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File: 1523750508326.png (123.04 KB, 411x418, 2018-04-02 23.00.09.png)

ea8f0 No.140902

So, i readed the post about the homemade sub-machine gun here:
But i cannot stoped thinking about that a sub-machine gun it's a "short" gun and the implications it has on accuracy and the effective relative short range a SMG naturally has, and then i found this:


A fucking air-powered machine gun!
Here's the plans:


44f94 No.140903

That's pretty impressive

00d39 No.140904

Why didn't you just post this in the thread?
Why didn't you link it like this?

1c992 No.140905

that's pretty cool,and its not illegal

ea8f0 No.140906

Because that was it the SMG post, not the air gun post…well, it dosen't matter i guess.

9e931 No.141159

Is it reliable? How do I know it won't fall apart?

ea8f0 No.141163

I don't know, this homemade weapons are certainly unsure until many people or yourself make one.

03b5d No.141532

Good work. Saved. Hadn't seen this one.

c61c3 No.142633

This. Apparently someone's been trying to build the sheet metal pistol for a long time, but even now after many fixes it still doesn't work.

I certainly hope someone shows this gun to work though, as a weapon like this is exactly what we're going to need in europe.

7f5a6 No.142704

File: 1524512588871.mp4 (20.25 MB, 1280x720, FastloadingSlamfire.mp4)

Air-powered is nice, almost as nice as my slam-fire shotgun. The biggest advantage is that it's so simple you don't even need plans.

faecf No.142713

File: 1524514380462.jpg (21.43 KB, 600x450, metokur gun to head.jpg)


An Air powered 12G single load shotgun? hmmm… I suspect you still need a gun license for those?

d638d No.142719

Why not just buy a gun?

3efd6 No.142723

Sometimes you just can't get one. Further, as gun control becomes more extensive it will be harder to get firearms. Right now these are usually unregistered, which means you can get around bans and the like for self defense.

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