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Newfag Welcome/Help Thread
Welcome to the Mongolian political horsewhispering forum, also known as /mlpol/. This thread is dedicated to helping out newfags coming to the site with integrating into the local culture. If you have a question about something, or need spoonfed on something, don't be afraid to ask me or any other Anon willing to help.

Here's a few things to start.

1.- Read the policy page first: https://mlpol.net/policy.html

2.- When in doubt, lurk moar.

3.- Praise American, Praise Football.

4.- MODS = GODS.

5.- Anonfilly did nothing wrong.

6.- No one knows what /1ntr/ is for, not even /1ntr/.

7.- Check the catalog.

8.- Go away, Zald.

9.- Don't start shit.

11.- This is nice board.

And finally...

12.- The right to bare ponies SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
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Fluttershy thread
Post flutters
R: 89 / F: 126 / P: 1
The jew thread
The jew is guilty.
Post jew shenanigans.
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Anonfilly Thread - Reborn Edition
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>325047
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(((Shills))) (((5))): The Revenge of the Horsepussy
Porn but with poners.
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Mare Fair!
Mare Fair thread - its actually happening edition
Last I saw they are expecting around 500, maybe as many as 600 going to mare fair
I also hear that at least three are going, including an admin and soapanon.
Anyone want to do a little mlpol meetup or something?


Old thread: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/357936
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Antifa Mugshots and ugly motherfuckers
Does anyone have any images of Antifa mugshots, subhuman primates with promiment sloped foreheads and distinctly missing prefrontal cortexes, and other ugly leftist motherfuckers?
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Guys, i'm a jew, AMA.
I run the local Australian territory of Canberra, If you want to call me up to seethe, +61 0490777146.
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White Æsthetics
Post anything nice and æsthetic looking focused on Whites

I want more of these so I'll spam what I've got to start
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Syria General- /sg/ That Old Familiar Feeling Edition

>Interviews with Assad
[YouTube] حوار مع قناة روسيا 24 و وكالة روسيا سيفودنيا
[YouTube] ASSAD EXCLUSIVE: US will attack foes & friends to protect its hegemony, Syria just a latest victim
[YouTube] حوار الرئيس الأسد مع السورية و الإخبارية (مترجم)

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps
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Biotechnology and the Future of Humanity
Biotechnology is growing at an exponential rate, and hardly anyone is talking about it. Gene therapy, cellular therapies, psychobiotics, next generation psychiatric drugs, novel forms of brain stimulation (tFUS and rTMS), brain implants, and other emerging technologies all have the potential to change humanity at the very core of our being. Transhumanism is quickly becoming the dominant ideology of the elite, and it is likely we will see this new technology used to augment humanity. And it's not just the elite that have access to this technology. The DIYbio and biohacker communities are growing in popularity, and regular people can now order all kinds of lab equipment and reagents on websites like https://www.the-odin.com. So how will this play out /mlpol/? How will this technology be used? Who will have control of or should control such technology? And what will the future of humanity look like? This technology has a lot of potential for good, but the stakes have never been higher.
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/mlpol/ Movie Night 3 Revengeance
/MLPOL/ Movie Night

We like movie nights on Fridays. These movie nights are usually prefaced with a Pre-Stream event before we watch a movie or two, which is then normally followed by several episodes of Ponies.

Registering an account on the streaming sites we go to is not required.

The Pre-Stream for the Movie Night usually starts at 7:00pm EST.
https://cytu.be/r/FlappyPterodactyl is the normal room for the Pre-Stream.

The Movie Night proper usually starts at around 8:00pm or 8:30pm EST.
Location varies depending on various factors.

Last full Movie Night thread: >>34962
Previous improvised Movie Night thread: >>349623
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Discovering Worst Pony
There is often a discussion about which pony is the worst. I have come to put all debate to rest once and for all. Is it Trixie? She does have a massive ego, enslaved a town, but her biggest crime is becoming friends with another candidate. Is it Starlight, said friend of Trixie? She also enslaved a town, tried to wipe out ponies from time, failed to deliver an interesting backstory, nearly gave up on two different friendship missions, labeled someone a lost cause, only to guilt trip the entire cast because of labeling someone as a lost cause. Perhaps it is a curveball and one of the mane six just doesn’t do it for you. Twilight promoted the erasure of the entire pony culture, failed to redeem a child on two occasions, and was a more powerful and intelligent character before getting wings. Perhaps Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie are too annoying or Rarity, Fluttershy, or Applejack just don’t work well in the show, resetting personality whenever needed. Or even a one off character that was a terrible joke attached to a horrible moral like Mudbriar.

You may put your minds at ease as all of the above options are wrong. There exists a character so deplorable, so unlikable, purely evil, that no terrible character writing or even a villain the show can imagine will ever beat. For there is a puppet of darkness whose power is so vast and endless that to this day his presence has deceived nearly all through an arcane inversion of reality. People and ponies alike behold his form and despite his terrible works upon Equestria, he is loved, adored, and all without raising a single hoof. He did nothing to deserve this admiration. His crimes include theft, attempting to gain power for himself, attempting to control, domineer, and conquer others and eventually all of Equestria, and embraced a dark power willingly to try to kill those that dared to question his plans. Who is this worker of iniquity, this wielder of shadow? His name is Stygian, the one that lurks in darkness and death.

Let’s have a quick breakdown of Stygian to understand just what we are dealing with before I get into the specifics, just like the show does at the beginning of the episode. He shows up in the season 7 finale and has quite the story to him along with an endless slew of retcons. He gathered together ponies of interest into a group to fight evil siren sorceresses.


Stygian becomes their strategist because he is smart. I guess we have to take that at face value. He doesn’t ever display this intelligence in canon, but I can buy it. He isn’t content though. All of the others are getting the recognition. That isn’t fair! I want to help!

Ok, this warrants it’s own mini breakdown for the actual headache it is generating for me. What the fuck? You are disappointed people don’t respect you as much as the ponies risking their lives by being the targets of monsters and magic? They could die as you sit on the sidelines. This glory chaser then decides off of this that he needs an even playing field. I guess don’t talk about it at all and…. what is he doing? THE FUCK! He is stealing the magical artifacts that give power to the dudes he recruited! Did he ask for them? Did he talk about his desire to be a more active participant on the battlefield? No? He is just going to yoink their shit and perform some fucking spell on them…

Wait wait wait… what? How does he know how to do this? He is the recruiter. He even states in this finale “I didn’t have magic or strength”. How the fuck does he get to just cast a copy artifact spell and a “give me your magic” spell? According to the supplemental comic material, which is not canon, but does reflect on the pure writing implosion that is this fucking character, Stygian believes all of the ponies he recruited were only legends, only coming to realize they might actually exist because the sirens exist. So, if this guy was so isolated from these ponies that exist in the same damn land as he does, how does he know how to siphon legendary artifacts to gain power? Furthermore, does he know that this will only be a partial power suck? Will all of his friends be rendered powerless without their artifacts? Does he care? All of these questions and more will never be considered because he is kicked out of their club for the crime of theft and attempting to steal their fucking powers, like a villain might do.

So, naturally, what is the first thing you do when there is a misunderstanding? Do you attempt to return to reason with the people that feel wronged? Maybe use your recruiting skills to gather some others to send in your place to convince a temporary pardon to make your case heard? Do you maybe write it off as a lost cause and live your life? Do you decide to brood in a random ass ruin and when you fall into this well you found you embrace the evil spirit lurking within to return to those that wronged you in assuming that you stealing was offensive and decide to kill them and then move on to kill all life in the world? Definitely that one, am I right?

So, Stygian embraces the darkness, becomes known as the Pony of Shadows, and opens up a ton of fucking questions about the lore. First, the Pony of Shadows is referred to in season 4 when Applejack tells the story Granny told her about the Pony of Shadows, the remains of Nightmare Moon that survived and still roam Equestria after her banishment. Obviously, if this is the Pony of Shadows that can’t be the remains of Nightmare Moon. Perhaps we can chalk it up to legends getting misremembered and combined over a thousand years. Don’t worry, there are many more holes this finale opens in the lore.
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Ukraine invasion - thread #8
Last bread >>352452 hit the bump limit.
Post Ukrainian and Russian butthurt here.
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Writefag Support Circle: A Gathering of Based Gentlemen Who Smoke Pipes.
Thread number three. Last one is apparently at bump limit.

Previous thread: >>336928

I'm lazy so I'm just going to copypaste the OP text from the last one since it still applies. Important bits have been bolded for emphasis.

Basically all that is said in that OP applies to this one but I'll go through the 'rules' of this thread here as well.

So, the main point of this thread is to facilitate and enable Anons' writefagging; in a similar way pride facilitates and enables aids.;^P The Anons in this thread can be separated into two camps: Anons who wants help with their writing project(s) and Anons that feel inclined to help those aforementioned shrek-colored skinheads.

Crafting and beta-reading is what we do here, any critique of literature not made by a guy submitted for this thread should be incidental; it should be when you —as a beta-reader of fics posted ITT— make a comparison between the fic your reviewing and some other story for the sake of demonstrating your point, whatever it is.

This is NOT: A review thread for unsolicited rants about random media which does not fall into the mold for how to use a reference in this thread described in the above paragraph. Meaning if you're not using —like, let's pick something arbitrary— Naruto for a comparison in your critique of someone's writing itt, then don't bring it up. I understand that tangents can happen and if it's like a few exchanges with a pair of posters; then it's fine. However, don't make this a pattern and also move whatever off-thread-topic discussion to a more fitting board/thread. There's after all no problem with finding someone to converse with and share perspectives on a subject you care about but just take it to an appropriate thread. Sidenote: Nigel, these rules applies to you in a stricter fashion because I would not have to detail them with this much precision if it weren't for you.

Read this again, because it's important:

This is NOT: A review thread for unsolicited rants about random media which does not fall into the mold for how to use a reference in this thread described in the above paragraph. Meaning if you're not using —like, let's pick something arbitrary— Naruto for a comparison in your critique of someone's writing itt, then don't bring it up. I understand that tangents can happen and if it's like a few exchanges with a pair of posters; then it's fine. However, don't make this a pattern and also move whatever off-thread-topic discussion to a more fitting board/thread. There's after all no problem with finding someone to converse with and share perspectives on a subject you care about but just take it to an appropriate thread. Sidenote: Nigel, these rules applies to you in a stricter fashion because I would not have to detail them with this much precision if it weren't for you.

I hope that I haven't scared anybody off. This is still suppose to be a chill af thread. Funposting is very much allowed and encouraged. It really is more that some type of posting —like, things that are completely irrelevant to the thread— does not belong here. I know, rocket-science and a rule that is seldom seen and highly unique for this thread. Perhaps you could call it a... Novelty. (You) intelligent lurker, obviously get the subtext of this OP so you probably won't need to worry about any of this. I'd say if you're unsure if what you're about to post belongs in the thread, then post it anyway. The worst that can happen is that someone tells you to move it to another thread and you get a better insight of what post belongs in thread. If you consist on fish and chips, however, I'd suggest you think twice on what you're posting and perhaps even ask beforehand if your rant about lefties and Undertale belongs here.

If there are any questions on the OP, ask away?
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Inverse Vaccine

>They tell the Liver to tell the Immune System to ignore certain markers.
>Possibly the End of Autoimmune diseases, organ rejection ect.
>The live trials on people are extremely promising and a complete reversal of the fatty bit of the nerve cell just happens after the Liver is updated.
<Bad News: They can tell have the body ignore certain markers.
The nefarious consequences are many and horrific.
So some blind people might be able see and some of the paralyzed able to move.
Those who lost bits of themselves may be able to fully heal.

So only down side is people who would want to make an illness (any one of them) last practically forever.
And other unknown strange side effects.
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Webm/gif thread
Feel free to post pol, ponies, or whatever.
R: 67 / F: 64 / P: 2
Draw Thread #5
Frens, I just noticed that our Drawfag thread 404'd in July and we haven't had a draw thread for almost two months.

Last thread: >>325005

This is a thread for anything drawing related. Don't feel forced to limit yourself to this thread for this board though. If you have a thread or a post in mind that relates to drawing on the board but outside this thread, then post it.

Post drawings, thoughts about drawings, critiques of drawings, post inspiring art, and etc. here.
R: 1 / F: 1 / P: 2
R: 11 / F: 16 / P: 3
Would (You) a Thing?
R: 233 / F: 228 / P: 3
RANDOM NEWS - Thread #7
The old thread >>323596 hit the bump limit.
Post random news here.
R: 6 / F: 3 / P: 3
>before white man come, land nigger free
R: 65 / F: 69 / P: 3
Glim Glam's Neverending Shim Sham - Better Late Than Never Edition
Gentlemen, behold!

I have returned, and assuming that interest in these threads continues, I will henceforth be resuming my review series, though I am altering my approach slightly. I will explain below.

>What the hell is this?!?
These threads first began as a mostly humorous response to a certain obnoxious British poster who shall remain nameless. Way back in the bygone days of 2018, this individual attempted to shill a fanfiction he'd written by starting not one but two threads about it. The response to his opus was almost universally negative, and unfortunately he was not the sort of person who handled criticism well. The resultant shitflinging war would become known in the annals of /mlpol/ history as Glimmergate II.

This unnamed individual's intense autism eventually became so repellent that I took it upon myself to go through his work line by line and tell him, quite explicitly, everything that was wrong with it. This turned out to be a much larger project than I'd envisioned, and it ultimately took several months to complete. Due to the author's fixation with Starlight Glimmer, which formed the center of the controversy, I adopted Glim Glam as a moniker.

I started the project under the assumption that it was just a bit of funposting that would run its course and then end. As far as literary criticism went, I was mostly just blowing smoke out of my ass and having a giggle; I assumed that sooner or later the drama would die down and my tripfagging would get annoying. As such, the original plan was to finish what I had to say about Silver Star Apple and the Search for More Money, Love, The Meaning of Life, and Magical Cards, and then let "Glim Glam" drift quietly off into the sunset as long as I'm spilling my guts here I might as well come clean: I was also the guy who was tripfagging as King Battlebrit.

However, for whatever reason, people formed an impression that I actually had some idea of what the fuck I was talking about when it came to books, and so I received several requests from various Anons to review more fimfiction stories. After doing a couple of these, I realized I enjoyed reviewing stories, and also that as a writer I was learning a surprising amount from these authors mistakes, and thus Glim Glam's Infinite Ham-Slam was born.

My previous reviews are listed below, in reverse chronological order:

Neo-Equestrian Obstetrics
by Kassaz

I.D.: That Indestructible Something
by Chatoyance

Our Girl Scootaloo
By Cozy Mark IV

Rainmetall (included in the Our Girl Scootaloo thread, post # indicates start point)
By /mlpol/'s very own Mexican Anon

The Best Night Ever
By Capn_Chryssalid

Fallout: Equestria
By kkat

The Sun & The Rose
By soulpillar

Friendship is Optimal (included in the Past Sins thread, post # indicates start point)
By Iceman

Past Sins
By Pen Stroke

Would it Matter if I Was?
By GaPJaxie

The Original Silver Star Threads:
(these threads are pretty chaotic and I don't begin "reviewing" until midway through, but they're an entertaining read if you have the patience to comb through them)

>No, seriously, what the hell is this?!?
To my eternal surprise, these threads have not only continued to generate interest here, but I've also had a couple of odd people from outside the site wander in and ask me to review things. A couple of anons have said that my comments on a few stories might be of value to the MLP fan community at large, and have suggested that I reformat them to make them a little more...palatable.

Again, when I first began this project, I assumed these were mostly just shitposts being written on a site that few people bothered to visit, and as such I had no compunctions about peppering them with vulgarity and slurs because really, if you can't use the internet to anonymously hurl epithets at a complete stranger, then what is it even for?. With a couple of exceptions, most of the stories I've reviewed are well-known, well-loved stories written by horse-famous authors. As such, I feel like I've mostly been punching up, and I make absolutely no apology for any comments I've made about how god-awful most of this dreck actually is when you examine it closely.

However, in a slightly broader scope, asking someone from the more genteel quarters of the fandom to comb through page after page of me calling Pen Stroke a faggot may be a rather tall order, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the way imageboards work. So, I have decided to make the following changes to my approach:

1. These threads will still be done in the same read-and-react format to which you are all accustomed, and in general not much is going to change. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to make my commentary a smad less obscene no promises, but I do intend to try, and I am also going to try to get through individual stories more quickly (especially the long ones).

2. I will also be hosting an off-site blog (currently in development, link will be posted when it's ready) containing truncated reviews of select stories, reformatted to be more accessible to the broader MLP fandom and fanfiction community. Reviews posted to this blog will be formatted like normal articles, and will be a summation of my thoughts on the fics being discussed, rather than a long, meandering read-through, and will contain 20% fewer gay jokes and ethnic slurs. Updates will be posted as the project progresses.

Now then, with all of that out of the way...

Current Story:

by getmeouttahere


requested by that anon who keeps bugging me about it
R: 1 / F: 2 / P: 3
Has anyone ever just asked Hasbro why they hate bronies? Any instance of this?
R: 7 / F: 8 / P: 3
[p]Pony Perusal[/p]
<Like many topical threads that start with anon and end in pain and tears were going to talk about ponies!
<Hopefully Pink Princess Peetzer Ponies!
<There's no other artistic autistic repository to contain the full Peetzer Pony story.
<There's love, [-]loss, peetzer, friends and pink.
<Everypony seems to be excited for Equestria and it doesn't seem to matter much which one.
<As you might have guessed I'll talk about the one I live in.
<Here's the foreshadow
<This spontaneous retelling features peetzer, my loving hunk of a stallion and the peetzer pony.
Write to everypony soon when the coast is clear-
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
-- ♡ Peetzer Pony

R: 10 / F: 2 / P: 3
New Mexico governor issues order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque
R: 263 / F: 143 / P: 3
Fuck leftists
I fucking swear, these leftists live in a parallel universe. The jewed leftists committed all the violence while MAGA fanboys chanted "Trust the plan", and look where that got them. Trump supporters were hunted down like Jews in a Holocaust novel all over the country for expressing support online for a protest the government chose to call a coup attempt(despite Trump's control over the military at the time), and the leftists cheered it on because they had been conditioned to want us all dead. And the Trump supporters did nothing about it because the left never comes for all of them at once, only some of them over time. They kill and oppress some of their enemies over time while suffering no consequences or counterattacks, and they get away with it because everyone at home with a house full of guns and a job serving ZOG thinks "I can get away with serving ZOG some more, I don't have to rebel yet". The leftists are fucking glad a white woman was shot by a black male cop at that protest and they wish more of us died at it because they are all insane and they are all pure evil. They don't even fucking blink when we talk about the gulag conditions Trump supporters are forced to endure despite all their bellyaching about imaginary illegal migrants in cages because they want us all in worse places. Peaceful discussion with these pedophile supporters is impossible. It doesn't matter how much optics cucking is done. The left will always choose to view us as evil for not wanting to be their slaves and they will always to view their child-molesting side as the heroes for oppressing us. Whenever I feel bad about calling this troon faggot's pony fanfiction bad I look at what "she" is saying about America today and I feel better.
R: 286 / F: 120 / P: 3
R: 1 / F: 2 / P: 3
R: 16 / F: 14 / P: 4
Ace Atrocity: Elements of Just Is
Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice is a channel on YouTube that continues the spirit of a brilliant piece of fan content based off of My Little Pony and the videogame Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright called Turnabout Storm… or at least the channel tries to. It certainly tries hard in the art department, making the animations for the ponies very appealing. However, to fully grasp the level of disappointment and disgust I have felt in the story thus far, we need to explore the original project, Turnabout Storm, at least briefly. Then we will look a bit into the first chapter of this new story as it is fairly anti-climactic and hardly has anything to do with the much larger story up until recently. Finally, I will cover the absolute disaster that was the second chapter with the conclusion that was released just two days ago.

I must immediately declare my inexperience with the franchise of Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright and the subsequent sequels. I have watched some videos of both the original game being played and some content about the nature of the world, but only casually. I have yet to experience any content with the other characters the franchise introduces as main defense attorneys. I have no great understanding of the nature of the games or the characters outside a couple of details. This might impact some of my understanding of the entirety of the work, but I still believe that I am capable of forming a decent assessment without this knowledge because of the nature of the projects being so long and doing the hard part of introducing ideas that originate in the game, working them into this world.

Beginning with Turnabout Storm, this work was formed so quickly in relation to the show’s start that it is almost head spinning. However, as with all things with these types of projects, it too would have a long wait time between episodes. The last episode of this project was October 25th, 2013. It isn’t out of the ordinary going forward to have such a wait time, but it does show that a mastery needs to take place to connect the parts during that period to make certain that continuity is not broken, and the ending is satisfying, which it pulled off with flying colors.
Spoilers ahead if you wish to watch the works before I continue. I highly recommend watching the entirety of Turnabout Storm as it is such a fun experience despite some audio issues throughout the experience. https://youtu.be/yUDfoZGhLjE

Moving into the spoilers, the work sets up Rainbow Dash on trial for murder by storm cloud. Immediately we have intrigue because, following an intro “cutscene” in the style of the game series, we get to see a shrouded occurrence of the crime, confirming that Rainbow Dash encountered somepony, did indeed hit a cloud with intent to send lighting down, and this leads into the investigation regarding the crime. It works wonderfully as both set up and after full knowledge of the case becomes known, as the events were true in the opening, but it is our assumptions of what that scene implies that reveal it to be misleading. I certainly hope they keep that up and not retcon an opening shot in the future. That would be embarrassing.

The trial needs a lawyer and a panicking Twilight summons Phoenix Wright, the main character of the Ace Attorney games, who she claims is the greatest lawyer ever in existence as the spell called for such to be summoned. Of course, as the series continues, this was revealed to be a lie in the moment but perhaps held more truth than what was intended as the trial becomes ever more complex, revealing evidence that seemingly proves Rainbow Dash as a murderer and impossible odds are overcome with great suspense build up. Ultimately, it is exaggerated court room drama and only works as well as it does with great personalities to bounce off of each other and build an energy of rivalry, desperation, and eventually cooperation towards the truth.

The personality that makes this work the most is Trixie who is playing the part of prosecution against Rainbow. This works on so many levels. First, she has canonical investment in the outcome of the trial. In real life that would probably get the lawyer taken off the case, but in a fictional setting, which this is doubly so, this makes the situation ever more engaging. The view is treated to a very intelligent antagonistic force that comes prepared… for the most part… against the protagonists as the trial goes on. She effortlessly parries away every advantage, every theory, and every attempt to make progress. It feels like a worthy foe for the project, and it shines through especially in the end. Trixie then teams up with the protagonists to a significant degree to defeat the supposed villain behind the murder.

But even that conclusion has a twist for the better. The conclusion of this project is that no murder occurred, keeping the stated murder free Equestria at relative peace. Bizarre happenstance killed the pony who was corrupt and intended to murder as well. A happy ending as the villain reforms, is still punish though not severely, promises to make a recovery and begin work on the side of Equestria, and a wonderful closing happens for well over an hour that just spends some time with all the characters, including Trixie, who begrudgingly becomes your friend. I don’t know how anyone could top it.

And it hasn’t been topped, unfortunately.
R: 39 / F: 127 / P: 4
An Exhaustive Breakdown of the End of G4 and G5
After avoiding the content for so long, I have gotten around to watching what G5 has to offer. After watching the movie, a couple Youtube web series, and the pilot special plus first season of the Netflix series, I can readily conclude that the writers have not watched an ounce of not just G4, but their own current content as they write their scripts. I will go over the entirety in detail so that you are not required to watch the show should you wish out of curiosity to know how things are going. I will fully admit two biases that I possess towards the movie and show and then towards the G5 as a concept before going forward: I went in expecting G5 to be shit compared to G4 and I expected the writing to be both left leaning and depreciate the fans of G4 in subtle or direct ways gauging by how the final seasons of the previous generation were crafted. I also hate the excuses built by the fanbase for this film and will constantly poke fun at them for what they have said to defend the movie. I also am an absolute autistic lore junkie. I will ramble on and on in this thread over the most minute of things they get incorrect from G4 and even their own current continuity. If they wanted to avoid that, they could have hired anyone at all to read over scripts and watch their previous works to minimize this. That all being said, the messaging of liberal talking points is minimal compared to what could have been and that the writing doesn’t make the sort of attacks on fans I was expecting, the overall quality of the work is poor. And even though I have a ton of problems with this generation, it is the most shit it could be and outranks current entertainment sadly. There is only so much I can recommend you take in a single sitting though. The cringe is stronger the further along it goes. I will begin with a quick recap of G4 before moving into each G5 release thus far and explain what I mean. There is a method to this autistic madness, so please bear with me as this will take a long time and a lot of words.

The story of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, as most of you know, follows Twilight Sparkle and her friends which represent the Elements of Harmony, the forces that represent both the qualities friends should have and the fundamental powers in the universe. These elements, in no particular order, are honesty, loyalty, generosity, kindness, laughter, and magic. The show goes on to explain that magic and friendship are essentially interchangeable as the title of the show would suggest. Mathematically, friendship is magic, as friendship allows for the existence of the world and forces exist in the world to attempt to restore friendship and thus magic.

For those that have not followed most of the show outside fan content and early seasons, there are some additions and retcons to take note of before continuing. The first comes in season 7 of the show as the Elements of Harmony are explained to be created through the Tree of Harmony which was itself created by certain ponies in Equestria’s past, namely the Pillars of Harmony. This group, including the famous Starswirl the Bearded mentioned many times throughout the show, combined their magic and personalities in ignorance to the magic of friendship and created the very essence of friendship. It makes about as much sense as it sounds. To solidify their ignorance to friendship, the show paradoxically makes the Pillars friends. This would seem to allow for the creation of the friendship-oriented Tree of Harmony, except that is depicted to be in a friendship problem in banishing a pony that was once their friend to wander alone for the crime of stealing their most cherished artifacts from their lives and trying to obtain power to be their equals in the eyes of the public. Basically, the Luna story arc again. After banishment, the friend they banished, Stygian, awakened a dark power in a well of shade, a well that leads to a mysterious underground structure. It is not explained who built this or why a dark power is there, but Stygian transforms into the Pony of Shadows and proceeds to fight the Pillars who desperately fight and seal both him and themselves in Limbo. All this to set up that at no point of their existence does the magic of friendship get from them to the Tree of Harmony as the show identifies the Pillars as at fault for not resolving the problem with their friendship. This is the first among retcons about the nature of the magic of friendship. The Pillars return and Twilight is temporarily convinced by Starswirl to eliminate the Pony of Shadows with the Elements of Harmony, which will be lost with him into Limbo instead of themselves for reasons, before Starlight enters and reminds Twilight that everypony deserves another chance at friendship… despite Starlight condemning a changeling a few episodes ago to abandonment due to struggles to accept friendship. Regardless, Stygian is broken free from shadow by the Elements of Harmony, and he also gets no punishment for all past actions.
R: 9 / F: 34 / P: 4
Pony Wallpapers Thread
Can we get one of these going?
R: 178 / F: 75 / P: 4
Islamic Honkin thread #2
<-- Copying new stuff from 8/v/.

Previous thread: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/260831

Here's the going theory:

> A new faction, Islamists, have taken over the Capitalist Meta-Infrastructure that Socially Engineered The West.

This is really important right now because:

Biden's Biggest Fundraisers are Tied to Islamic Terror

* Biden took payments from Iranian front NIAC and offered to send them $200 million with no strings attached
* Biden took payments from the American-Pakistani Political Action Committee which is described by the Pakistani government as a Pakistani front
* Biden took payments from the Muslim Brotherhood
* Biden took payments from the International Crisis Group (Soros works for Qatar)
* Biden took payments from Hady Amr, mentioned in two pictures in the last thread
* Biden took payments from Mohamed Soltan, son of Salah Soltan who called for the mass murder of Americans

Biden has appointed a terrorist supporter as deputy director of the Office of Legislative Affairs.
R: 396 / F: 353 / P: 4
Are women people?
Seriously, are they?
99% of them are just low IQ beings roaming society while trying to leech somebody, be a dude, be the government.
R: 0 / F: 1 / P: 4
Dirty Jews in Action
Post vids or pics of Jews behaving badly like this one of a Jew spitting on Christian nuns.
R: 9 / F: 7 / P: 4
4chan cancer
4chan has become a cancerous cesspool. Is this website any better?
R: 30 / F: 46 / P: 4
You won't be afraid anylonger!
I'm a barbiefag and won't deny that anymore. Fuck hooves! Can hooves grabbed a frying pan and cook food? I think not. I won't let you ostracized me and my fellow barbiefags for our superior beliefs anymore.
R: 131 / F: 70 / P: 4
Coronavirus Thread #14 - Relaxing before the next psyop
The old thread >>357372 hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
R: 38 / F: 16 / P: 4
Are the Amish the model to oppose Globohomo?
The Amish are averse to any technology which they feel weakens the family structure. The conveniences that the rest of us take for granted such as electricity, television, automobiles, telephones and tractors are considered to be a temptation that could cause vanity, create inequality, or lead the Amish away from their close-knit community and, as such, are not encouraged or accepted in most orders. Most Amish cultivate their fields with horse-drawn machinery, live in houses without electricity, and get around in horse-drawn buggies.
R: 29 / F: 50 / P: 5
Right Wing music thread
last one died. bonus points if you post right wing ponies.

2 rules: no youtube links and classics only(no dubbed nigger music)
R: 333 / F: 296 / P: 5
US politics thread.
Given that a new political circus episode is coming, what better than a dedicated bread,
R: 344 / F: 355 / P: 5
Cultural Marxism and derived Anti-White activity - Thread #2
This thread is meant to discuss and document cultural marxism and its derived anti-white activity.
R: 3 / F: 2 / P: 5
Pony Life
I'm not proud of myself, but I watched Pony Life and enjoyed it.
R: 20 / F: 34 / P: 5
I never stopped loving you
I just wasn't strong enough to continue
R: 86 / F: 87 / P: 5
ITT: We Love Leslie
It's about time we had a Leslie Fair thread, anons.
Also Libertarian/AnCap/whatever thread if you wish.
R: 409 / F: 608 / P: 5
Post what books your reading /mlpol/.
Also don't think we've made a must book list so guess if your into that post which books you think are must reads for /mlpol/.

Personally I think everyone should read Evola's works currently working my way through them now. Really looking forward to reading his thoughts and criticisms on national socialism and fascism.
R: 346 / F: 305 / P: 5
The Great Reset - Thread #2 - Pain Edition
The old bread ---> >>286845
The Great Reset.
Basically, the Great Reset isn’t so much a plan in itself as it is a description of many other plans that have already been put into action. It’s the thing that patriots have been describing all these months since the coronavirus conspiracy began: Elites and Jews want to strip you of all your rights, create a global government, end private property, make you live in a pod and eat bugs while surviving on “UBI” credits that are awarded to a computer chip in your hand. The world government wants to be a public-private partnership between the UN and multinational corporations. These corporations will become feudal powers and they’ll basically own portions of the population that live in their pods, eat their bug rations and take their sleeping pills.
The “Great Reset” is just explaining all that like it’s going to be great.
It is important, because they are literally saying they’re going to end private property. The Jews literally plan to destroy Christianity and Western Civilization, and enslave you. The New World Order is here.
R: 37 / F: 23 / P: 5
REG.png OiE: Razorback Expedition Group
Previous Thread Archive: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/260978

>OiE: REG is an offshoot game of Operators in Equestria.

>Currently recruiting is closed, as the story is ongoing, but you can apply for the main game here:

>If you're going to lurk, read over the main pastebin to get familiar with the story and characters:

>And look over the main game, as well:

>Both of you take the cue to exit the lower market and head back down to the train depot.
>You were already close to the steps, so navigating through the market lanes and back to the staircase took a long minute and begin your decent down to the depot from above you both look out to the train in the distance.
>The engine's stack was already starting to let out puffs of smoke for warm-up, and whatever cars that needed to be added were attached: the main engine, coal car, two passenger cars going by the amount of windows, a cargo car, an open bed car with the Dagor and Husky tied down and secured, and six more solid-body cargo cars trailing them.
>Ponies and several minotaurs alike were scurrying around back and forth to the train, you figure last-minute cargo getting loaded.
>You both finally make it to the bottom of the steppes and back into the train depot, the train giving off another steam-powered whistle blow. Cutting through the frantic crowds, which were somehow chaotically orderly left you enough of a berth to get to the boarding area without much trouble.
>Approaching the passenger cars, you spot Jeff leaning on the side of second-back one and waves you over to him.
"Over here guys. We're leaving in a bit, c'mon hop in! I can see the others not too far behind."
>As you get within talking distance of Jeff, you notice Yuri in the first-front passenger car enjoying a steaming mug with his own thoughts. The dining car, perhaps!
"Nice wrap Noah. That one of those that cools your head off? How're your boys, Citrine? Feeling better?"

>Having been unnerved by the sudden cut-off from lunch, Jan takes the lead between you three and sets a prompt pace back to the market's main entrance.
>Palus hangs back with you, the pair of you at the taller woman's back. The burro beams up at you as she processes the interesting info of your unique weapon.
"So... tri-bladed, hyper-sonic reciprocation. Yes, that would facilitate very grievous wounds! AND an ice enchantment to mitigate overheating! A smart addition!"
>Palus mulls over her own works as the three of you pass through the main gate.
>As you walk through, Jan looks to both of her sides and gives the guardmares small waves. The same pair from earlier, the cheerier one putting in more of an effort.
"Aww! You're leaving already? Well come again soooon!"
>The goodbyes are shortlived, as the staircase down to the station is more-or-less a straight shot down to the train depot.
>During the descent Palus begins to continue the conversation over your knife, as you pass by the lower market.
"Jim, if I may, such a weapon would require quite the power supply. You humans have such diverse energy sources! Some I honestly still cannot comprehend..."

>>Kitari nods proudly to herself as you praise her work, and begins snickering to herself.
"Hohoho! A male that can appreciate a well-built head and shaft! Whichever you'd like, you may purchase!"
>The female taur smacks her knee at her own dirty joke, her bovine ears flicking excitedly as you produce bits.
"And just enough for five! One of each? Payment in full, excellent!"
>Kitari turns her head toward the direction of the train depot down below, and notices your sudden sense of urgency and takes no time for her to realize you are needed elsewhere.
>The Hedgemony fletcher offers a large hand to the arrows for you to take, while she collects her fee and nods in understanding.
"I will not keep you, Lucius. Onto your next adventure!"
>Despite not buying anything, Kenny approaches and gives a curt bow to Kitari who nods back.
"Thank you for your merchandise. We are most grateful!"
"As am I! May your blades cut deep and you arrows hit their marks!"

>Concluding your purchase, you and Kenny direct your attention back to the main gate from whence you started from.
>He takes a short lead ahead of you, setting a steady pace out of the open-air market.
"Fine arrows there Lucius. Hope they are useful for the job ahead."
>Catching the glass-like gates in view, you and your samurai companion spot Jim with who you assume to be Jan and the burro previously mentioned already finishing passing through the entrance.
"It appears the rest of our party are on the move back to the train."
R: 20 / F: 7 / P: 5
Jew Junior Takes Over Soros Empire
R: 50 / F: 37 / P: 6
Unabomber Ted Kaczynski found dead in US prison cell
Unabomber Ted Kaczynski found dead in US prison cell

Press F to pay respect.

Post all your Waco and OKC bombing content.
R: 369 / F: 1115 / P: 6
Post cute poners
no lewd, no non pones, no ugly pones or bad art

Take it as a challenge to this board's abilities that this thread is completely filled up by the cutest pictures of ponies
R: 87 / F: 133 / P: 6
Homeland invasions - A closer look on what's going on
Post invasions stuff, and specially related to White-Genocide.
R: 9 / F: 12 / P: 6
“Never forget that England forced this war on us”
How many people here know the truth about why WW2 was declared?
Here's a very brief (as brief as I could make it) explanation:
We all know the "stab in the back" jew meme: that started in 1918 after jewish-German citizens did everything they could to sabotage Germany's war efforts using sedition and treason to politically and economically undermine Germany from within during WW1.
German Christians were terrified those same jews (Jewish German Communist Party KPD) would attempt to recreate the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution (that resulted in the mass murder of 20 million Christian civilians in the Soviet Union) but this time in Germany.
The (((KPD))) created Antifa in 1930 and attempted a communist coup against the legitimate German government in 1933. If you Google "German communist coup 1933" you will be fed the false narrative of the "Reichstag fire" in the hope you won't research any further and learn the truth. Do a search for "the dancing israelis" and Google will show you this image from 1972.
The 1933 jew-coup failed because German Christians knew what the jews were planning because of the blatant false narratives their jew controlled mainstream news media were pushing: this is why Hitler rose to power - because the German people elected him to stop a successful communist jew-coup which would have resulted in Germany's treasury being looted and the Christian population being enslaved and starved to death.
Hitler rounded up everyone involved in the (((KPD))) coup attempt, tried them and those found guilty of treason were sentenced to serve time in prison.
This is who the "papers please" German checkpoints were looking for. They weren't looking for innocent little darling jewish girls in red dresses. They were looking for treasonous communist criminals who participated in the 1933 coup attempt.
So many jews were found guilty of treason that WW1 prison camps were refurbished to house them all.
The World Conference of Jews (jewish leaders from all over the world) were outraged that the jew-coup failed and even more outraged that the criminals were facing justice... so Samuel Untermyer (Chair of the World Conference of Jews) called an emergency meeting in July 1933 in Amsterdam.
The WCJ agreed to give Germany an ultimatum: surrender to the WCJ, remove Hitler from power and release every communist criminal jew who was incarcerated for treason. Also allow all of those jews to resume their government jobs at full pay or judaism would declare a holy war against Germany.
Hitler said, "Nein!".
Untermyer returned to America to give this historic radio broadcast where he declared a world-wide jewish holy war against Germany. Untermyer lied about jews being crucified in the streets of Berlin and demanded the world cease all trade with Germany in an attempt to starve the German people into submitting to jewish communist rule.
This is why the German Government banned jews from owning guns in 1938 and forced the yellow star on all jews over the age of six years - because German Christians demanded to know which citizens were jews who may be participating in their holy war to murder and enslave German Christians.
This was the last straw for German Christians who demanded an end to their jewish (((Rothschild))) usury central bank and a reunification with their German brothers and sisters in Austria.
Also see Kristallnacht a.k.a the Night of Broken Glass.
The World Conference of Jews a.k.a the Jew World Order shit themselves twice because they just lost two of their largest usury central banks AND the combined power of reunified Germany posed a terrible risk to their plans to steal everything and enslave everyone.
The jew needed to declare a world war to have goy slaughter each other to protect the Jew World Order's wealth and power... but nobody would fight their Christian brothers and sisters to protect the greed of jewish bankers... so they needed a salable excuse.
The jew decided to force Germany in invade Poland by rounding up every German-Polish citizen, herding them into a town named Danzig and then slowly murdering them.
Hitler was forced to invade Poland and liberate Danzig to free his German brothers and sisters from being murdered.
The jew claimed Hitler had gone mad and was invading everyone because he wanted to take over the world.
WW2 was declared by the ZOG central banker Allied Forces.
Churchill's first act was the war crime of bombing the civilian capital of Berlin to force Hitler to respond in kind. Hitler then bombed London and the jew recruited even more white Christian nations to fight and die for the Jew World Order.
R: 81 / F: 100 / P: 6
ALL niggers are whiny little BABIES.No exceptions
I think we all are ignoring the REAL reason niggers suck. Its not the crime. Its not rap music. Its not their low IQ. Its not even their ugly gorilla women.
Its that every single one of them WITHOUT EXCEPTION are whiny little babes.
It is time to save America. To do this we must be as condescending as possible AT ALL TIMES!
Lets pretend for a moment that a MASSIVE 600 pound she boon just called you "racist"
Do you...
A) apologize?
B) try to politely explain that you are not racist?
C) "Awww does widdly bwaby bwacky need a sippy cup?"
If we all together started to talk like this IN REAL LIFE then eventually people would become desensitized to it and then we WIN!
I don't know what any of you will choose and I don't know if anyone cares what I think but I choose option C.
Because that's what heroes do.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrgpZ0fUixs [Embed]
R: 41 / F: 31 / P: 6
On National Socialism
As you may already know. The White Aesthetics thread witnessed yet another chapter of the endless NatSoc v. AnCap[maybe?] debate.
I believe a proper thread is required to follow through with it. This is quite the classic discussion, so let's see if this helps the site to look a bit more like a /pol/sphere imageboard. As opposed to a news pastebin and a shitty meme dumping ground.
R: 18 / F: 17 / P: 6
Niger coup threatens to spill on Africa
The coup in Niger follows coups in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea. Each of these was led by military officers angered by the presence of French and US troops and by economic crises inflicted on their countries
At 3 a.m. on July 26, 2023, the presidential guard detained President Mohamed Bazoum in Niamey, the capital of Niger. Troops, led by Brigadier General Abdourahmane Tchiani closed the country’s borders and declared a curfew. The coup d’état was immediately condemned by the Economic Community of West African States, by the African Union, and by the European Union. Both France and the United States—which have military bases in Niger—said that they were watching the situation closely. A tussle between the Army—which claimed to be pro-Bazoum—and the presidential guard threatened the capital, but it soon fizzled out. On July 27, General Abdou Sidikou Issa of the army released a statement saying that he would accept the situation to “avoid a deadly confrontation between the different forces which… could cause a bloodbath.” Brigadier General Tchiani went on television on July 28 to announce that he was the new president of the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (Conseil National pour la Sauvegarde de la Patrie or CNSP).
R: 114 / F: 23 / P: 6
Post based nazi propaganda
Post classic whitepills and jew naming.

This sort of thing: https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/lustige.htm

Pic unrelated.
R: 195 / F: 167 / P: 6
Financial System Collapse
Last Friday the federal government had to seize Silicon Valley Bank – this was the biggest bank failure since 2008.
The financial bubble is starting to pop.
R: 15 / F: 34 / P: 6
Rainbow Dash thread
Thread for best pony Rainbow Dash
R: 121 / F: 116 / P: 7
Race Realism
Thread for discussing biological differences between human races and posting articles, images, and videos showing racial differences or refuting egalitarian fallacies. The better sourced and more informative, the better. No shitty facebook memes or retarded off-topic rants.
R: 13 / F: 1 / P: 7
R: 2 / F: 8 / P: 7
John Wick is Real
>At least, the Bowery King element is, if this gentleman’s bizarre experience of chasing down a thief observed committing a smash-and-grab robbery is any guide.
>This sounds a lot less like “organized crime” and a lot more like the “surveillance state” that AC and others have described in action. The idea that 12 people were involved in attempting to cover up a single petty crime may sound far-fetched and fantastic when you read it, but the author’s account comes complete with pictures taken by himself and his colleagues, so there is little reason to doubt that it took place exactly as described.
>A lot of truths are dropping. A lot of facades are falling. A lot of lies are failing. Don’t be surprised at anything anymore.
I dismissed many times the gangstalking reports as not doable IRL, also stories about police having a cut on mayor crime schemes and protection rackets but the above just was too much to ignore. I don't want to agitate the paranoia but this shit is fucking serious.
R: 8 / F: 20 / P: 7
Princess Luna
Luna Thread.
That's right fgts, it's ye boy, 14888nazi69horsefucker420 and this thread has been long overdue, in the name of thy nightly majesty Luna.
My waifu and princess of the moon, as you all know her, is the inherit superior kawaii pony!!!
Feel free to (cum) dump some pics or shit post.
Hopefully no audacious Australians will refute the matter, thus Lunafags can unite in nocturnal naughtiness.
R: 73 / F: 63 / P: 7
Aryanne Feeding thread
She's wanting some tasty meals.
Greens, news stories, art, shitposts, humor, happenings, shovelware, music and more.
I'm sure boops would be satisfying for her as well as traditional /pol/ or /mlp/ fare.
The Uber Mare is ready for a gourmet experience as well as two bit snacks.
R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 7
What if Whites are the real Israelites, and today's "Jews" are just khazarian turkroaches with 10% DNA in common with nigs?
The Bible claims that the ancient israelites mentioned in the bible were white, and that they were not jews and the actual chosen people and that Jesus was sent to their tribes and that they would eventually move to europe and that their tribes' symbols would live on in different coat of arms and other symbols.


There are striking similarities between European heraldry and the iconography of the 12 tribes of Israel.


1 Corinthians 9:19-21

Therefore being free from all, to all I myself have become a bondman, in order that I would gain of the greater profit. 20 And I became to the Judaeans as a Judaean, that I would gain Judaeans; to those subject to law as subject to law, (not being subject to law myself,) that I would gain those subject to law; 21 to those without law as without law, (not being without the law of Yahweh, but keeping within the law of Christ,) that I would gain those without law. (1 Corinthians 9:19-21, Christogenea New Testament: https://christogenea.org/CNT/contents)

Paul is a very learned man, and is saying he can speak to a people as though he was one of them. Who are those without the law? That's the wider Adamic race who are not Israel. The Greek Ionians are the only example that come to mind.

This is an in-depth presentation on the entire epistle. https://christogenea.org/podcasts/1st-corinthians-index
R: 91 / F: 98 / P: 7
False Flag research thread
Saturday, 10th Sep 2022 10:37:36

Monday, 13th Jun 2022 00:01:55
R: 127 / F: 194 / P: 7
The Homosexual Filth Problem
Let's us have a look on this infection and its branching into the mental asylum, pedophilia and satanism.
R: 0 / F: 1 / P: 7
Jews created Islam
Reading about the history of the criticism of Islam, I stumbled upon a book that makes a fascinating claim.

According to the 1977 book "Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World", which bases it's historical method solely on analyzing Christian and Zoroastrian documents, Islam didn't spring out of pagan Arabia but instead was a Jewish messianic movement used to reclaim Jerusalem.

>They depict a 7th-century Arab conquest of Byzantine and Persian lands that is not yet "Islamic".[57] Various sources the conquered people (Greek Magaritai, Syriac Mahgre or Mahgraye) call their conquerors "Hagarenes" rather than Muslims. Instead of being inspired to conquest by a new prophet, holy book and religion, the Arabs are described as being in alliance with the Jews, following a Jewish messianism to reclaim the Promised Land from the Byzantine Empire. The Qur'an came later (according to the authors) as a product of 8th-century edits of various materials drawn from a variety of Judeo-Christian and Middle-Eastern sources while Muhammad was the herald of Umar "the redeemer", a Judaic messiah.[58]


In other words Islam was a fake and gay jewish movement, almost identical to modern day ISIS, used to attack the normies of the time, Christians and Zoroastrians. Of course the book is roundly criticized by modern jewish scholars, but couldn't that be because the authors exposed (((them)))?

Pic unrelated
R: 6 / F: 2 / P: 7
Kiwi Farms is Down Again
KF has allegedly been taken back offline by troons again.
It's deeply concerning that they've managed to keep them offline.
Who's next? Will the Legion of Troon keep fucking up any site that dares to document their degeneracy?
Old thread:>>>351390
R: 17 / F: 9 / P: 8
Trump Indictment
Trump has been indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

>FULL STATEMENT: Special Counsel Jack Smith announces new charges against Trump

>Trump charged in US special counsel probe in efforts to overturn 2020 election

>Donald Trump was indicted on Tuesday for his wide-ranging efforts to overturn the 2020 election, the third time in four months that the former U.S. president has been criminally charged even as he campaigns to regain the presidency next year.
>The four-count indictment alleges Trump conspired to defraud the U.S. by preventing Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's victory and to deprive voters of their right to a fair election.

>Trump was ordered to make an initial appearance in Washington federal court on Thursday.

>In the 45-page court document, prosecutors allege a coordinated conspiracy across multiple states, in which Trump and his allies advanced claims of fraud they knew to be untrue in a desperate attempt to undermine American democracy and cling to power.

>In a brief statement to reporters, Smith placed the blame for the Jan. 6 attack squarely on Trump's shoulders.
>"The attack on our nation's capitol on Jan. 6th, 2021, was an unprecedented assault on the seat of American democracy. As described in the indictment, it was fueled by lies - lies by the defendant, targeted at obstructing the bedrock function of the U.S. government," Smith said.
R: 241 / F: 61 / P: 8
#Operators in Equestria: The Dark Horse Arrives
>If you would like to join, make a sensible loadout here at:
>And if you want to bring in something special or anything not on the list, ask to shop it in.

>When you're done, read over the Operator's Handbook:

>Or the Hoofbook if you wanna be a pony:

>Then drop a post here.

>Fortress Map:

>Overall Pastebin:

>Bulletin Board:

>Previous Thread:
R: 7 / F: 1 / P: 8
Due to previous week's edition's success another anon movie night! Anons from all imageboards and other tiny corners of the internet are invited to watch the Japanese action adventure drama movie Battle Royale (2000). Suggested by an anon who was in the CyTube room last week.
>In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill one another under the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act.

No account needed to watch or chat, no weird (Google) extensions needed. Just enter a name and chat along with your fellow movie watching bros!
Movie is ~2 hours long and has hardcoded English subtitles. Movie night starts at 8 PM Eastern USA time / 2 AM Europe time (a little less than 2 hours from the time of this post). Be there!

R: 26 / F: 15 / P: 8
Supreme Court Rules Against Race-Based College Admissions
Just like the title says. Here are some excerpts a boomer news site:
>Supreme Court: Racial Preferences Unconstitutional in College Admissions
>WASHINGTON, DC — Racial preferences in college admissions violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, the Supreme Court decided Thursday in a historic decision with profound implications for racial preferences in many areas of law and public policy.
>The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment commands that no state shall “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” The Supreme Court has always acknowledged that the central promise of the Equal Protection Clause is to forbid laws and public policies that discriminate on the basis of race.
>The Supreme Court held 6-3 that UNC’s policy is unconstitutional and held the same regarding Harvard’s policy by a 6-2 vote. (Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson recused herself from the Harvard case.) Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion, joined by all the conservative and moderate justices.


Expect tons of hilarious salt on reddit and twitter.

I'm sure colleges will probably try to find ways to circumvent this ruling to continue their anti-white discrimination, but maybe we'll see some great lawsuits in the meantime.
R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 8
On Legal, Local Action
I was recently on jury duty, and it gave me a lot of thoughts I've discussed with family and some of my fellow anons in private. I'd like to branch it out into a thread of local community-centered acts you can take, and the implications thereof. Something, anything to keep this place from being some horrific combination of one political lolcow's BBS and Google Drive folder.
In case I've ruffled your feathers, Boom Boom, here's a genuine, personal note for you:
It's easy to despair when you stare at the news and make wojaks all day, even when the news outlet seems to be based to some extent. If the anon in other thread was you, which I suspect strongly, then that means you're stuck in the same shithole of a stateas I am, and you see the same bad news every other day. But there is always something that can be done, although very few of these things you can do actually have an immediate and tangible result you can trace back to yourself. The first rule of participating in civilization is to come to terms with your own mortality, and accept that you might not bear witness to the world you want to see. Without pulling some Rothschild shit, you won't see the changes you want universally implemented, because without the backing of the entire financial system across the entire western world, you cannot expect everyone to blindly follow your lead. Which makes this an uphill battle which will often be difficult. The best you can do is to do what you can now, often without any fanfare or credit to take. I know that hurts your ego but if you believe in the existence of your people and a future for white children, you will have to accept that.

In no particular order here are the actions I have in mind which any one of you may be able to engage in:

>jury duty
This one will take a brief explanation, and it's the big reason I made this thread to begin with. At least here in America, the law is predicated on case law, meaning any Jew can browbeat someone into submission. It is true that winning the court case is only part of the battle, but it is the part which future cases can draw on, and use the precedent to enshrine things into law or at least make it de facto the law in that area/field of law. When you're summoned for jury duty, if enough based and redpilled individuals simply drop out because they can't be assed, and not because their financial situation is at stake or their family genuinely needs them at home, that means more people with nothing better to do with their week are going to fill the jury box. This means more minorities, more welfare queens, and more Soros-funded political agitators who will more likely than not vote tribally or pick the option that sounds the most politically correct to them.
Another aspect to jury duty is the somewhat niche but still important to remember verdict known as "Jury Nullification." CGP Grey made a good video about the topic, though I highly doubt that you'll be at risk as long as you only bring it up in the jury deliberations and only when the defense is acting in accordance with the values you most strongly believe in such as self defense.
TL;DR, if the defendant is technically guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but the jury can agree that he doesn't deserve punishment, they can invoke nullification on the case. This is possible only because of two laws: one states that jury members cannot be held liable for wrong judgments, and the other states that once found not guilty, a defendant cannot have charges pressed on him for the same incident again. Hopefully you can see how important this would be for fighting against things such as cases of self defense or small-scale brawls that are unjustly prosecuted as hate crimes. It means more lawyers will have to stop treating it so lightly they can tack it onto any violent crime without a care, and there will be less cases in which the defense's attorney has to cede that point.

>churches, community centers, other volunteer work
I'm sure this won't be controversial to religious anons, but for others among you, consider that the vast majority of communities are religious in the US. Small communities are especially influenced by their church as a central pillar, and even in bigger cities the religious are still at least in the plurality, if not the majority. These people are strongly kept together by their religious institutions, whether or not they are right. You don't even have to agree with their denomination, as long as you are respectful and willing to let go of any disagreements, and act amicably with others. Often that's all the people there are looking for, is a little grace and the ability to set aside your differences and treat your neighbor as your brother. These churches also engage in outreach, often to spread their beliefs to others but even more often to do things such as construct and maintain parks, pick up litter, and aid the homeless. Charity and volunteer work is shown by data to be far more effective in getting the homeless off the streets than any level of government aid, and these churches may turn known addicts away as a means of getting them to go clean, meaning there is gentle social pressure to become sober.

>exercise, martial arts, gun training/licensing, lifting
This is obvious, but if this thread gets enough retention and discussion I may elaborate, and we could even potentially organize meaningful /ub/ activity, such as gym meets and hiking trips. Perhaps we could even make camping/hiking into its own additional activity, as many men's clubs do. Speaking of which,
>men's clubs
Not only a given for improvement, but also for networking with others who are often motivated politically and socially.

What other means of action would you like to share, poners? We may not all be able to become cops, for a multitude of reasons, but there are other things we can do or encourage each other to do, and unlike some, I do want to see communities and towns get better
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Is 4Dimensional Political chess a meme ?
if contrary what do you suppose would be considered very well articulated plays on the world chess board ?
R: 5 / F: 4 / P: 8
Need help for a new (parody) song, but it's about the board itself [META]
Heya /mlpol/, seeing how the Horse-Wessel Lied (as in /mlpol/'s version of the Nazi anthem) seemed like such a hit, I was feeling particularly inspired and wondered if I could get some lyrical help for a song about the board itself? Particularly its history and perhaps as a way to reflect where we came from and how we feel about our mother (/mlp/) and father (/pol/) boards; a sort of origin story told through song.

I figured it fitting that we could do a parody of "Lullaby for a Princess", partly because of its dramatic flair, but partly because I feel like it fits with our rocky origins and our feelings of mental anguish at the Zeitgeist.
For those unfamiliar with the song and its variants, they can be found here:
https://youtu.be/iq8buo-D3nA | https://youtu.be/srBVXswpPfM | https://youtu.be/8K3cm2ooYkM

The story in the song is meant to go in this fashion:
>/mlpol/-tan (I've given him the name "Emile-Paul" as his human name, if that's alright with anyone?) is saddened by how he can no longer recognise his parents, and how their love for him has become nothing but resentment and hatred. He says that he is still their son, but that he will become their betters; either wanting to do them proud, or prove that he is not as shitty as they both had become.
>He recalls how when /mlpol/ was just born, and how the Mods sent him to die, both /mlp/ and /pol/ (a la these comics: https://mlpol.net/mlpol/archive/37804) did everything they could to bring their beloved son back.
>Yet somewhere along the line, the love between the two parents grew cold; animosity took over them both as if they both had never met, with little understanding as to why. The mother considered her son a "joke", and the father a "mistake".
>Years pass. Emile-Paul feels that he stands alone. He wishes that he'll survive this anti-white jive. He still loves and misses his parents, though acknowledges that they don't feel the same way back.
>/mlpol makes a final declaration:
<I've come to the sobering conclusion that I can no longer call them my parents, even though I was born from them.
<I will build a new Equestria on Earth, securing the existence of my people and a future for my race and ponykind
<And my parents shall rue the day they abandoned me

We may not need to follow it to-the-letter, but something in the spirit of it should hopefully be present for the song. Of course, if the thread suggests otherwise, we may make some adjustments.
Here's what I've got for the lyrics so far (with syllable counts), the parts in green are the ones that I feel are 'complete', but everything else needs new lyrics:

>Mother was cruel and Father unkind [10]
>How could they | have turned me | away? [8]
I sit here and gaze | the punishment, mine [10]
The harmony silent, today [8]
>But here in my prison, am I still your/their son? [11]
>(You)r/Their voices, my company kept [8]
Yet these pony eyes | see past Jewish lies [10]
In exile, how deeply I’ve wept [8]

[Verse 1]
>Once did the mods, who on April the 1st [10]
Looked out over 4chan and sighed [8]
They laughed and said, "Surely, much keks will be had [11]
So funny, befitting an admin as I." [11]

And yet in that merger, so brilliant the humor [11]
Yet fate played the chaos he cast [8]
Which swept up at dawn the young parents I loved [11]
And forced them together till day and night passed [11]

>Mother of ponies and father of whites [10]
Rest now in moonlight's embrace [8]
Tia, my judgment was not yours to give, [10]
And soon now, we'll both meet our fates. [9]

Carry my anger, O shadows of night, [10]
And carry my sorrow in kind [8]
Mother, your words hurt much more than you know [10]
The time for your judgment is nigh [8]

[Verse 2]
Soon the new lovers took notice what happened [11]
Making one which always was two [8]
As Reddit and botposts all vanished away [11]
I watched as my parents' prosperity grew [11]

But such is the way of the mod, Jew, and janny [13]
To take hold and undo my code [8]
Indifferent anons did nothing but watch [11]
The destruction of I, who was left in the cold [12]

>Mother of ponies and father of whites [10]
Rest now in moonlight's embrace [8]
Tia, my judgment was not yours to give, [10]
And soon now, we'll both meet our fates. [9]

Carry my anger, O shadows of night, [10]
And carry my sorrow in kind [8]
>Father, your words hurt much more than you know [10]
May guilt plague you much for your crime [8]
For the time for your judgment is nigh [9]

Screams of pain are heard as /mlp/ smacks /mlpol/ with a menorah I mean, candelabra, screaming at him that he is not her son.
/mlpol/ cries for mercy as /pol/ drags him onto an operating table, asking him to hold still as he (attempts to) gas the boy.

The years now before us, [6]
dismal and forlorn [5]
I never imagined | I'd face them all my own [12]
May this Kali Yuga | swiftly pass, I pray [11]
I miss you, [3]
I love you, [3]
(I) wish you felt the same (alt: Every single day.) [5]

May all your dreams be sweet tonight [8]
Tucked away behind the floodlights [9]
You know not my sadness, pain, nor care [9]
And as you dream, I'll break away and meet you there [12]

As usual, feedback is appreciated, but I'll be especially waiting to hear what you guys have in stall for lyrical suggestions. Hopefully I'll be able to make a parody song that would do the anons here justice, however few of us were there back then. If there's anything I haven't covered in here, please don't hesitate to ask in the thread as well.
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Boycotting woke corporations
First Bud Light, now Target, corporations that have tried in recent weeks to push transgender ideology on their customers have faced enormous backlash as woke activists demand increasingly more radical genuflections.

The boycotts are starting to take a real toll. Since introducing its line of “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, Target has lost billions of dollars in market cap. Bud Light’s inexplicable choice to partner with Dylan Mulvaney, the biological male whose massive social media presence is devoted to claiming “girlhood,” was such a disaster for the company that it is now struggling to give beer away for free.

For years, woke corporations have been at the forefront of every new innovation in the LGBTQIA2S+ space, plastering their stores with the latest iterations of the increasingly busy pride flag. But until now, they suffered few or no consequences in the marketplace. Many of these companies even waded into the political process and threatened to economically destroy states that had passed legislation deemed too “extreme” by the alphabet mafia.

Before today, conservatives weren’t able to muster much of a response. It wasn’t just one company, it was all of them—or so it seemed. What were those on the Right supposed to do? Boycott everything?

But now the balance has shifted. A few high-profile controversies, and their economic consequences, have suddenly forced every major company to start rethinking their strategies. As it turns out, normal people don’t like the idea of transgender ideology being pushed on their kids while they’re out shopping. And they’re willing to put their money where their mouths are.
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Holohoax Hilarity - ITT we post the funniest holohoax claims from Satan's funniest clowns
>A riveting story told by two-time Auschwitz survivor, Michael Rose, surrounding the infamous swimming pool on the grounds. In this recollection, Rose tells of his harrowing experience being "fished" out of the pristine waters of the pool, along with his sister, daughter, and fellow prisoners.

>"They always had the pool cleaned every day by the inmates. Thousands of gallons had to be drained and refilled by hand to remove the pink shade it would become after the Nazis were finished, what they called, 'lustiges angeln'."

>"Often, on a hot day, they would stock the pool with about 5 or so people. They found it amusing to knock us in when we were unprepared. Most of us didn't know how to swim, but it didn't matter any way, because we'd have our hands bound with twine said to be made out of Jewish flesh and sinew."

>"The first time I was chosen, they grabbed me out of my bed, threw me down, and tied my hands back. I was shocked to see that it was an officer who I had grown fond of. Otto took me to the pool, where I saw 4 others already thrown in, struggling and kicking their legs to stay afloat."

>"I hate to describe this part, because it really shows a level of cruelty never seen on this Earth. The Nazi 'fisherman' would have fishing poles equipped with large, 5 inch hooks. Sometimes they would even bait them with the fingers and toes of other inmates. As those who were thrown into the pool quickly started drowning, the only way for them to get out would be to bite down on the hook and allow themselves to be reeled in just like a fish."

>"Many perished during this game simply because they were too heavy for the Nazis to pull out. Fortunately, I have strong kicking legs and lungs. I made it out of the pool twice. The second time I had to spit out what I think was a toe, as they unhooked me from the line. Despite the large punctures and tears from the hooks, my face healed completely."

>"My sister wasn't so lucky. Poor Emma, she refused to bite the hook baited with her husband's ring finger. It was a terrible sight, watching her kicking become weaker and weaker. Her death was fast, her legs suddenly stopping - and she swiftly sank to the bottom of the pool. They didn't retrieve her body for 6 days."

Rose ends his retelling here.
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Tonight anons from a whole bunch of different imageboards and tiny little corners of the internet are invited to watch the war drama movie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983, 7.2 on IMDb). Starring David Bowie.
You all you know the theme song but you've never actually watched the movie. That changes tonight.
"During WWII, a British colonel tries to bridge the cultural divides between a British POW and the Japanese camp commander in order to avoid bloodshed."
No account needed to join or chat, no weird (Google) extensions needed. Just enter a name and chat along with your fellow movie bros!

Movie is 2 hours long and has hardcoded English subtitles. Movie night starts at 8 PM Eastern USA time / 2 AM Europe time (a little less than 2 hours from the time of this post). Be there!

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Total Zigger death
Kill ziggers. Behead ziggers. Roundhouse kick a zigger into the forest floor. Slam dunk a zigger foal into the trashcan. Crucify filthy zeebs. Defecate in a ziggers hay. Celestia launch ziggers into the sun. Stir fry ziggers in a wok. Toss ziggers into active volcanoes. Urinate into a ziggers mud hut. Magic throw ziggers into a wood chipper. Twist ziggers hooves off. Report ziggers to the royal guard. Karate chop ziggers in half. Curb stomp pregnant striped ziggers. Trap ziggers in the Everfree. Crush ziggers under the Friendship Express. Liquefy ziggers in a vat of acid. Eat ziggers. Dissect ziggers. Exterminate ziggers in the gas chamber. Stomp zigger skulls with steel horseshoes. Cremate ziggers in the oven. Lobotomize ziggers. Mandatory abortions for ziggers. Grind zigger fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown ziggers in hayburger grease. Vaporize ziggers with a magic spell. Kick old ziggers from the cliffs of Canterlot. Feed ziggers to Fluttershy's pets. Slice ziggers with a katana.
R: 6 / F: 5 / P: 9
looking for the version of this recolored to be princess luna. I used to have it, surely someone still does. thanks in advance.
R: 123 / F: 85 / P: 9
Tucker Carlson ousted from Fox
Well, this thread is coming a bit late. Let us see who it goes.
R: 65 / F: 17 / P: 9
Horsefucker Map Meetup revival edition
It's been awhile since a map of anons still around looking to meet some new friends. Sign up and add your pin here.

Old 2018 map

>Go to /soc/ fag
No pone posts allowed on /soc/

For fun

this thread is being revived from /mlp/ since the jannies delete it.
R: 119 / F: 75 / P: 9
The Garbage Can - Thread #6 - Cheeky Edition
The old thread >>331085 hit the bump limit.
Same as before: ITT post anything off-topic that doesn't need its own thread.
R: 16 / F: 3 / P: 9
Would the World be Better off Without Slavs?
Both Russia and the Ukraine are Slavic countries, and they threaten the world with WWIII. The Balkans are Slavic and were a huge pain in the world's ass in the 1990s. The Soviet bloc of the cold war was majority Slavic. It seems as though the Slavs are white niggers who cause problems wherever they are found.
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Was Kathleen Kennedy a scapegoat?
So, after driving Disney to bankrupty, destroying Star Wars and finally Indiana Jones, Kathleen Kennedy was finally fired.

I'm not saying I'm not happy to see her go, but I'm starting to feel like she was just a scapegoat. She started off simply serving coffee to Hollywood big shots, then suddenly rose to become the figurehead of Disney's cultural destruction. And she stayed at that position, despite failure after failure, only to be fired PRECISELY after the last franchise left had been destroyed.

Mick Gordon was offered a six-digit sum to take the blame for Doom Eternal's soundtrack fiasco. Now imagine how cheaply you could hire a coffee girl to take the blame on behalf of the Disney corporation.
R: 13 / F: 14 / P: 9
Happy 4th of July, poners. Just watched the fireworks, after being coaxed into it. And I was surprised to see that they were pretty alright. Not mind-blowing, but good.
What do you guys think is the most interesting thing about the US? Something you are thankful for? I'll start: I think it's really cool that two thousand years after the Romans, we cared so deeply for their philosophy and iconic figures that we considered George Washington to be our humble leader in the same vein as Cincinnatus, enough to name the town of Cincinnati after him and mythologize Washington with imagery reminiscent of Rome.
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When I'm a billionaire I will create my own nation.

>The citizens
Currently the technology is available to scan people's brains and estimate their level of compassion. All citizens must be in the top 1/4 most compassionate (this should weed out niggers and normies). After we get the initial settlers, we will clone them if they want children (we can't risk their recessive genes coming out).

>The way of life
A 12 year old KHHV wife, food, water, shelter (basically a hotel room), a computer. This is provided you work.

>The legal system
There will be one page of laws, detailing that you cannot commit violence or adultery. You are exported out of the country if you commit a crime, and if its a serious crime, you'll be tortured via torture drugs, if we can invent them, electrocution if we can't. There will be cameras everyone to catch violent people.

>The location
Probably some African country. On 8/pol/ they decided Namibia, but I looked into it, and land in Namibia is a lot more expensive than in some other countries.
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Vatnik Delusions
There's one thing I never understood about vatniks, especially in the west, they have a fixation on Wagner PMC being 'le based and redpilled' fascist group, but Prigo is confirmed to be Jewish.

They hail Putin as the superhero of the west, but he's a half Jew that loves to appeal to Moscow commies and is former KGB, not to mention his extensive associations with the WEF and Klaus Schwab, or the 'incident' he had with 5/yo Nikita Konkin.

Why would anyone in their right mind prop up a commie loving half Jew or a PMC that's lead by a Jew as 'saviors of the white race'? It makes no sense.

>BUH MUH JEWKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, Ukraine is run by a Jew, the Azov Battalion is funded by Israel - but none of this changes the fact that the Wagner PMC is lead by a Jew and that Putin is a communist half Jew; Putin isn't the 'savior of the white race, The Wagner PMC isn't a 'based and redpilled' fascist military. Supporting the 'lesser of two evils' is still supporting evil. There is no excuse for supporting either side of ZOG's armies.

Putin in the KGB

Putin lamenting the death of the USSR

Putin expressing his sympathy for communist ideas

The Nikita Konkin incident

Putin accused of pedophilia

Putin meeting with Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab praising Putin

Putin speaking at the WEF in 2021
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(((Heavenly Jerusalem Project))) and War in Ukraine
It looks like the hebrews are looking to seize Ukrainian land to start Khazaria 2.0.

After watching the below interview, all the pieces fall into place and it is impossible not to notice that the war in Ukraine is about depopulation and forced migration to vacate the land for the kikes. 36 million ukrainians must die or flee.

>Jews in Palestine has been in conflict almost since their arrival. So far, thanks to the support of the United States, they have emerged on top of the arabs. Today the situation is more complex. Western societies no longer look uncritically at Israel. There is growing resentment due to the almost apartheid policy of the Arabs, the destruction of their homes and the taking of land for Jewish settlement. Additionally, radicalism is growing in all Arab states. With almost 9 million people, Israel is surrounded by over 100 million angry neighbors.

>Moreover, for a long time there has been a theory that in 10 years time there will be no Israel.

>This theory has been functioning for many years in the circles of analysts, experts and also politicians. One of the first to introduce this theory was Henry Kissinger who in 2012 stated that in 10 years there would be no Israel.

>This caused the search for a new land to steal. Over 1000 years ago, the Khazar state existed on Ukrainian territory, the only state where rabbinical Judaism was the official religion. Jews from all over the medieval world flocked to the Khazarian rabbinate until the tenth century, when the State collapsed. And it is to this land that the originators of the Heavenly Jerusalem project want to take. Today it is the Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporovsky, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa oblasts - almost a quarter of Ukraine.

>The Heavenly Jerusalem project is endorsed by the mysterious figure of Ukrainian politics, Igor Berkut. Former Soviet soldier, commander of reconnaissance in Afghanistan. After a mysterious scholarship in the United States, he co-owned a Kazakh bank, which he sold to the Russians. Founder of the insignificant party "Great Ukraine". The owner of a Ukrainian, Israeli, Kazakh and most likely Russian passport.

>And it is he who presents new revelations. About himself in a 2017 TV interview (around 0:25) he says the following:

>“I just got back from Israel and it was my sixth visit. It turned out brilliant. I have lectured at several universities, in particular in Haifa, in Jerusalem. I was on television. Israel has many problems. One of the main ones is the territory. Of which 60 percent it's a desert. Cities are overcrowded. Very hot climate. There are also serious environmental problems. Israel is lagging behind in cleansing the country. The next problem is the state's environment. 8.5 million Jews live in Israel. And there are 100 million Arabs around Israel. This situation could lead to aggression against Israel. Growing problems make us reflect on the future of this country. This mainly affects the young generation of Jews. They don't see a good perspective. Therefore, in order to develop normally, Israel must find another territory for itself for 200-300 years. It was one of the purposes of my visit to this country […]. This is where the concept of "Heavenly Jerusalem" or "New Jerusalem" comes in. According to my knowledge, this "Heavenly Jerusalem" is located in the south of Ukraine and includes five provinces: Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv [...]. In these lands, a New Jerusalem will be established, which will allow the development of the entire nation of Israel. But it is not everything. Jews from all over the world, the largest banking houses and transnational corporations, will collect their intellectual riches, technologies and hand them over to New Jerusalem. And this New Jerusalem will begin to develop dynamically. And so quickly that European countries will become an ordinary province for it […].”

>It is worth adding that Igor Berkut (around 20:00) claims that 183 Jews from Haifa arrived in Ukraine in January 2017, and as Berkut continues, the first cornerstone for the foundation of the "Heavenly Jerusalem" was laid on the fertile Ukrainian soil. ". This founding group also started preparations for the accepting of the first 100,000 Jews from Israel. And by the end of 2022, the organizers plan to bring 6 million Jews from Israel and over 12 million from Russia, the USA and European Union countries to New Jerusalem. In another statement, Berkut adds: - The government of New Jerusalem - when it is officially proclaimed after the adoption of the law on the decentralization of Ukraine - will be entrusted to the Council of Protectors, consisting of 12 leaders.

>Igor Berkut in another television statement, when answering the question of how the Ukrainians themselves will react to it, he answered more or less like this: “Who can oppose such a program? President of Ukraine, a Jew? Prime Minister, Jew? Or maybe the richest citizens of this country, the oligarchs, also Jews?"

Igor Berkut interview (in Russian, no subtitles):

Same interview with English subtitles:
>It seems like the Jewish population is looking for a new homeland

>Igor Berkut about today’s state of Ukraine - ENG SUBS
R: 706 / F: 510 / P: 10
Ukraine invasion - thread #7
Last bread >>344163 hit the bump limit.
Post Ukrainian butthurt here.
R: 22 / F: 19 / P: 10
Equestrian Cosmic Mysteries: Patterns of the Night
After hearing the phrase about time in Equestria being measured in moons, I decided to go through and study some of the lunar cycles in the show. Little did I know that I would soon become even more schizophrenic than before, literally seeing stars. Before I thought it was a visual touch, but now I can't be certain of a grand conspiracy that remains dormant under the fabric of the show. This thread will log every appearance of the moon I found, which was my primary idea for the thread, but will also include oddities such as notable symbols and anomalies that exist. I won't point out every single moon and star symbol or icon in the show, as there are too many. If you found something I missed, please post and feel free to comment on how insane I have become.

Though the moon will be primary, the working theory I will build towards will have more to do with the stars. I will give details and my best idea of what this means, but I was unable to discover any direct explanation in the show. Is this all just overthinking small details, or was there a secret backdrop to the show that was never fully realized?

We begin with the first introduction to the moon. Along with the sun, the moon is the one of the first things we learn about the workings of the world of Equestria. It is in this foundational starting point that it is tempting to overlook the beginning of the show. After all, we have the idea firmly in our heads. Celestia controls the sun. Luna controls the moon. Nothing more to know. Well, if it were that simple, I would have given up on this thread idea.

Referring to image 2, we see Luna not only raising the moon, but moving some stars. A quick study of the actual animation will show that only a select few stars are actually moving, which are the larger ones at the top of the image, three connected ones and a shooting star. The rest of the stars fade in as the moon is raised, which is consistent with the show. All of this to say that already there are elements to the night sky that are not well known to the average viewer. But perhaps these are decorations, meaningless filler to add to the scene to give the art the correct feeling.

The third and fourth images go together as the Elements of Harmony are introduced. Upon closer inspection, the Elements are in a form that I was not able to find elsewhere in the show. They are always depicted in the form shown in image 5, unified in shape. Another interesting tidbit is that a green element is shown that is a strange placeholder which is supposed to be where the purple Generosity element is to then give way for the element of Magic, which is always depicted in the special form of Twilight's star cutiemark. Perhaps the show intended for a seventh element, but it might have been an early revision of the design. There is too little evidence to know if there was ever to be a use for a green element, as it doesn't seem to work well for any of the main pony color schemes.

Regardless, referring back to image three, the stained-glass choice for this scene is also interesting. To the left, we see what appears to be three orbs with crosses, indicating shining stars. They are positioned alongside what appears to be a moon. Underneath them is something shining through what looks like clouds. You can get a better look at this in image 4 as there is a sea present below the shining object. I assume this to be the sun, but you never know if towards the end of the show the artists might signal something completely different, revealing precisely what the object is...

Next up is the center glass and it depicts another glowing thing that has many objects orbiting it and that are orbiting other objects. It is safe to assume they are planets as there is even a ringed planet. This glowing thing appears to be the sun. I haven't seen anything contrary to this throughout the show, unlike the first window, so I think I am safe in that assumption. Image 4 is hard to make out as the Elements are positioned directly in front, but a clearer image will be provided later.

The last glass depicts what appears to be phases of the moon with four stars and a large glowing object with lines forming crosses, which tells me another star, only closer than the others. Another interesting detail is that the full moon has curves on it. It is unclear if this depicts a face, as the moon is never shown as having a face, only a mare when Nightmare Moon is trapped. It looks like a face to me, but perhaps it is meant to represent something else. I haven't figured this out. I actually just notice this as I was typing everything out.

Image five reveals one last minor detail, the Elements reside on a star-like object on a field of stars. Perhaps this was the original story of where they came from? Or perhaps this simply communicates the power they possess over the cosmos?

This is part one of many to come. I will go through each finding I have come across. Again, the primary focus I had going into this is the consistency of the moon's portrayal and will be the bulk of updates to the thread, but now I am so invested I will also post interesting things I find in tangent to this goal. Maybe at the end, we will discover a secret or two to the world that perhaps you never thought about.
R: 4 / F: 2 / P: 10
epik domain registar management
Alright, this one is a bit more obscure, I don't know if anything is going to come of it, or if anything will change.
Basically, the Epik domain registar and hosting services is under new management. There is an email floating around to epik customers containing the following

>The past 10 months have been challenging at Epik. We're sorry for any inconveniences and frustrations that some of you may have experienced. The Epik domain platform is now under new ownership and management and moving forward we're committed to providing enhanced services and experiences for all Epik LLC users. To learn more about the transition, please read our press release.
>We're contacting you to provide a service update relating to service expectations in the near future:

> All primary TLD registries are fully funded, ICANN has been made whole, and we are finalizing relationships with a handful of smaller ccTLD registries.
> We're working with ICANN to solve any outstanding issues.
> Our support team is up and running and working through a large volume of existing inquiries. We're answering emails in 1 to 2 business days. >We're answering nearly all calls in real time. Overnight chat support will be back online next week.
> In-store-credit can be spent in the online account.
> We are making some large changes to the websites, our client account, and the admin portal. As a result, some things may not work as expected. >For example, Daily Diamond deals and NameLiquidate are currently under maintenance.
> The new Epik support team is here to help! If you tried to contact us before June 5th and you have an urgent matter, we ask that you reach out again.

>If you're having troubles with any part of the system, please reach out to our support team. We are committed to solving your problems! We appreciate your patience as we strive to provide an excellent domain experience.
>Epik LLC
The mentioned press release is the following https://www.epik.com/about/pressreleases/epik-llc-completes-transfer-of-epik.com-from-epik-holdings-inc
>Epik LLC has acquired and transferred Epik.com and the associated domain management platform from Epik Holdings Inc.

>Epik Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2009 by current Chairman Robert Monster, whose tireless efforts built Epik.com into one of the world's most recognizable domain registrars, best known for its commitment to free speech and privacy. Monster invested aggressively to build one the industry’s leading domain management platforms with a worldwide customer footprint and a reputation for legendary support.

>In September 2022, Monster brought on a seasoned CEO, Brian Royce, to protect the interests of Epik stakeholders. Royce focused on tactical efforts to pivot Epik.com into a scalable and process-driven company. Epik Holdings Inc. was able to reduce costs and avoid bankruptcy on the way to securing the sale of the core registrar and hosting businesses to a logical acquirer.

>"It's been one of the biggest challenges and successes in my career so far to have saved Epik from financial collapse," said Royce. "I got to know so many amazing people who were gracious enough to stick and work with us."

>Epik LLC will focus on the core features of Epik.com's domain management platform and help solve web problems for Epik clients. By focusing on providing exceptional value, Epik LLC will become the obvious choice for anyone trying to register and maintain their domains assets and digital intellectual property.

>As part of the transaction, Mr. Monster will return as CEO and majority shareholder of Epik Holdings Inc. The company plans to continue development of resilient infrastructure for digital empowerment with an initial emphasis on empowering the emerging parallel economy”. Epik Holdings Inc will change it's name to Kingdom Ventures to avoid confusion, and develop key properties like Masterbucks, Amplify, Bitmitigate, and other vital services needed for digital empowerment.

>“After a season of chaos, an orderly transition for the Epik registrar is well under way. The stage is being set for a stronger and more focused Epik. Upon review, the decision to hold the line on lawful free speech came with both blessings and challenges. While we did not always choose the easy path, we did our best”, said Monster.

Epik does a lot of stuff for gab.com, and probably a lot of other people who have concerns about freedom of speech
I did a little digging and found this gab thread that seems to clarify things further

Mostly just sharing for everyone else. Overall it looks like nothing is really changing, but who knows these days.
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Chinese Cancer Plague: Prologue Foreshadowing
>Southern U.S. waterways, Fish and Birds might get the Chink AIDS super cancer.
>That includes people too.
Stay safe everyone.
For safe drinking water consider mare beer! Thick and frothy, yum yum.


You know (((who)))
<China being a fuckwad
>COVID-19 and Fentanyl being the first two
>Third ... something that destroys the testosterone in developing males,
>fourth this
<The Chinese Cancer Plague
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Time to get ready for /pol/eague-7

Starting today!
Get HYP!

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>fluttershy says this to you
what do you do next?
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If you aren't going to follow the rules then I won't. If you aren't going to follow the constitution then I won't. This is why war has come. To destroy your corruption and lies.
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Transhumanism and the Far Right
Why are so many on the right against transhumanism? Shouldn't those of us on the right be for human enhancement? I mean those of us on the right acknowledge the differences in human ability are due to genes, and we acknowledge the need for eugenics to improve the human condition. Why not go the extra mile and use gene editing, pharmacology, and implants to improve ourselves as well?