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c820a No.143043[View All]

Since the last thread died here's a new one.
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27618 No.245728

I heard that one too come to think of it

d7afb No.247205

File: 1571129870807.png (25.3 KB, 500x251, Oekaki.png)

I have been thinking about making a visual novel. But I lack the skills to draw nice looking things.

Should I just contact an artist on pixiv or deviantart commission and/or have them work together with me.

I haven't done this before. Should I make something small? Like a pony fangame can use the art assest from the sho and so on.

What do you think?

d7afb No.247206

The game I wish to create in the future is a game that is more on political spectrum them pony. While the the politics in the story will be subtle and not preachy. The game won't contain any ponies unless I put in a hidden easteregg/refrence somewhere.

Actually, that's what I'm gonna do. I will create a pony visual novel first. If I make this do you think there is some faggot out there that would be willing to make darwings for such a game? It probably shouldn't be to many pictures to draw. I want it to be a short game for a first game afterall.

d7afb No.247207

I'll return when I have something.

57ac6 No.247210

By all means hire a talented individual; specialization of labor exists for a reason. Don't expect to be charged a low price depending on what you're making, particularly if you're not already an accomplished writer who'll get the artist more exposure. A few drawings for a short game will run you at least $50.

Don't actually use the art assets from the show, as they are copyrighted. Use vector art instead.

I recommend looking at different artists on Derpibooru and finding someone who has the style you want. It's best to find someone underappreciated (lower upvotes despite good quality) as you'll get cheaper service and (usually) a less busy schedule. It's hard to find someone like that, let alone get in contact, but they are there.

d7afb No.247224

Thanks for the advice. It was giving and I will ponder it.

I'll post the visual novel in text format on this board in the future. I'm talking about the short fangame one about ponies not the serious one. Well, not as serious as an actul product that I would charge money for. I'm still gonna amp up my writing quality for it. If what I write isn't good enough afterall there is no point anyway.

38ef1 No.247228

File: 1571160391074-0.jpeg (8.9 KB, 225x225, silky johnson.jpeg)

File: 1571160391074-1.jpg (61.28 KB, 467x700, 695322a44ed97fe419c65eccff….jpg)

File: 1571160391074-2.png (103.28 KB, 650x350, The-Notorious-BIG-min.png)

File: 1571160391074-3.jpg (48.33 KB, 625x323, tenpenny pulasky.jpg)

Speaking of visual novels, I've been working intermittently on mine. I should have something worth showing fairly soon. I will probably make a webm or something of the first couple minutes of the game.

Here's an updated list of what I still need, if anyone is still interested in doodling characters. Please and thank you to anyone who takes the time.

>two pony tulpas

The pony tulpas are meant to be obvious knockoffs of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash named Flutterbutts and Rainbow Darsh respectively. I imagine their designs to be kind of like the bootleg waifu threads on /mlp/. They look like the characters they are meant to resemble but are just different enough to be considered legally distinct. By all means have some fun with it. Personality-wise Flutterbutts is a Communist and Rainbow Darsh is like a cruder, more violent version of Rainbow Dash who swears all the time.

Since these two are not so much exact representations of the MLP characters as they are tulpas existing in the headspace of a somewhat disturbed autist, I'd actually prefer it if the drawings look more like amateur fan-art than professional work. If anyone is still developing their talents and wants practice drawing ponies, this might be a good opportunity to do so without any pressure to produce something pro-tier.

>three negroes

basically, each one of these guys represents a different black stereotype. The first one is basically a 70s pimp. Wide brim hat, fur coat, everything garishly colored, all of that. Pic 1 for reference. The second one is an 80s/early 90s B-boy kind of character. Like a flat-top fade haircut, sunglasses, maybe a gold chain, probably owns a ridiculous number of tracksuits. Very skinny guy. Pic 2 for reference. Third guy is a 90s gangster stereotype. Wears a lot of baggy, dark-colored heavy denim. Very heavyset guy. Pic 3 for reference. Reference pics do not need to be copied exactly, I just provide them for a reference of the general style I want each character to have.

>two cops

Basic cops. A smooth-talking but sadistic black cop with a mustache, and a mean-tempered sort-of redneck white cop, also with a mustache. Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski from San Andreas is what I had in mind when I was writing the characters, pic 4 for reference. However, their visual design isn't tremendously important, as long as it's one black cop and one white cop.

>white male middle aged politician

This guy is between 30-40 years old and looks like a typical white male Democrat governor or senator. Dorky haircut, dockers slacks, probably wears a blazer with a T-shirt or patterned collared shirt underneath. He's the kind of guy who is really good at smiling and waving and saying the right platitudes during speeches and campaign events. Keeps up on whatever music the young people are listening to in order to stay "hip." However, he also has a serious coke problem and is a complete asshole the second the cameras are turned off. Is involved in a lot of shady business dealings. He's very sexist and likes to beat up hookers while high on coke, but he pretends to be gay and is in a sham gay marriage in order to gain diversity cred. I imagine him looking a little like Beto O'Rourke, or at least the same kind of haircut and fashion sense. This guy is probably going to be the biggest project on this list, because I actually need at least three drawings of him: a fairly normal one where he's wearing his nice middle-aged yuppie clothes, another one in the same outfit except he looks like a coked-out madman (eyes bloodshot, shirt rumpled, hair messed up, etc), and a third drawing where he is also coked out of his mind, but is also shirtless and has his face painted like he was going to Burning Man.

>middle aged Filipino faggot

Fake husband of the white male politician, but unironically very gay. Basically needs to look like a fag, but a respectable fag that dresses well and has money. Not too picky about his visual design as long as he's Filipino and looks like he could be plausibly gay married to the guy described above.

>androgynous tranny

Not quite as Tumblr tier as the last tranny I requested, but definitely a tranny. This guy/girl is the man(?)servant of the Governor and his fag-husband. Wears expensive and stylish gender-neutral clothes. It should be impossible to tell from looking at this character what sex it is even trying to be. Maybe has a David Bowie or a Klaus Nomi kind of look. By all means have some fun with it.

I will probably need others yet but I think this is most of the main cast (it's been about a year since I've looked at this story so I forgot a lot of what I wrote). Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to draw something for me, just let me know what name you would like if you want to be mentioned in the game's credits.

38ef1 No.247229

Nice! Be interested to play it when it is finished.

57ac6 No.247231

Sounds really nice! It would be an interesting little game that doesn't take itself too seriously yet has a scathing view of society. As for the style I recommend getting reference from artsy sorts of games like OFF and Lisa, as a disturbed sort of doodle fits the art-style of the former and the cynical atmosphere fits the latter.

>three negroes

Sounds a lot like Boondocks to me which would be interesting. Reaching an audience beyond /mlpol/ probably necessitates that you give a modicum of sympathetic perspective even if you lambaste their flaws. I'd imagine they'd be a goofy sort.

>two cops

Referencing San Andreas is a great idea because it's a well-loved classic, but I recommend differentiating them a little bit. The first thing that comes to mind is exaggerating them to a comedic extent as it seems like the rest of the game is intended to have humor.


I know you're referencing Beto O'Rourke and Trudeau, but it's worth applying aspects of other sleazy politicians (there's no shortage of them) like Jimmy Carter, Bill Weld and of course Bill Clinton. Emphasizing the veneer so players go "something's not right here…" yet feel curious to explore further may be a good idea. Such politicians are the sort to invite half the (respectable side of) town to a lavish (but casual) annual party to appear more relatable.

>fake husband

Sounds like the setting of Allen Gregory, which is one of the worst cartoons of all time but really tried to be "diverse" by having a sociopathic CEO essentially hire a man to be his husband. He also adopted a Cambodian girl who is abused. I'm not sure if the show is meant to be some kind of satire but it's disgusting. I think the creators also made that show with the sex demons.


Probably not a servant because being a servant actually requires you to get your hands dirty and have some patience. A political assistant or "community organizer" is probably a better fit. I'd recommend chatting with actual trannies on Discord, as revolting as it can be, just to see how mentally damaged and fragile they are.

d7afb No.247352

File: 1571201746983.pdf (313.31 KB, what the actual fuck am I ….pdf)

> I've been working intermittently on mine
Glad to hear.
Btw I'm sorry that I never made and audionovel of it. I wanted to but life got in the way.

I would rate your story seven fillies out of ten purples tbh. It is obivious from the begining that it will be a comedy story. It succeeds in this for the most part. What one doesn't know at that point is that it will become a good mysery novel aswell. The mystery is pretty good. It dos follow the give the reader all the piece before the conclusion formula, if I didn't make any mistakes somewhere. Though, this is true, all the pieces arrive late in the story so don't expect to solve the mystery right away.
There were only a few moments were a rolled my eyes, your main characters how everything is pointless spiel was one. But then again it does fit his chracter so it is technically well done. It is not you that is the problem it is me. Otherwise it was solid throughout. Would recomand.

I have been thinking though, you won't have any branching paths will you? I mean since it is based on this book that your wrote. Or have you added such paths to it?
Not that I'm complaining since I can see the charm with just a novel with pictures to it. I was just wondering.

>I will probably need others yet but I think this is most of the main cast (it's been about a year since I've looked at this story so I forgot a lot of what I wrote).

Well then, here are some more characters your mc interacts with.
>Her father
>The milf lawyer that was in that one scene or actually two
>The motel owner

>white male middle aged politician

"I'm the motherfucking valrus!"
I'm not sure if I think he was probably setup. Like I know you mentioned him in the story in passing and that was subtle and well done. Solid fooreshadowing! But that only foreshadowed that he existed basically.
Not the part of him that the public sees. Like if your mc had seen him holding a typical speech on tv. Have him say a bunch of platidudes there.
But again maybe you did show that somewhere in there and I simply don't remember.

>Reaching an audience beyond /mlpol/ probably necessitates that you give a modicum of sympathetic perspective even if you lambaste their flaws.
I can understand you perspective. I think something similar abbout how to redpill people. There is basically three general ways in my opinion. Being straight with them and tell them exactly what you think and stand up for your beliefs. Well, ragardless of method ne should allways do this. Well, unless it is clearly detrimental???
Eh, the point is to show strength and not to be afraid of guilt by association. But in the way of giving ones message I guess one can also be subtle about it or presenting ones message like E;R so that people are unsure if you are serious or not.
Anyway, in the context of these characters it really doesn't make to much sense in changing them. They are kinda suppose to be shitheads. Their existance comments on the gansta niggas out there in the real world.
People how complain about this are hypocrites since they with compltete certainty don't complain when white men are bad guys in fiction.
Futhermore, these kindof people exist in the real world so it works as satire.
If one where to make a black character more sympathetic in the story it would be the black cop.

But again, this was kind unecessary of me since you knew this already. The question was about how to reach audinences outside of redpilled people.
I think that it is impossible to change this story to appeal to normies at this point. it would require a toral rewrite. However, I think it could reach liberals who are all about identity politics. At least some of them.
You know the type, watches Jordan pettersen and soygoy of mossad I haven't kept track of him but from what I have learnt he has changed somewhat. You know the crowd who listen to efap that talks about games and the marvel movies and such. It is not that they are always wrong. It is just that they work as a false opposition because they don't have the entire picture.

Those kind of people are the ones that this story could potentially grab. Just because it is this sort of unapologetic and silly political satire with a tinge of autism mixed in.

Attached is the story he is makinga game of.

d7afb No.247354

Thanks. I'm thinking about making a story that branches out in different directions. That's what entice me to visual novels the most.

d7afb No.247364

Actually, when I think about it. He does never interact with her.

38ef1 No.247399

>all the pieces arrive late in the story so don't expect to solve the mystery right away
Yeah, I was kind of writing off the cuff due to the nature of NaNoWriMo so I didn't really plan it out. I'm actually reworking the story a bit for the VN, I'll probably drop a couple of clues in a little sooner, add some scenes, and tighten up the narrative a bit. There's a few details that on revisiting it don't make a ton of sense so I might change small elements of it.

>you won't have any branching paths will you?

Haven't decided yet. It's occurred to me that it might be fun to develop a couple of side mysteries for the player to solve along the way, and have the main story follow the same path as the novel. I might throw in a couple of bad ends too if I can think of any. It's not 100% though, I might just have the story play out all the way through without any choices or branching. I'm kind of seeing how it goes.

>Like if your mc had seen him holding a typical speech on tv. Have him say a bunch of platidudes there.

But again maybe you did show that somewhere in there and I simply don't remember.
Yeah, introducing the governor character a little sooner and giving the reader more of an impression of his public side to contrast his private side is one of the details I want to alter.

>There were only a few moments were a rolled my eyes, your main characters how everything is pointless spiel was one.

Part of what I was trying to do with this story was make some commentary on white male isolation, how shitty things look under liberal rule, and how depressing and pointless modernity is most of the time. I didn't want it to be all heavy handed and corny though so I tried to make it lighthearted and humorous most of the time, making the autist character someone who would be sympathetic but also someone you could laugh at a little. Believe it or not I actually rewrote his angstier monologues numerous times because I felt some of them were a bit much, and the version that wound up in the final draft is toned down quite a bit. Maybe it needs a bit more toning. Anyway, the Raymond Chandler novel this is based on, The Long Goodbye, was sort of the same thing; it was a mystery story that also contained a lot of Chandler's social commentary on the corruption and decay in Los Angeles (bear in mind this was in like 1955 when LA was still basically fit for human habitation, so it's probably good he didn't live to see what a complete shithole it eventually became). I wanted to do a similar kind of thing with present-day Portland, Oregon.

>Btw I'm sorry that I never made and audionovel of it. I wanted to but life got in the way.

No worries. I'd still be interested in hearing it if you ever get around to it. I'm actually using most of that music I gave you as the soundtrack to the VN. If you ever get it done I could probably add it as bonus content to the game or something.

Thank you for the suggestions, glad you're interested. The story is mostly written already but I'm kind of editing it along the way so I might take some of these ideas into mind at various points.

>I'd recommend chatting with actual trannies on Discord, as revolting as it can be, just to see how mentally damaged and fragile they are.

Closest I ever got was talking to that Goat guy who infiltrated the /mlpol/ discord at one point. That's about the maximum level of interaction I feel like having with one of those screwballs. There's really only two trannies in the story anyway, and they're both fairly minor characters.

57ac6 No.247405

Just a question, will it be a point-and-click? I loved those games and although the genre's been dead for twenty years there might be a revival. A point-and-click also has more gameplay than a VN.

e0497 No.247420

File: 1571263008170.gif (567.84 KB, 1491x1487, 2314717B-140E-4ADA-9A4B-7D….gif)

Might be a bit to close to the original. tell me if you would like any modifications to the design.

38ef1 No.247458

Holy sheeit, that's freaking awesome. If you could do Flutterbutts in the same style I will love you forever.

I think if maybe you made each color off by just a slightly noticeable amount. Like maybe made the coat a different shade of blue and used a different color palette for the rainbow mane, like pastel colors or something, that might throw it off by just the right amount.

38ef1 No.247460

>Just a question, will it be a point-and-click?
If you mean point and click in the sense of like Monkey Island and that sort of thing, then no. However, I am also a fan of that sort of game and have made them in the past. If you would like to play one I made a while ago, you can play this one:


there is also a sequel:

Actually as long as I'm plugging ridiculous things I've made here's the completely retarded pony dating sim I threw together last year:

d7afb No.247478

You are a very poopy person and I feel bad when I sex you.

d7afb No.247480

> retarded pony dating sim
I'm actually thinking about doing something similar for my first game. It just won't be retarded, though.

d7afb No.247481

That is really good.

e0497 No.247550

File: 1571355546601-0.gif (116.52 KB, 487x670, 4B1A70F8-BEA9-4531-A9DB-21….gif)

File: 1571355546601-1.gif (519.8 KB, 4092x2893, AD0F822D-2E18-4993-97F0-BF….gif)

Made one with and one without a drop shadow

fbfc1 No.247562

File: 1571363628657.png (15.64 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Posting unfinished drawing. The Value slider got stuck in hue select mode.

2e366 No.247564

File: 1571365379525.jpeg (77.96 KB, 1000x759, my-little-pony-mlp-art-ma….jpeg)

Good one.
But Rainbow is screaming for a diet. No more fast food for her.

fb2c4 No.247569

>not liking thick mares

00846 No.247570

File: 1571367658241.png (105.27 KB, 640x480, dickpracticce.png)

Learning to use a new art program, just doing sketches of random things. I really need to get a drawing tablet too.

b9fe3 No.247583

Is it wrong that I want it to head-bang like the pidgeon meme?

2e366 No.247586

File: 1571374212191.png (199.6 KB, 766x1043, 84984089suspicious_pinkie.png)

There is an abyss between arty lewd and degenerate art. Usually it's a mirror of the soul.
You are a kike. Aren't you?

38ef1 No.247592

Perfect, I love it. Thanks again. also I like the thicc

Don't listen to >>247586 . Having a pigeon dick is the mark of the true patrician.

9e07f No.247606

File: 1571397601430-0.png (142.89 KB, 800x563, 2016-05-18_tank_dick.png)

File: 1571397601430-1.png (210.34 KB, 634x589, 2016-04-23_dood.png)

Ah, a fellow man of culture.
Also, you did pretty good for no tablet.

d7afb No.247609

e0497 No.247665

File: 1571434217556-0.gif (506.11 KB, 4092x2893, E2F9FAB2-BAAD-4539-87AC-F4….gif)

File: 1571434217556-1.gif (494.88 KB, 4092x2893, E2E0A38C-3E82-4B85-9400-33….gif)

38ef1 No.247686

Holy dickballs, that cutie mark is perfect. These are going straight in the game. Thanks very much.

d7afb No.247793

You are pretty good at this stuff.

e0497 No.247846

File: 1571518270845.png (450.6 KB, 4092x2893, tiger2andpon.png)

9e07f No.247849

File: 1571520712441-0.png (83.72 KB, 124x357, oh_no_a_lee.png)

File: 1571520712441-1.gif (3.61 KB, 200x136, 676339__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

She's arrived with the tank just in the nic of time.
Aryanne's cute as ever & the tank looks neat. Good work, anon.

2c503 No.248183

Not my suggestion, but I like it. Could any of you all help a filly out?

d7afb No.248240

File: 1571754256165.png (30.92 KB, 595x367, Oekaki.png)

d7afb No.248360

File: 1571842434529.png (21.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

ef991 No.248387

File: 1571866800968.jpg (20.44 KB, 375x375, Iroh.jpg)

There are a million Lees.

34381 No.248429

File: 1571890212049-0.gif (2.79 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.gif)

File: 1571890212049-1.png (5.72 MB, 2100x1500, dyx.png)

here's my attempt

d7afb No.248570

File: 1572035357559.png (13.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

d97e8 No.248606

Just got reminded that this old tranny furry meme exists… could someone put the same music over two still images of Aryanne contemplating and Aryanne looking at two gas valves labeled 'Ziggers' and 'Griffons'? Would be sort of a funny subversion of the original intent.

34381 No.248618

File: 1572066985976.webm (1.47 MB, 1280x720, ziggers n griffons choice….webm)

d97e8 No.248632

Thank you, doing god's work Anon.

c84ac No.248633

File: 1572075113139.png (837.53 KB, 1450x1650, UXIYqqD.png)

I love it.

d7afb No.248703

File: 1572140323710.png (18.73 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

b51f1 No.249046

File: 1572466655522.jpg (406 KB, 1000x2750, leslie_goes_crazy.jpg)

Hadn't made anything all month, and it is Spooktober, so I made this.

95098 No.250152

File: 1573435248925.png (2.17 MB, 7680x4320, aryanne_test.png)

have some superior horse

2cb06 No.250226

File: 1573509460857.jpg (2.16 MB, 3264x2448, usefulinfo.jpg)

Twiggles just thought you should know

3af77 No.252815

Well, done anon. I like it.

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