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44e0d No.117523


>On Monday, the Trump administration proposed cutting food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, by $17 billion in 2019 and more than $213 billion over the next decade.

>The Trump administration wants to slash food aid to low-income families and make up the difference with a box of canned goods — a change that Office of Management and budget director Mick Mulvaney described in a Monday briefing as a “Blue Apron-type program.”
>under the Trump proposal, which the Agriculture Department has dubbed “America’s Harvest Box,” all households receiving more than $90 per month in benefits — 81 percent of SNAP households overall — would begin receiving about half their benefits in the form of government-purchased, nonperishable food items.

Niggers are about to lose their ability to buy grape soda and malt liquor using taxpayer-funded debit cards with a balance that gets replenished free of charge every month. The countdown to full chimpout begins.

09796 No.117525

I'm guessing a category 3.5?

32dbe No.117526

What the ETA on that time machine tech in case things get out of hand?

c4031 No.117527

There are probably even better ways to roll out the program, but this is a step in the right direction. I bet the liquor companies are going to lobby hard against this.

c4031 No.117528

Time machines are impossible. The real solution is to nuke the infected areas from orbit. It is the only way to be sure.

b62f7 No.117720

We should dissolve SNAP entirely instead of just reducing its funding. It way too fucking easy to exploit. The only time that I've ever observed SNAP being used to buy something healthy was when they were buying someone else's groceries and exchanging the food for cash so that they could buy drugs or something else that they couldn't directly buy with SNAP.

4a469 No.117725

You underestimate Aryan ingenuity to invent sci-fi tier stuff.
If Germanay would have won we would most likely have them by now. that is if (((They))) don't have them

40497 No.117734

Pretty sure the "Planet of The Apes" scenario is the case where that option is no-longer viable.

5dbd4 No.117792

So… my mother is disabled, and is on food stamps because of this (she physically cannot work). She has type 2 diabetes and is lactose intolerant, so this gives her certain specific dietary requirements. She doesn't tend to drink soda anymore because it would kill her. Nonetheless, I am hoping that this government-purchased nonperishable food item program would be able to at least provide her with food she can actually eat.

b57fa No.117794

I hope so. And you raise a good point.
>lets just hope you they take medical conditions into consideration, but I wonder how long it will take before they remove all pork and other good food items because of Jews and Muslims on food stamps

c4031 No.117795

Your mother would be better off if we unfunded the entire program. Government wastes a lot of money in these programs, and barely a fraction of your tax dollars actually goes to help people. Getting rid of this program, and other wasteful programs means lower taxes, and more money in people's pockets. With that money people can give their money to more efficient food banks, or you can use your higher take home earnings to help your mother.

5dbd4 No.117797


Hopefully they don't toss out pork. My mother tends to make a lot of dishes out of pork because beef is a bit expensive to buy a lot of, and she's not that much a fan of chicken (she'll eat it, but she'd rather not eat it all the time).

Plus, bacon has some surprising health benefits.


My mother receives food from the local food bank in addition to her food stamps because as it turns out when you live alone, food stamp benefits aren't that much. Something you might not know is that food banks primarily receive their donations not from individuals but from local grocery stores (who get a substantial portion of their income from SNAP recipients) and in part, from the governments as well. Cut SNAP, and the demand on the food banks rises, while the ability for grocery stores to donate shrinks.

I do believe that right now we are spending too much on the SNAP program, and too high of the population is enrolled on it, despite many of them being physically and mentally fit to work. That said, cutting the program outright overnight could not possibly be healthy for our economy. We need to first focus on getting more higher paying jobs to Americans (preferably not government jobs), and then slowly wean people off of SNAP until the only people receiving assistance are those who could never hope to work, even if they wanted to.

Oh, and as for your suggestion that I throw my money towards my mother… if I had a decently paying job, I'd do just that. But my grad student stipend isn't exactly high enough that I can just throw a couple hundred dollars her way every month to pay for her grocery bills. Especially when you consider that I'm only paid for 9 months out of the year.

9586b No.117845

I live in a black neighborhood… how fucked am I?

32dbe No.117848

What are you doing there to begin with anon? Those are ticking time bombs.

85824 No.117849

Not necessarily fucked since I don't see the American congress passing this. If it took so long to attempt some reform of Obamacare, expect probably both parties to fight tooth and nail to oppose this measure. I would be surprised if America gets the watered down version of this legislation.

44e0d No.117884

The thing is that this is not a cut to the program so much as a restructuring of it. This is part of Trump's overall plan to cut 'waste, fraud and abuse' as he puts it, which basically amounts to finding more cost-effective ways of solving the same problems. In this case, instead of handing your mother X amount of money to go buy groceries with every month or week or however often it's portioned out, your mother gets a box of food. In her case this is probably better since it sounds like she probably has trouble leaving the house and shopping for food, and she's less tempted to spend money on things she shouldn't eat. It's better for taxpayers because the government can buy wholesale and provide the same amount of nutrition for cheaper. Thus she gets the same amount of food she'd get normally, at a reduced monetary cost. Thus, though she is technically receiving less money from the government she's getting the same amount of food.

Also, I knew a guy who was on SNAP benefits and he abused the shit out of it and thought it was funny. He was pretty much the worst kind of welfare abuser, basically he did so many drugs when he was younger that he completely fucked up his kidneys and gave himself gout, now he collects benefits and claims he can't work because of that. He didn't even work when he was able bodied though, he just sold drugs and ran low-level scams until eventually he got caught and went to prison. I met him just as he had apparently been released, he had this whole story about how that was all behind him and he'd found Jesus and all this shit, but he was still basically running scams for a living. The period where I knew this guy pretty much killed the last tiny bit of sympathy I held for people on government benefits. SNAP should provide basic nutrition, that's it. People dependent on the government for food should take the food they're given and if they don't like what they get, they can get jobs or seek help from other sources.

bc209 No.118646


>she probably has trouble leaving the house and shopping for food

I don't recall Trump saying he'd be having the boxes of food delivered to her door.

>less tempted to spend money on things she shouldn't eat.

She pretty much stopped having a choice the second she got her type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Doctors orders are, "eat better, or you're going to die." Thing is, eat better means "eat a lot less carbs," while our government is the kind of entity that told people to eat a fuckton of carbs (ever seen the food pyramid?) I'd be highly suspicious of a government that claims to know what we should be eating. It'll be heavily influenced by private interests.

44e0d No.118711

>I don't recall Trump saying he'd be having the boxes of food delivered to her door.
>I'd be highly suspicious of a government that claims to know what we should be eating.
This is kind of the central point. If you're dependent on alms to survive you have to accept what people are willing to give you. If the free food you're getting or the manner in which it's given to you doesn't meet your standards you'll just have to figure something else out I guess, just like any of us would have to do if we wound up unemployed or disabled. Life's rough. Be thankful you get anything.

3f672 No.118783

Ape crates

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