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File: 1525705897788.png (198.77 KB, 535x1414, IMG_1689.PNG)

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.

>What's to be expected?

Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?

Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.

Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt, so you can have your green to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.

>I don't like this thread because of reasons.

You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread:>>145893


File: 1525706086296.png (549.36 KB, 1265x1532, 1519144137088.png)

First for cute, pure, not lewd fillies


File: 1525706216062.png (22.93 KB, 1000x1000, cancerSupreme.png)


Remember to bolster the first role of >>145872 so Lone15 has less justification for filly abuse.


File: 1525713435073.png (693.45 KB, 1311x905, 1517833659445.png)


Fixed old mare:


You cannot stop me, you can only slow me…


File: 1525720027809.png (277.07 KB, 1414x710, Anon - Pony human Twilight….png)

I'd love to see more EqG Anonfilly.


File: 1525720615772.png (1.87 MB, 1964x1640, CB0B7A6A-B279-4BCA-A389-B3….png)

I would also like more eqg anonfilly.


File: 1525722917913.jpg (38.48 KB, 505x568, 1520191476536.jpg)

>no hooves


Absolutely disguisting


File: 1525723550581-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2383x2636, 1525709824466.jpg)

File: 1525723550581-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 2383x2636, 1525709936387.jpg)

filly edit when? isnt it possible to change some settings to color it orange to green?


File: 1525724040691.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1457642283715.jpg)

Is there a filly version of pukinganimegirl.jpg? If not there should be.


File: 1525727076128.png (52.12 KB, 500x600, 1520458111230.png)


File: 1525727238753.png (21.88 KB, 537x795, 1478698958347.png)

Finally finding this again, is like awakening after a long dream beside your dakimakura, realizing that at least for today, everything may be fine.


File: 1525727243609.png (770.54 KB, 650x650, IMG_1770.PNG)

You two should both be ashamed of yourselves.
Need more be said?


Good to see you here too, Germanon! Hope you're enjoying the fresh bread.


File: 1525727475132.jpg (2.64 KB, 103x125, 1478736893215s.jpg)

I do! but not often. If you live alone, fresh bread becomes bad pretty fast.


File: 1525728350157.png (376.92 KB, 1700x2000, 1481699638871.png)

Don't feed them.


File: 1525730751169.jpg (110.66 KB, 1098x1054, Germ-Anon.jpg)

This is what I see when you say Germanon.


File: 1525731030338.png (Spoiler Image, 132.15 KB, 741x1024, 1521078626107.png)

I want to hold filly's hoof.


File: 1525732013744.png (69.03 KB, 452x508, 1486912025394.png)

>Filly's face when


File: 1525734127748.png (75.24 KB, 538x650, 1475786559054.png)

>saving thumbnails
why tho


File: 1525735088589.png (8.6 KB, 50x64, 6v9g57e2i.png)

But Anon…think about the ants…


File: 1525735375172-0.png (1.23 MB, 2813x1629, Anon Filly 17.png)

File: 1525735375172-1.png (675.76 KB, 1937x1488, Anon Filly 18.png)


File: 1525738180726.png (224.12 KB, 1017x800, 1521442937661.png)

Filly is for colt.


File: 1525738392590.png (1.12 MB, 3022x3082, 1465143__explicit_artist-c….png)

blatant lies


A human can't give her what she really wants, a foal of her own to love.


only if you don't believe.


B-but I followed proper (You) denial protocol!


File: 1525742182728.png (377.13 KB, 1330x1500, 1506579210437.png)

I want to be the filly and have a colt to sweep me off my hooves



File: 1525743116285.png (977.35 KB, 2540x2711, 1493219__explicit_artist-c….png)

Nothing gay about penis in vagina.


It's gay if you formerly had a penis, and no amount of denial will ever change that. It's like saying trannies aren't gay for fucking the sex they had cut off.


Oh boy, the threadly gayness argument!
I'd better go make some popcorn!


File: 1525743502934.jpg (83.62 KB, 547x720, 46856416541.jpg)

It's meme status and you know it.


The difference between them is trannies are still biologically their original sex while a person changed into a pony through magic changes their sex. Somebody with XX chromosomes fucking somebody with XY chromosomes is 100% straight. What your mindset is is fucking irrelevant.


File: 1525743836334.png (289.77 KB, 2383x2651, 1456269311639.png)

You were brought up as a dude and you'd be fucking other dudes, and that's still pretty fucking gay. You're only saying your mind set is irrelevant because you don't want to admit you lust for cock, because you have this desire now, while in the body of a man, ergo, you're super gay.


File: 1525744033991.png (465.45 KB, 1605x2199, 1065396__explicit_artist-c….png)

Fuck you.
If I had a pussy, I'd totally go for this. New experience.


Anything involving filly is doomed to be gay. You're gay if you have sex with a colt as the filly. You're gay if you have sex with another filly. You're gay in any situation.


File: 1525744154383.png (428.85 KB, 2875x1781, this.png)


File: 1525744424208-0.png (342.99 KB, 446x447, shittymspaintedit.png)


File: 1525744595507.png (1.35 MB, 960x1818, arguingfillies.png)

This whole argument is kinda getting me hot and bothered…


you can't be gay if you don't do anything sexual…


That's possibly the gayest thing I've heard all day.


okay then, prove it.


>Not touching your fillybits
That's ultra gay. It's also ultra gay to touch your fillybits.


What am I supposed to prove? It's possibly the gayest thing I've heard all day. Am I supposed to list out every single interaction I've had over the course of the day to compare the gayness of this statement to everything else?


prove that it's gay at all. If there's no sexual activity, then it can't be gay.



Sorry that it's been such a long time since you all have heard from me, but I've had some shit to do in my academic life as well as my family life. I'm still working on the next update, but I'm doing it slowly. Hopefully I can finish it tonight, but if not, then it'll definitely be out some time this week.


File: 1525749466529.png (91.54 KB, 468x402, 1525459849102.png)

Edit i found on 4/MMP
Finally a filly to avenge us of purpul shenanigans

But touching fillybits would be just like beating a wood, as long you re not putting anything inside
Would that still be gay?


File: 1525749837459.png (551.95 KB, 1195x1500, 1522569071839.png)

But what if i touched (You)r filly bits as a filly while pinning you down?
Only the two of us, deep in a forest under the beautiful night sky, hmm?

Though i really hope you d stop me, filly is not for sexual and going into heat would suck…


Teasing me and not willing to finish what you started? You're going to be for sexual so hard you won't be able to walk straight for a week.


It's cool, filly. We still love you even if you don't put out regular updates, I mean just look at AllNighter. There's a whole world outside of the thread, we get that.


Fug, Anon please, ponies in heat dont think straight

I need an adult


File: 1525753050068.png (1.36 MB, 3536x2707, 1603587__explicit_artist-c….png)

anons make anons faggot, deal with it


But are you "Anon" irl? You know, the actual green or considering where we are orange dude with a question mark for a face?
Yea, didnt think so


>anon is an single person
why do you people exist, figures you'd like colt cock, too


You're arguably a bigger faggot than the guy you're replying to
Even though he clearly doesn't understand the concept of Anon, liking or disliking colt cock has nothing to do with that and the sole post you're replying to doesn't mention any sort of cock at all
What was that about Anon not being a single person?


Dont know where you got that it was a single green orange dude, but whatever helps you sleep at night fam

Colt cock is fine as long its Femanon turned Anoncolt


File: 1525756346472.png (172.9 KB, 1920x926, Comfy_FIlly.png)

Spent way too much time on this piece of shit. Mouse of course, anything else would be heresy.
>Considering the potential implications, you'd rather play it safe.
"I love you too, Twiggy."
>The smile on her face may as well be be beaming like the light of one-thousand suns, or something a shitty writefag starved for original descriptions might say like that.
>The difference between all of her previous smiles and this one is clear. This one is genuine.
>She wraps her other wing around you; pulling you closer if possible.
>"You're so sweet I could just eat you up!"
>A few minutes of her carefully blown raspberries and your constant giggling later, the two of you are left under the covers panting and laughing.
>Holy shit, that was enough to tire you out.
>"H-hey, Mommy has a very special bedtime story for her little Clover tonight."
>At this, your ears instinctively perk up.
>Letting you go from her all-out cuddle stronghold in favor of a single leg wrapped around your neck, she activates her horn and begins to search the shelf for something.
>While she's concentrating on that, you take the time to ruffle your mane a bit for maximum hnnng points.
>Apparently finding what she's looking for, she levitates over a lofty tome.
>The cover is seemingly not marked, but then again neither was Moon.
>"This was the first fantasy novel I ever read cover to cover."
>Though the exposition is a bit heavy, a deep lore soon begins to unfold.
>There are two warring clans, both of long-dead races residing in a time-period long before Equestria was even known as such and the pony was commonly enslaved and used for labor.
>The story doesn't beat around the bush with shit about social justice though, it launches deep into a tale of espionage on tier with Austin fucking Powers.
>Well, it took itself a bit more seriously.
>Point is you enoyed it.
>As time wears on, you eventually feel a yawn escape you.
"C-can we finish this tomorrow?"
>"Of course. I'm not going to force you to listen to me, or something."
>You think you were supposed to laugh at that, so you giggle a bit.
>She laughs back.
>Safe for now.
>You let Purple pick you up and drape you gently over her back.
>As she carries you to your room, a thought comes to you.
"Twi, can I sleep with you tonight?"
>You can't see her face from this angle, but you can hear the barely-supressed excitement in her voice.
>"Yes, that would be alright."
>Doing a complete 180, she returns to her room and sets you down on the bed while she seemingly goes to brush her teeth.
>Curlng up on top of the covers, you fall asleep before she can even finish.
>"Good job. You remembered my advice."
"Yeah… clever bit there. Anything else for me tonight?"
>"No, I don't think. Oh, one tiny thing. Watch the oranges."
"Thank you."
>"My pleasure."
>You awaken to an empty bed and a note.
>Blinking the sleep from your eyes, you skim it over.
>'Breakfast is on the table, see you after school.'
>There's a little heart drawn underneath it.
>Input action.


This story had such promise until the weaklings started making filly roll over for Twilight…


Is Anon gonna pee on her?

Also check'd


File: 1525757425734.png (Spoiler Image, 4.69 MB, 4000x4000, 1569600.png)

Pic related


I can't unsee that as a line of clear peanuts. Don't know why.


I really don't get why you have to react in almost the same way those who hates mlp reacts like when they see someone posting a pony. I mean, Anonfilly is Anonfilly, be it pony or humanized, right? It's content. You don't see those who wants to be the filly raging at everyone who are talking about being with the filly.


and werent you the only fag that whined about that?
your taste is just shit, and it ruins the whole point of anonFILLY
though you clearly dont seem to get that, at this point you may as well be the next resident shitposter


File: 1525761532621.jpg (291.54 KB, 720x1280, 1476654992657.jpg)

I don't think you understand.


File: 1525765757904.png (42.55 KB, 605x989, AnonFilly-WineDrinker.png)

Time for a recap!

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/JReEqH6G

>You are Anon, a cute green filly who used to be human.

>It's been almost 3 weeks since you've showed up in Equestria, and after moving with Twilight and her family to Ponyville, you've managed to get mostly nothing productive done.
>But it's alright, because getting drunk and partying, and then getting drunk again is something you never really did back on Earth.
>You were too much of an autist to have friends for that.
>Now you have shit tons of friends, but unfortunately, not a single lesbian fillyfriend (you're working on that).
>At some point, you're also supposed to find an Australian who's been turned into a pegasus filly, but you're pretty much waiting on Twilight to finish learning a spell before you bother with that.
>Right now, you have woken up hungover on a school day, with Twilight sprawled across the bed, halfway fallen off the side.


Great, now I see it too.
Thanks, a lot faggot.


I want a giant filly to sit on my face


You'd better check on the mill before heading to school, you left that on overnight.
1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]

Oh, boo hoo, we didn't have our rib cage caved in again. Might as well make deranged Twilight happy a bit before she's spread over the back wall.

Take compromising pictures for future blackmail purposes.
1d100[ 1d100 = 93 ]


What's next, anthro filly?


check on the thing real quick, inhale that fuckin breakfast and book it, see if getting to see league real quick is an option
1d100[ 1d100 = 74 ]


Does it exist in the show and the MLP franchise? No.


dont give him the (You)s, anon


File: 1525796280254.jpg (155.56 KB, 1280x960, Fillysitting.jpg)

like this?


well shit, plush anon, its you!
i need a better picture of that flank, too


File: 1525797678128.png (678.12 KB, 2000x2000, birdpussyrecolor.png)

Filly knows what fillies are for


File: 1525797827951.png (Spoiler Image, 250.66 KB, 1853x1129, 1716177.png)

Yes. Belly rubs


hory shet, excellent, anon


File: 1525801090370.png (175.91 KB, 629x991, Anon - pony Twilight Spark….png)

>Implying I'm only here for a (you)
Why do you guys have to act like hostile pricks for the second someone mentions EqG instead of, oh I don't know, simply ignoring it? Or is that too much of a mental challenge?
It is possible to enjoy both pony and EqG, and I for one like both and Anonfilly.



>It is possible to enjoy both pony and EqG, and I for one like both and Anonfilly.

It is possible to enjoy both MLP and EqG, however I'd have to seriously question your sanity if you actually enjoy EqG.


Oh yes, your namefagging with no concrete evidence really makes me believe you. All hail the writefag, or something…


Hating on EqG is almost a meme, Anon. Don't take it so personally.


Because EqG is shit, that's why, now fuck off with your ayy lmao high school drama nonsense.


fuck off EqGnigger


File: 1525811409899.jpg (3.26 MB, 5152x3864, Flank.JPG)

Flank supplied


File: 1525812103146.jpg (533.36 KB, 2448x3264, fillyflank.JPG)

oh hey, we postin' flanks now?


File: 1525813640532.png (237.51 KB, 993x1535, fillybellyrubs.png)


pic's traced btw


>ywn rub filly's belly
why live


>ywn be the filly and get tickled by Pinkie Pie


File: 1525816066721.png (227.93 KB, 750x720, 1519866447082.png)

>ywn be the filly and get tickled by Pinkie Pie in the no-zone
>ywn run to Twilight to complain about how your snoot was violated
>She will never tell you to learn to live with it and get used to it
>Pank will never corner you in an alleyway
>ywn get so boop violated like that ever again


>ywn find out the hard way that the tickle monster's favorite prey is unsuspecting fillies


>Ywn be lured into Twilight's bedroom on the false pretense of 'being the prey of the tickle monster'
>Ywn find out the hard way that Equestria actually has such a beast, unable to cry out as you are devoured gruesomely while Twilight stands behind the metal bars of the cage taking notes.
>You will never wake up in cold sweats, sheets utterly drenched in filly piss.


Turn on some lights man.


no u
lights are for losers


>ywn walk down the darkened hall to Twilight's room and tell her about your bad dream
>ywn curl up next to her before falling asleep.


But how am I supposed to appreciate filly ass if I can't see it?


Only if the lights are over 3k colour temperature.


>ywn wake up to find Twilight bringing up the actual tickle monster
>ywn find out that it's actually not as bad as your dream made it look
>ywn ask Twilight if you can keep it
>ywn watch as Twilight puts it down anyway because it was a lab animal, unfit to survive in its natural environment or in captivity


File: 1525826519112.png (517.1 KB, 1261x891, AnonFilly-UnwantedTwiSnugg….png)

You reach for your phone to try and take compromising pictures of your very passed out and hungover friend, only to remember that you don't have a phone, or even a regular camera. You have no means of capturing Twilight in her most embarrassing of moments, and you certainly cannot Instagram it, as no such service exists in Equestria. Reluctantly, you opt to do the right thing and pull her up from falling off the bed, and toss a blanket over her.

…okay, you're also going to give her the biggest filly hug ever, because you can, and because she's the best drinking buddy ever. Even if, hold on… ow ow fuck goddammit! Your head is killing you. Maybe you shouldn't drink vodka as a filly? Nah, fuck that. You'll drink whenever you damn well feel like it! But a hangover cure would be real nice right now.

Twilight would be perfect for this kind of thing. She can make a mean greasy egg breakfast. But she's so peacefully sleeping. Your eyes are almost transfixed by the blanket slowly moving up and down with her breath. But your head still hurts.

What do?


Do you have a template for that plush?


hangovers are caused at least partially by dehydration, go drink some water.
1d100[ 1d100 = 72 ]


File: 1525831707566.png (592.85 KB, 1883x1332, Anon Filly 19.png)


Why does she even need the shorts? It's even more pointless than usual.


Dice rollRolled 51

Hydrate using the first source of liquid you come across.


Could be a form of chastity belt so she don't rape anyone, and no one rapes her.


because you touch yourself at night


don't we all?


>111 replies already
Blessed be, we're back on track!


Says the guy who's claimed to have read EqG fanfiction before.


Hide the drinks, get water for yourself and Twilight, use the bathroom, and lie down until the world stops spinning. If someone is inquisitive chalk it up to dancing on the bed, but you fell off and bumped your head.

You can imagine how upset Twilight and Pajeeta will be when they find out they've been stunted by alcohol
1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]

Are those shorts made of rubber? No wonder the poor filly is sweating so much!



I've read like only a couple EqG fics, and those were by some authors that I already knew were good at writing MLP fics. In general, I've found that a lot of fans can write better plots than Hasbro can.


Getting on the storyboard generally involves who you know, not what you know.


Fillies and gentlemen, I have finally finished the next installment! Where we left off in the last thread, Anon and Emerald had just ditched Spike to wander around town while Twilight and Chrysalis stayed back at the castle to talk about important things. While they were out, they ended up getting a cake from Pinkie because of Anon's broken nose and they brought it back. Let's see what happens from there!

>When you two get inside, you're confronted by a less-than-happy dragon

<"What happened to the schoolyard? I was waiting there for half an hour!"
>You start to speak, but Emerald gets to it first
>probably because she doesn't have a bag full of cake in her mouth
>"Sorry about that, we got a bit sidetracked."
>The unconcerned look on her face as she leaves the room says enough
>On the bright side, you're free to say what you wanted to now!
"Yeah, sorry about that. On the bright side, we brought something back with us in case you can't see the bag. You can thank us afterwards, don't worry."
>At your mention of the bag, Spike immediately stops looking quite so buttfrustrated
<"What's even in there?"
>You drop the bag on the floor and show him the contents
"A little present from Ponk for messing up my nose, play your cards right and I'll even let you have some."
>You punctuate that last statement with some raised eyebrows
"Nah, I'm just messing with ya. I'm planning on sharing with everyone after dinner, don't worry. Speaking of, what is it and is it happening soon?"
>Now that this whole exchange has pretty much fixed Spike's anger, he's more than willing to answer
<"Twilight said she'd order a pizza, she's out getting it right now."
"Noice, what's gonna be on it?"
<"She said it's just gonna be cheese since the 'guest' shot down every other idea."
>Huh, guess Chrissy isn't too fond of vegetables on pizza either
"Alright, I guess I should put this in the kitchen and go find Emerald again."
>That's exactly what you do
>You go to the kitchen to put the cake down and go off to find Emerald
>You find her talking to Chrysalis, asking what happened while you two were out
>From what you overhear, not much
>She and Twilight came to some sort of an agreement, though
>You'll have to ask when Purple gets back
>Emerald's also dropped her disguise again
>You step into the room and make your presence known with a pleasant hello
>Chrysalis turns towards you and returns the gesture as you walk over to join her and Emerald
"So, what did I miss?"
>"Not much, Twilight was as pleasant as ever. Despite that, we still came to an agreement about the plan."
"Awesome, anything I need to know?"
>"Nothing noteworthy, the plan itself is more reliant on Twilight's and my knowledge of the situation and her ideas on how it could be resolved. She didn't mention you needing to be present for any of it, and she also has an idea of how to demonstrate that I'm only interested in help at this point in case that comes into question."
"Seems pretty solid so far, but what about public opinion? Luna said that public opinion about this would be her biggest issue so that should definitely be an important thing to deal with."
>It's about at this point that Emerald starts losing interest in things again
>"Twilight said she had an idea, but she didn't tell me. She might be more willing to tell you when she returns, but I wouldn't get my hopes up."



"Well, that sucks. Wanna know what doesn't suck, though?"
"Well, while Emerald and I were out, we stopped by the bakery where one of Twilight's friends works and she gave me a 'get well soon' cake! Make sure to save room after dinner, because I'm planning on sharing."
>"That's nice of her, I assume the pink one did it?"
"Yeah, actually. How'd you guess?"
>"Though my time around her was short, she still left an impression that's easy to predict. Outgoing, optimistic and almost sickeningly energetic; is that accurate?"
"Pretty much, she's still pretty cool for giving me a free cake, though."
>"Because of what happened to your nose?"
"Yeah, a broken nose kinda sucks so far; It's not the worst thing to ever happen, though."
>The conversation stops here since all three of you hear the door open
>Twilight's back with pizza
>"I'm back! Anon, show the guests to the kitchen, please!"
>Both Chrysalis and Emerald look at you expectantly
>They probably want you to lead them to the kitchen
"Alright, follow me."
>You lead Emerald and Chrysalis to the kitchen to find Twilight and Spike setting the table and a box of pizza sitting nearby
>When everything's set up and everypony's seated with their pizza, everyone starts eating
>You and Emerald manage to sustain another conversation while Twilight and Chrysalis stare each other down, and Spike ends up leaving at some point
>It's not really any degree of conversation that you two would normally have
>No absurd topics, nothing too deep or technical either
>Just a simple discussion about what's going to happen in Canterlot
>This discussion eventually leads you back to one thought: what do you need to do while you're there?
>You need an answer if you're going to have any certainty of being able to go with Emerald on any of the adventures that she's thinking about going on
"Hey, Twilight?"
>You draw her attention off of Chrysalis enough to get eye contact and a response
"What exactly do you need me to do while we're in Canterlot?"
>Twilight thinks for a moment as she takes another bite of pizza
>"Actually, I don't think there's anything you need to do as long as everything goes accordingly. You're pretty much free to follow Emerald, and I trust you to make sure neither of you get into trouble?"
>Oh, cool
>You're pretty much off the hook on this
"Alright, you have my word. We won't get into any trouble."
>However, in your mind, the sentence is finished much differently
>You both won't get into trouble unless it's funny or the receiving party deserves it
>You won't get into trouble unless the receiving party deserves it
>Fuck it, you just won't get in trouble
>You don't want to give the literal god across the table from you any reason to not trust you
>But, now that you have confirmation that you can just hang out with Emerald…
"Hey, Emerald, I have an idea of something we could do."
>"Well spit it out!"
"Want me to introduce you to another friend while we're there?"
>"Who's the friend?"
"You'll see, and I think you two might get along pretty well."
>Luna will be up for this, right?
>You're not sure, but if you're going to meet her in realspace then you'll probably have to bring Emerald with you



>You'll focus on further preparation on the train tomorrow, but for now, you're out of pizza

>You're the only one that's finished so far, so it's not time for cake yet
>It's not that bad, though
>It gives your pizza a chance to digest before you immediately dig in to the cake
>You continue your conversation with Emerald while you wait for the others to finish
>The conversation is back to the standard sort of thing, with the topic being low-level biochemistry
>Both Twilight and Chrysalis stop glaring at each other and start staring at you two while the conversation goes on, growing steadily more confused
>Truth be told, you know almost nothing about this subject and neither does Emerald
>However, the look on Twilight's face as she listens to your conversation says you both rolled 20s on your bluff checks
>When the conversation finally reaches a close, you finish with a statement that makes Twilight question her existence and Chrysalis start clapping
"Huh, I'm surprised I carried on a conversation about something I don't know at all."
>Emerald nods in agreement as Chrysalis stops
>Twilight remains stunned for a few more seconds before asking a question
>"Do… Do you two do that often?"
>"Don't friends have conversations?"
>"Well, yes, but… not usually… like that."
>Twilight apparently is having a hard time figuring out what just happened
"Yeah, our conversations usually follow a similar pattern."
>"I don't see any problem with it, I think it's interesting and entertaining. Plus, it gives us an idea of just how much we know and how much more there is to learn."
>This time it's your turn to nod in agreement
>Twilight sighs and gives up on trying to understand this before clearing the table
>Now would probably be a good time to tell her about the cake
>She's started washing the plates off when you say what you want to
"Hey Twilight, Pinkie made me a 'get well' cake that I brought back. Can we have it? Like, all of us?"
>Twilight's answer tells you that she's pretty much done with today
>"Sure, go for it."
>She doesn't even turn around to say it
>Twilight levitates over a few plates and the necessary utensils to the table
>"If you need me, I'll probably be asleep or packing."
>After that, she starts walking to the door
"You can have some too, you know."
>"I'm fine, thanks; I'm just tired."
>With that final comment, Twilight leaves the room
>Chrysalis is the first to break the silence after Twilight's departure, reminding you of what's left to do
>"Do you know what flavor the cake is?"
>You're not sure, but you have ideas
"I don't entirely know, but my guess is chocolate or something like that."
>Sure enough, the cake is chocolate
>You cut up the cake appropriately and everypony takes a piece
>It's a good cake, Pink doesn't disappoint
>After about an hour and some more loose conversation, the rest of the cake is gone
>You start settling into a food coma at this point, so you clear the rest of the dishes before showing Chrysalis and Emerald to a guest room
>Once they're settled, you head back to your own room to get some rest for tomorrow
>. . .


File: 1525853659502.png (144.54 KB, 1100x920, 1523984139318.png)

Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to see what happens in Canterlot.


File: 1525854183947.png (15 KB, 471x497, fillypee.png)

I wish for filly to pee in my mouth.


File: 1525856607622.png (Spoiler Image, 62.17 KB, 583x545, 1488522803368.png)

There you are


this pic gets hotter every time i see it.


File: 1525870779634-0.png (953.38 KB, 3000x1800, 1338982.png)

>filly will never pee in your mouth
>ywn drink down her warm, clear, filly flavored essence, straight from her perfect little cunny
>ywn taste her flavor as you greedily swallow what her body has to offer you
>ywn drink every last drop, and then lick her clean, even as she gets wetter and wetter
>ywn pee in filly's mouth

>filly will never fail to tell you that she hasn't been drinking much today, only to fill your mouth with a sickening, dark, stinky piss that makes you gag and puke all over her the instant it touches your tongue^:)


Forgot to spoiler, but whatever. Now you all HAVE to see it, haha!


File: 1525871545501.jpg (122.25 KB, 700x1322, IMG_1761.JPG)

>Filly will never wet the bed, coming to you in the night whimpering in search of a warm shower and physical comfort.
>Ywn smile at her as you pick her up and slowly begin the process of licking her himdquarters clean before giving her a proper shower.
>Ywn diaper her up at night so that she stays nice and comfy regardless, letting her sleep in your bed more and more often


File: 1525871865482.jpeg (14.95 KB, 539x596, 1522025552526.jpeg)

Nope, that's too far. Drinking pee is cool, but a daiper? Sick! Sick, I say!
>wasting filly pee on a daiper


Are you secretly gay? Or do you just really want a girlfriend who is really tomboyish?


File: 1525888046961.png (Spoiler Image, 102.6 KB, 800x800, 1612569.png)

I want this so much
>Ywn cuddle up every night with a cute diapered filly


You may as well cuddle up with a baby who wears diapers.
Naah, BEING the filly while cuddling up with another filly, or colt, is the real dream.


Filly has much more autonomy than babby, though. But you're right on the second part.
>Ywn be the diapered filly cuddling up with another diapered filly


File: 1525890662674.png (186.69 KB, 1600x1200, 1649562__safe_artist-colon….png)

Babby/filly is cutest daughteru


Now that is just disturbing.
Being any pony's daughteru is where it's at.


File: 1525891946467.png (295.09 KB, 1585x1212, 1585398.png)

I think they make good sisterus


File: 1525896254892-0.png (222.17 KB, 500x374, 1439332190070.png)

Look at what you've done.


File: 1525897852902.jpg (534.11 KB, 2083x2500, 1525894943425 (1).jpg)

filly edit pls
seems easy enough because of shit shading, but im just too stupidly lazy myself


File: 1525898169692.png (165.89 KB, 1280x989, Bite(S)(Update).png)

They have difficulty acclimating to their new diet, however, and take several attempts before learning how to be gentle.

True, being the daughteru is superior


File: 1525906814016.png (1.66 MB, 2685x1844, Anon Filly 20.png)


… Is that her hoof?



File: 1525913004953.png (203.84 KB, 919x970, Big Sister.png)

We need more art of filly and babby together.


File: 1525915860061.png (120.61 KB, 800x600, 1448512442986.png)

I want to have a foal with filly.


are you a grill?
thought so, enjoy fillydom
unless you havent contributed shit, then you'll probably just end up there as you are now


File: 1525918252781.png (2.06 MB, 5000x3545, 1439244064126.png)

Whatever, fag. You're worst filly anyway!


no u, faget
dont even know what kind of filly id be, put id be the best


You be the worst, that's what kind of filly you'd be. So you'd be the best at being the worst!


File: 1525918696873.png (254.18 KB, 740x1040, 1523952968115.png)

Get your asses over here, and stop arguing with your sister, both of you! No dinner for you two little shits tonight, just a smack on the ass and off to bed.




File: 1525922078505.png (113.46 KB, 600x900, 1448833113073.png)

There isn't enough pregnant filly pics. You know that in accordance to /mlpol/ law, condoms are illegal, right?. 1488. Where is the pregnant filly? You guys aren't cheating, are you?



Better would be pics of the filly becoming pregnant.


Humans can't get fillies pregnant though


only if you don't believe it can happen.


Wasn't it decided a while ago we were working under cartoon laws when it came to pregnancy? Female offspring looks like mother, male offspring looks like father.


File: 1525923931247-0.png (297.83 KB, 1330x1500, 1559993.png)

pic related

There are more pics of anoncolts fucking other anoncolts that there are pics of anoncolts fucking filly. Somebody fucking fix this right now!


no because colt is FUCKING GAY



File: 1525924645209-0.png (Spoiler Image, 420.69 KB, 1416x884, 1409708.png)

No, coltfucking is gay


you're not wrong, but colts prefer coltfucking because colts are gay.


you can't know whether they have a preference when they're never given an option


who's to say the option hasn't been given and they still choose to suck dick because they started out as thots?


you'll never know whether a colt might actually be a suitable mate if you dismiss any and all colts as being icky, you silly filly


File: 1525925734000.jpeg (76.76 KB, 640x1136, 70CFCFA9-D875-4CD2-900B-D….jpeg)

I guess degeneracy will be punished with a quick and sudden death, as deserved



>implying that I wouldn't want to be the man of the relationship
>implying fillies can wear the pants in a "heterosexual" relationship
>implying almost all modern women aren't thots to be treated as vermin
>implying this block of text matters at all since we're discussing something completely hypothetical as if it was going to happen


>almost all
>implying that the small percentage that aren't wouldn't also be the ones who are most likely to non-disruptively participate in threads such as ours and thus be the ones to become colts


My text is green behind a spoiler without syntax to force it to become green?!


>implying there are any females in this thread


>implying females on the internet


>implying sites like facejew and twatter aren't part of the internet
just because we don't like them nor follow the original rules doesn't mean they don't exist.


I'm implying those aren't women.


given the fact that thots will be thots regardless of the medium presented, I'd say there's ample proof to counter your statement (at least when it comes to biology).


What may look like a female is just a creature wearing a skin suit


File: 1525927476478.png (Spoiler Image, 625.04 KB, 1500x1534, 1518162363788.png)

Fillies, fillies! Stop fighting about all this silliness about girls and thots! It's completely unnecessary.

Just line up in an orderly fashion and I'll fuck a babby into each and every one of you little faggots with my massive coltcock.


>implying you're a girl


You can think of me however you want, sweetheart.


you must be a girl if you're willing to throw established canon out the window.^:)


0/10. You're overdoing it, tits or gtfo.


File: 1525928357337.png (132.25 KB, 637x544, War33Up.png)

you're a shit filly, you faggot
i would be the cutest, lewdest filly who ever lived, but only for my special someanon


File: 1525928468106.mp3 (28.16 KB, nohomonohomonohomo.mp3)

Did you fags already forget the rules? Not only would there be a slim ass chance of there being any colts from the thread, but as making content turns you into the filly, that is said the same for colts.
The only confirmed colt ever so far is Fedorashy.



Did anyone happen to save the rest of voicefag anon's stuff?


File: 1525930055286.png (226.64 KB, 910x752, 1465597184494.png)

>Stretching out your tiny legs a bit from a long night spent in a single position, you break into a light canter on the way back to your room.
>You can still hear the ball mill running.
>If you recall correctly, there is a gestation period of about 24 hours before the mixture is adequately usable, the effectivity increasing with the time left to churn after that up until a certain point.
>Leaving it be for now, you go to the kitchen to find a pile of leftover pancakes with syrup sloppily drizzled on top.
>Not sure how she reheated them, but they sure as hell taste better than when you reheated yours in the microwave.
>Licking your chops, you grab your saddlebags in all of their unused glory.
>You decide that retrieving your lunch would also be a fine plan.
>Throwing it in your left saddlebag hurriedly, you end up in almost a full gallop on your way to Ponyville General.
>"We don't start visiting hours until noon. Sorry, kid."
>You just nod, sighing in defeat.
>League needs her rest, regardless…
>The walk to school is a dreary one.
>The temperature has increased just enough for the snowfall to become a cold sleet that stings your sensitive ears and muzzle.
>As you shiver once more, you realize that school can wait for just a few more minutes.
>Stopping under a small awning, you unbutton the flaps, unsure of which pocket its stored in.
>Ah, there we are.
>The hoodie is a bit more difficult to put on than it would be with hands, you almost with Twi-
>No, don't think about her like that. One objective, Anon. One objective.
>You decide to push the conflict back into the recesses of your mind for now, succeeding finally in getting your forelegs through the sleeves.
>Pulling the hood up over your ears, you feel much warmer.
>Doesn't do much for the stinging on your snoot, but it's something.
>Carefully reorganizing your bags, you hoist them up onto your back and carry on.
>A single densely packed mass of ponies is clumped around a tree.
>Pushing a few of the weaker ones aside, you can see a tiny pegasus lying in the snow.
>The rise and fall of her chest is sporadic, but you can see no further damage to her.
>Pushing the rest of them aside, you see a small envelope that has somehow remained untouched lying on her chest.
>Input action.


check to see if she's awake and ask her what happened. give her the jacket if she needs it, too.
1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]


help the poor fillu! 1d100[ 1d100 = 39 ]


Dice rollRolled 7



>Needing to confirm anything within the thread
You guys knowing it or not wont change the fact of femanon becoming a colt when "fillyfied", so why should anyone care?
Said fact also doesnt change whats posted either, most everything will still be as filly and arguments should not be any more or less valid, so i see no point of us coming forward besides to bait for (You)'s

No flag because i dont want any chance of this getting stuck on my flag and then for some reason others double thinking before saying anything in reply
And yes i have delivered content, multiple times, that rule is just silly tbh, i prefeered when all just became poners

Boosting 1d100[ 1d100 = 68 ]


You're behind a complete lack of flag or ID, giving you complete anonymity in our eyes. if any time is the time to prove what you are, it's now.


you tard, i was just pointing out how there's no colts anywhere
i dont give a shit how many colts there are, im not out for them
and that rule's been there for a long time. there has to be some order, a filly for every anon
if everyone became fillies, thats how we all get sent to the badlands


File: 1525931867888.png (Spoiler Image, 39.6 KB, 798x713, (You).png)

>when none of the fillies will hang out with you 'cause you have cooties


File: 1525932345854.png (54.58 KB, 1500x1514, AnonFilly-Stoned.png)


Twilight can sleep for now. You don't need to stuff your face with her greasy eggs. Actually, if you're being smart, you could probably go for some water right now. Right after you piss out all of that booze you just drank, that is.

You quietly make your way up the stairs and towards the bathroom. As you make it out of the basement, you come to realize that it's actually pretty early. The sunlight is starting to make its way through the windows, but nobody else in the house has woken up yet. After relieving yourself and questioning why you've been cursed to never be able to stand up to pee again, you head into the kitchen and grab the biggest cup you can, and fill it up with water, chugging it as you make your way back downstairs into your room.

Twi's still asleep. You probably could catch some z's for about a half hour more before you'd absolutely have to be up to get ready for school. Or you could just accept being awake for now and find something to do.

What do?


faceplant onto the bed next to Twi, trying to make the scene look as suggestive as possible just to fuck with her.
1d100[ 1d100 = 79 ]


>Post saying that proving anything just wont matter
>Prove yourself!
Not sure if just being silly or actually serious, but if you want to see it so much you can just look up in the internet from others

I know it was there before, but it had been dropped/forgotten for a good while
Its only been brought up again after the move here

>There s just too many fillies
>Each and everyone of them is sent to the badlands
>Even under the scarcity of food and water they persist
>With their shared knowledge, together they manage to start a village
>Fillies that once were teachers, engineers and many other different areas
>Soon Fillyville grows enough to be attached just to the side of the world map
>And with all the human knowledge blossoming from the fillies in it, it advances much quickly than the other countries
>Before all the fillies even mature, the little village already has better living conditions than Equestria itself
>But, being humans at heart, the friendship problems can still be seen under the nice and cozy facade
>And soon enough purple and some new young name because unlike purple the rest of the m6 aged by then have to make a trip there, courtesy of the map
I see no problem with too many fillies, but I do wonder how well that visit would go…


assuming human advancement also means the development of guns and anything is learned from /mlpol/, purple and the new guy will probably get confronted by some armed guards before being told to fuck off.
it's not about seeing it for shits and giggles, it's about seeing it for confirmation. Tits or GTFO has always been a rule and it won't stop being one just because you don't like it.


Dice rollRolled 36

Be a good sister and bring a cup filled with water back down for Twi, wonder how you were able to grip the cup with hooves earlier, or how have been able to do so thus far for everything else, then do this >>146324


File: 1525933403444-0.png (87.33 KB, 1254x261, 1479654550417.png)

What are you talking about, pic related is why, not for confirmation.


that's basically what I meant, I just didn't remember the full rant or have the image.



You've actually been getting very adept at using your teeth. Phrasing


Wasnt that basically what was posted up there before you asked for it though?
When it was said that it doesnt really matter, and then you asked for confirmation anyway

I think somefilly needs a time out in the porn thread


Nobody ever said anything about having bobs and vagene.


1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


Only contentfags getting to become the filly never quite felt right to me
The entire thread has always been filled with anons wanting to be the filly, so only a small subset being able to have that at all just doesn't seem right
Contentfags getting to become the filly sooner than regular anons and/or having bigger/better chestfluff, etc. is alright with me, but anyone who remains dedicated enough to the thread should be allowed to become the filly after their life on Earth is over except suicidefags since they don't get to go to Equestria in the first place



File: 1525935374834.png (251.78 KB, 1646x1672, 1469664.png)

And what about contentfags who'd rather be with the filly? Asking for a friend.


File: 1525935632246.jpg (54.83 KB, 455x256, 20180404_033112.jpg)

>Not being with a filly as another filly
Tell him he has shit taste


You act like it's actually going to happen, and that you will not just suffer eternally knowing it never will.


File: 1525935896280.png (242.88 KB, 1256x1044, delet.png)


File: 1525936054173.jpg (65.65 KB, 723x484, 1525317338339.jpg)



And the (You) i forgot on the post above, and i m too lazy to delete and repost at this time…
Now D E L E T


File: 1525936692057.png (287.22 KB, 1198x1500, fillu^2.png)

But what if I want-- err, he wants to have a family with his perfect love? S-surely you can't knock that?


File: 1525937137354.jpeg (6 KB, 289x175, images (1).jpeg)

There's a special place in hell for non-beliving traitors like yourself.

Congrats, you've unlocked the 10th circle of hell.


File: 1525937627807.png (212.95 KB, 1278x1691, 1523553356588.png)

>Not giving back to the Anonfilly you love a filly/colt of her own to cherish
Tell him he s degenerate and Im sorry for the filly who gets stuck with him


File: 1525937908649.png (195.08 KB, 1503x794, BoopFilly.png)

I mean, unless the filly wanted to be with a man
Anyone could get used to living with another dude, but i d bet most would want fillies to boop call their own


>spoiler text
I agree that someone who can draw should get to working on this!


File: 1525939377516.png (74.66 KB, 800x829, 1079778.png)

What the fuck are you on about? Fine, I'll spell it out for you, shit. I want to be a colt, and be with that perfect filly, and start a family together.


File: 1525940979391.png (Spoiler Image, 220.02 KB, 900x721, 1521078434936.png)

I guess that d be fine, but only if you d be up to hold her hoof and nuzzle her chest fluff lovingly during cuddles often
I-I mean at least a friend of mine said that that would be nice especially the hoof holding part


File: 1525942093042.png (35.61 KB, 722x389, nightmarefilly.png)

I want to be with the filly. I want to breed her with all my love and passion. I want to hold her and be with her for ever and ever. I want to make my filly a mom, and I want my filly to make me a dad. I just want to be happy, to be prosperous, to be fulfilled.

I'd do all those things for filly. All those things and more. I love my filly so much. I just want her to love me back.


File: 1525962190593.png (364.8 KB, 1542x2084, 1501540922602.png)

too bad that'll never happen 'cause you're not a grill, faggot!


Ur mom gay.


File: 1525969612989.png (205.01 KB, 894x1007, 1521997649130.png)

Woah, calm down Anon


File: 1525970270098.gif (409.14 KB, 512x680, triggered.gif)


File: 1525970886991.png (180.87 KB, 1160x1234, 1492486319798.png)

not as gay as yours!


You're the biggest gay ever, faget. That makes your mom the mother of all gay.


File: 1525972397944.png (90.83 KB, 700x700, 1509148105627.png)

t.biggest gay
kek, in your dreams faggot filly


File: 1525973133328.png (487.79 KB, 1536x2043, 1524793072047.png)


File: 1525973886551.png (2.92 MB, 1920x3635, 1484333__safe_artist-colon….png)


File: 1525979493092.png (33.26 KB, 498x421, 1449808067025.png)

fuck you nigga, you cant use my own pic against me!
dont make me rape you!


File: 1525980105778.png (42.67 KB, 833x625, 1370463.png)

u love it bb


Thank you, greatest ally.


File: 1525982415113-0.png (515.92 KB, 822x471, 1491149328317.png)

In you go, Merchant.


File: 1525984160821.jpeg (427.66 KB, 2103x1872, 1279083.jpeg)

So, you two gonna fuck or what?


File: 1525987555316.png (85.26 KB, 550x394, 1509849894823.png)

no, im just going to mercilessly rape >>146431 when he least expects it


File: 1526007177435.png (215.56 KB, 859x1024, Milkshake 1.png)

Contentfags get to immediately choose their position in Equestria- as the filly, with the filly, which momfu, etc.

The remaining Anons have to endure x number of years (based on amount of thread contribution) in Purgatory before they get the opportunity to advance to Equestria, and will have fewer choices, such as only being able to be an earth pony.


So, in the event that most people here have contributed some kind of content and get to choose, how many children would Twilight have? 60?


is Twilight the only option? Also, what counts as contribution?


No, and content is usually defined as one's own drawing or greentext. Twilight's simply the most popular mom here by far, that's why I was wondering.


I wouldn't mind being an Earth Pony filly, even with full choices. You know you'd be thicc as fuck.


File: 1526010836819-0.gif (89.05 KB, 428x428, 1415302503861.gif)

It's still just wishful thinking


Dice rollRolled 25

When do we get to nuke Australia?


1d100[ 1d100 = 14 ]


Boosting. 1d100[ 1d100 = 86 ]


File: 1526012610491.png (48.95 KB, 1220x651, AnonFilly-WrongHoleJoke.png)


You place the rest of your water cup on a nearby nightstand in hopes that Twilight will find it when she eventually wakes up, and then promptly faceplant onto the bed. Though you probably won't get any sleep, you can at least get a little bit of rest. And while you're at it, you can probably mess with Twilight too, at least just a little. To do this, you position your face just below her thigh and use it as a pillow. If she has a dirty enough mind, she might think you were doing things to her in her sleep.

Unfortunately, this ends up waking her up, as you can tell from her sudden stirring. She ends up shoving your face aside and rolling over… on top of you. And then she takes to falling back asleep, once again foiling your plans. You'd like to one up her on this, but you're pretty much pinned under her until she wakes up, so you decide to take a nap after all.

In your sleep, you see Ajna, but only for a second. She calls you a faggot, and then you wake up to the sound of Twilight falling off the bed. This is followed by the cup of water falling off the nightstand and spilling out onto the floor right next to her face. Perhaps not the best way to wake up, but at least the cup was wooden, so there's no shards of broken glass to deal with.


well make sure she's alright, nigga! 1d100[ 1d100 = 27 ]


"sorry, m8."
1d100[ 1d100 = 34 ]


File: 1526014251779.png (626.33 KB, 1620x1512, Anon Filly 21.png)


Pretend that was all part of the plan to wake her up by throwing water on her face.
1d100[ 1d100 = 2 ]


I imagine there's individual and shared universes. And in the shared ones each momfu can have a maximum of three fillies, so you either pick another or go to a different (possibly another shared, not sure if there's only one) universe.

Cheaper by the Five Dozen.


Context? Also, is this OC?


Looks to me like Anon is about to become very familiar with stallion anatomy.


>Implying Twilight didn't give herself a maredong for more accurate data


Rape the nightstand. 1d100[ 1d100 = 7 ]


Going for the multiverse theory, I'd imagine it'd be 60 different Twilights with a filly, rather than 1 Twilight with 60 fillies.


File: 1526029551417.png (302.84 KB, 500x390, tumblr_inline_ozsdwvWXqx1r….png)



File: 1526029787659.png (213.24 KB, 811x1073, AnonFilly-CantPullTheTrigg….png)


>tfw not sharing a Twimom with Placeholder and Lone15


File: 1526029892946.jpg (11.17 KB, 500x272, PERRISH.jpg)



File: 1526030011568-0.gif (153.29 KB, 256x256, 1428616909264.gif)



File: 1526030512116.jpg (12.09 KB, 512x326, Stares in Japan.jpg)

I guess one nuked country wasn't enough


File: 1526035365587.png (516.09 KB, 1441x2059, Final Form.png)

>Only the most devout of contentfags get to become an alicorn filly
>At least 20 high-quality drawings or 80,000 well-written words
So that's… Smoldix? (CountryRoads doesn't have quite enough IIRC.)
>tfw you're the undisputed princess of the fillies


You forgot ASS, unless you were implying that his story isn't a fucking godsend.


File: 1526046063037.png (349.84 KB, 566x648, 1510256840786.png)

>tfw made more than 80k words and 20 drawings
>tfw it wouldnt be good enough anyways
i-it only hurts a litte.


Seems to me like this is new content from cutelewds with the context of Twi doing some "testing" on Anonfilly
Regardless of whether she fully transformed herself into a stallion or just gave herself a maredong, it seems like Twi is about to >rape Anonfilly from behind


If you're who I think you are, then you're wrong.


File: 1526054786150.jpg (61.46 KB, 320x304, a8d.jpg)


Question: What exactly makes you a contentfag?
Having a trip and making new content on a regular basis? Or simply posting at least one green that got others to build on it and turning it into something great?
What about the contentfags who are gone? What'll happen to them?



You don't need a name or a trip to be a contentfag. You just need to make content. A name just helps people remember you.


>You just need to make content
And what exactly classifies as content?


File: 1526069943518.png (397.58 KB, 720x1280, Drawing 5.png)

I'd say green that's longer than a few posts and art that took more than 20 minutes.

It's kinda hard to quantify, and there's certain levels of contentfag I guess.

As long as they contributed content they're in. Unfinished stories (ones that are not in progress) apply penalties.


File: 1526070696876.png (111.73 KB, 750x750, 1457903560993.png)


That totally looks like her!


You do know the piece of shit I did a few posts ago took a little over two hours with a mouse, d-don't you?


File: 1526071855970.png (525.82 KB, 1812x2091, Petting.png)

Well that's dedication, so points for effort.
And you've written a lot, that already gets you through the filly door.
Just 50,000 more words to get the horn and wings.


>tfw you'll never be able to pet one of the contentfag fillies like this
why live?


I agree, Purple is just being mean to anonfilly.


Live to die, Anon.


File: 1526072808100.png (203.27 KB, 755x895, 1450800689612.png)

But it takes so long!


File: 1526072995555.png (495.79 KB, 910x748, 1519660681897-0.png)

>tfw you'll never be able to pet and love Lone15 like this
why live, indeed


File: 1526073030986.png (108.9 KB, 720x448, 1511023032183.png)

Do it for her.


File: 1526074978021.png (292.47 KB, 1646x1672, 1498214987883.png)

Fine. I'll do it for (You), Anon.


Y-you too…


>Contentfags have to live with the Twilight they wrote.


That depends on how they handle it. If they both just loved Twiggles from the beginning, there'd be no abuse.


>Loving mares who orchestrated your kidnapping and almost drowned you on purpose
Sounds totally healthy


And wanting to be the tiny horse girl is? Get real my filly. Twi only did those things in both stories because she's looking for a daughter to love. If the fillies did in the first place, there'd be no reason for them to be this psycho.
Well, except Lone15's Twi, but if we assume the very beginning, then Spike's death could be prevented, and she wouldn't even become a psycho.


File: 1526078588677.png (557.23 KB, 960x1280, Hidden and Found.png)

Abusers tend to be abusive even after they get what they want, although ASSTwi may be less insane when she gets the fillu to love her.


File: 1526079788330.gif (1.08 MB, 588x540, 444852__safe_spike_twiligh….gif)

Twilight can be pretty stern when it comes to unruly kids.


Ain't nothing a little filly loving couldn't fix, you see? Or if anything, both Spike and Anon can get the abuse, so it's less lonely. But I don't think Twi would be the kind to abuse a cute little filly without reason, at least in the stories.
Spike's a thieving teenage cunt in there though, don't count. I'm sure a slutty teenage Filly would need a stern mom on her every so often.


I love how she took him to the vet for this.


So… the pony's trachea leads directly to its heart?


File: 1526082299630.png (256.61 KB, 687x1024, Night.png)

The goalposts would just be moved.
>"Hmm, Anon hasn't slept with me for a while… better put some hallucinogens in her dinner so she has nightmares."


File: 1526083529372.png (475.45 KB, 1474x1204, 1653190.png)

>Not sleeping with your momfu every night




File: 1526085804289.png (50.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1521182560772.png)

I'd already feel like a shitty enough filly for letting Spike die, pretty sure I'd fall for her via stockholm syndrome pretty quickly…


Why a contentfag filly specifically?
There's no reason I can see to pet a contentfag filly rather than just any anonfilly aside from doing it purely as a form of gratitude for their content, but even then you'd expect a particular contentfag to be named…


File: 1526086480782.png (979.79 KB, 3000x2250, 1501624212870.png)

because every contentfilly deserves a pet for their work keeping us alive, duh


everyfilly should get pets though
or at least cuddles


of course
but content fillies deserve the most


File: 1526087187207.png (89.41 KB, 732x633, 1522958393076.png)

>Tfw my one-shot greens uses all ranges of purpul
>Id never know how Twilight would behave the next time we interact
Someone save me from the unstable cuddle rape hape psycho demi-god scientist mom, please


Digits don't lie.


No, you get a harem of Twimoms.
Green when? (For those who want to actually become the filly).


Green never because of your pretentious implication that only contentfags get to be fillies at all, rather than all anons becoming fillies with contentfags getting a few extra perks
The name is Anonfilly for a reason, not Artistfilly or Writerfilly


A harem is too many. They'd naturally fight for superiority, to the death of course.


>Not wanting four Twilights fighting for your love and affection


>Not wanting Ponyville to be nuked from the magical forces at play


File: 1526091223524.png (33.16 KB, 250x246, Mini.png)

eh, you know what I meant. Typing on mobile sucks.


A harem is just the right number. There is room enough for everypony


>Implying that's not exactly what I want


File: 1526091815689.png (448.78 KB, 1294x909, TwiNursing.png)

>implying they're stupid enough to think a DBZ fight will gain your love
>implying they're not gonna be battling via food, cuddles, presents, and possible other favors pic related.


There's no ambiguity about the implications of this:
>(For those who want to actually become the filly)
You can't hide behind phoneposting for this one, faggot


File: 1526095095756.png (87.66 KB, 584x823, First Steps.png)

And becoming a babby is open to everyone, of course.


File: 1526097019951.png (721.92 KB, 1620x1512, Anon Filly 22.png)


>"I hope you see the irony in giving yourself a cock for the purposes of your foal fiddling fetish, but become seemingly unable to make me a man again when I ask, Twilight."


>"It's funny how you can give yourself a penis, but you'll still never be able to make a foal of your own."
>"So you kidnapped me, and told yourself it was more ethical anyway since it's not child rape because I'm mentally an adult."
>"But no matter how much you fulfill your foal fiddling fetish, or how badly you try to mother me, it will never fill that hole in your heart Twiggles."


>1st green is at approx. 117,000 words
holy shit, I qualify! Btw, update dropping in a few minutes.


File: 1526101001844.jpg (148.18 KB, 1024x1024, 1492349477281.jpg)

>"Then I guess I'll just have to settle for filling your hole, Anon."


Update.exe has successfully booted up! Where we last left off (>>146171), Anon, Emerald, Chrysalis and Twilight all had pizza for dinner before Twilight gave up on the rest of the day and left. After that, the remaining three had some cake and went to sleep in preparation for tomorrow's train ride. Let's see where it all goes from here!

>Your dreams aren't as interesting as yesterday, but at least you can see the environment

>Yes, you remembered the pill!
>Clear skies and render distances as far as they are IRL from here on out!
>Now that you're back to functioning shape in your dreams as well as outside them, you decide to get back to work on something
>You're going to try to do something that you haven't tried since you first met Luna
>You've come a long way in being able to manipulate your dreams, it's worth a shot
>Step 1: change the map from wherever this is to Tokyo, Japan
>You close your eyes and concentrate as hard as you can on building the skyscrapers and busy streets before adding in the finer details of possible advertisements or people walking around
>After you're convinced that you've done all you can, you open your eyes
>It worked!
>It worked partially
>It needs improvement
>It needs a LOT of improvement!
>The buildings and streets are all there, but the people are stuck in the uncanny valley and the advertisements are illegible even in terms of dreams and chinglish
>Yeah, you've gotten better, but you're trying to create a massive and heavily detailed environment
>It's going to be pretty friggin' hard
>Even Luna would probably have trouble with something like this!
>You're not one to back down from a challenge, though
>One day, the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny WILL play out inside your head perfectly!
>But for now, a certain blue pony has shown up to admire your handywork
>Initially she seems creeped out by the 'people' you tried to put in the environment, but eventually she starts giggling at them
>"What did you try to do this time?"
"I tried to recreate a setting from home so I could replicate a video that took place there. Oddly enough, that's what led me to going on that rampage a while back."
>A slightly pained look crosses Luna's face at your mention of that dream
>"Don't remind me. This isn't going to turn out like that dream, is it?"
"Nah, the rampage happened for a different reason than just not being able to do this. Besides, didn't I say that I wasn't going to do that again?"
>She relaxes again when she hears that you're sticking to that promise
>"Thank you, I don't want to see that ever again."
>You close your eyes and concentrate on clearing up the 'people' in the environment to hopefully give the rest of the environment some more resources to use
>After you're satisfied with this, you open your eyes and inspect your surroundings
>Yep, the ads are a bit clearer and the city isn't as dull
>Now that the place is a bit cleaner, you decide to walk around and look at what you generated
>Of course, Luna follows you to explore as well
>Now would be a good time to ask her about Emerald, since your brain so kindly reminded you
>Thanks, brain…
"Hey, Luna, I have a question."
>"I'm listening."
"I have a friend coming with me to Canterlot tomorrow and Twilight said I'm in charge of both of us. Would you be fine if I brought her with me when we meet up in realspace?"
>"What friend are you bringing?"
"Emerald, the only friend I have here besides you."
>"Hm, what's she like?"
>Huh, how would you describe Emerald?
>You're not entirely sure
"She's interesting, that's for sure. I don't really think I can describe her in any set way, but I can assure you she's alright."
>"Fair enough."
>You two walk a bit farther in silence before Luna starts making confused expressions
>"Wait, why is Twilight letting you bring a friend on a trip to negotiate a treaty?"
>This is easier to answer!
"Long story short, Emerald is a changeling."



>Mild surprise replaces the confusion on her face as she lets that sink in

>"How did that happen?"
"Well, as you remember, I ended up getting taken to the changeling hive by a spy planted in Ponyville. That spy happened to be playing the role of an older sister, and Emerald was helping her observe me by posing as a school-age filly to be her younger sister."
>"That's a long story indeed… I can't say it won't be interesting to formally meet a pure changeling, though. Anything I should watch out for?"
>What else needs to be watched for?
"I don't know, just watch out for a filly next to one that looks kinda like this."
>After you say this, you concentrate on yourself as hard as you can to try to change to your form in the outside world
>It works fairly well when you look yourself over, you even got the size more-or-less correct
"Yeah, about like this."
>Luna nods in understanding before you make yourself go back to human form
>After you're back to yourself, you two continue walking and exploring the city until you hit the border of the generated terrain
>The border isn't one that you can cross, so you two have to turn around
>This exploration continues until you wake up, both of you just enjoying the sights of this fake Tokyo
>. . .
>When you wake up, it's because a certain changeling is staring down at you and poking you in the side
"Alright, I'm up."
>"We're leaving soon and Twilight told me to tell you to pack what you need in your suitcase before coming downstairs."
>Oh, right
>Leaving soon for Canterlot
"Okay, just gimme a second to remember where the suitcase even is."
>"Isn't that it in the corner there?"
>Emerald points to the left corner of your room, and sure enough, your suitcase is there
"Alright then, I'll be down in a minute. Tell Twilight that I'm pretty hungry, too."
>Right on queue, your stomach growls
>"Got it. See ya in a bit!"
>Emerald heads back out the door to your room as you drag your suitcase over to the bed
>You open it up and pack Aryanne, Hitler, your shirt, your phone, and the charger for it
>That should be everything, right?
>Yeah, what else would you need?
>Twilight probably packed the necessary other supplies, so you're fine
>Making sure that you have everything you want beforehand, you close the suitcase and head downstairs
>When you get down to the front door, you see Twilight giving another list to Spike
>Always more for him to do, isn't there?



>You also see Emerald and Chrysalis both back in their disguises

>After Twilight finishes detailing the important bits of the list to Spike, she teleports her own suitcase over and opens the door
>The four of you make it to the train station early enough that Twilight lets you take some money to buy breakfast for yourself at a nearby bakery
>Not wanting to be greedy, you end up making the money go a bit farther than just yourself and get something for Emerald too
>She gladly accepts it and the two of you spend the rest of the time before the train arrives eating your food
>Twilight and Chrysalis chose to resume their less-than-friendly staring contest since they didn't have any food
>Eventually, the train arrives and everypony gets on board for the trip to Canterlot
>The first part of the train ride is uneventful, mainly just the same interactions happening as before
>You and Emerald being friendly and having fun together
>Twilight and Chrysalis pretty much daring the other to try anything
>Again, the silence caused by the staring contest swallows up the conversation between you and Emerald and you two end up just watching the adults accompanying you stare each other down
>This is getting a bit excessive
>This got a bit excessive a long time ago, this is beyond excessive
>However, you get an opportunity to break up the tension when Twilight blinks
"Alright, Chrysalis wins. You two can stop staring at each other now."
>This statement gets Twilight to smirk and Chrysalis to sigh in an amused way
>Twilight glances at you for a moment before turning back to Chrysalis, still wearing a pleasant expression
>"Well, I guess Anon's the self-appointed judge for our staring contests now. Best two out of three?"
>Chrysalis glances at you as well before facing Twilight again
>"You're on!"
>After this moment, the train ride got a lot less tense
>You and Emerald were able to hold a conversation and explore a bit without getting caught in the grievances of the two you're traveling with
>Twilight and Chrysalis also stopped being so hostile towards each other, even going so far as to strike up a civil conversation themselves
>This gives you a bit more hope for your idea being able to work, too
>It may just be the Princess of Friendship™ doing what her job title implies, but it's something
>Who knows, this could be the start of something beautiful!
>Either way, you can see the mountain holding up Equestria's capital city looming ever closer despite the morning sun making it very hard to look out the window


File: 1526103134295.png (450.39 KB, 1600x1366, 184918 - artist HemmaMann ….png)

Great! Though, are ponies secretly robots? Dreaming for them operates like a VR program where they're always lucid and they have processing limits.


File: 1526103304317.png (752.95 KB, 1620x1512, Anon_Filly_22.png)

>not uploading the finished version of your own pic


I just describe it like that because I don't know any other way to describe it, and I'm not sure why I always have Anon being lucid. Maybe because it gives me an excuse to continue interactions with Luna? The limit I imagine just being the limit to Anon's concentration and how much he can think of at once.


Filly's thoughts:
>I never asked for this


I'm sure she'll change her tune real soon~



"Whoa, sorry about that Twi. You alright?"

Twilight is silent. She takes a look around the room to try and get a sense of what just happened, and then finally shrugs.

>"I dreamt I was on Earth again… only to find that we were in the middle of a nuclear war. Thank God I'm not the psychic one here, right?"


You try to imagine what Earth is like right now, only to come up with blanks. You're not sure whether or not your psychic powers can extend to telling you what is going on in other planets, or if this is just another case of you not fully understanding how to tap into them. Either way, you surmise that it's probably the same as it always was - slowly stagnating with every passing minute.

>"And yeah, I'm fine."

She stands up and strains out the water from her mane back into the cup, which she carries with her as she slowly trudges up the stairs. The weekend is over, and now you have school to get back to, and she has reading to get back to. Not that she wasn't reading on the weekend, that is. It's as if she doesn't know what the word "break" means. You briefly contemplate whether that makes her your equal and opposite, since you don't know the meaning of the word "work".

And then you remember you had a homework assignment due today that you completely forgot about.


I'd like to see Anonfilly grown up.
>Get turned into a filly
>Curse whoever made it happen
>Try to deal with it and hope that you'll turn back sooner or later
>Days pass
>Then years
Would you accept that you will never become human again? Or forever curse the one who made you a filly?
What if years were to pass, you accepted that you are a filly and enjoy a nice life, only to suddenly turn back into your human form again?


Do your homework, like a nerd. 1d100[ 1d100 = 61 ]


fuck it, the homework couldn't have been that important if it was just weekend stuff.


Get that done. Peak productivity!


forgot the roll
1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]


File: 1526108025382.png (766.54 KB, 1620x1512, Anon_Filly_23_totally_not_….png)

>not uploading the superior version


>*right on cue

Besides that, good shit ya got going here.


fug, I'll go change that.


>uploading a shitpost that unconvincingly tries to deny itself in the filename


What if you suddenly got a fever or a cold? Would Twilight spend all day by your side and make sure you're comfortable?


>implying there's a chance in hell she wouldn't.


File: 1526155638790.png (389.76 KB, 1765x2153, pega and emo fillyWIP.png)

And now I will finish the other half of this and color it in 500 grollion years because I'm lazyslow.


So she won't even trust Spike to bring you hot soup or anything?


File: 1526156295729-0.png (452.67 KB, 944x1080, 154.png)

>Implying she didn't infect you deliberately just so she could


>dotted heart question mark
holy shit thats cute


File: 1526177154685.png (621.2 KB, 3001x2450, pega and emo fillyWIP2.png)

Now with 100% more filly.


ree i want to cuddle a smile onto emo filly's face


File: 1526181113926.png (659.12 KB, 2203x1749, Anon Filly 23.png)


File: 1526181374770.png (94.34 KB, 450x533, AnonFilly-Sweater.png)


This isn't the first time you've had to do homework at the last minute. Back on Earth, when you were still in grade school, you made a habit out of doing all of your homework on the bus. If you couldn't finish it by the time you got to class then, well, you were getting whatever partial credit your teacher was willing to throw at your mercy. You're pretty sure this is why you didn't do so well in college. How you managed to get accepted in the first place was beyond you, but you ended up dropping out just the same. And so as you pull out your homework at the table as you start to eat your breakfast, you silently thank the Lord that you only have to deal with some basic algebra… only to question a minute later how it is that you forgot the quadratic formula.

It takes you all the way through breakfast, struggling to remember the equation, before you finally start to give up. What exactly was it again? B squared plus or minus the square root of… no, that's not right. In a rage, you toss your papers back into your backpack, drawing the attention of Twilight.

>"Having issues?"

"Forgot the stupid quadratic formula."

>"Opposite b, plus or minus square root of b squared minus four a times c, all over 2 times a."

"I… what?"

She writes it out for you, and you promptly plant your hoof straight into your face.

>"Been a while?"

"Way too fucking long. And math was actually my good subject."

>"It was my worst. Turns out you need to understand it to a T to understand magic though. It's kind of like physics in that way."

"To a T? So just… mat?"

Twilight noogies you with her hoof.

>"Yes, that's exactly what I meant… smartass."

"Whatever, I don't have time, I need to get this shit done."

You pull your homework back out from your backpack, and over the next half hour or so, proceed to solve about half of the problems. Unfortunately, you run out of time, and Mama Velvet shoos you out of the house to run as fast as you can to school. When you arrive, you're about a minute late, and your teacher, Mrs. Sharpener, calls you out on it.

What is your excuse?


File: 1526181469423.png (94.17 KB, 348x491, AnonFilly-AwkwardBlush.png)

I'm ashamed to admit that I also forgot the quadratic formula when I was typing this up and had to google it. Fuck's sake, I had that shit memorized for the longest time.


See, I told ya she'd change her tune!


File: 1526188363814.png (354.29 KB, 823x1083, angry anonfilly.png)

God bless all these new fillies.


File: 1526188599208.png (437.48 KB, 837x749, AnonFilly-YoureTiny.png)


I think I like this art style.


File: 1526188623691.jpg (171.26 KB, 741x1024, 104494.jpg)

>ywn cuddle the filly and rub your face in her hair.


File: 1526192731149-0.png (668.51 KB, 2470x1366, Anon Filly 24.png)

File: 1526192731149-1.png (1.52 MB, 3840x2160, Anon Filly 25.png)

File: 1526192731149-2.png (99.14 KB, 815x665, Anon qt.png)


Aesthetic filly a cute


Love Fillywave


I think it's better if you interpret the filly on the ground as Lone.


Don't worry, you still a smart filly.


Well then it'd need to be a unicorn filly, I think?


File: 1526194954023.png (193.9 KB, 1016x1024, 587921532.png)

Hopefully. Lots of lewd potential with a horn.


File: 1526196530917.png (333.02 KB, 1300x1300, 1475985230603.png)

What plans does filly have for Mother's Day?


So who is the Pegasus?


File: 1526197916247.gif (594.28 KB, 512x470, shrugfillybutshespins.gif)

Interpret how you want. I know who I have in mind with this image.

Also, instead of doing a background like I intended, I might just expand it and add more fillies. Assuming I don't get incredibly lazy all of a sudden. I might, I might not.


trouble with your mane, couldnt finish your breakfast in time, and just had to sprint here 1d100[ 1d100 = 33 ]


File: 1526198362969.png (3.8 MB, 2160x1215, 1460260551718.png)

god bless your fillies, mate


File: 1526198628315.png (2.7 MB, 3000x2619, 1503227789287.png)

Sorry for the wait.
>Ignoring the envelope for the moment, you push aside the other fillies completely and get to work inspecting her. Though the option of rape does come to mind, you don't think it would help your reputation to do something like that in front of a crowd.
>Feeling her limbs, you realize that her body temperature is dangerously low.
>Taking off your hoodie and draping it over her as quickly as you can, you attempt to get someone to help you hoist her.
>You lack the neccessary components of a makeshift gurney, and nopony seemingly wants to help, most of them assuming you skilled enough to do it yourself with little help.
>The curious little envelope is nagging you, though.
>Against youur better judgement, you decide to rip open the top with your teeth, revealing a single typed message. 'If you're readng this, ignore the filly for your own good.'
>You shudder as you stuff it in your saddlebags, heading off in the direction of the schoolhouse.
>Cheerilee opens her office door a few minutes after you knock on it.
"T-there's a filly out there, she needs help!"
>"What kind of help?"
"She's sleeping in the snow…"
>Cheerilee immediately goes from lax to alert.
>"Alright, I'm going to need your help bringing her in."
>Cheerilee looks even more worried as she gently props the filly up a bit to get her in a carrying position.
>You hear her quietly mutter 'this isn't one of my students.'
>Using both of your necks, you're able to carry the relatively light pegasus inside and lie her down on the floor.
>Her breathing has slowed a bit more since you've gotten her inside.
>As Cheerilee runs off to get some blankets, you're left sitting beside just wondering what the fuck is going on.
>She does look rather cute in your hoodie.
>Maybe they can bury her in it if you two fuck up.
>You hope you didn't damage her tissue too much when you moved her; she almost certainly has frostbite by this point.
>Cheerilee comes back in a few minutes later with half a stack of carpet squares.
>Gently laying them on top of the filly, she turns to you.
>"Clover, do you know where the hospital is?"
>"Would you please go there and tell them to dispatch a team asap?"
>You hope your naive portrayal has absolved you from any potential blame, not that you would have any in the first place.
>Never can tell what's going to happen with Twilight, though…
>Without your hoodie, you're faced with the exact same problem as earlier.
>The precipitation mercilessly pounds your very sensitive and exposed ears and face.
>You're not sure if more tears or cloudwater is resting on your face by the time you arrive back at Ponyville General.
>"Back again so early, kid? You really should wear a watch or something."
>He laughs a bit, but it doesn't come off as malicious.
"N-no, not for that… Ms. Cheerilee told me to tell you to dispatch a team to the school Ay Es Ay Pee."
>This brings about a bit of concern in his voice as he shoves a small capsule into a tube.
>"Hey kid, you look like you're a bit down on your luck today, and the medics will take it from here. Care for a mug of hot chocolate in the break room?"
>input action.


don't trust him, but don't say it outright. Just say that we should be getting back to school because studies or something.
1d100[ 1d100 = 56 ]


better hot chocolate than freezing to death, might as well
1d100[ 1d100 = 89 ]


File: 1526201525050-0.png (456.29 KB, 1831x1295, unknown.png)

File: 1526201525050-1.png (296.6 KB, 1725x1226, New_Canvas.png)


No, you want to watch how they do it because you want to be an EMC when you grow up.
1d100[ 1d100 = 63 ]

Tell the truth.
1d100[ 1d100 = 68 ]


Wouldn't the teachers at school or anyone start wondering why Anonfilly has been gone for so long? A fever or a cold doesn't last that long.


>He thinks Twilight won't insist on homeschooling so no one tries to take you away from her


What about Spike or Starlight Glimmer? Won't they say anything to anyone?


File: 1526205099367-0.jpg (38.4 KB, 1030x1030, 1428796460364.jpg)

Spike is a glorified slave and Glimmer is under perpetual house arrest. No one's gonna question a literal princess when she says that (You) must have such a poor immune system and should be kept away from sources of infection. It's for your own good.


Even Celestia and Luna stays away?


You sure about that?
>There's a interdimensional gathering place (like the ME and R&M Citadels) where all the Twilights and their Anonfillies meet up.
>The Purple Council debates magic regulations, filly rights and other legislature.
>The Twiggles Intelligence Agency tracks down negligent and abusive Twilights and brings them to justice.
>The regular Anons of Equestria can visit, but are surrounded by very overprotective mares
>To protect the fillies not for sexual, reproductive organs are magically inhibited while in the Citadel, as if inside a cold shower
>This was a much-hated decision from the fillies, but it got a sweeping 99% vote from the Twilights not found to be filly fiddlers, and guess who makes the rules?
>Plenty of bathrooms, private cuddle chambers, mothers' rooms, even a nursery for babbies
>The Citadel is full of restaurants serving different types of food, but all serve tendies and choccy milk
>Not to mention stores selling toys, vidya, cute little outfits for fillies, and other items
>All are operated by incarcerated Purples
>Funds are used to operate the Citadel
>There is also the world's greatest playground/arcade, complete with water slides and a ball pit the size of an Olympic swimming pool
>Even a few (somewhat tame) roller coasters
You can pet, cuddle, and boop all the fillies you want, my friend


Celestia is a germaphobe and Luna is too autistic to meet someone outside of her own home unless absolutely necessary.


File: 1526242502843.png (241.55 KB, 1812x1639, 1513794684767.png)

I wish to do all sorts of degenerate shit


File: 1526250202038.png (274.27 KB, 1276x1316, Anon Filly 26.png)


File: 1526250315494.gif (1.62 MB, 500x793, rainbow-filly.gif)

Friendly reminder that filly is doomed to be gay


File: 1526250399768.png (296.11 KB, 872x872, 1518044200274.png)

>You are the filly, and you are not having a fun time.
>Ever since you've come to Equestria Twilight has attempted to take the position of your mother.
>Now, instead of lying in bed feeling sorry for youself, you're at a shitty restaurant that Twilight likes eating some sort of daisy sandwich.
>You still haven't gotten over the fact that you'll probably never see your actual parents again, and Twilight forcing this shit on you isn't helping.
>It takes every ounce of your will to hold back the tears.
>Though you don't like Twilight's methods at times, the fact stands that she's your only financial tether on this world and you'd rather not offend her.
>"Yes, Anon?"
"Can we go home now?"
>"And why would you want to go home?"
"I-I just want to be alone for a while…"
>"No. We're finishing our lunch. It's mothers' day, remember?"
>Something about this finally breaks you, and you start sniffling a bit.
>"A-anon? Stop that."
>You try as hard as you can, but the floodgates open up and soon you're simply a sobbing sniveling mess with your face buried in the hard wooden table.
>You hear murmers and know now that ponies are staring at you.
>"Anon, ponies are staring. If you don't cut that out right now, I'm going to-"
"P-please! I can't help it!"
>With a flash of Purple light, you're back in your room.
>With the disorientation of teleportation, Twilight has no trouble pinning you down with her magic while she raises a hoof.
>With smack after smack, she accentuates if further.
>"You. Will. Not. Humiliate. Me. In. Front. Of. The. Populace. Especially. Not. On. Mothers'. Day."
>Your sobbing barely even increases in volume at all, you've become so used to this.
>Giving you one final and particularly hard smack on the flank, she storms off into the castle, locking the door from the outside.
>This is what you get for caring about your past life, for wanting to hold on to any semblance of enjoyment for what it was you once had.
>As you cry alone in the dark, you find that you can barely even remember her voice.
>Maybe it's better this way.




File: 1526250455491.png (990.55 KB, 2367x1909, 1509191049295.png)

no u
>ywn 69 with filly


So this… Is the power of acid. Woah.


Not using a name won't hide the fact it's you, Lone.


File: 1526262358515.png (137.61 KB, 800x800, SadAnonfillyAtComputer.png)

Why are you doing this?


Delet this



File: 1526276320919.png (443.76 KB, 1849x682, 1720479__safe_artist-colon….png)

I need more fillybuse



File: 1526278139928.png (630.67 KB, 1125x1000, AnonFilly-NoIdea.png)


"Well, I forgot to do my homework over the weekend because a party I threw, and I was trying to get as much possible this morning before class. I only managed about half of it though, and I had to run here to even make it within one minute of class. That a good enough reason?"

She shrugs.

<"At least you're honest. Try to remember your homework next time so you won't have to be late. Speaking of which…"

As you take your seat, everybody starts taking their homework sheets out and passing them down to the teacher. You find yourself a little bit embarrassed to turn in an assignment with basically the entire second page unanswered, but at least it's something. After a little bit of reflection, however, you let your guilt subside as you realize that your memory is not something completely within your control.

The class that follows is fairly boring, though you try to pay a closer attention so you don't end up forgetting formulas on your assignment again. A part of you wonders if you should even bother trying in school if there's a chance you might just leave Equestria tomorrow. The rational side of you gives a slightly more convincing argument, however: you've only been whisked away from a universe once in your life, and in this new one, you have friends. Friends whose opinions of you you somewhat value.

When your lunch break comes, you realize you forgot to bring lunch in your haste to get to school. Fortunately, your friends are more than willing to share bits of their lunch. Sometimes, you suppose, it pays to make friends with farmers, and also Rarity, who of all things decided to eat sushi today. Apparently her father really likes to go fishing, so a little extra protein is not uncommon in her family meals. To your surprise, it doesn't make you feel sick like real bacon did back in Canterlot.

Towards the end of your lunch break, you hear a sort of excited scream. It comes closer and closer, and you start to recognize who it is. It's Twilight, with a pair of moth-like wings, soaring through the sky without a care in the world. She seems to be very bad at turning, however. She's also headed straight in your direction, and very fast. Before you can say a word, she crashes into the side of the schoolhouse and falls face first into the dirt.


you do not know that filly unless knowing a unicorn who can fly gets you popularity points
1d100[ 1d100 = 3 ]


She didn't fly so good. Who wants to try next? 1d100[ 1d100 = 57 ]


Short one tonight, just wanted you all to have input here.
"I dunno… I kinda want to save ponies when I'm big."
>"Don't we all… unfortunately, it'd be against policy to let you go with them."
>You're a bit disappointed at the lost opportunity, but the stallion does seem to be rather friendly.
>Not like you're going to be alone in the breakroom, either.
>Walking out from behind the desk, he leads you down a series of corridors until you reach a small dimly-lit hallway with 'Break Room' written on a piece of scotch tape plastered next to the leftmost door.
>You're beginning to have second thoughts, but you press on.
>When he opens the door, there isn't much to see.
>A ping-pong table that looks like someone sat on it, a few couches with exposed springs, a collection of stained hotplates, and of course a basket of various drink packets are the main things that stand out to you.
>Grabbing a pair of mugs from the cabinet, he fills them with water from the tap and pours a bit of magic from his horn into two of the cleaner hotplates.
>Surprisingly efficient, the hotplates get the water to a rolling boil in mere minutes.
>Cursing a bit, he takes them off of the apparates, carefully unsealing the hot chocolate packets and pouring them into the cups.
>Stirring a bit with one of those cheap stamped spoons, he levitates your drink over to the floor beside the portion of one of the couches which doesn't have any exposed springs.
>You hop up, and he joins you.
>"So… how about you tell me a bit about yourself? Ya'know… repay me a bit for the drinks we're waiting on."
>Input action.


-B(+/-)Bsq-4ac/2a anon


File: 1526281258451.png (774.75 KB, 844x1160, Smile 5.png)

>She will make Twilight a rather poor breakfast in bed, with Glimglam supervising (Anon will refuse help)
>Her present will be a card she made in school and a coupon book for free back rubs and the like
>Anon will expect her to never use it, but every coupon will be redeemed within the week
>"Now go downstairs and make me breakfast mom, I haven't eaten yet."
>"Also the kitchen is a mess."


Well, what do you want to know? I'm really just an unlucky filly. 1d100[ 1d100 = 58 ]


File: 1526283822207.png (200.23 KB, 817x977, Smirk.png)

>"Bad news, Anon. It turns out a gastrointestinal disorder is the reason you're vomiting up literally everything you eat."
>"Fortunately, I've figured out the only food you can eat."
>"I managed to develop a spell to induce lactation. Now I'm just gonna climb onto your bed, and we'll start slowly…"


I'd let Momma Twily nurse me without hesitation


You are a precocious child with high-functioning autism, paranoia, and possible schizophrenia. You also think it's deeply unfair for you to be raised by one of the wealthiest ponies in Equestria and take time away from her administration.

Might as well cut to the chase
1d100[ 1d100 = 51 ]


File: 1526310103657.jpg (141.24 KB, 691x683, When someone asks for abus….jpg)

>When someone asks for abuse


When do we get that hot fresh abuse pizza delivered to our doors?


File: 1526336606627.gif (366.02 KB, 267x200, Get the Popcorn.gif)

We’re all out of abuse for now. All though we did substitute adventure, light-hearted moment, and friendship for tonight. Hopefully it’ll tide you over because I’ll have some abuse, topped with a bit of mild drama and action.


File: 1526338877711.png (333.05 KB, 1242x1489, condescending.png)

>these plebs


File: 1526339499334.png (437.2 KB, 2056x1569, 1717142.png)

Ok. That's it. Twilight, get the whip.


File: 1526340631935.png (276.31 KB, 1347x1024, Anon Filly 27.png)


File: 1526343107495.jpg (59.81 KB, 680x818, Born to Feel.jpg)

Stop that right now.

It's a good thing horns grow back. Tempest is the exception.



Horns don't grow back, and her name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist.


Pretty sure they don't.


I like it better if they did grow back. So she would only lose her magic for a month or two while recovering.


if you break a tooth, does it grow back? if you lose a finger, does it grow back? they never did grow back, anon.



>Implying Equestria works the same as the real world
>What is magic


Isn't horn basically hair. It should grow back.


>implying real world restraints still don't apply
>implying magic can be used to fix a newly-formed lack of magic


Equestrian horns are assumed to be hard shells incasing some sort of magic-concentrating organ. Snap the horn and you potentially damage the organ, causing the horn to decrease in functionality or be non-functional.



>Implying the horn isn't just a focus for the magic
>Implying the magic isn't drawn from elsewhere

I have never heard this before


Just my headcanon. If we're assuming it's a magical conduit, I would assume it would be more complex than the lump of keratin that it is often assumed to be. Plus, if you say that it is a glorified face nail, then how the fuck are hornjobs gonna work?



The horn can still be sensitive. It'd probably hurt like hell to break your horn, but that doesn't mean it can't grow back.


>if you break a tooth, does it grow back?
If you use zigger voodoo magic, it does.


I'm pretty sure that if your body can't do it on its own, then it's not happening with any amount of discount chemistry.


But then how did Applebloom grow her tooth back? Checkmate atheists.


File: 1526350075038.png (602.51 KB, 3031x1542, Sleeping 11.png)

Filly.exe has crashed and requires a system reboot to restart.

Estimated time: 7 hr. 11 min.


You just need to press the reset button between her legs.


It was a baby tooth.

You could always get a horn transplant.


Transplants needs magic, who knows what d happen if they crossed the magic streams…
>A Horn is an unicorn magic conduit
>The Spiral from it allows the user to better focus its prowess for their tasks
>Its clockwise or counter-clockwise nature also has the same effect to being a human left/right hander
>And just like that limb, it cant simply be replaced
>Magic cannot restore a horn because it d conflict with the users own magic when trying to apply
>And potions could fill the hole, but the unique spiral would never be achieved
>Like a human fingerprint, each spiral is unique and impossible to replicate
>That means that not having a horn would be better than having a regrown horn
>Which would end up as a literal damper on the magic of the user, since he wouldnt be able to focus through its unique spiral anymore
>Now that i know this i will not kick a unicorn's horn ever again
"There, can i go now?"
>"Nope, you only wrote that 132 times, there s 368 more to go and your apology to Starlight"
"She was trying to brainwash me into being a commie!"
>"Uhumm, you better keep going if you want to finish today and still eat dinner"
>With a final look of defiance Anonfilly grumbled and turned around before resuming her scribbling

>A Horn is an unicorn magic conduit

>The Spiral from it allows the user…


File: 1526354019668-0.png (176.61 KB, 657x541, 1512791707025.png)

So this is the power of the spiral? Not bad, not bad at all.


File: 1526356378691.png (120.15 KB, 352x580, Twilicorn-ALittleNervous.png)


You walk up to your very injured friend and help her get up and on her hooves again. Her wings seem to have already disappeared on collision, suggesting that the spell might not be that stable. Nonetheless, you want a try.

"Wow Twi, you really suck at flying. Maybe you should let someone else have a try."

>"Yeah, well, I'm not a pegasus and neither are you. Learning to fly with new wings is like learning to walk with a different number of legs, or more appropriately…"

She whispers the next few words into your ear:

>"Like learning to grab things with no fingers."

"I still want to try it though."

>"I have literally never tested this spell on any pony other than myself. I can offer you no guarantee that you will not be transformed into some horrible Cronenberg monstrosity. Are you absolutely sure you want this?"


File: 1526357053377-0.png (1.95 MB, 600x1566, 1455324899778.png)

Just bird horse me up, my man. What could go wrong? 1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]


File: 1526357103564-0.png (829.49 KB, 1800x2160, Comic 1.png)

File: 1526357103564-1.png (903.25 KB, 1800x2160, Comic 2.png)

File: 1526357103564-2.png (821 KB, 1800x2160, Comic 3.png)

File: 1526357103564-3.png (791.22 KB, 1800x2160, Comic 4.png)

File: 1526357103564-4.png (945.49 KB, 1800x2160, Comic 5.png)

This is mostly just a couple quick sketches of a comic I'm thinking of doing. I don't know if I'll actually do it, I'm horrible and making stories.


File: 1526359996253.gif (1.9 MB, 400x225, evil yes.gif)

Lots but lets do it anyways. Like being transformed permanently into a pegafilly or it somehow fucking our future vision. Boosting.

Do it.
1d100[ 1d100 = 52 ]


File: 1526360309306.jpg (659.9 KB, 2448x3264, image (2).jpg)

moth filly


>doesnt even add in the quote
every time you update i just become more and more disappointed with you
come on man


File: 1526361018990.jpg (2.5 MB, 1868x2360, 1522814253546.jpg)

Fucking this.


File: 1526361698015.png (245.65 KB, 1365x1570, 1342445.png)

Very nice.
Looks like an interesting premise.


I highly doubt any of you faggots actually read these blurbs.
"Well, I'm supposed to have this aspurr- ass bur-"
"That's the one. I-I can't stop worrying about things, and sometimes I see things. These odd things in my dreams…."
>He looks a bit startled at all of this.
"I-I've also been told I'm very pre-co-cious."
>"Well, it'd certainly seem that way. Ya'know what, I can't do this in good conscience to such a fucked up kid… get the hell out of here before I change my mind."
>Confused at first, you then notice his long erect member.
>Needless to say, you scamper off rather quickly, navigating the hallways as quickly as you can.
>You hear no hoofsteps pursuing you thankfully, but that doesn't make you feel any better about the situation.
>Stopping at the door, you inhale deeply.
>You don't exactly enjoy the cold sterile air, but you're completely out of breath.
>Pushing open the door, you simply march past the now empty reception desk, right into the cold.
>Without anything to warm you up, you're sniffling by the time you get back into the lukewarm classroom.
>The EMTs must have taken the pegasus while you were gone, because neither they nor their patient are anywhere in sight.
>Sitting down at your desk a bit dazed, you notice a few things that have been passed back to you.
>It looks like you scored a 96% on the math test, which makes you feel a bit less shitty.
>Sifting through the other papers you find the assignments you did while you were out, a pencil with 'Reel Smarty' and a fishing rod decal slapped onto it, and what you assume to be tonight's homework.
>'In accordance with our friendship unit, we would like to request for your foal to write a poem exemplifying what friendship means to them. No rhyme scheme is required as long as it it shorter than 500 words and can be read aloud at an upcoming ceremony. The winning foal will recieve 200 bits hard payment and a train ticket to their desired vacation spot.'
>Cheerilee is working her way through long division now, you could probably tune her out and start if you saw fit to.
>Input action.


File: 1526364804150-0.png (1.88 MB, 2500x2500, 1525672679792-0.png)

File: 1526364804150-1.png (1.86 MB, 2500x2500, 1525672679792-1.png)

huh, well yeah, now i know why all my pics looked retarded


friends are for nerds and ponies who bare actually invested in those around them ^:), half-ass the poem if it's necessary and don't do it if it isn't.


forgot the roll

1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]




Yes, we must start early, so we can use the time at home to revise and perfect the hell out of this poem.
Though there doesn't seem to be much friendship in this universe in the first place, so let's make an edgy, but realistic poem on everything friendship you've seen. A false promise.
1d100[ 1d100 = 49 ]


File: 1526366016495-0.jpg (748.33 KB, 2448x3264, image.jpg)

File: 1526366016495-1.jpg (1.64 MB, 3264x2448, image-9.jpg)

goddamn me
doggo fillies


Dangerous furry


File: 1526366630717.jpg (799.3 KB, 2448x3264, image (2).jpg)

jesus christ it always looks fine in the damn folder


We've got a good variety of filly reaction pics to use these days, but are there any filly emotions we're still missing?


File: 1526370308398.png (229.66 KB, 552x594, cryingfilly.png)

Me too mate. Sucks, doesn't it?


You should namefag, this stuff is good.

We are lacking scared fillies. Perhaps one irrationally afraid of Purple?




File: 1526372132356.jpg (310.87 KB, 1178x1240, ReverseSpanking.jpg)

Abusive Twilight is just a meme. We all know she'd be a kind, loving mother. The only reason Anon should be scared is if she was avoiding punishment.


I draw on request and if I feel like it, so namefagging doesn't make sense to me unless I start to do this regularly and if people keep telling me to draw poners.


Been a long time since I updated. Sorry about that, life's been heel recently.

>Be Twilight

>You stood outside the Oasis Inn, a nice-looking, two-story building painted a refreshing sky blue with white boardways and trim
>By far the largest building in this small town
>"Does it have a pool?" Anon asked
"*sigh* I don't know Anon, let's go see."
>"If it doesn't have a pool I don't wanna stay."
"Well that's too bad."
"…But I guess you've gotten over your fear of water?"
>"Pffsh, I was never afraid… it was always too cold is all."
"Mmm-hmmm." you said, swinging open the door
>A young Pegasus receptionist sat behind a desk, reading a newspaper laid flat across the desk while her navy mane cascaded down her sky blue shoulders
>She looked up and gave you too the 'minimum-wage employee' smile
>"Does this place have a pool?" Anon asked, not even waiting for a 'hello'
>"Uh, well, yes, in the back. But we haven't even opened it up, you're the first guests we've had in days."
"That empty, huh?"
>"I like it this time of year. Nice and quiet, I get to do crosswords." she giggled, "compared to summer, when we get so busy we sometimes run out of rooms."
>"How long will it take to get ready?"
>"Oh, about twenty minutes."
>"I'm gonna go look at it!" Anon said, not even asking for permission before bolting out a door to the right
"Be careful!" you yelled at her as the door slowly swung closed
>You turned back to the cashier and flashed a brilliant smile
"Room for one, please."
>"A-are you sure? We have plenty-"
>You pulled a substantial amount of bits out of your saddlebag and slid them across the desk
"I'm afraid the rest of your rooms are being fumigated."
>She looked down at the money in awe. It must be worth at least a week's salary to her.
>"Yes ma'am. Do you have any other preferences for your room?"
>"All right, you'll be staying in suite A-1. Here's your key." she said, handing over a small bronze key.

>You levitate your key and carefully slide it into the doorknob

>At the moment, Anon was running laps around the pool
"Anon, come inside!"
>"I only need another lap to make it 5!"
>Anon had this thing with 5s
>You were pretty sure it was Aspergait's
>You pushed the door to your room in and entered
>The shag carpet was comfortable underhoof, and a large window gave a great view of…
>Well, nothing.
>Most importantly, there was only one bed.
>Anon stumbled in behind you, winded from her execise
>Maybe you should install a pool at home just so she would go outside
>But then again, she'd probably go out for a midnight swim and drown
>"Alright Twi, I hope there's-"
>Her face dropped a bit upon seeing the room
>"Wait… there's only one bed."
"Yeah, all the other rooms are being fumigated, they didn't think anypony would be coming. So we'll just have to share."
>"…I'm gonna go double-check."
"I'm gonna unpack. Don't run off anywhere."
>Anon trotted back out the door, and you dumped both of your saddlebags onto the bed
>Once you'd finished unloading your various possessions, Anon trudged in
>"I'll sleep on the floor." she said indignantly
>"I don't wanna sleep with you. I'll take the floor."
"You're not GETTING the floor. When you don't get a good night's sleep you get cranky, and floors aren't conducive for good sleeping"
>"But I-"
>Anon closed her mouth upon seeing your displeased-mama glare
>She was gonna be the little spoon whether she liked it or not


>Be Anon
>You were 90% sure that either the fumigation was bullshit, or Twilight had actually hired an exterminator and paid off the motel in advance to perform the service
>You would never say it, but you liked cuddling with Twilight
>Her body was so warm and her fur soft, and no blanket could match the comfort of her wings draped around you
>Pressing your head deep against her chestfluff, and listening to her heart beat was the ultimate way to fall asleep
>Sometimes she would make gentle shooshing noises or rub her cheek against the top of your head, your ears bending at the contact
>But admitting that, or actively seeking cuddles, legitimized her position and power over you as your mother

>But now what?

>There was some friendship problem here or something, but it wasn't something you had to, or would, deal with
>And this town obviously didn't have much of a night life, not a whole lot of attractions
>You were pretty sure you saw a bar, but there was no way Purple would let you anywhere near it
"Oh! Purps! Can I swim now?"
>"You can swim later. Right now we have work to do."
"YOU have work to do."
>"You're coming along. Besides, maybe you're the key to solving this friendship problem."
>You scowled at her
"Do I really seem like the friendly type?"
>"You've made new friends in the past." she answered offhandedly, organizing some books like the autist she is
"Friends you didn't approve of."
>"She was a bad pony with a bad family." she said, not even looking at you
>Like she was one to talk

>The sun sat at your back, casting a medium shadow across the sandy terrain

>You walked alongside Twilight, just roaming the streets, asking strangers if they had any problems
>Nope, nope, nope, and nope
>They got lucky, avoiding having to deal with the Purple Menace
>Ignorant of her insanity
"Can't I just go back to the room?" you complained, eager to get out of the heat
>"No, I need you here, my little sidekick" she said, edging closer and nuzzling the side of her head against yours
>Sidekick.. didn't you-
"Hey, didn't you already have a sidekick?"
>She didn't say anything
"Yeah, I heard him mentioned when you were talking with your friends. Spike, right?"
>"Oh, Spike. Right."
>She clearly didn''t want to talk about him further
"…So did he live with you? Did you go on lots of adventures?"
>"Yes, and yes. We were very good friends." she did a lousy job of hiding the disappointment in her voice
"…Nothing more? Nothing… familial?"
>"Don't be silly. He was a dragon, and I'm a pony. We're just too different for that sort of relationship."
>Twilight closet racist?
>Or maybe she thought they were, but he left like a black father
>Maybe one person had already escaped her clutches
>Maybe you could do the same.
"He left, didn't he? Got sick of you?"
>"N-no, he just got a great opportunity with Dragon Queen Ember, and accepted it. I'm glad he's learning more about dragon culture, and responsibility. After he was Princess for a day, well… he needs it."
"-And maybe you like me because I'm similar to him. Maybe you're trying-"
>"I DON'T want to talk about this anymore." she said in her nearly-pissed voice
>You had learned to shut up at this point.
>So you did.


>Be Twilight
>Anon was really starting to get on your nerves
>Maybe you should have left the little brat-
>No Twilight, you're not thinking clearly
>You're just getting angry because you haven't found the friendship problem yet
>You'd already asked the motel concierge if she had any friendship problems, but she said she was new in town, and couldn't think of having any close friends
>The tailor described herself as introverted, and didn't want friends, let alone having any in recent memory
>That could POSSIBLY be the problem, but you needed to investigate further
>It was starting to get late; maybe a hour until sunset, and you could see that the shimmering haze seen on the dusty horizon was now fading
>However, this would mean that rancher ponies would be coming into town to buy wares and drink
>You might have to put Anon to bed early so you could ask around the local tavern
>Who were you kidding, she wouldn't sleep
>Well, you'd bought her a pile of comic books, so she should be quiet
>Maybe bribe her with some sweets from the general store
>You could teleport to some Canterlot megachain for a wider selection, but you wanted to support local businesses

"Say, Anon, you must be getting tired." you said off-handedly
>She hated naps
"Well, wouldn't you like to get out of this heat? It's still pretty hot out here."
>T'was true, it was still over 80 degrees and would be for some time
>"Can I go back to the hotel room?"
>If you made it seem like you wanted her there, she'd try to leave
>"Please? C'mon Twilight, I've been good."
>The two of you had different definitions of 'good'
"Well, I guess that's true. I'll leave you in the hotel room, and when I come back we'll get dinner. Then afterwards you can go swimming. Deal?"
>"Deal." she said, trying not to sound delighted
>You pop the two of you into the hotel room, and after that second of confusion, she hops onto the bed
>Not her bed. THE bed.
>You had left her saddlebag on it, and she began ruffling through it, eventually pulling out a stack of comic books
>You wished that Anon would read some more normal books
>But if you didn't give her these, she'd inevitably bother the concierge, or even worse, try to scamper off on her own
>She had almost been raped once already, and you were pretty sure her bladder was empty right now


>Be Open Heart
>Therapy between Ms. Velvet and Mr. Light was going… poorly
>"Oh, it's always 'Anon this', and 'Flurry that', can't you go one hour without talking about them?" Mr. Light asked violently
>"Well, so-orry that I love my granddaughters!" Ms. Velvet shouted back
>"Y'know, you don't have to spend every second of every day talking about them! What about 'us'? Hell, I'd settle for Shining or Twilight!"
>"Maybe you should just read about them in the newspaper, since that's where your muzzle always is!"
>Time to steer back the conversation
"We're getting nowhere with this, ponies. Let's try to cool down, and start a more open dialogue."
>The two took a few moments to settle down, repositioning in their seats and avoiding eye contact
"Now it seems like the problem is a lack of meaningful communication. Let's start by figuring out where these problems began."


>Be Twilight
>You stood in the entrance to the Watering Hole, looking out over the premesis
>White-tiled floor, plastic chairs and clean white booths
>Seemed closer to an ice cream parlor than the dark dirty taverns you read about in your books
>Which was fitting, as in small towns like this, resturaunts would double as bars
>Or the other way around
>You noticed that there seemed to be too few glasses behind the counter, even for a small town
>Around twelve ponies sat in the various tables, booths, and stools, mostly alone or in pairs
>Well, better get to work.
>You trot over to a teal stallion sitting alone in a booth, looking bored and undoubtedly waiting for some food
>You manage to make out a horseshoe cutie mark slightly obscured by his gray tail
"Hello there!" you said cheerfully, "May I sit with you?"
>Wait, maybe that wasn't-
>"Uh, sure." he answered, looking over at your wings
>He certainly would've said no if you hadn't been a princess
>You slide across from him, careful to avoid a half-chewed piece of garlic bread at the end of the row
"So how are things around here?"
>"Uh, fine." he answered, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head with a hoof.
"Everypony good here? No angry breakups, family feuds? Friends having an argument?"
>"Naaaw, things are pretty quiet here. Ponies just mind their own business, don't really socialize much."
"You don't have any friends?"
>"No, I'm pretty sure I have some… uh… well…"
>You heard a nearly-obnoxious voice behind you, its accent dripping with northern-Manehatten… flavor
>"Ay, Shoe, whaddabout me?"
>You turned your head to see another orange stallion with a blue mane two tables down, eavesdropping on his princess
>"Oh! Right!" Shoeboy yelled back, "How could I forget about you!"
>"Ay, you coming to the party at Wheat's place tomorrow?"
>"Right! Almost forgot!" he laughed, "You wanna sit with us?"
>"Naw, I was just leavin'. Good ta see ya!" he said, rising from his chair
>"Right back at you!" Shoeboy said back
>Once his friend left, he was in noticeably higher spirits
"Hmmm… well, thanks a lot, Mister…"
>"Shoe Striker"
>Guaranteed blacksmith

>Next table, a family of 5, said they lived far out in the country, and mostly interacted with each other

>In the corner sat a couple of stallions arguing over whether some thot was hot or not, mostly about the… proportions of her body
>On two barstools, a couple was arguing over a forgotten anniversary
>Nothing you could help with
>You slide out of the booth and leave the establisment
>But before exiting, you speak with the waitress and cover the helpful stallion's meal
>You were such a good pony


>Be Anon
>God, where was Twilight?
>It'd been hours since she'd gone off to Christian-god-knows-where, and you'd only left the room to use the pot and annoy the concierge
>Which you were doing right now
"So how much are you paid?" you asked innocently, as if you hadn't been doing this all day
>The mare sighed oncemore.
"Minimum wage? A bit above?"
>She didn't answer, just looked back down at her sudoku puzzle
>It was hard to maintain eye contact when the top of your mane barely reached above the desktop
>You leaned against said desk with your hooves to add a few inches
"I get paid six bits a week to go to school."
>"That's WONDERFUL." she responded, not looking up at you
>She wasn't taking the bait
"Plus I get whatever I want if I'm a good filly." you added, which was half-true
>"Good for you."
>This made you wonder if she was used to this sort of thing
>You'd better change tactics
"Do you have a coltfriend?"
>She didn't answer, but you could see the tips of her mouth sour a fraction
>She finally raised her head up to look at you, finally invested in this conversation
"Surely you do, all the CUTE mares get coltfriends."
>TBH if she lived in an area with decent population density she could def get one, just look at that bod
>"Maybe you should head back to your room." she suggested in an almost threatening tone. "Your mom will be mad if she finds you roaming about."
"She's not my mom."
>"She's a mare, she's taking care of you, close enough."
"She's a female caretaker."
>"Aren't the two of you sharing a bed?"
"Shut up." you retorted, scrunching your tiny filly muzzle
>It was still a better comeback than "no u"
>And it's not like you WANTED to sleep alongside Twilight's soft, warm, protective form.
>It was just circumstance was all.
>"That's not very polite. Little fillies should be respectful, especially to their elders. You wouldn't want me to give hera bad report, now would you?"
"Well, I'll tell 'Mom' that you were mean to me."
>"Why do I get the sense that you've tried that before?" responded the receptionist dryly
>She was right, you were bluffing
>"And if I told HER you were being a nuisance and interrupting my work, who do you think she'd believe?"
"I, uh… I think I left the door open to the room. I'd better go check that."
>"Enjoy your visit at The Oasis Inn!" she sarcastically yelled as you retreated into the hall


>Be Twilight
>Today had gone okay
>You had an idea of what was going on, but you didn't know how exactly it was happening
>You could figure that out tomorrow. Two days tops.
>Right now you had to feed Anon

>Dinner had been a simple affair

>Anon had insisted on Buck E. Cheese when you told her she could choose
>You shot her down pretty quick
>So Mexicoltan it was
>"Twilight! Twilight! Look, I can do a frontflip!" Anon demanded, "Twilight! Look!"
>For somepony who insisted on being completely independant, she sure looked to you for validation
"Alright Anon, show me."
>Anon pushed forward through the waves, arcing her head downwards, with her body following suit
>Her mane and tail flowed through the water, swishing through the currents in individual strands
>Anon never really finished the frontflip, she just managed to do a 270 and floated back up
>More like 3π /2
>Polar > Cartesian
>"Did ya see?! Did ya see?!" she exclaimed when her head burst through the surface, a bit of chlorinated water dribbling out of her mouth
"*sigh* . Yes, Anon."
>Anon resumed swimming laps like a madmare, and you continued reading your book

>God, why wouldn't this filly tire?

>Getting Anon out of bed in the morning was hell, but now she was a source of limitless energy
"Anon, aren't you getting tired?"
>"No!" she yelled back, but you could see her strokes becoming weaker and less rapid
"It's getting late! Come out and let's get you ready for bed!"
>Upon hearing the word 'bed', Anon dove under the surface of the water
>You stood up and walked to the edge of the pool
"I know you heard me Anon!" you shouted, trying to overpower the water's sound-dampening element
>No response
"Well, I can wait here all night, but you've gotta come up sometime!"
>Anon continued trying to stay submerged, but soon she was launched back up to the pool's surface
>Whether this was due to a need for air or the floation properties of the pony form was impossible to determine
"Now are you gonna come out like a big filly, or am I gonna have to magic you inside?"
>"I'll be a big filly…" Anon answered sadly, swimming to the edge of the pool
>She placed her hooves onto the concrete ground and lifting up, managing to wriggle her way onto the deck
>She then plodded over to her pool chair and retrieved her towel, drying herself off in awkward movements

>The pair of you strolled back to Room 1, your book levitating behind you

>Hearing hoofsteps to your left, you turn and see the receptionist from before
>She seemed grumpy, but upon recognition of your gaze, her face brightened into a forced smile
>"Everything go okay?"
"Yes, thank you."
>"Well I'm gonna close the pool now."
>She was clearly irritated at you for all the extra work your presence had created
>Even though you had given her that massive 'tip'
>Lazy ass
>tfw you never got even the tip nowadays

>Anon laid in your bed, gazing introspectively out the window, the vast, empty landscape aglow with moonlight

>You had to hand it to Luna, she made Equestria beautiful
>You slide into bed next to her, and the dip your weight (sexy weight) created in the mattress pulls her attention
>She looks over at you with a dull expression, but could not hide a certain brightness in her eyes
>The two of you sat still for a moment, looking into each other's eyes
>What was she thinking?
>Thousands of possible thoughts could be flowing through her mind
>Anon had shown exceptional thinking abilities, and was likely operating on multiple levels of strategy and mindgames
>Was she planning future mischeif?
>Technological advances rent from her homeworld?
>What machinations could be operating within the constructs of her intellect?


>Be Anonfilly
>You hoped those burritos didn't make her gassy


>Be Twilight
>You laid down in bed, rolling onto your side towards Anon
"I'm gonna turn off the light." you told her before levitating the candlestick over to you
>You blew out the candle, codemning the walls to darkness
>Pulling the covers over the both of you was a simple task with magic
>You turn back to your original position, wings folded behind you
>Anon laid on the edge of the bed, her back to you
"You're gonna fall off like that."
>"I'll be fine." your little angel insisted
"If you don't come to me, I'll come to you."
>After a second of hesistation, she awkwardly scoots backward towards the center of the bed
>You meet her halfway, pushing your frame against hers
>Her body was so small compared to yours
>So fragile and defenseless
>Good thing you were here for you
>Where would she be without you?
>You wrap your forelegs around her, as if hugging a teddy bear
>"N-no homo"
>Her head was just below yours, and you rubbed your cheek against her mane, pushing slightly into her crown
>You slid your right forleg down towards her hind legs
>You used it to rub her tummy, making small circular motions
>In response, she sighed, her high-pitched tone music to your ears
"Do you like that?"
>"Meh." she lied, her voice softer than normal
>You swirled your hoof across her stomach a bit faster
>"Oooh" she uttered under her breath
>You switched your pattern, rubbing up and down in slow, regular movements
"Feels good, doesn't it?"
>"A- a little."
>You pushed deeper, sending a small wave of pleasure into her body
>"Mmmf…" Anon moaned, her leg kicking out a tiny bit, "D-don't stop"
>You retract your hoof, then slide it right back over the surface of her tum-tum
>"Don't stop." she pleaded, and you were happy to oblige
>You continued to massage her sensitive bits
>Not just her filly tummy, but also her back, which took some creative positioning, making sure to pleasure both parts
>Circles, strokes, and some penetration into her belly
>She liked it when you pushed slightly into the fluffy surface, almost like stomach booping
>Just gentle loving
>The best way to spend a comfy night together
>Eventually you heard a soft, drawn-out gasp, and you could tell she was satisfied with your comforting touch
>Fillies love belly rubs

>You pull Anon closer to you, wrapping her in your wings

>You could feel her body against yours, her body's expansion and contraction perfectly synchronized with the sound of her breathing
>She moved her right foreleg up to he muzzle, undoubtedly scratching some itch
"I love you."
"What was that?"
>"Nothing, just a reflex."
"Okay, well go to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow."
>Anon mumbled something under her breath
>You leaned your head downwards and place a kiss on the top of Anon's head


File: 1526380523933.png (342.88 KB, 1553x1200, 1692352__safe_artist-count….png)

Filly acute faggot

nice to see you writing again


File: 1526380632893.jpg (75.24 KB, 885x841, Smilefilly.jpg)

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/ASSFAGGOT

It's split into 2 parts because it exceeded paste limit(101k words baby!)


I always read each of the blurbs you put at the start of posts even though I don't read your green itself; fillyabuse and stuff like that never really was my thing
Keep on writing for those who do enjoy it though


I bet you wouldn't read this: Respond to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight


1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]

Plan out a Kipling-esque poem about a Wagnerian character Der Fuhrer coming into the world and punishing the guilty.
1d100[ 1d100 = 42 ]

You're probably the best writer here, and the most dedicated.


File: 1526400394294.png (1.44 MB, 2500x2500, pegafilly pet.png)

noticed small mistakes, of course

i did uni filly, so here's pegafilly


Nice pic man. Pegasus fillies are the best


>Best writer
>Not appreciating every writefag's individual style and prowess
>Being this shallow


It's okay Reuben, I love you too.


File: 1526404877650.png (48.98 KB, 535x700, AnonFilly-Implying.png)


Yo that wasn't me, Anon.


Keep going down the list, why don't you.
>Implying I'm a writefag


File: 1526412266818.png (56.83 KB, 522x443, 1092505.png)


Jokes on you….


File: 1526423206667.png (48.05 KB, 363x363, Embarrassed 2.png)

Y-you too thanks.

But I dunno about best, we have lots of high-quality green in these threads from amazing writefags. But feel free to keep complimenting me.


Nah, you’re a great person who gives out high amounts of great quality work on a consistent basis


File: 1526428595666.png (220.68 KB, 954x1011, 1522892544798.png)

Good to have you back. Now that a real writefag is here, I don't have to worry about my shitty story as much.


File: 1526429115886.png (146.6 KB, 1000x1000, Confusion.png)

>implying you aren't a real writefag
>implying you aren't great too


And because of that, ASSFAGGOT would be the first filly I'd want to pet for her hard work.
Because I'm pretty sure All Nighter would bite my hand off if I tried.
And Lone15 gets the ear rubs, I think she's a bit underappreciated.


File: 1526443783762.png (150.73 KB, 617x989, Found.png)

I'd let you pet me all day assuming you don't have cheeto dust on your fingers


Put it back where you found it. There's no telling where that thing's been.


File: 1526445743649.png (49.74 KB, 862x867, 1521135763696.png)


Sorry it's been another dry period for me, I hit a patch of writer's block and couldn't put down anything I liked for a couple days, and I'd like to thank ASSFAGGOT for a bit of accidental inspiration. Everything's back on track now though, and I should be able to continue for at least another couple of updates without hitting another dead patch. Anyway, in >>146714 we left everybody on a train to Canterlot. Anon and Emerald were doing what they normally do, and Twi and Chrissy were starting to get a bit more friendly. Let's see what happens when they arrive!

>The rest of the train ride is uneventful and you four make it to Canterlot sooner than expected

>After that, the only thing that really happens for the rest of the day is that you all check into a hotel, Twilight rechecks her organization, and then she and Chrysalis continue on with some finer planning
>Eventully, night falls and you all go out to eat
>It's nothing special, just some quick food before going back to the room
>On the way back to the room, you manage to snag a notepad off a table in a hallway
>There's nothing written on it, you're fine
>Luckily, you also noticed a pen in the room while you were there at first, so you can go back to writing down your adventures!
>You're going to have to tone down the human bits in case Emerald wants to look over your shoulder, though
>Everything else goes as expected for the night, with all of you going to sleep at a reasonable time
>. . .

>Be Twilight

>Everypony has gone to sleep by now, you've been laying here and waiting for about an hour
>You've kept your plan to yourself for now about what's happening tomorrow but now is the last time before then that you can make sure it'll actually work before you go to Celestia with it
>You've got to make sure for yourself that Chrysalis is worth trusting here
>You've had the means to do this for a while, ever since you figured out that you could use that one spell
>You just haven't had the opportunity
>Assuming what you know about changelings is correct, they are never showing of their true intentions unless it will get them what they want
>That is, they never show it while they're conscious
>Now tht Chrysalis is asleep, you have a perfect opportunity to get a clear snapshot of her mind and everything that's going on in it
>Being as quiet and careful as you can, you make your way out of the bed you're sharing with Anon and over to the bed Chrysalis is sharing with Emerald
>After determining where Chrysalis's head is, you charge the spell as discreetly as possible before you begin the delicate process of casting it
>From the magic signature the spell had when Celestia first used it, it was certainly an advanced spell
>However, you've advanced enough in your studies and are confident enough in your abilities to do it a second time
>You've already done it properly, it should only get easier from here!
>You finally feel the spell take hold inside the changeling queen's mind as you begin to see images come forth
>This didn't happen with Anon, could this be because she's dreaming or did you mess it up?
>Either way, you'll have to take what you can get
>This is still the best time to get the information you need, so you'd better pay attention!
>The longer you spend focusing on these images, the more something becomes apparent
>They're not just thoughts, they're memories!



>As an image from the Canterlot incident flashes past, you end up getting hit by a wave of confidence and pride

>Soon it fades and gets replaced by stagnant disappointment seasoned with resolve and a slight hint of success(?) after the image changes to her defeat on that day
>A few more images flicker past of relative unimportance until you get to another sequence that you can't help but pay attention to
>Depression swallows you in an instant as the image of Chrysalis trying to build a new hive by herself appears before you
>This must be just after the other changelings were reformed!
>The scene goes on until you can't help but feel just a bit sorry for her as she carves out room after room while tending to a small group of eggs
>Eventually, the feeling changes to one of resolve as the hive grows in size and population number, yet the depression remains
>A few more images pass as the spell continues to work accompanied by feelings that seem to match what's going on until you get to more recent events
>The only notable one in that line was the one that showed you what happened to Starlight
>You were only really playing nice with her so she wouldn't get suspicious anyway, you're pretty indifferent about her death
>Anyway, where are we?
>Right, Anonymous's arrival
>As the scene plays out before you, you end up getting accompanying feelings that confirm Anon's judgement
>Desperation, despair, and even nervousness assault you from every side before a final climax when you hear Chrysalis say 'I need your help.'
>That's it
>That's what you needed
>You found your reason for helping Chrysalis
>You found the reason why the map sent you to the badlands
>That's it, whatever you felt about Chrysalis before this is no longer relevant
>You have quite literally walked a mile in her hoofsteps, and it was quite a trip
>Unable to handle any more of this, you rip yourself out of Chrysalis's mind and stop the spell
>When you come to, you find that you're covered in a cold sweat and that the first rays of dawn are peaking through the window
>Wow, you were out for a long time
>You also can't feel your legs
>To be fair, you have just stood perfectly still for about 6 hours
>You should probably do something to clear your head a bit and let all that new information settle in your own mind
>First, you should probably try to clean yourself up a bit
>You don't enjoy the feeling of full-body dampness, and you certainly don't want to show any trace of what you just did
>You're not sure how Chrysalis would react to you probing her like that, much less doing so without her knowledge
>That judgement doesn't even take into account the fact that she was also asleep at the time
>A slight feeling of fatigue comes creeping up on you as you take a shower as well
>You should fix that before you do anything else today, you've got enough to worry about without having to deal with the hurdles presented by a potential lack of awareness
>It's too late for you to fall asleep, but you can still do what you've always done after any other all-nighter
>Fill yourself with enough caffeine to kill a small elephant!
>Well, you DID just take a shower…
>You might as well go out and get everypony some food, they'll undoubtedly wake up hungry
>Plus, it's Canterlot
>There are always a few places open at this time, you've got some options to choose from while you walk around
>After you leave the hotel, you decide to wander towards a coffee shop you liked while you lived here



>They have what you want and, unless something changed, they're definitely open right now

>After a while of walking at a steady pace, you reach your destination
>Sure enough, it's open
>The lights are on, there's a couple other ponies inside, and there's a pleasant-looking unicorn mare behind the counter when you go inside
>"Good morning, how can I help you?"
"Good morning. I'd like a large cup full of espresso shots, please."
>"Long night?"
>She writes down what you asked for as you reply
>"Well, I hope today isn't as long for you. Anything else?"
>You look to the side of the counter into a case where you see a few pastries of different types
>You pick four and the mare rings up your total before trading the pastries for your payment
>After you get your change, she then goes back to the equipment and gets started on making your drink
>A couple of minutes later, you get your drink and head back
>The drink doesn't even last for the entire trip, and neither does your pastry
>That spell's result took more out of you than you realized, you're still hungry and just a bit tired
>That's a problem that's still solvable, though
>You stop at another place on the way back and use some more of your funds to get another round of food and coffee
>Finally, you're starting to feel a bit more like yourself
>You spend the rest of the walk back to the hotel filtering back through everything you experienced through the night and wondering how useful this spell would be for other purposes
>This could be a pretty interesting tool to help solve friendship problems
>You find the pony with the problem, see what's going on from their perspective and find a way to fix it
>It would work pretty well, but it would also be pretty impractical if the time you spent inside Chrysalis's head is any sort of indicator
>This will definitely require some more testing and refining before you can make sure it'll work, though
>Eventually, you get back to the room and find everypony else starting to wake up
>Looks like the day has officially begun


I'd be okay with the occasional pet but keep me like a pet, no matter how rational it may be or good for me like another Anon keeps insisting. I WILL shit on your carpet.


File: 1526450018637.png (86.91 KB, 687x682, AnonFilly-LustFace.png)


"Just make me a bird horse already, Twi. I'm pretty sure nothing bad could happen out of this."

>"Famous last words, Anon."

"Do it."

>"You're the boss…"

Twilight's horn glows, and for a second, everything goes black. When you open your eyes again, the world seems no different, although some ponies are looking at you funny. Logically, the first thing you do is check your hooves. They all seem to be in their right locations, but you notice something extra - a large patch of black fluff across your chest.

You turn your head around to check to see if the rest of your body is in the same place. As expected, you still look fairly equine, but the gossamer wings on your back seem to be a new addition. At least that means the spell worked, right? No, Twilight's taking extensive notes. Why is she taking so many notes?

Looking at your other friends, you see Rarity seems a bit scared. You're not sure why that is.



if it's permanent, you're fucked.


File: 1526452030336-0.jpg (95.29 KB, 1419x800, Angry moth noises.jpg)

Squeak. Squeak at Rarity! 1d100[ 1d100 = 8 ]


File: 1526452902290.gif (1.11 MB, 500x350, dear god why.gif)

OH GOD WE SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS. Ask, "What moth?" then fucking lose our shit and P A N I C when they point out its you.

1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]


File: 1526454741609.png (121.46 KB, 900x577, Shitface.png)

Being incontinent has some advantages.
Like plausible deniability.
>"It was an accident, I swear. I was actually on my way to ask you to put it back on."


holy shit mothra, where?! 1d100[ 1d100 = 82 ]


File: 1526457654283.png (7.44 KB, 278x365, 1459660829776.png)

Yis, thank you for the greens, Place! Always nice to see you around here, especially with all that you post! I hope the writer's block doesn't come again, but it's understandable if it does. Just remember to write for you, make it exciting to write yourself, so you feel motivated to make more, you know?


File: 1526459205816.gif (382.42 KB, 384x384, image.gif)

>boiling water
>hot chocolate


Yes, that's how you make hot chocolate you ignorant cunt, not all of it is milk.


File: 1526459440853.png (175.27 KB, 800x600, AnonFilly-TeaDrinker.png)


I used to do it like that, but these days I make my hot cocoa with milk only, no water. Tastes a lot better.


No you uncultured yob. You use all milk. Water and chocolate do not fucking mix.

t. Worked at a coffee shop for a while


Powdered chocolate does, if you're trying to use any other kind of chocolate, you're doing it wrong. You need to stir the chocolate into it, and it needs to be at a ratio of 1 part water 4 parts milk. Making it all with milk just makes it taste like milk with a little bit of chocolate instead of chocolate and milk. Ree!


File: 1526461582547.png (245.13 KB, 2000x2406, Wink.png)

Twilight heavily encourages the filly to use milk, particularly the unmarked plastic bottles in the fridge that taste slightly different.


Ohh i get you, i forget that you not everyone has a milk steamer. You need to use latte milk to properly mix in the chocolate.


>Milk steamer
Oh, well yeah, if I had a complete setup I'd probably be making it differently.



Yeah, I'm not drinking mystery milk. Just let me have pure, WinCo brand whole milk. If she wants to do some weird shit with her tit milk, it's better to drink from the source.


>milk steamer

I just put it in a pot on a stovetop and whisk in the cocoa. Fuck unitaskers.


Well, yeah. But steam frothers let you do other shit at the same time


>Fuck unitaskers.


>Implying she's gonna keep BUYING milk like a sucker


Twilight's playing dangerous games here

We asked for wings so we might as well go ahead and try them. I'm pretty sure we can just cancel the transformation by hitting our head really hard.. Or Twilight's head. 1d100[ 1d100 = 80 ]



Make sure to try to change your voice.
1d100[ 1d100 = 48 ]


chubby filly with some extra kilos


extra cushion for the pushin, and more to cuddle
i want one


File: 1526526841492.jpg (283.78 KB, 720x540, 1445921967440.jpg)

I don't deserve this affection, but thank you both.


File: 1526527522578.png (558.77 KB, 500x636, Scrunch.png)

Yes you do faget, quit resisting and accept our praise.

Something keeping you down? Do you need to talk?


File: 1526528159745-0.jpg (226.91 KB, 900x993, 1477551835655.jpg)

Would you prefer abuse? You're shit and you will never be good at anything, you're a worthless hack at writing and should probably be caged and restrained for trying.


Yeah, feeling a bit better now, just feeling a tad underappreciated ironically… I was hoping you all would just let me wallow but ree
Didn't have that one yet, thanks!


File: 1526528682052-0.jpg (102.52 KB, 854x737, 546218.jpg)

Any time, nigga.


File: 1526530835818.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.37 KB, 418x482, S8 EP12.jpg)

There was a filly with this face somewhere.


Don't worry, it's still fun for me to write. I just have a habit of writing myself into corners, sometimes.


where, pics or it didnt happen


He wouldn't be asking for pics if he knew where they were, fag.


he didnt ask for pics, he just said there was a filly with that face somewhere
we dont know where somewhere, and i want to see a filly with that face so i can call her a faget


He didn't ask for pics, but it was heavily >implied that he didn't have them if he was making such a post.


no u he could just be saying it and then posting the pic later you never know though


Are you the same guy from the horn argument? You logic is similarly flawed.


File: 1526534036122.png (561.89 KB, 764x846, 1449145394726.png)

no im not that nigga you nigga, i didnt even read through it
im just taking this shit realistically for some filly talk and you're here being a nigga and talking about logic and shit
im too high for this shit


I don't have the pic. But I guess is was made by Happy Harvey.


File: 1526534283627.png (216.99 KB, 1414x1000, 1230244.png)

Well, found it.
Wasn't what I was thinking anyway.


File: 1526536274959.gif (88.84 KB, 650x450, Twilight-Words.gif)



Twilight and Rarity both shove their hooves in their respective faces at your rather foalish comment. A few seconds later, a mirror is thrust before your eyes and you can finally see the full extent of your transformation. Structurally, you're still basically a pony. Your eyes, however, look a lot more bug-like, almost like the changeling that you saw back in Canterlot. You also have a pair of antennae sprouting from the top of your head. Though you are no Mothra, you are most certainly a moth pony.

"Well, so much for being a kaiju. I can still fly around though, right?"

>"In theory, yes. In practice… I have no idea when the spell is going to end, so try not to fly so high that you'll die upon impact with the ground. I'd give you about an hour, tops."

"Wait, I thought the spell was canceled by you getting hit in the head."

>"My own spell was, yes. I had it set to stay as long as I was concentrating on it, and the crash broke my concentration. I've never cast this on another pony before, so I have no idea how long the actual duration is. If I were to guess, I'd say you have an hour. But given that I didn't expect you to become more moth-like than I turned, this is pretty much uncharted territory. Have fun though."

Will you still fly, and where to?


Fly as high into the air as we can, and wait it out. Let death embrace you. 1d100[ 1d100 = 19 ]


fly home, don't come back until tomorrow, and don't tell anyone where you're going
1d100[ 1d100 = 95 ]


Where the heck is Blossom, we've gotta show her this shit. 1d100[ 1d100 = 12 ]


Boosting, this nigga has the right idea. 1d100[ 1d100 = 20 ]



Anything specific you want to do while at home?


kill time? wait until Twilight catches on and tries to drag you back? annoy Cadance? All of the above.


Jump in a bottle of ethanol. 1d100[ 1d100 = 9 ]


File: 1526537009686.jpeg (182.34 KB, 646x606, 1703196__safe_edit_edited….jpeg)

>look a lot more bug-like, almost like the changeling
I hate those.


File: 1526537574820.jpg (36.97 KB, 279x492, do this to somepony.jpg)

Do this


Boost. 1d100[ 1d100 = 92 ]


File: 1526537704412.gif (1.22 MB, 707x518, 1279919.gif)

Compound eyes are rad when done right, like they were for Thorax, the cute little bugger.


1d100[ 1d100 = 17 ]
5% here we go



You are considerably larger than a bottle of ethanol. At best, you could jump on it, and possibly break it. And then Velvet would be mad that you broke her bottle of vodka. But at least she wouldn't notice the fact that it has considerably less booze than when she last checked it.


You never stated exact size in the first place, faggot, I just assumed if you were going with the same idea as the breezies then you would have shrunk considerably, but apparently not. Should have thought this out a bit more, why the fuck would Rarity be horrified by something of no size difference?


Don't you think there would have been some mention of everything being larger if you'd been shrunk to the size of a breezie?


File: 1526539864776.png (Spoiler Image, 204.76 KB, 1280x815, 1519616664246.png)

I have this, but probably not the one you were looking for,


Boosting this. You can become your own urban legend.
1d100[ 1d100 = 37 ]


Hey, natural assumption is that if the spell fucked up and turned you into a moth, you're moth sized. Even went the extra mile to mention your insect-like features, would be nice if he'd mention that you were the size of a fucking horse. I mean Jeez, breezies are a thing but this wasn't a crucial detail that you needed to clarify, Ruby?



You are a moth pony. Moth ponies are the same size as normal ponies. Rarity is horrified because you look very bug-like, and she's being a bigot. Mostly, she hates moths because she's a FUCKING DRESSMAKER.


If I wanted to make you moth sized, I would have called extreme attention to the fact that everyone around you looks so much bigger.


Yeah, just assumed it was mistake number 9001.


File: 1526541274475.gif (652.62 KB, 721x791, hexferry_trot_by_vectorvit….gif)


C'mon man. I specifically stated you were a moth pony. That should give you a very good idea of what you look like, especially in the size department. Don't tell me you've never seen a moth pony.


File: 1526541275175-0.jpg (26.57 KB, 388x418, 1230244.jpg)

File: 1526541275175-1.png (169.14 KB, 960x1040, unknown.png)

But inspired me to make some fluff for moth filly, thanks.


Breezies are nothing like moths, they resemble butterflies more than moths. You seem like you're stretching this a bit too far to cover up your own retardation, because literally no one else seems to have made this mistake with you.


Oh, I'm sorry for assuming that you wouldn't implement a non-canon concept outside of slightly altering an existing one when you seem so keen on have as few OCs as fucking possible in your green. Carry on with your shoehorned in plot-point because insects make your cock moist.


File: 1526542464502.jpg (220.87 KB, 1300x1734, 1415628365419.jpg)

>Ree! Mothponies!
You could have just said this was the problem you had with it from the start instead of beating around bush so we could have disregarded you as a faggot sooner. I bet you complain about bats as well.



>Oh, I'm sorry for assuming that you wouldn't implement a non-canon concept outside of slightly altering an existing one

So you're okay with an Earth pony having psychic powers, but moth ponies are where you draw the line?


>Rarity is afraid of the moth due to being a dressmaker


File: 1526543112048.png (615.01 KB, 3604x2120, Batfilly.png)

We need more batfilly.


File: 1526543241371.png (130.22 KB, 376x332, ^CF3A1.png)

It would be worth it for the salt alone.


>But at least she wouldn't notice the fact that it has considerably less booze than when she last checked it.
Fuck, water that shit down when we get back
1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]


whelp time to kill myself



I was honestly hoping for someone to call her out for acting like a little bitch about the moth thing. Racist white bitch trying to keep a moth bro down.


Nah mate, the bat is patrician taste.
Earth ponies with abnormal mental abilities like Ponk are canon, so that's a shitty example.


That's nigger talk


File: 1526559771715.png (152.96 KB, 847x783, IMG_1753.PNG)

This. Reuben confirmed for libtard?



I'm a libertarian, not a liberal. Honestly, the idea was mostly tongue in cheek.


I mean, being disgusted by a newly created, hideous half-filly half-moth hybrid isn't "racist".



It's not, but calling her out for it would be funny nonetheless.


File: 1526591683810.png (296.27 KB, 809x1024, Hug 4.png)

Threadly reminder to hug your momfu.


File: 1526592171034.png (1.09 MB, 1950x2000, 1505114653558.png)

Threadly reminder to fuck off.


File: 1526592643562.png (166.34 KB, 751x748, Cuddle Therapy.png)

Oh I don't think so.


GlimGlam best mum


File: 1526592929765.png (440.4 KB, 2014x1919, Hug 5.png)



File: 1526594214903.png (2.5 MB, 2565x1710, 1505111419880.png)

I'd never be able to resist the dreaded cuddle therapy.


tbh, thats worse



What, the fact that I'm Libertarian, or the fact that I think Anon Filly calling Rarity a racist would be worth a chuckle.


I just lost most of my interest in the outcome of this green.


File: 1526599217766.png (322.77 KB, 800x900, Really.png)

WTF is people's problem with ANY of this?

Prob just one person looking for an excuse to bash Reuben.


He probably thinks you're an ancap. Because apparently all libertarians are into anarchism.


File: 1526601410417.png (171.87 KB, 1000x1000, Cuddles.png)

Good, because you don't have a choice anyway.


I don't think it's just one person, but it does seem like the case. I mean I was the one disappointed about the quote thing a while ago, but this seems to just be getting personal.
I mean I know this is /mlpol/, but politics doesn't have much to do with fluffy green filly green.


File: 1526606017088.gif (1.83 MB, 333x358, SwirlyChosen.gif)

Good goy.


File: 1526606973880.png (381.83 KB, 2025x1569, Anon_Filly_29.png)


>Rape snakes. Why'd it have to be >rape snakes.



>Disliking something solely because of the politics of the art/creator
SJW plz leave



The bump is the best part imo.

I'd let a non-poisonous snake slither up my pagina.

Seconded. Reuben is great, fuck off.


This, holy shit


that's super fuckin' adorable


File: 1526612309317.png (277.44 KB, 1167x1400, 1505299806431.png)

>>Disliking something solely because of the politics of the art/creator
It just looks like dislike towards himself instead of the green. At least in the first comment. But I don't know, I think beliefs have some kind of effect on writings at least to a certain extent.
It's /mlpol/, I guess.



>I think beliefs have some kind of effect on writings at least to a certain extent.

Well I did kind of let Twilight give a communist a free balloon ride…


Truly, you are a libertarian.


Good little fillies say "stranger danger" when a stallion tries to touch them, what do they say if a snake tries the same thing?


Same gyu from earlier, I was jsut fucking with you. Didn't expect this large of a shitstorm, just wanted to jump in on the bants../ anyway, sorry.


silly filly can't even tell that the poor snek just wants a friend to boop its snoot
I know I would boop the snoot, at least…


>implying the danger noodle will stop at booping


does the danger noodle also want me to rub its belly?




I would tickle the snek too, just to teach filly that sneks are for friendly.


File: 1526619720101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.65 KB, 355x355, wuhoh.jpg)

>Newfillies can't spoilers



File: 1526620170447.jpeg (330.75 KB, 1727x1842, 1281050.jpeg)


File: 1526621297552.png (253.69 KB, 1280x1024, 1731751.png)


File: 1526621861373-0.jpg (537.42 KB, 1205x5603, es__shorts_141____conseque….jpg)

File: 1526621861373-1.jpg (480.13 KB, 1205x6900, es__shorts_141____conseque….jpg)


File: 1526621902805.jpg (234.39 KB, 718x800, 1456193394034 - Copy.jpg)

I'm lazy okay.


>There she is, you spotted just at the foot of the rubble of the old national library.
>Around her appeared to be three other griffons.
>and Judging from your approaching view, of the brawl with one of the grey ones, they didn't seem to be friendly.
>Goddamnit. You can't give the pony back to the parents broken.
>Their Sun and Moon gods tend to not like other species hurting their dainty little ponies.
>Well, what could they even do? Send us back to the stone-ages?
>Rusing in, you prepare to break up the fight when the sounds of laughter become more and more profound, rather than the music of a violent brawl.
>Okay, regular ponies and griffons should not be laughing when fighting, at least not in this type of 'fight.'
“Bitty Pony? V'hat is you…”
>Speaking up managed to catch her attention as they stopped, with her atop of the grey griffon kid, ready to deliver a final blow with a confident smile.
>Looking to you, she seemed to get happier at the sight of you.
>”Oh, hey Sickle! I didn’t expect to see back so soon.”
>She seemed –more jumblement–.
“Yes, V’ell some things came up and…sorry, what are you doing?”
>Remebering what she was doing, she stepped off the griffon.
>”Oh! We were uh, What was it called? Wrestling! Yeah, Breadcrumb and I decided we wanted to wrestle.”
>She looked off to the side at the griffon, giving a quick glare.
>"Didn't we?"
>Odd, well Pony behavior was odd in general to say the least in most situations.
>With their stoning of criminals, to the need for such colorful treats.
“Okay, But why?”
>”Ohhhh, no reason.”
>Giving her quizzical look you tried to figure out this little pony’s mind.
>This only seemed to make her nervous as she shifted nervously back and forth before changing the subject.
>”Anyways. What came up?”
>Snapping out of your borehole, you came back to the task at hand.
“Well, we leave a lot sooner than expected. We’ll get a chance to go to the Crystal Empire for a job.”
>She perked up in shock.
>”Oh? O-oh.”
>She looked like she didn’t expect it, or more rather disappointed at the new events.
“What’s troubling you bitty filly?”
>”Nothing. It’s just…”
>She stopped a moment to consider her words.
>”I thought we were going to have more time to you know, hang out.”
>As much as you’d love to let the little filly have a taste of relief and joy to get over her mysterious weight. Time and work continue to move on, no matter if it is with or without you.
>And being with a filly would mean being [i]without[i] a job
>Although you’re not looking forward to the three days of isolation you’ll have to undergo on the train either.
“Sadly Bitty filly, Life is life. Work is work. Both are simple, but neither can be always enjoyable or go as planned.”
>She didn’t seem to understand how to digest what you said.
“We leave by sunset, go and play with the others for the time being.”
>Sombered by the news, she gave a sad nod being perking back up and running off with the griffon trio.
>She won’t like having to leave this early, but she needs it. There’s no way you can handle taking care of a filly too long while balancing your own personal life and a job.
>At least she’ll have a bit of time to have fun with the other griffons.
>As you walked back to the station to plan out the venture with Spear, you couldn’t help but wonder what the filly’s story was as she seemed very reluctant to tell you.
>Maybe with the few days you’ll have on the train will give an opportunity to ask, or even pry.
>To make sure she’s safe, of course.

>”Wow you live all the way in the Crystal Empire!”

>It seems that your vacation destination caught Tracer’s interest as you were muzzle to beak with her.
“N-no, I was just going there with my mom and me kinda…”
>How correctly do you phrase it, so it doesn’t sound like you have a piece of work mom?
“…got separated er….lost”
>She backed off as her excited looked became confused.
>”Lost. How do you get lost on a train?”
“Well, I…Uh”
>Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, it’s a train you nimrod.
>One of the pipsqueak pigeon brothers spoke up as well
>”Yeah, how dumb do you ponies have to be to get lost on a train.”
>”She’s not dumb you idiots, trains have lots of stops.”
>Just like children she begins to show the twins as she fights to defend your sacred honor like the fair maiden you are.
>Wait, fair maiden? Where did that-
>”…So tell us that you didn’t get lost on the train like that.”
>Bliking back into reality, Tracer looked at you, expectantly waiting for a response.
>She rolled her eyes and huffer as she had to explain again.
>”Tell these dumb peckers that you just simply got off the wrong stop and that you didn’t do something dumb.”
>She’s gonna be disappointed.
>You wince as you rub the back of your neck while trying the avoid the menacing glare and odd looks as you explain what happened that night.’
“Yeah, about that. I actually fell off the train on the way there. Well, not so much I fell off but more that I was pushed by somepony.”
>The interest of the trio was piqued, to say the least with all of them staring intently at you, waiting for more. The twins impatiently decided to fling question after question at you.
>”Was it a psycho killer on the train?”


File: 1526621961339.png (1.18 MB, 5000x5000, 1458033117849 (2) - Copy.png)

>”Did you anger a crazy dragon mobster?”
>"Was the conductor a serial killer in disguise?"
>"Oh my- Did he try coming at you with the shovel?"
>"You idiot that's the engineer."
>”Were they-“
>Best to cut off the torrent of questions before they become unstoppable.
>Although you didn't expect it. You thought maybe they'd scold you and make fun of you some more.
>Not in this case you guess.
“Listen, don’t know who pushed me. Okay?”
>It wasn’t a complete lie.
>Your mom did act like someone else entirely.
>Tracer, who was sitting idling behind the twins was the next to speak up.
>”Then why are you going back when the killer could be there waiting for you.”
>It’s a lot more complicated than that. You wish you could tell them the truth without the fear of attack for going back to your possibly-gone-killer mother.
“I doubt she’ll be waiting for me if she thinks I’m dead.”
>Whoops, a slip of the tongue.
>”You saw her? What did she look like?”
>Averting your lying eyes, you come up with another way out.
>”I only heard her voice, I didn’t see her. I-It was dark outside.”
>You could tell the three were boring holes into your skull with their eyes. Trying to figure out the veil in front of your lies.
>”For all you know she could be waiting on the train. Why not let us come with you.”
>Wait, what?
>With a nervous grin, you try to give them pushback
“T-that won’t be necessary, I’m a pretty strong filly who can take her on.”
>Small Fry spoke up again.
>”But it like a mystery that needs solving. Why don’t you let us help out?”
>What are they, Scooby-doo and the Mystery Gang.
>Wait, who are they?
“R-really, it’s fine. Plus, I think you’re parents wouldn’t like you guys running away with me.”
>You have a nervous laugh as you tried your best to dissuade them.
>However with little to no effect, Breadcrumb spoke up too.
>”I don’t think it’ll be an issue when someone’s life is at stake. Afterall, your Mom’s gotta be risking life and limb to find you.”
>Small Fry gave a long dramatic gasp.
>”What if she kidnapped her and is holding her hostage? We need to go and save her!”
>”Oh my gosh you’re right. She could be in her evil lair while the crazy lady gets her laser ready to cut her in half.”
>”Not If I stop her first with a little help from lefty and righty.”
>”YEAH! And then I’ll swoosh in with a big sword and give that crazy bag a little swish-swish-swoosh and cut her in half.”
>”What do you’ll think she says after we save her first.”
As the dialogue began to drown out from the rising blood pressure and impending aneurysm in your head. Something probably said that this prissy kid-talk from these two needed to stop.
>A shocked glace from twins, Tracer, and even a few passing griffins stopped indicated your effectiveness.
>With an awkward chuckle, rub of the forehead, and a hard squint of the eyes to ease a migraine, it came time to try and pry these two’s emotional attachment on you.
>That they somehow developed in you in such a short amount of time oddly enough.
“Look, as much as you guys want to help. I’m fine. Really. I doubt a crazy supervillain kidnapped my mom, or that some malevolent Robert is out to get me, or even that someone tried to kill me.”
>You gave a quick huff.
“So just let me be, alright? It was nice playing with you all, but I have to do this alone. Also let's not forget the fact that Sickle would never let you on, even if your parents said yes.”
>Open your eyes, they all had a wide-eyed look, and with a short pause Breadcrumb, followed by his twin spoke back up.
>“Yeah, that’s fine.”
>”Sure, do whatcha’ you need to do. I’m sure you’ll get home okay.”
“No, I’m sure you guys don’t need to follow m-…wait really?”
>That’s shockingly understanding.
>”Yeah, you need to go home alone.”
>”Plus like you said, there’s no way that lady would let us on her train.”
“Alllllright. Well….Do you guys wanna play some more?”
>The twins shared a look before returning to you.
>”Sorry Greenie, but we have to get home.”
>”Yeah, our pop wanted us home before sunset for dinner.”
>Meanwhile Tracer who was sitting idly and silent behind the two looked completely lost.
>”What are you guys talking about you don’t h-HUMFH.”
>They both snatched her beak shut as they gave her an odd look, to which she looked even more confused before looking shocked again and speaking again.
>”Um, yeah, I think I have to go too. I just remembered I had to go home and do uh…bird…stuff.”


File: 1526621987303.png (15.4 KB, 472x559, 1458832843763 - Copy.png)

>As the twins hiked off, so did Tracer as sped off the keep up with them.
>Do they just not like you anymore because you told them off?
>Maybe this ‘being assertive’ thing was not working out that well.
>Well, not much else today. Those griffons were supposed to help you get through the day without boredom.
>Might as well as head back and –dunno– play with Green Hornet?
>You need more friends.
>Although, it doesn’t make much sense to find someone else.
>In such a short amount of time till sunset, there wouldn’t be enough time for everything.
>Introductions would be too killer and awkward enough to go through a second time.
>Not to mention the back-stories, the laughter, the sob stories, the awkward pause after said sob story, then followed by an off-topic story from the odd guy in the group.
>It’d be too much to bear!
>Even if you did get through that, there’d be no time to get through all the trials and tribulations all friends go through.
>the last near -death situations after doing something crazy with your them.
>The fights after going ‘too far.’
>and finally the emotional rebound.
>Then the cut to black and credits.
>Ah! The fact you managed to get it all done in such a short amount of time was a miracle in it of itself that could never be pulled off again.
>Oh, you’re here.
>Stepping back, you were back in front of the passenger car you and Sickle slept on.
>Sighing heavily, you step back on as you prepare for boredom.
>There must be something you can do in your spare time.
>There was a nagging idea in the back of your head that seemed to scream at you on what to do in such a scenario.
>Weird, it felt like an idea you have done thousands of times before, but couldn’t remember doing.
>All that came to mind was happiness for a while, getting excited, then feeling ashamed at what you’d done.
>Huh, wonder what it was. Maybe then you’d have something to do.



Gentlemen, I bring more content. Last update (>>147445), Twilight decided to snoop around a bit inside Chrysalis's head, leading her to understand her position and develop a new respect for Chrysalis. After that, Twilight ran out and got food before everyone woke up. Let's see what happens after that!

>Be Anon

>You woke up a few minutes ago to find Twilight not in the room
>Chrysalis and Emerald were also starting to wake up from what you could hear
>But what happened to Twilight?
>She went to sleep with you, so why would she be gone right now?
>Maybe she woke up early and went out for some reason?
>Hopefully that's the case, she's the only one with an actual idea of what's going to happen today
>If she's not here, then you're not going to get anything done
>At least your worries are short-lived, seeing as how Twilight comes back inside the room
>Also, do you see something with her?
>Is that food?
>Okay, this is forgivable
>You get out from under the covers to see that Chrysalis and Emerald have also noticed Twilight's return
>Twilight herself also notices the fact that all of you are now awake and decides to explain herself
>"Good morning, I didn't sleep too well so I decided to run out and get you all breakfast; I hope you don't mind."
>You don't mind, at least
"I don't mind as long as you've still got everything covered for today."
>"Don't worry, this isn't the first time I've done something this important on almost no sleep."
>Okay, at least Twilight seems confident that she can handle it
>Now feeling a bit less worried, you claim one of the paper bags she's holding and sit back down on the bed
>Emerald is the next to claim one, and she does so fairly quietly
>Judging by the look on her face, she must not be a morning pony
>Huh, and she always seemed so cheerful in the hive…
>Emerald doesn't forget her manners though, and unlike you, says thanks
>You forgot that…
>Too late now, you'll just apologize later
>Finally, Chrysalis takes a bag
>As she stands up, you notice that she doesn't look her best
>Almost like she's having one hell of a headache
>Twilight notices too, judging from the slight worry on her face
>"Are you alright?"
>"Yeah, just a headache."
>"It looks like you're not feeling too good, are you sure?"
>"Completely, I just need some water and I'll be fine."
>Chrysalis grabs the last bag and a glass off a nearby table before heading to the bathroom sink to fill it
>After a few seconds, she comes out looking a bit better
>Wait, that was the last bag
>What does Twilight get, then?
"Uh, Twilight? Did you mean to only get three?"
>"I got four, I was just hungry on the walk back."
>You shrug in response before returning your attention to the half-eaten pastry in front of you



>After you finish it, you take a mental stock of what needs to happen before you all leave the room

>Odds are, Twilight's already ready to go if she decided to run out and get you all food
>You're not sure what Chrysalis or Emerald needs to do before they're ready
>You know that you need to take a shower at the very least
>Depending on the weather, you may also need to wear your shirt
>You should probably ask Twilight about that
"Hey Twilight, what was the temperature like outside?"
>"A bit cold, but it was still pretty dark out. You should be fine without your shirt."
>Okay, that's one less thing to worry about
>Now you just have to get ready
>You collect your trash and hop off the bed, taking the trash to a bin before doing anything else
"I don't know about the rest of you, but I want a shower. Anypony mind if I go first?"
>Chrysalis shrugs and Twilight completely ignores you seeing as how she's ready, but Emerald answers you
>"Sure, go ahead. I'm going in when you're done, though."
>You go into the bathroom and close the door, doing everything you need to as fast as you can to make sure it doesn't take too long
>Once you're done, you go back out into the room and Emerald goes in to take your place
>Two down, two to go
>It takes a while, but everyone is ready on time to go to the castle
>Chrysalis and Emerald go back under their disguises before you all leave, and you put on your shirt
>Just because you don't need it doesn't mean you can't wear it anyway
>Twilight and Chrissy lead the way on the walk while you and Emerald trail behind, having a conversation
>This conversation isn't anything too crazy, just about what Emerald should expect from the castle
>"Alright, what happens when we get there?"
"Well, I'm guessing that Twilight and your mom are going to see Princess Celestia and we'll be free to do whatever."
>"Cool, is there anything I should be worried about?"
>How long ago was it when you asked Twilight the same question?
>Not that long ago, but it feels like it's been ages
"Not much. There are a lot of guards, but you should be fine as long as you don't drop the disguise near them."
>"Alright. Also, who's the friend you want me to meet? The only ponies who live in the castle here are the princesses."
"Well, then it should be easy to figure out who my friend is. Twilight and Chrysalis are seeing Celestia, so who does that leave?"
>Emerald looks down and thinks for a second before growing a shocked look
>"You don't mean- do you?"
"I do mean."
"Yeah, and you get to meet her too."
>After that, the conversation changes to another topic as you four continue on to the castle



>The trip to the castle doesn't take too long, though

>After another few more minutes, you all are standing at the gates
>Twilight walks up to the guards and tells them that she's here with you on official business, they let you all pass
>Twilight then leads the rest of you through the castle until you all arrive in front of the doors to Celestia's throne room
>When you all get there, she turns around and starts explaining some stuff
>"Anon, you and Emerald can go explore the castle. Just make sure that you don't lose track of each other and that you're not getting into something you shouldn't, and I'll come find you two when it's all over."
>Fair enough, you expected this
>Twilight's not done yet, though
>She turns to Chrysalis after she's done and explains some more stuff
>"As for you, just follow my lead when we go in there. Odds are, Celestia isn't going to enjoy the fact that you're here to begin with, but it's necessary for my plan, so just follow my lead and trust me to keep everything under control."
>"I don't see how you'd expect me to do anything else, so I'll cooperate. Just don't expect me to do anything too crazy, I'll probably get another headache after dropping this disguise."
>Okay, Chrysalis is being cooperative too
>This seems like it's going fairly well so far, you just have to trust Twilight
>After this, Twilight opens the door to the throne room and she and Chrysalis go inside
>Looks like it's just down to you and Emerald now
>"Alright, so now what?"
>Silly Emerald, isn't it obvious?
"Now? Now, we go find Luna."
>Doing that is easier said than done, as you find out
>This castle is huge
>It's huge to the point that it makes Twilight's castle look like a small apartment!
>This castle may be big, but it's certainly not infinite
>At least you have a finite space to check
>Besides, if the worst-case scenario happens then you can probably ask a guard
>That may not lead to the best result, but at least it will yield a result
>Also, since Luna should know you two are here, you could probably just ask a guard to tell her where you two are
>You start wandering off into the castle with Emerald following close behind on the way to find your friend
>It takes you two a while, but progress was made
>You're not sure how much progress, but hopefully positive progress
>You two made it to the break room!
>This time it's not empty, though
>There are a couple of guards doing various things when you open the door, all of them stop when they hear it open
>All the guards seem to be just as stunned as you, at the very least
>A light-gray pegasus stallion is the one who decides to confront you two first, telling the other two that he'll handle it
>He walks over to the door and opens it completely, revealing Emerald standing behind you
>"Are you two lost?"
>Well, you got yourself into this
>You might as well get you both out of it
>Plus, Emerald seems too intimidated to answer
"Yeah, I don't suppose you could help us out?"
>"Well, what are you looking for?"
"Something tells me that you won't help us get to her, but we're looking for Princess Luna."
>"You two better have a good reason to see her, I'm sure she's very busy."
"Just go tell her that Anonymous is waiting in the breakroom for her, we'll stay here."
>The guard perks up a bit after hearing your name
>"Wait- you're the one who maxed out the Pac-Mare machine three times?"
>So your reputation precedes you!
"As a matter of fact, I am. Now do you believe me?"
>"I'm still a bit skeptical, but I'll run it by her."
>The stallion steps past you two and goes out into the hallway while you and Emerald go into the room to wait


File: 1526623121250.png (305.27 KB, 1802x1653, AnonFilly-Shrug.png)


You try to think of where the best place to go flying would be, but the only thing that really comes to mind is home. Sure, lunch is almost over and your teacher is probably going to wonder where the hell you went, but you've got friends who can probably cover for you. You were turned into a moth pony, after all. There's no sense in wasting what possibly little time you have in this form sitting in class. If Twilight was right about it only taking an hour, you'd be back to normal before you'd be let out of class!

So without any fanfare, you fly off. You don't bother telling anyone where you're going, but given that you're only about roof height off the ground, you're pretty sure if anyone really wanted to know where you were going, they could just follow you. You also aren't flying particularly fast, lest you crash into the ground like Twilight. Plus hey, the feeling of gently gliding with the cool wind blowing beneath a couple of new appendages is actually quite nice. It doesn't actually take you very long to get used to everything either.

When you finally reach home, you decide against coming in through the door normally. Instead, you fly in through an open window and land on Cadance's bed, completely startling her.

<"Anon, is that you?"


say nothing until she tries to figure out what you are, then try to scare the piss out of her
1d100[ 1d100 = 3 ]


Right on pizza horse. Explain what Twilight did. 1d100[ 1d100 = 62 ]


Tell her Twilight was practicing her teleportation magic and was going to teleport you across the room. However, a moth landed on you and got caught in the spell. When you rematerialized, you and the moth had been fused into one. This is your life now. Also start nibbling on her bed sheets. 1d100[ 1d100 = 45 ]


Make cute moth noises and buzz around her. 1d100[ 1d100 = 41 ]



You forgot to roll. Let me help you. 1d100[ 1d100 = 1 ]


File: 1526625347614.png (175.92 KB, 740x683, 1516254151698.png)

Welp, I guess mothfilly doesn't have the sex drive regular filly has. Now to kill myself.


fly into the nearest light sources in response
then you can blame your moth-ness for wanting to fuck up her lamps n shit
1d100[ 1d100 = 69 ]


Thanks for helping


File: 1526650842028.png (1.72 MB, 2437x3000, 1516502149036.png)

Thanks All Nighter
Thanks Placeholder
Thanks Reuben, rolling for >Rape 1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]


Yes…. YES. Yes for the >Rape


Fucking digits confirm!


Say no words but fly around the room like a moth wood, landing on various objects.
1d100[ 1d100 = 5 ]


File: 1526665103204.png (470.29 KB, 1077x1500, 1526258809823.png)


File: 1526665522658.jpg (877.22 KB, 2448x3264, image (1).jpg)


A ponice filly trying to intimidate some two-bit thugs? Nice pic




File: 1526685291324.jpeg (303.15 KB, 1000x933, Lick.jpeg)

Fun fact: pony moms clean their foals like kittens.


File: 1526687401009.png (399.38 KB, 900x900, 1523151155160-1.png)

Back to your containment thread, buckeroo.


: )


File: 1526694239989.jpeg (50.15 KB, 500x325, 81512E2A-6367-4E23-A051-C….jpeg)

Ricky I have a serious question for you. If Gene Shalit asked to lick your butthole, what would you want me to tell him?


File: 1526700393656.png (310.02 KB, 1280x938, 1493547315961.png)

as ofishul big-peepee swinger in fillet thread, I telling you to go to bed now.


Stroy concept, take it upon yourself if you wish.
>Anon is transported to Equestria as the filly to find that it is nothing like the show. Language is incomprehensible, mathematics were devised differently from the ground up by ancient Equestrian mathemeticians rendering them difficult and complex.
>Seen as a retard, he's cast off into the special needs class and left there to spend out the rest of his days.
>What happens next? I dunno, I'm a shitty writefag.


File: 1526704125991.gif (1013.8 KB, 420x236, 1439860041559.gif)

It sounds like a pontential plot for a science vs magic, like on 4chn. Or more generally, anon proving his way is better than the ponies for all fields of science and math.

All the while everybody puts him down or ignores him as the retard he is classified to be.

More or less Anon V. Dark pone society.


So… are you going to take a shot at it, or leave it for someone else to work on?



"No, I am not Anon. I am Mothra, Queen of the Moth Ponies. I have come to feast on your naughty bits!"

<"Anon, I recognize your voice AND your cutie mark. I know it's you."

"I don't care who you think I am. Bend over and present yourself to me!"

She giggles and turns around to shove her plot in your face.

<"Alright, whatever you say, Ms. 'Moth Quee-'"

Her voice is interrupted the second you shove your face in her snatch and start licking.

<"Wait, are you serious? What the fuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCK"

To your knowledge, she is alone, as you did not see or hear either Velvet, Night Light, or Shining in the house. How will you proceed?



>When you fuck up closing a tag somewhere


File: 1526705788986.jpg (14.65 KB, 300x226, 1437456375974.jpg)

I like it, I’ll keep it mind. Though I’ve got more than a couple that need finishing. So if anyone is up for writing it before I do, I won’t argue.


Continue the >Rape 1d100


He makes friends with one of the autistic mares.


File: 1526706131421.jpg (7.79 KB, 184x184, 1437465391022.jpg)

Why not manipulate the colts into giving pity sex, if they think she’s retarded?


Thats pretty good, although why would a normie colt fug a "retarded" filly?


She'd be in a class with retarded colts, so I think she'd have about the same chance. Maybe establish herself as the alpha autist?


This is gonna be a good story.


File: 1526707833406.png (55.91 KB, 1063x553, 1453154667674.png)

Something along the lines of “Oh no, she’ll never have a normal life like us. Why not give her a taste of it.” Or something similarly sappy or nonsensical.

Either that or find a chad, and manipulate him into thinking he’s manipulating her and fuck rob him blind.


Both options are good.


She will make a fine vessel for our eggs. 1d100[ 1d100 = 71 ]


Dice rollRolled 18

Lick that clit.


Time to show this Princess of love just how good it feels to be eaten out by a filly. 1d100[ 1d100 = 46 ]


The delay isn't optimal, but I'm back now. Thank you all for the kind words about me and this green, they mean a lot. I'm sorry if I came off as a whiny bitch, that was never my intent though I could have handled things better looking back.
>Pondering exactly what you've seen, Equestria has barely been all you wanted it to crack up to be.
>The show portrayed a world full of mild imperfections, just different enough to teach a lesson effectively.
>You'd kill at this point to be in that universe, but you'll take what you can get.
>You start jotting down some reminders to yourself in common prose, nothing too deep, more just enough to allow the concept of the poem to seep into your mind for later.
>There isn't a listed due-date, so you'll have to assume that it's tomorrow despite that being a bit of a hefty time-constraint for what is essentially an Elementary-School class.
>No matter, all that you should need is packed away in your saddlebags.
>Replacing the pencil to its rightful position on your ear, you lean back slowly in your chair, letting your legs extend out to the sides a bit.
>Faced with nothing else to do, you observe the pink colt you talked with briefly yesterday by focusing on him in small bursts.
>If he catches you, it could be observed as odd, not that you have much to lose…
>Later a worksheet is passed out, and after you breeze through it yourself you find he finishes it comparatively quickly.
>Could be a brainlet in denial, but you'll have to see for yourself later.
>As Cheerilee wraps up her morning lesson, you retrieve your lunch from your satchel and open it up to begin eating.
>No need to go outside in this weather, but you enjoy the sound of sleet on the roof.
>As you bite into what you assume is the vegetarian equivalent of a tuna sandwich, you feel a light prodding at your side.
>Turning to the side with slight exasperation, you calm down once you see what appears to be a small manual entitled 'Gamma Eques' held in a weak magical grip.
>"I-I figured out something that my talent helps me with, if you're interested…"
>Input action.
And for clarification, this is the general basis of what you're getting yourselves into should you accept: https://tinyurl.com/yagtew8m


yeah, thanks guys
i hope you dont feel underappreciated here, i keep up with all your greens and id be really sad if you left thinking nobody read it


File: 1526718535897.png (8.68 KB, 267x244, b32c1db8ffca6b7805d97622c2….png)

No cheating, asshole.


Fuck yea play some D&D


Stop and make fun of Cadance for being a slut who bends over for anyone who asks. Also, she said a naughty word.
1d100[ 1d100 = 76 ]

He can be useful as a possible smuggler and/or distraction. Make friends with him. Also, that looks like a cool game. Why isn't it more popular than Fallout? Help him with his poem so you'll have more time to play that.
1d100[ 1d100 = 58 ]


Didn't tell us to stop so redouble your efforts. What did she expect anyways? 1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]


>implying cheating
I accidentally double posted, so i DM'd a mod and asked him to remove one.


Wait.. we succeeded in >rape?
Ah fuck, i dont think we thought this through


File: 1526744149300.png (113.34 KB, 825x700, 338673.png)

Doesn't matter as long as we got a taste of that sweet candy vag.


File: 1526750043433-0.png (6.28 MB, 2560x1441, New_Canvas.png)

File: 1526750043433-1.png (7.62 MB, 2560x1440, 1.png)

File: 1526750043433-2.jpg (1.13 MB, 2560x1440, ss_neuro_05-18-18_20-05-36….jpg)

File: 1526750043433-3.png (3.72 MB, 2560x1440, 2.png)

The last few images from a once great comrade.


What if there's a spatial anomaly inside the reactor 4 that acts as a gateway between Earth and Equestria? What if the Monolith were just a bunch of horsefuckers protecting that which was still pure?


Now I want to see a MLP/STALKER crossover.


File: 1526754614860.png (743.3 KB, 1788x1820, 1519717413769.png)

Personally I hate the concept that humans are best in literally everything, even thought there s no way we d be better at magic and anything even barely related to that, and i also like to think that figuring that out would indeed need something that our science simply cant provide
Meanwhile Anon could still try and bring those scientifically improved areas for ponies, which may or may not be better to a magic-based society, tbh ponies do rely on magic a lot and since not all of them have the ability to focus it outwards maybe our tech could perhaps cheapen up the stuff

Still, i absolutely love this idea, lets see where it goes



File: 1526771481633.png (711.19 KB, 1780x2500, mothpony anonfilly.png)



This. I want this.


Hm… where did I put my electric fly swatter?


You're going to need something more than that kraut.


Ok, I should have a flamethrower somewhere in the attic. Give me a moment.


File: 1526772917042.png (732.85 KB, 1780x2500, mothpony anonfilly cursed ….png)


That's a bomb-ass mutant filly
I guess you too


File: 1526776832452.png (308.33 KB, 2048x1536, AnonFilly-Dabbing.png)

I have only one question for y'all: good cop or bad cop?


Naughty cop ^:)


Rookie cop


Dab cop


File: 1526778089934.png (95.79 KB, 710x776, 1476308137971 (2) - Copy.png)

bad bad filly


Lazy cop that eats all the donuts.


One that shoots dindus


>r filly
>you wr watching shit on internets
>you see tutorial to make a portal across dimensons
>wel nothing to look into here!
>you got to work
>and from walmart stuff you created a portal to another world
>Here you are
>in horsefucker paradise
>as a horse
>makes shit easier
>you're a cute filly
>top tier shitt
>adult poners, as you found, are susceptible to puppy eyes
>you do you thing as a mare walks past
>in no time at all you've acquired a potential target
>a green poner with green white mane
>a lyrer or some shit
>she has a girl frend
>they faggots
>degenerate scum of the society is now a potentiel caretaker
>good enough
>a better chance to continuie your own fucke dup desieres
>they lead you to new home
>"o sheet maan"
>"yee this filly seems like a newcomer alrighte"
>"don' worry ol frien of friends"
"k, who exacly are you?"
>"We're the degenerate lesbo pair of the ponyville town!!"
"wat the actual fuck"
>"we gon rape u bro"
"the fuck no"
>You are too late however
>The two mares break all stranger danger limits
>Soon you're inside a pile of pony
>they kiss you and stroke your fluff
>they stroke lower and lower
>soon they reac the critial line
"nooo pls I want Bigg Macc to tace my horse virginity with his mad cock"
>"Maybe he will ;)"
>"ye we aint got shit to penetrate you with"
"oh! well in that case go ahead"
>the two fucked up filly fiddlin marews get on top of you
>the green one parks its fat ass into your face, so you begin lickin
>other dude is in your


>It is sursprisingly hard to lick pussy while you yourself are bein stimulated like so
>Nevertheless you put your life and soul into the cunt in your face
>your own pleasure comse second as you must lick cunt for this fine lady
>The cream mare between your legs notices your effort and with a smirk she dives in with renewed vigor
>aw shit you can tell she has had a lot of prtactice
>you swear she isn't even putting in effort as she licks your very soul through your cunt
>With that stupid face of hers looking for your reaction
>not that you can see much from behind the green or rather MINTy colour pussy in your face
>She does not need your approvel however as you find out as she continues harder and harder
>you ant got much left
>you gonna cum like a firehose you feel
>with that in mind, you pepper the cunt in your face with its last series of kisses before you're inkapacitated
>That tongue in your sex
>With masterful skill it brings you over the edge
>you scream blody hell as you experience your first orgasm in the new filly body that you now have now
>you grab tight on mint's ass as you go through the experience
>An orgasm with cunt is so much different to plain old dick fap
>you try to buck a nonexistent cock as you ride the orgasm further
>but alas, there's nothing to fill your cunt
>soon your adventure through the magic land ends
>you crash back into the reality in which your mortal body resides
>in which your mortal body is pinned between two mares
>one of whom has her cunt in your face and is smirking at you like a pony that likes to smirk a lot
>The other resting her head on your inner tigh, face completely soaked for some reson
>"ye she does that sometimes"
>you hear a little giggle and you feel her breath between your legs
>"I outdid myself there xD"
"fuck ye man oh man"
>"haha the litthle faggot seems to agree"
>"so the choice is your bro, either you live with us"
>"..or you gonna go back to the orphan house for failed mistakes"
>"The choice is yours and yours only"
>the two detach themselfs from you as they step a few away from you
>thy stand there as they wait for an answer
>you'd be a down syndrome retard if you didn't go for this top tier cunts
>you happily run up to the pair as you grab both of the mwith a hoof
>"ohh I knew you'd see the right way"
>"into my ass lol haha"
>"in you go!"
>mint picks you up as she shoves you against the cream butt
>aint nowhere you'd rather be


Top tier drunk lewds.


File: 1526788830859-0.png (1.11 MB, 1256x1623, Anon Filly 30 alt.png)

File: 1526788830859-1.png (1.16 MB, 1256x1623, Anon Filly 30.png)


File: 1526791393737.png (73.89 KB, 651x678, Bumpface.png)

It's not subtle, but I like.


Heh, just noticed the poster in the background.
Top kek.


File: 1526795615136.jpg (118.02 KB, 574x850, Cadance-Cry.jpg)


"You know you're a total slut, Cadance."

<"Am not! What are you using, some kind of bug pheromones?"

"Sure, we'll call it that. Doesn't matter. Besides, you said a naughty word and should be punished."

<"Says the filly who just called me a slut."

"Less talking, more moaning."

You pull Cadance closer to you so you can savor every last bit of her. She doesn't seem to resist very well, and you can't really tell if she's consenting or merely not resisting out of shock. It doesn't matter much to you, however. This is something you've felt like you've needed for a while.

It doesn't take long to get her moaning. You remember once hearing that you could make a girl go crazy by writing out the alphabet on her clit with your tongue. Turns out that's not too inaccurate. You just wish you had a dick so you could finish the job.

After some time you start to get the feeling that you should have your turn to be pleased. It should only be natural; she's an alicorn of love and you need to know just how capable she is of loving. So you turn around to sit on her face. As your eyes break contact with her in mid-turn, you are only able to see what comes next for just a second - Shining Armor's hoof smashing into your skull, knocking you out cold.

. . .

You wake up with a rather nasty headache, tied to a chair in your room. Sitting opposite of you, and smoking a cigarette, is a very displeased Twilight Sparkle.

>"So… it appears we need to talk."


We should be in a straight jacket. 1d100[ 1d100 = 100 ]


Welp, looks like it's off to the psych ward. Maybe we can mess with student Nurse Redheart.



Oh wow, another 100. Interesting choice of dialogue.


Roll confirms filly is a danger to herself and all those around her.


File: 1526798994224.jpg (8.76 KB, 223x226, Indifference.jpg)

Hardly, real, long lasting consequences are the only way the >hurr hurr rape types are going to learn not to fuck things up. Making pizza with Cadence? We can probably forget about doing that ever again. It seems most people are intent on being perverted, hedonistic degenerates that can't think but five minutes ahead of their next orgasm, or that just because these are ponies and this is fiction, that consequences suddenly don't matter and their asses will always be saved by a deus ex machina that will make everything alright again so the story can go on.

Yes, I am upset that the other players are determined to rape this cyoa into the ground like so many others were back on /mlp/ as if erotica is the only good form of entertainment. What makes it worse is that they'll have learned nothing from this and just pick another to ruin chasing a cheap orgasmic high. So yes, we should be in a fucking straight jacket. /rant


File: 1526799982780.png (128.18 KB, 541x500, 1449744946462.png)

This. I punish you fags because I love you, and I would hope the same logic is applied here.


File: 1526800061242.png (151.23 KB, 500x500, Where.png)


File: 1526800100421.png (834.54 KB, 1280x903, Twilight-Smoking.png)


"Don't you think I should be in a straight jacket for this?"

Twilight raises an eyebrow and blows a thick cloud of smoke in your face, causing you to cough for just a bit.

>"You've got quite a bit of lip for a pony who almost got kicked out of the house. But no worries, I think you'll find breaking out of those binds to be quite impossible. You see, that rope binding your hooves to the chair is enchanted with a Gordian knot spell. Completely impossible to untie. The only way you're going to leave this room is if I will you to, and right now I'm not so sure if I can trust you enough not to fake your death, put you into a coma until I need you to fulfill that stupid prophecy you told me on the morning we left Canterlot."

She takes another deep drag off her cigarette and blows it back in your face, never dropping eye contact as she watches you squirm and choke on it all.

>"Or was that all just a bunch of hot air?"



I once ran a CYOA where I took every command literally and punished Anon to the ends of the Earth for it. When I started this CYOA, I wanted to get Anon to basically never be able to be taken seriously for his actions as an alternative means of punishing them. That rape would comically fail - and in most cases it has. Now, as the story is becoming slightly more serious, I'm going to let misbehavior become progressively worse.


Lip wasn't intended, more an absolutely correct observation. Maybe Twilight can't trust us when we say we're remorseful, in all likelihood, that remorse will be gone in an hour and our next fuckup is a diceroll away if we're let go. The prophecy bit is true, though, and if she wants to crosscheck that, then she'll need to astral project and go talk to Ajna about her psychic abilities. Or ask Lyra where she bought our snowglobe, since Ajna's mother runs the place. Either or. 1d100[ 1d100 = 96 ]

Well thank god for that, but I'm done complaining about it. Just needed to get it off my chest is all.


File: 1526800898641.jpg (7.35 KB, 198x255, 1426996413855.jpg)

Jesus, the RNG alicorn is with me on this day.


File: 1526801120659.png (174.84 KB, 956x1024, AnonFillyInSuit.png)

Well, to be fair, my high roll did say to stop, so it's half Reuben's fault for combining the rapey desires of the others with the high roll. I don't quite understand the reasoning behind that but, according to the stated rules, we should have narrowly dodged a bullet. Though, I understand Reuben "punishing" the other rapey anons.

There is a Freudian reason for how you ended up the way we are. You're essentially the Hannibal Lecter of lesbian sex.
1d100[ 1d100 = 32 ]


Well now, so it does. Bit late now, though. We're a few posts into Twiggy going full bad cop on us.



>I don't quite understand the reasoning behind that but, according to the stated rules, we should have narrowly dodged a bullet

You know how I sometimes tend to combine responses? Yeah, yours was the only one saying to stop, and at that, you still decided to use the time to tease her. So I took a liberal interpretation. Anon stopped for about as much time as it took for her to call Cadance a slut, and then proceeded to do as the rest of the Anons had suggested.

>Though, I understand Reuben "punishing" the other rapey anons.

This is a huge part of it. Another part of it is me looking at all of the possible ways this timeline could diverge and figuring that this might just be the most interesting and useful ways to solve the problem.


Dice rollRolled 43

Oh? Threatening to kill me? Im soo scared~
Go on, do your worst, dont forget to keep in your conscience what may happen to the other ponies in the future just because you cant deal with your problems like an adult, just like Fizzlepop

If not this then at least some other kind of taunt and a jab about how she always just try to kill her problems without caring for the rest of the snowball effect, we shall not curve ourselves for purple, no matter which purple


File: 1526804053041.png (62.59 KB, 219x250, 1499829847493.png)

>I punish you fags because i love you
>He who tipped the chocolate milk
That s not love, that s torture.


File: 1526804334338.jpeg (58.73 KB, 721x541, uKD17w-hmmV4BJOfvX0O_1082….jpeg)

Ya gotta do some hurtin' to do some protectin' Anon.
The only way you'll learn to be not so impulsive and high off your own libido is if we all punish you.


No update tonight, gonna try something different tomorrow and release one that isn't typed up in the wee hours of the morning, see if that helps any with my writing quality.


File: 1526807896638.jpeg (9.56 KB, 197x256, Tfw brainlet.jpeg)

How's this for an initial opening?

>Fuck. Everything.

>Fuck this body, Fuck this school, and more importantly fuck this goddamn universe you got stuck in.
>It couldn't have been like all the fun little stories you read on earth where you got held in an English speaking universe.
>Nor Spanish, French, Russian, or hell not even latin speaking one either.
>The phonetics and morphology didn't seem to follow a constant structure you could follow at all.
>Hell, everything from language, to math, science and more in this world, was upside down so pulling an "E.T phone home" moment where you use some b.s. a method like numbers, or smoke signals to explain yourself was out of the question.
>"Bleg o grang, dia and la phlam lam."
>It's not like they'd take you seriously anyway, seeing as you were stuck in the body of some horrifyingly green filly.
>Yeah, strip your manhood why don't they.
>As your head sat on the desk, you mopped as the taught had an odd combo of circles and triangles merged into some horrific contraption.
>As far as you know, they were either talking about trigonometry of some sort or basic shapes.
>Given that they stuck you in the class with all the other retards, likely the latter.
>Oh, yeah.
>They think you're mentally disabled.
>Turns out acting spastically in response to becoming said filly, and speaking a gibberish language to them will end you up on that list.
>As Cheerliee spoke nonsensically pointing to the various drawing she had on the board you browsed the small section of class surrounded by the normal ones around to look at those 'like' you.
>Mostly it consisted of a bunch of fillies that had empty stares, could barely move or spoke in squeals and moans.
>Although, you suppose it couldn't be all bad.
>As soon as you learn EVERYTHING again, you could continue to act special as an advantage.
>You could get want you to want, and act the way you want with little to no repercussions.
>And if you did they'd have to pass it off as "Oh, she can't help herself."
>Though, you wanted to test the boundaries now to ease this boredom.
>Hey, don't be like that!
>As much as you hate being the retard. As soon you finish milking this, maybe you could pull off an 'unexpected miracle' and become normal.
>Although that assumes you'll ever become accustomed to their ways.
>What could you do start off? You have to set your expectations somewhere.

Where to Anons?


"Y'know, cigarettes are super bad for you, you should switch to Cigars"
1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]


File: 1526809115870.png (268.56 KB, 856x2193, image.png)

Pic related, dummkopf


Try and pay attention to see if we can learn an alphabet.


I've been behind on each of the CYOAs for a while now, but I'm not sure I still want to read and catch up on Reuben's given the trouble that's apparently being caused by different anons having such strongly conflicting desires


It's one of the best stories we have going on atm and Reuben is good at weaving differing choices into his writing. Definitely not worth just dropping the story because of a little conflict.


File: 1526830383307.png (91.97 KB, 881x533, ClipboardImage.png)

Purple sends Filly to school. What happens?


File: 1526833450475.jpeg (453 KB, 1190x1500, 1225531.jpeg)

Anything but studying.


File: 1526833845005.png (90.78 KB, 529x711, filly_exam.png)

Here's the finished pic btw


Anonfilly helps all the other fillies with their homework and in return they form a formidable gang that plagues Ponyville with naughty pranks.



That filly deserves a gold star.


>Excellent opening
>Lots of potential
Holy shit, I want to see this continued the fuck out of. As for where to take it, maybe have one of the 'special' foals take an interest in the filly, throw a wrench into her perceptions?


reload from previous save
1d100[ 1d100 = 54 ]


1d100[ 1d100 = 11 ]



File: 1526853536532.png (328.38 KB, 1414x1000, 1513202854120.png)

>Per your request, he sets it down on your desk allowing you to leaf through it.
>You start at character creation, which seems rather simple.
>Choose a race of pony, any race really. Even seems like they allow you to pick Bat-ponies.
>Alternatively, you can be a mutant animal, which seems to be a poor choice for anyone that doesn't value furfaggotry over a strong character, given that your communications are significantly hindered along with your ability to bypass security checkpoints.
>Mutations seem to be a factor as long as you don't want to be a chad (Pure-Strain Pony)
>You're leaning toward picking a mutant pony and ironing out race over the next few minutes before Dice-ass pipes up.
>"Before you make your character, I do have a rough idea of where I want to start out. Ahem:"
>The nuclear winter has spread across Equestria with rapid and ruthless efficiency.
>It is the turning point from the year 2471 to 2472, the year prophesized by a group of great psyonics to be they year when the Cavern of Redemption will once again become accessible.
>An elderly scientist has interpreted this prophecy based on whispers in the wind to be some sort of great reversion, maybe even a possibility to upload the equine consciousness and live out our existance as a species within quantum computers, oblivious of the state of the real Equestria.
>However, due to his age and lack of either physical strength or any combat mutations, he cannot do it alone.
>He has called upon the people of the small hamlet where he toiled away reclusively in his basement for much of his life and beyond to aid him in his travels. He will need:
>1. A Sharpshooter, one that can in his words "Cleanly remove the tail of a small rodent from four kilometers with a single shot."
>2. A Codesmith, one with the tools and knowledge neccesary to bypass even the most secure of digital locks.
>3. A Brutalist, one that can take heavy fire, and dish out the same suffering with his own weapons and limbs.
>4. A Linguist, one that can interpret the dead languages of the nuclear tundra with ease.
>5. An Empathetic, one that can convince even the most brutal of savages to cooperate.
>Should you bring the scientist and his assistants to their destination unharmed, the scientist has promised all of you handsome pay, and a place in the new world brought about by what he discovers in the bunker.
>"So, Clover, what role do you think you could fill in his party?"
>Input action.
To vote, specify the role you wish to fill, class you wish to play, and race you wish to play. Start with a standard roll out of one-hundred and follow it with six rolls using a d20 for starting attribute levels. Starting mutations will be determined based on your race's strengths and weaknesses, so please consider your choices carefully. If I receive enough responses, I may be able to update again tonight.


Ha! I broke my shitty habit!


File: 1526853822396.jpeg (35.69 KB, 535x573, image.jpeg)

Filly edit when?


1d100[ 1d100 = 21 ]


I take it role and class are mostly tied together?

Let's go with mutated earth pony Brutalist 1d100[ 1d100 = 70 ]

1d20[ 1d20 = 16 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 1 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 17 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 16 ] 1d20[ 1d20 = 10 ]


Funny AND cute. But is filly pretending, or is she actually retarded?


Mutated Hairless Ape
1d100[ 1d100 = 45 ]
1d20[ 1d20 = 19 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 4 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 7 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 18 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 19 ]1d20[ 1d20 = 3 ]



>1d20 for each attribute

>not 3d6 down the line, no re-rolls, no reordering stats (AD&D 1e iron man rules)


This is how you do stats proper:

STR: 3d6[ 3d6 = 9 ]
DEX: 3d6[ 3d6 = 5 ]
CON: 3d6[ 3d6 = 14 ]
INT: 3d6[ 3d6 = 12 ]
WIS: 3d6[ 3d6 = 12 ]
CHA: 3d6[ 3d6 = 9 ]


File: 1526865043947.png (251.37 KB, 876x1199, anonfilly pants.png)

Filly raised by Applejack.


w-wew, holy shit, cute AND lewd!


The idea being that you take a pool of rolls and select which stats they would best fit in based on the character you're trying to build. Rolling for statistics directly causes there to be much less potential for strong characters.



If I'm going to be absolutely honest, the best method for building a character is point buy. But I have some nostalgia for the old method of playing D&D. In the beginning, you simply rolled 3d6 once for each stat, and you chose your character based on what you got.


File: 1526867427778.png (400.85 KB, 1154x1532, anonfilly bored.png)


File: 1526868426829.png (207.19 KB, 920x870, Chibi Anon Filly.png)

You are Anon, and god damn, hooves are useless! The spoon you were wielding only moments ago now lays on the ground, and you can see your own reflection in its bowl, staring back at you with disappointment and contempt. Cadance giggles, and levitates her own spoon over to feed you, just as she had done countless times before. “Thank you Cadance…” you grumble. It’s demeaning, but at least she lets you try to feed yourself before “assisting” you. Looking over to Shining while you absentmindedly take bites from the spoon, you see him doing the same for Flurry Heart as Cadance is doing for you. Occasionally Flurry throws her hooves out at the spoon to launch some mashed peas at Shining as he attempts to dodge them, making a game out of it. Cute, but you’re not a little filly. Well, you are, but. . . shutup. You should be able to feed yourself without making a mess, especially something as simple as oatmeal. Watching Shining feed Flurry puts you in an odd trance for a moment.
Cadance boops you on the nose with the spoon, regaining your attention. “Eat up sweetie,” she says with a soft smile. You open your mouth and obey, but you don’t look her in the eye, instead trading gazes between the spoon and her horn. You notice the glow surrounding the spoon and her horn seems to brighten slightly when she loads the spoon with more oatmeal. Cadance let’s the spoon drift about your vision in a lazy fashion before bringing it to your mouth, and your eyes follow it’s movement.
You realize Cadance is playing with you, like a cat with a laser pointer. You shut your eyes envision grabbing the spoon using your own magic, but Cadance mistakes your scrunch of concentration as frustration, and relents the teasing, letting you feed. “You’ll learn how to control your magic soon enough squirt.” Shining gives you a longside glance, “forcing it probably isn’t going to do any good for you, unless you enjoy migraines. It’s okay to eat with your mouth like an earth pony.”
“I’d rather be subjected to spoon feeding rather than slop it down like an animal.” Shining cringes a bit from your casual racism but recovers quickly.
“I think somepony just enjoys being spoon fed…” Cadance magically drags your seat closer to Flurry Heart’s high chair, and puts on a sly smile, resting her head on her hooves.
“W-what? No! It’s just that I can’t do it on my own!” you stammer and pin your ears against your head.
“Just like a certain little alicorn,” Shining smirks. Flurry Heart babbles and holds her messy front hooves out to you. She’s covered in a mix of baby food and saliva. You go so far as to hoof-bump her to appease her, and then promptly wipe your hoof on a nearby napkin. You’ve told her before that she only gets hugs when she’s clean, but it never seems to stick. You try focusing on the spoon again, regaining your appetite.
Soon enough, Flurry is done “eating”, and you start biting at empty air, trying to catch a nonexistent spoon. Shining clears the plates and leviates Flurry onto Cadance’s back.
“Time to wash up Anon, I’ve left your clothes on your bed for you,” she says, walking through the dining hall doors.
“Clothes? I thought ponies didn’t normally wear clothes?”
“Not all the time, but you need a uniform for school, it's quite a prestigious one after all.” says Shining.
“If it's because of prestigiousness, why don’t you and Cadance wear clothes?”
“Royals make the rules kiddo, and this royal,” Shining puts a hoof to his chest, “says that he doesn’t have to wear clothes all the time. Now come on, don’t want to miss out on your brushing do you?”
Your ears perk up, “No! Never!”
With the assistance of Shining, you hop off your far-too-high chair for small fillies chair and trot down the castle halls to your room.
You don’t think you’ve ever felt fully clean since coming to Equestria. Fur just seems like one giant dirt trap, but you try to stay as neat as you possibly can. Manipulating a loofah on a stick is just as difficult as a spoon, but you deal with the taste of soap for more flexibility. You appreciate the existence of toothpaste much more these days.
Brushing your teeth, you take a look at the filly staring back at you in the mirror. Matte black mane, leaf green fur, a long spiraling horn, a blank flank, and large blue eyes, just like the ones in those funny looking japanese cartoons. Such a cute little horse. . . You are a cute little horse.
. . .
Not a thought you would ever have if you never came to Equestria, but here you are: having it. The afterlife sure is an odd place. You’ve only been here for a month and yet it seems like it’s been years. Having gone from being a government-classified magical anomaly, to interdimensional alien threat, to an innocent little filly. It’s been quite a ride, and yet it’s only just begun.
A muffled voice accompanied by knocking on your bathroom door rouses you from your little daydream. “Anon? Are you done in the bathroom?”
“Just finishing up!” you yell back, “out in a moment!”
You rinse your mouth to be rid of any suds and scitter your way across the bathroom tiles to your bedchamber with an eager smile on plastered on your face. Pushing open the bathroom door reveals a pink alicorn, already seated on the bed with a brush, awaiting your presence. You seat yourself between her legs, tilt your head up a bit and close your eyes, awaiting that sweet, tingling sensation. Except it never comes.
“What do you say~?” she singsongs.
Your muzzle scrunches and your head drops a bit. It’s demeaning, yet… you enjoy it? Curse her. Curse her for making you enjoy it!
In a calculated, methodical tone, you repeat the adage, just as you had done for weeks gone by. “I’m a good filly ma’am. May I please have brushies?” Cadance immediately giggle-snorts and pulls you against herself with her hooves, nuzzling the top of your head.



“Of course you can sweetie!”
As soon as you’re released, those wonderful strokes known as “brushies” begin, and you melt into pure bliss. Every stroke of a bristle sends tingles down your spine, and your tail twitches happily. No longer do you envy dogs for their ear scratches. Time melts away as Cadance hums a little lullaby. You enjoy this far too much, you swear you’re not addicted but you think a toxicologist would say otherwise.
The brushing ends far too soon for your liking, just like it does everyday, and Cadance has to wiggle you a bit to keep you from dozing off.
“Go get dressed now, we’ll wait for you by the foyer.” She nudges you gently with her nose before departing.
“Okay. . .” you rub your eyes and shake yourself awake. Brushies are no joke, lord help you if she ever uses it against you.
As Cadance closes the door behind herself, you notice the aforementioned clothes on your bed. It’s a navy blue jacket and tie, complete with clean dress shirt, a plaid, knife pleated skirt, and stockings for your hind legs. The jacket has an embroidery on the lapel that reads “Gnosis”. Above it is a shield with a star in it—like that of Shining Armour’s cutiemark—encircled by an olive branch wreath. You’ll have to ask him about that, surely it's not coincidence.
After appreciating the design, you attempt to put the stockings on, only to immediately spot a flaw in your plan. You can’t bend your neck that much.
Teeth would just rip the fabric anyways, right? You lay on your back, and attempt to wriggle the stockings on, using your front hooves to pull them down. You get one half of a stocking on before giving up, wriggling instead in frustration rather than action.
Okay, no problem… You can get Cadance’s help with that. You move onto the shirt, and attempt the same wriggle technique, flipping over onto your stomach, with your flank in the air and your muzzle buried in the fabric. This also does not work. Stupid horn, do some magic!
Unluckily for you, Cadance opens the door just as you utter the foul word. She trots over to you, and magics you out of clothes pile you made attempting to dress yourself. The floor is all of a sudden very interesting and you train your eyes on it. Levitating you to rest in the air in front of her face, she either didn’t hear you swear, or she’s saving the scolding for later, because she boops you on the nose with her hoof with a dainty smile on her face.
“Need some help?”
“I think you do,” she smiles and elegantly floats every piece of attire onto you. Giving you a nuzzle on the cheek, she sets you down to let you sulk in shame.
“Come now, we’ll be late if we don’t get going.”
“I can dress myself…” you mumble as you step into stride with her.


The architecture of the Crystal Empire is nothing if not grandiose. Even in the fast moving carriage, you can still appreciate all the details that go into every building. Crystal ponies were proud of their home and it showed. The magic academy by contrast, was a wooden pallet. Utilitarian and bland. Every wall was a boring white, while the few accents were shining metals. It lacked the vibrance of crystals that were usually used for construction. Wasn’t this supposed to be some hyper-prestigious school? The logo on your uniform was intricate and detailed, but the campus looked like it could have been a prison if you put a fence around it.
“Why is it so. . . ugly?”
“They take their studies quite seriously here Anon, no distractions.” says Shining. Very believable. The rest of the Crystal Empire hurt your eyes to look at sometimes with all its vibrance. This school must get next to no funding.
“Are the classes as boring as the paint too?”
“Depends. I think you’ll really enjoy some of them. It’s a K-12 school and your curriculum is all over the place, so you’ll be running around a lot.”
“Sounds wonderful. . .” Your poor, tiny legs. This campus is massive. The carriage comes to a stop near the front doors and you all depart. Shining wanders off to wherever, probably to drop off Flurry Heart somewhere, and you’re left with Cadance. She drapes her wing over your and walks you to the entrance.

Cont. maybe


Formatting got fucked so here's the pastebin for better readability. https://pastebin.com/Lgpyf1zN


>Not buying like in KotOR


Excuse to use dice.
I don't mind having stats out of 20 anyways. I'm going to be modifying the game regardless because poners, might as well.


It's been a while. I hope you plan on continuing this time, faggot.


File: 1526870812268-0.png (403.37 KB, 2388x1252, Anon Filly 31.png)

File: 1526870812268-1.png (1.04 MB, 2096x1449, Anon Filly 32 alt.png)

File: 1526870812268-2.png (1.04 MB, 2096x1449, Anon Filly 32.png)


an angel


File: 1526872252898.png (233.6 KB, 804x836, cow anonfilly.png)

Must be nice to be a slut teen filly.


>Being fucked until you piss yourself

Great work on these. Braces are top cute.


I wanna know what those buttons are for.

>Filly cannot speak, and can only communicate in grunts, of which only Purple, Flutters, and Velvet can understand

>So she gets a buzzer in class
>Button 1 is "I need to use the potty"
>Button 2 is "Please help me with this."
>Button 3 is "I need to go outside" (she's diagnosed with Pony Autism)
>Button 4 is "I need a hug."


I want to milk the filly.


Or binary shitposting turbo. You can program two buttons with words like "fag" and "no u".


That is one superb image of Anonfilly

Count me in on that


I want to milk regular filly filly. With my mouth.



>Not wanting to milk Twilight as the filly
Pleb taste



File: 1526880064585.png (78.41 KB, 600x631, 1470208.png)

I'm sorry, shit. I didn't mean to be, ya know, not good enough to suckle your little teats. But I guess that's cool. I ain't shit, right? It's all good.


It's fine, you can do you. just don't do it to me, though, I'm not gay unless it's thursday.


>no more than 1 (You)
your fillies never cease to amaze me with their cuteness, seriously
a-and i hope that you'll draw more filly in lingerie like that


All of the (You)s are going to Reuben's gay filly ass.


Draw of filly having (You)s shoved up her ass when?


It's ok. I can't handle that much.
Also the fillies are used afterwards and it makes me happy.


Top unf


File: 1526884866877.png (169.12 KB, 640x640, 1484187345009.png)

That was fast.


File: 1526884870940.png (126.07 KB, 859x684, (You)s.png)

>it's another "inverted image" episode


Filly hoof holding.


File: 1526888317707.png (251 KB, 1406x1632, AnonFilly-Sword.png)


Between the trauma-induced migraine you seem to be suffering from and the second hand smoke that is sending you into a coughing and hacking fit, you are starting to realize that the reality you are currently experiencing is far from an ideal one. Indeed, you could say that you have fucked up royally, and if this were some kind of game, you would load a previous save right away so you wouldn't have to suffer the consequences. Alas, if there were a way to save your current state, you would have done so by now, but you have not found one, and the same goes for loading saves for that matter.

Perhaps you might be able to kill yourself in some way, such as by hopping the chair over to Twilight and attempting to impale your neck on her horn, so that you might be able to load from an autosave. Too risky. In all likelihood, everything you're experiencing right now is real, and even if it wasn't, what if your game autosaves every time you wake up? You just woke up from being blacked out for some unknown amount of time, so it could have autosaved when you woke up in the basement. That would just be some very cruel irony.

No, this isn't a game. It's probably not a dream either, considering the amount of pain you're in. Unless of course these past few weeks have been a dream too, but you're not really prepared for that level of an existential debate. Rather, the simplest explanation is that everything that is currently unfolding before you is very much real, and you have some level of responsibility to deal with it, preferably without making things worse off for you. You look up to Twilight and try to think of a good answer for her.

"That… I wasn't trying to be rude. Right now, I feel as though I haven't been in control of my actions. And it's not because of your spell. I've felt like this since I came to this world. There are voices inside my head sometimes. They argue about the next thing I should do, roll some dice, and then I do it. I feel like a rag doll, Twilight. I've done everything in my power to subconsciously let them fail, but my control is slipping. They could tell me to murder you, and I'm not sure if I'd have the power to stop them. But I think they like you, so that makes you safe… for now. The reason I told you to put me in a straight jacket isn't because I'm trying to insult you. It's because either my intuition or my psychic powers are telling me that whatever spell you put on this rope has a time limit, and my captors have been far too patient."

Twilight looks deep into your eyes for a few moments, completely puzzled, and perhaps trying to size you up for a lie. She then puts out her cigarette and begins to level with you in a voice that seems not nearly as angry as before. In fact, she sounds a bit more exhausted than anything else.

>"I want to call you a compulsive liar and a psychopath. I really do. It would be the perfect explanation for how you could make up such a fantastical story that would excuse your actions, and simultaneously lead me to believe that you are not a psychopath, because no psychopath would willfully ask to be imprisoned. In fact, whether or not you're lying, the rational course of action would be to just tie you up as you've said. But that still leaves me a problem of what to do with you when I need you, if I need you. Because if there's one thing I can't discount, it's that you ARE psychic. I won't tell you the time limit on that Gordian knot spell, but I will say that I've been hoping to reach a point where I won't need it by the time the spell's up. So, Ms. Psychic. How about you make a rational argument for what I can trust out of you?"

"Hrm… well for starters, you know how all of the other Earthlings are inhabiting ponies who were basically somebody before we took over? Well I think I met the pony I used to be, as well as my mom. You should be able to meet them too if you can travel to the astral plane."

>"Never been there, but I can learn a spell or two. Continue."

"The ponies who used to inhabit our bodies are all sitting around somewhere on the astral plane, watching us. The real name for this body is, I think, Ajna. And my biological mother here is called Sahasrara. She runs a flea market of sorts in Manehatten. Lyra's spoken to her, and that's how I got that snowglobe sent to me. I think she's supposed to be some sort of telepath, cause that's how she contacted me a couple of days ago. You might be able to get her to help."

>"So, reach out to the telepath, use her to tell me whenever you're lying and… then what? It would be a bit inconvenient to have to carry around a pony to tell me whenever you're lying or plotting to do something stupid."

"Honestly, I don't even know if she could. The voices, they just told me to bring her up. Like I said, I'm not in control."

>"Then can I please speak to whoever is?"





File: 1526889221198.jpg (25.64 KB, 640x480, 1425600228176.jpg)

"We're listening."

1d100[ 1d100 = 22 ]


Go for it. What do you have to say? 1d100[ 1d100 = 74 ]

We should also ask at some point how Cadance was unable to stop us and how she is now.

No offense but a filly being able to rape a much bigger and older alicorn just seems unbelievable.


>The rest of the family has no idea, Twilight is just fucking with us as part of her CIA ops
>Shining Armor is pissed, but he knows that if he tells Mom and Dad that Anon and Cadance had sex, then they'll kick Cadance out, as she's a teenager and undoubtedly manipulated/forced Anon into sex because she's an innocent child.
>A ten-year-old isn't gonna be accused of rape, she'll be assumed the victim


This is rapidly becoming the twilight zone, she should just make it absolutely clear that we should please, please, please, not try to rape any more ponies so she doesn't have to kill a literal and a metaphorical child. 1d100[ 1d100 = 38 ]


I definitely get the feel that Twi is at the very least exaggerating and we can't fully trust her explanation of the situation until it is confirmed by someone else. There is however valid reason for her concern that we could fuck everything up so I'd play along for now.


Honestly, even this green is tame compared to some brands of autism. The first CYOA I encountered was on the Nationstates forums years back and the first thing the posters did was make the teenage girl steal her teacher's car and shoot up a street. I came back a few weeks later and it was a lesbo sex scene with a jealous male lover barging in. I think we should accept that CYOAs are going to be a bit wacky.

"Why are you restraining our toy? Dance for us! We have absolute control over this person's will and the body it inhabits. Both can be replaced."
1d100[ 1d100 = 77 ]


This is her Nightmare Night costume?



Is Applejack so kinky?


>Be Anonfilly
>You woke up slowly, eyes accommadating the darkness by default, but yet you couldnt see much.
>All you knew was that you were warm, and felt weirdly safe.
>Ugh, what happened last night?
>This night? There wasn't much light, from what you could tell.
>No, it was more like the light was… muted.
>And kinda purple.
>Oh, right.
>Wriggling a bit, you manage to rotate yourself 90 degrees counterclockwise until your face was buried deep into Twilight's chestfluff.
>She smelled like strawberries, undoubtedly due to that body shampoo she used religiously.
>Looking up, you could see Twilight staring at you, her eyes full of unhealthily possessive love.
>Her mouth formed a slight smile, a smile you knew all too well.
>Never a good sign.
>"Hello, my little muffin." she whispered happily, tightening her wings' grip on you
"H-how long have you been staring like that?"
>"Oh, I woke up a while ago."
>"Do you want breakfast?"


I haven't written anything recreationally for a long time for personal reasons. But I can't sleep, I got work in about six hours, and I don't think Dark Souls 3 is going to treat me as well as I would like on a night like this. Let me know how bad I am, I guess.

The concept I'm gonna go with is that Anons that become the filly are like people who are afflicted with the Undead Curse, and cannot die, simply coming back in th Golden Oaks as the filly and never growing up or escaping Equestria.

You close your shitty Nokia flip-phone and toss it off the highway bridge. Looking down at the old piece of plastic yields an uneventful view, the item clattering and noisily getting knocked around the highway bridge. A lot of people have been in the same position as you, and you are no different from them. Just another millennial failure who failed to manage the little bit of responsibility you were offered in your 20s, too poor to afford internet or internal heating in your shitty apartment. Your landlord is likely in the middle of gutting the small prison cell of a NEET nest right now, as you were told to pay up one last time yesterday. But now, that's far, far behind you.

About 50 miles behind you, technically speaking.

You lightly swing your legs as you see the traffic slowly become more occupied, sunset leading to an increase in movement. A large commercial truck gets into the second-to-left-hand lane, precisely below you.

You're moderately thankful that you don't feel anything after the initial impact against the concrete.


"Oh Celestia, another one…" That voice sounds familiar. Naggy and somewhat frustrated, like that of an overbearing mother. Your eyes open, but you can barely see past a sea of black folicles. Hmmn, hair? You lift your head slightly, feeling aches up and down your body as you shake your head gently.

"Where the fuck am I?" is the first thing that comes out of your mouth, your throat scratching slightly as the sight of a library constructed from wood fills your eyes. Colors are much more vibrant than they have any right to be, and your hearing is more sensitive, fading in to hear most of everything around you, from nature outside to the sounds of knuckles rapping on a nearby table.

"Welcome home, faggot." Who was…that sounded a lot more like a tomboy's voice. A pretty young tomboy though