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File: 1520908150376.jpg (66.32 KB, 560x420, ca2b87b8-aa26-493c-a010-70….jpg)

6b6e0 No.127742[Last 50 Posts]

Using our renown logic and debating skills let us determine who is best pony.

4a200 No.127746

what's the criteria? how are we judging this? any particular rules you want set in place, or is this just a free-for-all designed to stir up opinions and autistic screeching? if so, that sounds fun!

82f95 No.127763

File: 1520908913926.gif (580.26 KB, 197x196, 1520193823925.gif)

Panka Pi

6b6e0 No.127767

File: 1520909061242.jpeg (965.3 KB, 1200x849, CEL-66.jpeg)

Judge by the criteria that makes the most sense. For me, it is waifuablility. Celestia makes the most sense as she is both seen as a strong ruler and a caring mother. The later is desirable in a wife, the former I find hot.

2c021 No.127768

I would like to second this

6b6e0 No.127769

6b6e0 No.127770


fe6a2 No.127771

S1 - Rarity
S2-S5 - Twilight Sparkle
S6-S7 - Starlight Glimmer
Just my opinions on my favorite pone.
As far as I'm concerned, S7 is the last season.

4a200 No.127773

File: 1520909227011.jpg (54.58 KB, 667x647, 1495817337574-0.jpg)

Alright then, those rules make sense. I guess I just have to show you all true taste as a result.

1030b No.127775

File: 1520909254357-0.png (117.74 KB, 470x600, 0d6.png)

File: 1520909254357-1.jpg (74.42 KB, 1280x720, 2KU0U.jpg)

File: 1520909254357-2.jpg (51.87 KB, 736x827, 29edf274eb0b8e6ebfd07c9096….jpg)

File: 1520909254357-3.jpg (86.91 KB, 1280x1482, 214943-my-little-pony-frie….jpg)

File: 1520909254357-4.png (21.63 KB, 201x113, Rainbow_Dash_Epic_Overload….png)

Rainbow Dash

Does it matter? The answer is Rainbow Dash

6b6e0 No.127777

Why the shift between S1 and S2?
>S6-S7 - Starlight Glimmer
Why WOW! Communism?

2c021 No.127778

While not perfect No pony is Ponk is one dedicated to making others smile and happy. She honestly wishes others are happy, even if it brings no benefit to her.
She is also one of 3 of the mane 6 to hold an actual working class job, showing some level of work ethic.

6b6e0 No.127782

No she's not. She is a selfish, rainbow haired dyke. Prove me wrong.

04293 No.127783

I try to stay true to Cherilee, but there is so many ponies to like. They all have their positive sides.

Check (but not sure what it means)

82f95 No.127785

File: 1520909437461.png (96.19 KB, 158x250, WOW COMMUNISM.png)

She's everything I could ever want in a waifu. Fun, existing, bakes good food, makes me smile and laugh.


6b6e0 No.127786

It means the anon needs to explain shit. /mlp/ shitposts, /pol/ debates erratically, /mlpol should ideal do both.

fe6a2 No.127789

Rarity just seemed very interesting to me at first. Quite the conflicting personality.
Twilight eventually won me over with likeness on my own personality.
Starlight just somehow works for me. Looks, color scheme, style, voice, it is all very appealing.
I also like how she really has a genuine struggle to change who she was.

4a200 No.127790

it means that even Epona is wondering why somebody would like a communist.

fe6a2 No.127791

File: 1520909619269.jpeg (855.23 KB, 2000x1200, 1206604__artist needed_se….jpeg)

Just don't imply I like commies.
If Glimmy stayed commie, I wouldn't like her.

4a200 No.127792

but anon, communists don't change! non-humans are always going to be non-humans, training a dog to behave doesn't make it a person.

6b6e0 No.127794

File: 1520909707935.png (612.24 KB, 1117x1024, floof.png)

Celestia > Luna
Join her on the moon, Lunafag.

1030b No.127795

In her very first episode she gives up an opportunity to help her friends. In Hurricane Fluttershy she's dedicated to completing the task Celestia has assigned them… Unlike Fluttershy. Same in Dragonshy, and basically every other episode where duty is involved. She's the element of loyalty for a reason


Maybe in your fanfics anon, but there's no evidence in the show

>Rainbow Haired

She has great hair, yes. And it's her natural color too

4a200 No.127796

you sure you got the right poster?

fe6a2 No.127797

If anything, the looks she gave Quibble says her barn door swings correctly.

6b6e0 No.127798

Thank you.
Meant for >>127773 and >>127796 (you)

82f95 No.127800

File: 1520909886600.png (343.72 KB, 992x558, 1493691993040.png)

t. former commie who saw the errors in his way.

fe6a2 No.127804

He's confusing commies and niggers.

6b6e0 No.127805

In The Ticket Master Rainbow Dyke was going to take the ticket when her other friends backed down. It was only peer pressure that dissuaded her.

aefec No.127807

File: 1520910115374-0.jpg (138.28 KB, 1000x800, 1514905044920.jpg)

File: 1520910115374-1.png (3.67 MB, 5000x3627, 1515139707012.png)

File: 1520910115374-2.jpg (800.77 KB, 2160x3200, 1515298753803.jpg)

File: 1520910115374-3.png (637.66 KB, 1599x1300, 1515354786032.png)

File: 1520910115374-4.png (95.19 KB, 382x485, 1513495892654.png)

>waifuing ponies
LMAOing at your shit taste rn

6b6e0 No.127808

They are usually both the same thing. It is easy to see why.

6b6e0 No.127809

File: 1520910239599.jpg (5.04 KB, 245x245, Disgust.jpg)

>Wanting to fug a bug

fe6a2 No.127811

File: 1520910300758.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, 1457903__explicit_artist-c….png)

I do admit a certain affinity for exotic green bug pussy.

2c021 No.127814

File: 1520910313542.png (212.87 KB, 729x943, image.png)

Besides, look at her

6b6e0 No.127816

File: 1520910408366.jpg (170.55 KB, 500x350, 1436675889506.jpg)

>Another bug lover on my Christian horse board

1030b No.127817

Uh huh

First off, yeah she's more self centered in the third episode of the series. It's called character development. You need an imperfect character for that to happen.

Second, every pony in that episode - pinkie, rarity, applejack, fluttershy, every single background pony - wanted that ticket for themselves. Only Applejack was arguably altruistic and even then her motive was more money which allegedly some would be spent on family members. Rainbow dash was being honest.

Thirdly, it's the funniest moment of the whole episode

82f95 No.127818

File: 1520910435281-0.png (163.06 KB, 757x1056, 23489032489398.png)

File: 1520910435281-1.png (650.51 KB, 1154x1080, 1113067666917.png)

File: 1520910435281-2.png (409.3 KB, 727x715, 1108973180228.png)

File: 1520910435281-3.gif (165.1 KB, 402x402, 1110986264198.gif)

File: 1520910435281-4.gif (1.25 MB, 636x360, 1112932104819.gif)

I wonder if she is soft and fluffy to hold.

fe6a2 No.127820

That was the very moment I was sold on watching more of the show. I was still pretty iffy when I first started.
Rainbow said to me this was going to be a little bit different.

6b6e0 No.127823

File: 1520910642153.png (103.47 KB, 900x448, fat_pinkie_pie.png)

Pinkie would also be overweight due to all the bakery she would make. That is not ideal, unless you're into that.

6b6e0 No.127825

>Rainbow said to me this was going to be a little bit different.
What, do you have a Tulpa or something?

9ddde No.127827

Pinkie burns off all of the sugar by constantly bouncing around and radiating party energy.
She's like a hummingbird.

2c021 No.127828

File: 1520910759884-0.png (202.7 KB, 2000x1856, b5b.png)

File: 1520910759884-1.png (287.33 KB, 1280x762, image (1).png)

File: 1520910759884-2.png (213.32 KB, 600x451, 1517309045110-2.png)

I would feel cheated if not
>implying 4th wall breaks don't consume fat like a motherfucker

fe6a2 No.127829

File: 1520910762293.png (404.45 KB, 1024x759, 0bb.png)

82f95 No.127832

>Implying she doesn't work it off within 5mins of eating it
>Implying she doesn't need the additional sugar because of how much work she does
Coming from a sunbutt worshiper I'd expect you to understand this.

aefec No.127834

File: 1520910840734-0.gif (14.28 MB, 883x497, 1503285764401-0.gif)

Didn't your waifu lose to the bughorse?

6b6e0 No.127843

File: 1520911100314.png (689.03 KB, 701x1001, CEL 183.png)

Tia lifts the sun everyday. She stays in shape, really! Also what plumpness she does have fills her out nicely.
Pure Canadian Communist propagandist revisionist history. Celestia did nothing wrong.

6b6e0 No.127846

That doesn't answer the question.

4a200 No.127848

File: 1520911193197.jpeg (126.76 KB, 561x711, 1491614371725-1.jpeg)

At least the moon has only been visited by cool people. Have fun with all the losers on earth!

6b6e0 No.127850

Quibble is a trap.

4a200 No.127851


6b6e0 No.127856

File: 1520911483106.jpg (21.1 KB, 291x516, CEL cake.jpg)

I will, and I will also enjoy something here called cake. By the way, cake is not available on the moon.
The truth is out there, go find it.

82f95 No.127858

File: 1520911581432-0.png (602.65 KB, 731x909, 1508877063852.png)

>I will, and I will also enjoy something here called cake.
This is why she is best princess. Not best pony mind you but best princess.

4a200 No.127860

File: 1520911684328.jpg (172.17 KB, 1331x756, 1517068596046.jpg)

>the truth is out there, go find it
I already have and it's a beautiful blue mare who's seen the stars from their perch in the heavens who is without a doubt better than her sister and every other uppity peasant.

2c021 No.127863

And who will make that cake?

47e10 No.127866

I haven't even watched the show and I think Applejack is the best.

fe6a2 No.127869

File: 1520911874730-0.png (328.82 KB, 630x492, 1513630290739.png)

File: 1520911874730-1.png (2.04 MB, 3000x3000, 1516034524211.png)

Got some bad news for you Chile anon.
Might want to go full Pinochet on Hasjew.

6b6e0 No.127871

File: 1520912017016.jpg (179.92 KB, 981x814, sexy apple.jpg)

Chile bro knows whats up. Not as good as a Princess, but still the best regular pone.
(((They))) will never be able to take apple pone from us. We woun't let it.

f124a No.127991

File: 1520931759930.png (190.94 KB, 855x467, 260142.png)

This, there is literally no other contender, she is best pony in size, shape, position, disposition and agenda.

47e10 No.128200

File: 1520962764775.jpg (29.26 KB, 277x277, 1478665209208.jpg)

Hasbro will see that, like in society, once you erode the base of it: honest and hardworking people, it crumbles to the dust, as will do their franchise. It'll be like pottery.

I'll just enjoy the slow motion train wreck that is putting SJWs in charge of your franchises.

f9c84 No.128208

File: 1520964342734.jpg (46.9 KB, 357x354, 456465756.jpg)

Excuse me, but it's really obvious.

3c527 No.128209

File: 1520965353341.png (79.16 KB, 400x557, starlight_glimmer_wants_hu….png)

Theres only one correct answer.

f9c84 No.128211

7f97b No.128212

Yes indeed. Celestia is the biggest and the best!

3c527 No.128214

File: 1520966091951.jpeg (496.51 KB, 955x1351, 1520695521762.jpeg)

I am growing stronger

6ebb2 No.128220

File: 1520967231330.jpg (147.06 KB, 600x600, 1515361770239.jpg)

beb06 No.128259

File: 1520975474096-0.png (583.79 KB, 2400x1800, 1491160531581.png)

File: 1520975474096-1.png (339.32 KB, 987x772, 1520915821770.png)

File: 1520975474096-2.gif (186.5 KB, 688x418, 947306__safe_artist-colon-….gif)

There're are two best ponies.

2f4a1 No.128269

Let's use math.

Pinkie Pie, by being Pinkie, helps bring joy and laughter to a small town.

Twilight Sparkle was the spark that made the Elements of Harmony work. She's kind, intelligent, and an all-around wonderful pony. Literally, her only flaw is caring too much and panicking when shit hits the fan, and she gets over this, rendering her 100% flawless.

In the AU universes Glimmer created when she decided to literally act more evil than Eyobard Thorn or however the fuck you spell that (Reverse Flash from the The Flash comics) Twilight's magical awakening was cancelled. We never find out what this did to Twilight in the other universes, but we do occasionally see other familiar faces in the different universes. I guess you could call RD or Pinkie best pony for surviving warverse, or Fluttershy for surviving Changelingverse, but the historical importance of Twilight Sparkle cannot be overstated. She's the reason why we aren't speaking Sombra-ese right now.

She was my favourite pony from the start, and even all the shit they heaped onto the old characters to "Make way for the nu" can't dilute the absolute perfection that is Twilight Sparkle, my first ever crush on a fictional character.

2f4a1 No.128288

*Bass-Boosted versions of Rule Brittania and All Heil Brittania play at the same time in the distance*

93221 No.128295

>dedicated to
other ponies Fluttershy can make people smile without even trying. it is just inherent in them

82b01 No.128309

File: 1520978455492.jpeg (44.99 KB, 500x500, 1491083516731.jpeg)

Patrician tier taste, my friend.

6b6e0 No.128323

10/10 logic.

d8890 No.128334

File: 1520981488205.png (217.15 KB, 1024x1313, IMG_1675.PNG)

Im a little bit disappointed that no one said Aryanne yet

6b6e0 No.128339

File: 1520982190471.png (211.4 KB, 959x1024, ertw.png)

Ary is less waifu, and more a sister-in-arms imo.

0e8f8 No.128429

Pretty much this.

9088b No.128466

File: 1521009254858.jpeg (193.98 KB, 1129x1024, LeslieFair.jpeg)

This, and Leslie Fair is a best friend you can talk politics and economics all day with.

AJ will always be my waifu.

bdf1f No.128559

File: 1521032880584-0.jpeg (127.34 KB, 957x926, 02CB22EB-9FF0-4EEA-BAEF-6….jpeg)

File: 1521032880584-1.jpeg (95.78 KB, 696x1149, 2D6D499C-8367-42C5-BA07-9….jpeg)

File: 1521032880584-2.jpeg (515.25 KB, 2304x1536, 5A00DCBF-4F0B-4EB5-976B-2….jpeg)

File: 1521032880584-3.jpeg (340.03 KB, 1500x902, 50D1F011-1CBF-4ACC-A5FB-1….jpeg)

Thankfully I’m not the only bugfag here.
>protective of family
>cares for her children
>wants a big family
>wants the best for her kind
This is best pony period. And she can look just how you want her to as she literally lives for pleasuring you. Queen bug is ultimate waifu.

654b3 No.128564

File: 1521033353214.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1280x800, 1531798__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Mein Poni.

ab421 No.128615

File: 1521052851692.png (760.46 KB, 1280x1024, 1519839883817.png)

Glimmer, of course!

fe6a2 No.128625

File: 1521054506980.jpg (44.9 KB, 500x500, 1183210__safe_edit_edited ….jpg)

ba2a2 No.128766

File: 1521079599547.jpg (90.5 KB, 802x601, 5lk4hK61qg996lo1_1280.jpg)

Cucked degenerate judeo-communist lovers sighted.

fe6a2 No.128783

File: 1521080507807.png (310.16 KB, 1024x1088, 1473376__safe_artist-colon….png)

Fuck you.
She's repented and earned a place in my heart.

3c527 No.128797

10/10 would fuck her into a nationalist socialists.

82b01 No.128835

Hey, she was converted to Friendship and all it took was a lecture, who knows what ideas penis would make her embrace.

5f599 No.128864

File: 1521091333803.png (468.92 KB, 3000x3254, 1508856836873.png)

52e71 No.128872

File: 1521092326034-0.jpeg (20.54 KB, 480x360, 583711B3-97F7-490A-A33A-A….jpeg)

File: 1521092326034-1.jpeg (50.46 KB, 625x424, AE11EAC3-F10D-40AD-930E-F….jpeg)

File: 1521092326034-2.jpeg (156.69 KB, 894x894, CD2A564C-4C82-474A-91AB-7….jpeg)

File: 1521092326034-3.png (419.24 KB, 900x1477, 111E8DB3-6E22-433C-8898-28….png)

File: 1521092326034-4.png (97.03 KB, 500x705, 31F0C9DC-B365-4015-A0C0-16….png)

Octavia is best pony and personal favorite Waifu.
>musically talented
>would be an excellent mother
>we could make such beautiful music together
Oh my yes.

1030b No.128874

File: 1521092485314.png (237.91 KB, 639x850, 1514352418539.png)

German? She's not Erich Zahn

>best pony

That would be Rainbow Dash

But in all seriousness I really like Octavia

f124a No.128876

The fuck are you getting that from? She's british sounding.

b84c8 No.128895

File: 1521094829570.jpeg (27.24 KB, 260x194, 7FA1F5D2-29E4-460D-BAFD-4….jpeg)

It’s a British accent

52e71 No.128919

I was under the impression the name was German, however it is Latin in origin and with the accent, I’m afraid your right, and I need to amend my chart.
Best pony.

6ebb2 No.128930

Good choice for best pony.

1235e No.128933

Anglos are part Germanic though.

05d2c No.128966

>Not understanding that humanity is doomed to be sinful until the day The Son of Man returns to punish us all for being sinners, and taking with him the few who try to walk with god.

Relax, hell is going to be very painful for us all. Then we can have eternity "weeping and gnashing of teeth".

26ad5 No.128967

God tier waifu, shit tier instrument

b581d No.128969

File: 1521115681071.jpg (20.36 KB, 519x519, diabeetus.jpg)

Actually, she would burn that sugar pretty fast, the real problem would be far worse than a little weight

3c527 No.128979

Trump needs to make ponies real already.

654b3 No.128993

File: 1521123704995-0.png (119.29 KB, 904x1106, 807346__safe_meme_smile_im….png)

File: 1521123704995-1.jpg (400.24 KB, 686x899, rarity_s_secret___octavia_….jpg)


Octavia is obviously austrian like all great classic musicians.

49124 No.129273

File: 1521176069829-0.png (1.57 MB, 1600x900, 52.png)

File: 1521176069829-1.png (815.78 KB, 1600x900, Le flying cucumber.png)

File: 1521176069829-2.png (1.26 MB, 1600x900, super serious.png)

One is the way. What's Right and what's wrong can be determined objective i.e. natural law. There is no original sin for Muslims.
Are they going to heaven notwithstanding doing it with goats and then killing them?
>hell is going to be very painful for us all.
That depends what you believe in. Are pre-christian Europeans going to hell for being nescient of Jeff (yahweh), what of the time before the bible?

Anyhow. I propose that some if not all of the main 6 have hoodwinked us, hark to there rhetoric in the most recent seasons. And so I present to you best pony: Ms. Peachbottom. She did not succumb to corruption like the others. This is because she had such wee screen time. However methinks that even if she did get more screen time she would stay steadfast, due to the nature of her character. I for one enjoy enigmatic types; we may never truly know what her character is like off the job & how much of her authentic self does bleed into her work. But fro what I know we see a character that does not conform. Most if not all ponies are grinning most of the time. She is mostly solemn, critical, but also merciful as she frowns in revolt. There is a sense of depth, uniqueness… Her name is Peachbottom, now if that's not what I think it means then I don't know what it means.

6ebb2 No.129334

That's Harshwhinny, not Peachbottom.

60a74 No.129355

File: 1521205802067.png (428.48 KB, 1157x1465, 1454302488555.png)

My thoughts exactly.

60a74 No.129357

File: 1521207000170.png (849.34 KB, 2071x1053, 2c34dd04815e91bb0eef1b4ccb….png)

Glad to know i'm not the only bugfag on this site.

49124 No.129397

File: 1521218819358.png (31.57 KB, 490x294, 238531.png)

think you not to research? don't you think I might know more then you when it come to my favorite pony?

5f0f4 No.129735

This is literally a "not canon" moment.

Call her that all you want, but her name is Harshwhinny.

2b88b No.129749

Harshwhinny Peachbottom

49124 No.129859

File: 1521332131424.png (638.77 KB, 755x1247, 1680190.png)

What heresy Meghan McCarthy's words mean naught to you, She was the story editor after all. And by going public about it she shone a light. I say what he >>129749 says (thanks chap) both of these names belong to her and not that grass maned, chicken branded pony. (that got it by accident). Tell me what's the hubbub about canon if Hasbro too serves ZOG. Honestly does the chicken branded pony need a name, hardly anyone cares for her?

fe6a2 No.129870

>Posting lesbian degeneracy

b84c8 No.129881

File: 1521334036882.png (349.06 KB, 800x920, ECE1DA45-D9B1-49FB-BF7B-38….png)

Faggot shippers deserve death

49124 No.129902

File: 1521337398952.jpg (460.79 KB, 928x1231, Annex - Presley, Elvis_NRF….jpg)

I just want to make it clear that I do not in anyway support faggotry. It was merely a convenience since I was talking about them both. Forsooth no one yet has drawn Ms. Harshwhinny Peachbottom (both being her name :^) to my liking, ain't that some trivia.

49124 No.129907

File: 1521338277254.jpg (22.11 KB, 441x470, skem.jpg)


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