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GUILTY or NOT GUILTY ... Jury deliberates today ... which verdict are you hoping for?
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I can't figure out which verdict will be more fun.

>bigger happening
>seeing a president go to jail
>potential for chaos
Not guilty:
>maximum reddit salt the likes of which may rival 2016 election salt
Probably not guilty, nothing ever happens.
The "case" was pretty much just made for headlines during election season, just like when they "impeached" him. They might get a conviction but the case is so weak it's almost guaranteed to be overturned on appeal. The whole thing is just theatrics, I doubt he'll actually go to jail. Probably won't hurt his election chances either.
I honestly don't give a shit about orange man anymore. After the whole coronahoax and him endorsing the shot then doubling down on endorsing the kill shot, I'm done with him. Then there's his Zionism. Yea, his domestic on-paper policies are light years better than the rest, I just can't see past his glaring faults. So, I don't give a fuck if they lock him up. From an accelerationist point of view, that would be the ideal situation since it would enrage his White American base.
Aye. The Donald is of more use to the cause of revolutionary national socialism as a martyr.
I expect them to find something. These fucks already set a trillion miles of dangerous precedents, what's one more lol?
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>guilty on all 34 accounts
glad I have the guns that I do.
LOL they actually did it holy shit.
I suppose it was a foregone conclusion, but I can't believe they set it anyway. It's actually a common tactic I've seen in taiwan, where the party pulls every inch of red tape and social engineering to tie up the opposition, and those who aren't tied get slapped with "crimes" to guarantee they can't recover.
Haha shit's so fucked man.
To nobody's surprise.
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I feel like they've basically written themselves into a corner with this.

>Scenario 1: Trump goes to jail, and is off the ballot
Election is completely delegitimized. Whoever gets the Republican nomination in place of Trump will be written off as an establishment puppet, double if they pick someone like Nikki Haley. Biden likely wins, but even if the Republican does everyone will still see it as a rigged fight. No matter who wins in this scenario they have no legitimacy and people will be pissed off.

>Scenario 2: Trump doesn't go to jail, but is off the ballot
Basically same as above. Republican side sees the conviction as an excuse to force Trump off the ballot and replaces him with some neocon, but everyone knows it's bullshit. Biden is almost guaranteed to win in this scenario, but would have no legitimacy given the circumstances under which he won. Lots of people pissed off, possible civil war conditions.

>Scenario 3: Trump goes to jail but stays on the ballot
Trump is almost guaranteed to win in this scenario, assuming no rigging or other shenanigans. He's already a folk hero in the eyes of his supporters because of the trials, if he actually goes to jail he becomes a martyr. If he wins, it creates all sorts of convoluted legal snags the Supreme Court will have to sort out. Shitlibs will refuse to recognize his legitimacy as president, so more riots/protests/etc. If Trump loses, Biden has no legitimacy and Trump supporters are livid, so riots/protests/etc. Possible civil war conditions. Guaranteed chaos under this scenario no matter which way it goes, which is why I suspect it's the least likely scenario.

>Scenario 4: Trump doesn't go to jail and stays on the ballot
Literally nothing happens that wouldn't have happened anyway lol. Dems get their "conviction," but it's meaningless. Probably won't affect the vote, other than Trump supporters being more fired up than they would have been otherwise.

Furthermore, in any scenario where Biden wins, the country still has the same problems it would have had otherwise, plus whatever new problems arise from his having retained power under highly suspicious circumstances. The economy will still be shit, the kikes vs. sandnigger war will still be going on, the anti-kike protests will continue. Dems will officially own the entire dumpster fire and won't be able to blame Trump for it anymore.

No matter what happens, this is going to be fun to watch.
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I'm quite surprised that the worst they got on the old man is some sort of bribery, which I'm certain every politician, businessman, lawyer, and other suits has accepted one way or another.
Really, though, I just don't comprehend what the idiots in DC are thinking. Do they not realize the hornet's nest they've been kicking for years? Trump seems to have this supernatural ability to reduce everyone's strategic prowess and making people just play the dumbest moves since Picket's Charge. Were politicians always this retarded?
>always this retarded
Most people are generally.
Power hungry, control freaks, malicious fucktards and various unsavory extreme rapists don't have good long term planning.
The useful idiots higher up the chain all the way to the lowest too prioritize the short term.
There is a caveat if none of the fucks are satisfied they plan for their next hit no matter how long it takes.
This is part of the initiation of the new generation of mass manipulators. They hunger for the same things their parents do, and grand-parents and so on and so on.
The old guard of evil won't leave them with nothing, unless they can fully get to partake in all the excesses and extremes and evils they desire, as they merely feast off of not quite their ideal.
There's three things.
First, it's tantalizingly close to being finished their buffet of evils. It's not about being sustainable it's about maximum types and details and amounts.
Secondly, the on set of mass communication. They aren't biologically wired to get the whole internet thing. They can't be for some strange reasons. Mostly how they operate and the whole mutual backstabbing, but fuck everyone else more thing they have.
Thirdly, they have their useful idiots, fundings, so called power and all that crap. They forget they made it on a flimsy card house. The supports were broken a long long while ago. They don't feel the crash and won't bother looking. Even if they did nothing is out of the ordinary. Right up until the final moment.
It's how they designed their whole retarded shit. They'll keep trying to build up higher and keep out any unwanted influences, but fundamentally it's over for all of them. Even if they suddenly became totally aware and tried backing out of the collapse it's too late.
Fact is they too were huffing their own supply and partaking and exulting in the poisions fed to the world and local areas.
They basically crippled themselves and their genetic lineage and memetic lineage.
They're still able to be cognizant and plan and plot and terrorize ect ect ect. But they'll be a confused salad.
Made of fruits and vegetables.
The shine in their eyes are gone.
Were they the manipulators that reach to this point? Yeah. It's just that the whole situation they're approaching hasn't ever occurred before and they just aren't as capable.
Try as they desire the connectedness and spread of useful information can't be memory holed. They wanted it this way.
>But why does Mr. Trump ruffle their feathers so much?
Because he's the biggest attention monger, and their usual pick of attack at least publicly and for a singular target is attention.
They keep trying to hit him with ineffectual attacks because they're pissed their usual tactics don't work so they'll just do it more.
They don't like the new kid on the block for one more reason. He waves his hands around better than they do. They know and hate that.
By the by the sudden support for orange man bad by silicon tech investors and company is that some group thirsting for blood isn't getting their fix.
They're going to try getting it no matter what they have to do as long as they don't have to comprise on their real values.
I always treated the whole "Trump Derangement Syndrome" thing as just a humorous jab at how lefties always freak out and overdramatize everything, but at this point I'm convinced it's real. I can understand dumbass college kids who can barely conceptualize history going back further than when Obama was president thinking the entire world will end if one guy becomes president for a few years, but watching seasoned politicians and strategists lose their shit this hard is just unreal. Only thing I can compare it to is when you're playing a game and you encounter a fight or a quest or something that you expected to breeze through effortlessly, and then it turns out to be extremely hard for some stupid reason. So you keep trying to beat it over and over, and you just keep losing, until eventually you start to feel like it's mocking you. Eventually it just turns into this Moby Dick type situation, where all your energy is focused on this one stupid task, meanwhile everything else around you is going to shit and you're not even paying attention.
>Moby Dick type situation
Yeah it is.
Paraphrasing and filtered through flawed human meats, so ask yourself, a quick rundown of what's going on behind the curtain.
He's a problem for them because he shouldn't exist. Being totally assmad because they don't have as much leverage as they wanted over him.
---This is been the minus signs is me missing the point.
The politicians and analysts and other indoctrinated specialists have no clue what the fuck a Trump even is. To them he's a continuous guiding the annoying VIP quest.
For them there's no way out of it and they're going crazy. Every attempt to derail or help the poor bandits put an early end to the quest just fuels the absurdity aa it just keepa on going getting stranger and stranger and dragging on and on. They can't do anything to put out the fires or resupply, that npc fucker just pops up again.
They put all sorts of shit at this dude and everyone else sunk. Only real option is either giving up which they aren't going to do cause that means they're not that special, or continually double and tripple down. Ruining the mass indoctrination system by them tearing apart the deep fryer to burn him.
Every side quest and main quest keeps getting dragged back to the moby dick situation and they can't keep going on. Teasing about future questlines only to keep being punked that it's still the VIP quest.
A lot of people, and God saved people at that, keep daring God with saying, 'He can't use Trump'. So He says dare accepted.
As God does.
Trump did the thing He wanted him to do. Incidentally or by dumb luck.
They go. 'God can't use that guy it's impossible!'
God not one to back down from proving the local retard wrong, demonstrates again.
Ect. Ect. Ect.

In the end they did it... sort of. Issue being is that it's not as permanent as they like and they still don't have enough leverage.
Then he just pops back up saying dumb shit and they're at their wits end.
Guilty of what?
>A New York jury on Thursday found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records
34 times? Hush money isn't even considered as a form of corruption per se, not even in this case no matter what or how. Todd Blanche explained this and defended him in court very clearly explaining the mountain of zigger crap, even if Cohen arranged the whole thing, I see no article of law. Go and try to prove alleged payments which were made to ensure confidentiality. In Trump's case, the payments in question were made to individuals allegedly to keep certain personal matters private, for the rest there are no laws to decide what he does with his dick or with any slut. The critical point here is that these payments, funded by Trump's personal resources, were neither illegal nor unprecedented in their nature.
Private settlements of this kind are common, it's literally a NDA, and individuals often use their own funds to manage personal or potentially embarrassing issues discreetly, there is nothing new about that. Now I'm not sure how the laws in the states works but this is abhorrent. To frame this issue within a legal context, it's essential to clarify that hush money payments are not inherently illegal. Unless we're in a place like China. The legal accusations against Trump pivot on the argument that these payments constituted campaign finance violations. The contention is that the payments were made to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and should have been reported as campaign expenditures.

It's the Federal Election Commission guidelines specify that campaign funds must be used for expenses that would not exist ‘‘but for’’ the campaign. Payments made to protect personal reputation or address private matters do not fall neatly into this category. Trump's payments, if indeed made to prevent personal embarrassment, align more with personal spending than campaign expenditure. Every time, and once again, the attempt to prosecute Trump over these payments appears disproportionate and politically charged. Similar allegations have not historically led to criminal charges, further suggesting that the legal pursuit of Trump is an outlier rather than a standard application of campaign finance laws. For instance, past campaign finance violations by other politicians have often resulted in fines or administrative penalties, not criminal prosecutions!

The fervor, the hate, the motivation from everyone with which these accusations have been pursued underlines the political motive from the party in power. Dems really do everything possible to undermine Trump's reelection. Because in short, the payments were made using his personal funds and fall within the realm of private expenditures rather than campaign finance. It's never been about the hooker Stormy Daniels or anything, they all know they are lying and using her, and it's passing anyways, a farce of justice. The insane focus on these allegations, literally every single time appears to be part of a broader strategy to weaken Trump's political standing rather than a genuine pursuit of justice. It is crucial to differentiate between personal actions and criminal conduct to preserve the integrity of the legal system and ensure that justice is not wielded as a tool for political retribution.

We have the same kind of shit here in France with every right wing candidate. Always accused of hate speech. In a functioning democracy, the judiciary is supposed to act as a check and balance on the other branches of government, ensuring justice and fairness prevail. However, in a corrupt system, this balance can be dangerously distorted. When judges become the arbiters of political decisions, wielding power beyond their intended scope, the future of democracy itself is imperiled. This phenomenon more than evident in several contemporary contexts, especially here with the controversial figure of Éric Dupond-Moretti, serving as a cautionary tale, as a warning to how democracy dies. He's himself involved in several counts of corruption, but instead of being behind the bars, Macron made him Minister of Justice.

In a corrupt state, the most integral men will be the target.
Finally u didnt avatarfag with that bald old man
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>Scenario 4: Trump doesn't go to jail and stays on the ballot
This is the most likely scenario, as well as the least interesting one.
A class E felony is the lowest category of felony, and something as mundane as falsifying business records is unlikely to result in jail time. The judge knows the chaos it would unleash if he went to jail, so he's unlikely to give him the harshest possible sentence of up to 4 years prison.
Anything's possible with these sorts. If jail is the only way to possibly stop Trump from appearing on the ballot and almost certainly winning, they'll do it in a heartbeat and risk the end of the world as we know it.
There is no choice but to accelerate, cuz all the dangerous precedents set before will catch up eventually, and they need to jump ship with our tax money before that happens.
4 years per charge, anon. Technically the judge, if he was feeling apocalyptic, could give trump 34 consecutive 4 year sentences.
More likely, he'll get 6 months of house arrest to prevent the thing the powers that be REALLY don't want happening: debates between Trump and Biden