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File: 1523364002756.jpg (20.61 KB, 739x451, Spexit.jpg)

6d147 No.139144

What happened?

1 oct
>Catalan government wants independence
>makes joke referendum
>"NO YOU CAN'T" says spanish institutions and Catalan judges
>referendum happens anyway
>Spain sends cops to stop people, violence caught on cameras
>international uproar
>After some back and forth, Puigdemont "declares independence" based on joke referendum and suspends it 8 secs later at the end of the month
>Article 155 of the constitution and the entire Catalan government are now jobless
30 oct
>Called by the courts to testify for crimes soon thereafter
>"LOL I'm in Belgium now"
21 dec
>Elections are called in Catalonia
>Puigdemont at the head of one of the second biggest party, gets 34 seats.

22 jan
>Catalan Parliament proposes Puigdemont for president. Puigdemont goes to Denmark to a college debate.
27 jan
>Constitutional tribunal says puigdemont cannot be invested telematically.
2 feb
>Puigdemont dissapears again. This time he shows his actual residence in a 500 people village in Waterloo
1 march
>Puigdemont abandons his candicacy "provisionally" and proposes Jordi Sanchez, the number 2 of his party and in preemtive prision.
18 march
>Prankmaster goes on an international trip again, this time to Geneva, Switzerland to gain more international support for secession.
22 march
>Decides he wants to visit Finland now.
23 march
>Euro arrest order for crimes of embezzlement and Rebellion against Puigdemont and his 5 ex-councillors.
24 march
>Puig's Lawyer says his client fucked off from Helsinki.
25 march
>Prankmaster is found by the German police when he was travelling on his car from Denmark to Brussels.
26 march
>German police throw the hoodlum into preemtive prison and put a stop to his fiendish field trips.
And from this point on, the German justice takes up till the beggining of April to deliberate towards the extradition order from Spain.
The Spanish judges sends the documents towards the German courts regarding the case, Puigdemont responds with an initial statement towards the Supreme Court that there was no violence, only "isolated cases" from individual citizens, not the independence process itself, and his lawyers sends the document that neither of the presumpted crimes of embezzlement and rebellion are actually legit. Also, statements he's being prosecuted for political motives.

And now we get to the sentence on the 5th of April.

For this process, the German judges choosed to deliberate if the crimes suggested by the Spanish legal system where valid, and so, they turned to the German legal code.
A problem arised, as there's no such crime as "rebellion" in the German criminal code, so they looked for similarities, and found a similarity, in the crime of "high treason".

High Treason (German code of law)
81.High Treason agains the federation
(1) He who attempts with violence or trough means of menace and violence,
1. harm the existance of the Federal Republic of Germany
2. change the constituional order that is based on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, will be punished with life imprisonment or imprisonment no less than 10 years.
(2) For less severe cases, the imprisonment is from 1 year to 10 years

So after receiving all the extense documentation about what took place in Spain, in the time span of two days, the judge reached the conclusion that, although he did threaten with violence and manifested it trough the summoning of third parties to the event that fought the police for hours, the nature, magnitude and effect of said violence were not very significant, and thus, they wouldn't have been enough to effect enough pressure on the government to force them to capitulate the demands of the violent party. And thus, the crime of rebellion, aka high treason in German law (somewhat) did not occur, and an extradition for said crime is "inadmissible".
He, however, granted the possibility of embezzlement of public funds, and he was released from detention on bail of 75k€, This desicion came down because, even though there is risk of him getting away and leaving the country, embezzlement is not a severe enough crime to warrant a preemtive imprisonment before extraditation to Spain.
The charge of embezzlement however, is not clear to the local German authorities whether or not were carried out with public funds, and will require a lot of assitance from the Spanish authorities to determine whether or not the secession referendum was carried out with public money, or it was provided trough other means (like Soros)
And from my limited knowledge of legal procediments, this means the German legal system has accused Puigdemont of a crime and found it to be not guilty, which would mean he cannot be accused of the same crime again in Spain.

In Spain this desicion hasn't been… very well received, to put lightly.

6d147 No.139145

File: 1523364070133.jpeg (292.99 KB, 693x900, 763384.jpeg)

The Spanish citizens, specially some of the judges, are less than happy than a local German court discarted the accusations made by a member Estate and took the matter of judging the accused by his own hands.
Some others have started to question whether or not is actually a good idea for Spain to be in the EU, and why are we even here in the first place.
Our president had finally stated he's "sad" and "dissapointed", but believe Merkel wants the best for Spain.
Some other more prone to cede under public opinion and not bend over towards the greasy strapon bathed on European blood of Miss Merkel, said the following:
>"If the Euroorder doesn't work, the Schengen agreement is pointless."
>"If someone tries to carry out a coup and is not returned to the country said coup was attempted, maybe lifting the border was a bad desicion"
>"If the EU is there for Estates to question one another, the EU lloss its function"
>"The German justice must be in agreement with our reason, because our reason is the existence of EUrope. Europe has to protect all of European to make sense"

Now, if you think that was messy, just wait until you hear the response from the German federal justice minister, Katarina Barley.
>"The desicion of the Regional Tribunal is absolutely correct. I was waiting for it"
>"Spain now has to clarify its petition of extradition for the crime of emblezzement, but it won't be easy" and that if our president doesn't justify it, "the arrest order will be suspended"
>"Only then Puigdemont would be a free man in a free country, that is, the Federal Republic of Germany"
Also some estatements about political reasons behind this case.

After this, it has been full damage control from our media and large segments of our government, while accussations of holocaust and Nazism have flown towards the Germans, and demands towards the government to present a protest towards the German government and demand a rectification from the German Minister, and call for a Minister Justice Council to demand the reprobate of said Minsiter, to call for a retraction and removal of the German Local Judges… pretty much asking to do anything other than say "its okay guys, Merkel is on our side" with the usual little success of anything that demands any action from our government.
So basically like when Fernando VII was congratulation Napoleon for his victories on Spain. Besides, our president is too focused right now on denigrate his opossition.

TL;DR: After a field trip, Puigdemont gets arrested by German police, and the German local judirical authorities question the legimitacy of the claims of the Spanish Supreme Court and say he din du nuffin, and a german Minister of Justice rubs in the wound and say Puigdemont would likely be free in a free country, like Germany.

d8150 No.139155

I hope Spain leaves. The sooner the EU dies the better.

d5861 No.139160

Watching the EU break apart is fun. I hope some other country can help expatiate Spains Exit. If someone could argue that Spain isn't respecting Germany or freedom and in turn make Spain loose their voting rights in the EU parliament I think and Exit might come even sooner. Then make more and more countries loose voting rights in the EU parliament until only Germany and a few others have the right to govern other EU countries.

51817 No.139629

> The sooner the EU dies the better.

c4212 No.139751

So a madman decided he'd cause a stir. About time.

18c58 No.139825

>Spain wants to secede from the EU
>because Catalonia tried to secede from Spain

4d45e No.139826

File: 1523554493598.jpg (8.06 KB, 261x216, 3434534.jpg)

Why? So they can do about Catalonia whatever they want without giving a buck about EU's bitching?

492a7 No.139848

File: 1523561283159.png (263.82 KB, 1080x1003, ponypill.png)

>German local juridical authorities question the legitimacy of the claims of the Spanish Supreme Court and say he din du nuffin

This is why he didn't get arrested in Finland. They didn't want to touch him even with 3 meter pole since whatever they'd do with him they'd get fucked with a huge political loss.

Claim that he didn't do nuffing and Spain gets butthurt. Battle in court to give him up and face the media shitstorm on how your system is fucked up for giving up people on claims that wouldn't fly in your own legal system.

Puigdemont is politically toxic since he's an embodiment of separatism which is a taboo within EU. They cannot publicly go against popular movements demanding a democratic self governance but at the same time they cannot support separatism since that would be an attack against nation states within EU.

ad985 No.139956

The EU army would be against any "Nazi uprising", and it would use that as a chance to massacre dissenters and any white people caught in the crossfire. Everyone's a nazi to these people. These people can't be trusted with an army.

96032 No.146402

File: 1525973134972.png (333.47 KB, 685x800, 527037.png)

Is that time of the month again, and quite a bit of things have happened since the German bitch-slap.
And for today, I would like to introduce our minister of Hacienda (pretty much the Spanish treasury) Cristobal Montoro. He's such a big liar that even the European Union is calling bullshit on the budget he put together and presented to them. He has done things such as extracting money from the pensions and put them as income, and delay the tax refunds of 400k people to the next year so they don't appear as expenditures (and other shady things) to increase the overall balance of the report plus presenting a badly calculated GPD and pretend Spain is doing better than it actually is.

First, I would like to clarify, after reading and listening to some experts on the matter, the reason why Puigdemont was not charged with the German crime of high treason that was very similar to the rebellion crime in Spain was just because they had a different name. The local judge most likely didn't want to be called by a higher judicial office because he had condemned someone of guilty for a crime that does not exist in the German code of law, and to not have any trouble in the future, the judge just cleaned his hands and said "that's not a crime" and not my problem.

Now, right after Puigdemont was declared not guilty for the crime of high treason, and the different legal bodies started preparing the legal case for embezzlement of public money for the referendum, our lovely minister of Hacienda declared in an interview for a newspaper that "no public money was used during the referendum".

This was immediately, taken advantage by the defense of the fugitive as claim that the crime of embezzlement was also bogus nonsense from evil Spain.
Not even 24h later the Civil Guard was putting report after report of public funds used for the referendum, with 1.9m confirmed just from their investigation, with very detailed numbers such as:

-17.690€ came from public subsidies to the secessionist party of JxSI
-196.698€ from subsidies the minister of Culture
-193.889€ from the vice presidency
-192.711€ Health
-197.492€ Employment
-198.871€ from the presidency

And used for:

-502.639€ for publicity campaign (224.835€ in domestic publicity, and 277.804€ in international publicity)
-119.700€ for transport and lodging of international observers
-979.661€ for ballot papers, requested to the mail company Unipost and the respective letters for the referendum vote.

Among others, we also got the numbers of how the financed the previous referendum of the 9th of Novemeber of 2014
Right after this, the Judge Llanera, the one in charge of sending the international arrest order, called Montoro for explanations for this claim of "no public money used in the referendum". Montoro later made some claims in TV that "there might have been some loose bills here and there"

The government and the media have not stood there doing nothing, there has been in Spain a very polemic trial about a case of a group called "the pack", a group of 5 Spaniards accused of raping a Woman, and has been going on for 2 years in many media outlets. Now the judge of that case have concluded that she was coerced (not raped), and what followed was an angry mob of crazy feminist, alongside the media and the government, and even some EU responses, saying how the judges are sexist and should be indoctrinated for gender non-bias, teach what a rape is… bla bla bla.
Pretty much, the government and the media took advantage of a pro-feminist trial and used it to discredit the whole judicial system and hope to reduce trust in it by the Germans and the international community so that Puigdemont doesn't get extradited.

Our president has actually done a surprising display and actually put effort into something. That something was putting pressure and doing everything he can to conform a government in Catalonia before the time to form a government runs out the 22 this month and we have to go to new elections. This guy has no loyalty to neither Spain nor Spaniards, and he is willing to sell his soul to the devil to ensure he's protected against the law and not go to jail. Sad for him and the rest of the government, specially the minister of Hacienda, that is becoming harder and harder by the day, and they will end up accused of promoters of corruption, beneficiary of it, collaboration with rebellion, and maybe even high treason.

The Parliament of Catalonia has passed a law that would allow them to name Puigdemont president telematically, since they have gone with about 19 candidacy proposals (about 1 each 6 days), but they all failed or were jailed before it happened. One even made his presidential speech right before he was jailed.
We are now in the process of waiting for the president to call upon the constitutional tribunal and invalidate said law, although he might even chicken out and not do it so the separatist government can be formed.

And lastly, regarding the economy, there's an important thing to mention.
The European Central Bank is planning to end their expansive monetary policy and stop buying debt from the different nations of Europe on September this year.
In the case Spain, its only growth nowadays is debt, and it needs 230km€ in cash from the BCE every year to finance its deficit.
What will happen to Spain once the BCE stops buying debt from the European States is that Spain will become insolvent, and will have to enter receivership, and end in a defacto Greece situation. The difference with Greece is that Spain cannot be rescued, because Spain is 7 times Greece. Specially when the UK is not in the EU.
If the BCE stops buying debt in the end, and the EU doens't do something creative to rescue Spain and save face, Spain is big enough to drag the Eurozone and the Euro down with her.

Whatever happens, it will happen this month or we will have to wait for a new election in Catalonia.

96032 No.147191

File: 1526331869746.png (323.38 KB, 1135x1024, twilight 42.png)

New update, in which Catalonia gets a new president, AT LAST!

Due to the legal troubles, Puigdemont chosed not to be named the president of Catalonia, and suggested instead, the indepedentist Quim Torra.
He's more well known due to his opinion regarding the differences between Spaniards and Catalan people:
>"In Spain, the miscegenation recognized for external morphological characteristics, such as darker and curlier hair, and more darker skin due to pigmentation and not the sun, plus the inferior jaw angle is inferior to the Catalan."
>"The Spaniard can be considered as an element of the white race in an evolutive process towards the african-semitic racial component, aka Arab. The averague IQ between a Catalan and a Spaniard is, according to statistics published by the Ministry of Education and Science gives a clear advantage to Catalans."
>"The progresive Spanish racial degradation can be spread to the Catalans due to strong immigration, you can clearly see if you observe the characterological difference between the man in the field, not contaminated by the Spanish lineage, and the one at the cities."
>"The working character of the European and the Catalan is an animic factor opposite to the lazy and pro-african Spaniard."
>"This is why we must consider that the Catalan racial configuration which is more purely white than the Spanish one, and thus, superior to Spanish in its racial sense."

Which is kinda funny considering the Catalonia he lives in today. Pic related.

There was a plenary summit on Saturday, when the 4th attempt for a candidate pronounced his presidential speech:
>"I should not be here today, I should not be doing a presidential debate. Let it be clear our president is Carles Puigdemont. We will be loyal to the mandate of the 1st of October"
>"It should've been Puigdemont the one who pronounced this spech, and it'll have to be him the one who does the biggest amount of good possible"
>"We will persist, resist, and we will invest him president. The moment demands out of all of us all the responsability"
>"We then start a time o transition that signals a provisional framework with a strong government and country that will face all the challenges we face today"
>"I assume all responsability derivated from our actions. How we advance towards the republic is our exclusive responsability. If I am invested, the 155 will be lifted and we will have no exucse to work for the republic"
>"There are political prisoners and the will of the ballots has not been shown. Not like this."
>"We will offer our hand to the Spanish government to solve the political problems from government to government"
>(In spanish) "Spanish President Mariano Rajoy, wanna talk?"
>(In English, to the EU) "There's an unnacceptable silence from the European Institutions"
>"What was broken with the detentions and exile is the live of many families. We cannot move forward if we do not propose a manifesto stating that the Catalan political crisis is also a humanitarian crisis"
>"Is in the Citizens where the reason of existence of the republic resides"
>"We await two big moments in this legislature: the trial of the political prisoners and the municipal elections of 2019"
>"We give our support to the public media as necessary instruments to guarantee the right to independent information"
>"We will reestalish, consolidate and amplify the external delegations of our Government"
>"Freedom will not come from this parlament or Government, you have earned it yourself. Do not renounce to your personal freedom. Out victory is the failliure of the State"
*the chamber claps*
As his personal steps, he's creating a comission to study the effects of the 155", wishes redact a new Catalan constitution and implement a National Pact and circular economy, because "the fiscal deficit is drowning them and stops them from giving the public services they deserve"
For the rest, he's subscribing to the program of Jordi Turull.

96032 No.147192

After some criticism from the rest of the parties, the final votes were as follow:


With the requirement votes being 68, so he will have to wait till the one of monday, today.

And here's today's Parliament summit.

It begins with Mr. Torra entering the summit, and giving a salute to other members of parliament, the political prisioners, and "Our president Carles Puigdemont"
>"I want a republic for everyone … to create a Constitutional Project"
>(In Catalan, Spanish and Italian(?) for some reason) "This Republic is everyone, Carles Puigdemont is following the debate very closely in Berlin and believes we will be able to find a common point easily"
>"We have to aim for multilingual in all social policies"
>"I will stablish a minimun salary of 1.1k€ monthly"
>"We are together to build a better country"
And some more about healthcare law, Nacional industry, public transport, plan of quality air…
>"We have to thank the work of those public workers of Catalonia that have had to live with the 155"
He offers a time for remembering the victims of terrorism
*Parliament claps*
>"I apologize for my tweets of 2012. I regret it and it won't happen again. We have to recognize the errors and the good in our ways, but I couldn't ask for you to do so if I didn't do it first"
>"The posibility of independence is an European project at its root. We are a nation, we decide"
>"Fellow councillors, may we be lucky in the path we undertake today"

Puigdemont says:
>"Thanks Quim Torra for the serenity, rigor, compromise and dignity in which you have wrapped your speech today"

The rest is the constitutionalist parties with remarks of displeasure with the hole process, such as:
>"A country in which a man in exile that attempted a coup and delegates the vote and the government doesn't request an intervention from the Constitutional Tribunal is not a democratic country"
>"you cannot do all that you suggested without concensus, are you going to do what you promised now or when you get your republic?"
>"Are you going to govern for all Catalans? Even those that speak Spanish?"
>"Can you even be Catalan without supporting the independence projet?"
Also some remarks regarding some of the president's historic record of racist comments toward Spaniards.
And then, at last, after some more intervetions of the rest of the parties, Quim Torra is named president of Catalonia after the vote, at 14:33 of today.

The remarks from the new president are "One day I will invest Puigdemont", "I will like to thank the people of Catalonia" and "LONG LIVE FREE CATALONIA"

>"All my support and affection" - Puigdemont


TL;DR: After they realized Puigdemont coulnd't be invested, they decided to name a puppet to listen to every word of Puigdemont instead. Spanish government says is okay to have a government that advicates for balcanization, and uses taxpayer money for said purpose, as long as they "respect the law".

Basically, we have a full government in charge that oppenly advocates seccesion and admit they will use education and the media for it. And the government doesn't even bat and eye! Welcome to Spain.

ea7c1 No.147194

Could Spexit really be a plausible reality in this timeline?

96032 No.147195

>Could Spexit really be a plausible reality in this timeline?
Sadly, nope. There were a few people voicing opinions in the government and the media saying things like "maybe we should step outside some of the programs of the EU, like the Schengen Area" which was the most anti-european sentiment we've gotten pretty much since we joined.
Public opinion was a little more upset, and is less prone to forgive than the media when it comes to things like these.
Regardless, Puigdemont might get extradited to Spain for emblezzement in the end, so it all might end up in nothing and Spain will return to being the sbuserviant vassal of the EU it has always been.

The real damage Spain can do to the EU would be if it entered a Greece-like crisis, which is very close to anyway. As soon as the EU stops its monetary policy we're doom. If that happens, we're taking down the Euro with us, and it might even make some more euroskeptics nations to say "enough" and just start their own leaving processes.

So no, Spain is not leaving the EU anytime soon, but it might be the best for the end of the EU that Spain stays within the EU for the time being.

6aac5 No.147197

>The real damage Spain can do to the EU would be if it entered a Greece-like crisis, which is very close to anyway.
Wouldn't that be leaving the EU if the EU collapses and there is no EU left anymore?

96032 No.147199

>Wouldn't that be leaving the EU if the EU collapses and there is no EU left anymore?
Well, I am talking as the EU is right now.
Spain is a dead weight economically, thanks in big part to the policies imposed by the EU and our cucked politicians that bended over like good vassals.
If Spain were to leave right now, the union will benefit because they will lose a dead weight. Benefited economically that is. And in the short term.
In fact, all states of the EU would benefit except for richs states with high exports, like Germany, since the value of the Euro would go up, and German exports would go down.
Spain need 230k million € yearly to finance what's left of this broken country.
If that cash flow stops, and Spain goes into a Greece-like situation, not only it would be an almost impossible challenge to save Spain's economy, because said economy is much bigger than Greece, but if the economy of Spain does not get bailed, it can pretty much tear down the entire Eurozone, which is one of the pillars of the EU.
Which in consecuence will make more people lose confidence into the EU, and force different countries to issue their own currency, which will create further rupture among the member states.

1077e No.147235

So Torra seems to be a race realist. In the unlikely event of successful secession, would he be able to uncuck Catalonia and turn it into an ethnostate?

Would it be plausible for the EU to try to save itself by kicking out Spain?

96032 No.147381

File: 1526418108845.jpg (84.26 KB, 750x656, Muslims per region.jpg)

>So Torra seems to be a race realist.
No he's not, he's a failed insurance salesman that saw how profitable nationalism was, and decided to get in there early and get a piece of the pie. I highly doubt he hold those views in the first place. And even if it does, the only "arian" people left in Spain would be the ones at the north of Galicia, definitely not the Catalonians.

>In the unlikely event of successful secession, would he be able to uncuck Catalonia and turn it into an ethnostate?

No, because first, he's not his own president, he's most likely listening to whatever Puigdemont tells him to do.
Second, Catalonia has a much bigger problem than Spaniards invading them right now, like actual arabs and subsahran africans, which this "race realist" is not speaking out against, only Spaniards.
This is because they have a very "modern left wing nationalism". And by this I mean is based upon opressed and opressor. Their ethnic nationalism is not born out of any actual apreciation for the Catalan people, but a hatred for the Spanish people. It is not credible ethnic nationalism if you take all the muslims, africas, chinese and whoever wants in as long as they are not Spaniards.
If we add into the mix they love the EU and the first thing in their agenda after leaving Spain would be joining the EU ASAP, I would hold very dim hopes on Catalonia uncucking itself.
>Would it be plausible for the EU to try to save itself by kicking out Spain?
I don't think the EU can even kick member states. I remember back in the day being an issue regarding the Greek crisis and people asking for a mechanism to kick people out of the Eurozone.
Regardless, even if there was a mechanism, it would require a vote by the rest of the member states, no way the comission can do that by themselves.
And even if they were to create a mechanism, and the final result be to kick Spain, that would send a very very negative message to everyone in the EU.
Are you a member state? Well, you now know you can be kicked at any time if you fucked up.
Are you a business? Well, you now know one of the countries you have a presence in could be kicked out at any time and remove from EU deals and currency. If you don't like it suck it.
Also, what if the country that got out starts improving itself and becoming better? The EU will balkanize completely in less than a decade.

So if stop buying debt is not an option, and kickim states from the EU not only there's no mechanism for it, but it has waaay too many ways in which it can go wrong, what should the EU do?
Try keeping the money pumping and flowing into the empoberish states, while at the same time focusing on improving the situation. Which of course means removing money from refugee programs, feminist organizations, diversity comissions, and more policies of the sort.

TL;DR: The EU is doomed, is just a matter of when.

31be8 No.147415

>TL;DR: The EU is doomed, is just a matter of when.

Music to my ears.

c92b1 No.154031

File: 1529280449686.jpg (105.04 KB, 900x820, what am I looking at right….jpg)

Sorry for lack of updates, real life is a bitch.

There has been quite a turmoil since last time. First of all, one of the government of the provinces was caught up in a corruption case, and unlike the usual, they got sentenced to jail with 30+ years of prison.
This is important because they happen to be members of the same party that was in charge of the government, and while it was not directly contributing to the corruption, it was a beneficiary of it.
The left wing mainstream party, the socialist, presented a motion of no confidence against our president, and was quickly supported by the Catalans and Podemos (antifa party).
Later on, the center party Citizens decided, albeit displaying reluctancy, to also support the motion of no confidence.
After that they were missing a handful of votes to make this motion go through, and the Vasque party had yet to vote.

After the news repeating everything was dependent on the vasque to decide whether our president stays or leaves, they responded with something that can be summed up as:

>"the decision in the hands of the Vasque party? Really?"

>"The inability of the Spanish Nation to reach agreements is incredible "
>"We have no interest in provoke the destabilization of the state"
>"We cannot govern Spain, we are a Vasque party"
>"Dropping this situation on us after months creating political tsunamis one after another"
>"We shouldn't modify the penal code regarding the crime of rebellion, to penalize the Nations of Catalonia and the Vasque Nation"
>"We do not want to go against the European project"
>"We know we're going to be blamed, falsely, no matter what decision we take, but we have the responsibility to fix the mess the parties have left, since there's nobody else that can do it"

And more statements saying how the Vasque need to solve Spain's problem and every politician is a partisan, while they also just vote for their own interesting.
Despite many days of the rest of their party begging the president to resign to that the socialist wouldn't take over government, our president still remained haughty and saying that there was nothing to worry about.
This all culminated with the day before the vote having our president in a restaurant while his party was discussing his proposal in the parliament.

Long story short, vote went trough and our government was destitute and replaced by the socialist, many statements how everything was for the best, how people were sad, and our now ex-president says "I leave leaving behind me a better Spain"
And that constitutes how Spain got his first non-elected government since the democracy was instantiated.

c92b1 No.154032

File: 1529280470140.jpg (100.38 KB, 736x818, This is fine.jpg)

And the first thing our government did was rescind the article 155 since they already have an elected government, returned the accounts of the public representatives, which will now be watched, to make sure they don't misuse them next time (even though last time they were being watched, yet they still allowed them to steal money for the referendum anyway)
From them on, the government has included quite the interesting people in government positions to replace the old one. from hardcore feminist to Catalan nationalists, the new government has brought quite the attention for the low amount of straight white males on it.
The new president is looking forward to negotiate with the new Catalan president and his demands.
The minimum that can be expected from this is giving them more money to finance their independence, and of course more useless institutions to promote independence to put their friends in.
And the most they can give them would be a pacted referendum of independence now controlled by Spain's government itself.
Our new president hasn't lost any time to make his new vision of Spain unfold, and has called Italy and told them to send them the immigrants they rejected at the port, because Spain is a very inclusive country, and we cannot tolerate to see some poor refugees suffer.
A French NGO has not lost anytime to get the immigrants and the sea and move them all the way to Spain (ignoring France of course), and our new government has stated they want to do more to help people in need.
How? Well, just issuing a public healthcare card that allowed EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT to benefit from the public healthcare system and have their needs covered, because we don't have enough problems with our huge debt and the secessionist.

Some pictures and videos of the arrival

The Catalan government, meanwhile, has decided to make policies to ruin all those business working in Catalonia that do not support independence. They are preparing a list of business that support the Catalan republic and will promote the consumption of these business opposite to those that do not support independence, and will favor the pro-independence if there's ever any need for any public money in the form of subsidies to go into the market.
They want to harm and weaken all companies from the National Spanish stock exchange and all those that decided to leave Catalonia during the last year economic meltdown of the region.
They not only are not going to close the foreign embassies, but they also want to open more, to put their friends at the expense of the average Spanish taxpayer.
Many ministers of Catalonia, have supported the demands made to transport the political prisoners to prison of Catalonia arguing that "they will make their lives easier" and "their dignity is not up for debate". Probably planning to release them afterwards claiming some medical reason or x article, and giving them some sort of conditional freedom.
The new Catalan president has presented a complaint at the Supreme Court against the judge that is working in the independence case for crimes against fundamental rights, illegal detention, obstruction of the chamber, and judicial prevarication due to the deputies imprisoned in Spain and outside. And his argument is that this should not happen because the parliamentarians have immunity and should've freed as soon as they were elected last year.
This is why the judge shouldn't have chosen the Nuremberg route and imprison just a dozen, but imprison the thousands amount all the institutions and the government. Now he's being attacked by all sides. Also, names and addresses of his family have been circulating trough social media and they even made it trough the Catalan TV station.

Now, do you see any problem with any of this? Because our king does not, and went to sign the act for president of Catalonia to Torra happy legality has been reestablished.

TL;DR: Our last government got BTFO and removed from parliament, the government that destitute them because the new defacto government. They went all refugee happy and are looking forward to negotiate with the secessionist and showing to the EU how good subjects they are, probably to have them rescue the country since they have seen how the public funding looks.
Meanwhile, the independent are just grabbing more and more, and everyone that can stop them either smiles at them, help them or gets attacked from all sides.
Please nuke us.

f1872 No.154034

File: 1529280847851.gif (120.34 KB, 840x720, 1706606__safe_edit_edited ….gif)

This doesn't sound too good

76b98 No.154036

War now NERD

b6798 No.154037

File: 1529282556284.gif (354.75 KB, 535x660, 11388.gif)

Welp, i guess Spain will go even deeper into rabbit hole than Greece did… because with Greece it was generations of mediterranean laziness with money and bookkeeping, not because full-blown communism. If this causes Spain to exit EU further future i see for Spain is Venezuela 2.0 because with communist ideals comes completely new levels of corruption, which will drive big wedge between wealthy and poor or those who are with whoever/whatever in power and those that aren't. Followed by riots and maybe another civil war, this time probably with some allahu snackbar to spice things up.

74fd0 No.154045

Well, at the very least, a smuggling operation to bring guns in from the US for a Nationalist uprising will be profitable. Sorry to hear about the state of Spain, though: another old-world empire falls to socialism.

a2584 No.154063

File: 1529301885535.jpeg (28.58 KB, 576x324, Franco.jpeg)

It's time to come back.

6af64 No.161446

File: 1532639765959.png (418.15 KB, 1280x720, I am spaghetti.png)

Well well well, seems like our new president has not wasted any second while he was in power.

Let's organize this a bit


The new government is trying to remove the barbed wire walls at Ceuta & Melilla, the two provinces of Spain at the north of Africa, which the police complained worried they wouldn't be able to cope with all the people coming over if they remove the walls.
According to the police, the immigrants are not hungry and desperate people, but well huge and well built individuals, carrying over hooks and shoes with nails.
The ministry council approved free healthcare to all illegals.
Many ports are collapsed from people smuggling illegals, and the Canary Islands are under an outright invasion.
This last month alone, Spain has received ~7k immigrants. ~21k this whole year.
Many of them are going to the Vasques and Catabria, and others just gone missing out of the sudden.
Out of the ~600 people from the ship Acuarius, ~200 have gone missing already.
The new Catalan president, a true example to follow when it comes to defending out values, had this to say when the NGO "OPEN ARMS" tweeted there was 1k people adrift:
>"We want to welcome, we cannot have 1000 people adrift in the Mediterranean"
>"In Catalonia we are ready to receive at least 1800 refugees"
>"We open the doors to this humanitarian drama and we ask Europe to not look the other way"

So much for the race realist president.

Our new president and his 15% of public votes has also pledged to Germany that they can use our country as a safe heaven for their poor refugees if they feel they are overwhelmed. So can any nation. EVERYONE TO SPAIN!
This has awarded him some small change from the rest of the EU in the range of tens of thousands.

The response didn't take long to arrive, the new peaceful subsaharan immigrants seeking refuge from the terrible war of Africa has stormed the barbed wire walls attacking the border guards with feces, Calcium Oxide powder and home made flamethrowers in a peaceful way to seek refuge the horrors of war and terrorism.

But Ceuta and Melilla are just one step away from the paradise of Free Healthcare that is the Iberian Península
The response of our president:
>"We have to protect the frontiers with dignity and respect to the immigrants"

A message has been flying throw whatssapp from a nurse in an hospital of Ceuta that says the following:
>"Good morning. I'm going to tell you I've been called from management to go to emergencies to help since there has been an avalanche of blacks, around 400 that have jumped the fence. But the ones we are treating are not blacks, they are police pretty young to whom the black assholes have throw 'Cal viva' (common name for Calcium oxide). Each of them with arms, eyes, and other limbs burned. I hope this appears in the news. So sad. One crying saying he couldn't imagine what happened to them. Anyways, I'm outraged"


In the year 2009, the king founded the Prince of Girona foundation, with the objective to get close to the Catalans.
They even changed Gerona to Girona, as it's pronounced in Catalan, instead of Spanish.
The purpose of the foundation is to promote and award the projects of young people.
The moment to give the awards away was growing close, but the mayor of Gerona refused to allow the prizes to be given in the auditory of Gerona, as it is tradition.
The ceremony was instead in a restaurant, that was also threaten for giving the local for the event.
The mayor also voiced her opinion to convince all institutions in the patronage of the fair of Gerona to not allow the auditory to ever be used again for those awards, as she considers it a matter of dignity after the dark day for European democracy that was the day of the referendum.
The king has been declared an unwelcome guest in Catalonia for the speech after the 1st of October, and that his duty is to try to please everyone in a fair manner, which he didn't.
They also want to break institutional relationship with the government due to the brutal repressions of the 1st of October
As soon as the king arrived, he was received with protesters burning the photo of the king.
The government of Catalonia was missing during the whole event. The president of the second main party of Catalonia even announced she was going to be in another municipality inaugurating a plaza (funded with taxpayer money) with the name of 1st of October in memory of the referendum last year.

The current Catalan president Torra, alongside the imprisonment ex-president Arthur Mas and the other ex-president in exile Carlos Puigdemont, sent a signed letter where they suggesting that the inauguration of the Mediterranean games was a change to repair that which violence and repression and persecution against the referendum provoked.
The letter also had a PD by the president that asked the king a reunion to expose the situation that exist today in Catalonia, which was then redelivered by the royal house to the president of Spain.
Our current president has also made a multimillion investment proposal for Catalonia, while at the same time ignoring the rest of Spain
The Catalan president has done all he could hoping the president reconsidered and ask for forgiveness for supporting the violence of the day of the referendum, but he feels the monarc hasn't even given a word of comfort or support to the people.
The negative of the monarc to bown down to his demands shows that even 40 years after fascism there is still no normality in catalona and people are still being persecuted for their ideology and they will continue to defy the opposition to secession.

6af64 No.161448

File: 1532639794671.png (64.75 KB, 325x365, Where was the gun again.png)

The government of Catalonia approved a decree to reopen 6 Catalan offices in the following states:
That were closed after the 155
The objective of this action is to retrieve the liberty Spain has ripped from Catalonia
Also, new embassyes will be opened in the middle east and north africa

The Catalan president made a trip to the US, and had the following to say.
>"today in the capital of the US, where freedom and the dignity of the people is help with high regard, I want to proclaim that I believe with utmost hope that soon Catalonia will soon join the rest of independent nations of the world"
He also participated in the smithsonian folklife festival where the Catalan culture is now the invited one

One of the women that espaped from justice has been named ambassador in Brussels, and nobody bats and eye in the government nor the media.
Catalonian american council

Our president has also summoned a constitutional convention, which basically means they form a group, sit down, and look how they can reinterpret the constitution without needing to change it.
The other deputees in government can lay a complaint in the constitutional tribunal, but since everyone in government is pretty much a traitor/prevaricator so, we're most likley fucked while the fraud marchs on.
He said we are a nation of nations, and wants to give the right to decide (to secede) to whoever wants to decide.


The Spanish president and the Vasque president have made an agreement for moving the prisoners from the terrorist organization ETA to vasque prisons, plus the negotiation and transference of the next 37 competences:
A few highways
General purpose ports
Study and experimentation Center for public building of infrastructure.
Transport trough roads
Maritime Rescue
Institutional Administration
Organization and orientation of fishing and maritimal crops
Fishing inspection
Agrarian insurance
Unemployment benefits
Organize and administrate the coast
Credit and Banking
Overall insurance
Public state sector
Official Credit
Stock Market
Expenditure, Homologation and convalidation of foreign titles and studies in University.
Legislation over Pharmaceutical products.
School insurance
Tourist hostels
Protector fund for cinematography
Assignation of ISBN and ISSN
Expenditure of permits and matriculation of traffic
Private security services
The municipal electoral regime
Inspection of social work and social security
National institute of social security
Social Institute of the marine
Administration of the social security
Salary guarantee fund
Centers of investigation and technical support.

Plus our president stated regarding the concessions above:
>"We must all focus on what's ahead and help normalize connivance in the Vasque Country"

Now I'm writing this long list out to illustrate one thing. The constitution dictates the main Government can grant competences to different regions, but it can NEVER take them back, because there are no legal mechanisms to do so.
Except extreme cases like last year.

Also, since the Vasques are getting the penitentiary system, once they have the inmates they will release them just like the Catalans.


The new ministry of finance stated they found an unpleasant fact as soon as she arrived at her job.
The debt was not 98% as goo'old Montoro might have wanted you to believe, but +134%! Good heavens, who could've seen that one coming?

The reasons why she did this are probably among:
>"This debt wasn't me! It was here when I arrived, blame the other one"
>"Get ready EU to rescue us, because we ned mo money fo dem Catalans and Vasques and migrants and politicians and yadadayda…"
>"Get ready Spain, because the EU is going to force us to raise your taxes even more! Is not like we want to or anything, is the EU, I swear! And no, we can't cut any wasteful spending because there's no wasteful spending in our beautiful system"
After a good publicity stun and saying they will uphold all their electoral promises, such as equate the salaries of the badly payed Spanish police of certain regions like Catalonia, free healthcare for everyone, and guarantee the pensions, the newly named minister of economy was called to Brussels and asked how they were going to pay for all of it, to which she responded:
>"Sirs, trust not in what you hear, but in what is done"
Which is the most bold statements of "we're a bunch of liars" I've heard politicians say in quite some time.
So far, the equating of police salaries have been denied. However, the free healthcare for everyone has been given the green light, and is a guaranteed measure the new government will take.
She's also of the believe of:
>"The crisis is not a problem of spending, is a problem of income"

Reminder that Europe will decrease the purchase of the debt of the member states by half at around October, and will officially stop buying anything at 1st of January.
If this wasn't enough, the oil price is rising, and is a resource Spain is seriously lacking, and that is going to be as bad, if not worse than the debt problem in the long run.
Also, by looking at the numbers, our economy is slowing down, and according to our ministry of economy, each 10% of increase in the value of energy implies a decrease of 0,7% in GDP.

A brief summary: slowing economy, increase of spending and taxes to buy votes and pay for appointed friends and family and other money hungry segments, deficit out of control above 3% considering last years records, increase of the price of energy due to oil, inflation is increasing, decrease in foreign investing for all this shit, stop purchasing of debt from the EU, breaking various systems, including pensions that are sustained solely by debt.

So, we either get a divine miracle of we will have payment suspension Greece style on a massive scale

6af64 No.161449

File: 1532639813060.gif (80.6 KB, 240x138, Why not.gif)

He might come back actually, just not in the way you expect.
The new president has also taken on the footsteps on his predecessors and wants to dig the remains of Franco that reside in the Valley of the Fallen.
>>>>>>>Why not?
The abbey is in charge of the ecclesiastical authorities, and they cannot dig the remains without their permission.
What was their response about digging the remains of the one who saved them last century and probably the most important man for the Catholic church in the last century? Well, nothing of course, they looked the other way.

Sorry for long update, things have accumulated, and when I found some time to make the update, my notes were a mess, I hope I didn't miss anything.
That's it for now, please be kind to poo'old Spain and nuke us when you can, save us the suffering.

782d1 No.166200

03b25 No.171383

File: 1536966709751.jpg (498.91 KB, 1080x1540, 4y8zLbA.jpg)


3a949 No.176620

File: 1538434529240.jpg (1011.3 KB, 2880x1416, The Empire where the sun n….jpg)

Sorry for the long delay, and sorry in advance for rushing trough this update, but there's something quite big going on right now in Catalonia, and I want to cover it live.

Anyway, without further ado, heeere we go



Our new ministry of foreign affairs states that the administrative power of the Occidental Sahara is Morocco, despite the administrative power that is even recognized by the UN is Spain.
He also says Catalonia is a nation.
The mayor of Madrid has designed an "ID of neighbourhood" to help street vendors leave illegal selling.
"Illegal sales are not desireable, but they are not a problem" She says.

The new president has decided to take both the Police and the Civil Guard out of the Vasque region. The objective would be to have them leave by January of 2020, and dismantle all the quartering for the aforementioned bodies.
Reminder that the Catalan government, as well as the Vasque, already tried to adquire war weaponry and equipment.

The new president has modified the law of Gender Violence by Royal Decree, which is a losely equivalent to executive order in the United States. That is, executive power legistating without the approval of the legislative.
It changes how a victim is recognized, being enough to just sue trough an administrative institution and without the need of any judicial process is capable of giving sentence to the people being sued.
Royal Decrees have been quite popular in the new government, considering he didn't arrive at the presidency by a democratic vote, and thus, doens't actually have the seats to back up many of their proposals with an actual vote.

The new government attempted to pass the budged, but they had a minority in congress, so its an impossible tast.
They decided to team up with the parties that support them in government and try to nullify the veto of the senate by ammending a law about gender.

In a recent speech given in the UN, our president lost no time in declaring we have to avoid nationalistic and discriminatory postures (not the catalan and the vasque ones, that are some of the few that support him in parliament).
He then proceeds to self-praise himself for his immigration policy, states he recognizes himself as a feminist, and notes to all the world that his government is 60% of women, because he aspires to be an example and that he can't conceive leadership in the [CURRENT_YEAR] without women.
Later, we proceed to questions where he's asked about Catalonia, where he blatantly says that with the state and the constitution can be fixed.
Interviewer points out he has independentist and secessionist that support his government, to which he responds, and I quote:
>"My government is with the constitution, and they know it"
Just like asking the FBI saying "We are on the side of the law and the mafias that are supporting us know it"
They then ask about digging up the corpse of Franco, and the possibility of that creating division in the country, to which he answer the interviewer that he's wrong, because THERE ARE REPORTERS in Spain that say this will be final nail in Franco's era (cantWakeUp)
He also points out that even the right abstained to vote, but did not vote against it (which is true).


The rise in the price of food last year was of 1.7%, whereas rise in salaries was of 0,1%, making the price of food rise 17 times faster than people's salary.
Economic markers, such as home comsumption, the number of people that joined social security the worst since 2013, the inductrial production index, savings, exports, and specially tourism, one of the pillars of the Spanish economy, are all slowing down.

Meanwhile, the shares of the Spanish Central bank, Santader, keep falling, they are now 3,9€ a piece and still going down.


The reception shelters in Spain are overwelmed since the new arrivals surpass more than 3 times their capacity to shelter them, with fights between different nationalities among the immigrants being common.
Many of them choose to simply leave the facility, sometimes rather violently, where after beating the agents in charge of watching over, they steal their security cards and run for the streets
Andalucia is a special case, with the arrivals being more than 5 times their capacity. They have reffered to this migrant wave as "avalanche" and are requesting for more personel and security.
The increase in migrants in Spain has been massive since the president said they have the same access to social security as a native.
In just August Spain has received more than double the immigrants Greece received, and x4 those of Italy.

The number of muslims in Spain registered is more than 2 million, with half of them residing in Catalonia. 800k already have Spanish Nationality, since a child being born is Spain grants them citizenship.

The terrorist from the terrorist attack from Las Ramblas 1 year ago were recieving 625€ for basic rent plus a complement of 250€, courtesy of our previous cuckservative government

The new president decided to make a deal with Angela Merkel about immigration for a "fair distribution of migrants"
This deal consist on having all immigrants that arrive at Germany going trough Spain, Germany will send them back to Spain in 48 hours. And what does Spain get by doing this favor to the German government you might ask? Well, absolutely nothing of course, just good boi points to our president and a nice photographs showing how European he is.

Some videos
Immigrants stop an ambulance in Barcelona
Spanish police working as waiters for the "yet so be Spanish" directly imported from Africa
African Migrant attack american tourist

3a949 No.176621

File: 1538434566307.png (2.14 MB, 1280x720, cant wake up.png)



We know that, from the economical aid towards rent, 40% of the destinataries are immigrants. In contrast, last year 40600 dependents (people that are unable to live for themselves, usually old people) died last year without receiving a single € from aid.
About an 80% of the Islamic community that comes from Morocco and lives in Catalonia survives from social aid of around ~600€ per person, in Valencia is enough to be on the list of residents of the community to receive aid of 572€ or 775€ in the case of marriage with children, and can access rent subsidies of 250€/month.
77% of rent aid in Madrid in 2016 was destined towards immigrants, plus, 100k of them are already receiving pensions.
Immigrants always have preference in student grants, school lunches, scholarship, and free healthcare.
The medium cost per student is about 3200€, making around 2000millions in total.


Puigdemont has sued Llanera, Spanish judge member of the supreme court that is in charge of the independentist case.
"Since a couple of years, member of minorities that seek a political action in favor of independence of their region have suffered in Spain systematic violation of theri rights"
>"Spain is a criminal state" "Muh peaceful referendum" etc
Basically, a guy that violated Spanish laws and scaped justice before he could be prosecuted is now suing said justice for violating "fundamental human rights"
Reminder he still has both his seat and his salary.

Our new president of course, has refused to defend the judge against these acusations, and regarding the demand itself, is being posponed again and again for one reason or another. First it was the 4 of September, then the 25, and now in early November.

The Catalan government has asked the Spanish government to forgive their debt according to article 33, and that they do not plan on returning it.
Their reason given is because "it will increase confidence of the markets in Catalonia and attract investors" since their debt value is below junk bonds.
The minstry of economy had a meeting with them, and they reached an agreement where they shall deposit 1459 million € to Catalonia, and they shall receive it for the next 4 years, 350 million should be given next year, and will appear in the national government as such.
The vicepresident of Catalonia, after the meeting had this to say:
>"This is a relevant step forward, but we are still decided about our unrenounceable demand to the right of self determination", he also took advantage of the moment to denounce the situation of the independentist Catalan leaders in jail.

The current president of Catalonia has threaten with suing the Spanish judicial administration before the European Justice comission if they do not free the political prisoners, and doesn't discard the possibility of freeing the immates in Catalan prisons.

Since Catalan knows the current government needs them to stay in power, they decided to re-open the embassies in foreign contries that were closed with the article 155. Using public money of course.
The foreign minister of Spain had a meeting with the foreign minister of Catalonia, and the later compromised to abide by the law about opening future embassies. Said meeting took place AFTER having opening said embassies breaching the law where they say the embassies must be notified a few weeks prior of opening.
The catalan minister also decided to use the situation to ask for self determination for the Catalan people.
After the meeting, Spanish minister had this to say:
>"They didn't give me much room for maneuver"
The meetings opened are the following:

The Catalan government has started to fine people for removing Yellow ribons (something all the politicans coordinated to wear once they were called to testify back in the day) with fines of up to 30k€

Yesterday, the day before the aniversary of the referendum, a protest of law enforcement agents to ask for a salary raise to the same amount of the autonomic polices of the Vasques and Catalonia caused the Catalan nationalist to march across the streets with large and violent disputes irupting across the region
The independentist had planned to organize a chain of protest since the referendum anniversary, today, that would span over 3 days.
However, they decided to take advantage of the protest of the nacional police and the civil guard to start it and use violence.
Thus, a large members of protest decided to jump over the policial perimeter stablished by the Catalan police with the objective to reach the police protest.
The incident had 24 injured, with 5 of them needing to be moved to medical centers.
According to the organizer of the police protest, they were forced to end it 2 hours earlier than they had planned, and when they were going towards the busses divided in 2 groups, 7 people lagged behind and found themselves surrounded by the independentist. While they were being hit, they saw how the independentist called the police: "Assasins", "torturers", "fascist", and "occupation forces".
A Catalan nationalist can be heard saying to a police: "I would cut your head, son of a bitch!"
Whereas the other 6 agents were being pushed around and spits, and one of them had their nose broken.

And now we get to today…

An interview to Puigdemont from 4 days ago in Belgium, mostly in english except for the first minute or so.

3a949 No.176623

File: 1538434944010-0.jpg (47.23 KB, 654x499, plaza catalonia 7-45.jpg)

File: 1538434944010-1.mp4 (6.46 MB, 848x480, professors lead homage in ….mp4)

File: 1538434944010-2.jpg (33.71 KB, 654x360, remove spanish.jpg)

File: 1538434944010-3.mp4 (2.66 MB, 848x480, Mossos bolsa.mp4)

>the Comitee of Defense of the Republic (CDR) cut the railways in Gerona, with 400 people in the middle of them
>attack to a store of Movistar in Barcelona: "Out with the occupation force"
>cut railway next to hospital in Tarragona
>"We shall not surrender" video in twitter by the political party JxCAT https://twitter.com/JuntsXCat/status/1046632081399468033
>more than 2km of inmovilized traffic
>Message from the independentist organization of Òmnion Cultural "1-O is the key that opens all doors. From radical democracy we shall self determine individually. Up to a certain point there's no coming back. It will never be the same"
>Quim Torra, preisdent of Catalonia thanks the Catalan government that they made the referendum possible. Remembers those who "should be on the first line but can't"." "Free political prisoners" repeats occassionaly. Thanks the CDR for blocking the streets: "Put more pressure, you are going well"
>"We will selfdetermine and that's what the parliament applied the 27 of october. That day and the 1st of October go together, you can't understand one thing without the other."
>"To face the challenges, we have to retried the spirit of the 1st of October". "Do not be afraid, be free, we have to face these weeks without fear"
>"Is not a few politicians that are being judged, but the entire people of Catalonia". "The crime is to be hit for voting, or being jailed for allowing the vote"
>Tension in the main government building in Gerona, a group of people from CDR are trying to remove the SPanish flag"
>After a violent encounter with law enforcement agents, they remove the spanish flag and replace it with a Catalan one
>United For The Republic confirms the universities are completely empty
>ex vicepresident still in prison critiques the brutal represion of the 1st of October last year and praises the "noble objective" of those manifesting today
>recreating the same day last year
>Catalan president has this to say
>"Today a year ago the people of Catalonia used their right to vote"
>"Today a year ago the Spanish state repressed a right as basic as the right to selfdetermination"
>"The people of Catalonia showed their yearnings of freedom and democracy. We are proud of people that defend rights that should not be questioned in the 21s centurt"
>"Today there are people in prison or exile for dedicating themselves to the cause of freedom of expressoin"
>"Today a year ago Carles Puigdemont, Junqueras and all the government showed up in the Government to congratulate the people of Catalonia"
>"This is the path we must always maintain. Democracy and liberty will always be the flag of Catalonia"
>Manifestation in the plaza of Catalonia, with slogans such as "Borbons to the sharks"
>from the students "The streets will always be ours" and "Let's topple the regime, let's vote independence" and "Manipulative Spanish newspaper"

3a949 No.176626

File: 1538435138346-0.mp4 (2.05 MB, 848x480, Claps and singing in the ….mp4)

File: 1538435138346-1.mp4 (18.83 MB, 1920x1080, President salutes the citi….mp4)

File: 1538435138346-2.mp4 (4 MB, 848x480, Protest with ballot boxes.mp4)

File: 1538435138346-3.mp4 (14.86 MB, 720x404, db2e6b110163912a7d9ef7a977….mp4)

>members of the Spanish parliament accuse Catalan president of encouraging violence
>Puigdemont celebrates anniversary in waterloo
>many professors lead an homage in a school (video)
>Students arrive at the police office and cheer "Out occupation forces"
>CDR member chains himself to the doors of the stock-market building in Barcelona
>After a few hours, police break the chains which the protesters had used to seal the doors of the stock-market building
>non-catalan reporter gets questioned by dozens of protesters. As the situation got tense, he had to leave the scene escolted by police
>protesters replied with insults and throwing objects and the riot police had to join in the escort
>politicians are getting into "WTF PRESIDENT, DO SOMETHING" mode
>president of Òmnium Cultural says "against represion, a united people"
>Spanish minister of economy says that the situation is "better" than 12 months ago, but they are commemorating a date not for celebration"
>Vice President of the Catalan Valencia hopes that "dialogue and politic triumphs over the scenarios lived in Catalonia the last 1st october"
>"it was something that as a citizen and government you don't like to see"

3a949 No.176628

File: 1538435286384-0.mp4 (9.3 MB, 848x480, enter the parliament.mp4)

File: 1538435286384-1.mp4 (29.03 MB, 848x480, catalan police charges.mp4)

File: 1538435286384-2.mp4 (1.81 MB, 848x480, more protest.mp4)

File: 1538435286384-3.mp4 (3.99 MB, 848x480, people rule government obe….mp4)

File: 1538435286384-4.mp4 (2.72 MB, 848x480, people rule government obe….mp4)

>Catalan president goes out to greet the students and ask them to keep going
>Also says he will negotiate in favor of the political prisoners
>CDR refuses to normalize the situation with the political prisoners and exiled, and demand that the catalan government to "deploy the republic and they all shall make it effective"
>a report from the civil guard says that the vicepresident was working on 4 different key projects for an eventual independent Catalonia, 3 of which were "state structures" thanks to documents intervened
>protest of ANC and Òmnium Cultural in Plaza of Catalonia
>protest clapping and with ballot boxes
>"politicians, traitors" and "unilateral way now" cheers
>"people rule, government obeys"
>protest start to rise in tension, as the parliament starts to go under siege, and Catalan police hides behind riot shields
>many people have left, only radicals with hoodies remain
>insults to the police
>"we will occupy the parliament" cheers
>organizers tell people to leave, but radicals ignore them and start throwing eggs and fences to the police
>police vs radicals video
>some police either enter the parliament or leaves in car
>enter the parliament video
>some of the police left close the door to the parliament, there's a label that reads "Republic in Construction"
>non independentist politicians had to leave parliament escorted by a strong police cord
>riot police arrives
>catalan police charges and shoots rubber bullets
>parliament has been evacuated and under police control
>police charges still in other areas
>things start to calm down
>catalan politican says he's dissapointed by the images of radicals in parliament, and if this keeps going, they would've lost against the spanish "stablishment"
>Puigdemont: "If they are wearing a hoodie, they are not from the 1st of Ocotober"
>Politicians question again "WHERE DA FUQ IS OUR PRESIDENT AT?"

74fd0 No.176629

Things are getting S-painful to watch.

3a949 No.176630

File: 1538436254612-0.jpeg (265.12 KB, 920x982, 1417856__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

And that concludes the update of the most recent current events.
Sorry it took so long, but I lost my notes half way and with all the things that had happened, I kinda lost motivation to redo all the research all over again.
There's still some juicy bits I did not add because I wanted to cover this today, and will be sharing them in the following days, and I think is one of, if not THE strongest reason behind the independence movement of Catalonia.

Some closing thoughs. This is the stuff that breaks a nation, and even foreign politicians have compared what's going on in catalonia with Yugoslavia.
I've said it before, this is not going to end well for neither Catalonia nor Spain if they do indeed become independent, and judging the current situation, I can't say that Catalonia becoming independent is not impossible.

Perhaps separation would lead to the Spanish people waking up, and perhaps the Catalans will realize that having a 1/5 muslim population is not a good idea. Or perhaps it would lead to irreversible balkanization, and with our new president not even vitoing the joining of Catalonia in the parliament.

Regardless, I recommend paying attention, I'll try to document most of it as objectively as I can, not guaranteeing it of course. May other Europeans have more luck than us in their fight for their countries.

Sadly, yes. I am slowly becoming blackpilled and losing hope. But also hope Spain can be an exmaple for my fellow brothers in Europe and America. Peace.

74fd0 No.176634

I wish you the best of luck, Anon. May someday your country returns to the light.

69d7e No.176640

I hope it gets better fellow Spaniard.

3a949 No.177057

File: 1538599571489-0.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1189x1024, large.jpeg)

File: 1538599571489-1.jpg (49.33 KB, 996x560, buy my book.jpg)

Considering the history and the path my country is following, I think that's foolish optimism. I haven't lost all hope, but the healing if it happens, is going to be a very long and ardue process. We're not going to be so lucky as to have a Trump saves us from the darkness.
And perhaps I should move myself to the american continent and work from there. I know of other Spaniards that do.

Moving on…

Quick update - Aniversary aftermath

Basically, lots of people have gone ape shit with the declarations of yesterday of the Catalan president to blocking the streets and railways of "put more pressure" that led to even more violence.
It has been nice watching the Catalan government and their supporters in our government and the media going full damage control.
Even the Catalan police came out and said that there's some dangerous elements in Catalonia now. Some have even resigned. Quite funny considering the police was supporting it the whole time.

The Catalan parliament voted yesterday to decide whether or not to dissobey the judicial order of the supreme court of suspending the politicians in prison, and to allow them to have a substitude to vote in their place, because ignoring the judiciary is a power that the legislative has now apparently.
This causes a politicians to leave the chamber in a sign of protest.
Of course, vote goes through on both issues.
Oportunistic Spanish politicians have asked to apply article 155 again, but tbh, I don't think there's a point to that anymore.
Another funny detaul is that both separatist and non-separatist politicians keep calling each other "extreme right".

Catalan president has label the incidents of the anniversary as everyone's favourite lingo, "Isolated cases"

There was an interesting pleinary session yesterday as well in Catalonia, where the Catalan president gave a speech I will be transcribing at the bottom because I was quite impressed at the demagogy.
Regardless, they key part is where he says he will stop supporting our current government if they do not give them a referendum to seccede by next month, and he doesn't discard the unilateral route.
Spanish government reply with "between independence and the 155 is the connivance we want" and that they won't apply 155 as long as there're "no apparent reasons to use it"
If my american history serves me correctly, Lincoln started a civil for something similar to what happened here on monday.
Losing the support of the secessionist is a big deal, because the current government barely has seats, and if they lose the few support they have, they will be unable to do anything (except by royal decree)
Regardless, the government said no referendum, just throw more autonomy and concessions at the problem, in fact, they had some of those planned before the demand of the Catalan president.
I would not be surprised if this turned out to be a scheme that both prime ministers agreed beforehand, but at first sigh, it looks like C.president decided to not back down and recoil from the damage to their reputation, but go on the agressive instead.
And meanwhile, the oil has risen yet again, which makes the Spanish suffer, and the European bank already stopped buying half our debt, and will stop buying it altogether on the 1st of January.
And while the political circus is taking place, the economy comes tumbling down.

Catalan president Quim Torra Speech:
>"we have to remember we still have political prisoners and exiled politicians"
>"A mayority of the society wants to build a dream of liberty. We shall finish the task we started"
>"We will not wait for the SPanish president, it is now in his hands"
>"We are waiting an answer from the spanish government"
>"the solution is not a new government and I will not wait to abide by the mandate of the 1st of October"
>"We shall not accept an unfair trial, that's why we went looking for justice outside"
>"The Catalan government will dedicate towards all cases of persecution of independentism"
>"The legacy of the 155 is a waste of time"
>"We want an education model compromised with the student body, the teachers and the families"
>"May the teachers see us at their side, there's only one thing more important than schools and those are its teachers"
>"We want to guarantee the liberty and of a vital project, independent of the situation of vulnerability in which they are. We shall create a pact for all people with disabilities and I announce the creation of a secretary of childhood, adolescence and youth" - more public employees
>"We have to impulse the industry as the key of the Catalan economy"
>"We want to turn Catalonia in a smart nation to be followed as a example from the world"
>"If there isn't a proposal to enforce self determination before november, the independentism won't guarantee any type of estability in congress to Pedro Sanchez"
>"The legislature is conditioned to the resolution of sentences against our political prisoners. Is not a crime to vote, the crime is to be assaulted for voting. We can only accept the archiving and nullity of the judicial process"
>"If the Spanish Estate condemns the political prisoners, it will condemn the mayority of the Catalan people, do they think we will not react?"
>"The use of the Spanish tribunals is unnacceptable. The day of the sentences, if they are guilty, will be the day of no return"

Also, ex Catalan president in exile has published a book yesterday in an event named "mad as hell" that took place yesterday on Amsterdan. I hope you payed the 20€ for the entry and are also playing to buy his book!

85bb8 No.179348

File: 1539879177697.gif (1.79 MB, 750x589, my-little-pony-фэндомы-mlp….gif)



There's something I feel I have not been completely honest with, and that's regarding to the aforementioned "antifa party"
Thing is, I just refer to them that way because they behave just like I'd imagine antifa to behave if they were in power. The president always has dirty hair, not very formal clothes, and he once cheered for people to occupy the houses of the middle class, and that's on video.
On the other hand, females are very opressed, and one once refused to leave parliament when she was asked to due to the fact that she was breastfeeding a child in the middle of the session.
In truth, their political ideology is more towards the bolivarian side, more precisely Hugo Chavez. They were always praising the Venezuelan economy when they first arrived in the political sphere. Not so much anymore for obvious reasons, but they still advicate for the same economic solutions.
They arrived into the political landscape after a huge publicity campaign from the Channel Six, owned by Mr Soros himself and received money from Venezuela (when they still had the money to spare)
After the vote of no confidence and the Socialist came into power, the head of the party became the vicepresident of the government, and was pretty much in charge of redacting the budget. Which he also discussed with some of the Catalan polticians in jail before giving it the greenlight

The new budget, which still needs to approved, includes many many things, not just the economic side, because why not.

Some of the things included in this document are:
>Remove religious offenses and offenses to the crown from the hate speech code
>Revert the anti-protest measures from the previous government and restore the ablitiy to summon a protest without previous notification to the correspondent institutions
>A person that was detained by police cannot be held for more than 2 hours
>Police agents will be required to wear identification at all times
>Registration of the body of the detained will only be applied in cases of concrete and probable suspicion, and the removal of any clothes is explicitely prohibited (including anything covering your face)
>Sexual intercourse without a previous yes is a crime

And on the economic side:
>Increase of the minimun Salary to 900€
>Increase income tax for those who earn more than 130k
>Tax to ALL financial transactions
>Increase tax to self employed
>Allow the city councils to set up the price for rent, planned economy style
>Not in the budget, but pressure the provinces to incorporate the law that allows the government to expropiate houses that are not being in use for between 6~24 months up to the region's choice, or those who already have this measure that they should harden it
>Increase spending in 16k million €
>more taxes

TL;DR: Progessivism and Venezuelan socialism of Hugo Chavez

First consecuence of the budget is that the politicians are going to increase their salary because it is tied to the minimun salary

Now, for the budget forecasts for 2018 and 2019
2018 has the growth of the GDP, which is 2,6%, and 2019 is 2,3%

First thing, the 2018 numbers. By the oficial numbers (that are not to be trusted) the economy grew 2.8% the first 3 months, the next 3 months, 2.5%, the next 2%, and to make an overall growth of 2.6, we need a growth of 3.1% the last 3 months.
Considering the trend of decreasing economic growth the frist 3 months after the terrible months of September where the Purchasing Managers Index for tourism plummeted, and tourism is 2/3rds of the Spanish GPD, October is looking in about 1%.
So we either somehow start growing at 4% in November in December out of nowhere, or the politicians are lying out of their asses
This makes an GDP growth of likely 2.1%, 5 points lower than the Spanish government "predicts".

And 2.3% the next year.
If we are indeed going to grow at about 1% per month last 3 months, independent economists put the number of 0,8 GDP growth as optimistic.
And the next months, with the increase in oil prices, and the decrease in international commerce, some have even guessed we'd be at 0% by the end of next year, which would make an overall 0.4% GDP growth for the Spanish economy in 2019. Unless EU commerce starts growing again and oil prices start to go down, this is pretty much the apocalypse.
And the EU stops buying debt from the EU member states on the 1st of January, so unless the EU comes up with something, we're going the Greece route.
Now, let's add Italy to the mix. Italy is not doing so well with its economy, and remember, the Italian economy is roughly the same size as the Spanish one, a little bigger as of late. And remember both are 10 times the Greek economy.

For the economic data, the net difference between exports and imports in 2018 is of -0.1% and its growth, while it was at 9% on 2017, is of 3% this year till august. According to the math, this decrease in growth accounts for losing 1,3 points of GDP growth
Oil imports, that are at 81$ against the predicted number of 64$, are drecreasing a whole point, and tourism, that gave 0.9 point to growth last year, will give around 0.1 this year.
So, what do they inflate to give a 2.3 growth? Export growing 3.2%. Which is not happening. All imports in the biggest market for Spain, the EU, are decreasing.
Also they say the cost of imports is going to decrease, even though oil was 50$ last year, now is at 80$ and still rising. Expect oil at 100$ next year.

How are they going to get this money? Tax increase of course, and fight against fiscal evasion. This is not happening because the tax agency in Spain is one of the most crooked of the world it loses more than half the cases that go to trial.
The government has also compromised to a decifit of 2.8%, but is likely to surpass 3%
The IMF has said the government is not going to reach the deficit even in 2023

85bb8 No.179349


Is the The European Comission going to do something about these totally-not-fake numbers? Probably not, because right now it has a massive conflict with Italy, and it cannot join yet another conflict with the 4th economy in the EU. So they're likely to comply to the bolivarian budget.


Torra said the independentist must regain back their spirit of disobedience of the 1st of October and the 27th of October.
He also says the credit of the executive is over and demands a new offer regarding the independence.
Plus, he has shows support for the CDR: "I shall not criminalize an organization like the CDR, it is within their right to continue their political project"
He then admits to conversate with this group on a regular basis.
Is okay to urge to commit crimes if you're the Catalan leader

The 9th of October was the celebration of the Community of Valencia in commemoration of the Kingdom of Valencia.
The Catalans do not like that, since their view of the Paisus Catalans that they are pushing includes Catalonia being a kingdom in the past with Valencia among other regions being part of Catalonia.
So, the CDR arrived in the celebration, alongisde the CUP, ETA, and Antifa, to make clear they were going to occupy Valencia.
A reporter was there that day, and they fell on top of her in mass, with their face covered.
She was shaken and spit on, her phone was taken because she was filming how a Spanish flag was "desplegada" in a building.
When they called the phone later, the response was "you will never see the phone again!"
>"I was emptied a bottle of half a liter in my head, but that was while I was being pushed away
>"One of them, a woman of 60 years old, screamed to me they wanted to kill me"
>"When I left the multitude we were screamed at and cheered <<where's the phone?>> around 300 or 400 people at the same time"
>"This is what our politicians has decided to summon, protect and specially subsidize and they do so in the name of culture"
>"One of the most dire problems I observed today despite the incredible police deployement, the police have orders to not do absolutely anything and to not interviene"
>"These are political orders that sink our police in a terrible legal insecurity"
The organizing group is subsidized Accion Cultural by 70k€ this year
There were around 1500 police force, including reinforcements from Madrid and Barcelona according to the comments of the policemen themselves.
In some street the entry was forbidden for carrying either a flag of their province or the flag of Spain
This happened at multiple points across the entire region
This event took me 2 days to find out thanks to the media blackout that took place, but "thankfully" a reporter got assaulted and eventually the info got out.

There was also the Day of Spain, the 12 of October, in celebration of the discovery of the new world.
There was a protest against the secesionist of around 300k people according to the organizers.
Pedro Sanchez was booed there with phrases such as "Get out Okupa! We want to vote!" Whereas the king where clapped by the presents
The new president, wanting to leave his mark on this day, removed the traditional words from all the official announcements: "Day of the National Holiday, Proud to be Spanish" and removed the "Proud to be Spanish" part.
Catalan president Quim Torra did not show up, neither did the Vasque and the Navarra ones.

85bb8 No.179351

The supreme justice tribunal of Catalonia has examined an article the president of Catalonia published in 2012 to check whether or not it consituded a hate crime.
This titled "The language and the beasts" article includes things such as refering to Spanish people as "Beasts", those who do not support Catalan nationalism as "Beasts of human form that attack the good Catalans that you could fight against in self defense"
>"Now, you look at your country, and you heard again of beasts. THey are here, among us, they are repulsed by any expression of Catalanism, is a sick phobia"
>"There's something Freudian in these beasts, they live in a country in which they are unaware of everything"
>"Its culture, its traditions, its history"
>They walk impervious to any occurence of Catalanism"
>"It gives them urticaria"
>"Anything that is not Spanish bounces off of them"
The supreme justice tribunal of catalonia, after a legal procedure against the president took place, they conclude that the president said a few things that could be qualified as unnecesary to transmit their opinion, and that these result offensive and harmful to the dignity of people. It also adds these words are susceptible to generate hostile feelings against the collective it refers to.
The supreme justice tribunal of Catalonia also stated that other articles and tweets by the president are protected by the freedom of expression, so they are protected against any consideration of injury or supremacism (they even qualify them as supremacist) since they limit themselves to justify and reflect the ideal of those who defend the independence of catalonia and revile those who do not share their ideas

Organizations hired by the Catalan government last year, like the group IEERT, with a woman named Helena Catt as CEO, has stated that the referendum from last year did not fulfill a single requirement from the legal imperatives of a legal consult, such as
>No electoral comission in order, inconsistency in the elaboration of the register voting and its use in the day of the vote, the organization of the electoral buildings, access for the observes the day of the vote, just one person at the electoral tables, the guarantees of a secret vote, the chain of custody of the ballot boxes, the recount.
>The observes stated that they could not observe the final recount of the votes, and as such, they reject informing about the integrity of the final result.
>She also stated that members of the organization had to run away with the ballot boxes in order to hide them to make sure the police threat had subsidided. As such, they cannot certify the box that came back was the same, that it wasn't oppened, or that new votes were added on it. Also, since there was a lack of envelopes, they cannot check if someone voted more than once.
>Plus, they confirm that in a couple of voting centers people were allowed to vote without proving they were in the electronic register or that they hadn't voted previously. No writing down the ID or the name of the voter either.
>They say when inquired about it, the organized stated that the data would be checked at a later time. Yet IEERT also pointed that they did not see nobody writing a registry of the number of voters to be checked later in the electronic register neither a report about said checking being done later.
>They also saw some places where the votes were introduced in black trash bags after without checking if they were destroyed.

There has been an update on how the politicians detained due to the ilegal referendum last year are faring in their imprisonment throw a service report directed at the jail warden.
They are currently at the second module of the Jail of lledoners in Barcelona, known as the 5 star prison.
For exmample, the day of the 1st of October, when the mayority of prison cells were closed, the aforementioned politicians were at the courtyard, were they were celebrating the Birthday of one of them, that also coincided with the date of the referendum.
This lasted until a service official arrived at the office, where he encountered rest of cake and other food at the table unabailable to the rest of the inmates.
We are also aware other workers have denounced their privileges not only alimentary, but also trough the visits of doctors unrelated to the penitenciary system.
The inmates are out of their cells almost the entire day except at the time of sleep.
Trough the day, they usually receive a large amount of visits that are hidden under the legal clausule of "visits of authority".
This has turned visits that should be reserved to ministers, lawyers or judges in regular visits in a blatant fraud of law.
It has reached the outrageous number of 21 people in a single day, which included politicians, businessmen and reporters.
Lawyers that visit other inmates have presented complains because the jail parking is usually filled to the brim of official cars.
Since these visits are not under the regular visit regulations, they are longer than the mandatory 1h and 30min, plus, the visits usually take place in labor days in places reserved to family visits, and on the weekend they take place on the psyquiatry section, much more big and comfortable.
There's no news of the judge opening an investigation about the subject, nor the warden doing anything to open a case file regarding this matter.

71da2 No.179354

you need to be the Spanish trump.
make uncle Francisco Franco proud.

85bb8 No.179364



Franco's remains are officially going to be dug up and placed back in the Cathedral of La Almudena in the middle of Madrid, which in a sense is exactly the opposite of what the current government wanted, to remove them from the Valley of the Fallen in a remote place of Madrid to pretty much near the airport, in one of the biggest tourist zones in the country. But there's no going back now. The visits of his remains are going to multiply thanks to the government "hammering the last nail in the coffin to fascism",

I said previously the medium aid for refugees was ~600€ per person in the country. Well, turns out those in Catalonia get 1100€ of social aid. Way above the minimun salary.
People are starting to refer to Sevilla as "The little Venezuela" due to the massive arrival of Venezuelan migrants


Spanish economy is going to the shitter, Italy economy is looking bad, and together they are both the size of Greece. Prepare for implosion.
Also, Catalan shenannigans.

But Anon, Trump is a multimillionare with lots of conections, money and resources, and I'm middle class guy that hangs out in a nazi horsefucker shitposting service of taiwanese heritage.
It'll take me decades of hard work before I can even come close to what that man did in 2016. And the country is orbiting towards a Venezuelan tier socialist shithole.

S-Should I st-start a crowfund?

71da2 No.179372

money can be important, but its not everything. i would suggest trying to convince your countrymen to follow you. show them you care about them and the direction your country is going, i would also suggest checking out a particular book written by a specific German leader, because he gives a guideline on how to free your country.

31be8 No.179378

Spanish economy is going to the shitter, Italy economy is looking bad, and together they are both the size of Greece. Prepare for implosion.

So is the EU finally going to crash?

85bb8 No.179380

Thanks Anon, perhaps a re-read should be in order for said book.
I do have a few ideas I want to carry out, however, securing the bread for me and my family comes first. Specially since the pensions for the old is one of the first things that are going to receive cuts, and I don't want my grandfathers, that are really old now, to go trough another hunger like Post-Civil war Spain again.
I don't think I myself can be a great selfless leader like Prime de Rivera was, and there's no way I can reach power nor handle it as well General as the general did, but I do plan to take my part in all of this, and I can only I can make a difference. But securing my family comes first.

I don't know for sure. The comission might come up with something to patch it up, or the ECB might decide to start buying debt again, or there might be something that the Italian economy does to get out of the crisis that the Spanish one can, I'm not that knowledgeable about theirs. But regarding the Spanish one we're going the Greece route, no question about it.

>Spanish economy is going to the shitter, Italy economy is looking bad, and together they are both TWENTY TIMES the size of Greece. Prepare for implosion.

I though I had proof readed it all, excuse me.

71da2 No.179382

I do not blame you for wanting to secure your family, but if spain collapses and the muslims take over what do you think is going to happen to our people in spain?

31be8 No.179386

How are Portugal and Ireland looking?

85bb8 No.179387

File: 1539886328557.png (981.64 KB, 1000x1000, large.png)

I would like to say same thing that happened in 711 and 1808, but I would be deluding myself.

For better or worse, the economy is likely going to collapse sooner than we are overruned by muslims. Probably around the end of the next year.
This would be the moment to start a movement in Spain. I remember a video about "why doesn't Sweden rise up" and the answer was basically because the average Sweden has it too good.
A collapse of Spain is likely going to create massive unemployement, and of course, hunger.
If you want to spread a message, you better do it when people are the most receptive, and there's no better moment to do it than during a nation-wide crisis.

I would like to choose another path, but I'm afraid is the same for most European countries and also america to an extend. Until people really start to lose not only their comfort, but their means to survive, they're likely to ignore anything that's too much of a hassle. The more resources I have to spread the message at that time the better.

It might not be the most noble path and the one that requires the most sacrifice, but from my point of view, is the one that grants both the best result and have the less risk for me and those I care about the most. I don't want to spread the message right now and get jailed alongside a bunch of rapefugees for doing something ilegal like talking positively about the previous regime in public when I could spread the message safely and in much larger numbers later.

Securing resources before the famine hits doens't mean I give up on the fight.

85bb8 No.179388

As far as I know, Portugal has become more Poland like in the toiler cleaner sense, making easier to fire people. Some Portugese I know tells me the christian church is financing black orphanages.
They're also euphoric because they got their first black woman in the government.
Also, their current president is a (((chosen one))).

I don't know about Ireland tho, there's plenty of news sources about the UK, but since they're not that close to my influence zone, specially now that they're leaving, I'm just informing myself about the Brexit and that's pretty much it. You can probably find info about it easily, most of the info about their country is in English and they have a strong alternative media.

71da2 No.179391

I could provide a few resources,assuming you want them, and wont get thrown in jail for having them.

71da2 No.179392

i hear Ireland is as cucked as the UK or Sweden.

85bb8 No.179417

Not sure what kind of resources could help me create a movement under an authoritarian government and an inpending economic colapse, but I won't say no to a helping hand.
Regarding the "thrown in jail thing, I see I forgot to mention one of the things my government wanted to do. It probably happened when I lost my notes. Might as well.


The government wants to create a "comission of truth" to punish those who speak positively about the previous regime. This comission will be apointed by the government and will be able to grant extrajudicial sentences to those who spread positive messages about the dictatorship. This includes books, TV appearances, public messages, news articles, or anything that could be used to enacerbate the previous regime.

Regarding me ending in jail for possesing ilegal material, I know how to protect myself online, and I highly doubt your documentation has anything to do with the General. Also, the comission of truth is not functioning yet. And for those wondering, I'm not paraphrasing, comission of truth is the actual name.

And yes please, I'd be thankful if you were to post resources that could be of use available burger-anon.

71da2 No.179424

File: 1539896165206-0.pdf (23.89 MB, natsocEconomics.pdf)

File: 1539896165206-1.pdf (639.89 KB, natsoc.pdf)

File: 1539896165206-2.pdf (185.07 KB, natsoc_privitazation.pdf)

File: 1539896165206-3.pdf (1.97 MB, White_Power_1967_-_George_….pdf)

i think the first one is very relevant.

54530 No.179426

File: 1539896982047.jpg (61.22 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20181018_160343.jpg)

31be8 No.179434

Not sure if you are allowed to own fire arms in Spain, but you may want to consider getting a 3d printer and a foundry.

98abd No.179469

File: 1539913546411-0.pdf (696.9 KB, Sedition, Subversion, and ….pdf)

File: 1539913546411-1.pdf (1.6 MB, Swarmwise-2013-by-Rick-Fal….pdf)

File: 1539913546411-2.pdf (1.27 MB, The Sovereign Individual.pdf)

File: 1539913546411-3.pdf (129.9 KB, What Must Be Done.pdf)

File: 1539913546411-4.pdf (1.29 MB, The Myth of the Rational V….pdf)

Nice classics! Here are some others to help get you started.

85bb8 No.179882

File: 1540036034303.png (562.23 KB, 750x1000, twilight_sparkle_by_sirpay….png)

Woah, thanks guys, that's… a lot of documentation.
Is going to take me a while to go trough it all, but all I can say from reading the first one is that it is absolutely true. Work creates capital, not the other way around. Although I do not concur with the 40% subsidy to buying houses, the cuts in public spending is exactly what we really need.

Perhaps I have not talked about the economy itself as much as I should, but rahter, how it's evolving. Let me give you a brief summary of Spain's economic activities.

It all started after the death of Franco, back in 1975, and the king and the government decided to make a transition to a democratic state, culminating with the creation of our consitution in 1978.
In this consitution it was included our state model, the autonomic model. In this state, each province became an "autonomous ccommunity", and each community would have a certain independence from each other and the main government to the point of becoming one of the most decentralized states in the world. What it did not do, however, was make the government smaller.
All regional governments were to maintain full fledged government institutions. Parliament, senate, justice courts… All the same size of the main government except for a few exceptions. If we include that multiple politicians have live long salaries and almost all of them have privileges like a personal driver, even the mayors of town halls, this is slowly draining our economy dry.
Not only that, but each community can ask the main government for more independence and more regional power, which means, another institution to take care of that section in their territory.
That's not all however, since each community has power over a much larger section of the legal code than a normal province should, regulations are all over the place. Business complain that is easier to move goods through the bureaucratic nighthmare that is the EU than between Spain provinces. For reference, Spain is one of the few countries in the world were the regional spending is bigger than the federal spending.

There are also massives oligarchies that have existed in Spain for more than 300 years, and that nobody has bothered to fix, like the Church, or more recent ones, like the energy companies that make it so we have one of the most expensive energy supply in the EU. We are about to lose an aluminum multinacional because of the high price of energy that just keeps rising.
Add to the mix useless institions like those advicating for the separation of Catalonia sucking from the public tit, or the "Institutes to watch the women" all across the country, the "Underground tunnel watch" with 4000 employees dedicated to observe a 1km long tunnel, 2/3 of public employees being apointed and unnecesary, and
a couple more, and you can see where our money is going, directly to the garbage truck.

Why doesn't our massive government reforms and remove some of the duplicated instutions at least? Because (they are being paid not to and) our state model is in our constitution, and changing our consitution is insane.
If you want to remove or change one of our protected articles in the consitution, you need the mayority of the government to approve it, then the government gets dissolved and we have a referendum about it. After that, we have new elections and the new government must also ratify the change. This is why the Catalans are not secceding legally anytime soon.

Not all our problems come from our own government however. We used to be the Orchad of Europe, because we had one of the highest food productions. This was thanks to Franco himself, and his swamp creation. Spain has a very dry climate, and the swamps became a key factor in the country's hydrological long term plan in order to secure a long term water supply for the common consecutive years of drought. This became sort of a joke because it was weird the month Franco didn't appear on the newspaper inaugurating a new swamp. This obviously stopped when the territorial powers were ceded to the provinces.
This changed when the EU came, and its cuotas and Common Agricultural Policy. We have to plant what the EU tells us to do, like Linen, instead of potatoes, which we don't have the climate for. Plus, the CAP forces the agriculture to plant the maximun amount of terrian to earn more money from the subsidy, regardless if it has the resources or the money to pay for the resources for it. If we add we import massive amounts of fruit from Morocco that it does not need to abide to EU regulations (and probably uses fecal water) makes it much harder for the local market to compete. And of course, long time ally of Spain, the French like to throw our food trucks at the frontier.
There's more, like the Euro being overvalued for Spain and the other PIGS countries, but undervalued for Germany. This makes it so Germany can export like crazy with a currency that should be much more expensive, and countries like Spain can't export for shit because our currency is overvalued and we cannot devalue it. Also massive taxes and ilegal expropiation of property.

The key about this is that, unlike other countries in economic crisis that need of mayor reforms, like Greece and Italy, Spain has a massive spending that can be cut from to remove a large portion of our deficit. Problem is, it requires a massive political will to do so, because the Spanish "Deep State" is formed primarily out of public employees that do not want to lose their cozy overpaid useless jobs, and the alternative media is minuscule compared to most other countries.

TL;DR: Spain doens't need a revolutionary system, it just needs to cut spending and remove all oligarchies making all citizens equal

08a44 No.179886

"And of course, long time ally of Spain, the French like to throw our food trucks at the frontier."

If it can help you, it's more because the government is the same shit as yours, being paid by fuckers to act against us and not for us. In France, since we changed the currency for the euro, it became more hard to live and when I heard people talk about how was life before the euro (I was a kid before, so it's not like I could understand), it's obvious and a lot of people say it, we lost a lot of purchasing power and since we are stuck with the euro, we can't do anything with it like we could with the previous currency.

But anyway, it was stupid and insane what they did with the euro, how they fucked up everything with the european union and lot of countries are falling because of this. I agree with you that your country and others doesn't really need a new system, more like to clean and make it less bullshit but it would be hard because politicians doesn't want it, since it would go against their own privilege.

71da2 No.179902

>"Institutes to watch the women"
sounds like a red light distract.

what system of government would you want Spain to have?

85bb8 No.179903

>"the government is the same shit as yours"
Is your government George Soros funded that's advicating for communism currently negociating the national budget in jail with secessionist? Wanna trade?

I don't think Euro is the source of your country's problems. It is making countries like Germany richer, and countries like Spain poorer, but France has quite a decent influence to decide economic policy in the EU, so it shouldn't be affecting you that much. Other that stopping you from making your own economic policy and being subservient to Germany's that is.
What is probably driving your country's purchasing power down (again, I don't have the data, but I can speculate) is the overregulation of the markets. If there are no goods to compete with your current goods, it becomes a monopoly or oligopoly, which probably pays your government to either keep or strengthen the regulations of that sector like it happens in all developed countries, making a few own everything and pretty much setting the price of goods and limiting their supply while at the same time keeping the demand high. Imagine the diamond's industry but at each industry countrywide. Now imagine that but globally. Welcome to globalism.

In all honesty, the Euro did damage my country's economy, but nowhere near as much as the country's politicians the media and the former king did I was alive before the Euro came to my country, albeit I was pretty young at the time. Things were indeed cheaper, and salaries were higher, although what drove the salaries down was the 2007 Spanish crisis and the 2008 global crisis.

The Euro is very damaging in the long term due to how different the economies of european countries are, but is far from our biggest economic problem. In fact if we were to leave the Euro now, Spain would fall into a mayor crisis due to its own internal management.
The economic frabic of the country shifted from largely an agrarian and industrial one into a service economy, thanks to the horrible deal negociated with the EU because our president was "WE NEED TO ENTER THE EU ASAP" and dismantled most of the infrastructure as to not compete with the different economic powers, then the PAC and quotas came and ruined our agriculture, so there was a boom in the only viable sector, tourism, being 2/3 of our GDP now.
Most common jobs are waiters and other service related jobs, which means, we do not produce most of the things we consume.

Remembering the NatSoc program, Capital doesn't create Jobs, Jobs create Capital. We are not creating anything of value, most of our wealth comes from people visiting from abroad thanks to the many border deals, and leaving the Euro with a broken economy is going to cause a lot of famine. I'd prefer if were to make ourselves a somewhat productive country again before leaving the currency that's keeping us afloat, and then once we can provide for ourselves, then leave for good.
And considering the economic forecast for the next year or two, who knows what might happen.

85bb8 No.179907

File: 1540046773421.png (368.38 KB, 604x1322, twilight_sparkle_hugs_vect….png)

Honestly, one that works.
Can't say monarchy has been great overall considering how terrible most of our kings have been, like Philips II that got us into 4 bankruptcies, or Charles IV and Ferdinand VII that pretty much gifted the country to Napoleon and costed us the American colonies.
The most recent one, the authoritarian government of Franco actually attempted to build some kind of nation for the first time in 300 years, but even that one had its flaws.

In my opinion, I can't find a system that is inherently better than another, as I find myself reaching the same conclusion over and over again, the gears that compose the system are more important than the system itself.
Of course, you don't want a hundred million gears because that can cost 10% of your GDP to run, but if you run with a single gear system, and that gear is defective, you're screwed.

Basically, I'd like a system that can run on the lowest amount of people possible, and most important, have those people be both very smart and work diligently towards the betterment of the nation.
In short, one that works.
Might be naive, but that's what I think.

71da2 No.179909

kinda sounds like you are describing Minarchism

08a44 No.179910

Yeah no, sorry, I didn't know that George Soros went into your country and did his shit. This guy is really a living plague.

A lot of things are putting down my country, the overregulation but also the directive from the EU. Lot of factory and farms suffered from that, we don't really produce a lot and the country is really badly governed. It seems the government doesn't know how to produce money so they started to make more and more taxes for pretty much anything. Let's tax the sugar in the drink, let's rises the prices of the cigarettes, etc.

We don't have the same problem as Spain, it's not a secret that your country is in a bad spot, but I believe that many countries will start to have more difficulties because of the european union institution.

Leaving the european union will do a lot of damages to everyone, I wonder if there is a possibility to actually change the european union into something more viable for everyone. Something with less constraints or, I dunno, a union where we respect each countries instead of trying to merge everyone into a huge mess.

Globalism suck.

85bb8 No.179939

File: 1540053916084.png (287.03 KB, 834x957, twilight_sparkle___sexy_sh….png)

Not exactly. While I do have predilection for small government, I never explicitely stated as such.
Just said I didn't want a huge government made out of hundreds of thousands of officials, and while I do recognize depending on the control of government over the country, there would be need a of a proportinal number of people to take charge of it all, I just don't want this number to grow out of proportion without purpose, like having 18 different governments deciding different laws for the same thing.
In regulations, the least the better, like the NatSoc program of regulating monopolies and few things else, like not having your food be grown using fecal waters and some other common sense stuff.
Regarding public services, they are actually fine. In the times of Franco, public business were run very efficiently, because they put the best and the brightest in charge of them. That all change after the companies were dismantled or sold tho.
In other words, I'd be okay with an authoritarian government that encompass multiple aspects of society as long as it is patriotic and efficient.
Basically = people running the country > system in which the country is run.

George Soros is everywhere indeed. Did you know our new government changed the chairman of the public TV Channel Six after they got into power? Guess who was the lucky guy? If you guessed the headman of the Spanish headquarters of the international Open Society Foundation, you'd be right!

Our country also raises taxes, to strangle small business, but also likes to change the hiring laws and ease the firing laws of the private sector!
Guess what, if you were earning 2500€ a month in a good job previous to the crisis of 2008, and you didn't work on the public sector, you're now likely working 3 different jobs that consume much more of your time, and you earn less! And hey, our government is creating employement in the end, because you are now doing 3 jobs, they might be of shitty quality but it works as propaganda for the polticians, so is all fine!

The European Union is a bureaucratic nightmare, and all the regulations are strangling all the countries inside of it, plus removing all the sovereignty from said countries preventing them from fixing themselves properly. Not to mention we don't even elect the government.

>Leaving the european union will do a lot of damages to everyone

In the short term, but it would do wonders in the long term. Spain's problem is that, unlike the UK, we don't have any infrastructure to sustain ourselves after leaving. That's why I suggested building the country up THEN leaving. Else, there would be famines.

>I wonder if there is a possibility to actually change the european union into something more viable for everyone

Yeah, a commerce agreement, like it was at the beggining, and even that might be pushing it. If there's something you want to do, just make an international agreement. You should be able to negociate those without the EU's approval

>a union where we respect each countries instead of trying to merge everyone into a huge mess

To be honest, everything east of Italy is way out of Spain's sphere of influence. All people usually know about is that there are people there that were very very red, they don't want refugees, and they all talk in retarded Vodka speak. No offense to the slavic brothers, but they are waaaaay outside the reach of anything that happens in Spain really, and viceversa. Franco did suggest to military support some of the military revolts of the soviet countries that rebeled, but there's nothing much in the east for the National interest of Spain.

95d01 No.189685

File: 1543424803685.png (181.67 KB, 348x295, just give me a minute.png)

Bumb because I'm almost done and I don't want to get slided

03b25 No.189686

Looking forward to the update.

95d01 No.189911

File: 1543536908258.png (366.06 KB, 470x617, It cant keep getting worse….png)

Thanks for the patience, I hope you're less dissapointed than I am with my country.



There has been quite an uproar with the judicial branch in Spain
First of, the supreme justice tribunal made a sentence regarding the "tax for judicial documents for mortages" in which is declared it is the banks, and not the spanish citizens that had to pay for this tax, which leaded to a large amount of citizens trying to regain their money back
(The purpose of this tax is to secure the validity of a notarial document, something that is not necessary anymore since the document is verified through digital means. Said tax only exist whithin the EU in Italy, France and Spain (excluding the Vasques))
Well, after giving sentence, the whole supreme court had a meeting to "reflect upon the sentence a bit more" allegedly because is a desition that has massive finantial implications that had made the Spanish banks lose a 4% in the stock market, and could damage the savings of the goverment (but not the pocked of the average citizen).
After a week of reflecting (and definitely not talking with the banks), the supreme justice court as an institution decided to retract the final sentence it had already given and replace it with "no, is the citizens who have to pay for this tax".
To make things even better, our president comes out and approves a royal decree in which "the citizens will not have to pay for this tax from now on". Effectly removing any ambiguity from the matter and stopped those citizens that would've gone to the court and try make a reclamation because "from now on" effectively means "all the ones before now are to be paid by the citizens"
After the sentence was retracted, the banks gained a 5% in shares.
Some questioned if the banks had any money in these banks, and so they requested from the president to make the judges share their market activity.

Judge Marchena was proposed to be the chief of the General Council of the Judiciary by a deal between the cuckservative and the socialist currenly in charge of the government, where the former gave in to somehow save their previous leader that was voted out and not lose even more face during the next elections.
The socialist on the other hand, want this to happen because Judge Marchena is the president of the court that is to judge the secessionist and name him the head of the supreme court.
This caused quite an uproad, since the vocals (that are also elected by the parties) are the ones supposed to vote for the head of the Judiciary Council, and these had yet to be voted.
The secessionist were happy, the president even more, and the few people paying attention were outraged.
However, something happened in paradise.
Ignacio Cosidó, spokesman and chief of the cuckservatives in the Senate, made some messages through WhatsApp where he basically says that indendence of the judiciary is not existant, plus this quote:
>"We shall controle the second chamber from behind" (second chamber is the chamber that judges the corruption cases)
And these messages were leaked for the world to see. Confirming the suspicion of many Spaniards that the Judiciary, in a similar fashion to the executive, is under control of the legislative.
His response was: "Well, this message shouldn't have been leaked"
Judge Marchena renounced the nomination quickly after that.

Documents allegedly adquired by Anonymous show a plan of the British government inniciated in 2015 with the intention to counter the propaganda of the Russian government by the name of 'Integrity Initiative'
The intelligentsia created however would go on to create a large scale secret service in Europe, the USA and Canada that would consist on infiltrate political representatives, reporters, military personel and academics to achieve their goals.
In this case, operation Moncloa was deployed in Spain to stop Pedro Baños from getting appointed the Chief of the Department of Homeland Security.
In a few hours they achieved their objective to defame the Colonel arguments such as "friend of right wing extremist", "Russian agent", etc.
This was later denounced by the geopolitical expert and denominated it as a "Social Assasination" against him.
This would mean the Spaniards that were collaborating in this operation with a foreign entity for the goal to undermine National interest should naturally be accused of High Treason. But this is Spain, so it'll probably will go unpunished

The general state prosecutor has decided he's going to limit the acusations for hate crimes since he considers these are being applied execively.
This is direct consecuence of the trial of Daniel Mateo, host of a comedy show that blew his nose with the Spanish flag during a sketch, and refering to the National Symbol as "rag", and has said he has no plans on showing up in court because he's not a criminal, but a clown, and that the state is using the hate crimes in a disproportinated manner.
In practice, this would mean that punishment for a hate crime will vary depending on who commited said crime.
They are looking into the possibility of finding alternatives to prison for hate crimes commited on the internet.
The public minister says he's doing this based on two sentences from the European Tribunal of Human Rights where he sentenced Spain for the application of this crime.

95d01 No.189912

File: 1543537025052.png (431.07 KB, 470x617, Spain has hit rock bottom ….png)

These aforementioned sentences are:
Last march, where they urged Spain to compensate two Catalan secessionist that in 2017 they burned a photo of the king in an anti-moarchy protest in Gerona with the following argument
>"Freedom of speech covers information and ideas that offend, collide, or bother, and are part of the conditions of pluralism and tolerance without with a democratic society cannot exist
The other sentence, in 2011, made use of similar arguments after the accused called the king of Spain "King of torturers"

The president has been quite busy blocking new legislations aimed towards stopping the pardons for crimes of sedition and rebellion, as well as legislations aimed to harden the law towards the organizing of illegal referendums
The government is trying to stop the proposition of new legislation to stop with the embassies of the secessionist
The also opposed to measures with the objective of revoking or suspending financing with public money of those parties with people that have been condemned with charges against the integrity and sovereignty of Spain
They have stated they do not plan on applying the article 155 tot take control of the public Catalan TV, the Catalan police or the Catalan education system.

The ministry of justice has been working on trying to purge the state lawyers regarding the secessionist case.
She set aside the lawyers that had intervened with matters related to the secessionist situation in catalonia.
In august she destituded the man responsible for penals matters for the advocacy.
This was reported by the advicacy, in documents where they also called for her repeatedly to defend the judge in charge of the secessionist case when he was sued by Puigdemont and Belgium was questioning for the independence of the Spanish justice department, while the minister not only looked aside on the matter, but alleged that the demand of Puigdemont included "references of expressions and private manifestations carried out by the judge towards which the government cannot act because this would be defending an invidual for affirmations of private nature alien to its functions".
The ministry of justice backed down eventually due to the massive critics from the legal sector in Spain.

Vicepresident of the constitutional tribunal said the following:
>"the problem of Catalonia is not a legal one, but a political one"
>"this crisis cannot be solved trough judicial sentences, but trough dialogue because THE CONVICTED DO NOT SERVE THEIR SENTENCE"
Glad to see the state using its power to enforcee its own laws.

A vote was held earlier in November for a motion to stop pardons to secessionist leaders in jail.
The Cuckservatives and Citizens voted in favor, whereas the REST OF THE CHAMBER voted against it, ultimately causing the rejection of this motion.

The national president of stadistics has been sued under the accusation of creating two paralel structures for the calculation of the GDP and that the hints that would impply they bend the numbers to try satisfy the wishes of the active government.

The antifa party has proposed in parliament that Vasque, Galician and Catalan is studied by children across all Spain, that movies shown on public television should includes all these languages subtitled to Spanish and for radios to include music in all these languages plus Aranés and Asturian

In Navarra a new education law for childrens starting at 0 years old will include content of homosexual and sexual liberty nature, where children will be taught progressive thinking since the first time they are put on childcare.

The student's sindicate, under the control of the antifa party, has gone on a strike because they want to implement a mandatory gender studies class in universities.

The party Citizens has retired their support for the law that allowed them to vito the budget, but is okay, because despite that law going away, and the ruling party alongside the seccessionist and communist parties that support him have a mayority, their party is going to vote against them.

The socialist in power that were in favor of abolishing the inheritance tax has decided is not going to do as promised.

Spanish visepresident calvo was received in the Vatican by the Cardinal Parolin, number 2 of the vatican, and both give shakes each other hand's in a mason style


Last 30th of October Torra and Puigdemont declared the Council of the Catalan republic
Carlos Puigdemont is raising funds for his council in the republic of Catalonia through this web
http://republicat.net/ is the web using for this purpose. It already has more than 12000 users registered
To register, you need to include your full name, telephone, adress, email, and credit card number to make said donation in case anybody is interested.
One day later, the king decided to defend the crown, and in some kind of parody of reality, princess Leonor on her 13 brithday started reading the consitution in front of representatives of the current government that are working non-stop to abolish said crown.

At the beggining of the Month, the Catalan president stated he want to not only open all embassyes closed by the last government, but also open 6 extra ones.
The Spanish government proclaimed that he cannot stop the openning of these new embassyes and they cannot request for help in the courts as long as they cannot confirm the actions that take place in those embassyes are against the law, while at the same time, acknowledging that the Catalan embassyes had broke the law in the past as per dictated by the constitutional tribunal. They say that THEY ARE LIKLELY TO KEEP BREAKING THE LAW, but they can only send informative notifications until they have confirmation.

95d01 No.189913

File: 1543537102003.png (150.49 KB, 900x593, There's only up from here ….png)

In a report ordered by the party Citizens in the Balearic Islands (land that belongs to the land Catalonia has been working on to take for the future State of Catalonia) about the content of children's textbooks of 1st of Bachiller (17 years old)
This study detected a bunch of historical inacuracies from the book from the editorial Anaya owned by the Catholic church
47% of academies use this book
They are taught in their class of Catalan that the use of Spanish is something negative, their land was founded with Catalan Nacionals, or that Catalan Nationalism is a political current form the 19th century that existed 4 centuries earlier in the Middle Ages.
They identify the Balearic Islands as Catalonia, they avoid the centuries of muslim rule and anything referred to the Crown of Aragon, and focus exclusively in the Catalan sphere
Make up Chanson de geste in Catalan from the middle ages from which no original text exist and attributing them the wish to strenghten the national spirit of Catalonia.
They make up prohibitions of the use of Catalan, and attributing them to the Trastamara in the 15th century, or the unification of the tribunals of the Inquisition the decrease in the use of Catalan, and the Viceroyalty of Charles V were applied only in the territories where Catalan was spoken, to which they attribute the definition of the Catalan as a dialect of Spanish, and also make up prohibitions of the use of Catalan in the constitution of Cadiz and some others.

One of the Catalan separatist groups, Arran, attacked the house of the judge in charge of the separatist case.
It was griefed with yellow paint, and they were even brave enought to release a video about it
With the words "the people speak, arran obeys"
And in case anybody is wondering, yes, they are one of the groups that are receiving taxpayer money from the Catalan government

Accoding the claims from the Catalan government, the Catalan police catched a "lone wolf" on September that was trying to attemp on the current Spanish president, and was planning to in the same way as Oswald did on Kennedy.
The reason given was because the president wanted to dig up the remains of Francisco Franco.
The Catalan authorities have not reported this beforehand before they wanted to be discreet.

Thanks to the continuous effort by the Catalan authorities, Catalonia lost more than 30k million € and 17,7% of the total region's.
Between July and September last year Catalonia lost 7.408m, 31.096m between September and December, another 183.533m to June 2017 and 152.804m since then to today.

The advocacy of state will not accuse the secessionist criminals of the most serious crime of rebellion in their trial, and they will only be acussed of emblezzement and sedition.


The Government has approved the extraction of 6330 million € to pay for the pensions in the month of November, that includes the extra for christmas, from treasury of Social Security, since the governmand had already ran out of the 13.830 million € indicated in the budget for this year.
The remaining amount in the Social Security treasury, that is used among other things, to pay for the pensions of all Spanish elderly is that of 5500 million €

Income tax will rise up to 49% for high income households from 2019 onwards
This should put us at the same spot as France and Italy, however, a "high income" in Spain is much lower than many of the other EUropean countries
The report "Paying taxes" from the World Bank puts Spain among the Euroean countries that puts more pressure on companies, with a calculated taxation of a 46,9% of their income on average.
Not any better is the situation of the wealth tax, that was created (((temporarily))) in 1977 with a tax up to 3,75% of the family assets
THis tax only exist within the EU in France and Spain, however, France announced its preemtive abolition last year.

According to the European Union, Spain's deficit is that of 35.000 million € a year, the worst of the Eurozone by a long shot, and the efforts in the budget by our president to fix this situation is that of zero
The European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Pierre Moscovici is expecting the Spanish deficit to worsen by 0.25% in 2018 till reaching 3% of GPD by the end of the year, and maintain this level by 2019 and 2020
It is estimated that Spain would need, year after year, till 2025 an economic surplus of 25000 million to be able to abide by Eurozone regulations
Spanish provinces are planning to increase deficit to 6% next year.
With the increase of the minimun salary, Spain is likely to lose more than 80k jobs, decreasing overall collection from taxes, and the government needs to increase their funding since the increase in spending.

I would like to mention some independent economist, that have been sending letters to different governments, including the EU, about the economic situation of Spain and the falsified numbers given to the EU by the goverment.
Just the other day, after all these years, the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, Pierre Moscovici, has addressed these letters about official economic numbers.
He has recognized the numbers as valid, and thanks these economist since these letters have helped Brussels reject the budget of Spain.

95d01 No.189915

File: 1543537299539.png (1.03 MB, 736x818, They were all so so wrong.png)

This is much more meaninful than just that, because the European bureocrats were perfectly aware that Spain was sending them fraudulent information, and despite all that, still chosed to buy their debt upon the fake numbers they provided
This would, in turn, imply that all responsibility of said buying on debt falls onto the EU itself, and not in Spain.
In other words, if Spain went to an international tribunal, it is almost guaranteed that they will win said case, and not having to pay for all their debt that was bought by the EU, that reached up till 80% per year in the last decade. Turns out Spain still has some heroes.
Now, whether or not our politicians are up to par and take advantage of this last chance of saving the country or end up cucking that's another issue.


President of China is paying a visit to Spain in order to expand into Latin America.
He will visit Spain, Argentina, Panamá and Portugal before the G20 summit likely in order to pepare for facing Donald Trump.
The goal is likely to create a new Silk Road and move the center of world commerce into the Iberian Peninsula and placing it under China's control.
For this, they are building a high speed train that will start from China and arriving at Madrid.
They also want to control the traffic of containers in Spanish ports.
China invested 10m € a year in Spain in 2012. 4 years later, the investment was 170m € a year, and keeps getting bigger since then.
Bilateral commerce has also grown from 12m$ in the year 1973 to 30900m$ in 2017
China is looking to invest in Spain well aware of its debt crisis, whereas the EU is attempting to stop China from investing in all its member states.
Meanwhile, Spain is busy showering with rivers of money to criminals, collecting migrants, fighting petty political squabbles, implementing gender laws and with no other foreign policy other than cry to the EU to solve its problems.
The way things are going, Spain's final destiny is likely to be bought by cents by the Chinese government.

Brexit is pretty much completely negociated, and the government wasn't taking advantage of the right that allows Spain to be present in all desitions that involve Gibraltar.
This includes the permit that already exist in the case of Spain to have a shared used of the airport of Gibraltar, which in turn means Spain will be abandon the control of its air traffic.
Until of course, the subject suddenly came up in the TVs and other media, to which our president responded by going to negociate in Brussels
After some discussion with different European leaders, Spanish President walked in brussels after giving his partners an official backing to the brexit deal, and he ennounces that the obtained guarantees were many, and denominates as "triple plating" the obtained results, a success without question and without precedent.
This "tripled guarantee" is, according to our president, of political nature with 3 written commitments, including a declaration of the 27 of the comission that any future negociation about Gibraltar will require the previous approval of Spain.
Despite all this, Teresa May has stated that Gibraltar will be covered by the agreement and all future negotiations:
>"I am proud that Gibraltar remains british, and its status won't change"
Whereas Pedro Sanchez says things like:
>"With the Brexit, we all lose, but in Gibraltar Spain wins, and Europe wins"
He also stated that Spain and Britain will go towards a co-sovereingty of Gibraltar after the brexit has been signed
>"If this was hard, what is coming will be harder"
>"Not just for Spain, but the entirity of the EU"
>"Spain is in a position of strenght as never before"
>"The EU recognizes the position Spain has had for that of Gibraltar, and above all, the UK recognizes it"

The Prime Minister of Lithuania responds that in the treaty of brexit they will not discuss Gibraltar, and the possibility of returning it to Spain even less. But they wrote some documents will reflect the Spanish demands of regaining control over it, or at least having co-sovereignty with Britain.
When asked about how she had convinced the Prime Minister of Spain in a press conference, she responds among laughts
>"We promised that we're going to promise"
When asked "what does that mean?", she responds with another laught
>"Well, we'll end up carrying it out, we always try to fulfill our promises"

I think we pretty much have become the laughingstock of Europe

Remember the Brassilian elections? Well, just so you know, one of our newspapers, ElPais.es, is heavily read in there. And has pretty much given the new president the Trump treatment, that is, the apocalypse is coming.
Spain is the second biggest EU investor in Brazil and the 3rd in the world
Also, el Pais is heavily subsidized by the bank Santander.


After a year, the Asociation "Hablemos Español" (Let's speak spanish) has reached the goal of 500k signatures that will allow them to bring to congress the legal iniciative to allow the citizens to be taugh in their language of choosing, right not available in regions like Catalonia


95d01 No.189920

File: 1543538271953.png (2.02 MB, 3500x2500, 1853347__safe_artist-colon….png)

22k characters, that's a new record even for me.

Sorry for the long period between updates and for the text wall that comes along with that, but Novemeber has been a bitch, and December is likely going to be even worse.

For obvious reasons, I need to do some preparations before the collapse the next year, and December should be the last month for this, so is unlikely I will be able to make another update in December, unless something crazy happens and I must put aside everything else to cover it.

Regardless, thanks for taking the time to read and good luck in the G20 to whichever country you come from (unless you're China)

b2f81 No.189921

File: 1543538762522.png (85.1 KB, 424x319, 21345676876.png)

Gracias, amigo.
Mind if I save it for future reference?

95d01 No.189971

File: 1543566665598.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1266, 1329265__safe_artist-colon….png)

Not sure exactly what you want to save, but anybody is free to grab everything I've posted and do whatever you want with it.

ccb07 No.189979

Ponies in makeshift forts are so wholesome

71da2 No.191271

Is The vox party good for spain?

e668c No.191272

I've heard they are influenced by ((((them)))). Dunno tho how true it is.

d45b3 No.191361

File: 1544306691706.png (83.16 KB, 455x400, twilight 9.png)

I was actually planning to do an update this week because we've had an interesting election in Andalucia, where the new "right wing populist party" Vox had taken seats in an election for the first time in its history. I'll probably get that done tomorrow.

Vox in particular is a party I've avoided talking for quite some time, as is a bit of a divisive topic between the espanish forums and /pol/ communities.

It was formed fairly recently, 5 years ago by Santiago Abascal, a member of the mainstream right wing party (a career politician). It a following fairly quickly due to smart desitions in social media and a bit of help of the media demonizing them.
And as of right now is in all televisions where pretty much everyone is demonizing them as "far right extremist" and calling them fascist and followers of Franco.

In my opinion, their program is a mixed bag, with some nice options such as forbidding a migrant from ever adquiring legal status if it entered illegally, to the "is nice, but you're never going to get that" in the case of Gibraltar, to missing content such as "we will create laws against illegal occupation and usury", where then they go on explaining how the laws against illegal occupation will go without mentioning usury at all, retrive our judicial sovereignty (but not economic one). Also, they do not include any labor reforms in the entire program.

In short, they're nice but they do not go nowhere near far enought against the European union, and there are many questions regarding many of their stances.

And funnily enought, we have actual right wing anti-european parties that advicate retrieving national sovereignty in the economic department (which I'm not voting for, because replacing the euro with a new currency so we can remove all taxes and print more money each month to cover all expenses is fucking retarded).

Since this is the first time they actually got in an elected position of any kind, I'll be watching their behaviour in a sort of "trial by fire" fashion, but without any prior observation, I'm going to with controlled opposition, but I'm probably still going to vote for them because controlled opposition is better than suicide.
But time will tell.

Regarding Vox being influenced by (((them))), this is from their own website
A quick translation
>1.- We are happy our tribunals went against the business that boicotted Israel
>2.- Israel is part of our history and our culture. Only democracy in the middle east
>3.- Israel is part of the west for its cultures, values and way of live. Open and prosperous is a beacon of technological development
>4.- Israel has suffered many attacks, like their neighbourghs that never accepted its birth, terrorist, and now campaigns of intoxication and manipulation. Vox condems that Israel is equated with its enemies
>5.- Israel has a right to exist
>6.- Israel fights against terrorism, and it can contribute decisively fighting against terrorism that is razing Europe at the moment
>7.- Israel guarentees freedom of religion, which is great for those christians terrorized by Islam in the region
>8.- VOX not only condems the campaings against Israel, but believes ties with Israel should be strengthened
>9.- The security of Israel and the west are intermingled
>10.- Israel is a beacon of stability and our greatest ally to advance the agenda of dignity, tolerance and propsterity in the Middle East

Is a bit funny when you consider the secessionist have said during conferences they were being funded by an external country that had guaranteed them economical funding after the secceded, and everything points out to it being Israel (but we have no actual proof and no investation on the matter, and don't expect one till 2 decades in the future if Spain still exist by them).
And last time I checked Israel was the one funding these terrorist, not fighting them.

As far as I've read, the pro-Israel faction is not all the party is based out of, there's alto an ati-Israel faction within the party, but most of the "high officers", including Abascal himself, are pro-Israel.

In the end, they're not the saving grace, and will most likely cuck, but I'd take anything at this point to try to deviate for the suicide path we're currently on.

But none of this matters because the EU stops buying debt in a little more than 3 weeks, and if VOX gets into power in the generals it'll be 2 elections from now, that is 8 years at best. Spain will be broke by then.

8bb1c No.201783

File: 1548873299166.png (98.87 KB, 603x697, So you be saying we wuz al….png)


Since the end of the regime of Franco and the start of Democracy, the Socialist party has maintain an absolute mayority in the parliament of Andalucía
In the following months to the vote of no confidence and the socialist party accessing power, the Andalucian president Susana Díaz decided to held elections prematurely in Andalucía, probably because she though the socialist party was going to fall, and didn't want them dragging her down as well.
These elections were held in Andalucia on the 2nd of December, where the party VOX entered for the first time in any parliament in Spain
Most optimist polls predicted 1 or 2 seats, yet VOX entered the parliament with a wooping 12 seats
This was followed by a tweet from the antifa party in Andalucia:
>"We must go out the streets to crush with our ideas. The people are wrong, we won't abide by their laws, only those from the hammer and sickle
The head of the antifa party ensured that both the future and the democacy of Spain are at risk and that they have to organize to combat the far right and protect the welfare state.
>"We must prepare for a difficult time"
>"We must push a block formed by the democratic forces that agreed upon in the no confidence vote"
Furthermore, he made a call to workers, students, feminist and other progressive collectives to create an antifascist response to protect the endangered democracy.
After this, multiple protests took place in Sevilla and other cities of Andalucia against VOX at the song of "Without legs, without heads, the fascist in pieces"
They protesters were carrying republican flags and screamed to civilians to join the fight, and that VOX are fascists and terrorist
Antifa, with their faces covered, voiced outloud that Sevilla will be the grave of fascism.
Through the course of the month, the protest slowed down a bit, except for the feminist, that voiced their discontent non-stop
The reason given was because one of the conditions given by VOX to form a government was to abolish the gender law of Andalucía
In reality, we've learned that there's around 2200 feminist organizations just in Andalucía where people earn an average of 50k €, in contrast with the 32k that is the average salary in Spain
We have also learned out of all the aid towards abused women in Spain, around 1,8% goes towards the women, whereas the rest is used for "administrative purposes"
So is no surprise to see dozens of thousands of people protesting in the parliament of Andalucía, since they're actually fighting for their "jobs"
Here are some videos
You can also see the clasic trash cans on fire

Following this nonsense, the 2 main right wing parties, PP and C's negociated a pact to form a government between them both, with PP being the most voted party saying they will make another pact with VOX once C's has been dealt with.
After 1 month, in early January, both parties had reached an agreement, and PP went to negociate with VOX
VOX made a list of their points, which the PP refused
24 hours later, VOX was signing a proposal PP had made filled with political jargon such as
>"we pretend…"
>"we hope…"
>"with the goal of…"
The response to their electorade of VOX was that this movement wasn't them selling out to the demands of PP, but they did this as to remove the socialist from the goverment of Andalucía once and for all, and that that was the main objective all this time
Off oficial cameras, I've heard people close to the head of VOX that this movement was actually done because if they didn't, and forced new elections, the socialist party would still be in control, and in this new election they would be able to movilize many of their followers (most of the public employees being maintained by the socialist) and the media and organize a massive push back against them
Their idea is to slowly decrease the influcence of the socialist within Andalucía and then, if their government colleages broke their promises, summon new elections 6 months later or so
PP is already breaking its promises

8bb1c No.201784


A new social class has been born in Spain.
Going by the name of MENA, initials of an expression roughly translated as "Unaccompanied foreign minors", also known as Illegals.

Since they have neither a register nor a residence to be in, since the immigrant centers are overwhelmed, they usually end up forming the famous foreign gangs, that do as they please all across Spain.
Some of these actions include:
Dug themselves with glue, committing crimes such as theft or rape.
There's an estimate of 800 in Madrid alone, and they make a large percentage of the overall crime in the country.
These people usually come from Morocco, and they often sleep on the ground

Sources from the counseling of Madrid have recognized at least 70 MENAs arriving weekly, and there are no resources to take care of them.
They are searching for other ways within the province to take care of these "minors", but most of the town halls of different cities refuses these minors because they cause social conflict and they have no money to take care of them either.

A minor arriving in Spain illegally must have their legal status sorted out before 2 months pass.
During this time the prosecution for minors must decide whether or not this person is indeed a minor since they recognize there are multiple that pretend to be minors to access the many aids given to underage illegals
For this process, they can order medical test to verify their bone or dental maturity, as well as radiologic tests of their wrists, exam of their molars or radiography of their clavicle. All provided by the generous members of the Spanish taxpayer demographic.
After these tests, the minor move under the tutelage of the administration at centers under specific programs.

Since you cannot go through all these process in 2 months for the never ending wave of migrants arriving at the shores,
The police keeps arresting these illegals non-stop, and the neighbors complain they steal violently, specially to the elderly, that the throw rocks and sneak inside urban chalets to enjoy their pools.
The employees of these centers for minors are also attacked and they often have to fight these individuals.
A common name for these gangs is "gangs of the glue" since they spend a large amount of time inhaling this substance with a plastic bag.
They are also know for creating their clans whiting the centers of minors, where problematic leaders are elected, fight with each other as well as force each other to commit crimes.

The protocol Marco Mena dictates they must communicate to the police and the prosecution the data they have for the recently arrived minor to the centers as so this minor can be then registered in an official register of MENAs.

Since December last year, we have register a total of 0 MENAs in Madrid.

Last 6 months, Spain received more immigrants than in the last 8 years combined


The president close the year with more than 100 pages in royal decrees, and a meeting "president to president" with the Prime Minister of Catalonia, where he promised everything he could to the Catalan ruler, including the organization of a legal independence referendum.
All this so he can get the separatist so support his budget, so he can stay in office for another year


The leader of C's party, that has a majority in Barcelona from the last election in Catalonia, has named the French politician Manuel Valls as mayor of Barcelona.
This was done by the influence of the French President himself, Emmanuel Macron, that has close ties with the head of the C's party, so much that the party based its campaign on the one from the now french president.
Manuel Valls in a known member of the French masonry, and was put in that position for a simple reason.
Since France does not know whether or not Catalonia will become independent, he wants to put someone there that will, in the case of said independence taking place, make sure Catalonia falls under the influence of France
So far, he has demonized VOX, and has urged C's to not form a pact with them in Andalucia, as well as make propaganda using mostly the colors red, white and blue, colors of France

8bb1c No.201793

The order for military arsenal made by the Catalan government last year has been de-frozen by the new government and allowed to pass through, meaning they will be able to buy military armament for the Catalan police force with Spanish taxpayer's money.
As a nice detail, the budget for this operation is x3 times the market price.
A small commission for the hard working secessionist mayhaps?
Meanwhile, the Catalan president keeps advocating for the Yugoslavia approach for Catalan independence


The second chamber of the supreme justice tribunal had a reunion to decide about a particular sentence, with only 4 votes against out of the 14 judges.
A couple was in a park, and couldn't agree on when to come home.
She punches him in the face, the male slaps her, and she kicks him back. No lesions remained.
The judiciary of the province was going to absolve both since both actions where equivalent.
The supreme court, however, is of the opinion of a man harming a woman constitutes "gender violence".
>"It is understood that all acts of violence from a man to a woman with the exception of an affectionate relationship are acts of power and superiority regardless of the motivation behind it"
So the result was the man received a sentence of 6 months whereas the woman received 3 months.
In others words, in Spain if a woman hits you, and you defend yourself, you're a criminal and will receive a sentence double in size of the woman, that is, if the woman is convicted at all.

In another case, a woman sentenced after murdering his husband with a knife and was given a pardon by the government because "she killed him because she was fed up with him"


Unemployment keeps decreasing around 30-50k by month since the arrival of the new president to office, with most of the new jobs being created being useless public employees appointed by the executive

The government keeps increasing spending at an astonishing rate, and the EU is not buying us debt anymore

The government is willing to give 1500million € from taxpayer money to the secessionist if they approve their budget

The secretary of State for Social security has confirmed that raising the minimum salary from 735€ to 900€ as the government has proposed will destroy jobs in Spain.
Yet the very same man justifies this raising of the minimum salary because "increasing the salary of the lower part of the jobs will also push the salaries of those above it up as well, since they will not stay silent if they get a raise of 0.2 when the others are getting a raise of 22%"
He also says it's going to increase the salaries of CEOs and the like by the same logic!

The Budget has been approved by Congress, despite the bank of Spain and even AIReF, the association created by the European commission a few years back because they did not trust the lies that the ministers of Economy of Spain were spouting
AIReF specifically has said they won't be able to accomplish them, and income will be 50% of what Spain's government is saying
However, they also say this 50% is not because is something impossible to achieve, but because THEY HAVEN'T RAISED ENOUGH TAXES AND CREATE ENOUGH NEW ONES, since the ones the government just announced will take a while to be implemented, and they recommend to implement the new taxes ASAP
Funny because they also validate the GDP growth stipulated in the budget, despite also being false due to the economy slowing down

Despite Dragui saying the ECB is not going to buy more debt, he has said he's going to "reinvest" the all the debt received from the debt maturity for more than summer of this year.

That should be the most important stuff, I'm probably missing a few things, specially in the Economic department.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't had much time to even keep notes, so most of this is what I remember that took place over the last 2 months, plus a few things I did had written previously.
Not optimal, but is still better than radio silence.

If I remember something else I'll write it in here

31be8 No.201822

Poor spain

18dcd No.201825

Thank you based Spaniard!

8bb1c No.204080

File: 1549905157047-0.png (528.37 KB, 816x849, what if I told you... your….png)

File: 1549905157047-1.mp4 (2.03 MB, 640x1136, 45.000 people according to….mp4)

File: 1549905157047-2.mp4 (3.38 MB, 440x288, María DUPLÁ - @hermanntert….mp4)

File: 1549905157047-3.jpg (362.5 KB, 900x1200, DzCoix3X0AAsPOF.jpg)

Update comes a bit earlier today. Truth be told, I wanted to do an early one because we have a very important event coming, the trial of the secessionist imprisoned.
Something quite mayor happened in the meantime however, here's the gist of it


Last week Catalan President Torra released a document under the name of "a Pact of State to solve the conflict between Catalonia and Spain", 4 pages long
In the first page, this text notes that Spain has a deep institutional crisis largely due to the inability to move beyond Franco's regime and that Catalan secessionist is a positive movement of affirmation that goes against nobody, but was stopped short when a politically motivated tribunal put the last stop on it back in 2006, which forced them to escalate
Later on, this document follows with 21 points that were already agreed upon with the president of Spain in the secret meeting they had last December
I want to note, these points are not propositions to any party, but things the government of Spain has already compromised about to the Catalan government

<1.- You cannot govern against Catalonia
<2.- The recognition of the right to self-determination of Catalonia, that must be put into effect
<3.- The necessity of international mediation for a negotiation from equal to equal
<4.- Respect to the sovereignty of Catalan institutions, and not threaten with the application of article 155
<5.- Investigate the police and economical abuses Catalonia has suffered
<6.- Overcome the judicial route, that must be abandoned
7.- Compromise for ethics in politics
8.- Guarantee of separation of powers
9.- End the limitation of fundamental rights
<10.- Improve the democratic quality of Spain
<11.- Stop the deterioration of Spain's international image
<12.- End the complicity between the police and the judges with the extreme right
13.- Guarantee Judicial independence
14.- Guarantee Human rights
<15.- Admit Franco's culture is still alive and is incompatible with Spanish democracy
<16.- Admit the impunity of fascist actions is related directly to that same culture
<17.- Compromise to isolate neofascist groups
<18.- Denounce the privileges inherited from Franco's regime
<19.- Initiate a process of de-Franquization and a debate about the Monarchy
<20.- Declare the nullity of the trials of Franco's regime
<21.- Make effective a politic of common pits

A small note, that the last point means using public money to search the trenches of the civil war from the losing side after being executed by the winning side, but not the other way around

Despite this document being agreed upon 2 months ago, it hadn't been presented to the rest of the political parties
It was disclosed for the first time by Catalan president Torra in a dialogue meeting in the parliament of Catalonia
The Catalans also added an amendment to the budget that is to be officially approved soon, and demanded the president remove the public accusation from the trial of the secessionist politicians
The President has not made any declarations about this matter, but the vice-president has, she said it is something they had already planned for the negotiation table with the secessionist, she did not answer, however, when she was questioned whether or not this was blackmail
The Catalans made a response statement that the mediator should be an international figure because we're dealing with a negotiation between states and that they had already arranged with the government 2 weeks ago who will be the members of this dialogue table
Catalan president also adds this negotiation must include the right to self determination and "the end of the repression"

How did everyone take this brazen case of open treason you might ask? Well…

Everyone, even the fucking cuckservatives out of all people have already accused the president of high treason for not doing anything and that the president has lost legitimacy of being in the government (like it had any in the first place), the cuckservatives also demand immediate calls for elections
After this event, the next public appearance of our president was at the Moncloa Palace to congratulate the sub-21 football team for winning the world cup. He knows where his priorities lie

Not part of the deal, but the Catalans also requested a pardon of their more than 70798 million € of debt that has with the state, number that surpasses by a long shot the money paid to the banks back on the 2008 crisis

As a response, the different "right wing" parties, the cuckservatives, Citizens and VOX summoned a protest yesterday Sunday at Columbus's Plaza, pic and videos related
There were probably around 150k-200k, although the government reported 45k
Even so, this number is still small for what just happened here, and considering we have regional elections in May through most of Spain, this will make difficult for the socialist to retain seats in many of the provinces
People of social media also noted there was no burned trash cans, broken windows, damaged cars or unrest, and that the protesters where usually clean and not horrendously groomed
Of course, Citizens though that among all the Spanish flags (and occasional EU one) it was appropriated to add the LGBT flag, even some faggots where wondering what was it doing there

What followed today has been a bit strange, it started with the government saying "they might summon elections in April" I think to threaten the secessionist with a new government that won't be as receptive to their arguments, but they retracted this argument less than an hour later
Then it made an announcement it will dig up Franco's corpse this Friday and will relocate it somewhere, but they haven't said where

And with that event said, here are the usual news

8bb1c No.204083

File: 1549906086433-0.jpg (415.41 KB, 900x1200, DzCoix4WoAALUa1.jpg)

File: 1549906086433-1.png (930.93 KB, 896x503, Sanchez Dimision.png)

File: 1549906086433-2.png (722.98 KB, 898x505, Citizens president begging….png)




2 Catalan secessionist uploaded a video from Syria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WcN1VD5sdA
They state they are in Syria to defend the independence of Rojaba, democratic federation of the North of Syria, also known as Syrian Kurdistan
While transmitting this message, they also added some nice images of violent scenes in Catalonia from the day of the referendum, while at the same time urging the Catalans to do the same and fight for Catalan independence, against fascism, and with weapons if necessary, as they're doing in Kurdistan

The transcript is as follows:
>"We are 2 militants of Catalonia and we've been almost a year in Kurdistan"
>"In our land, we were part of different political movements, 'Organization of the working class for the right of a household', 'movement of women's liberation' and 'movement of Catalan independence'"
>"We arrived here with the goal of participating in the revolution of Rojaba, in the Syrian Kurdistan to acquire knowledge that the day of tomorrow will pay off in Catalonia"
>"We are at the point of inflection, we've taken the decision of defending Kurdistan with the weapons and with our live"
>"Our daily life against Spanish Fascism is the brother of that the Syrian people face against the Syrian state and the Turkish state"
>"We will defend a real and radical democratic base that takes form in the hundred of communes created in each district and each town"
>"A new economic model that supports cooperatives and break the hegemony of the murderous capitalist system that drowns all the social classes"
>"We will defend from fascism a new model of life, new values of equality and fraternity between peoples for socialism and the working class"
>"We will fight for all structures, be it civil or military. Not mixed, but of women that have lost so many lives till this day to build them
>"We will defend from fascism a new model of fraternity, we also cannot forgive the death of so many companions fallen in this war"
>"Companions, at our backs, at the other side of the frontier the fascist Turquist state groups its tanks and its jihadist militias that intent on coming here to commit a genocide, to annihilate this revolution and refuse the liberty that took so long to build, to refuse the liberty of all peoples, Arab, Syrian, Armenian, Kurdish… as well as its coexistence and liberty built through the effort and sacrifice of so many martyrs, so many people that have risked their lives to build this liberty"
>"Companions, you know very well what fascism is, you are living every day the consequences of the regime of the 39 (Franco's regime)"
>"The ones yesterday put us in the ditches are still ruling, in the extermination camps, in the french refugee camps, in Franco's extermination camps"
>"Do not allow this revolution to die. This revolution is a hope not only for the people of the middle east, is a hope for all the peoples of the world for the popular classes"
>"Defend this revolution, think this idea is our idea, this war is our war, this revolution is our revolution"
>"Do not forget our history, do not forget how dozens of thousands of people, of companions and revolutionaries WILL TRAVEL TO CATALONIA TO GRAB ARMS ALONSIDE US TO MELD THEIR DESTINY WITH OURS, today as well as yesterday we have to fight against fascism"
>"They shall not pass"

This video was shown at the festival of Gaudi awards to support the revolution of Rojaba

One of the parties of Catalonia has registered an amendment to the budget of the government. However, they also said they are willing to remove said amendment and still support the budget if the president removed the public prosecutors from the secessionist case, since the trial is coming up
The spokesman of said party says that they took this decision after done all they could to talk with the government and attempt to find a political solution to the Catalan conflict

The superior tribunal of Catalonia has issued a final sentence regarding the ex-Catalan president Artur Mas (Catalan president for 2010-2016) and 2 of the politicians involved in the independence referendum of the 9th of November 2014
This sentence is a revision from the previous sentence, which for attacking the national integrity of the nation he was punished with 2 years from being unable to hold a public job
The new punishment issued by the Supreme Justice Tribunal reduces this limitation to a year and one month
In other words, in Spain after trying to balkanize the nation and using millions in public funding for it, you are banned from holding public jobs for a little more than a year. They will be also forced to pay a fine that ranges from 36500€ for Artur to 24000€ from the other 2
This is a clear example of how fascist Spain oppresses the poor Catalan politicians and persecutes them for political reasons
The countdown of this sentence started at the 23 of January this year

The government of Catalonia admits there were 11194 deaths of people that were in the waiting list to receive money from the law of dependence (pensions for people too old or invalid that cannot live for themselves) 2013 and 2017 before receiving any help or join a residence for the elderly that they had solicited. 74% of the death had already been qualified by social services and their right was recognized but couldn't join because of lack of public seats. This situation is likely the same all around the country, however, it is more inexcusable in Catalonia since they receive extra funds from the central government, 60% of the FLA (Autonomic Liquidation Funds) that they later use most of it for independence propaganda or fund illegal referendums

Catalan government demands a reform of the education law to remove all linguistic authority from the state in the Catalan schools to make it clear the Catalan government is the maximum authority in terms of linguistic education in Catalonia

8bb1c No.204085

File: 1549906287641-0.jpg (342.56 KB, 900x1200, DzCoix5X0AEcjYd.jpg)

File: 1549906287641-1.jpg (794.72 KB, 2048x1536, DzCoix5XQAAJmNb.jpg large.jpg)



The Central Operation Unit from the civil guard has discovered the cuckservatives went to the elections of 2011 using a network of fake bills to finance the campaign
They are investigating about 250k €, but the number is provisional, and could increase after more research
Since elections are coming up, considering the political landscape, and the socialist are in power, a lot of corruption from the conservatives are going to come to light


Last year, more than 4k doctors couldn't access specialization in Spain
Multiple medical entities and syndicates have protested against hiring decisions and proposals of doctors that lack the proper specialization due to lack of personnel and prospects of future retirements
Most of these positions are being filled by foreigners, specifically from outside the EU
Another thing being complained about is the excess in medical institutions dedicated to the instruction of new professionals, Spain being the second in the world with the most faculties of medicine, with 42, with 7k a year, and most of them cannot access post graduated formation

The GOYA (Spanish OSCARS) prices were given the other day, with
The Spanish cinema is heavily subsidized, with some movies not even making it to even a dozen tickets sold
The head of the party VOX requested to make a movie about Blas de Lezo, one of the greatest Spanish admirals of all time that defeated the English navy at its peak defending Cartagena
The response given by one of the scriptwriters at the GOYA (who was subsidized with 1m € from his last movie) was "I will not write about this subject because I don't fucking want to"


The only satellite with intelligence purposes owned by Spain, Hisdesat Strategic Services, that give strategic services to the military and other official organisms will be given to the Italian Antlantia Spa and the German Hochtief AKT, with an alliance that has bought 89.68% of Abertis Infrastructures, the biggest shareholder of Hispasat and its main operator
The Ministry of Defense will have to sign a new contract with the Italian and German companies if they want to still use the only satellite Spain has, with an annual quota of 93,17 million €

The General Fernando Alejandre has expressed his concern about the budget from the new government, he says the new budget does not meet expectations and the motto of doing more with less ran out a long time ago. They cannot take advantage of their equipment anymore
The current equipment of Spain is not only not enough, but is also very old
To give an example, Spain was the 3rd country with the most deaths in the war of Afghanistan, 1st and 2nd being USA and UK, since they took the bulk of the operations, unlike Spain that barely took part in any
Yet it was the 3rd country with the most deaths, because the vehicles the Spanish troops took on the field were so antiquated and were not even renovated when they should've been, at the year 2004, these vehicles were so old, they eventually turned over, and the people inside died


The ministry of justice is working on a Royal Decree project to increase access to Spanish nationality for residence to those people that can neither read nor write, or are mentally challenge that stops them from passing the mandatory exams of Spanish language and culture
Obtaining Spanish nationality is as easy as coming from an ex colonial nation from Spain, Portugal, or being a Sephardi Jew (if you are a Jew and say you're a Sephardi is good enough, no need for further proof) and being 2 years in the country
However, this procedure can be accelerated to 1 year if you fill one of the following clauses:
>Being born in Spain, no need to be a child of another Spanish
>Having married another Spanish
>One of your parents or grandparents is Spanish
The new Spanish will be able to skip the Spanish exams if they had been matriculated previously in any school in Spain and have passed Middle School
The time to acquire nationality will be decreased from 5 years to 2 years from nationals from previous Spanish territory as well as others and to 5 years for illegal migrants
In 2017, 26k citizenship certificates were given, although this is lower than previous years, like 2016 with 94k people and 2015 78k people, with the citizenship being given to people form South America and Center America
This decrease is allegedly due to administrative reasons, as such, the ministry of justice has promise to process as fast as possible these citizenship solicitude
The idea is of course, to make peaceful revolution impossible from the people of Spain, since voting for other parties or abstaining will become obsolete once you can literally import people to vote for you for the next legislature

8bb1c No.204087

File: 1549907460660-0.png (99.6 KB, 509x311, sweet dreams.png)



Last January unemployment has had its biggest increase since the year 2014, with 83464 new jobs destroyed, and affiliated to social security is even worse, with a decreased of 204865 people
January as well implemented the increase in the minimum salary to 900€

The contributions to the ECB from the banks of Italy, Spain and Greece have suffered a considerable decrease since January this year, decreasing its correspondent Capital Key from each member nation
The Capital Key is what the ECB uses for measuring the weight the bonds of each country should have, and this reflects the respective member’s share in the total population and gross domestic product of the EU
This data has not been positive for Spain in particular, and this will imply the interest paid by the Spanish bond will be higher for those who buy the national debt
The weight of the Bank of Spain goes from 8.8 to 8.3 from the last five year review of the ECB
This is the second greatest decrease for all EU countries, surpassed only by Italy

Nonstop increase of taxes and creating new ones is making the Spanish people become more and more fed up with the whole thing, so now the tax agency is instead reinterpreting the current law to avoid having to pass new legislation, while still collecting more money
There's a relief in the income tax for those who choose to send their children to private school and also do some kind of charitable donation
Tax agency says donating money to the catholic schools that their children are part of is not deductible and they do not qualify as donations
They are, in fact, just contributions to the school
Most of these donations are usually dedicated to another foundation created by the school
These regular operations have taken place for a sizable amount of years
In the last few months, tax agency begun to reject these deductions, and even demanded the return of those already deducted
The Catholic schools asked for peace and tranquility from the families and the centers, instead of protesting against a possible theft towards the parents that seek their services
They signaled that the actions of the tax agency were restricted to some isolated cases and there's no official announcement from the tax agency that affects the parents that chosed a private school
The tax agency is going to nullify the tax relief from previous years as well as include the sanctions that considers appropriate

The National Institute of Statistic made public the spending of the 4th quarter of last year
It has increased the amount of public employees by 136k, 65% of those being secessionist

The number of families and self-employed that declare bankrupt grows for the 3rd year in a row, more than 5600 families and business have lost all they had, an increase of 19% from last year
More than 1500 families have declared themselves "drowned by their debts", with an increase of 0.8% from last year
The amount of business going bankrupt was of more than 4130, with Catalonia at the head, with roughly 1600, an increase of 12% from last year, followed by Madrid with 941 bankrupts, then Valencia with 760 and Andalucia with +500

The Court of Auditors has detected a hole in the cost of the AVE, a high-speed rail service in Spain
They have discovered the existence of an extra cost of 7637 million €, with some small cities having an extra cost of 186%, with the city La Sagrera in Barcelona taking 547% of the anticipated cost, in Alicante 396%, and to Cartagena 282%
It should've had a cost of 4100 million €, but with the extra "unexpected" cost it will take 11140 €




Another wall of text, and this is just from last week, but a lot of things happened.
I wanted to hurry up and have it ready for the trial of the secessionist that is coming soon, and then the backdoor deal was released to the public

We have regional elections through most of the provinces this may, and even if I'm not very exited for VOX, I am hoping it reaches ridiculous numbers in many provinces, and I also hope its lawyers that have been doing a fantastic job in the case of the secessionist don't get screwed up and managed to achieve something.

Next update will probably be when the trial takes place, unless something else crazy happens.

8bb1c No.205092

File: 1550333969266.gif (3.56 MB, 896x504, I sentence thee to 72 year….gif)

We've had a very interesting week here, with the beginning of the trial for the separatist
There will be a small summary at the end if you want to read the whole trial thing, since there's quite a bit of nonsense and you might not want to read 2 and a half post of transcripts and commentaries
Without further ado…


The Justice tribunal is made out of 7 judges, presided by Manuel Marchena

12 are the politicians to be judged for the attempt to break the country apart in 2017
9 of them have been in prison for a large amount of time, whereas 3 are in Probation
The reason these separatist are even being judged to begin with every single media outlet agreed it was because of VOX's lawyers
They have been without a doubt the spearhead of the accusation, followed by the somewhat softer prosecution, and the advocacy of the state has been a joke

>Petitions of sentence

For the ex-vicepresident of Catalonia the prosecution asks for 25 year for the 3 crimes of sedition, rebellion and embezzlement, whereas the advocacy asks for 12 and VOX asks for 74
For the ex-president of the Catalan parliament VOX asks for 62 years, prosecution 17 and advocacy 10
For the president of the Propaganda organization Omnium Cultural, VOX asks for 62, prosecution 17, advocacy 8
Ex-President of the national assembly, VOX 62, prosecution 17, advocacy 8
The other five in prison also have requests of 72 years from VOX, 17 from the prosecution and 11 and a half from advocacy, these are the Councillor of interior, Councillor of territory and sustainability, Councillor of presidency and Councillor of foreign affairs
The other 3 in the streets are on probation because there is no charge of rebellion, but only of embezzlement and disobedience, they are Councillor of Justice, Councillor of governance and Councillor of business and knowledge. VOX ask for 24 years and the advocacy and prosecution for 7.


The trial start with the turn of the defense for the allegations of the breach of fundamental rights as per request by the defense

The lawyer of the vicepresident start with saying this is a political trial where multiple rights have been violated, such as liberty of ideology, right of self determination and states that this trial is an attack against political dissidence
>"The criminal trial of the enemy from its conception to its revision can be summarize with 4 ideas"
>"Unpredictable interpretation of the law"
>"Abusive use of provisional prison"
>"Generalization of interference in fundamental rights"
>"And reduction of procedural guarantees"
>"A paradigm in this situation is the famous sentence of Mitra. The analysis Strasbourg makes of human rights has to do with the situation of silencing political dissidence and explains how you can weaponize a provisional prison to influence the political agenda, and this sentence is not a political sentence, this sentence is about fundamental rights and human rights, and this is the focus we're going with, because we're going to explain that this case affects political dissidence"

Their defense staff is made out of people who are not new to cases in defense of Catalan politicians, and have successfully done so in multiple occasions, mostly about embezzlement of funds and corruption; and yes, they were and are paid with taxpayer money diverted by the government of Catalonia

Their basic defense is based out accusing the Spanish justice of being partisanship, and oppressing of the innocent
The rights suppressed and violated argued by the defense included the freedom of expression, secret in communications because the police investigated the written records of the accused
In other words, the defense is not defending whether or not the laws were been broken, but that the judicial system, the police and law and order has violated the human rights of 12 politicians
I can safely say their intention is to give the image that this trial is a persecution of fundamental rights and as such have Strasbourg overthrow the probably condemnatory sentence. I can't think of a better way to make Spain hate the EU even more

The lawyer also has downplayed the violent acts that took place in front of the Building for the Counseling of Economy where they destroyed police cars of the Civil Guard
>"The use of words is intentional, I always explain, and you shall see so through the trial, how the accusation when they grab the dictionary, they grab the military dictionary. Why? Because when there's a car that has some stickers they say 'a car has been devastated', then you go to the dictionary and you see 'devastate: raze and leave barren the terrains of the enemy' and as such the symbolic construction of these people that abide by the political mandate how 'this is how we look at terrorist, without political rights without being able to escape' something the terrorist did, these people are worse than terrorist!' This has to be valued by the court in some way"
>"The imputation has to do with the political agenda, the provisional prison is grounded on the maintenance of an active policy, and it has just been transformed the reasoning for maintaining then in prison they have been transformed to 'risk of escape' in a specific moment when they couldn't keep saying there was a possibility of criminal reiteration because the political agenda did not follow that path"
>"As such, the case has been an absolute derogation of the political rights has repercussions in the blockage of the citizens that deposited their hopes, theirs votes on these people"

The also interpellate to the tribunal asking them to be judges and not of saviors of the fatherland

The president of Catalonia joined the trial in support of the accused, as well as many members of the Catalan parliament carrying independence symbols

8bb1c No.205093



Second day of the trial, time for the accusation in response to the defense, centered for the most part in the "breach of human rights"
>"I would like to point out that some of the text of the defense more than defensive allegations they look like accusations based on an alternative tale that presents and pretends to fabricate a distorted vision of reality"
>"With the exclusive end of smearing and discrediting the Spanish justice and its institutions, as with the final goal of put into question the democratic quality of our rule of law"
>"For this, nothing better than a massive complaint of supposed violations of basic rights that from our judgement it is as ridiculous as well as unjustified"
>"Neither the breach of the constitutional law, nor the execution of dire criminal actions that have has carried a significant aggression to the constitutional order can be legitimated under the protection of basic rights whose infraction is called upon"
>"It is intended to transform into victims of political persecution to those that has fracture and breach the constitutional order and paradoxically placed in the dock, that though its institutions has tried to restore the juridical order against those very dire aggressions with the only instrument that is acceptable to use in a democratic society, that is, the application of law"
>"We know this high tribunal will impose justice with absolute impartiality, total independence, at margin of what will happen, said, do or inform between the walls of this chamber of justice, and will do so respecting scrupulously the guarantees and the rights"

>"The affirmation that the coercion of justice criminalizes the political secessionist ideas and that the accused are being persecuted because of their political beliefs and participate in the political debate defending postures against the constitution is a fallacy of colossal dimensions"
>"Nobody, none of the accused is being persecuted for their political beliefs, but their actions, for the events that took place in those months of September and October 2017, because the accused have been proclaiming for years and defending this secessionist process, the have protested, etc… and to my knowledge they have not been persecuted nor have they been prosecuted, actions have only been taken when they have broken the limits established by our constitution"
>"The legitimate exercise of political rights does not justify behaviors such as expelling the constitution from Catalonia, the judicial orders and substitute it by a parallel legality, nor planning and imposing a process of territorial segregation at margin of the constitutional process and the national sovereignty and it does not justify using thousands of citizens to stop the application of the law and judicial resolutions and disobeying repeatedly the Constitutional Tribunal, specially knowing that could lead to a violent confrontation between said civilians and the police force

They also noted their attempt to internationalize the conflict as they were not actually appealing to any law


Today was the day for the testimonies of 2 of the accused, started by the ex-vicepresident
He appealed to his right to refuse to answer any of the accusation's questions and he only answered the questions of his lawyer

>Lawyer:"What attitude was held by the people in the vicinity?"

>"A peaceful attitude, respectful, with singing… I remember they even distributed carnations, they were singing, among many things, a religious hymn"

The prosecution guarantees he attended the meeting of the board of security of Catalonia the previous days of the voting, where he was warned by the maximum responsible of the Catalan police of the high chance that violent incidents may take place during the day of the referendum, with the reference of what took place the 20th of September that same year during the registration of the counseling of economy

>"Your highness, since I'm not going to renounce to my democratic convictions and I understand that the accusation will not stop pursuing me for it, I think I am under the position of helplessness in the sense that I'm convinced I'm being accused for my ideas and not for my acts, and as such, understanding this is a political trial, and I am responsible to my voters, I will not answer the questions of the accusation"

>"We are pro-self determination and in favor of independence of our country, obviously, and this is compatible with many things. We are many others things. In fact, we are secessionist because we are many other things that drive us to being secessionist"
>"We are democrats, we are republican, we are in favor of social justice, we are in favor of equality of opportunity"
>"And is this conviction that the best way of embodying all these values is trough a Catalan republic, and that is why we are secessionist"
>"In fact we have explained in numerous occasions that before secessionist we are republican, that before republican we are democrats and if you allow me, before democrats we are good people"
>"As such, we are convinced our obligation is to attend the best we can the necessities of each citizen, of emplacing the strength of collectivity at the service of the necessities of each citizen, and that is what drive us to being secessionist"

>"We are secessionist towards Spain, and federalist towards Europe, yes"

>"Let me be clear, from my point of view, nothing we've done is a crime, absolutely nothing. Noting in a referendum is not a crime. Working peacefully for the independence of Catalonia is not a crime. Nothing that we've done is a crime, nothing"
>"And for the crimes they want to attribute us we haven't done a single one"
>"As such, is clear the accusation will say whatever is more suitable, and I must respect it, but I absolutely disagree with the argumentation, because I believe is absolutely evident that it is forced"

8bb1c No.205094

>"I take advantage of today to reiterate our proposal to find a political solution is still on the table "

>Judge:"I must give the opportunity to respond to a specific accusation despite all examples you've given us that this dialogue is mere rhetoric"
>"Yes, but it is almost a cruel irony that those who refuse to dialogue systemically accused those who attempt to dialogue of practicing rhetoric, we have to explain it someway, we have to propose it and propose it honestly"
>"we want to sit on a dialogue table, where the chair in front of us is always empty"

>Lawyer:"Were there public funds destined to the celebration of the referendum?"
>"None. And is not something I say, but is something everyone said, including the ministry of economy and the president of the government at the time. Nothing"
>Lawyer:"The administration defrayed the cost of any element such as ballot boxes, vote papers or any other expense related to the facilities…"
>"Nothing, the taxpayer did not contribute in any way to the celebration of the referendum, no material, nothing. And in regards to the facilities, an evidence that cannot be refuted is that public facilities cannot be leased, it is impossible to calculate the expense of something that cannot be leased"
>"So no cost nor expense for anyone"

We do know this is a lie due to the documents uncovered by the police about the money, but he's appealing to the declaration of the ministry of economy who said there wasn't any spending from public money in the event and HAS BEEN called as a witness. In a just world, I would expect him to enter as a witness and come out as imputed.

Turn for the ex-councillor of interior, this one did answer the questions of the accusation
>Advocacy:"From the answers given to the the prosecution, you made a distinction when you enforced a political function, and defended the celebration of the referendum and when you enforced as superior responsible of the Catalan police and it seems you said to 'abide by the judicial orders'"
>"Yes, I said the moment we summoned the referendum the mandate the Const. Tribunal refers to the agreement or preparation of any kind regarding the celebration of the referendum. There's not such agreement from my department regarding the celebration"
>"I do agree that I foment politically this referendum, but I do not use the mechanisms of the department of interior, not only that, knowing the functions and attaining by the principle of legality you mention, what I do is saying to the Catalan police 'you must fulfill your functions of judicial police and comply with all requirements that come via the prosecution, or in this case, the supreme justice tribunal of Catalonia'"
>Advocacy:"I just find it hard to understand that you said to abide by an order of judicial nature given to stop from happening what you were ordering. I don't understand this chain of command where the government is above you that the government ordered one thing and its subordinates comply with another exterior order. So what were your subordinates abiding by; what you said to them as the responsible of the police or what you said to them as a Councillor?"
>"I've already said this before, and everyone else from the police can confirm that they have never received a political order from me to organize the referendum

He was also asked if the 60k people that congregated in front of the Counseling of Economy, all of them violent, were there to stop the Civil guard and the Judicial secretary could fulfill the orders from the Constitutional Tribunal. He also made reference to the agents being unable to leave since they were stopped from doing so and that the secretary had to jump through the roofs.
When he was asked if he had any knowledge about this fact he replied that the comment about "jumping through the roofs" was too exaggerated, that the secretary did not jump through the roofs but only jumped a wall to the adjacent building


For the first week, the defense started with its allegations, not even bothering to defend them from the accusation appealing to any law or arguing that the law was being interpreted in a wrong manner, but to accuse the tribunal and the government to violate their constitutional rights, because their goal is to have Strasbourg save their assess.
Prosecution says "niBBa, they broke laws and they are being punished, they are not political prisoners, they are politicians in prison", but with more legalese and appealing to the laws and the charges
Third day was the testimonies of 2 of the accused, ex-vicepresident and ex-Councillor of interior. ex-v.p. took advantage of the question to accuse them of being unjustly accused and said they did not use public money for it, guess they got the money from donations in church or something
The other accused contradicted himself a few times, and said a few things that made no sense

8bb1c No.205095


Something quite big happened this Wednesday

And by the Catalans no less

The votes were the following
191 in favor, 158 against, 1 abstention
Socialist in power, commies, and Vasque terrorist in favor
Cuckservaties, C's, Canary Coalition and Asturian Forum against
And the vote that was going to decide, the Catalan separatist, voted against
It was glorious to see the president leaving Congress and have a reported get close to him with the first question being "when are you going to summon elections?"
He then ran away as fast as he could
Minister of economy answered to the media later, blaming the right for stop social progress and stopping the advancement of the country and economic recovery"

The reason why the budget was not supported by the Catalans was because the president refused to abide by the separatist's demands of removing the popular accusation from the trial that depends on the government
This move can be quite costly for them, since after 9th months in government, the president at last decided to call for elections! For the 28 of April
If there's a less friendly presidents with the Catalans they might lose the chance for a pardon after being convicted

And regarding the elections…
It might seem like an stupid move from the side of the president but he might still have some chance of winning
This is how the political scene is right now
The right is made out of 3 main parties
C's(Also known as the vane party, because it changes what it actually stands for so fast. No principles and draws votes from all sides.. for now)
And the left
PSOE(Socialist in power)
Yes We Can(Antifa party)

The antifa party has lost so much of its support that in a few elections it'll be a non-party after showing its true colors and having VOX collect the votes of the discontent, and most important of all, supporting the secession of Catalonia
C's has lost a lot of support from the left recently after showing up to the protest for national integrity (with gay flags), so it is likely the socialist will grab the votes from a majority of the left wing side of the country
So right now, with a bit of luck, the socialist just MIGHT end up winning

The Catalan issue, as most people wake up to what they are, is slowly becoming political poison, killing anybody who supports them or their privileges. The only votes they could win would be from the Catalan separatist, but they only vote their own separatist parties, so there's nothing to gain from a politician electorally speaking. Supporting them when they are ALREADY in power is another issue, since they get their votes
This was most recently proven by Andalucia, the stronghold of the socialist party since the beginning of democracy, where they lost a majority and subsequently, the government. Is just a matter of time since the entire country realizes the Catalans are taking a large chunk of their money that they spend on foreign propaganda while at the same time Catalans are dying waiting for their dependency money.


The EU parliament invited a Puigdemont, a fugitive of the Spanish justice, and Catalan president Torra to give a conference in the EU parliament on Monday about the trial of the Catalan separatist thanks to the Slovenian and one of the separatist from Belgium have created a platform for dialogue "European Union Catalonia"
The conference was titled "Catalonia and the trial for the referendum, a challenge for the EU", and it announced both Torra and Puigdemont as president of Catalonia
A normal government would've immediately called for a meeting the Belgium ambassador, the Slovenian ambassador and doing so to the Pope since more than a year that's been on the same line
The ONLY one who though to do anything out of out the Spanish members, Enrique Clavet, is an independent that got there through another party that complained
>"The mere presence of Puigdemont can put in danger the security of everyone"
And another message sent to all Spanish members of parliament
>"Alert for security, Puigdemont in the EU parliament"
>"For my stupefaction, I saw the fugitive Puigdemont in this temple of European Democracy that is the parliament. Not only that, they pretend for him to give a conference under the title that he does not posses of Catalan president which implies at the very least usurpation of functions"
>"This is an embarrassment for the EU justice, EU democracy and another list of racism, supremacist, coup leaders and attempts against law and order comes from our circumscription of Spain"
>"A strong hug, and let it all be for our circumscription"

Then, and ONLY THEN, one day later did the government and the other political parties decided to do anything about it
>"We believe Mr. president that allow the presence of Puigdemont does not sympathize with the noble role this parliament represents as a referent for democracy and the rule of law prevalent in the EU"
>"As such, and in quality of your title, we ask that you do not allow the conference prepared for the next 18 of February in the EU parliament"


The council of ministers following a petition of ministry of external affairs has approved the irreversible donation of the property of the great theater of Cervantes to Morocco, constructed in 1928 of incalculable architectural and cultural value that the executive has given away with the only condition of "the compromise of maintaining an Spanish component in the cultural program", promise they will probably carry out the same way the carry out the promise of holding people at their borders so they don't reach Spanish territory


Can't wait for testimony of the witness

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