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File: 1560391503933.png (308.03 KB, 588x391, 8D74107D-3390-4D2E-9997-58….png)

4f5e2 No.225434[Reply]

what’s your guys thoughts on what the episode is going to be about?
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ca569 No.226147

At least I can count with Patachu to give me a good smile.

73ac5 No.226295

Hey it's about having an occasion to give this place some visibility!

42c4d No.226310

They noticed us.

41c93 No.226342

File: 1561019681823.png (497.6 KB, 747x652, Dot Comet's mother's siste….png)

Randi Zuckerberg's "Dot." series also had Dot's aunt (her mom's twin sister) Chantal be in a lesbian relationship with a brown lady named Esme

41c93 No.226343

File: 1561019711962.png (167.81 KB, 357x394, Chantal sticking tongue ou….png)

although Chantal made the LEWDIST look at her niece, which made it all worth it, since they basically memes lesbians = lolicon pedos

File: 1557371735220.png (74.77 KB, 540x512, 1547072__safe_artist-colon….png)

cde3d No.220955[Reply]

An ongoing Flurry Heart and Anon story I'm writing to offset the terrible lack of Flurry Heart stories out there, because I'm just an insufferable contrarian like that.
Originally written for the porn thread with the intention of it going in the expected direction way sooner, but that portion of it's going to be much later down the line.

Without further ado, here comes the fully formatted text dump for your reading pleasure.
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085f1 No.225779

Glad to see this story being continued. Keep up the good work and let the winds carry you to the end!

c65ec No.225780

Glad to see an update

9b5d0 No.225786

This is it's own thread now? Awesome!
I love the story.

9b5d0 No.226292

I must find out who knocked up AJ.

f4395 No.226344

spoiler alert: it was big mac

File: 1560467705432.jpg (32.42 KB, 780x439, brenton-tarrant-1.jpg)

466b2 No.225551[Reply]

>The suspected gunman in the New Zealand mosque massacres, Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, pleaded not guilty to all charges when he appeared in the Christchurch High Court on Friday.
He is going to use the trail for shitposting. This is going to be glorious.
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cb0db No.225812

File: 1560649693285.jpg (261.85 KB, 1772x1054, Judas and coins.jpg)

Mad because they are being called out?

cb0db No.225867

File: 1560679842498.mp4 (4.3 MB, 854x480, AG1.mp4)

>Angry Goy I trailer
By the way, Angry Goy II is out.

b18a6 No.226083

File: 1560837401558.mp4 (43.68 MB, 638x360, Jesus Strikes Back - Liber….mp4)

With same genre there is a game called "Jesus Strikes Back" with far better graphics.
I can bet that every NPC would be enraged if finds out.

37cfc No.226201

seems neat
thanks rus anon

64680 No.226294

Of course he can plead guilty. We are at war against Islam as they declared it. Everyone, anyone on earth who realize this ideology is evil will join the good fight.
It's like, we are at war but we have the order not to shoot the enemy.

File: 1534122533431.jpeg (74.7 KB, 612x912, 1510551708934-0.jpeg)

1a4db No.165646[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I tried to sneak a redpill into my pony fanfic, by including a scene in one chapter where someone argues with Glimmer over her dumb commie ideas, and the communist ideology is debunked.

I got carried away, so it's at 107,920 words right now, and only 80% finished.
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0ba8d No.226305

File: 1560979511221.jpeg (192.49 KB, 749x741, C91205CE-3AD1-42F5-8E7A-8….jpeg)

I was talking about this thread, which was made 10 months ago and has hit the bump limit.

You know damned good and well that there are no brakes nor stops on the Nigel Autism train

64211 No.226307

The more I deal with Nigel's autism, the more mine stirs to the surface,….

d9839 No.226322

File: 1560989431595.gif (1.21 MB, 1000x1000, _glim happy.gif)

You're a legend GlimGlam, i look forward to your next thread.

15d87 No.226324

Thank you for being a real human bean, GlimGlam. You legend, you.

80da5 No.226352

Thank you for being the best thing to come out of this thread.
I wish it didn't get clogged up with Redditors crying "Post histoREEEE!" tho
Because then we'd have more room to post Silver Star-related posts
Speaking of which, I've been thinking about rewriting or even entirely removing Glimmer's part in this story.
In the original it's
>Silver kicks Glimmer out of Ponyville because she's evil
>Back in the party, everyone realizes they can finally think straight again and everyone celebrates harder
>Trixie's pissed because she liked Glimmer because she made Trixie feel better about herself
>Sunguy, Glim's boyfriend, runs towards Silver
>Silver prepares for another epic fight
>Sunguy is all "HOLY SHIT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Did I ever tell you about that time she fucked with my head to make she and I think we're both foals? It was horrifying for me. That is NOT my fetish goddamnit"
>everyone warms up to Silver and stops seeing him as some out-of-place rich guy on vacation
>Twilight's pissed at him for not handling the Glimmer problem in a clever diplomatic way, but she gets over it only after she and Silver go around Ponyville and everyone thanks Silver for dealing with the Glimmer problem, each pony reveals their own bad thing/things Glimmer did to them, and it's revealed to Twilight that Glimmer was her usual abusive self to many offscreen ponies as well and she didn't notice it. This ties into Twilight's subplot about learning to be a better ruler.
That's the original plan.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1560452562907.jpg (153.47 KB, 675x1200, 8chaniscompleteshit.jpg)

487c3 No.225511[Reply]

It requires beautifulsoup4. Customize config.ini, boards.txt and proxies.txt to your liking. Proxies must be in http:// format with a seperate proxy on each line.

Source code mirrors:
http://dpaste.com/1MQ34BV(code is unverified and user ID has only one sitewide post; use at your own risk)
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656d8 No.225582

9d2b6 No.226219

T. Coder - nothing looks spectacularly glow-in-the-dark to me, at least in the textbin.net link.

656d8 No.226222

The code does include collection of personal data. How it would do that is in code that is imported. If I was to use this I would be experimenting on what imports are needed to run. As my understaning of code is tiny I would not touch this at all. I suggest only those people who fully understand what is written use it.

c7e59 No.226250

I wonder if this is the same code that was used to raid /mlpol/ a couple years back

e45b7 No.226347

>Yes goyim, just what we need more botspam
fuck off cowshitter.

File: 1560748104913.png (141.88 KB, 600x430, NKVmP.png)

1421b No.225960[Reply]

How do I get in contact with the developer of NPFchan?

5d345 No.226076

Um, there's a link at the bottom of the page. Considering you can't click a link and go to github, I'm not sure you should be bothering him. What do you want?

File: 1539933768700.jpeg (2.64 MB, 5000x3827, evola reading.jpeg)

41488 No.179533[Reply]

Post what books your reading /mlpol/.
Also don't think we've made a must book list so guess if your into that post which books you think are must reads for /mlpol/.

Personally I think everyone should read Evola's works currently working my way through them now. Really looking forward to reading his thoughts and criticisms on national socialism and fascism.
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48eda No.225881

File: 1560689145664-0.jpg (23.26 KB, 353x500, 417kXcxt1NL.jpg)

File: 1560689145664-1.pdf (3.12 MB, [John_Beaty]_The_Iron_Curt….pdf)

So I came across this title in this Unz Review article http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-secrets-of-military-intelligence/ which is well worth the read in itself btw. Anywho, The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty (1951)
>'Some years ago, I came across a totally obscure 1951 book entitled The Iron Curtain Over America by John Beaty, a well-regarded university professor. Beaty had spent his wartime years in Military Intelligence, being tasked with preparing the daily briefing reports distributed to all top American officials summarizing available intelligence information acquired during the previous 24 hours, which was obviously a position of considerable responsibility.
>As a zealous anti-Communist, he regarded much of America’s Jewish population as deeply implicated in subversive activity, therefore constituting a serious threat to traditional American freedoms. In particular, the growing Jewish stranglehold over publishing and the media was making it increasingly difficult for discordant views to reach the American people, with this regime of censorship constituting the “Iron Curtain” described in his title. He blamed Jewish interests for the totally unnecessary war with Hitler’s Germany, which had long sought good relations with America, but instead had suffered total destruction for its strong opposition to Europe’s Jewish-backed Communist menace.
>Beaty also sharply denounced American support for the new state of Israel, which was potentially costing us the goodwill of so many millions of Muslims and Arabs. And as a very minor aside, he also criticized the Israelis for continuing to claim that Hitler had killed six million Jews, a highly implausible accusation that had no apparent basis in reality and seemed to be just a fraud concocted by Jews and Communists, aimed at poisoning our relations with postwar Germany and extracting money for the Jewish State from the long-suffering German people.
>He was scathing toward the Nuremberg Trials, which he described as a “major indelible blot” upon America and “a travesty of justice.” According to him, the proceedings were dominated by vengeful German Jews, many of whom engaged in falsification of testimony or even had criminal backgrounds. As a Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

62817 No.226008

Anyone have a copy of the international Jew?

8f794 No.226037

File: 1560812214734-0.pdf (2.43 MB, TheInternationalJew.pdf)

File: 1560812214734-1.pdf (6.51 MB, Tell_The_Truth_And_Shame_T….pdf)

Here you go. And as a bonus you get Tell the Truth And Shame The Devil by Gerard Menuhin too!

62817 No.226055

Thank you anon.

361e1 No.226060

Is this the one that talks about the Ancient Aryans?

File: 1542550923493.png (712.77 KB, 811x800, 61729__safe_artist-colon-h….png)

adc84 No.187105[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

get in here and post edition
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233b7 No.225199

File: 1560168881380-0.jpg (30.16 KB, 800x499, FB_IMG_1560081396763.jpg)

233b7 No.225254

File: 1560261519503-0.jpg (116.63 KB, 1024x944, JPEG_20190102_145248.jpg)

File: 1560261519503-1.jpg (54.37 KB, 1280x1487, FB_IMG_1560081356607.jpg)

File: 1560261519503-2.jpeg (113.67 KB, 924x1184, 2061195.jpeg)

adc84 No.225967

wow, you're faster than a fucking corpse. wanna medal?

>That would be because the /pol/ half stays active and relevant, and fishes for new users on a semi-regular basis
and you don't fucking curate them. the art of gatekeeping is lost on you trogs.

adc84 No.225968

File: 1560758032085-0.png (161.82 KB, 1080x1080, 2048464.png)

File: 1560758032085-1.jpg (99.73 KB, 1000x717, 831.jpg)

File: 1560758032085-2.png (1.42 MB, 1581x894, Fluttershy-SFW-request.png)

File: 1560758032085-3.png (8.52 MB, 3417x2580, 2056591.png)

File: 1560758032085-4.png (89.27 KB, 735x468, 2058332.png)

guess who's back

05daf No.226029

File: 1560808348535.jpg (36.68 KB, 492x491, 1522290021249.jpg)

Where do you think we are, amigo?
Also, I like how you tactically ignored my point on drawing users in and being the change you want to see. Smoother than your hindquarters, petit garçon.

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File: 1560449083098.gif (445.6 KB, 300x168, I m just gunna dump my ron….gif)

c1f4e No.225503[Reply]


OSLO (Reuters) - An oil tanker owned by Norway’s Frontline has been struck by a torpedo off the coast of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, shipping newspaper Tradewinds reported on Thursday, citing unnamed industry sources.
Iran and Hezbollah are HIGHLY suspected in the attack.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, which is part of the Royal Navy, had said on Thursday it was aware of an incident in the Gulf of Oman, near the Iranian coast.

>Trump says "Iran will pay a heavy price for their unprovoked attack"
>Bolton and Pompeo rushed to the White house
>UNSC to convene this afternoon, Russia expected to veto any resolution against Terrorist Iran.
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3aa5f No.225760

We'll have to wait and see. I don't place a lot of trust in him though. I think Kushner is calling the shots.

ed24c No.225934

File: 1560719356860.png (476.44 KB, 857x730, 1560717807075.png)

557a6 No.225936

What if Iran is operated by the US/Globalist Deep State?

What if good Americans want to out bad Americans from Iran? But need a non-embarrassing cover story?

557a6 No.226019

File: 1560802974896.png (705.21 KB, 729x1779, 88a9.png)

b750d No.226026

File: 1560807803784-0.jpg (38.74 KB, 651x284, 1560805610092.jpg)

File: 1560807803784-1.jpg (35.56 KB, 627x424, 1560805557120.jpg)

Glow in the darks carry out a sloppy false flag circa 2019. (colorized)

File: 1557894609572.png (2.95 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (307).png)

72841 No.221881[Reply]

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52d81 No.225310

/sg/ here, who should I be wanting to win?

c46f7 No.225315

I suppose that's up to you, but I feel like there's a strong-enough camaraderie between /mlpol/ and /sg/ to root for both. Especially if there's a situation where both could end up in the finals.

32ffe No.225385

It depends on what the result of the draw round is. Aside from /mlpol/ and /sg/ in that order I'll be rooting for whoever is playing against reddit, /leftypol/, yang-gang, and /tcr/ just for spite.

c46f7 No.225965

With it being less than a week away, I've been thinking of more descriptions for our roster players. Think I've got one for Syriana, now.

>Syriana is a nation pony, one of the many pony OCs who represent the various nations of the world, and serves as further proof that there truly is a pony of everything. Specifically, she represents Syria underneath Bashar al-Assad, the un-Mossaded one and rightful President of Syria. After the establishment of the /sg/ bunker on /mlpol/, she was quickly accepted by the new posters as a mascot for the General where she has found love as a humble merchant of barrels and drinker of Moderated Rebel Tears. She is a cute (and occasionally lewd) mare and a perfect representative for /mlpol/ on the athletic stage, and with her aid our team is certain to make MAD GAINZ on the field of virtual divegrass. Barrel bombs, anypony?

6461f No.225985

Added, TY.
The remaining starting players who need bios is down to:
(((Griffons))), Moonmare, Reichs Alicorn, Dixie Jack, and Honk Ponk.
For the non-starters, there's WOW! Communism, Friendship in the Water is Turning the Freakin' Changelings GAY!, Horsepill, WTF I like horses now, and Windmill of Friendship

File: 1555629101731.png (864.2 KB, 1280x720, 1528248220538.png)

e5afe No.218127[Reply]

I've found that our attempts to raid and fish on other sites, barring the occasional happening, tend to fall flat due to how spontaneous they are, both in timing and in targets.
Therefore, I'd like to table the motion of making a schedule for any interested anons to embark on our fun little expeditions, and I believe I have the perfect schedule for us to abide by.
Jewish holidays.

From today, we can work with the following dates all throughout 2019:

April 19 - April 26: Passover
May 2: Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah)
May 8: Israeli Memorial Day
May 9: Israeli Independence Day
May 19: Second Passover
May 22: Lag BaOmer (commemorating the revolt against the Romans; symbolizes Jewish fighting spirit)
June 2: Jerusalem Day
June 8: Festival of Shavuot (celebrating God giving the Israelites the Torah)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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9dda2 No.225267

Aw, you guys deleted my game. That was some funny shit.

33bbe No.225311

Looks like any raid on nein is pretty pointless, looks like they got kicked out again.

d5808 No.225416

File: 1560380314824-0.jpeg (34.89 KB, 400x400, 1491113899767.jpeg)

File: 1560380314824-1.png (549.57 KB, 1280x1883, 1491522647163.png)

File: 1560380314824-2.jpg (509.04 KB, 905x1280, 1500452054422-4.jpg)

There is currently a yuge raid going down on 4chan /b/. No idea who organized it, but a bunch of anons have been flooding the board with random threads denouncing porn, trap threads and other faggotry. I feel like /mlpol/ should be represented.

It's an ongoing thing and there's a lot of people involved, so we probably don't need to organize ourselves too heavily. Just drop in and start posting threads, make sure there's ponies.

Probably we should avoid the horse porn this time around since that might kind of defeat the point.

8832c No.225873

nein is back up again, Aryanne makes an appearance at post number 6 kek

b4672 No.225932

Supposedly all the old mods are gone, the new one sounds chill. Haven't seen any namefags, they may have gotten a stern talking to in discord.

File: 1560686973427.png (117.37 KB, 273x449, Gorilla Armed Dragons.png)

629b8 No.225875[Reply]

Gorilla armed dragons
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c7cf8 No.225893

Presumably it's easier to animate smaller ones.

0bf96 No.225894

File: 1560698111979.jpeg (336.07 KB, 1020x1024, 8496A1C9-8982-4F4A-A699-4….jpeg)

Can we have a thread about him?

0bf96 No.225896

File: 1560698625948.png (348.56 KB, 895x886, 550B2A43-14C2-454D-937A-60….png)

37960 No.225905

>Gorilla Armed Dragons
>Gay Albino Dragons
Do we need more GAD in our lives? Only (You) can decide.
The answer is no, in case anyone was confused.

629b8 No.225928

File: 1560715061435.png (319.91 KB, 898x1000, BreakGlassInCaseOfThisShit….png)

The car crash wasn't your fault, Kevin. You need to let us go.
They animated a few big ones as background characters in that Dragon Migration bit a while back.
What I want to know is why almost all the pony-sized-ish dragons look so goddamn ugly.

File: 1560624301634.gif (419.24 KB, 960x540, 1560621332203.gif)

cc348 No.225782[Reply]

ITT: innocuous looking images that become more erotic the longer you stare at them.

174d7 No.225783

File: 1560624706784.jpg (400.24 KB, 1920x1080, 2019-05-21_22.02.02.jpg)

5d025 No.225802

File: 1560643133827.png (2.62 MB, 2000x1414, 0586_OAT_Pony_clothes_sugg….png)

82bc4 No.225808

File: 1560647194391.png (2.25 MB, 5000x2843, 1506958805-d3ec9.png)

Cute, fuck yeah.

131cb No.225849

File: 1560664919734.jpg (73.34 KB, 999x799, 1500425937158.jpg)

a2e4b No.225927

File: 1560714867259.jpg (55.75 KB, 768x367, 1503313754603.jpg)

File: 1560214900038.gif (1.19 MB, 400x409, 1516072192328.gif)

df6b2 No.225227[Reply]

>President Donald J. Trump Secures a Historic Deal with Mexico to Combat the Crisis at the Border

>Kim Jong Un's slain half-brother had met with CIA: report


>Supreme Court rejects challenges to gun silencer law


>‘Fort Trump’ talks conclude for higher American troop presence in Poland


>Hong Kong pushes bill allowing extraditions to China despite biggest protest since handover


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

65fc3 No.225341

File: 1560316467480.png (37.84 KB, 642x546, 190612000638.png)

at least we're winning at spreading globohomo amirite?

f77b5 No.225433

File: 1560389073696.gif (1.88 MB, 1000x667, 1504469255890.gif)

2c849 No.225897

Glad to see my race to at least be less stingy compare to the British.

03cca No.225909

File: 1560701798951.jpg (148.58 KB, 1080x1080, 1541555942034.jpg)

Thank You Awoo!

4afa0 No.225916


File: 1559766741840.png (41.65 KB, 1053x444, 1559751283548.png)

f1bcd No.224571[Reply]

JewTube is starting another purge. Varg's channel has already been banned.
63 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f3775 No.225643

Excellent, if things go perfectly, the banks might get taken down as well, leading to a continued loop of failing.

03729 No.225688

It's a legitimate concern for them. Jewgle is becoming a sacrificial lamb, and they are sinking quickly over in Europe. However, they will have no problems dominating in the US, thanks to Jewgle being a shell company for La Sia and general glow-nigger surveillance infrastructure. Federal/state subsidies, silently provided, as well. The question is which direction the NATO tug-of-war pulls in, in the current power struggle: ultimately the same enemy is being supported as long as Jewgle exists.

The EU is run by world banks and Europe has been run by them since christcucks gave jewISH parasites noble titles and control over their currency. That is laughable.

Your taking 3 logical leaps to "banks" from here increases the probability that you are ShareBlue.

abd76 No.225724

File: 1560576359938.png (227.15 KB, 1600x1600, rainbow_dash_not_sure_if.png)

>since christcucks gave jewISH parasites noble titles and control over their currency
Knock it off. You are seeding D&C.

f3775 No.225728

File: 1560578647303.png (67.57 KB, 657x88, 1556154840482.png)

Facebook is also a shell when one looks at a few soup projects closing as a new company emerges. For a way to collect the most personal information with as little effort as possible.

If Google (and parent company) fails on the 'Too Big to Fail' it could possibly open it up for banks as well.
Due to banks in the U.S. using that same argument. It could technically be possible for the infested government to let them fall.
Starting a domino effect.

It isn't likely, but it is possible.

Would it actually hurt (((them))), as a whole group, financially? Not really, but it would give them a black eye. They would scramble to suppress, and control information at a faster pace. They would get careless.
If they get careless there is more room for chaos, and opportunity.

>The EU is run by world banks and Europe has been run by them since christcucks gave jewISH parasites noble titles and control over their currency.

>EU is run by (((them)))
>Most of Europe lost their currency, and freedom. Caused by (((their))) influence.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

abd76 No.225870

File: 1560683756694.png (131.11 KB, 800x835, custom_pony_for_handdrawn_….png)

The task you ask is unworkable, but I found the following that perhaps will satisfy you.
All Varg's videos (as of June 11th 2019) - 955 videos, in the highest quality possible: webm files with VP9 video and Opus sound (except for 26 videos which weren't available in that format, so they are mp4 with AVC video and AAC sound).
Part 1: https://ufile.io/mz2xjdyj
Part 2: https://ufile.io/xnkityfg
Part 3: https://ufile.io/2t8haxjl
Part 4: https://ufile.io/owrkmsug
Part 5: https://ufile.io/8oll730y

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