"jag känner mig som jurasik park" … "som den där farbron"
Alltså han ser på jude filmer och istället kan han citera från poetiska eddan. Vi all har ett val, du tar tradionen eller du blir "en smet av skit". Du kan inte ta båd, du har bara ett liv. Och så dricker han något ur en burk, äkligt. Jag skulle bräna alla böcker efter 15th talet, utan vetenskapliga teori böcker och ta aluminium burken och fördjuda det skitet. Skin heads är degenereade eftersom det är naturligt att ha hår, 100% normalare att ha hår.

Vi är nu inte svenskar/germaner utan vita, ett steg nermare att bli till mutts. Normaliseringen av att ta bort gränser av ras.

Ett exemple på hur vårat språk degenereras är till exemple:
All språk förändras:
Pre-germanic språket hade flera ljud, det är så att man ska kunna komma ihåg språket bättre. Poetiska eddan, islamiska böner, kristna hymer har all en sak gemensamt -man sjunger dem, eftersom det är enklare att komma ihåg. Det är för att vi människor har:
Därför är poetisk eddan tänkt att sjunga. För att komma ihåg bättre. Men sen lärde vi oss att skriva, som medförde till att vi blev lata när det kom till muntligt språk och förlorade toner i vårat språk. För det är enklare att komma ihåg på papper än i rim och ramsor. Svenska språkakademin uppdrag med att försvara "svenska språket" är en skam. Vi förlorar ljud, som degenererar vårat språk.
Det finns också en person som sa på en av varg vikernes videos att skrivna språket inte degrederar vårat talna språk, men jag är för lat att hita videon.

det finns mera som jag kan säga om degradation av samhället, men den enda lösningen till det här problemet är att följa Varg Vikernes exempel.

22eab No.158504

File: 1531257792696.png (347.69 KB, 1600x1484, dashie_stretch.png)

jag vill ejakulera inuti rainbow dash

a7c23 No.158538

My mom's a normie cuckservative and my dad's a libdem. My dad is the most frustrating because he agrees the language barrier of US and Mexican people in border states like mine are a big problem for national trust, but he outright refuses to talk about it past "I feel like I'm left out of conversations at my job, I thinknI caught someonebcall me a puto." Like bruh you already qualify as a big scary racist, why be defensive and gun-shy every time I try to talk nationalism? You were around during Vietnam, you saw how bad a lack of reverence for nationalists and soldiers got, you saw how mass migration of Asian and Mexican people makes the majority of normal people here untrusting and socially malcontent, and you saw a meteoric rise in liberal ideology making these things EXPONENTIALLY worse. How can you be a leftist after all that.

c6c51 No.158718

File: 1531328289343.jpg (41.3 KB, 546x550, 1507681823197.jpg)


Mycket att läsa och förstå. Tackar.


It is strange how at least two of my family members openly states their wish to not become minorities, hate the massive immigration into Sweden, understands that many immigrants hate us and don't contribute anything to our culture and economy, but still they refuse to understand if we're to reverse this we need to cut off welfare and send them back en masse.

And they know already that they're seen as racists because of their skin, there's no way to avoid this attack on them. Still, they're trying to divide people into "Good immigrant; Bad immigrant". This isn't about the individual but the group, we're trying to solve the issue of group survival not the rights of the individual at this point. Sure you can say that we're protecting the individual by removing people of a foreign culture that cares naught for individual rights. I point this out and they refuse to understand we're royally boned as a group when we become the minority in this nation, that, any political reaction that works will be very much discriminatory and inhumane. I take historic examples, I expose them to crime statistics, I explain rather bland human psychology, I explain how inter-group violence work, I talk about California, I go out of my way to make sure they understand the least I want is violence but that might very much be the only realistic solution — still, they go by normie thinking and want to keep those who've "established themselves" or is "born here".

As it stands now the next time we meet and talk about this I will just ask why they care if they're unwilling to take reality into account and tailor a political reaction after the data.

b2a84 No.158731


>I expose my own bluepilled self: I'm not a member of nordfront.

becuz you dont know that jews is behind white replacement,cultural Marxism ,communism,Media,education,banking,entertainment industry and the lies on gas chamber death camp namely the holohoax. Take a break from playing videogames and watch those vids.
https://codoh.com/ Holohoax site

>they attacked a reporter for being of Jewish ancestry to denigrate and ignore him instead of debating him.

source https://zionistreport.com/2016/10/jews-control-swedish-media-mp-quits/ kike Bonnier???
>I rather join AfS (Alternativ för Sverige) than NF. At this point, I'll vote for SD (Sverigedemokraterna) the coming election; we should make the first step towards liberation by pushing a part that is pro-Swedish and move from there. Weak stuff perfect for normies who like jews.
>You're welcome to convince me to join NF.
If you do research on the nwo jew link ABOVE you'll probably join NRM without without a second thought.

71427 No.158734

Statistics and reasoned explanation won't do anything as long as accepting them means you have to also take on the "racist" label. Being "racist" is the ultimate sin in our societies, and seeing yourself as evil is just incompatible with basic human psychology. You need to work on emotional arguments first, OP.

What has pushed me towards a more ethnonationalist perspective is not facts, but rather the realization that there really is such a thing as "my people", and also just being exposed to people who don't automatically reject ethnic / nationalist arguments for being badthink. It's actually okay to put your own people and your own country first, just like it's okay to leave an inheritance to your family or to be there for your friends.

71427 No.158736

You can know all that and still think their tactics are lousy. The incident is just going to be used as proof that NMR really are the force of evil that media have warned us about and that normal people need to stay away from such dangerous thoughts.

22eab No.158737

a brony joining a skinhead group would probably be bad for publicity.

15238 No.158738

Neither of those terms have reputations to tarnish.

c6c51 No.158740

File: 1531344109953.jpg (6.65 KB, 250x236, 1494365724305s.jpg)


Thank you. I've seen a few of those videos already; I'm not ignorant about the JQ, it is that I do not agree with NFs tactics and unwillingness to expose themselves to an open dialogue. An open dialogue that of course would expose them to targeted repercussions by normies, media, and our government. But in the long run, I expect this would be positive due to information dissemination throughout society and cause a political and moral shift. I've seen this happen amongst people around me thanks to my own actions and it warms my heart.

If only NF weren't riddled with hot-heads flooded with a high rate of potential reactions toward emotional behavior.


I reached your conclusion through a mix of observations (Such as negative experiences with immigrants), reading statistics, reading basic evolutionary psychology, and reading history. The conclusion that there something called "my people" was more of an academic journey than an emotional one for me.

I can't fully reject your other conclusion that my approach is ineffective by the nature of the article discussed, implicitly it touches upon morality and how ethics influence our personal moral sublimation. This is highly emotional and subjective. I'll try your approach next time I engage my family on this topic, to hear their response.




I find this idea refreshing: a Nazi Skinhead Brony (NSB). Lebs mabe it habben!

2839c No.159244

Agreed. Sidelining yourself will only make you appear more like a radical fringe group rather than a broad movement. The Big H himself welcomed debates and even hostile communists at his rallies, because it gave him more of an opportunity to convert the people. Propaganda is everything. He describes this in MK.

A movement isn't supposed to be some exclusive club nor some sperg-off. You should hold marches and rallies but keep your followers disciplined and well-controlled. People hate thugs, cultured or not.

be8e5 No.159254


Yeah, but tell this to movements like NF and they're want to drop the thread they use to keep their inner sperg-aspie in check. I've tried to have a few dialogues with people with similar attitudes and behaviors about presentation and there's value in open debate, it had mixed results. They struggle to keep their emotions in check, their anger, their frustrations, and too often when they try to explain why someone is wrong they'll do so with ill-hidden defensive hostility. It is very self-indulgent.

I just hope they'll grow up as a movement and stop sabotaging themselves since the myriad of debates this would make possible is what I wish to see.

22eab No.159287

Jag hoppas att du växer up och förstår att mlp och Amerikas förenta stater kultur är inte bra inflytande på Sverige. Du borde sno och bräna Amerikas förenta stater flagor på svensk mark. Jag gillar jantelagen och tycker att du borde in namefaga med "Sven", men du kan tripfaga om du vill ha en identifierbar identitet.

1. Du skall inte tro att du är något.
2. Du skall inte tro att du är lika god som vi.
3. Du skall inte tro att du är klokare än vi.
4. Du skall inte inbilla dig att du är bättre än vi.
5. Du skall inte tro att du vet mer än vi.
6. Du skall inte tro att du är förmer än vi.
7. Du skall inte tro att du duger till något.
8. Du skall inte skratta åt oss.
9. Du skall inte tro att någon bryr sig om dig.
10. Du skall inte tro att du kan lära oss något.
I boken tillfogas senare ett elfte bud, som brukar kallas ”Jantelagens strafflag”.[2] Den är formulerad som en fråga och lyder:
11. Tror du inte att vi vet något om dig?

Jag hoppas bara att du växer up och förstår at mlp är en TV serie för 12 åriga flickor.

Jag vill också säga att enligt indo-europeisk tradion är det end anamalistiska djuret att ha samlag med är hästar.
Står det:
Including the criminalisation of bestiality (except with horses and mules).

När sverige blev kristet, förbjöds det att vara OK att ha sex med hästar. OK?!?!?! Så min häst waifu !!!

Jag vill också sägga att all person med ljusa ögon och ljust hår er enbart etniska Svenskar. Personer med ljusa ögon och mörkt hår är rasblandade och personer med bruna ögon och mörkt hår är ej Svenskar och måst bli deopterade eller arkebuserade.
Håller du med?

22eab No.159288

in namefaga med "Sven" -> in[te] namefaga med "Sven"

be8e5 No.159329


Hur som haver, jag använder "Sven" om jag vill; min anledning för det är helt ointressant och likaså är folks ogillande om saken.

4f612 No.159346

The alt-right spergs turned the movement into a total joke with their non-stop spaming of "everyone from Gavin to Peterson are jewish controlled opposition" the west is already so brainwashed to even buy for a second acting tribal.
I think white identitarianism is the only movement that might have a chance, but first they have to make people understand why is retarded to put titles like: "the problem with white nationalist identitarians".

f4c5c No.159351


I hope you grow up and understand that MLP and America's United States culture is not a good influence on Sweden. You should snore and burn America's United States flags on Swedish soil. I like the jantelagen and think you should name fag with "Sven", but you can tripfag if you want an identifiable identity.

1. You should not believe you are anything.
2. You should not believe you are as good as we do.
3. You should not believe you are wiser than we.
4. You should not imagine that you are better than us.
5. You should not believe that you know more than we.
6. You should not believe you are better than us.
7. You should not believe that you are doing anything.
8. You shall not laugh at us.
9. You should not believe anyone cares about you.
10. You should not believe you can learn anything.
The book will later add an eleventh bid, commonly called "Jantelagen's Penalty Act." [2] It is formulated as a question and reads:
11. Do not you think we know anything about you?

I just hope you grow up and understand that mlp is a TV series for 12 year old girls.

I would also like to say that according to indo-European traditions, it is than the anamalistic animal to have intercourse with are horses.
It says:
Including the criminalization of bestiality (except with horses and mules).

When Sweden became Christian, it was forbidden to have sex with horses. OK?!?!?! So my horse waifu !!!

I would also like to say that every person with bright eyes and bright hair is only ethnic Swedes. People with bright eyes and dark hair are mixed up and people with brown eyes and dark hair are not Swedes and must be deactivated or shot.
Do you agree?

0a984 No.159369

File: 1531645902945.jpeg (41.64 KB, 378x481, 1314041.jpeg)

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