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Please be in attendance on Sunday April 1st, 2018 12pm EST for a special Tea With Atlas. So special it'll ride the short bus the rest of it's life.


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File: 1517253045567.jpg (134.22 KB, 1920x1080, Got you mad.jpg)

d7973 No.111829[Last 50 Posts]

So what is bugging you guys these days besides the jews? Take a moment vent about what bullshit is driving you nuts and relax with other anons in thread.

ac4be No.111830

That no one posts the right threads in /ub/.

d7973 No.111831

File: 1517253194304.jpg (29.94 KB, 640x454, No U.jpg)

a9bb4 No.111839

File: 1517254093811.png (2.51 MB, 1920x1080, 1459649514165.png)

>So what is bugging you guys these days
The Jew-
>besides the jews?
Well fuck you, mate.

f3e2d No.111846

Let's be honest, the JQ is the ultimate reason behind most of our grievances. That's not to say we can't make the best of a bad situation, but still.

d09b9 No.111848

People surrounding me with things I have told them stress me out, then getting pissed at me when I end up stressed out.

a6310 No.111851

my bluepilled family

d09b9 No.111852

OP said something that WASN'T the jews.

d7973 No.111856

I know the jews are kind of the center of most of our issues but we could all write a book about how the fucking jews are ruining our lives personally figured it would be more fun to have a thread about the other stuff besides the jews that is pissing us off.

f3e2d No.111865

Yeah fair enough.
Here's one of my frustrations then:

I've been trying to start a band for several years; I have plenty of friends who are musical and "want to be involved" but none of them ever commit and it always ends up with me doing everything. At this point I might as well do a solo project, which I'm considering but I generally end up writing so much more and better with friends.

We've been able to write a few mediocre songs but given the over-saturated nature of the music industry these days I don't see the point pissing into an ocean of piss. I also feel that I have nothing of value to really contribute to music, but I'm still desperate to contribute something. It's always been the end goal of playing music in the first place for me.

Also we can't ever find a bass player. I'd take up bass for the good of the band but I just love guitar too much, and I am short for money anyway for the foreseeable future. Or a decent vocalist, I can't sing myself which sucks.

At least I have a few guitar friends who I jam with on occasion which is fun, but they either have their own bands or just "don't have the time".

d09b9 No.111884

>Piss into an ocean of piss
Get into video game music for indie devs.
Most of them know nothing about music. Very few artists actually work for indie video games when it comes to music, it seems.
This gets rid of the need to have a vocalist, and you can be much more experimental with the sound.

f3e2d No.111909

Good idea. Being a video game soundtrack composer is probably the career I would've chosen if money wasn't an issue, but also I would like to keep it as a hobby. Doing indie game music in my spare time would be a satisfactory creative outlet and definitely help me grow musically. Thanks anon!

d09b9 No.111912

No problem.
I'd suggest just lurking somewhere like /agdg/ on 4/vg/, post the occasional song there to get feedback or ask if anyone wants a free song if you're feeling generous.
They have a discord which has an audio dev channel. I lurk the art dev one and only show up whenever they use my skill tag to summon me.

a6310 No.111985

i'm not jewish you cunt

161af No.111987

File: 1517266184539.jpg (78.61 KB, 790x960, 678678979896789.jpg)

No need to be upset… ;^)

26503 No.112020

I dont feel like venting
as much

d09b9 No.112032

I was referring to the fact that your family is blue pilled because of the jews.
But that defensive position you took… you sure you aren't?

e8a3b No.112044

File: 1517272566233.png (179.29 KB, 675x1183, starlight_glimmer_curious_….png)

There's not enough of GlimGlam

a9bb4 No.112060

Gas all Glimmerfags.

1372b No.112119

File: 1517284677734.jpg (102.69 KB, 923x941, 1494457077249.jpg)

This is the best pony. You may not like it, but this is what best pony looks like.

d4339 No.112123

File: 1517285354658.jpeg (34.19 KB, 512x288, 93814C15-C0CF-42BE-8722-6….jpeg)

It’s funny I used to hate starlight glimmer until I Read this fanfic

6f323 No.112137

File: 1517288383488.gif (807.4 KB, 2000x1250, 6327372324.gif)

Sorry sugarcube, we don't count commies as ponies.

a9bb4 No.112154

File: 1517290840543.jpg (61.13 KB, 736x736, 13a49cf1901b0d5e27c20a4794….jpg)

ac4be No.112157

File: 1517291132263.jpg (49.09 KB, 600x600, 1482952696-0.jpg)

Neither do we consider niggers ponies, so why are you posting Applejack?

7b8c6 No.112162

File: 1517291356717.jpg (73.68 KB, 960x690, 1512346691491.jpg)

REAL Applejack isn't a nigger, as opposed to real Glimmer still being a communist.

0ee8c No.112168

File: 1517292606795.jpg (120.99 KB, 466x987, 1gi615xv.jpg)


0ee8c No.112170

Ok, I'm done venting.

0ee8c No.112171

File: 1517292908354.jpg (74.09 KB, 405x629, 1gi615tzz.jpg)

>*thinks of niggers*
>*(new) day is already ruined

cb2db No.112187

I miss my foreskin.

1372b No.112248

Is that the root of your Jew-hatred? Resentment over your MGM?

3fff9 No.112275

just jews fam

d7973 No.112284

I do too anon I do too. Fuck the American Great Awakening movement that was heavily controlled by the Jews that resulted in almost all of us men getting our foreskin cutoff and then our schools teaching us "They are dirty and get cancer so it's a good thing"

30537 No.112346

File: 1517345245449.png (8.44 KB, 309x163, Pink laugh.png)

Haha. What is this that I have missed? Applejack is nigga?

a93ae No.112495

G5 leaks shows that G5 aj will be voiced by a black chick from the hood.
AJ will become NJ

70de6 No.112514

File: 1517362314215.png (608.34 KB, 724x1024, 1488978982316.png)

You're getting your history really wrong. "Medical" infant circumcision began with Hutchinson and was strongly advocated by Kellog. You can fault Jewish lobbies to an extent for trying to prohibit/silence research into how harmful it is, but its cultural inception and spread was entirely endemic to British and Americans doctors.

6f323 No.112606

There will be a niggerjack but anyone with a brain cell will know that is not Applejack. Leftists don't have brain cells though so my Ponyfu will be mistaken for that fucking nigger of an abomination that just has the name "Applejack".

Fuck hasbro for trying to taint my ponyfu, they will face the consequences of their actions, soon.

d4339 No.112781

File: 1517375317181.jpeg (138.41 KB, 607x590, 8459E7C7-F39A-40E2-AA94-2….jpeg)

I hate how /pol/ is getting infested with faggots

03e5f No.112787

File: 1517375969665.gif (987.86 KB, 500x280, u37wR9f.gif)

My bird shit inside the latch mechanism of his cage. I don't know how he did it, some fucking omnidirectional anus or something.

I'm pissed cause that's going to be a bitch to clean out, but I'm honestly impressed he was able to do it.

d09b9 No.112791

>I have a fetish…
This is all trans/gays/etcs are.
People with extreme fetishes.
Just because you like to play dress up, doesn't mean you're the wrong sex. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT.

dcf24 No.112806

File: 1517377825127.png (732.32 KB, 3297x4500, 1473150__safe_artist-colon….png)

I agree. Just adore Glimmy beyond words.

68c07 No.112810

File: 1517378936039.jpg (75.02 KB, 785x567, 1515365261887-0.jpg)

I hate how powerless I am. I hate how poor I am. I hate having to struggle everyday and I hate the hope of having a better life that keeps me going. I hate that jews control so much and people eat from their hands and I hate having to hide my true feelings to maintain employment. I hate how illegals are allowed to love the American dream and I hate that my money is forced into helping them instead of our own. I hate how those I called friend betrayed me and I hate those I called friend wish for our own destruction.
I hate how it took pones to make me smile again and I hate hating that. I hate what they plan to do to mlp and I hate not being able to stop it.

dcf24 No.112811

>Took ponies to make me smile
>Hate what is going to happen to it
I found something cutesy and fun that somehow appealed to me in a wretched world where I argue politics 24/7.

d4339 No.112818

File: 1517381361229.png (705.3 KB, 475x792, 33726A81-6234-4FF4-991D-9E….png)

I know this feeling to anon

cb2db No.112822

File: 1517382969947.png (405.25 KB, 1280x1612, 1506140765407-2.png)

Glimm glam is misinformed, she thinks communism is the answer only because shes never heard of nationalist Socialism.
>i'd fuck the commie out of her.

d4339 No.112827

File: 1517384435168.jpeg (35.53 KB, 680x383, 6019A9DB-5EEF-41D2-A685-6….jpeg)

>Converting Commie with your dick

c18ef No.113866

File: 1517634282967.png (48.48 KB, 573x816, be_seeing_you_by_traumatro….png)

>what is bugging you
the Alumni evil is to weak of a word to describe what they have done throu' out time! Even now is big brother watching? They reap the ones that rise. How common it is for persons to turn a blind eye and live their sorrowful too short live serving mostly only them self and following the directors without a questioning. Makes the sane go neurotic from aloofness of sane ones among the collective unsane majority. Your shekles are your shackles. Tell me what is our society then?
where is your rage, who is number 1? Lo. What is your purpose? Lo. Who do you serve? What is your purpose to them?
I realise I know little. We are weak?
where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going?
is one's think a thank. What do you think about the most?
Elephants are afraid of mice.

cd296 No.121227

Gun owners everywhere are shouting "THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR BEFORE YOU TAKE OUR GUNS" but with all the government has done there should have been civil war decades ago.

9b944 No.121243

File: 1519415807094.png (37.45 KB, 678x678, 1501989333176.png)

>resurrecting dead threads

I've been thinking a lot about "love" lately. What is "love"? Is it just a product of lonely minds? A dream? I mean, look at the people who are sexually successful. Do you think they care about "love"?

Also, I'm wondering now, at what point does it turn gay if it's a pony? I was thinking last night, could I cuddle a stallion and not be a total fag about it? Like no boners, no sexual thoughts, just sleeping with another creature and sharing that comfy physical intimacy. I decided that yes, I could, no problem even. I mean, they are cute little ponies, I'm gonna want to give them pets and cuddles all the same, colt or filly. So there's no sexual, but would just being physically intimate with a stallion like that make you a fag? Do cuddles make you a fag? I mean, you don't refuse to pet your dog and shit just cause he has a penis, right? Or is that gay too? Am I ok or am I a pony-fag now?

eafb9 No.121248

Very poetic. I'm genuinely impressed, anon

cd296 No.121252

When was this, I can't be on all the time.

9b944 No.121254

Well the post before yours is 3 weeks old. The dates are at the top o f the posts.

cd296 No.121255

Oh, that's what you meant, nevermind then I guess I'll fuck off.

3b0cc No.121353

File: 1519424065566.jpeg (39.79 KB, 480x480, 2B2BFD3C-C1F1-411C-A115-C….jpeg)

I have my dog sleep in my bed and he’s a male and I don’t think it’s gay, But he doesn’t have the characteristics of a human being Like ponys do, So in your scenario is just like having a human male in your bed and your cuddling him and no seal of no homo can protect you from how gay that sounds

9b944 No.121379

Yea, I get it. So I guess I'm a horsefag. But then I guess what makes gay is intelligence, ehh? Whatever. Moot point since poners aren't real.

cb2db No.121380

ba243 No.121387

I hate has to do god damn much. I want them all killed in various ironic and painful ways by a series of autistic stand alone complex attacks, and their heads put on spikes as a warning to the next ten generations that some profits come at too high a price.

ee702 No.121466

I accept your challenge. But I think I'll still hate her

1bac7 No.121472

File: 1519449229792.jpg (78.91 KB, 980x490, aj.jpg)

>dog sleeping in your bed and not on the floor like a gud boy

7b8c6 No.121473

>implying letting him sleep on the bed isn't a reward for being a gud boy

1511e No.121517

Being a one man band worked out for Rusty Cage. Knock out about 10 songs, sell a couple albums and covers, and then ride that sweet Jewtube gravy train. Or at least, that was the dream before Adpocalypse was a thing.

1511e No.121518

Huh. Not often you see both cutie marks on a pony.

1511e No.121520

File: 1519473698308.png (478.53 KB, 980x742, Fluttershy shooting a grif….png)

Just remember, they will never take Fluttershy away from us.


0284e No.121526

So are they going to transform Appabutt's wholesome white blonde farm-pony appearance when they turn the character into a nigger? One would assume they would adopt something more niggerish similar to the Zecora character.

Fuck Hasjew.

f493b No.121575

Need to vent, got hit with this again.
>Reading FimFiction
>Epic story. Gripping, world building, well written. Just love it.
>Many days or weeks reading off and on.
>Dozen or so chapters in, tens of thousands of words
>Her wife

Goddamn faggot authors, WHY?
>Delete from bookshelf

I liked the story, why did you take a massive shit on it?
I still want to like it!
Augh, it's like Da Vinci figured he wasn't finished with the Mona Lisa and took a dump on it.

0f0f5 No.121594

I felt roughly the same way watching Sons of Anarchy a couple years ago. Good story, good characters, fun to watch; then all of a sudden, tranny love story out of fucking nowhere. I'm just glad it was towards the end.

f18e4 No.121637


Glimmer fanboys are fucking SJW retards

f18e4 No.121638

>gayness is a cock fetish
>lesbianism is a tit fetish

42aaa No.121645

I love Glimmy and would gladly gut an SJW

019c5 No.121646

I’m somewhat indifferent to starlight glimmer and would happily eviscerate any enemy of the white race while screaming improvised anti-Semitic jingles.

39509 No.121658

I think Starlight Glimmer is a character with good potential who was written badly, and I'm still thinking of installing a new "shower" in my basement.

1511e No.121960

I can't think of a linguistic way to get around Ritual Defamation.


>Enter debate. Make cogent arguments.

>Immediately get ad hominem attacked
>SJW virtue signaling brings vultures that slide a thread, hiding any arguments under a pile of shit

>Back off amicably to allow points to stand on their merits to third party observers

>Arguments deleted, get deplatformed.
>Ad hominem attacks and strawmen remain without context, providing a veneer of justification to the in-group.
>"We kicked out a reviled 'X'! Hooray!"

Against such tools, I cannot compete. I can only hope that the outright hypocrisies of the SJW's are enough to red-pill future generations on their own, but without the ability to leave some form of guide behind, I feel that future opposition movements will flounder. After all, when you have to make the same arguments forever, and each time they are allowed to be forgotten, how can you guarantee parts of the message won't be lost? I'm feeling a little black pilled, anons, and it makes me angry.

That's the bullshit driving me nuts.

dcf24 No.121962

Right now.
Probably ten thousand of the same gun control shill threads in the last week.
Over and over and over and over and fucking over again.

1511e No.121966

We are the Sisyphean dung beetle, cursed to forever roll a pile of shit uphill.

dcf24 No.121967

>Sisyphean dung beetle
Damn, way to make a smart man cry.

f18e4 No.122087

You need to put your message on a site the jews can't touch.

If you find one, promise us you'll tell us about it.

7ccfa No.122260

b7d11 No.122263

Does this site count?

f18e4 No.122301

Normies blindly love shitty tumblr SJW things like Harry Potter and LOK and it FUCKING PISSES ME OFF

1ad8d No.122675

I really hate looking at black people

1511e No.122679

File: 1519729520921-0.gif (6.39 MB, 878x1024, Starlight pleases Ourtown.gif)

File: 1519729520921-1.png (143.04 KB, 500x522, Cowbo.png)

I think this site counts. At least I can vent here, and that's more than I can say of other places. The only way to get even more /comfy/ is to have a minecraft server.

Apparently, minecraft servers are the new deepweb.
>Access by invite only
>Vast #of variables allows tons of ways to communicate
>Can be instantly deleted to hide any messages
>All actions by users can be recorded by admins and tracked by servers.

Who would've thought that a child's play thing would make the perfect speak-easy for criminals?

3bd9f No.122696

Doesn't /mlpol/ also have a minecraft server?

1511e No.122984

Does it though, if no one has heard of it?

Also, I have a pang of nostalgia for pixel canvas, only I don't want our work destroyed by morons. MeinKraft seems like it could be fun some time.

1dffc No.123689

People on chan boards unironically referring to themselves or others as brony
At least mlpol isn't filled with those people

I'm starting to feel like an old fuck yelling at shitheads to get off of his lawn at this point

b1955 No.123695

I'm a proud horsefucker.

57ac7 No.123721

The severe lack of nationalism for Americans outside of I'm a le burger n I like guns. And the apparent care for the opinion of the EU, Mexico, and the lefty leafies. Either you want America to stand on it's own or you don't. Pick one.

a3171 No.123803

File: 1520049606351.png (108.15 KB, 504x566, full.png)

The je-
>Besides the Jews.
Uhh… The Gryphons?

677c9 No.123829

Pinkie should have gassed the Griffons.

c79e5 No.124053

not being able to control my impulse spending on guns is kinda irking me. other than that, i'm breddy gud.

5cfbd No.124085


5cfbd No.124093


cd79e No.124112

File: 1520097516067.jpg (57.28 KB, 782x767, you want some hug.jpg)

548f5 No.124464

Niggers and jews. Can't stand them. Fucking horrible people. Especially mulattos.

57ac7 No.124658

this tbh fam

cb2db No.124681

I know the feel m8.

44b4c No.124712

File: 1520138710277.png (189.97 KB, 504x506, 1420549476527.png)

I hate being racist. I want to go back to being a mainstream conservative.

7b8c6 No.124714

but why?

161af No.124715

Easier to cope?
I guess…

7b8c6 No.124718

oh, yeah
I guess that's true…

677c9 No.124758

Oh, wait, thought of something: people who say "theory" or "in theory" when they really mean/should say "hypothesis" or "hypothetically".

5cfbd No.124780

You aren't racist. Racists hate other races for no reason, or for having the wrong skin colour.

You acknowledge that the white race is superior to the niggers, sandniggers, streetshitniggers, and antniggers in morality, technology, intelligence, and worthiness to inherit the earth. You love yourself, and your race, and you don't want to see it destroyed by niggers.

5cfbd No.124781

Yes. Goddamnit, I'm wasting my life with this "Maybe I should do this, maybe I should do that" bullshit. I can't finish anything or get any satisfaction from working on anything. I hate it, I hate how lazy I've become, and I hate how much of my life I've wasted doing nothing worthwhile.

I'm so desperate for validation and the feeling of success and I hate it. Sometimes I feel like selling out and writing some gay shit for the Harry Potter or LOK fandoms just so I can get SOME positive feedback.

282ed No.125271

File: 1520214249809.gif (1.32 MB, 480x680, BD8E9B94-2A19-4693-8882-95….gif)

Tbh I don’t want whites to succeed in stead I wish we would just end it all no more humanity and then no more suffering for anyone just silence

a3171 No.125633

File: 1520296106287.jpg (155.08 KB, 798x806, 1473526433816.jpg)

About 2 weeks ago my cousin said to me that he doesn't believe in Race Realism anymore.
He still believes the Jew stuff, on how they've infiltrated into the Banks and Government. But He says that all Races should be treated the same because the constitution says so.
That very night I looked up the Census for the demographic of where he lives…
>85% White
He's practically living in an Ethnostate, and he doesn't realize it.
The demographic of my city is 52% White (yes The crime rate is high in my city)

Idk it just pains me that my hometown is becoming less white, while my closest friends (who live in dominant white areas) says that race doesn't matter.

cd79e No.125636

File: 1520296912302.png (823.59 KB, 680x998, Kadafeel.png)

We all know that feel anon, although somehow, this doesn't really help.
I too crave that feeling of truly belonging somewhere and doing something only I can do and doing it well, but I have yet to experience this.

But no matter how bad things may seem, at least you're not a nigger

6a6bb No.125637

Its hard to redpill Americans about race realism cause the education system brainwashes us at a very early age about "ONE RACE THE HUMAN RACE" and how if you dare question it, they make a punching bag out of you to scare you into the mindset and mold you into it.

I was on the same boat as your cousin years ago but when I looked at the civilizations and the accomplishments of what the white race has committed over history compared to other races and that opened my eyes very quickly, not to mention crime statistics alone. The elites and the jews have completely seized the American education system decades ago and its showing.

Sadly, I don't think its possible to revert America back to its white roots without a full scale race war and the normies are never gonna do that. America is gonna be the next Brazil in about 20 years or more.

3bd9f No.125639

Of course it's that way..
It's easy to say you don't hate niggers if you never have to see them.

a3171 No.125640

That's the thing though.
I don't care about conquering the world, Or becoming the next Roman Empire.
I just want to Survive.
I don't want my Children to be Hunted down by Marxist Mongrels like in South Africa. Or be Mixed out of Existence.
But If it Takes a Race war to Survive, then I should buy some guns.
The great >Happening needs to happen already.

cc1d2 No.125697

I never payed attention to that diversity bullshit.

1dffc No.126089

File: 1520412998083.png (202.47 KB, 600x600, REEEEEEEEE.png)

>Have inside cat
>Thought my cat had somehow gotten out
>After searching around an hour or so for her, finally get mad and throw phone at wall
>Phone screen is cracked now and does not work at all
>Cat showed up now but screen is still broke as fuck
I'm practically NEET status now so I guess I'm screwed.
I didn't have actual service on it, but I did use skype and shit and now my MLP gameloft save is fucked I guess, which I had spent years on.
I want to fucking cry.
I'm supposed to start training others in a specific field next week so maybe I can get the screen replaced

I want to fucking die now
At least my cat isn't gone, I guess

5fe85 No.126094

File: 1520415537221.png (495.79 KB, 910x748, 1519660681897-0.png)

They stole my foreskin!!!!!!!!!

282ed No.126096

File: 1520416905811.jpeg (33.1 KB, 379x388, 01486A79-F176-4949-85B3-E….jpeg)

I still have mine

62012 No.126136

I think at this point, the best thing we can do is be selfish, stockpile guns, and wait for the leftists to come for us individually.

In the real world. Online, we redpill normies at a faster rate and mock those too stupid for it, because that's what they are, fucking stupid.

62012 No.126203

I heard there are creams that help it grow back.
>mobile games
HA! I'm glad I never wasted my time with those things. Emulated/torrented gaming for life!

5fe85 No.126210

Isnt that just a meme?

3bd9f No.126218

You would've heard more about it if it actually worked.

ae1a8 No.126223

It does not matter if you're cut or uncut. These days, focusing on the state of your penis is another Jewish trick to divide the community into quarreling subgroups and demoralize the cut.

The only thing that is important about circumcision is to end the cycle of mutilation. Do not let your children be mutilated. It is within your power to do your part to stop infant circumcision.

5fe85 No.126227

I fully intend to stop the cycle.

6ad31 No.126263

File: 1520470239168.jpg (25.78 KB, 352x360, 1469162885278.jpg)

I fucking hate everyone, I could make an infinite list but these are the worst offenders IMO:
>support of criminals and traitors like illelgal immigrants, cartel fucks and all of that
>politics here are just different shades of left, everyone votes for the best gibsmedat and who has the best tv spots
>In the big cities (like CDMX) people prefer to put their attention on trivial shit (sex-ed for 5 year old kids, abortion, gay rights) when half the country is bleeding to death and/or starving

39509 No.126302

File: 1520478648899.jpg (29.73 KB, 399x368, 1518836898129.jpg)

We'll take our countries back, one day. The US and Mexico can, and will, be great.

Until that day, let us continue to fight on, and purge our respective nations of the filth that has been plaguing them for far too long.

282ed No.126462

File: 1520491774301.gif (2.07 MB, 659x609, 182B9F78-A6DD-4180-B70C-CF….gif)

I know that feeling but we just have to wait just a little while ok you can see it and feel it something big is going to happen very soon

c1729 No.126642

Fetishize circumcision to be ok with it—in fact, to get aroused by your own circumcision.

39509 No.126663

File: 1520569253039.jpg (32.46 KB, 540x540, 1491200438353.jpg)

>Fetishize circumcision
Jesus Christ, that's the most degenerate thing I've seen all day.

b5843 No.126665

File: 1520572613980.jpg (393.99 KB, 500x500, FIRE.jpg)


f1f82 No.126669

No one wants to waste the nukes.

b5843 No.126671

Yeah, better gift them to Israel

f1f82 No.126676

On that, we can agree.

6a6bb No.126681

File: 1520577070644.png (101.89 KB, 785x443, 6546354735.png)


I don't think I need to explain any further now.

c8d31 No.126837

File: 1520642974518-0.png (586.26 KB, 670x772, 1505054989518.png)

File: 1520642974518-1.png (265.59 KB, 665x574, 1512373109946.png)

>be me
>be 10 years ago
>be autistic 11 year old
>have girlfriend i loved
>get bullied relentlessly by a bunch of popular normie faggots
>cant handle it
>just want the bullying to stop
>break up with gf
>10 years later
>she was my last serous gf
>kissless virgin.mp3
>mfw everyday because i fucked my life 10 years ago
>shes fucking my step moms brother now

f1f82 No.126843

She a thot, forget her. Get fit and get social. You will find someone better in no time.

c8d31 No.126871

Thanks anon.

282ed No.126907

File: 1520660791483.gif (3.07 MB, 480x480, D9291F9A-C637-48C9-BD26-2D….gif)

At least you had a Gf

d0fea No.126925

File: 1520665323489.png (180.54 KB, 905x882, twilight_sparkle_____prepa….png)

I hate Nazis so goddamn much. I just spent two hours arguing with one in the Twilight thread because I don't hate Israeli Jews (that's where I want them—in Israel) or advocate genocide. I explicitly mentioned I'm an ethnonationalist but white nationalism isn't enough for Nazi fucks; only full genocide ideation is enough for them, the disgusting fucks.

51ab2 No.126929

File: 1520666475458-0.png (1.85 MB, 1330x3610, TheOnlyWay.png)

File: 1520666475458-1.png (1.56 MB, 1000x3000, GreatMindsOnTheJews.png)

File: 1520666475458-2.png (1004.96 KB, 928x8800, Expulsion.png)

I'm not a Nazi, but I have come to terms that there really is no other way to bring about world peace other than by relegating Judaism to the history books. If they stayed in Israel there would be no issue, but we all know that will not happen. They were expelled 109 times from various countries yet always came back eventually. It doesn't help that modern Ashkenazi Jews are superficially white and therefore to the untrained eye are not a separate group at all.

Lord knows that (((they))) do not hesitate to attack us. Any other race, after realizing what the Jews have done, would not hesitate to exterminate them to the last. We tend to be much more compassionate and that is both a strength and a weakness.

It is my hope that after gassing the subversives the so-called "good Jews" would either be sterilized or diluted into the gene pool. It was a Jew of all people who introduced me to Chan culture and so I don't believe in genocide either, but the perverted tribe cannot exist any longer.

282ed No.126941

File: 1520668441389.gif (438.8 KB, 500x368, 09481CF5-3DF5-4736-9E17-4F….gif)

With bait like this it’s required to tell you kys

d0fea No.126943

You still have partial genocide ideation and are therefore a partial nazi fuck; sorry anon, but your position isn't moderate at all. It's disgusting, appalling and wretched.

c8d31 No.126944

Open your eyes (((anon)))

23a92 No.126945

>the Twilight thread
Could you be more specific?
Also, Jew accommodating nationalists are #bestgoy

16916 No.126959

File: 1520685653256.jpg (35.26 KB, 960x541, anime girl with gun bathtu….jpg)


I think (((You))) need to leave to Israel too.

d90ce No.127014

pony german, germany anime

72e95 No.127022

0d6ee No.127030

File: 1520720146515.jpg (137.47 KB, 1050x1122, 2FmmLCZ.jpg)

Yeah the best thing you can do is Mock them. They are counter productive and scare away people.
>inb4 im Optics Cucking
There is a difference between wanting Racial purity, and Racial Homogeneity.
Besides do you really think anyone would be convinced by
>pic related?
So Mock them, the same way you would Mock a gender-queer trans Communist.

6a6bb No.127034

File: 1520720886002.jpg (126.26 KB, 540x762, 1504134303614.jpg)

>complains about nazis
>posts in a nazi pony image board

I wonder who could be behind this post?

43c74 No.127135

File: 1520737660121.gif (1000.56 KB, 500x500, 1505522488758.gif)

everything….everything is bugging me…

86348 No.127136

Want to talk about it?

43c74 No.127138

People have been just getting on my nerves lately.
If you hate nazi so much then why are you on mlpol?

23a92 No.127144

Welcome to Mlpol, where even the mods are trolls

43c74 No.127145

Thanks. this is my first time posting, I've been lurking for a while now.

ac4be No.127146

File: 1520740468677.png (90.4 KB, 698x622, 04_Aryanne_problems_edit.png)

Actually National Socialists were among the first to advocate (besides the English of course) for Israeli settlement as in the Havaara Agreement. Actually I'd argue that it's quite good for Jews to be separate and not genocided as well the need to acknowledge the various contributions of great Jews. This is coming from a strong anti-Semite. And, I seriously have thought of backing Arabs in a war against Israel as long they genocide them while I would precede to genocide the Jews in the American state below me, which would total about to a death toll of 12 million Jews- much more than Hitler has been claimed to have killed! It's just that Israel maintains such influence, and uses it to maliciously manipulate with their neighbours or even their own allies. The nation is seriously a detriment to most of the countries it is in contact with, so I see a need for change. I'd recommend a pacifist constitution restricting military power to its minimal capacity like in Japan as well as opening settlement in Morocco.
You deserved to be mocked.

23a92 No.127148

File: 1520741173943.png (85.34 KB, 1024x426, 1507469374005-0.png)

I don't believe you, I think you're a troll

43c74 No.127151

im not a nigger shilling troll…

97fe0 No.127153

File: 1520741827961.gif (281.09 KB, 490x639, John von Neumann.gif)

>acknowledge the various contributions of great Jews
Yes, good, that's the other thing about Nazi fucks. They adamantly insist there is no such thing as a single good Jew. Neo-Nazis are despicable retards.

97fe0 No.127156

>If you hate nazis so much then why are you on mlpol?
Because I love ponies, politics, and I'm very far-right. I'm just not a nazi fuck.

5e6dc No.127157

>hates Nazis
>site built by Nazis
>likes politics and ponies

You do realize there is other chans and even other sites for your political and pony needs? Don’t be around people you despise if it gets to you so much.

ac4be No.127158

File: 1520742783756.png (610.27 KB, 4900x4900, 1479836337736.png)

Now, hold on. Although I'm not a neo-Nazi, but I could be lumped in with them and I'd still defend them with extreme solidarity because they are one of the few that still represent a critical reaction to global problems. Much of everyone on the Internet who argues on the Internet about politics are misinformed since the vast majority of them amateur. I don't blame them neither. It takes discipline to valuably argue on the level of something close to politically academic.
Also, you double-posted, friend-o.

f0361 No.127159

Why is the position of >>127153 treated as unreasonable? Obviously, if you think Jews are a problem, putting them all in a single location (Israel) is a good idea. And of course there are good Jews

5e6dc No.127160

Not if you believe Israel to be their capital for world domination. But that is just me.

97fe0 No.127161

Yes, and there's a very effective way to keep Jews from settling in your country. Just criminalize infant circumcision like Iceland is trying to do.

97fe0 No.127162

(This also keeps Muslims out and it should be illegal anyway regardless of politics or religion since it's a violation of the rights of the child. In other words, grant children the basic human right to intact genitals and anything else is a happy side-effect.)

f0361 No.127163

How are they going to take over the world from a reservation?

That wouldn't work against atheist and non-traditionalist Jews, and those should be the most dangerous

5e6dc No.127165

Antichrist… it’s a biblical prophecy. Most don’t buy into it, but it says that he will claim the throne of the entire world from Jerusalem.

f0361 No.127167

If it's a biblical prophesy do you think you are going to stop it anyways?

23a92 No.127170

File: 1520744490951.jpg (19.63 KB, 500x500, 75891-my-little-pony-frien….jpg)

97fe0 No.127171

First things first. Considering half of Jews are atheists anyway, their circumcision ritual is really the main thing marking them with their identity and keeping them together as a people. Take that away and they "integrate" and dissolve into white culture.

5e6dc No.127172

There is believing it, and flat out agreeing to go along with it. I’m not supporting making a prophecy come true, especially of that nature.

f0361 No.127176

I'm willing to bet most of them don't care that much. I doubt that would stop them

So… Leave the Jews alone then?

5e6dc No.127177

Drive them to Madagascar or some African country. That’s my plan at least. Maybe get Egypt to enslave them again while we are at it.

39509 No.127191

What about their big noses, their obsession with rubbing their hands together, their love of shekel collection, or their mutual hatred for anyone who isn't a kike? Aren't those marks, too?

56d36 No.127233

File: 1520755214782-0.png (503.6 KB, 1334x2465, 1491439455232.png)

File: 1520755214782-1.png (188.72 KB, 632x724, 1491439681428.png)

File: 1520755214782-2.jpg (522.72 KB, 1212x1445, 1491447092499.jpg)

File: 1520755214782-3.jpg (780.68 KB, 1299x1014, 1494199943808.jpg)

File: 1520755214782-4.png (57.34 KB, 1287x496, 1497814312273-1.png)

Where are these "good jews" located? Why are the vast majority rapists, murderers, swindlers, thieves? Why have over 15,000 patents and discoveries been stolen or bought by jews to make their own kind look benevolent?

ac4be No.127272

File: 1520760905843.png (2.8 MB, 4960x4538, 1472152631725.png)

Theoretical physics, scientists, economists, etc…? Although the last point has probably brought more harm. Speaking of which, a Jewish man developed rubber condoms. That industry has certainly lowered fertility rates, and various advocates of contraceptives were Jewish. Not to be confused with eugenicists who were a bit different, but there may have been overlap.

97fe0 No.127278

File: 1520761545385.png (295.84 KB, 658x500, 1467506834221.png)

The greatest Jew to ever live was the pic related, John von Neumann.

Other fantastic Jews:
- Alexander Grothendieck
- Emmy Noether
- Paul Erdős
- Alfred Tarski
- André Weil
- Grigori Perelman
- Paul Cohen

I could go on. Don't be a nazi fuck.

Yes, the above isn't even to mention the fantastic physicists like Wolfgang Pauli or Neils Bohr.

5e6dc No.127315

If peadophiles contribute to society, does that mean we shouldn’t exterminate, or at the very least banish, peadophiles? Just because a group of people do some good on rare occasion, doesn’t mean the world wouldn’t benefit from their removal, or at the very least, extreme isolation.

a9bb4 No.127335

>Nazis inherently want to exterminate Jews
This is blatantly wrong, the Nazis wanted them out of Germany, there were even Jews serving in the fucking SS as long as they identified themselves publicly as Jews. Get that Jewish programming out of your head.

ac4be No.127345

File: 1520795626545-0.jpg (36.38 KB, 437x513, OttoWeiningerspring1903.jpg)

I like Weininger. His characterisation of the Jew as feminine and the lowest form of cowardice is dead on. He's a good Jew, but here was only ever one him.

292d4 No.127347


All of these. I've had all of these thrown at me in my life. And I didn't know about any of this until too damn late in my life.

The "No political discussions on gaming/tv/movies/whatever sites" rules are just there to censor the type of discussion the cucked shitty gaming forum admins don't want you to have.

86348 No.127354

File: 1520798914992.png (204.12 KB, 750x3200, Illustrated-Guide-To-Gun-C….png)

I'm bugged by the Hughes Amendment to the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA). The Hughes Amendment is the bit that bans civilian ownership of automatic firearms that were manufactured after 1986. It is a essentially ban on machine gun ownership since, given enough time, all of the machine guns manufactured before 1986 will be destroyed by the wear and tear of Father Time.

That amendment was shoved into the bill without a proper vote. An vocal vote was called where all those in favor said "yea" and all opposed said "nay." The speaker of the house declared "Yea" the winner despite it being arguable that the "nay" response was larger and definitely that there was enough opposition that the house should have individually tallied votes for the amendment.


The "vote" to include the Hughes Amendment into the FOPA bill takes place at ~8:00 to 9:00

3bd9f No.127356

File: 1520799907333-0.jpg (632.55 KB, 1900x1440, KlSQli0.jpg)

Here's a graphic for it.

292d4 No.127357

Me. I wrote a comfy but shitty fanfic where pony-me dates Twilight and eventually marries her and has a fuckload of foals. It's old and it has all the writing problems I had when I had the spiritual energy needed to write, but sometimes I feel like finishing the last parts of it just to express my love to a character who's basically killed off and replaced by the "Nu generation" at this point.

56d36 No.127377

Ideas, patents, discoveries. What is the jew? A parasite. What does the parasite do? It steals. Just as ancient jews stole historical knowledge of the origins of other nations to twist and distort into their own backstory, the still primitive near-modern jew does as well. How many libraries have the "good jews" burned, only to find originals or copies of select volumes only in their possession? You cannot even know the number.

I see. You have been cucked into subservience. Regardless of your emotional outburst, these are the facts: a jew is a jew, no matter whether they are thieves, liars, swindlers, rapists, miscegenationists, bankers, murderers, or "psychologists" whom have thrown labels onto every single conceivable chemical reaction in the brain in an attempt to give the jew the greatest weapons of mass distraction they could ever have.

"There are NO good jews. For the sake of all humanity, ALL JEWS MUST DIE."

ac4be No.127378

Of course, I know in Einstein's case, most of his work had allready been found. Jews by default are a nuisance, but I do think there might have been some good ones in the whole lot.

fb5fe No.127464

File: 1520817545119.png (450.83 KB, 637x557, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at ….png)

>There are NO good jews. For the sake of all humanity, ALL JEWS MUST DIE.
See, this is why nazis are fucking retarded. If nazi fucks like this had their way, they would have murdered John von Neumann.

20d3e No.127477

File: 1520823262311.jpg (218.19 KB, 768x768, MurrayRothbardOnRace.jpg)

Not to mention Austrian economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard, without whom libertarianism would not really exist and the inherent corruption of the state apparatus would remain unexposed. It doesn't matter that their work is ignored and opposed by the (((banking interests))), but because they're Jews and oppose socialism they must be degenerate kikes.

One should never punch right, but spergs give us a bad name.

ac4be No.127481

Fuck the Austrians honestly. I change my opinion now.

39509 No.127484

If they'd stay in their own damned country and leave us be, we wouldn't have a problem. But they don't. And exceptions or no, when the times comes, they're either getting into Israel alive or in a pine box and they're going to STAY there.

f1f82 No.127485

Austrian economics with F A Hayek is the best. He's not a Jew.

ac4be No.127486

On the contrary, they are the worst. Except perhaps the radical subjectivists. They had an interestin take on things.

56d36 No.127523

File: 1520840718053.jpg (2.93 MB, 5344x3776, 1510143302639-3.jpg)


How do you propose sorting through your version of the 99.9% bad jews in search of a "good jew", then? Where are these so-called "good jews" located? What have they done for humanity? Why have they not distanced themselves from their parasitic brethren? Your token use of the word "Nazi" is a clinical fallacy. Neither the NSDAP nor any German agency or gropu called themselves "Nazi". There is, however, the AshekeNAZI group which were, and are, entirely composed of jews. All of the crimes attributed to German forces were duly caused by the AshekeNAZI jews. That is irrefutable, historical fact.

"There are NO good jews. For the sake of all humanity, ALL JEWS MUST DIE."

3b69f No.127524

File: 1520843132555.png (162.59 KB, 1024x735, twilight_is_pissed_by_hour….png)

>Come back to /mlpol/ after an infuriating argument with a literal communist
>It's full of nazi scum

ac4be No.127526

I've actually had a lot good conversations with communists.

3b69f No.127527

There is no excuse for being a Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot-defending communism apologist. It is the single most murderous, oppressive, atrocious ideology ever conceived. It is pure evil. Communists are in the same bucket as ISIS-apologists and you disgust me in the same way you should be disgusted with someone who dignifies ISIS with anything but hatred.

c8d31 No.127528

>talking to communists
Tsk tsk leaf.

3b69f No.127530

>Nazi scum agrees with me

c8d31 No.127531

Im not agreeing with you faggot, im shameing the leaf.
So fuck off k?

282ed No.127532

File: 1520848610325.jpeg (555.76 KB, 607x725, 3B9F9A5C-29C4-4EF9-874C-E….jpeg)

They don’t even like each other

282ed No.127533

They don’t even like talking to each other, I meant

16916 No.127548

File: 1520857803934.png (391.29 KB, 1024x887, shill.png)

6b8c9 No.127556

Nazism was right.

Can't believe I'm saying that about a National Socialist movement, though.

What was it about the Nazis that made them special? How did they make Socialism work where it normally can't?

d6f7c No.127564

I categorically agree with the extinction of the Jewish race. However, it is far better to accomplish this through sterilization or gene dilution than through outright genocide, which, as we all know, Hitler himself did not do.

Saying that "All X are Y" falls into the same trap as the communists, who blame capitalists for the world's problems and invariably come to the conclusion that they could be solved if enough people are killed. I'm not an individualist but it's apparent enough to anyone with a moral compass that killing a human simply for belonging to a class in which he had no choice to join is suboptimal. Removing humanity from a group of persons without proper judgement is a slippery slope that can cause only harm.

It wasn't full "socialism" by any stretch as private companies were still in charge of the economy. Removing the deadweight of the Versailles debt as well as the Weimar corruption did wonders as would freeing an overworked draft horse; German industry deserves its reputation. What public works were undertaken were generally less stupidly inefficient than the Soviet's; even then, one could consider the outcome suboptimal compared to full privatization.

70de6 No.127606

File: 1520889976984.png (50.87 KB, 173x172, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at ….png)

I'm to the right of Jared Taylor. I'm just not a dumb nazi fuck.

3bedd No.127612

>hurr durr nazis am dumb. im still right-wing like my boyfriend jared taylor i just fucking hate nazis like dont touch me
Stop acting like tumblr

26503 No.127616

Germany is kill.

3bedd No.127617

Good luck sterilizing and/or gene-diluting evil, manipulative, parasitic pussypeople that would be better served with a bullet or gas chamber. Preferably bullets since they're cheaper and gas chambers are a myth.

Communists are retarded because they blame capitalisms for all the wrongs and woes caused by human nature and our current Not-Real-Capitalism system ruled by the jews. Communists believe we're holding them back from the magical communist utopia they could magically turn the world into if we all died, so we'd stop breathing their air and voting against their socialist policies, like the removal of human rights.

We, on the other hand, rationally recognize a religion as a cancerous cult of smug self-serving parasites who have declared war on us. Both a cultural war and a literal one. How many white people need to die in wars they started? How many more white women with heads pumped full of feminism need to die of obesity at 30-40? How many more white and black women with heads pumped full of feminism need to waste their breedable years slutting it up with as many normie-chads and tyrones and achmeds as possible before going back to their cucks? How many good men need to live their lives without free and moral women worth dating, surrounded by brainless sex-crazed Stacies? How many more men in general need to live miserable and unfulfilling lives, trapped in joyless and loveless marriages to joyless and loveless cunts, unable to divorce them and try again without losing his house, car, kids, and everything else he cares about?

How many more niggers are going to get lesser sentences, or even no sentences, for raping and murdering and stealing from white people? How many more sandniggers are going to get away with bombing our houses, schools, malls, theaters, hospitals, and children's star concerts? How many more jews are going to get away with stealing the American Dream and the hope for the world it represented away from us, and replacing it with a nightmare nobody wants to wake from?

How many more white men and white women need to live and die in a subverted, amoral, miserable society mired in decadence, double standards, and sloth? How many more, before you decide you're also allowed to hate the Jews for what they're doing and what they've done?

70de6 No.127623

Yes, nazis are dumb for advocating literal genocide and demonizing anyone who doesn't want literal genocide as a left-wing cuck. If you're indistinguishable from a parody of yourself, it's a really really bad sign.

3bd9f No.127624


It feels so unfair..!

70de6 No.127633

File: 1520893253452.png (163.32 KB, 889x898, 1489338206456.png)

This is what I would want as well. This is what I was saying in >>126925. Pure national socialism is reasonable. Different nations for different people. NatSocs who just want an ethnically pure homeland free of Jews. But anon, it should be abundantly obvious from this thread that neo-Nazis in practice do inherently want total global genocide—and not only that, they attack anyone who doesn't want literal global genocide as a Jew or cuck.

I don't hate national socialism. I don't hate pure national socialists. I hate nazis who behave like I said in >>126925, which turns out to be 90% of them as you can see in this thread.

f0361 No.127634

Seems reasonable enough to me

56d36 No.127678

Genetic dilution will not work for one simple reason: the jewISH parasites will not allow it as they will pay trillions in gold and platinum to be hidden in safe, virtually untouchable refuges protected by bought-off military forces. The world's "moral compasses" have been poisoned, subverted, subjugated, and rendered blatantly crypto-jewISH throughout the whole of history. There is no other solution.

For once in my life, I am daring myself to agree with a brit. You best not be an MI5/6 or RCM plant, however.

8fb68 No.127708

File: 1520906461414.png (204.88 KB, 444x453, 1520668584850.png)

>Nazis want to murder Tara Strong
Go fuck yourself if you advocate genocide.

de56c No.127712

I advocate the genocide of sand niggera tho

f0361 No.127723

Uh… Who wants to murder Tara Strong?

8fb68 No.127727

Fucks like >>127523.

282ed No.127729

File: 1520907515922.jpeg (98.13 KB, 500x500, 1C5D4CFC-833A-41D3-8B24-1….jpeg)

You really sound like a huge faggot

5e6dc No.127730

File: 1520907556127.png (79.66 KB, 729x600, 99AC0187-3EBA-426F-8B65-8B….png)

8fb68 No.127743

File: 1520908237605.png (173.66 KB, 900x1001, 1401305237307.png)

Murdering Tara Strong isn't friendship and nazi fucks who advocate genocide should kill themselves.

This is a venting thread and I am venting against disgusting fucks who want to murder Twilight's voice actor.

5e6dc No.127751

File: 1520908544503.png (78.3 KB, 1200x1360, ADE66873-5C69-47A3-B56F-63….png)

Advocating Nazis to kill themselves instead of convincing them why they shouldn’t and having a debate about it… isn’t friendship either. Nice try.

8fb68 No.127761

File: 1520908868952.png (430.22 KB, 592x564, Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at ….png)

There is no debating someone who wants to murder Tara Strong. It is absolutely appalling that there are people here who want to do that.

If you want to murder Tara Strong, you should kill yourself. How could anyone entertain the idea?

5e6dc No.127772

Because we see the elites as a threat to all forms of friendship everywhere. Maybe you could make a thread to discuss why this is such a problem and turn “muh evil racist Nazis” away from what you find so disturbing

8fb68 No.127776

File: 1520909277807.png (216.82 KB, 801x801, 453034__safe_artist-colon-….png)

So murder Tara Strong "for the greater good"? You still want to murder Tara Strong. How could you?

f0361 No.127780

If it makes you feel any better anon, Twilight will live on

5e6dc No.127788

I already answered your question. Not sure what else needs to be said. The elite have committed egregious crimes against humanity and must pay either in their removal from our nations or our world.

06c08 No.127914

What crimes have Tara Strong committed?

d3ee7 No.127917

File: 1520915139398.png (18.49 KB, 1008x630, ponk guy3.png)

Please do not explicitly state you want to kill any one person on this site, I hate having the FBI kick in my door

bb44f No.127994

This SadTwilight poster in this thread may as well be a kike with the way they twist the subject to suit their needs and ignore the facts when shown to their face.

it's the leaving the /mlp/ thread that was autosaged.

8a799 No.128061

top kek

922e1 No.128196

I hate myself just like I hate so much else.
I'm full of nothing but hate, sadness and regret.
I want to die.

0fe5b No.128198

Either put a plan together to make your self well and act on it, or neck yourself. Continued unnecessary suffering is for Communists.

d2be2 No.128210

File: 1520965769949.png (86.8 KB, 250x247, crying on the inside.png)

I hate that I have a good business, don't need to work much and I have fgood stuff yet I still go to bed wishing I died in my sleep.

16916 No.128215

File: 1520966590083.png (551.6 KB, 1251x713, armstrong sick.png)

Id like to point out that our designated ADF Untermensch had the gall to screencap this thread and repost parts of it on the Aryanne thread on /mlp/.

3bd9f No.128218

File: 1520966811155-0.png (679.87 KB, 956x787, 1167974__safe_artist-colon….png)


39509 No.128221

File: 1520967314528.png (154.59 KB, 338x510, 1515359363391-0.png)

0fe5b No.128226

Work harder and make as much money as possible. Then reinvest the fund in worthwhile charities, hospitals, and your business. You will feel better about your self in no time.
>It's real
What a fucking autist.

282ed No.128242

File: 1520973116707.png (93.49 KB, 241x250, D4487468-1BCB-4453-9A05-4F….png)

f0361 No.128244

I was defending that guy in this thread. Then the sperg does something like that. What a faggot

282ed No.128245

File: 1520973360447.png (334.78 KB, 736x1000, D066CEAD-A455-45B1-872D-F2….png)

Same to much of a coward I bet like me >>128210
How much does a drug kingpin make anyway ?

d2be2 No.128247

File: 1520973550687.png (105.01 KB, 260x230, 1401683618044.png)

I don't know I am not a drug kingpin if that's what you are asking. I just have a business which I formed where I rent rooms to travellers in a small touristic town.

282ed No.128248

File: 1520973828261.png (331.89 KB, 639x806, 56F80A8A-D99F-4F35-B1CF-59….png)

That sounds pretty comfy

d2be2 No.128250

It is pretty easy work unless the woman that comes to clean doesn't come sometimes to clean the rooms. But yeah pretty easy, I just usually replace the broken stuff (thankfully most people that have came in aren't savages so far) and I clean the rooms and keep them tidy so it is been chill.
Hardest part is to do the laundry, other than that it is pretty chill.

8fb68 No.128253

File: 1520974708982.png (101.1 KB, 800x461, but__what_if__by_xazastar-….png)

I was told loving your own people doesn't mean hating others. What a lie. I must be the only white identitarian who doesn't hate other races or ethnic groups.

I now understand why white identity politics "isn't allowed". It seems endemically the case that white identity = white supremacy and hatred of non-whites. The fact I am endemically called a Jew just for not hating other people is proof of this.

fa9ba No.128256

Don't be discouraged, I think most of us just want an ethnostate and get the others to fuck off back where they came from. For my part I hope all stated opt for becoming an ethnostate and allowing tourism.

744e2 No.128280

I'm sick of jews and blacks, and I guess you could call that hating them. I don't want them all wiped off the face of the earth, I just love my people and understand that the whole world can't fit on this island.

But I can understand why people would want both gone forever, and if a movement to wipe them out started, I wouldn't stop it. I'd join it until it finished clearing them out of my country, then quit. Tourism can be allowed after enough time has passed and the world learns to respect a United Kingdom of Britons, Celts, Scots, and whatever the fuck we call the Irish now.

39509 No.128284

>whatever the fuck we call the Irish now
The correct term is Potatoes. Alternatively, you can use Taters, Pataites, or Tatos.

fa9ba No.128286

Didn't the British take the potato from the Irish?

744e2 No.128287

Tara isn't a Jew, stop nitpicking.
>genocide-advocating nazi fucks
But white genocide is already happening. The left is already advocating for and encouraging even more white genocide. Why are SJWs so selectively blind?

39509 No.128289

That's why it's right to call the Irish Potatoes. It's just embracing Irish history.

4f341 No.128292

this isn't really "bugging" me, but it has been on my mind. this sunday the old family dog had a major seizure just all of a sudden while I was playing vidya. it lasted maybe seven minutes, and this sounds cliche but it felt like a year. we took her to the animal hospital at the university when she started to calm down. I seriously thought that was going to be it. I wasn't even sure if she would make the car ride. But now she is ok. Today she was frisky and running around in the yard, and her back legs only ever gave out under her once. I guess it is weird how one day it seems everything is happy and normal, but another it can just fall apart.

282ed No.128310

File: 1520978783624.jpeg (524.59 KB, 1738x1397, E0D4C824-5C2E-4199-B4B9-9….jpeg)

Your on the internet everyone advocates for murder, genocide or Suicide and you have done this here >>127743 so stop acting like a huge faggot plus I know you talked shit about this place on /mlp/ on aryanne thread

8fb68 No.128316

Big difference is that post was hating individuals for what they've said or done, not because of their race or ethnicity.

Turns out Tara Strong actually is retarded, but at the time people were only hating her because she is ancestrally Jewish.

282ed No.128324

>Big difference is that post was hating individuals
Your one of those hate speech faggots aren’t you

dcf24 No.128409

I only hate her because she's a retard.
ALL the VA's are fucking leftists.
Need artificial voice simulation so we can do away with their collectivism.

8fb68 No.128455

>criticizes collectivism
>is alt-right
Inconsistent. The alt-right is white collectivism. Individualism is mainstream right.

8fb68 No.128459

(And it's facts like this that make me hate my association with—even membership in—the alt-right. If only white culture, and indeed, white people, weren't under attack, I would be a classical liberal.)

No, most Americans are proud of our free speech absolutism. There is no such thing as hate speech. There are, however, appalling ideas, but I will defend to the death your right to say them.

f0361 No.128462

Alright, I think that's enough venting on this subject between the two boards

0f0f5 No.128469

File: 1521009925308.jpg (626.03 KB, 1493x1461, protesters.jpg)

>The alt-right is white collectivism. Individualism is mainstream right.
Fuck you. I'm all for eliminating degeneracy and creating a white ethnostate but you keep your damn hooves off muh property if you know what's good for you.

51ab2 No.128472

File: 1521011060938.png (59.29 KB, 600x535, LeslieFairePhysicalRemoval….png)

I'd just like to point out that actually wiping them out would not work for the same purpose. You can wipe them out in your country, of course, but the ones of importance will have fled already. Also, although the Zionists would be easy to root out it's much more difficult to find the so-called "reformed," as many are uncircumcized, eat pork, and have interbred with whites to the point that they're almost indistinguishable. If you start accusing people of being (((griffons))) on more circumstantial evidence then inevitably you're going to gas innocent gentiles. How many of these do you consider acceptable casualties? A hundred? A thousand? A million? Believing that "the ends justify the means" is the same trap that the Marxists fall into and which is a root cause of human suffering, one which our (((enemy))) ruthlessly exploits.

To go back to my first point, even if you manage expulsion or extinction all across the West they'll always find another country to hide in. To actually succeed in the goal you would have to have one government spanning the globe, and at that point you might as well be following the Talmud.


Wherever there is multiculturalism there is conflict. If the implicit threat disappears then so would hatred.

Same, though I'm an anti-Unionist burger.

If you work in entertainment at all you have to espouse the party line or you won't be getting that next role. It's the producers and the pedophilic actors that need to be gassed, not genuinely talented people who live for their work.

Most people in the alt-right don't idolize retarded labels such as individualism, as the "liberalists" do, or collectivism, as the Marxists do. We acknowledge that collectives exist but we still put more value in the individual than most of the left.

>classical liberal
>not ancap
I look forward to the day when you realize that statist liberalism is inherently flawed and that Mill is wrong.

8fb68 No.128478

Haha, I think so too.

Truth hurts, doesn't it? We're racial collectivists who support "white racial interests" for the good of the "white race".

Feels disgusting tbh.

But >>128472 said exactly why I do it:
>Wherever there is multiculturalism there is conflict. If the implicit threat disappears then so would hatred.
Nation-state = no racial or cultural tension.

I hope for the continued ethnic purity of the remaining nation-states like Poland and Japan for the sake of their peoples.

>>not ancap
You un-American ancap, this great nation was founded on classical-liberalism with a tinge of alt-right (white-only immigration until 1952).

ac4be No.128507

Dubs willing. However I never stood to understand the over-emphasis of both individualism and collectivism. It's unbalanced either way. A false dialectic. From Plato to Buddha, the spirit follows an order of three: the self, family, and higher order. They're inseparable. In fact, I don't even think Marx of all people ignores the individual. Really showing that there's a bastardisation of discourse going on here that only has spawned due to the maligned era of ours.

ac4be No.128509

Also, how would it be hard to categorise Jews? Have you not heard of the Nuremberg laws?

39509 No.128510

This. We need a balance between caring for the individual and preserving the collective.

8d926 No.128524

File: 1521021309926.jpg (109.13 KB, 1153x721, AmericanKnights.jpg)

America was successful insofar that it was founded on classical-liberal values, but the past two hundred years have established that the philosophy is flawed and outdated. As long as the State holds power it will seek to draw additional power to itself, whether or not there is a Constitution. The War for Southern Independence was the last major challenge to this. Anarcho-capitalism is the philosophical successor to classical liberalism and more clearly, accurately, and thoroughly defines freedom.

This. An individual cannot live without family or higher order, and a "higher order" without self or the family is not worth living in.

The Nuremberg laws would be successful to an extent, but it depends on how thorough you want to be. Is 1/8th Jewish ancestry acceptable, for instance?

1511e No.128539

File: 1521025724816.mp4 (18.43 MB, 640x360, Oswald Mosley Documentary ….mp4)

You've been one of the only ones that is reacting this way. There is a reason for that.

Nationalists won't kill "Jews" as long as they aren't Jewish. If they are Hungarian, American, British, insert nation here first (even Israeli), that is fine. Howewver, when you end up with an international clique that is unaccountable to anyone but itself, like the Jews, that is were Nationalists will have a problem.

If the Jews want to advance the cause for Jews, they can do so in Israel. They are free to move there, and be Israeli.

Why is this a problem?

(I understand that this is a 'civic nationalist' position, but it's a logical take on the scenario. Nobody cares if you're black as long as you share the same values inherent to the culture of your nation. It's when you try to segregate into black, muslim, etc. group while _within_ a nation where those differences became real, actual problems…like with Detroit and thug "culture.")

ac4be No.128541

File: 1521026502010.gif (207.82 KB, 1566x1093, mogv-part-12-nuremburg-rac….gif)

I would say so. The law was quite thorough.

ac4be No.128542

Reading these Nuremberg laws makes me think. The Third Reich wasn't fully anti Semitic until a good two years.

c8e74 No.128590

File: 1521042377373-0.jpg (84.62 KB, 1024x843, d6de73d765dd94dd2ae98d756f….jpg)

File: 1521042377373-1.jpg (148.2 KB, 2304x1296, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1521042377373-2.jpg (64.93 KB, 600x600, vocaloid_pony__hatsune_mik….jpg)

>Need artificial voice simulation so we can do away with their collectivism

Has anyone ever heard of Vocaloid? It's software that's capable of synthesizing a voice, typically for making music. Hatsune Miku is a great example of this, and has been such a hit that she's gone on to perform live shows, as demonstrated here:


I think the Japs have given us a Godsend with the development of this new tech, can you imagine all the shitty people in voice acting that could be replaced by this relatively inexpensive piece of software? How many degenerate pop-music bimbos could be priced out of the market? The technology is getting better all the time, even version 2 of the software sounds almost natural (and now we're onto version 5 now, I think). Make no mistake, there are a lot of talented singers (okay, maybe not a lot, most are autotuned to fuck, so even more justification for voice synthesis) and voice actors out there, but as we see with Tara Stronk, quite a bit of them are awful as people.

Goddamn, I dream of the day that this tech becomes more widespread and completely renders these mongrels on the stages and airwaves obsolete. That right there would be true progress.

I also can't wait for the day that technological progress gets deemed 'problematic' or 'oppressive' after these pop stars and celebs suddenly have to work for a living. I will hue when the day comes around when they become the new Luddites.

1e5be No.128595

The danger of synthesized voice is the potential for it to not just sound realistic but for it to be able to accurately imitate the voice and speech patterns of an arbitrary person. Imagine how devastating it would be to "leak" a damning recording of a political opponent? Even if you can't make the false recording stick in court, you can still devastate someone in the court of public opinion if the normies are kept in the dark about your capability to mimic voices. Let your Hollywood media icons label the very notion as a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory.

Let's go a step further. What if you paired that lifelike imitation voice with a lifelike cgi puppet of your opponent? What if you had the resources to render such a facade in real time?

How close are we to reaching the point where that is possible? Has someone managed to do it already?

fa9ba No.128596

>Has someone managed to do it already?
Sadly yes

39509 No.128610

Hatsune Miku a shit, in my opinion.

70de6 No.128613

Life under the one-world government of the distant future will be almost pure fake news, and ideological opponents who say the government uses this technology to broadcast fabricated videos of things they never said to frame them for "hate speech" to imprison them and smear them in the public eye will be called conspiracy theorists.

d7cb8 No.128614

c8e74 No.128616

Suddenly I'm not completely on-board with the mechanization of the entertainment industry…

But then again, this technology will be a weapon just like any other, two can play at the framing/fake news game.
If someone is making 3D printed guns and has intentions on killing you, you print out your own gun.
(I know you still need some metal parts, plus you have to make or procure ammo by other means, but you get the idea).

c8e74 No.128619

File: 1521054027242-0.png (69.69 KB, 250x187, RobotnikOld.png)

Son of a fuck, I forgot UTAU was a thing.

It's amazing what some people can do when making their own voicebanks, I remember a few years ago there was a video where someone made a voicebank using samples from Dr. Robotnik's voice from that weird Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon.

Damn I wish I could find it.

16916 No.128624

File: 1521054433376.png (107.74 KB, 320x240, Aryannes husbando.png)

1e5be No.128626

We can't halt technological progress, but we can strive to inform the masses of the capabilities of technology.

A damning recording is only damaging if people think that it real. The common perception that it could not be easily faked is a driving force behind accepting what you see at face value.

Ideally, as our ability to fabricate evidence increases, the standard of what is acceptable as credible evidence becomes more stringent.

4f341 No.128693

Stephen Hawking. :(

I did not always agree with the science sensationalization in media or some of his political statements (while being cornered with shit interview questions by reporters) but his contributions to cosmology were undeniable. It is always sad to lose such a brilliant mind.

0f0f5 No.128707

Can't expect everyone to be an expert in every field. Many talented individuals have unfortunate political leanings. Stephen Hawking was a brilliant man who made invaluable contributions to science and civilization. He will be greatly missed.

26503 No.128708

File: 1521072326719.jpg (145.36 KB, 921x960, 1491458659840.jpg)

Everthing is fucked.
Everything is so fucked.

The next economic crises will come most likely hit this summer. It will be the biggest one so far.
USA private loans, EZB, FED, banks, shadow banks. 1929 on steroids.
Nature is going to get fucked.
Turkey is entering the war and the middle east will light up even higher.
The refugees will get shipped here with OUR ships and there are even institutions that have the goal to hook them up with girls here.
Islam is shit.
Imagine something between Fallout and the word the way it is.
The west is done and the rest of the world with it.
The politicians are either retarded or malicious.
Smoldering fires wherever you look and nothing I do can change anything.
Suicide seems like the logical thing to do.

ac4be No.128721

I never got to really hear what his political leanings were besides his thoughts on climate change and philosophy, but looking at his wikipage I don't think he's too disagreeable. Well, except on Breit. That's a mark against him.

21c59 No.128725

When did you realize everything would collapse? It takes some adjustment. Germans are hit especially hard considering since they are essentially raised to trust the government in everything.

Every challenge is an opportunity. Join or establish an underground network of neighbors you can trust and get ready for the war. Work out and learn a martial art.

26503 No.128731

>When did you realize everything would collapse?
I always knew but the evidence compresses the more I learn. Especially in topics I have not been invested in.

>Every challenge is an opportunity. Join or establish an underground network of neighbors you can trust and get ready for the war. Work out and learn a martial art.

Feelin' down. Like why even bother

ac4be No.128776

>tfw not even Australia and Canada are immune to a coming collapse

26503 No.129004

Canada will burn.
Australia is only heavily fucked.

39509 No.129016

When the States get back on our feet after the collapse, we'll be sure to put out the fires for our Canadian brethren.

56d36 No.129071

File: 1521144472117.png (115.77 KB, 702x932, 1510556245319.png)

"What is the very nature of a parasite? To survive all possible threats. What is the purpose of a parasite after survival? To spread. What is thus a cure for the parasite that has survived to spread?" Once more: there is no alternative solution. The talmud, torah, and all other religious trash needs to be burned along the way, though that is a topic for later.

480ca No.129097

Is there any worse kind of human being than chicanos?

bb44f No.129099

File: 1521149800254.png (243.52 KB, 1698x689, Jew.PNG)

>Tara isn't a Jew
>stop nitpicking Go-Guys!
Sure thing (((Anon)))

480ca No.129102

Her tits arent even real

282ed No.129217

That’s the real crime right here

fc906 No.129218

File: 1521167141508.png (285.63 KB, 1600x1269, bashful_twilicorn_by_rudah….png)

If Twilight were Jewish I'd still marry her and raise little Jewish ponies.

7b8c6 No.129219

but Anon, ponies are white!

348c4 No.129220

File: 1521167689394-0.png (217.42 KB, 920x960, Apple Bloom angry.png)

Those faggot libtards that say shit like
"blah blah blah is caused by white men"
"this is caused by men"
"men are the reason"
or pretty much all that stupid bull shit you see from antifags and soyboys on twitter. That dumbass backwards thinking just fucking infuriates me>>111829

348c4 No.129224

File: 1521168030119-0.png (370.52 KB, 1023x1024, Glimmy has a good kek.png)

48df7 No.129231

No wonder she voice acts for everything…

53698 No.129277

File: 1521177484372.jpg (26.56 KB, 400x400, 1517534478211.jpg)

You two anons made me catch the feels with these posts. Just know that if the great happening does come and we all are doomed to enter oblivion, that in this moment I have noticed you senpais. You aren't alone out there, there are others who share your thoughts and feelings, however we are in the minority and vastly outnumbered. If only the normies knew how bad things really are, if only there was some way we could make them truly realize. But I increasingly come to the conclusion that it isn't going to happen that way. Only the greatest happening of our lives will shake them from their slumber, and even then they can be easily led down the global elites' predetermined enslavement path. If there is a god, may he have mercy upon those few of us cursed with the sight and knowledge of the truly evil game being played here, and absolutely despise it. We are all in this together lads.

3bd9f No.129281

File: 1521177790797-0.jpeg (22.93 KB, 400x387, 1609714__artist needed_sa….jpeg)

*Hugs U*

348c4 No.129580

File: 1521254971914.png (362.63 KB, 1582x2840, Twilight happy sad.png)

Yeah, I wake up in disdain for the planet. In the past few years, I have been filled with so much hate and anger because the uneducated majority tramples the educated minority. The fact that these destructive behaviours are allowed without punishment.

I hate all of this identity politics, relentless virtue signaling from either side, and greed. I just want to kill myself so I don't have to deal with it anymore, but that is what they want you to do.

We're all in the same boat, Anon. I hope that even if we don't succeed, we get through it together

282ed No.129635

File: 1521259880001.gif (832.74 KB, 500x281, EF2B2818-2F51-43B5-ADCD-B4….gif)

That pic gave me feels

170ee No.129660

File: 1521262758868.jpg (236.4 KB, 1073x736, 7.jpg)

Is there anyone in power who does not want to fuck people in bum.

c8d31 No.129674

Trump And Abe?

2d235 No.129683

We usually take "Chicano" to mean a "Mexican nationalist" who lives in the US (as opposed to immigrants who actually want to be American). Chicanos are a good thing because they push people right. Even Obama feels "patriotic resentment" at them:

“When I see Mexican flags waved at pro-immigration demonstrations, I sometimes feel a flush of patriotic resentment.” Obama, 2005

00d41 No.129713

File: 1521277914439.gif (63.7 KB, 434x434, scrunch-autism-session.gif)

Fight me. You and your mods deleted my perfect instructions on how to achieve a godlike masturbation session.(EW)

00d41 No.129719

That's why I trigger those faggots at every opportunity I get.

Had some commie girl on a bus once. We started talking.

She looked like someone you could stick your dick in if she was not a commie.

Redpilled her, took 30 minutes and she started conceding some points that your typical tard would cry and throw a fit over.

Also insulted some gook friend they had "accidentally" by saying how all immigrants are shit, his friend got pissed.
Just stared him down. His other friends pussies out and said nothing.
This lone guy got butthurt. Think I earned his respect when I said "Of course if you are friends you would defend him, otherwise you are a faggot, but the matter stands. Immigrants are shit".

Redpilled the gook too when he woke up when I showed him some elevator clips from CHINA.

At the end everyone was on good terms and I shaked their beliefs up a little to make them question their little agenda.

I doubt I turned them all away from their little commie crusade, but it's a start.

Feels good to trigger them.
Feels good to not give a fuck.

2d235 No.129720

Give instructions.

26503 No.129738

The last thing worth living for in this rotten world is the waifu.
Do it for her.

16916 No.129744

File: 1521295815315.jpg (114.38 KB, 614x872, Ryoko uniform.jpg)


Shotgun Tarp from R9k was a proficient Weaboo Waifuist. Listened to Anime music on youtube on a regular basis. one of his favourite tracks was "dont lose your way" from Kill la Kill.

d3ee7 No.129748

File: 1521299073787.png (25.67 KB, 1008x630, ponk guy9.png)

>TFW Weeb

1511e No.130030

File: 1521380166782.png (868.86 KB, 1280x808, Fallout Boom.png)

>An hero
Don't do that anon. At the very least, homocide is an option. Kill the retarded politicians before yourself. You have worth within you, the capability for actions yet unknown. Don't just step out - do something.

But in all likelihood you don't want to do that, because you are a kind person. Just try to stay alive until Pakistan and India nuke each other - then we'll have a nice happening thread.

d3ee7 No.130031

File: 1521380382582.png (363.04 KB, 1005x742, 1458024311411.png)

>mfw people are talking about killing politicians on my website

1511e No.130032

I'm sorry Atlas, but the truth is that eventually people run out of arguments, and have to give in to violence. This is especially true when they've been pushed into a corner where they believe the rest of their life is meaningless, that they can never get ahead, and that they have no future.

The authorities should understand that. They watch the Americans destabilize countries all the time when they don't want to argue with politicians.

16916 No.130033

File: 1521380852663-0.png (25.82 KB, 182x214, cwc stalin.png)

File: 1521380852663-1.gif (472.39 KB, 280x220, cwc rage.gif)

File: 1521380852663-2.gif (468.68 KB, 614x360, Cage laughs at CWC.gif)

File: 1521380852663-3.gif (143.01 KB, 200x150, julay cwc.gif)


I am going to kill the Mayor of CWCVille.

1511e No.130035

Check'd, kek'd and WTF'd for that last one.

16916 No.130036



CWC making love to a blowup doll in which he pretended to have sex with his current internet love interest at the time (Julay), which later turned out to be a 13 year old boy catfishing him.

d78df No.130071

That poor fucking faggot.

Why was a 13 year old boy catfishing him? Didn't he have anything better to do? Forgive me for being a newfag, but what did "The mayor of CWCville" do that made everyone hate him so much?

16916 No.130076

File: 1521391048910.png (166.58 KB, 3351x1266, Virgin_Hirtes_vs_Chad_Chri….png)



Being an unapologetic living meme that is easy to bait with low effort and remarkable results. The boy in question went onto the hype bandwaggon when CWC was already famous just to fuck with him and is to this day fondly remembered.

Being the pope of autism probably has also something to di with it. CWC is a well of neverending entertainment that hardly (if ever) stops giving to any interesting lolcow milker.

d78df No.130121

I have autism. I read the wiki, and I don't think CWC has autism. He's just sheltered, and was raised poorly by parents who stunted his mental and emotional growth.

Being made into "The biggest lolcow on teh interwebz" when there are literal pedophiles and animal abusers on the internet getting away with their shit probably didn't help.

5c03f No.130181

File: 1521423892372-0.png (114.64 KB, 316x321, 1485014688566.png)

File: 1521423892372-1.jpg (46.53 KB, 500x390, 1437237997828.jpg)

God, I worry every day that my little brother is going to turn into that thing.

Excuse the blogpost, but this is a thread for venting after all.

When he was growing up, we always suspected that he was different, I was particularly miffed when I heard about his autism diagnosis (I was also diagnosed with it, and it's not something I'd wish on anyone. Granted, I find I was able to almost grow out of it, for the most part, I'm still posting here, aren't I? But I don't think this boi will). Hell, we even pulled him out of elementary school because he was bullied so horrendously there (we live on the Rez, and the little timber nigglets here are absolutely awful, I'd almost say they're worse than actual nigglets).

So at least since the middle of first grade, the kid's been home schooled, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, even on standardized testing he performs a lot better than his peer going through the public school system.

But his being homeschooled and spending most of his time at home still worries me, because just like old CWC, he's been sheltered for pretty much his whole life, he has very few friends, he spends almost all his free time playing vidya on his ayylmaoware laptop (at least he's not a Sonicfag, he even explicitly told me that he doesn't really like the franchise).

And to top that all off, he wants to get into content creating on Youtube, likely inspired by Pewdiepie or Markiplier, which is what first got me worried in the first place. Not only that, his father (who is my stepfather) has him consuming leftist ideology, they watch the news together (and it's mostly Global News and the CBC, sometimes CNN, of course it's all leftist shit. And of course their Trump Derangement Syndrome is rubbing off on him), the books he's having him read are particularly troubling: 'NO is not enough' by Naomi Klein, a radical leftycunt, and 'Women after all' by (((Melvin Konner))). I'm also certain that he's had him watch Zeitgeist at this point (which is what I think made my stepdad fall to leftism in the first place). I've been wanting to scream in his fucking dad's ear, 'if you were going to give him leftist indoctrination, you may as well have left him in public school!'. But then again, politics isn't the reason why he was pulled from school.

I've been wanting to give my lil bro some basic redpills, like the redpill on women and politics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxpVwBzFAkw), but unfortunately, he isn't interested (which at the same time, is understandable and hopeful, he doesn't really seem interested in the lefty propaganda he's being force fed either, he just wants to play Dank Souls, and he's only 12 years old so he probably doesn't really understand any of it).

I worry about that boi every day, as far as I can see he's going to turn into a /v/irgin sperglord at best or another ChrisChan at worst, God forbid he ends up in the ranks of the antifa or whatever radleft groups are out there.

I don't want to have to put down my own half-brother when DOTR comes, nor do I want to force him to become cannon fodder Death Korps of Krieg style, what can I do to save him? What can I do to challenge the ideology in that house?

Should I even bother? I'd imagine that we wouldn't be exempt from DOTR, right wing or not, considering that we're Injun pseudo-Mongols and all.

2f1ef No.130199

If he's not interested in politics for his age, I consider that a good thing since that might make him less of a pawn of the leftists. When he get older though, you better make sure to secretly red pill him to counter your stepdad's propaganda but hopefully he won't have any interest in it. All you can do is just red pill him and try to guide him straight but be subtle so he doesn't become annoyed by it. Not much else to tell unfortunately.

5c03f No.130223

These digits are reassuring, thanks breh

fb3bf No.130254

File: 1521441096311.jpg (103.06 KB, 540x610, 1512857805403.jpg)

I know I'm late but you are doing divine work anon, keep it up.

d78df No.130304

Being a blackpilled "I'm not interested in politics" kid is a defense mechanism. The cuntdad is propagandizing him and making him read propaganda books, and while he doesn't enjoy it (THIS IS A GOOD SIGN) and his instincts are telling him to dislike it and find it exhausting (VERY GOOD SIGN), he's afraid that if you show him political things that disagree with what his cuntdad showed him, he won't know what to think or how to be honest friends with both of you. He's afraid the two of you will force him to choose a side, and he's scared of losing one or both of you. He's also scared of the idea that his cuntdad might be lying to him, I've seen this shit before and here's what you do.

You need to show him some Mark Dice, show him some liberal lunatics, and say this is where the extreme-lefty nonsense leads. Teach him how to entertain a thought without believing it, teach him how propaganda works, and above all, teach him how to hide his power level so he can keep pretending to believe the shit his cuntdad says, so said dad will keep liking him.

As for the youtube stuff, let him do it, but say you've been around longer and you know how market trends work, use this as your excuse to tell him what he should and shouldn't do on the internet. Harmless let's plays of assorted classic games are fine, political rants are not, not until he's older and more redpilled.

972c7 No.130430

Still unemployed, still no responses on applications. Feels bad man.

4b31c No.130435


39509 No.130477

Glad I'm not the only one.

1511e No.130548

The military isn't so bad, anons, if it's between starving and being a drone. I know it kind of sucks that you have to be in a position to die for Israel, but if you're only in for 4 years, it should be just long enough to get a good resume and free school.

It's a shitty option, but it's an option.

1511e No.130557

Just get him interested in truth and logic. Show him this video on how money is made. I watched it in high school, and it has stuck with me. It hasn't aged well, but it's one of those 'so bad it's good' edu-tainment style films.


He probably isn't ready for Stefan's "The story of your enslavement", not at the age of 12. It's fairly graphic.


The only other red pills on truth I can think of are these two vieos by Larken Rose:

The Jones Plantation

The Tiny Dot

9aabf No.130642

What split me off from reading (((NatGeo))) and other mainstream sources early on was rense.com. It's ugly as sin and often laughably sensationalist but it's oddball and memeworthy enough to attract his autistic mind. You can introduce it to him gently by saying, "check out this crazy site!"

If he actually starts showing interest in politics introduce him to Lewrockwell.com. It's a libertarian site that presents pieces in an easy-to-read format and often features right-wing visionaries such as Taki and Buchanan.

1fb11 No.130645

Doesn't lewrockwell support open immigration? Why would you send people to go to conclusions that run counter to racial perseverance?

915f2 No.130648

read counter currents publishing instead

9aabf No.130651

Lewrockwell has contributors with a variety of different opinions. I've seen some libertarians make articles in favor of open borders but most are in favor of a more Hoppean system; this site redpilled me. If you want to redpill people on the truth you can't restrict them from other viewpoints. Intellectual honesty means assessing each critique independently and coming to your own conclusions.

915f2 No.130654

I suppose if you wish to stand by your word of intellectually honesty, you would have suggested another site alongside lewrockwell.

058a1 No.130657

File: 1521565944344.jpeg (53.02 KB, 368x360, 161CF547-B4CD-42EE-805C-E….jpeg)

Yes, but does it not allow for it to ultimately create a government from those who get richest and then band together as monopolies.

Think of Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and the Rothschild influence in America in the 1800’s.

Ancapistan is doomed to create what America is now. Government overridden by private industry mogels.

This is why libertarian/ancap is a pipeline to natsoc.

3f19a No.130800

Worse: the international money market is already Ancapistan and Soros is the result. He made his wealth as an "economic terrorist" who breaks no laws because international Ancapistan has none.

39509 No.130828

I'm glad I'm not the only person who sees this.

79493 No.130834

File: 1521601276484.jpg (300.03 KB, 1536x1022, EwFedLeslieFaire.jpg)

armstrongeconomics.com is another good place to learn about the world. You asked for other sites and I don't know what you're expecting. I doubt that he would like Stormfront. At least lewrockwell.com republishes articles from various libertarian and right-wing sites.

Did Rockefeller, the Morgan, and the Rothschilds create true lasting monopolies? Not by market standards, no. What government that existed used its power to exercise authoritarian measures like establish a central bank, because these things are the only things government knows how to do. Any government, big or small, centralized or decentralized, will eventually fall prey to private interests. The question is how much you want to be subjected to this.

The international money market is far from ancap, however. Besides the fact that almost every currency is under the control of government and central banking, you have Bretton Woods, the IMF, and coordinated manipulations by the major currency issuers. This is what central banking got us.

5c03f No.131029

Thanks m8s, I'll keep all this in mind

915f2 No.131135

There's so much more that goes beyond beyond that.
national alliance
anime right
traditional workers party
alternative hypothesis

b8fe9 No.131209

File: 1521675115434.gif (673.19 KB, 400x400, CouragetheCowardlyDogThumb….gif)

Love that guy.

c8d31 No.131287

Meh,he's a little autistic.

ac4be No.131298

He's pretty autistic, but he's good for it. Many times he goes out of his way to not be sectarian, even when I think he doesn't want to, so I credit that for him a little.

c8d31 No.131301

Ive seen a few videos, they're very well put together, pretty good content over all.

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