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File: 1565352347558.png (560.83 KB, 800x412, 1558543900530.png)

1d0d1 No.236167[Reply]

I think its obvious to a certain extent that the jews foster and desire a community to call them out so they can control and character assassinate it. They easily feel its worth the effort to do this so no question that we do them more harm by struggling than not. but they are crafty.

More than the eternal jew though, I think the biggest harm to our cause is our feelings that we ourselves are not jews. Jews are not a religion, they are a race. A race with thick neanderthal blood, blood that all of us have. the features of the jew are that of the eternal villain and trickster. even the good jews are supernaturalized in our mythos across every culture, made into capricious and unpredictable forces of good rather than sane ones. This is no accident, because jews are merely one group of neanderthal-cro magnum hybrids which had breeding practices that resulted in sustained traits from their heritage. This results in their over all behavior but they are not the only ones with jewish blood. Almost all of humanity bares uneven proportion of this curse.

We accepted the converts, fake or not, into our blood, and they sucked it into themselves, becoming day walkers. For that, we where cursed, though we are all cro magnum, the neanderthal defeated long ago the jewishness within us rises up, boils to the surface. fights us to this day. our very genes are at war with one another. And now, the subversive potential has organized itself using tools in such a way as to become an immediate threat to humanity. But it is not arbitrary. It is not "the jews did it lmao" the jews practiced breeding rules that resulted in the intensification of their neanderthal traits rather than the dilution of them. They have features which are not unique to them which are universally recognized in humans as perverse, untrustworthy, and inhuman. goblinoid looks, crooked large noses, pointy ears and heads, stalky looks and mincing capricious characters. From oni to ogres, these beings are found everywhere, and only have come to roost in the shoes of the jews because they exemplify the condition.

ff00c No.236206

File: 1565371290537.jpg (97.63 KB, 948x510, calvin-harris-2017-42-west.jpg)

What the hell are you talking about OP?

21ff1 No.236226

Citations and evidence required for these claims:
>shekelbergs are a race
>shekelbergs have "thick neanderthal blood"
>"neanderthal-cro magnon hybrids"

6a081 No.236229

File: 1565380309544.jpg (39.34 KB, 968x681, neanderthal.jpg)

It's a fairly common /pol/ theory that kikes have more neanderthal in them than humans, based mostly on the fact that reconstructed neanderthal faces do look awful kikey. Here OP is proposing that neanderthal blood is the cause of kike-like behavior, in other words that we all have an "inner jew" so to speak, due to the fact that most people in general have a small amount of neanderthal in them. He's also proposing that every monster of folklore is based, if not explicitly on kikes themselves, then at least on people with higher percentages of neanderthal blood.

21ff1 No.236239

That is a hypothesis, not a theory. A theory has evidence to support the claim.

File: 1565205968056.jpg (154.33 KB, 1280x720, 123468797887.jpg)

a015c No.235634[Reply]

Ah shit, here we go again….

c3d2c No.235651

1 hour and 18 minutes later this thread gets a reply.

95cf9 No.236199

this was actually very funny.

File: 1565319698937.jpg (93.86 KB, 639x551, FOIA.jpg)

cc993 No.236069[Reply]

Proof the FBI scrubbed Fusion GPSs name off the docs given to FISA court and kept using Steele dossier even though they knew it was bunk


6a15a No.236070

No surprises here. The entire fucking government is just corrupt as hell.

cc993 No.236072

File: 1565319975675.jpg (115.16 KB, 750x574, skeptical_twilight_by_brut….jpg)


Yep, no real surprises, just confirmation of what we already suspected.

Thanks to Judicial Watch for finally FOIA'ing this out of the governments corrupt hands!

795a6 No.236077

Only way to make this information count is to get it out to the masses. The Democrats will bury this and pretend nothing wrong happened. But I am glad Judicial Watch finally got some evidence of the wrongdoings of the Obama administration.

cc993 No.236178


The media will spike this story just like the spiked the Springfield Missouri Walmart shooter being stopped by a good guy with a concealed carry weapon story.

You can try normie social media, but they'll just ban you.

a29b7 No.236179

Wish there would be prosecutions, but yes JW is a godsend.
Virginia elections in November will be seen as a national bellwether, and it would be nice to have some top Democrats on trial by then.

File: 1565348218053.jpg (24.95 KB, 390x488, cm.jpg)

ec11b No.236157[Reply]

I started typing this up when it seemed 8chan wasn't too far from coming back, to be posted on 8/pol/, but the overall shift in media tone and the latest actions by the cripple is making this become relevant to free speech imageboards in general so I'm putting this out on some major refuges. Feel free to post it in whatever bunkers you are aware of.

In short the cripple has been part of getting 8han deplatformed and he has spent the last week agitating for deplatforming and has used his inside knowledge to suggest methods to attack servers and services. What is is more in his talks it's no longer just about Jim but his hostility has widened to include 8/pol/ and currently seems to be shifting even further. In short he has completely turned on /pol/acks.

The reason why was revealed in a killstream after the attack at this time code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XOY0RG-eG0#t=44m
Basically Fred has totally embraced judaism, both politically and spiritually, things which have of course both been driven off 8/pol/ onto their own refuge boards. These boards were the only ones he was still visiting and if you knew 8chan you'd be aware thay they've been prevented from gaining any significant influence elsewhere on the site by the /pol/ user base. This is likely what made him simply want /pol/ out of the way; it could not be subverted.

Here are some examples of recent tweets:

Telling Ron /pol/ needs to be SHUT DOWN. Specifically /pol/.
>No Ronald, it's not enough. Shut down /pol/ when it's full of incitements to violence. Force people to find other sites to upload manifestos.

Using his inside knowledge to dig up which services 8chan is dependent on so they can be pressured to deplatform us.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

bef06 No.236161

Fuck hot wheels.

57e93 No.236170

>Fred has totally embraced judaism, both politically and spiritually
I thought he became Protestant.

8f577 No.236171

File: 1565355549808.jpg (71.56 KB, 997x670, DCKu6S8UwAA2_26.jpg)

The evil thing is that the small crippled man knows very well that when (((they))) shut down h8chan they have a blueprint to shut down every other board as well. Not immediatly of course but it won't take too long untill all chans and the first amendmend and the last pieces of the free internet and shit that makes life bearable are gone forever.

File: 1565317034168.png (118.84 KB, 1811x543, 1565302072757.png)

9824d No.236059[Reply]

check the dates…
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

9af99 No.236061

Was there another shooting at El Paso?
Or did they botch the description.

5fee7 No.236063

Looks like someone fucked up.
The campaign has been taken down so it gives greed to it being a real post at one time. But a post made too early.

052c2 No.236110

File: 1565328032717.png (628.07 KB, 834x909, 1565044640171.png)

Welp, just another piece of evidence, nice work tho.

d5f89 No.236112

>click archive
>"Campaign Created 2 days ago"
>Created August 1st
Sandy Hook all over again

9cf1e No.236118

The glow in the darks are at work again.

File: 1565299929166.jpg (54.64 KB, 792x454, Ilhan Omar Incest.jpg)

46f83 No.236010[Reply]

Jul 17, 2019 · President Trump on Wednesday repeated the claim that Rep. Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud by illegally marrying her brother.

6a8b8 No.236019

>Jul 17, 2019
This deserves an entire reserved thread on the main board because…?

at any rate I feel sorry for Omar's brother. finally gets to live out his incest fetish only to realize that his sister is an aesthetically repugnant nigger-sandnigger hybrid from Somalia who needs to go back

eaac5 No.236045

That beast belongs to Africa.

0efa6 No.236099

File: 1565323436067.png (202.01 KB, 400x497, 1563517647689.png)

I would jackoff to the video of this…

File: 1560845188679.png (121.38 KB, 400x500, E5E724B6-6A8B-40EE-9942-BA….png)

151b3 No.226102[Reply]

As with any debate you lose by the structural failure of your position by opposing party’s information. As such is the philosophy of debate. Here we can have intelectual conversation about fundamental behavior and economic impact. I will start. what rights should people not have? There will always be dissenting oppinions. As a clusterfuck as the anon threads are I don’t see any sense in withholding creative response on individual perception when it comes to social development.
24 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6eba8 No.235179

Humans can and should begin enhancing themselves with technology.

74aaa No.235245

Mass casaulty events are good for our cause.

32206 No.236025

Is it okay to work with (((them))) to increase the rotting and breaking down of the system?

e97aa No.236027

What a humdinger of a question.
TLDR: If done wrong it can have catastrophic consequences.

I would say it depends on the plan, and the amount of setup needed to make full use of it, and if it can be successfully done. Also long term consequences need to be considered. The more simple, and more flexible it can be the more useful the plan becomes.

If it works with those I'd still advice being careful.
Things can go wrong fast.

Ideally whatever plan you infiltrate leaves (((them))) worse off in every aspect, but (((they))) believe that it worked and is good for them.
Even better is that if you can also prepare yourself, your friends, and family, your country, and your people too.

Accelerationism itself has both good, and bad parts. Capitalizing on it takes knowing exactly when to proceed, and where with a specific amount of power.

>to increase the rotting

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

6ac9b No.236065

How? Dead randos doesn't fix anything.

File: 1565100506469.jpg (115.89 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

33991 No.235103[Reply]

India has just revoked article 370, which granted Kashmir special privileges and its own constitution. Pakistan is pissed and they are begging Trump to intervene. Expect terror attacks in India in the near future.

cc18a No.235105

Damn, those Hindu nationalists are serious

deb83 No.236041

Is Pakistan gonna shoot down an Indian plane again?

68622 No.236050

Nukes When?

File: 1565218463766.jpeg (138.47 KB, 1382x285, image.jpeg)

fb90e No.235745[Reply]

Reminder to all 8chan rapefugees that rule 9 exists, that is all.

b5cf9 No.236029

The "no-generals" rule is still dumb because we still have general threads like the anon-filly thread. They just exclude the word "general" from their title, but are otherwise no different than any other general thread.

File: 1564159157009-0.gif (181.96 KB, 890x560, Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-07….gif)

File: 1564159157009-1.jpg (63.77 KB, 640x340, UFOs.jpg)

File: 1564159157009-2.jpg (44.83 KB, 640x480, Repulsine.jpg)

File: 1564159157009-3.jpg (77.56 KB, 500x375, Skarabaeus.jpg)

File: 1564159157009-4.png (37.23 KB, 218x207, Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-07….png)

4f025 No.232662[Reply]

after war, all the factorys explode or are empty.
best scientists disappear together with submarines.
now, it dont really exists a group of beings who research, test, discuss and build it!
we need that.
and what place would be better as here! YEAH LETS DO IT

i can only tell what i discover, with some help i am sure we can reach the goal.

from victor schauberger. the engine goes up because of thermodynamics! but is hard to build and the speed of rotate has to be high. eats alot of energy when you want to fly with it long distance.

another methode is to load some plastic and alufoil with High Ampere. High Voltage would work too but its to hard to isolate.
this one needs only energy to start flying, sooo long distance use is perfect.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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266f7 No.233454

File: 1564547803550.jpg (135.26 KB, 700x510, _Die Glocke.jpg)

What is this a Die Glocke Thread?

47bee No.233458

File: 1564551009355-0.mp4 (10.12 MB, 540x360, MAGIC.MOV MUSTA-KRAKISH.mp4)


yes OP, check that

4f025 No.233537

File: 1564596745275-0.gif (3.15 KB, 245x305, LevitateTests.gif)

File: 1564596745275-1.gif (4.35 KB, 270x330, AntigravityPlate.gif)

first image was the experiment i done last years.
materials with this effect ==> Ash, Phosphorus, Rust, Salt;
funny thing is, the effect needs only a loaded coil! when you short circuit it, the effect disappears.

second image is what i plan to build in 2 weeks.
ash mixed with epoxy resin to a plate and under it a fractal antenna.
when it works great, i test a bit around to rotate/move it!

4f025 No.235951

File: 1565288212575.gif (2.61 KB, 500x180, Puls.gif)

i need some quick strong pulses, i think to buy some welding machine. does a welding machine puls the DC or not? i need to know!
or something else that makes THAT frequent!

suffer! muahaha!



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ba966 No.236017

I think a decent TIG welder will give you an option of pulsed DC, but not at very high frequency, maybe 200Hz or so. Not a welder, that's just what I've noticed from watching other people's videos.

A random thought: Could you make coils from bent copper pipes? I saw this mentioned somewhere, where you'd make a regular primary winding, and then put it inside the secondary, which was a pipe in a circular shape. An advantage would be that the magnetic field is contained inside the pipe, and it's supposedly very efficient. Apparently there was a patent issued in Australia in the 1980s or something.
It's only good for things like welding transformers where you want high ampere since you only get one turn of the secondary.

File: 1565286223213.jpg (24.95 KB, 304x333, Q Team.jpg)

e8afb No.235946[Reply]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) suggested in a series of tweets Wednesday evening that people harbor white supremacist views without realizing it, as they are “often subconscious” and remain “dormant” in us.

The freshman lawmaker explained how she views both white supremacy and white supremacists and suggested that many hold these views without realizing it.

“There is a difference between white supremacists & white supremacy. White supremacy is like a virus,” she began.

“Supremacists are those who have been completely overcome by the disease, but supremacy – the virus – exists on a larger scale beyond just the infected. It also lays dormant,” she explained, adding that it is “often subconscious” as well:
3 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c4c72 No.235967

>white supremacy is our nation's original sin
Egalitarianism really is a religion, and a fanatical one at that.

e4adb No.235973

File: 1565294333235.jpg (601.83 KB, 960x2758, ZomboDroid 08082019114035.jpg)


Semi related to ops post…
Tommy Lee of Motley Crue sperging out like an edgy 13 year old faggot…

20199 No.235978

Fucking Jewish White supremacists.


79835 No.235986

He's aware that the president can't actually do all of that, right?

45eb1 No.235990

File: 1565297172847.png (246.8 KB, 544x459, Screenshot_20190719-100238….png)

Tommy Lee is a skinny old faggot and he is so ugly now he looks like Bett Midler.

File: 1565284133172.jpg (175.75 KB, 800x800, 737492.jpg)

1de59 No.235941[Reply]

Alright guys, the other day I was almost discovered by Twilight and her friends and the plan went down the drain.The plan is as follows, we will overthrow the inefficient government of Celestia. The (((Griffin)) convinced Celestia centuries ago that capitalism was a good idea and nowadays Equestria has turned into this multicultural degeneration that I see every day.I already have the support of all the earth ponies, Moondancer and Bonbon are already infiltrated in the government.Chancellor Neighsay is unreliable because she has a fetish for female dragons. Join us today, we need more soldiers in our ranks.

1de59 No.235944

File: 1565285342326.gif (1.74 MB, 480x480, 7347413.gif)

Discord is on our side, but I need a plan in case he betrays us.

ebdbe No.235950

File: 1565287649434.png (355.76 KB, 3000x2634, _Aryanne heiling.png)

Contact Aryanne.

1de59 No.235957

I need her cellphone number.

87c02 No.235965

Neighsay's a chick?

ebdbe No.235969


File: 1563634780317.png (59.75 KB, 1200x857, Illegal Aliens Template.png)

1124e No.231943[Reply]

>Just made this on cripple-chan. Since they're compromised, they might not help, but I think the following would be neat.

This is an opportunity for meme war. I need someone with photoshop ability to turn image rel into a Naruto runner dragging an aylmao, or something to that effect. Why? A banner or poster with that image an the slogan "You wouldn't shoot an illegal immigrant - would you?" is innocuous. Most Americans wouldn't voice the opinion that immigrants should be shot…however, they HAVE voiced the opinion that Americans trying to jump a fence to see their tax dollars at work SHOULD BE. The average post about storming Area 51 is sure to mention that it would be nice to cull the stupid people who show up. We just need to point out that the only stupid people being culled are Americans.

Another slogan or idea could be "I'm just jumping a fence, don't shoot!" and basically play on the open borders meme. Let's see if we can make this Area 51 thing be a cause to ACCELERATE. Either it's a blood bath, and then the story is that the military is only willing to shoot it's own citizens, or the military cucks and lets unarmed people walk all over them, showing the world that they have no balls. Either case is an ACCELERATION that should be capitalized on.
8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

89f37 No.235389

File: 1565164804258.png (219.31 KB, 1090x1100, bait1.png)

Sorry newfag, but this kind of bait is unlikely to work here.

8b355 No.235763

you will excuse me fren because i fail to grasp your point. if i was wrong please do tell just where that was and why? i think you are a kike fag or a cuck. i could be wrong and i wouuld love for you to poke holes in my ideas that i would come up with better ones. SO? …….. where was i wrong?

8b355 No.235765

File: 1565220894818.png (305.07 KB, 1280x752, 1565159753075.png)


be239 No.235875

Can you quote the post you're replying to? Kindly please.

84c30 No.235954

File: 1565288604723.png (188.51 KB, 1202x677, violate_my_NAP_daddysmall.png)

>shooting someone over a geopolitical border
>shooting someone who is threatening my life

File: 1565128251850.jpg (496.87 KB, 1076x1377, Screenshot_20190806-174725….jpg)

593d6 No.235243[Reply]

I created a group on minds.com to help promote /mlpol/
18 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

30bd6 No.235450

The minds app has some censorship
(Google play's fault)
But the website has none

30bd6 No.235493

File: 1565186928121.jpg (418.41 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20190807-085350….jpg)

I created some rules

fd623 No.235801

Not that I am aware of

5d606 No.235803

>does /mlpol/ have a gay gab?

e0078 No.235898

File: 1565274209120.jpg (357.34 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20190808-101918….jpg)

These guys right here:
These guys are based

File: 1565243907086.png (99.33 KB, 800x511, derpy9.png)

e5295 No.235838[Reply]


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