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File: 1515772770967.png (148.42 KB, 1258x578, ActualFaggot.png)

d390a No.105935

The people who make this show are actual cucks.

134b9 No.105936

When you can't logically refute a statement, appeal to emotions.

d390a No.105937

here's a logical statement. it's because of him, McCarthy, Emily Thompson and Stephen Davis that G5 is gonna be a racially diverse cuckfest.

1ea58 No.105939

I hope leftists start to prove this by moving to these countries. And also leftists can't claim people have a legitimate reason to emigrate from Africa or Haiti etc. any longer without saying it is true those countries are shitholes. But if the flood of islamists continue into my country and it's ruled by cucks like Sweden, I will have a legitimate reason to emigrate unless there is a final solution on the table.
>it will be sad to leave what once was, but if you are overrun by cucks that is hellbent on destroying and dying in the shit they create it is limited what one can do

d390a No.105941

I'm just sad that our show is being killed by said leftists.

ebe9d No.105942

I don't really watch the show anyway

d390a No.105943

see, i wondered how many here did. i was posting on /pol/ long before /mlp/ but unironically i loved the early seasons. if anything, even if you aren't a fan of the show, you have to hate vogel and mccarthy for putting out a product that's corrupting our youth.

ebe9d No.105944

I'm only gonna watch like two certain episodes anyway and I'm dropping it

134b9 No.105945

I was commenting on the Tweet, but you now made me realise both the tweet and the OP appealed to emotions.

1ea58 No.105946

Me too.
>why do leftist hate all that is good

236f3 No.105948

File: 1515777008523.jpeg (28 KB, 424x283, A64369FA-FEC8-4B10-8FC1-A….jpeg)

>leftists should prove their claims

That’s not how it works.

1ea58 No.105949

134b9 No.105976

Left: Feelings > Logic

>Feminists Now Say Pink Pussyhats Offensive to Trans, Non-Binary People

>‘I personally won’t wear one because if it hurts even a few people’s feeling…’

Who says entropy Kek{/s] is a bad thing?

8675e No.105986

Because they want the world to be as ugly and boring as they are.

51684 No.106002

I was banned from the hugboxbooru for complaining about G5 being forced social engineering.

d81a6 No.106042

This irritates me but I honestly believe people like this are losing sway. The thing that makes Trump so powerful is that he either does not have or chooses to ignore the internal filter that most people put on their real thoughts to prevent them from escaping into polite conversations. Statements like "Haiti is a shithole country" and "America would be a better place if the only immigrants we took were civilized white people with jobs" reflect the kinds of sentiments that people agree with but feel they can't express. The right wing right now is like a huge crowd of angry people gathered around a building they want to destroy with bricks in their hands. Everyone wants to start throwing bricks but nobody wants to throw the first brick. Trump just threw the first brick, in fact he's been throwing first bricks since he announced his candidacy, and people are gradually realizing it's okay to start throwing theirs. This kind of mindless empty pandering tweet is the sort of thing that five years ago many of us would have just mindlessly liked or retweeted just because we felt we had to. People like this will keep squawking and virtue signaling but it's very quickly turning into the kind of white noise that people just tune out.

I've only been watching the show since April. I regret that I didn't get into it at the very beginning, because the high water mark was clearly the second season and it's obvious that it's on its last legs at this point. The early fandom in retrospect looked like it was a lot of fun and I'm sorry I missed it. It's genuinely a shame, not only did this show have the potential to be something much better than what it wound up being, it was also for a brief moment an island of decent wholesome entertainment in a sea of leftist degeneracy. It is what it is though. I personally have no intention of even watching G5. I will watch the remaining two seasons and the movie we've been promised, assuming they follow through, just to see it through to the end, but after that I'm off the ride. I signed on for the Friendship is Magic fandom; I have no interest in any of the previous My Little Pony series and from what I've seen G5 is going to be a return to mediocrity.

I think realistically the left is losing the culture war, but nevertheless they're going to control the culture for a good while longer just because they have the power and money to do it. We probably won't have quality films and TV shows again for another generation or two at least. My advice is to cancel your cable subscription and get a library card.

1ea58 No.106043

>We probably won't have quality films and TV shows again for another generation or two at least
I really hope you are wrong, and that we soon get back to the heydays of entertainment and make it even better.

d81a6 No.106044

What I'd like to see is for a new entertainment industry to spring up independent of Hollywood and the kikes. There's a handful of conservative actors in Hollywood who are tired of getting kicked around, if they would all just jump ship and use their money to start up their own operation we could at least have some decent stuff to watch. Originally Hollywood became the center of the entertainment industry just because the climate of California made it possible to film year-round and thus was the only practical location to build a movie studio. However with all the technology we have now there's really no reason someone couldn't start up a studio in Texas or Oklahoma or something and make that the center of a new industry. It would probably be cheaper too.

1ea58 No.106045

I couldn't agree more. There is plenty of places a studio can be established. Also I would assert that most movies now day isn't filmed in a studio any more, but at a location fitting to the scene (whatever country that might be in). What is filmed in a studio is greenscreen and perhaps some indoor stuff.

1bb6d No.106046

All the more reason to work hard, earn money, and contribute towards new entertainment. I personally would establish my own animation studio if I had the capital. Skilled amateur animators are a dime a dozen, voice acting just takes some thorough talent search, there are fanfic writers with better scriptwriting than most of the cartoon industry, and everything's indoors. You just have to have the vision and business acumen of Walt Disney.

Animation is also probably much easier to establish a foothold than film. You bypass the actors' unions, you don't have to worry about casting (other than voice-acting), you don't have to worry about sets or location, you don't have to worry about expensive cameras, and it's relatively anonymous so there's less fallout from dropping redpills.

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