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File: 1515738466333.jpg (23.37 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

a4630 No.105767

7a692 No.105770

File: 1515738936429.png (366.07 KB, 375x523, 1515544883140.png)

That's where you're wrong kiddo. One nation under frog, dog bless :DDDD

49150 No.105773


2c70d No.105774


d0069 No.105775

File: 1515739503040.png (164.78 KB, 754x1024, 1507603879837.png)

Umm no sweetie, here we worship glimmer.

0c860 No.105783

File: 1515740244768.jpeg (109.03 KB, 730x1024, 68C52F68-D4B8-4C14-9AE7-2….jpeg)

3ea6e No.105798

File: 1515741345600-0.png (9.69 KB, 782x629, 1300645__safe_artist-colon….png)

Dirty Glimmer heathen not worshipping Epona!

32a9e No.105955

File: 1515781269611.jpg (248.66 KB, 683x1024, Epona.jpg)

Praise Epona!

493d3 No.105958

File: 1515782305030-0.jpg (41.68 KB, 500x660, 1b3bc99ae7ca2e46c61121f965….jpg)

>they never figured out why the statue is green

c02c9 No.105965

Can we make this into a hate symbol?

266c4 No.105967

File: 1515783155844.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.79 KB, 458x504, blacklejack.jpg)

What happens if Epona and Kek have a child?

32a9e No.105969

File: 1515783311113.png (363.96 KB, 640x360, screen_shot_2016-10-19_at_….png)

Anything can be a hate symbol if you put your autism into it.

a4630 No.106003

The media doesn't even know about Aryanne yet.

8a263 No.106012

File: 1515792235001.png (69.87 KB, 721x728, Self Boop Pickle Starlight….png)

6ff4a No.106020

Damn not well let them. The continued opprobrium against pony is our shield.

f6fad No.106061

File: 1515806862527.png (212 KB, 822x894, ProudAryanne.png)

If we ever spring her into mainstream consciousness like Pepe the Frog, we would have to do so in a way that ties the entire MLP franchise with our ideals, thereby pitting bronies (what's left of them) against SJWs while conservatives have a hearty kek. This would involve making ourselves look far bigger than we really are.

Maybe it's all a pipe-dream, though. In a couple of years, MLP will become just yet another SJW show and we'll have lost something we've loved…

76256 No.106068

At least it’s not a shithole country.

6ff4a No.106072

File: 1515809750930.jpeg (97.76 KB, 406x545, 1432800__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Never publicly combine far-right with pony. Otherwise you are literally these guys:


Don't humiliate us.

09a1d No.106075

Isn’t the whole point to use the charming friendly pony image to push strong natsoc ideas into the mainstream?

bf124 No.106078

That kind of behavior is what caused /pol/ to get swamped by plebbit.

a4630 No.106081

Plenty of alternative imageboards now. They can't destroy all of us.

48527 No.106100

>that kike pepe
Don't think I didn't see it.

17875 No.106292

File: 1515875437140.png (1.19 MB, 3840x2160, aryanne halloween sequence.png)

this Praise Epona

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