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File: 1521738374695.png (337.12 KB, 621x695, 1521738032882.png)

2ad1d No.131522[Last 50 Posts]

wtf switzerland. we're just kidding around here

d4d7c No.131524

File: 1521738693832.png (745.25 KB, 1280x720, Apple_Bloom_sweating_and_l….png)

>we're just kidding around here

3476c No.131525

I'm sure it's "racist" to identify the source of the attacks.

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91269 No.131527

F-for the article, of course…

81132 No.131529

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File: 1521742700543.jpg (18.18 KB, 285x279, 1506430078272.jpg)

>we're just kidding around here

48929 No.131532

Someone post that "we don't actually want to have sex with horses" screencap. I can't find it.

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4e6f8 No.131539

Sounds like a job for the Rightwing Animal Protection Effort…

d21f9 No.131542

File: 1521744230074.png (3.5 MB, 2022x3432, 1520962297235-3.png)

Don't have that cap, but I have something close.

f48fd No.131546

File: 1521744653377.png (2.77 MB, 3368x3104, 1417407920717.png)

Dice rollRolled 39

Couldn't find that one, but this one is also close.

f48fd No.131547

File: 1521744755442.jpg (147.45 KB, 1117x1118, 1466462608222.jpg)

>me in charge of clearing email field

e1890 No.131550

File: 1521745108093.jpg (832.08 KB, 1876x1651, 1519348194603-3.jpg)

>we're just kidding around here

b3ae6 No.131561

>we're just kidding around here
Speak for yourself

1d864 No.131565

File: 1521747604539.png (104.65 KB, 600x300, 337.png)

81132 No.131567

File: 1521748169702.png (807.08 KB, 1280x720, really.png)

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File: 1521748354111.png (263.68 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_pointing_her_….png)

People who insinuate liking 3DPD need to get out.

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>we're just kidding around here

Fucking casuals

0c5f1 No.131573

File: 1521749117153.jpeg (306.7 KB, 480x480, 5CC87926-88F8-4310-B67A-9….jpeg)

>we're just kidding around here

91269 No.131574

File: 1521749131722.jpg (245.49 KB, 735x736, ancap loli.jpg)

file didn't upload

ab603 No.131594

>we're just kidding around here

b3ae6 No.131596

I feel insulted and attacked.

7adc8 No.131599

>but what if she consented?

7adc8 No.131603

Fucking this! R.A.P.E will not stand for animal abuse!

f415f No.131637

R.A.P.E. will help if actual rape is going on, but if the horse consents…

f71f8 No.131641

File: 1521753315405.gif (372.71 KB, 510x510, 1195897__safe_edit_edited ….gif)

Mares take one look at what I have to offer and consent every time.

7be52 No.131649


Okay friend let me explain something since you seem to be new here, hebephilia is NOT the same thing as pedophilia. I'm sick and tired of you trolls popping up everywhere and spreading BLATANT misinformation. In many countries hebephilia is considered normal and healthy and human beings have a natural attraction to girls who are going through puberty. being attracted to girls who are pre-pubescent is fucking sick and disgusting but only in the us does there seem to be this unwarranted taboo around healthy and normal male sexuality.
My head hurts. I am just trying to get my real life back….

8fea4 No.131650

The fuck does this have to do with anything?

7adc8 No.131652

Relax m8, if shes bled shes ready to be bred.

7be52 No.131653

Sorry Anon, I hate women.

9233b No.131658

pedos get the bullet anon

8fea4 No.131662

File: 1521756249252.jpeg (3.92 KB, 546x546, low quality bait.jpeg)

143c3 No.131675

I found a new slogan for my necrophilia club.

0c5f1 No.131676

File: 1521757430333.jpeg (104.76 KB, 680x1020, DC80C9E2-461F-421F-96C7-4….jpeg)

But that anime loli is like 10 so it’s pedophillia

0c5f1 No.131677

File: 1521757581976.gif (2.78 MB, 300x200, 4CCDF901-5F20-4D84-9BDA-A7….gif)

7be52 No.131679

File: 1521757738374.jpg (45.38 KB, 640x445, 1496584598187.jpg)

>not getting it's copypasta

936f6 No.131687

Autism is a chronic, terminal disease. It cannot be helped.

5d1c8 No.131689

7adc8 No.131706

I dont hate women, i hate what the kike has done to them.

d4d7c No.131707

Are you a Hollywood producer or something?

7adc8 No.131715

Im a farmer.

fb02c No.131761

File: 1521773178039.png (61.14 KB, 800x417, kek.png)

73405 No.131782

As long as it doesn’t violate the NAP

d748f No.131805

>kidding around
>a fucking leaf

e5caa No.131806

File: 1521781008868.gif (1016.51 KB, 480x270, 1506344306177-1.gif)

>tfw you don't know if its a joke anymore.

d5e46 No.131807

File: 1521781312098.gif (206.8 KB, 597x800, 1323864442323.gif)

It's the same way that actual horsefuckers thought they were in good company on /mlp/ and would make horse porn threads because they thought they were in good company

2fa57 No.131918

Goddammit Horsefuckers

1df92 No.131930

File: 1521825391874.jpeg (211.7 KB, 789x768, SweatyTowelSpike.jpeg)


>we're just kidding around here

2f038 No.131940

File: 1521827283955-0.jpeg (3.68 KB, 275x183, Mlp.jpeg)

File: 1521827283955-1.jpg (94.48 KB, 500x375, Hoers.jpg)

There's a thin but really important line.

2fa57 No.131969

>horsefuckers not allowed on /mlp/
Is this a case of horsepussy should only be in 2D?

77bdb No.131976

Do you happen to know what the best mare pack is?

d3b1a No.131977


73405 No.131984

File: 1521838109464-0.jpeg (95.62 KB, 504x566, 686F5CC3-AA87-4494-8B4F-F….jpeg)

File: 1521838109464-1.png (1.12 MB, 1600x900, CD56D85A-6135-4282-BEC7-08….png)

>we’re just kidding around

3f818 No.131989

File: 1521838593492.webm (342.88 KB, 1124x1080, colgate eats a brown pill.webm)


why would you put fecal matter on a plate and take a picture of it

7adc8 No.131992

Maybe hes a german expat.

f276e No.131999

File: 1521839511706-0.jpg (17.31 KB, 259x194, SOON.jpg)

File: 1521839511706-1.png (31.18 KB, 740x556, full.png)

this is a witch-hunt; people who have sex with horses do no wrong. It's worship of the physically powerful beast of sexuality, and at the same time your wife can't get pregnant from horse cum. After you ejaculate inside your wife, congratulations, you have now bred a physically superior child who also retains your genetics, and the physically superior esoteric spirit of Epona (contained in Horse Semen), embedded in the birth of our Future Master Race, who shall trample over all other inferior races

7adc8 No.132001

73405 No.132007

File: 1521840562472-0.png (140.91 KB, 439x290, 5FC1EB74-F690-4C0C-A931-00….png)

File: 1521840562472-1.jpeg (38.79 KB, 320x320, C6560822-9340-494A-AA43-D….jpeg)


b3ae6 No.132011

Absolutely fucking checked

7d81a No.132013

File: 1521841106394-0.png (338.11 KB, 596x536, 1511987104537.png)

File: 1521841106394-1.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 1510862137122.png)

File: 1521841106394-2.jpg (84.87 KB, 1920x1080, 1514808199149-1.jpg)

e1890 No.132023

File: 1521842748711.png (66.19 KB, 659x609, 1518228683847.png)


0c5f1 No.132025

File: 1521843714791.jpeg (27.5 KB, 480x452, 863F9C20-A9A0-40C0-87EE-F….jpeg)


91269 No.132026


328f4 No.132029

You saying I should ingert horse semen before cumming in?
It's actually a donut made of meat

7d81a No.132031

File: 1521844767568-0.jpg (4.52 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

File: 1521844767568-1.jpg (225.66 KB, 450x600, 1508555945042.jpg)


So how do you worship Epona and bring forth this superior race? I got my hunches but I rather hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

f276e No.132040

File: 1521847699600.jpg (18.81 KB, 220x331, 220px-Centaur_nymph_Marque….jpg)

You have to role play with your girlfriend as a Centaur, but covertly make it Ponies (also girls like ponies/think they're cute), where you're the Ubermensch with a Manly horse cock, which we all know is superior cock. No one can have a cock as large as a horse, except you, as a Pony, think about it. Youre the Bull now, except now youre the Pony, and you've shifted the entire context of sexual power relations into Psychological Pony cocks

027e4 No.132085

File: 1521859468410.png (270.11 KB, 482x720, Pic_ - 0082a.png)

I've seen horses fall in the race tracks.
I have seen a horse's hind leg fetlock severed in race. I seen a horse's foreleg shank broken in a rodeo and free hanging swaying as though it were second joint. To make them buck they use an electric shock, or you know tie a rope around their testicles.
Seen I abandonment, starvation, prolonged solitary confinement, castration, whipping for sport for all to see with iron in their mouths, ingenious torture devices, loading the race horses with drugs make 'em run fasts. Having them docked, branded, ears shorted because it was fashionable. I seen horses go to Slater houses 'cause they weren't needed, 'cause they be to unruly, because they were on our land. Where they get a single blow to the brain if their lucky.
Seen them placed in straining and damaging position if for long time kept, just for show. Fought they in wars, were they honored afterwards? Did I miss any? What hypocrisy, why aren't these so called "animal rights activist" working to to stop these crimes?
instead they more concerned with pain less act of man horse coitus, yet horses are no strangers to artificial insemination, but their feelings are more hurt from lewdness, so its the most abusive thing happening, that must be reported, and stopped. I'm not say its dandy for fence jumper to have sex with another man's horse, but if your the type that fancies horses is it my business what you do at night. I would thing that if one loves horses he would do naught to harm them. And another thing unless your despicable enough to tie a horse to where it can no longer resist, I doubt one would be able to rape a horse without getting kicked or bitten.
Most of us are a joke.

5b1b2 No.132090

Why are you moral fagging in favor of literal beastiality? Saying "horses are sexy, you should fuck a horse," in jest, or in absolute sincerity is perfectly fine, but why do you have to be all morally outraged at the thought that some people would like to preserve the basic human instinctual repugnance to sex with animals? Take that shit back to your edgy vice and The Guardian articles arguing for abolition of prohibitions on canibalism, pedophilia, or wherever else that line of reasoning taking you

f415f No.132092

Okay, that's some shit that R.A.P.E. should get involved in.

f276e No.132109

This is exactly the treatment of horses most people dont understand - thank you very much. This is why most people dont understand Horses need TLC, and a genuinely free society allows for non-harmful intimate relations with horses. This is my liberty and freedom. But above all after all the oppression horses suffer, that ive seen, we as a society should really be putting horses on a pedestal, rewarding them, praising them, and ultimately having the freedom to have sexual relations with them

027e4 No.132140

File: 1521868156735.jpg (54.67 KB, 600x450, 15ba9cf44ebb7b01688533f12c….jpg)

You have completely missed the point.
>but why do you have to be all morally outraged at the thought that some people would like to preserve the basic human instinctual repugnance to sex with animals?
Because it pertains to our feeling not theirs we only care and call it sexual abuse because in our society its taboo, we don't genuinely care about horses, otherwise how could we let all of those other things I listed happen? Once we stop worst abuses like I listed then we should worry about the petty act of inserting one's 5 inch wienner in to a mare's privates, don't you know a horse's Silent flute extends well past 20 inches. What say you if a mare needs a cleaning under the tail is that unacceptable? Have you no empathy? You know not the horrors some horses go through. I as far as I'm concerned am irrelevant in this discussion.

97786 No.132141

Thats the same argument that could be leveled in favor of hebe/pedo-philia anon.

027e4 No.132143

>Thats the same argument that could be leveled in favor of hebe/pedo-philia anon.

Please Explain to me how, I don't get how this can be used in deference of that, its not the same.
DON'T YOU GET IT! UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT TO ABUSE THAT GOES ON IN CIRCUSES, RODEOS, HORSE RACING, DRESSAGE. ONLY THEN IS THIS THE LAST PROBLEM TO FIX IF IT EVEN IS ONE. The horse comes first not man fool, if your looking out for their best interest. Why don't your see that?

d4d7c No.132144

>we don't genuinely care about horses
Well yeah? We didn't domesticate horses nor spread them across the continents because we wanted to maximize niceness to whatever non-human animals. We did so because we need fields plowed, and because if you're going to charge at infantry it's easier to do from from horse back. The reason we are averse to sex with any animals, sex with under aged children, sex with corpses, eating human flesh, and so forth, is because of the instinctual antipathy to these things that forms the basis of human morality.

Empathy with an animal is an emotion like any other, and there is no rational reason to give weight to it, but not to the these other instinctual aversions

97786 No.132145

>Because it pertains to our feeling not theirs we only care and call it sexual abuse because in our society its taboo, we don't genuinely care about the child, otherwise how could we let all of those other things I listed happen? Once we stop worst abuses like I listed then we should worry about the petty act of inserting one's 5 inch wienner in to a child's privates, don't you know a child's Silent flute extends well past 20 inches. What say you if a child needs a cleaning under the tail is that unacceptable? Have you no empathy? You know not the horrors some children go through. I as far as I'm concerned am irrelevant in this discussion.

Something along those lines. Some of it would get lost in translation, but I rest my case.

027e4 No.132147

Their is no way you can be this dumb, I'm sorry but there is no other way to say it. A full grown sexually mature mare is not a child. Even if you encounter the equivalent to a child, a filly, a human should not violate nor even take that filly away from it mother. the primate in this situation is best out of the equation.

97786 No.132156

>its old so i can fugg
Please, do go on

f415f No.132163

>>a child's silent flute extends well past 20 inches.
why did I laugh at this?

027e4 No.132165

>Empathy with an animal is an emotion like any other, and there is no rational reason to give weight to it,
Do you know what empathy is? here let me guide you. you are now a stallion. The man has a problem with your ability to impregnate mares and also your hormonally-driven behavior. so he gelds you. You're now at the race track, get ready for the ride of your live because no matter how tired, or how much your legs are aching you can't stop of else you'll get the whip, and that fellow on your back doesn't hold back, Its like he has no empathy. In fact he whips you even when your first, but there are also moments of sharp pain in your mouth from the bit. the race is over and so is the worst of your torment for now. Off to the stall with you, where you and other horses dispersed in between three walls and a metal gate are, now you can eat in your stuffy little room. soon it'll start all over again, until you brake a leg, that will be the death of you… see you at the concentration camp. :}
Empathy is a sign of intelligence, horses like us are made of flesh bone and blood, now replace animal with human being.

Empathy: Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives. See Synonyms at pity.

97786 No.132169

I can tell you've never worked a hard job in your life, else you wouldn't attempt that rationale. Anything else you want to contribute to justify your degeneracy?

d4d7c No.132170

Understanding the feelings of another is very far from giving a damn about it. You can very easily understand how someone feels and not care, or want them to suffer, or want them to feel sad or afraid or angry or so forth. What you are thinking of is compassion - hence why you say comapassion is a synonym. Compassion is just a desire - an aversion like any other.

027e4 No.132172

Let's say a mare magically gains the ability of speech (sound familiar). Let's say your not a jerk like other primates, she naturally start to like you, eventually that time of the year comes along there are so stallions in sight, but you are. She wants to have it with you. I guess she is deprived ain't she? So much for nazi horse fucker, how typical.

97786 No.132175

No, verbal contracts would be viable.

027e4 No.132177

Yeah, eat my socks assumptive.

97786 No.132180

Gladly. Just as soon as you validate your position.

027e4 No.132182

Wherefore knave? What make you think that you have the authority to say that?

d4d7c No.132184

And what gives you the authority to make pity the sole measure of morality?

97786 No.132185

I need authority to speak? What kinda commie shitpool are you coming from?

027e4 No.132186

I'll just send you them by mail. be sure verify that you got them and will proceed to eat them by posting a few picture here. No need for me to see your primate face.

e1890 No.132188

If we set aside the idea of sexual relations with horses, can we all at least agree that no animal should suffer needlessly?

97786 No.132189

Do you kiss my mother with that mouth? You'll have to shitpost much harder than that cutie. <3

d4d7c No.132190

If we set aside the issue of horses specifically, can we agree that in general that humans shouldn't put their penises in animals living or dead?

027e4 No.132191

No! what I mean is who give you the authority to say whether verbal consent is viable or not, isn't that up to your partner, it just doesn't make sense. I know what your doing pretending to be stupid to make me work double.

97786 No.132193

>pretending to be stupid
Its like in golf, the stronger player plays with a handicap.
Seriously though, elaborate on how one is supposed to be certain an animal consents without a common language or communication.

e1890 No.132194

Considering that humans are still animals, no. I know what you mean, though.

However, I meant it as a legitimate question, and I would appreciate a legitimate answer. Trying to dodge it with another question isn't very productive towards that.

d4d7c No.132196

I mean it as a legitimate counter answer

What is the basis for claiming "we should not harm animals needlessly"? The only possible answer is the emotion of pity. Now why does pity have the authority to form oughts? Because morality comes from these natural human emotions, evidently. But if you give weight to pity, you also have to give weight to the sense that there is a sacrality to sexuality, and to the disgust and revulsion we have for acts like necrophilia, and yes, bestiality. So if you give weight to the one, you must necessarily give weight to the other to remain rationally consistent.

027e4 No.132197

the same way a tree know to grow up ward. In other words use your instincts primate, now I know its hard because we've be denatured, but with some practice you'll get to hang of it.

97786 No.132199

>use ur instincts
And again, I revert to the fact that thats the same line of rationale that a pedophile uses.

97786 No.132200

W/ dubs even

97786 No.132201


027e4 No.132203

Morality is objective, that is to say there an objective right and an objective wrong. Hence karma.

97786 No.132204

Glad you changed your mind

d4d7c No.132205

So… Are you saying that bestiality, necrophilia and the like are or are not in this objective morality? And if not, why are these excluded but being mean to animals isn't excluded?

027e4 No.132207

This does make sense to me, I never thought that pity is the sole measure of morality, I don't think pity means much, action does.

e1890 No.132209

You are using morality as a basis for your arguments, that it's immoral to have sex with other animals, so it's perfectly reasonable for me to use morals to argue why we shouldn't make animals suffer more than they need.

Just because I don't want my dog to die a slow, painful death doesn't mean I want to fuck it. That because I pity the beggar doesn't mean I automatically wish to have sexual congress with him. Stop with this logical fallacy and answer the goddamn question.

027e4 No.132210

It is all encompassing, nothing escapes natural law. or so I was led to believe.

97786 No.132212

Tell me more, tell me more, did you get very far?

d4d7c No.132213

I mean as to determining which actions are and are not moral. Harm is reasonable measure, but there are very many measures that also make sense, like Honesty, Loyalty, Justice, and Sacrality

Sure I guess. I admit that I don't place that much stock in animal welfare, but I place more than none

Okay, so you are saying that all of these things are included

027e4 No.132214

My mind is the same.

e1890 No.132215

Thank you. Now we can get on with life.

97786 No.132217

So, you're arguing about morality and natural law, while attempting to rationalize and justify sex with an animal who may consent. Are you of the position that if it doesn't buck it wants to fugg?

027e4 No.132218

yes all included.
>I mean as to determining…
Jesus said "Do unto other as you would have done unto yourself."

97786 No.132219

>wants to be taken by a horse
That's bad logic anon

4d33a No.132220

You wouldn’t have sex with yourself…

And stop taking the words of Jesus to justify sexual acts!

97786 No.132222

OP is a faggot

027e4 No.132223

>while attempting to rationalize and justify sex with an animal who may consent.
there is nothing to rationalize the horse and man have been close for a very long time, we fought in wars for Peat's sake. Nothing in natural law states explicitly against it.
>Are you of the position that if it doesn't buck it wants to fugg?

97786 No.132225

So are the horse and the fox,… yet they don't fug.

In fact, where in the animal kingdom (outside otters and penguins >_<) do you find animal of different genus' fugging?

027e4 No.132226

>You wouldn’t have sex with yourself…
Your right I wont.
>And stop taking the words of Jesus to justify sexual acts!
This applies to everything when dealing with other more or less.

d4d7c No.132227

I don't think Jesus would approve of bestiality

027e4 No.132228

>do you find animal of different genus' fugging?
Yes I did, as a matter of fact on this vary website, it saw a seal raping a penguin, how very odd.

97786 No.132229

File: 1521877054572.jpg (56.39 KB, 492x431, enxt.jpg)

Correct you are, I misspoke when I said "otters". Thank you for proving my point though, cuz when otters do it to penguins, its RAPE

027e4 No.132230

>I don't think Jesus would approve of bestiality
neither do I. However a we mustn't forget a horse is not a beast she is a being.

027e4 No.132231

What is your point, you can't compare a horse and a man to a penguin and a seal, in that way.

97786 No.132232

>thats a whole different degree of one animal abusing another, it doesn't count
R U serious?

027e4 No.132234

File: 1521877696236.png (291.82 KB, 2200x2056, 1636420.png)

What the hell you posers I thought this board was a nazi horsefucker's board.

d4d7c No.132235

I want to have sex with a horse, but I don't want society to be accepting of having sex with horses. I'd rather keep traditional values

97786 No.132236

Ponies can talk anon. Ponies can say "no".

027e4 No.132237

If you haven't found out by now horses have a rapport with there master. Master in its true meaning, not those bulbing idiot we see on the telly.

97786 No.132238

And again, we're back to that slippery slope I mentioned (no pun intended) about rationales and pedophilia. I'm not saying the two are the same, I'm saying the absence of logic that leads to one is the same as the absence that leads to another. Do you own horses anon?

027e4 No.132240

Let is be fringe. Horses are special and only a select few human have a ability to get that intimate.

97786 No.132241

File: 1521878310288.jpg (31.08 KB, 580x460, UT-vol-7.jpg)

d4d7c No.132242

I'm not sure I'm understanding you anon. Why are you saying we should make an exception for horses?

027e4 No.132246

>absence of logic..
Rethink. O mate I thought about it, it make sense to me, I don't like women, their faces are uncanny. How can you trust them?
>I'm saying the absence of logic that leads to one is the same as the absence that leads to another.
How am I supposed to know was is lacking in the mind of a pedophilic, other then morality which explains why politicians are pedophiles. I don't think this statement is correct, I haven't heard yet of a politician that is a… a horse enthusiast
I don't think there is anything to rationalize ether she wants it or not.
> Do you own horses anon?
Nay, but what if I did would you report me to the authorities?

027e4 No.132247

If you knew the horse. You would know that there is something unique about them. we share history.

d4d7c No.132248

I'm not questioning why would you would want to fuck a horse. That seems perfectly sensible to me from my perspective. I'm questioning why society needs to recognize this as acceptable when human instinct is to be averse to it.

97786 No.132249

File: 1521879783752.png (518.93 KB, 1280x720, 130263.png)

Heavens no, that's what R.A.P.E. is for. Still, given all that's been said I hope you won't be too offended when I suggest that its not you rejecting wamen,….

4d33a No.132251

File: 1521880024267.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 208614C1-4020-4C64-AB8E-AC….png)

We, like, share this deep history man. It goes deep to our roots. Like, it’s eye opening. You just got to know the horse, be the horse, you know? You can feel the uniqueness of the anima- I mean, soul brother.

027e4 No.132252

File: 1521880361783.jpg (75.64 KB, 600x495, 5988787906_e13afaa159_z.jpg)

He get it, the only true nazi horsefucker in this thread. Maybe we'll talk.

027e4 No.132255

>not you rejecting wamen,…
No it is, come on use your head. I like mare mate.

97786 No.132256

Cuz they can't say no?

027e4 No.132257

Its a horrid history. I though that watcher of the shew would be found of horses. If your really think about it we share 60% of our DNA with fruit flies, so it is not out of place to say that animals are our kin somewhat.

027e4 No.132258

Go learn some. Ignoramus.

97786 No.132259

File: 1521881282999.png (421.46 KB, 680x542, 40e.png)

027e4 No.132260

it is a matter of which society too. I don't find it necessary for western society to recognize this as acceptable, I as an individual can compute what is right and what is wrong. humans don't act on instinct when it comes to these matters they act on social programing. How much does society care about horses?

2e71c No.132264

Actually the elephants have the bigger cocks, then the donkeys and just then comes the horse.

f276e No.132336

File: 1521913408692.jpg (8.14 KB, 195x258, stud_love.jpg)

But to become "The Elephant" in role playing doesn't make sense. Or maybe it does, since becoming "The Bull" doesn't make much logical sense either, but becoming "The Pony" does.

But elephants really have no sexual appeal to females as a societal norm. Females enjoy horses, and probably have sexual fantasies about them. I highly doubt females have sexual fantasies about elephants. I've never heard of this. This is also why the Centaur-Pony role playing theory works, because it already exploits a conditioned social norm that a female is likely to have. You're now the Ubermensch Sexy Man-Pony

027e4 No.132344

Is it now, how interesting of a pedophile, what kind of instinct is that, some sort of deprived lust. I need be more clear, it is as though you never saw or knew anything about horse, use to internet for to find out, a communication that horses and humans have in common is body language. How can I tell if she consents or not doi? Maybe a raise of the tail will suffice. gee-whiz critical thinking much.

97786 No.132345

So if an underage girl lifts her skirt its okay?

b3ae6 No.132347

027e4 No.132383

File: 1521930563076.png (94.61 KB, 866x900, 1513007204881.png)

Thou art cognitively deficient.
>An underage girl is discrepant to a mare in estrus in all mien.
Pedophilia is incongruous to hippophilia. These twain world define disparate proclivities.
Thy question is malapropos.

027e4 No.132384

Oops. "These twain words define…"
\It happen to the best of us/

143c3 No.132743

Horses have mating rituals, I'd classify that as consent regardless of whether or not it's desirable in society get erotic with your equine.
Kids can't use their brain. Horses, in contrast, are noble creatures.

>there is more acute suffering to horsekind than hot monkey dick that should be getting this attention

The depravity towards the horse may be less severe, but the depravity from man is what you might want to debate. Should our attention be directed towards reliefing horsekind's suffering, or should it be directed towards stopping man's depravity?

>people shouldn't fuck horses

>people shouldn't care if someone fucks their consenting horse on private property
We're living neither in das viertes reich nor in ancapistan. In current society I'd hang on to the ban on beastialty, but given the opportunity I'd trade it away to get back a number of other values we have lost.

>You shoud/n't be feeling empathic towards Animals

First of all, horses are not animals.
There's also a big difference between having respect for a creature and being empathic for a creature. I think bullfights and foie gras can be done respectfully, but if you're overly empathic they just seem cruel.

73405 No.132759

File: 1522020420190.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, CEC4F173-2F2C-439F-B27A-E6….gif)

>Should our attention be directed towards reliefing horsekind's suffering, or should it be directed towards stopping man's depravity?
Why not both?

027e4 No.132780

File: 1522024144678.jpg (108.81 KB, 1359x1020, cfdblood.png.jpg)

Going up.

>>132085 I elicit yet again ergo your misinterpretation of the function of my memorandum. Elucidation of the function thus emanates.
Horses' pains magnitudes effectuated by hominids, enumerated in the memorandum transgresses coition fro a wer; which shouldn't conjure pain. Forsooth it may prove titillating to the mare or stud.

b0f9b No.132781

File: 1522024243814.jpg (28.46 KB, 540x399, 29eacc82-34db-4b00-a256-76….jpg)

What the heck man, I say we let the horse decide;
Let the man fuck the horse, if the horse likes it, we let them be.
If the horse dislikes it, we execute the man.

027e4 No.132785

> we execute the man.
>The mob is the law.

d4d7c No.132789

File: 1522025444054.png (800.93 KB, 4320x4685, 1515639599205-0.png)

Whatever happened to "the horse will definitely like it" and "think of the horse"?

027e4 No.132792

I'm not deficient in self preservation.

027e4 No.132794

why must there be a middle man? why doesn't the horse do the killing if they feel it is proper, one spurn in the head. What is the purpose of your post? Try try as hard as you can…

e1890 No.132796

I'm fairly certain if a horse doesn't want it, they'll let you know, via a firm kick in the stomach.

027e4 No.132797

d4d7c No.132812

>If she does not successfully fight you off, that means she consented and wanted it to begin with

e1890 No.132813

No, it means that horses have very clear ways to let you know if they don't consent.

7adc8 No.132814

File: 1522031165254.jpg (50.89 KB, 500x313, 1521622309384.jpg)

Dont rape horses you fucking degenerate pieces of shit, thats sandnigger tier behavior, you will be fucking gased.

e1890 No.132815

Who's talking about wanting to rape horses, here?

d4d7c No.132816

Okay…. So what's the problem with letting the horse decide per >>132781 ?

e1890 No.132817

There's literally no problem with that.

7adc8 No.132818

Gas yourself for animal abuse faggot.

8fea4 No.132819

Horses can't decide, it just does. All sex with real horses is rape.

e1890 No.132821

Can you provide clear proof to your claim that horses are literally brainless?

8fea4 No.132833

They are not brainless, but are lesser creatures. Having sex with any of them is effectively forcing yourself on the animal. They just can't consent to the act like humans can. It's the same reason why pedophilia is wrong. Asides from going considerate damage to the child, the kid does not have the mental faculties to really know what they're doing. Cartoon ponies are fine though, because in a theoretical moral system they can consent.

7adc8 No.132834

>literally brainless
Are you retarded?

027e4 No.132835

Did you even read this >>132780 impaired nazi. You are not fit to judge. Also Hitler decimated his own people by his actions, he was yet another puppet.
Thou hast no right to govern anyone but thyself.

7adc8 No.132836

>implying hitler caused the allies to firebomb women and children, and then the soviets to come and rape and murder the survivors.

027e4 No.132837

He provoked them to do so.

91269 No.132838

That has nothing to do with you trying to rape horses, Ahmed.

027e4 No.132840

Ah lad. you know to little about horses and the world here >>132833 you made some logical errs, A bairn simply isn't sexually mature, but a mare be. I talked anent this afore >>132383 just replace world with words and you get it.
However, whereas your ignorance therefore your judgment is fallacious.
>Having sex with any of them is effectively forcing yourself on the animal.
Aye, but what if the mare love you, then what?

7adc8 No.132842

Gtfo shill
World jewry attacked him!

027e4 No.132843

Zip it pied piper!

7adc8 No.132844

Why? Dont like the truth shlomo?

027e4 No.132847

What do you think I'm trying to get across? I want the best for horse kind, don't you see that? And if I can fulfill a special some mare sexual needs, then that's divine.

91269 No.132848

Gas yourself, degenerate.

7adc8 No.132851

You are abusing an animal faggot!

97786 No.132852

>I cause a misunderstanding cuz I keep trying to make myself seem more knowledgeable than I reall am. Horses are hurt by humans.
Ur drunk, go home
>impaired nazi
>he provoked them to firebomb civilians, and then wait for those civilians to gather into refugee camps, and then firebomb them, and then wait for further refugee camps and firebomb THEM.
>Hitler MADE the allies do that

>being this thick

No matter how zoo-philic you may hope that a Nazi Horsefucker site would be, you're not likely to find support for the idea that "I like horses, horses like sex, we should all fuck horses. It's perfectly fine/normal." Its not going to happen.
I'll admit that there are circumstances where a familiarity can develop between a horse and its keeper NOT lover where intimacy may develop. It DOES happen. In the same sense (and I keep using this reference deliberately) that an adult can develop a degree of intimacy with a child. It behooves the adult then - assuming the horse (or the child) lacks the capacity to appreciate the complexity of the situation - to abstain from sex with hoers or child.
No. Wanna get your dick wet? Take a fucking shower. Jesus fucking christ.
I know it sounds like fun, and you have all kinds of rationalizations which don't pan out under critical analysis (which is why you abstain from) but this is part of being an adult.
No you don't. You want an excuse to fuck a horse. Are you gonna perform oral on a horse? Foreplay? Are you going to romance it with fine oats and (equivalent) chocolates and flowers? No. You're just trying to justify your own expended ejaculate, which in your case involves potentially damaging (whether they perceive damage or not, there's plenty of psychological maladies that result where the victim feels that they're privileged and special) an animal that IS fully intelligent but is NOT emotionally mature to the degree that humans are.

Tl;dr You wanna pleasure a horse? Go blow a stallion.

027e4 No.132853

that's alright simpleton, maybe one day you'll realise that your persona is a social construct.
No. I am abusing your mind.

7adc8 No.132854

M8, honestly are you a retard?

027e4 No.132856

How? I guess I am a retard for waisting my time here.

7adc8 No.132857

Fucking horses is literally animal abuse they cannot consent.

91269 No.132858

Then leave, faggot.

027e4 No.132859

leave me to it.

027e4 No.132860

And if she backs into me I'm get abused.
I already told you, hearken.
when in doubt find out.

97786 No.132861

>waiting for a response

7adc8 No.132864

No shlomo, you are sexual assaulting that hors.

027e4 No.132928

File: 1522048236110-0.png (34.3 KB, 500x300, its-time-to-stop-disaster-….png)

File: 1522048236110-1.jpeg (988 KB, 2302x2277, 1276455.jpeg)

It's just a wee bit fun with words. that they are lad, that they are. :V(
>Ur drunk, go home
You think a drunk man can write like this >>132780 ?
Damn I must be brilliant!
>No matter how zoo-philic you may hope that a Nazi Horsefucker site would be, you're not likely to find support for the idea that "I like horses, horses like sex, we should all fuck horses.
I know, It my fault for taking you seriously, all that porn could have fooled anyone, I did have my suspicions though that it was all make believe. I'm a hippophilic not zoo bla bla bla.I want support to reck of horse breeds and maintain their biodiversity, keep them fro harms way. Not this rubbish thou art saying anent finding chum who will accept me for who I am. You brought this upon your selfs.
>I'll admit that there are circumstances where a familiarity can develop between a horse and its keeper NOT lover where intimacy may develop.
who are you to say that. thou hast not the right to rule over anyone else but thyself. Remember you know little, we know little. I talked about this "(and I keep using this reference deliberately)" It. Is.. Not… THE SAME!! I get no arousal fro bairns. Tis amusing. I Homo sapiens, I have problem with sexual with horse because society say it a no no. You know humans do vastly more heinous things to horses, like the things I wrote about wow, why didn't you reckon of this hypocrisy, when you stop all this >>132085 torment, only then may you telling me that I'm the scum of the earth, thou daft ape.
>No. Wanna get your dick wet? Take a fucking shower. Jesus fucking christ.
Speaking of getting one's little bob wet, what is with all the porn like can we take it down a notch, it giving me an eyesore. How am I suppose to uphold my chastity? You want to get your dick wet? Wet it. such is the way of critical analysis, don't make me laugh.
>No you don't.
>You want an excuse to fuck a horse.
O.K. uh boss
>Are you gonna perform oral on a horse? Foreplay? Are you going to romance it with fine oats and (equivalent) chocolates and flowers?
Yes, yes I will only the best for my mare to be. <3
>You're just trying to justify your own expended ejaculate,
Expended? I don't even masturbate any longer. Heat is only once a year so I don't think my fluids will be expended, The more one hold on to one's cum the more one loves, and lusts.
I bet you did know that horses can be jealous.
>Go blow a stallion.
There's no point its a silent flute not an acoustic one.
You know you guys actually make me feel good about myself.
Well, enough of this I had my fun now I must run.

b2d12 No.132950

Could we get that emblem on a shirt? I want something I can wear to cons without attracting attention of anyone not /mlpol/

2ad1d No.132989

sauce on this OC pony?

02b6e No.132998

This guy here >>132833
He is right you know.
You can love the horse as you can love your daughter, making that love something sexual is corrupt.

81132 No.133000

027e4 No.133057

File: 1522091787459.png (2.06 MB, 1600x900, tsar.png)

>He is right you know.
>making that love something sexual is corrupt.
That's just what you think, that's totally subjective.
And what if the mare initiates? what say thee then in thy defense? Lo at this >>132383 and replace world with words but just in case you can't come to an understanding. Pedophilia is wrong because the bairn is not sexually mature, they do not apprehend sex, there for how could they want it? tis malignant, done only for one's own sexual realization, indigent of solicitude.

How long did you think about what I said before you replied. Because I ain't getting through to thee. Is there anyone in there? take another read wilt thee?

d21f9 No.133062

File: 1522093526305.jpg (20.52 KB, 534x516, 39xm7G7.jpg)

>That's just what you think, that's totally subjective.
Right, because you're completely above such meagre mortal concepts as corruption, right, your holiness?

027e4 No.133101

File: 1522105935691.png (111.85 KB, 1024x768, 1517393854424.png)

>Right, because you're completely above such meagre mortal concepts as corruption, right, your holiness?
When the morality is based upon subjectivity rather than objectivity then yes I am above such a morality.
What does that even mean? I am not wanting to harm no mare nor stallion au contraire I'm wanting a bonding, a relationship, for to pleasure my mare (like husband and wife). And rightfully so my mating life is none of your business.

~Normies get of my Gnostic horse affinity political rally board!

135c2 No.133128

Well, do I have to really spell it to you?
Sex, sex is not love.
Sex is just our means of reproduction, fucking a mare does not generate a child so it's no better than fucking a faggot.

You might want to give me your love talk, but love is just a chemical reaction on the brain to ensure we bound with whoever has the best genes for us to reproduce with, in some instances it might even force us to raise our children and protect them.
The mare herself cannot give conscent to the sexual act as she does not know of the implications of such act nor does she have any idea of morality, she is just an animal, if she feels horny, she will look for dick.

Do you fuck random bitches I'm heat at the street because they are giving you conscent?
Because fucking a horse for such reason would be no better than fucking a dog in heat.

408c2 No.133150

Does anyone have the picture of the girl showing off her pussy next to a horse while pulling the hores's tail away for pussy comparison?

c4641 No.133152

Are people actually moralising against fucking a horse?

32645 No.133154

TY, I was gonna go with cats in heat, but this

027e4 No.133182

File: 1522129473707.png (18.94 KB, 300x250, 91esk4hBrL-9.png)

>Well, do I have to really spell it to you?
>Sex, sex is not love.
That's right sex is not love, but is should be an act of love.
>Sex is just our means of reproduction
Is this a jest? Are you a robot because you seem to be unfamiliar with the human condition.
We also do it for pleasure duh, hence the porn… At this phase thou art really vexing me with thine dim-wittedness.
>You might want to give me your love talk, but love is just a chemical reaction on the brain to ensure we bound with whoever has the best genes for us to reproduce with, in some instances it might even force us to raise our children and protect them.
Where does the flame go when it is put out?
Tell me then why does man make music? How is it then that some of us can keep rhythm? There is no evolutionary advantage to that (maybe for fowls but not us). Are we controlled by our biology or is our biology controlled by us? How do you explain the faggot and lesbian phenomena? So much for "chemical reaction on the brain to ensure…best genes" I see it is in fashion for whites to "bound" with blacks. Now think about what you said. The entity dwells in his organic vessel, he may not fit in some types.
>The mare herself cannot give conscent to the sexual act as she does not know of the implications of such act
Excuse me but I'm pretty sure she does. It goes along the lines of feels good man.
>nor does she have any idea of morality
Wrong. Horses have a sociology, that comes with a morality.
>she is just an animal
thou art just a human. Do you realise that you share genetic code. Do you realise that horse and man are made up of corresponding components? Why are you so important human?
>Do you fuck random bitches I'm heat at the street because they are giving you conscent?
Of course not remember, I'm a superior being. :^) I think the whole bounding Oops I mean bonding part eluded you robot.
>Because fucking a horse for such reason would be no better than fucking a dog in heat.
I don't like dogs in that way, so it would be no better.

This is my last serious retort, I reckon that any reply hereafter will be just as maladroit.



027e4 No.133370

File: 1522175422341.jpeg (29.85 KB, 500x444, 1146771.jpeg)

Upon review I take back what I said in the censor.
It was unnecessarily mean-spirited. We all make mistakes, it how we improve. So don't be afraid.


08bf8 No.134096

Ah sorry, Im really busy these days
I will reply later, you are fun to discuss anon.
I am kinda like a robot indeed so I take no offense, I know not everyone likes this lifestyle

027e4 No.138181

File: 1523154470045.jpg (254.89 KB, 1000x786, quarter_horse_caricature_b….jpg)

>Are people actually moralising against fucking a horse?
Yes. Rhetorical question.

I think to make coition betwixt a man and mare more beneficial for horses; whatever laws exist about bestiality should be altered (only regarding horses, for I know not what the penalty should be for having sex with other animals) as thus. If the perpetrator is caught in the act, he or she has one of two choices, either do jail time or become indentured to the victim and other horses as well. For maybe one year, we will use a point system, once the point are fulfilled (from the services: cleaning, feeding, caring for etc.) they are crossed off, reducing the time of one's services. Once all of the points are reduced you are no longer indentured.

I was thinking to make it so that the sex haver would have to care for the horse for as long as the horse lives and also care for her young, she must bear at least once. But then thought I that some might, to relieve them selves of this mulct kill the horse.

Anyways I too am busy, but I wanted to leave yous with a solution.

5b40c No.140910

I'm not sure I'd want to fuck the 3D pony for super-cereal, unless I legitimately owned, worked and took good care of her. But I highly respect this view of horses. Personally sex isn't the most important thing, although sexual relief is naturally sought after by both man and mare; treating the mare well both before and during sex is important.

Also >>132781 might not be a refined explanation of things, but let's be real: if a mare doesn't like it, she'll likely react somewhat strongly. If you mount her and she receives it without any kind of struggle, where's the problem? You guys are acting like horses are smaller than real world m'ladies, unable to defend themselves. All it takes to stop a guy from fucking you, as a horse, is to lift one leg and buck his brains out. And if not, and somehow nothing happens to the guy in forcing himself onto the mare, is he somehow gonna be able to keep holstered in that cock-socket while she panics, leaps forward and causes a fuss? Really guys, come on. Logistically raping a mare would entail tying her up or doing something similarly fucked up.

f415f No.140911

you're supposed to put it in the email field, dumbass.

5b40c No.140913

I haven't saged in like two years. Oops.

da6d6 No.140939

Aw shit I forgot this thing.
Well idk man, just go ahead and get your dick wet, I really don't care too much about this.
As long as the animal likes it and doesn't develop any social nor mental issues derivated from the act it should be ok, no harm was done for no one.

61a5c No.140964

Alright, so. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to any literal horsefuckers here, to each his own. But why? Like actually why? What makes fucking a horse a thing? I can understand many things, but real world bestiality and especially horse sex escapes me. Pretty much every fetish/sexcapade hinges on human characteristics, or human intelligence, or human something. So, tell me. Why does fucking a horse appeal to you? What part of it is arousing?

b53fe No.140985

File: 1523774614834.png (333.13 KB, 1400x1500, 1094610__safe_artist-colon….png)

We should be disrespectful to literal horsefuckers though, just like to goatfuckers and other savages.

5b40c No.140995

From what I understand real life equines have high intelligence end empathy for animals; their pussies apparently feel amazing due to winking and other factors; most people already are close to their horses since before other modes of transportation man had to rely on horses for long distances; and horses are extremely affectionate and caring toward their owners if treated well.

That and it's been recorded on a few occasions that ranchers that please their mares when they can't have foals build an even stronger bond toward their horses. Mares are the actual man's best friend, historically. Strong, cooperative, and one of the most distinguished beasts of burden.

32645 No.140998

Look, I'm not trying to piss in anyone's cereal here, and I'll admit that shit happens. Bonds form, relationships evolve, and yes, a man and a mare can become intimately involved.

Having said, the idea of a man setting out to expressly romance a horse is degenerate in my opinion. Yes, a human is tasked with caring for an animal, in the same sense that an adult is tasked with caring for a child, or equally an elderly person. Can a person develop an intimate and/or sexual relationship with a senior care recipient? Surely! Will that increase the senior's quality of life? Most probably. Does that justify a person who has a thing for old people getting into the business of caregiving?

Yeah, no.

0dd88 No.141037

I personally have some ethical qualms and so probably wouldn't a horse, but I don't think the relationship between a horse and a person is the same as that between a caregiver and a child or senior as a horse can in all likelihood take care of itself given it has a place to live. I agree that going after living things for just sex is pretty creepy, however I think that assuming you aren't doing something to tie down the horse, it is much harder to a horse against its will as a mare is going to be much larger and stronger than an adult human male and so could easily resist if it wanted to even if just by running off.
Pic slightly related.

0dd88 No.141038

Pic didn't attach. Darnit.

4560b No.141048

5b40c No.141061

I mean I'm in the same boat as >>141037 . I probably wouldn't a horse, but if I would, I would be connected with that mare and treat her right. It wouldn't be just about the sex. And if they didn't want sex, they could easily escape unless someone tied them down. Morally speaking you can be disgusted, but I don't see it as something as inherently bad as, say, pedophilia. Children are feeble in comparison to adults, and have not sexually matured. Mares are stronger than almost all humans and can kill them with one kick, plus have sexually developed.

027e4 No.141075

File: 1523841096449.png (Spoiler Image, 6.49 MB, 3840x2160, 1668903.png)

Speaking for my self only, it is because women are repulsive to me, this does not mean I feel any animosity toward women. One could say that I have a phobia of women. What's strange is that I do notice beauty in beautiful women and can get an erection from them, but they are still uncanny to me. Horses however are in my eyes much more beautiful. I didn't think I was going to find someone to love until I feasted my eyes upon the horse. The fandom got me back into mlp, then through the years I came to realise why the show was appealing to me: 'tis because of the archetype of the mlp ponies.
>What part of it is arousing?
The hooves, the legs, head is cute, the long neck, like the eyes, the lips are far out.. dude, swiveling ear for to hear you all the better, I really like her mane, that muscular expansive duff, that tail, that enchanting vintage key passage, and last but not least the sole (of the mare).
Though I think I'm warming up to women (maybe).
Anthropomorphism is still unpleasant though less.

>but if I would, I would be connected with that mare and treat her right. It wouldn't be just about the sex.
That's as I discern eke. Folk who'd go unto another mans horse have no intention of having any rapport but are rather indifferent to the creature and use it so they can relieve themselves and that is why it should be deplored, not because of false believes of good will to the horses. If people were really interested in good will how could they allow these >>132085 atrocities to happen? Hypocrisy in it's purest form.

I'll tell you a short anecdote, Once I leaped over a fence to get close to a mare that wasn't mine, I had no intention of coition, rather I wanted to get intimate. I brought to her some dates, it was dark. I started to feel her body, rubbed her belly till her nipples, felt her back, rubbed her butt, all she cared for were the dates. I got too curious, and went closes to her tail, thinking that she would give me some feedback but she didn't. Then out of curiosity I lifted her tail and felt around her vulva, still got no reaction. So I dipped my finders in, still no reaction. At that point I retracted my fingers, fed her the rest of my dated said my condolences and left. Frankly I don't know what I expected, I was a complete stranger to that mare, guess I want a relationship that bad. I rue touching her beneath here tail, but I learn a valuable lesson. A mare will only love me if she knows, trusts me, and respects me. I feel stupid for not knowing that beforehand. She was indifferent like man is to her.

I try my best to be a rightwise man.

5b40c No.141083

Dates? Are you saying that you actually went there several times to be intimate and stuff, or are dates a certain kind of food that horses like? I am confused.

f415f No.141086

dates are a kind of fruit

32645 No.141091

I like you more cuz this. You're still a degenerate horsefucker in my book, but you're not just a degenerate horsefucker.
>t. degenerate horsefucker

027e4 No.141097

>You're still a degenerate horsefucker in my book,
But I'm virgin.
Even if your statement was accurate I would own it.
>insert opinion hither
Just out of curiosity what exactly make me degenerate in your eyes?

1d83a No.141164

Sorry that vid was a joke referring to the horse not liking to be fucked, so the man was executed at the end RIP.

Tbh, as long as you don't hurt anyone just go ahead and have a nice life with a mare somewhere out there.
It's not like you are actively trying to turn people into marefuckers, nor advocating for interspecies marriage.

512b5 No.141167

File: 1523881892621.jpg (262.76 KB, 1577x795, epic fail.jpg)

Confused why horsefucking has still got traction. No one mentions the old codger of the north who likes nothing better to stroke his cock whilst standing in a field of cows and is now banned from visiting farms. Anyway I just wanted to post a pic of what happens if you allow animals to bread.

0ec2b No.141168

File: 1523882287880.jpg (89.34 KB, 800x691, __admiral_and_deutschland_….jpg)


that headline is 2 and a half years old. that is not exactly new.

When the Lügenpresse in Eurpope gets a ban to report on the negative effects of African Immigration and Mudslime mass rapes you get """news""" like this. People sperging out about trivial nonsense that most people dont give a fuck about. Its news spam that suffocates real events of importance.

5b40c No.141211

I might have had a few chuckles and debated about mare sex, but honestly, it really is just a distraction from the real shit going on. Boers are being wiped off the South African nations they built, Muslims are raping, knifes are being banned, kikes are being kikes, America's continuing to fight in the middle east…and we're gawking at news articles from several years ago and treading over an age-old /mlp/ memes.

027e4 No.141235

What do you propose we do on this website then?

5b40c No.141236

Plenty of news to talk about, plenty of horses to ogle. I mean, there's a lot of shit you can look at from the last year. Instead of dredging up a meme article about as old as /mlpol/ itself.

32645 No.141283

>literally fingers a complete stranger's horse, who is likewise a complete stranger
>why am I degenerate?

027e4 No.141366

You showed me right, not my proudest moment.
What can I do to redeem my self?

32645 No.141421

File: 1523938181342.jpg (210.39 KB, 1920x1152, Peterson_lobsters.jpg)

I can think of a few suggestions

027e4 No.141436

What's with the Larrys?
>implying to me to watch Jordan?

32645 No.141528

You don't have to watch Peterson to sort yourself out but sorting yourself out is a step in the right direction desu

027e4 No.141616

File: 1523989441579-0.jpg (182.61 KB, 736x827, 7a2c7fc2c311223be9be223eb6….jpg)

File: 1523989441579-1.jpg (87.17 KB, 500x625, 2fca6783e06308904fa34b8f4d….jpg)

File: 1523989441579-2.jpg (77.26 KB, 633x720, 1a2f30df9161f8afb7a57f3726….jpg)

Why don't horses appeal to you (all).
can you blame me?

81132 No.141618

They are majestic, but I don't want to stick my dick in one.

5b341 No.142334

File: 1524342736685.png (174.11 KB, 421x431, You need it.png)

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