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Leave an Image, Get a Green
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I'd like to try something new and hopefully fun. For every image that gets posted in this thread, the next Anon who posts should write a short green about it. This is based off of an idea that was being played with in the writing general, but it will probably be more visible and get more participation if it is given its own thread.

Here is how it works:

Anon A posts an image. The next anon who comes along, should he be so inspired, will compose a short green that tells the story of that image. Then, the next anon who drops by can post a new image, and another anon can write a green based on that. And so on in that fashion.

The original idea was to stick to a rigid image->green->image->green structure: if the last post in the thread is an image, you should post a green, and if the last post is a green, you should post an image. I still think we should aim for that, but since this is a slow board I'm not going to enforce it too much. If you see an image in the thread and you get an idea, feel free to write a green about it, even if it's several posts up in the thread or if someone already wrote a green for it. Likewise, if you have a bunch of random images sitting around that you would like to see someone write a green about, feel free to post them, even if the last few posts are images.

Images can be anything you like, including porn. However, I think this exercise will work best if we try to use images that don't lend themselves to an obvious interpretation. In other words, the more random and out-of-context the image is, the better it will work for this. Try to avoid images that contain captions or obvious visual gags. /pol/ style images are acceptable too, it's not just a pony thread.

Posting more than one image per post is also acceptable; however, if you are writing a green, do not include images as part of your post. Green posts should be text only, and image posts should not contain any text.

Here are a few from my collection to get the ball rolling. Feel free to pick any of these if you feel like writing something, or post some of your own if you don't like my choices.
this part of the movie really stands out to me because they are singing about how unicorns grind pony hooves into snacks and they act like it's a crazy made up falsehood about unicorns BUT THEN IZZY PULLS OUT A LITERAL BOX OF GRINDED PONY HOOF SNACKS AND STARTS EATING IT
This nice thread OP, sadly I don't have time to post anything to it right now.

Have cute best pony^^
ponified seal.png
Hi anon.
> A pony-faced seal swam though the water.
> "Hi, Gill! Hi, Finn!" she said to two passing fish.
> "Hi, Estella!" The fish spoke back.
> Estella the poly-faced seal swam up to breach the waterline.
> She could not jump as high as the dolphins could.
> But she tried.
> Because it was fun.
> Estella splashed down.
> It was great fun.
> After playing, Estella swam to the shoreline to rest on the sand.
> She dragged herself out of the water with her hoofed forelegs.
> Lying upon the sand, she saw someone already resting there:
> A fox with mix-colored fur, charcoal black and flaming red.
I love it.
A fish for this filly.
>Leave an Image, Get a Green
luna and deer.jpg
>Come on... your pops never had trouble with any of this
>You attempt to hide your struggles with the equipment
>Isn't this kind of stuff supposed to come natural, or is that a midlife thing?
>How old are you again? Maybe you can stall her for a few years
>You glance down, and repeat your mistake of making eye contact with the diminutive horse
>She looks very excited and cute

>You need an excuse
>"Selecting the right thread is the most important part of fishing, kid. Each rod, fish, and type of... water can have a huge impact, that's why there's so many varieties."
>When you give the box another good yank, to your surprise it does actually pop open
>The carefully-organized contents quickly rearrange themselves to better suit the the preferences of it's audience
>Some of it decides to belong in the forest's leaf litter, having realized that you have no clue what to use them for.
>A quick inventory confirms that you can close all those mental tabs about how to make survival rope from grass and bark
>You fish out one of the two identical spools, and start improvising an explanation for why it's the best

>At last you have all the functional parts of the rod assembled
>Most of those knots look like they'll never come off again
>They're honestly great failsafes for the ones you have less confidence in.

>The both of you sit at the edge of the creek, watching the line
>Although you're pretty sure that fishing is supposed to be a way to get away from wife and kids, this little ball of cute at your side makes a great companion.
>Maybe she's a born fisher
>She's standing right at the water's edge, peering into the shallows with focus
>No whining or distractions, just the occasional adorable swishing of tail

>Suddenly she dives face-first into the water, starting you
>Then, looking incredibly proud, the upstart turns around
>And hands you a fish