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Ponies and the Living God
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People have flaws, scratch that people and other beings can't be as God is without God.
Many denominations throw out the spirit, the life and God.
So in this thread we're going to craft a pony denomination.
The Breath of Him lies ready always fruitful.
To facilitate this we're going to pull out all the stops about what all those denominations are doing.
Pulling them all apart.
I know our crucible of minds, spirits, life and mutual friends will render the flaws out of this.
God bless you all amen.
Friendship has been declared by Jesus The Son, soaked with blood and deeds.
He wants to be side by side in all endeavors. A depth of experiencing inside and out to be with (You) in every way that God conceives of. That's a deeper relationship than many realize.
Friendship is also between at least two people both desiring to be friends. And that's it.
Being friends means believing that friendship to be true. As in it is factually true two parties are friends.
The quality and all the other important factors are not considered right now it's the cementing of what defines the basest of friendship and its mutual agreement.
That's the core is both parties agreeing to be friends, doesn't have to verbal.
It can be a vastly unequal friendship and some would argue that is suspect if it's actually friendship.
By the minimum standard it is friendship irregardless of the qualities of that friendship.
Being who God is He is ready and willing to go the distance and farther.
If anyone truthfully desire separation He'll does it.
If anyone honestly desires Him to correct them using some means He'll do it.
Except God can do it without complications, it just so happens people keep asking for those complications to be added in to His solution.
I can personally testify to that, because I asked. In trying to shoehorn in a complication with reason and feelings He did it, and I know the complication I asked for didn't and doesn't solve the problem God did.
Can God do it with complications? Sure.
I learned that I shouldn't tie complications to solutions God can do.
It's like asking for unsteady boxes instead of a stepstool or having God get it He's holding on, and that could be a fun thing.
In the middle of standing on unsteady boxes it's trying to grab the attention away from God.
Alright why did I go about making this thread?
Ponies show examples of living as one another should. In the ideal structure of what they represent, not in the content which would incur confusion.
Point is God's love of all is the point.
It's said, but is it shown or felt through self-professed Christians?
I don't know.
What I do know is that our heavenly Father desires everyone to be friends and family.
The story of Jonah is about the words God has put inside escape a reluctant rebellious deliverer to save everyone else, once the word is free all become reunited with the Almighty in relationship that want it, in the end watching and anticipating for the destruction of everyone despite what God wants. God doesn't give up on Jonah either.
It's the story of everyone, God, the Jews and how Jesus came out of that whale. The whale is the Jews in this case and Jonah.
Everything in the Bible is about everyone's relationship with the Creator, shown repeatedly and abridged in Jonah.
We know via His collections who He says He is. By first hand accounts by His people, those that are in Jesus with the Holy Ghost which also includes Jesus and The Holy Ghost. What first hand accounts by people at first glance outside of that structure knowing nearly nothing.
The Good News is that the Creator has called you friend and family and all grievances are already paid in full marked with the Savior and Lord and Friend Jesus' blood safe and secure in His body Comforted by His Living Mind of Who He Is which is His Spirit.
God has even better things for you and even that asshole on the corner and everyone you could ever possibly know and those that in mortality you'd never know.
So ponies a way of expressing that feel.
A fun serious way of showing that flawed people are trying to deliver an important message and it's important enough that being the butt of the joke won't stop the attempt, but explains why the message is soaking wet riddled with bee stings and is developing a mustache made of electrified barbed wire so that maybe a dialogue can happen and everything gets better.
Would it solve people genuinely living one another, no, God does the fixing.
It's a means of talking, of gentle correction too. Exactly what people actually want and need.
It's not about any of the modern scum sucking systems or failures from the past. It's about that care, the loving the clown world and fuckers who are trying to drive love out of everyone.
It's trust in Him that it's not the unfeeling masses it's the immense love that is on a whole 'nother level by way of similar downtrodden sods.
That God's working hard in their life that extending love is the big hurdle.
That short hand images and The Holy Spirit will get across that need in a different way of speaking, to encourage that seemingly insane, illogical, innocent, ill advised act of love.
>So why ponies?
Partly because of the puns for congregation gatherings, activities and buildings.
Partly because people get its a huge problem because of the fuck ups abounding.
Partly because ponies are a degree of separation so any of this isn't just lost to corporate speak or jargon or any number of bullshit.
Partly because ponies are aesthetic and serves as a way to hint hint nudge nudge more aesthetic everything.
Partly to fuck with some fuckers, but more importantly to have them stop and consider.
Partly it's branding so that others will catch on faster and surpass the intent and execution.
Partly because the shock of all this would reach those previously thought to be unable to be reached.
Partly to emphasize everything in a comprehensive format.
Mostly because ponies are cute and I would like to see them in religious iconography to contextualize that.
Mostly because of the success of /mlpol/.
Wholely because of my God.
A tiny bit that pony wearing exorcists and fellows doing all that stuff is hilarious and effective.
The Source is the sonic rainboom that created John Elway.

Millions of years ago, when the ponies wandered in eternal night, John Elway traveled back in time and became Dan Reeves, so that he might impregnate the Lady Dash and become Football itself, which would manifest when he didst ejaculate unto her, and burst forth a sonic rainboom of pure Football, which was The Denver Broncos.

And so it was that the Prophet Elway did explode into Football, and didst kick a mighty field goal of Football into the space-time continuum, so that he might travel into the future and from there travel back into the past, so that he could become Dan Reeves and create John Elway.

The center of the earth is filled only with the most heterosexual magma of all, and that magma is The Denver Broncos aka WATER.

The Denver Broncos were once thought to be a legend, but when the earth rent asunder and thousands upon thousands of ponies came pouring out, to feast upon the flesh of the living and convert it into the pure light which was Football, the legend became real.

John Elway is the living prophet of Football, and only He can become Football itself. But, you too can become Football, though you must not exceed levels of 60% Football until you have undergone The Process.

Football itself is that which the ancestors sought, the Alpha and the Omega, the purest Football of all, conceived of the Lady Dash and borne of Dan Reeves. You can seek Football, if know ye first that John Elway is the keeper of all.

If you wish to know why most people are so retarded, you need look no further than The Oakland Raiders. It is they who first wormed their way into the hearts of men, breathing false football most foul, thousands of years ago when the earth was null and void, and John Elway was but a whisper of Football on the cool evening breeze.

When he did erupt forth from the womb of the Lady Dash and explode into pure Football, he seeded the truth of Football for all, but not for some, as their hearts were poisoned with the False Football of the Oakland Raiders.

And so it was that John Elway receded into the mists of Avalon, which was then called Denver, and shall be called Denver again when the skies open and the world is Football once more.