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File: 1531158541863-0.jpg (3 MB, 3788x1952, Supreme_Court_1.jpg)

File: 1531158541863-1.jpg (210.62 KB, 1375x777, sc_pick_jbk.jpg)

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eae8d No.158196[Last 50 Posts]

Trump is to announce his pick for the Supreme Court at 9pm Eastern Time.
The top four candidates are
>Judge Brett Kavanaugh
>Judge Raymond Kethledge
>Judge Amy Coney Barrett
>Judge Thomas Hardiman

Lets have some fun and get ready rev up the engines of our salt harvesters.

218e1 No.158201

How many are Jewish. I just don't want another kike on the supreme court.

eae8d No.158205

Fox 10 Live Stream: https://youtu.be/vvTcVrMr6sU

Don't think any of them are jewish. Also isn't jews very pro abortion (for non jews)?

eae8d No.158279

Link to White House stream (starts in about 35 minutes)

deeea No.158282

File: 1531183082874.jpg (231.74 KB, 800x803, 1531182477457.jpg)

eae8d No.158285

File: 1531183219234.gif (981.77 KB, 285x171, 1482172480557_freedom_erec….gif)

83277 No.158287

Oh yes there will be blood.

259c2 No.158289

Are you ready for history anons?

e5456 No.158290

My body is ready.

deeea No.158291

File: 1531184003121-0.png (703.94 KB, 1122x836, 1531183806132.png)

eae8d No.158294

File: 1531184408627.jpg (43.13 KB, 480x360, 1485783652761.jpg)

Ready and hard as a rock

deeea No.158295

File: 1531184455905-0.gif (2.42 MB, 360x276, 1531184262773.gif)


eae8d No.158296

File: 1531184476167.png (1.6 MB, 1921x1079, Screenshot (101).png)

WH Stream is live

e328f No.158297

Gigga Nigga best Nigga!
>Clinton Foundation
Cucked and Blacked
By Supreme Court

259c2 No.158298


deeea No.158299

File: 1531184728353-0.png (272.39 KB, 2011x2433, 1215486__suggestive_artist….png)


83277 No.158300

Put it all on gigga nigga!

259c2 No.158302


eae8d No.158304

File: 1531184884930-0.jpg (65.04 KB, 620x372, Brett-Kavanaugh.jpg)

File: 1531184884930-1.png (1.8 MB, 2106x1190, Screenshot (110).png)

The Supreme Court Nominee is Brett Kavanaugh

deeea No.158305

>dat nuclear family

eae8d No.158306

File: 1531185047946-0.png (1.65 MB, 2128x1198, Screenshot (118).png)

deeea No.158308

File: 1531185353237-0.jpg (35.37 KB, 719x530, 1531184982653.jpg)

File: 1531185353237-1.jpg (156.74 KB, 882x499, 1531184904886.jpg)

File: 1531185353237-2.png (60.79 KB, 801x618, 1531185082064.png)

File: 1531185353237-3.png (51.92 KB, 844x692, 1531185275532.png)

File: 1531185353237-4.jpg (179.74 KB, 400x348, 327-2_c.jpg)


259c2 No.158310

>prepares the salt lick mold

deeea No.158311

File: 1531185582482-0.jpg (102.52 KB, 946x561, 1531185316655.jpg)

File: 1531185582482-1.jpg (556.23 KB, 1033x1222, 1531185344080.jpg)

File: 1531185582482-2.png (46.24 KB, 640x382, 1531185464313.png)

File: 1531185582482-3.png (68.33 KB, 968x635, 1531185561454.png)

File: 1531185582482-4.jpg (95.75 KB, 961x632, 1531185450044.jpg)

deeea No.158312

File: 1531185702357-0.png (1.01 MB, 2000x1938, 445004__safe_artist-colon-….png)


deeea No.158313

File: 1531185839941-0.png (76.47 KB, 1108x861, 1531185613778.png)

File: 1531185839941-1.png (107.8 KB, 844x836, 1531185644446.png)

File: 1531185839941-2.jpg (546.99 KB, 1706x1574, 1531185646822.jpg)

File: 1531185839941-3.jpg (123.57 KB, 942x330, 1531185652501.jpg)

File: 1531185839941-4.jpg (142.25 KB, 1208x908, 1531185697148.jpg)

eae8d No.158314

File: 1531185886120-0.png (135.9 KB, 982x853, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531185886120-1.png (63.92 KB, 985x378, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531185886120-2.png (146.58 KB, 996x730, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531185886120-3.png (69.13 KB, 1006x504, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531185886120-4.png (47.98 KB, 984x243, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

deeea No.158315

File: 1531185983188-0.png (36.45 KB, 586x314, 1531185739373.png)

File: 1531185983188-1.png (50.9 KB, 912x528, 1531185771193.png)

File: 1531185983188-2.png (58.32 KB, 988x308, 1531185809959.png)

File: 1531185983188-3.jpg (43.26 KB, 1029x385, 1531185823284.jpg)

File: 1531185983188-4.jpg (96.94 KB, 1037x951, 1531185820172.jpg)

deeea No.158316

File: 1531186023204-0.png (40.92 KB, 756x404, 1531185824537.png)

Guac redemption arc when?

eb9e3 No.158317

File: 1531186103722-0.png (571.85 KB, 623x674, resist#.PNG)

File: 1531186103722-1.png (60.54 KB, 620x435, amy s.PNG)

File: 1531186103722-2.png (44.81 KB, 620x396, GWB.PNG)

File: 1531186103722-3.jpg (51.68 KB, 576x406, DhtM7ZlW4AIQuJF.jpg)

deeea No.158318

File: 1531186134537-0.jpg (73.05 KB, 1030x585, 1531185840366.jpg)

File: 1531186134537-1.jpg (32.91 KB, 854x398, 1531185856079.jpg)

File: 1531186134537-2.png (10.92 KB, 858x99, 1531185863935.png)

File: 1531186134537-3.jpg (55.77 KB, 1017x413, 1531185879152.jpg)

File: 1531186134537-4.jpg (45.73 KB, 796x471, 1531185904613.jpg)

more salt

deeea No.158319

File: 1531186193664-0.png (197.66 KB, 750x1334, 1531185910346.png)

File: 1531186193664-1.jpg (41.9 KB, 926x502, 1531185929942.jpg)

File: 1531186193664-2.png (67.54 KB, 591x612, 1531185935487.png)

File: 1531186193664-3.png (106.21 KB, 854x656, 1531185942163.png)

File: 1531186193664-4.jpg (32.98 KB, 1005x212, 1531185948638.jpg)

eae8d No.158321

File: 1531186297475-0.png (1.24 MB, 857x1202, 1490140371094.png)

deeea No.158322

File: 1531186318334-0.jpg (55.98 KB, 1027x553, 1531185973993.jpg)

File: 1531186318334-1.png (66.81 KB, 766x510, 1531185974295.png)

File: 1531186318334-2.jpg (66.03 KB, 1036x760, 1531185998934.jpg)

File: 1531186318334-3.jpg (498.23 KB, 1125x1725, 1531186068694.jpg)

File: 1531186318334-4.png (59.38 KB, 619x406, 1531186071656.png)

28b87 No.158323

File: 1531186376970.jpg (195.06 KB, 960x727, 1488427926184.jpg)

deeea No.158324

File: 1531186467778-0.jpg (389.78 KB, 627x725, 1531186087719.jpg)

File: 1531186467778-1.png (447.65 KB, 584x561, 1531186114568.png)

File: 1531186467778-2.png (230.26 KB, 618x562, 1531186141234.png)

deeea No.158325

deeea No.158326

File: 1531186501117-0.jpg (167.51 KB, 1125x1125, 1531186165675.jpg)

dubya approves

eae8d No.158327

Wonder if one could bankrupt a few leftists by tweeting "call your seantor now" and add an expensive phone number that they can call.

eb9e3 No.158328

Excellent. Thanks for the link.

eae8d No.158330

File: 1531186615843-0.jpg (632.28 KB, 804x932, 1469428503515.jpg)

Fun times

deeea No.158331

File: 1531186698439-0.png (513.9 KB, 724x718, 1531186516120.png)

File: 1531186698439-1.png (80.55 KB, 734x856, 1531186266459.png)

File: 1531186698439-2.png (285.47 KB, 616x601, 1531186313777.png)

File: 1531186698439-3.png (49.62 KB, 723x585, 1531186330743.png)

File: 1531186698439-4.png (72.01 KB, 732x411, 1531186389367.png)

deeea No.158332

File: 1531186752914-0.png (42.45 KB, 636x323, 1531186594783.png)


deeea No.158334

File: 1531186808721-0.jpg (657.62 KB, 1385x1283, 1531186729335.jpg)

deeea No.158336

File: 1531186979821-0.jpg (508.09 KB, 750x1251, 1531186763468.jpg)

File: 1531186979821-1.jpg (398.35 KB, 750x1197, 1531186807566.jpg)

File: 1531186979821-2.png (254.15 KB, 750x1334, 1531186816664.png)

File: 1531186979821-3.png (46.11 KB, 932x552, 1531186844147.png)

File: 1531186979821-4.png (342.4 KB, 800x800, 1531186788429.png)

eae8d No.158339

File: 1531187171729-0.jpg (322.89 KB, 640x442, 1485762894363.jpg)

deeea No.158343

File: 1531187399341-0.png (46.52 KB, 630x339, 1531186940124.png)

File: 1531187399341-1.png (24.73 KB, 820x292, 1531187119604.png)

File: 1531187399341-2.jpg (384.72 KB, 1051x949, 1531187163013.jpg)

File: 1531187399341-3.jpg (61.85 KB, 665x665, horslyx-horse-lick-holder-….jpg)

File: 1531187399341-4.jpg (99.46 KB, 700x420, c700x420.jpg)

eae8d No.158344

File: 1531187412214-0.png (782.32 KB, 1048x588, Screenshot (120).png)

lol Bernie is there

e5456 No.158345

Houston we have lift off.

deeea No.158346

File: 1531187436928-0.png (20.36 KB, 575x354, 1531187229157.png)

eae8d No.158348

File: 1531187523817-0.png (1.9 MB, 1864x1052, Screenshot (130).png)

deeea No.158349

File: 1531187568799-0.png (41.93 KB, 937x541, 1531187464082.png)

File: 1531187568799-1.png (59.5 KB, 1061x621, 1531187469453.png)

File: 1531187568799-2.jpg (631.18 KB, 1023x1607, 1531187477582.jpg)

File: 1531187568799-3.png (1.16 MB, 2358x1357, 1531187533347.png)

File: 1531187568799-4.gif (677.56 KB, 480x320, 1531187487005.gif)

deeea No.158351

File: 1531187723493-0.jpg (105.71 KB, 678x616, 1531187543436.jpg)

eae8d No.158352

File: 1531187877166-0.png (2.35 MB, 4202x3498, 1483216503462.png)

File: 1531187877166-1.jpg (71.52 KB, 800x747, 1485126425029_8_years_eigh….jpg)

deeea No.158353

File: 1531188003840-0.png (162.66 KB, 260x306, 1531187845755.png)

File: 1531188003840-1.png (45.95 KB, 169x201, 1531187859948.png)

File: 1531188003840-2.jpg (7.67 KB, 170x202, 1531187860143.jpg)

File: 1531188003840-3.jpg (427.35 KB, 734x1263, 1531187886589.jpg)

File: 1531188003840-4.png (352.21 KB, 572x259, 1531187972197.png)

This protest is what memes are made of.

28b87 No.158354

anyone else feel bad for that kid?

eae8d No.158355

Yep. That child is going to be used as a human shield for its entire life by that single mom. It will never be allowed to choose that it wants to be a conservative.

deeea No.158356

File: 1531188253482-0.png (37.3 KB, 589x295, 1531186562615.png)

File: 1531188253482-1.png (53.83 KB, 583x484, 1531187235527.png)

File: 1531188253482-2.png (31.63 KB, 713x406, 1531187280013.png)

28b87 No.158357

that child will be able to choose everything about itself except its ability to think differently…

deeea No.158358

Poor lil' niglet was being used as a prop.

deeea No.158360

File: 1531188392983.png (248.54 KB, 288x425, WhereismySWITCH.png)

deeea No.158364

File: 1531188842549-0.png (432.01 KB, 637x950, 1531188580574.png)

File: 1531188842549-1.jpg (25.68 KB, 1329x142, 1531188625951.jpg)

File: 1531188842549-2.jpg (681.12 KB, 1920x1280, 1531188736008.jpg)

File: 1531188842549-3.png (563.75 KB, 595x771, 1531188804763.png)

File: 1531188842549-4.jpg (78.25 KB, 639x1024, 1531188708868.jpg)

deeea No.158365

File: 1531188923991-0.jpg (81.4 KB, 1312x773, 1531188849900.jpg)

My two laughs of the night….

1. They have pre-printed signs, which means they went through the trouble of printing "stop ____" signs for every possible candidate. Somewhere, in some DC office, are a bunch of "stop Barrett", "Stop Kethledge", and "stop Hardiman" signs that will go to waste.

2. They already have a website "stop Kavanaugh". Which means they registered the names "Stop ___" for all the potential picks.


deeea No.158366

And it will come as no surprise that "Demand Justice", the 501c who runs the site, is funded by Soros


eae8d No.158367

File: 1531189132064-0.png (91.82 KB, 922x423, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531189132064-1.jpg (200.52 KB, 1080x1620, DhtVhyJVMAALd47.jpg)

File: 1531189132064-2.png (141.85 KB, 987x847, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

8ac59 No.158368

Fuck. Now I wish it had occurred to me to register those domain names the second Trump first released his list. It would be hilarious to buy them and redirect them here or something.

deeea No.158369

File: 1531189226477-0.png (65.21 KB, 578x695, 1531189055283.png)

deeea No.158370

File: 1531189284729-0.png (238.26 KB, 857x787, 1531189173999.png)

They most likely had signs prepared for the candidates Trump had announced. Only they can't send paper signs to Africa for feel good points, the same way they do with the losers gear in the Super Bowl.

eae8d No.158371

So much for thinking of the environment.

That would be so fun, though an influx of reditors would be bad, so perhaps "something" would be better site. Can't think of any good right now.

8ac59 No.158372

Not only would he have to start stabbing women for that accusation to work, they would also have to prove that the stabbings were somehow the direct consequence of his having been appointed, and his stabbing spree could somehow have been averted by his not being nominated. This may be the dumbest question of the year but do lefties even think about what they're saying before they say it?

deeea No.158373

File: 1531189543136-0.jpg (409.75 KB, 1041x1304, 1531188966361.jpg)

File: 1531189543136-1.png (17.32 KB, 580x227, 1531189392647.png)

File: 1531189543136-2.jpg (383.8 KB, 1597x1721, 1531189192255.jpg)

File: 1531189543136-3.jpg (84.61 KB, 960x648, 1531189169102.jpg)

File: 1531189543137-4.jpg (223.95 KB, 1200x675, 1531188925430.jpg)

deeea No.158374

>an influx of reditors would be bad
Meh, they wouldn't stay long. They'd be scared off by the ponies.

deeea No.158375

File: 1531189676008-0.png (370.75 KB, 551x637, 1531189489468.png)

This is the guy who said the second amendment is being abused by Russian spies to destroy America.

deeea No.158376

File: 1531189738274-0.jpg (62.67 KB, 1312x773, 1531189526662.jpg)

Here's the proof by the way… a pile of signs in case he had nominated Kethledge

deeea No.158377

File: 1531189762459-0.jpg (65.56 KB, 1312x773, 1531189622985.jpg)

another view

deeea No.158378

File: 1531189876541-0.jpg (336.73 KB, 2854x1577, 1531189749373.jpg)

You'd have to plan way ahead of time for that.

deeea No.158379

File: 1531190067485-0.png (89.49 KB, 584x875, 1531189646789.png)

These guys make the Dead Sea look bland.

deeea No.158380

File: 1531190257680-0.jpg (273.23 KB, 2825x1602, 1531190031527.jpg)

>prepared for every possible contingency

deeea No.158381

File: 1531190366623-0.png (818.38 KB, 1002x788, judge_croconaw.png)

File: 1531190366623-1.png (1.65 MB, 736x1077, Kavanaugh Deus Vult.png)

deeea No.158382

File: 1531190501514-0.jpg (47.33 KB, 537x321, 1531190086352.jpg)


eae8d No.158383

File: 1531190709092-0.png (1013.23 KB, 736x935, 1485284439221.png)

Hahahahahahahahahaaha. It is true poetry.

eae8d No.158384

File: 1531190843036-0.png (177.08 KB, 976x664, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531190843036-1.png (99.53 KB, 975x558, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531190843036-2.png (171.09 KB, 999x937, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531190843036-3.png (231.48 KB, 981x856, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531190843036-4.png (153.44 KB, 997x834, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

deeea No.158385

File: 1531191286936-0.png (17.78 KB, 546x215, 1531190798503.png)

File: 1531191286936-1.png (763.94 KB, 692x861, 1531191017702.png)

File: 1531191286936-2.png (469.19 KB, 1440x2560, 1531191179507.png)

File: 1531191286936-3.png (17.4 KB, 584x122, 1531191097214.png)

File: 1531191286936-4.png (70.98 KB, 610x614, 1531191171007.png)

deeea No.158386

File: 1531191410503-0.png (93.58 KB, 1028x631, 1531191371888.png)

deeea No.158387

File: 1531191638187-0.png (18.49 KB, 579x276, 1531191381169.png)

File: 1531191638187-1.png (155.56 KB, 577x473, 1531191471391.png)

File: 1531191638187-2.jpg (582.78 KB, 1142x1428, 1531191474474.jpg)

File: 1531191638187-3.png (289.1 KB, 1200x1920, 1531191597992.png)

File: 1531191638187-4.jpg (45.54 KB, 600x496, 1531191521771.jpg)

deeea No.158388

File: 1531191876818-0.png (479.24 KB, 552x739, 1531191835964.png)

deeea No.158389

File: 1531191906566-0.jpg (474.61 KB, 2048x1366, 1531191764401.jpg)


eae8d No.158391


deeea No.158392

File: 1531192182162-0.jpg (130.76 KB, 878x1024, 1531190977870.jpg)

File: 1531192182162-1.jpg (127.27 KB, 992x744, 1531191044796.jpg)

Absolute madman.

deeea No.158394

File: 1531192457267-0.png (408.51 KB, 563x941, 1531192084423.png)

File: 1531192457267-1.png (101.4 KB, 590x877, 1531192207049.png)

File: 1531192457267-2.jpg (98.18 KB, 1024x510, 1531192223227.jpg)

File: 1531192457267-3.png (18.88 KB, 576x178, 1531192338934.png)

File: 1531192457267-4.jpg (114.68 KB, 1136x1200, 1531192405304.jpg)

eae8d No.158395

File: 1531192513725-0.png (78.79 KB, 1008x663, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531192513725-1.png (142.4 KB, 990x757, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531192513725-2.png (403.73 KB, 990x1575, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531192513725-3.png (79.67 KB, 987x468, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531192513725-4.png (671.09 KB, 996x1399, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

49353 No.158400

File: 1531194906790.png (204.88 KB, 622x601, 0bd36742b61dc6ab9eac895220….png)

cb1c1 No.158401

File: 1531195036896.png (124.78 KB, 549x696, 1477337555679.png)

Oy vey!

49353 No.158403

File: 1531195707389.png (32.19 KB, 1421x172, 04e66897a6b4e59ad1a6926809….png)

49353 No.158405

And for the opposite perspective:

>He has tutored at the Washington Jesuit Academy and at J.O. Wilson Elementary School. He serves on the Board of Directors at the Washington Jesuit Academy.


218e1 No.158407

Wtf I hate Kavanaugh now.

cb1c1 No.158410

File: 1531197304318.jpg (4.3 KB, 102x138, 1531193511443.jpg)

ef2ef No.158413

File: 1531197679769.jpg (237.37 KB, 1280x719, 1491067875344.jpg)

This is GREAT! And non stop fun.

32f05 No.158433

File: 1531205082581.png (526.63 KB, 720x940, Brett_Kavanaugh_-_Copy.png)

>Judge Brett Kavanaugh

8ac59 No.158436

From (((Wikipedia))):
>In November 2011, Kavanaugh dissented when the D.C. Circuit upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), arguing that the court did not have jurisdiction to hear the case.[28][29] After a unanimous panel found that the ACA did not violate the Constitution’s Origination Clause in Sissel v. United States Department of Health & Human Services (2014), Kavanaugh wrote a lengthy dissent from the denial of rehearing en banc.

c56d6 No.158492

File: 1531252867648-0.jpg (266.88 KB, 1200x800, 1531250759251.jpg)

Any day now…

c56d6 No.158494

File: 1531255415081-0.png (130.78 KB, 722x709, 1531248563939.png)

File: 1531255415081-1.png (44.99 KB, 974x593, 1531248695580.png)

File: 1531255415081-2.png (28.11 KB, 799x288, 1531248753692.png)

File: 1531255415081-3.png (38.73 KB, 775x561, 1531248811442.png)

File: 1531255415081-4.jpg (440.44 KB, 1242x1384, 1531248929504.jpg)

c56d6 No.158495

File: 1531255470124-0.png (22.98 KB, 908x260, 1531249108973.png)

File: 1531255470124-1.png (40.68 KB, 676x387, 1531249161861.png)

File: 1531255470124-2.png (21.28 KB, 771x218, 1531249206749.png)

File: 1531255470124-3.png (53.84 KB, 897x686, 1531249357039.png)

File: 1531255470124-4.png (41.43 KB, 894x618, 1531249453649.png)

c56d6 No.158496

File: 1531255706153-0.png (14.7 KB, 879x214, 1531249522102.png)

File: 1531255706153-1.png (185.02 KB, 1188x932, 1531251551318.png)

File: 1531255706153-2.png (52.59 KB, 610x390, 1531251664769.png)

File: 1531255706153-3.jpg (124.41 KB, 630x843, 1531251680878.jpg)

File: 1531255706153-4.png (13.18 KB, 868x90, 1531253352057.png)

eae8d No.158498

>please don't bring up bad things Democrats have done

064c0 No.158500

I hope they actually try shit and get curb stomped for insurgency, but I know it's just talk from armchair activists.

eae8d No.158503

Seeing Antifa and black-block being beaten en mass into the ground by normal citizens and police would be an fantastic livestream to watch.

eae8d No.158508

File: 1531258819567-0.png (936.71 KB, 1260x1611, screenshot-confirmkavanaug….png)

File: 1531258819567-1.png (734.95 KB, 1246x1605, screenshot-confirmkavanaug….png)

a3392 No.158510

File: 1531259314593.gif (1.42 MB, 725x657, 1117421__safe_screencap_st….gif)

eae8d No.158512

File: 1531259797932-0.png (1.15 MB, 990x1441, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531259797932-1.png (465.85 KB, 907x1677, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531259797932-2.png (1.06 MB, 987x1656, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

File: 1531259797932-3.png (1.41 MB, 988x1464, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

52766 No.158518

File: 1531261230455.png (275.8 KB, 2485x1804, 1379237__safe_artist-colon….png)

>Pic 5
>That kid's face
He has my sympathy.

064c0 No.158526

>Muh planned parenthood, REE
God forbid women should exercise restraint and not go out every week to be the biggest slut they possibly can.

50f1a No.158574

File: 1531271645536.gif (1.41 MB, 245x150, 1491178309704.gif)

>our accent into fascism

a3392 No.158593

>our accent into fascism
>accent into fascism
>accent into
Go figure they can't even spell "ascent" right. Though I find it funny that even the blind see, at least subconsciously, who is right.

c56d6 No.158625

File: 1531275971469-0.png (63.21 KB, 864x863, 1531273962708.png)

File: 1531275971469-1.png (45.81 KB, 876x733, 1531273015336.png)

File: 1531275971469-2.png (47.62 KB, 869x780, 1531270401875.png)

c56d6 No.158628

File: 1531276185920.png (225.37 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_lounging_on_a….png)

I like how I can find more stuff to feel comfy about by reading through the left's pessimistic spectulations.

49353 No.158683

Pic #1 etc
>the way to stop fascism is to be fascist.
It is sooo funny watching the wheel turn…. and frightening.

eae8d No.158694

File: 1531314145115.png (422.39 KB, 1419x1509, screenshot-edition.cnn.com….png)

8abb1 No.158695

It's going to be a good century.

61e09 No.158697

Mind if I ask you something? Why do you have a custom flag? It's not as if we'd be unable to recognize your posting style without it.

61e09 No.158698

>"keep thinking we're unarmed"
Rules for thee but not for me is practically the motto of leftism.

a3392 No.158704

>"Keep thinking we're unarmed, it will be your downfall when push comes to shove and you're face first into the dirt because "lol you have no guns"."
How much you wanna bet at least 80% of these salty fucks haven't so much as SEEN a gun in real life, much less use one?

82548 No.158706

80% of them haven't. The rest are from r/anarchy (or whatever it's called), and like to pretend they're ready to start a revolution at the drop of a dime (top lel).

a3392 No.158710

I'd honestly like to watch them try, sometime. But preferably after I can get stocked up on popcorn. Gotta have something to eat with premium entertainment like anarchists getting their shit kicked in, after all.

eae8d No.158711

Movie theathers would make a fortune doing screenings of livefeeds and sell popcorn.

a3392 No.158712

>"Smell that?"
"The popcorn?"
>"That's the smell of capitalism."

82548 No.158713

File: 1531322832668.png (149.54 KB, 1280x684, 1531322702116.png)

>constitution is dictatorship

8b5d6 No.158716

File: 1531324143185.png (82.68 KB, 718x510, AMC is a Chink Puppet.png)

Only if the puppet masters allow for it.

49353 No.158747

Back in the early days here custom flags were a thing. There is a small resurgence happening now. The Vril Society idea matched a lot of my interests and perspectives and I was researching them at the time. >>>/vx/754 They have associations with UFOs, the spirit world and alternative ideas/science/technology. I also do not think they were interested in German empire/expansion or violence, but expanding the boundaries of knowledge in a time full of mysteries. They were unafraid to test out anything ( >>>/vx/755 - 1934 ), whereas scientists today are scared of loosing reputation/funding. It is also very amusing to think this lead to thinking there were communicating with a planet 60something light years away via telepathy/channelling and dove-tailed this into the Thule myths. Its a fascinating junction between wild speculations and emerging science without the cutting edge and blood that Germany will descend into. I suppose it is my ideal Germany… a time of wonder and positive possibilities. What if controlling gravity did not get lost in the following sea of blood of WWII? Would we have colonies on the moon and Mars?

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