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Poner Prompf! Anonymous in Exile!!!!!!
Sven's the name Attentionhogging is my game
This thread is in the same vein as this one: >>313381 →

I'll present a story prompt below and you write some short story (or long, I ain't stopping you) that fits with the prompts.


Anonymous, (you), have been bad. You were judge to be wanting and one of the (fiveOr one, you decide the time-period.) princesses have banished you from Equestria. Now, you must live in, what the ponies call, "The Outlands." So all the lands outside of Equestria. So this shouldn't be a hard concept for you burgers to grasp.

Who does he meet? What does he do outside of Equestria? That's entirely up to you. Small spoiler for my green below but:In my green he's imprisioned but that is not due to his banishment but because he was capture after his banishment by the Stormking's minions. Meaning, you don't have to do the same at all.

Maybe Daring Doo uses Anon to set off traps in ancient temples. Maybe Anon has gain influences over large portion of the Outlands and now he's in a political meeting discussing the finer points of how taxation is theft with Queen Chryssalis, Stormking, and Queen novo.
Maybe he's the one doing the theiving along with his fellow thug, Capper the catman.
Maybe, Princess Flurry Heart has been kidnapped by the caribou and now Anon sees a chance to redeem himself by saving her from their cloven hooves' clutches.

If you feel like you have any pony pictures that you feel fits the atmoshpere or mood of this thread, please post them. Pony images can't go wrong and I appriciate it. I didn't have any at the moment that inspired me to post them.
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>The Chubby-cheeked Whale, the larget species in the material plane looked like a guppy from where you sat.
>It swam next to black reefs but anything smaller than that could not be seen from up here even when drifting clouds didn't obscure your vision.
>You only knew what species the whale was due to it's shape and the fact that you could see it.
>As a bard in Equestria, you had heard stories of ponies having to redact their sea charts and remove certain islands that were no longer in hibernation...
>You aslo looked at the horizon and saw that it was flat and not curved even this high up. Spherecucks btfo!
>Normally, most birds wouldn't fly this high up in the middle of the ocean.
>There isn't much to do.
>However, one should underestimate the intelligence of animals...
>Well, one shouldn't overestimate them either.
>They were still just animals.
>Point is, the birds that migrates from Equestria during the winter seasons to the shouthern parts of the outlands, had realized that 'Why fly there when you can hitchhike?'.
>So they somtimes perched outside your window obscuring your view.
>Now they didn't because you just chased them away but it was still an annoyance to reach for them and they'd came back after a while.
>They were probably still too stupid to realize that you couldn't reach them from here because of the bars.
>Ooh, right.
>Let's just say, you're not going to the southern parts of the Outlands williningly.
>It's not even the fun type of non-consent that you like.
>You're not tied in any form of compromising position but in prision cell with metal bars.
>No ballgag either.
>You wanted that Stormking's lackey to punish you harder for being a naughty boy but she just threw you in here with only another prisioner as company.
>Another unicorn mare but with mustard colored coat and red and yellow mane.
>She also wears a black leather jacket.
>She always wears a scowl that one and this little pony wants you to know that she's wheeelly wheeelly tough and scawy.
>So cute!
>You feel the urge to impress and inspire this little pony.
>You're a bard afterall.
>You fish up your harmonica from your inner pockets and start playing.
>She looks over from her own window and gives you an exasperated look.
”There once was man who was kinda silly.
He cooked up a brew and polymorphed into a filly.
He took to the streets.
Chasing mares with big teats.
Munching on them between sheets.
One day he found the greatest of pairs.
He swaggered up to the mare.
'Cause he was no square.
He said, ”Hi pretty lady, can't you share?”
Princess Celestia was appalled.
An uncoth filly like this, she couldn't spare.
Turned back to a man, he was sent on a one-way trip to the lands without a single mare.
So here I am singing the blues.
Uhh.... Fuck jews?”

I wrote with a more 'tell'ing leaning today than 'show'ing.
Those are some inspiring lyrics.
Sunset shimmer.png
>When you were done, you looked over at the mare again who looked at you with a mixture of disgusted and puzzlement from her cell.
>”Is that... Really the reason for your banishment?” she asks as she heightens one of her eyebrows.
>You nod and smile in response.
>”You tried to suck on my old mentor's...” She spoke first in anger but than the cheeks of the little toughy horse flushed pink. ”...Mammaries?”
>You do your best soyjack impression; You give her a wide-eyed stare, you pull your head forward, and your mouth opens up as to form the sound, 'Hha'.
>She reacts like everyone reacts to soyboys; She pulls back and cringes.
>Then she gets pissed and stomps on the floor.
”You can't just harass Princess Celestia like that. She is...” She stops herself.
>Suddenly, her eyes grow dark.
[color #F70]”Maybe she deserves it though...”
she begins but trails off as she seems to force back tears before they well up into her eyes.
>She looks away.
>You're about to ask her what's wrong when a more important thought takes priority.
>You slap you knee.
”Ah! I should had, 'Princess Celestia is dumbfounded that somepony dared to utter, a desire for her udders,' in there somewhere. Oh, well.”
>”Can you stop talking about my mentor's junk already?” she yells at you.
>You widen your eyes as if in realization and snap your fingers.
”Right, if you're the Princess' student, then she is probably on these guy's tail, trying to rescue you. We're saved!”
>You fist pump the air.
>She goes quiet and looks away in shame and sadness.
>”No, Celetia won't come. She and I... We...” she begins.
>You wave your hand dismissively.
”Ha ha ha, I'm just kidding. I already know she kicked you out. It was all over the news. You're a exile like me now, right?” you say and with your palm up you point at her with your pointer finger.
>She is mad.
>She bites hold of the pillow on her bed and throw it between the bars of her cell.
>It hits your cell's bars and then fall down on the floor.
>”Arghh! You're annoying, stupid, and a pervert, Anonymous,” she says.
>You hold up a hand in the air and sends the mare a gentle smile.
”Please, call me Anon. And while I won't argue the former points, I wouldn't be here if those weren't true. I most disagree on the latter part of your assessment, madam.”
>”What? That you're not a pervert? So it's normal to transform into a filly and molest mares?”
>You shake you head.
”Tch tch tch. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: What you call perversion. I call a healthy sexual outlet. Ponies don't think it's normal because of social stigmatization but if every man had been honest with himself, all of them would have told you that their greatest desire in life is to transform into a filly and dink milk from mare udders. And that's a fact! So I ask you, Sunset Shimmer, how can something that feels good, be bad?” As you speak, you make many gestures as if you're somesort of political leader.
>Sunset just sits with a sceptical look on her face, throughout your speech.
>As you finish, she just shakes her head but you see a small smile on her face: Score!
>She lets out a sound that is something inbetween a sigh and a giggle.
>”Okay, I'll buy your explanation,” she says and uses her front hooves to make air qoutes when she says the word, 'buy'. ”But how do you explain peeing on your cell door everyday. Is it also healthy to pee inside your own home? Why can't you just use the toilet like I do, hmm?”
>She flutters her eyeslashes at you with a how-are-you-gonna-talk-yourself-out-of-this-one face.
”Heh, very well. You have sharp mind, m'lady.” You pretend to tip a fedora in her direction and walk over to the cell door. ”You're right, if I was just letting loose emissions in my own home that would indeed be plain, perverted, as you say. However, this is all part of my master plan and... Oh, it seems ready.”
>Sunset tilts her head at you.
>”Ready? What's ready?”
”My plan.” You bend up the padlock of your cell door so Sunset can see.
>Sunset gasps as she see that the iron holding the door close is now red-orange.
>It kinda reminds her of an apple that's been eaten to the core and left an hour in the open both in shape and color.
>”It... It has corroded.”
”Indeed. I think it's time you and I leave this cruise. Afterall, they have terrible room service.”
>You pull you knee up to your stomach and them kick the door open.
>The door of metal bars swings into the metal grid it's attached to.
>Kablam! I don't have to tell you that it makes some sound.
>It's your lucky day; You hear a pair of footsteps outside, comming towards the door leading into this corridor of prision cells that you're in.
>That door flies open in similar fashion.
>In the doorway stands one giant rattlesnake in armor next to a ratman.
>First off, you're litearlly in zootopia.
>Second off, you can't help but to feel that they are somewhat of an odd couple.
>This inspires you!
>But before they can say encore, they throw stuff at you.
>Specifically, the ratman unsheaths a dagger and sends it spinning in your direction.
>An idea enters you're head which you know is stupid but your to inspired by it that you can't stop yourself.
>Using your harmonica, you deflect the knife in the air and it lodges itself into the floor.
>Phew, that was close.
>You glance over at Sunset Shimmer and you're eyes meet.
>She is in awe of what you just did and you wink at her.
>You're tackled to the floor by the ratman.
>He tried to stab you with another dagger but you saw it just in time to grab onto it and stop it.
>Instead, you just tumble to the floor.
>You really should focus more but the endless movies you have watched throughout your life distracts you.
>The ratman is straddled upon you and is pushing the knife down towards your face with both hands while you hold those hands with your own, holding them back.
>As the point of the blade is just above one of your eyes, you can't help but to be nostalgic.
>You let yourself smile a bit.
>The ratman looks surprized by you and in that moment, you rotate your body to the right and the dagger slides aross your prison cell floor.
>When you got tackled, the two of you fell back into your cell.
”You could have killed me. Is that really proper conduct for a guardsman, hmm?” you ask meanwhile you struggle to keep the ratman away from scratching you and bitting you.
>This causes him to pause for a moment.
>”Full-blood don't resist arrest. Better dead,” he growls out.
>Now he seems to wait for you to stop struggling.
>You shrug.
”That's fair,” you say and kick him in the nuts.
>He really shouldn't have been standing right above you.
>As he goes down for the count right in the doorway to your cell, you hear the rattling of a snake's tail.
>The snake, who wears somekind of scale-mail over his scales lifts his head above the ratman's body and thrusts his head towards you.
>Fangs so long they could probably pierce your arm and come out on the other side is reveal in his open mouth.
>You pull the arm of the ratman up and in the way of the snake's attack.
>It bites into it and...
>The snake blinks.
>”Argh! Get off, Snek!"I'm a necromancer. No meme is too dead.Also, it's sort of fitting cause the ratman can't string words together. the ratman shouts.
>It seems the snake is savouring the taste for a moment before deciding that, yeah this guy is totally worth my job, at least right now.
>The two of them begin to struggle in your cell.
>As the snake tries to coil himself around the ratman and the ratman is using all his strength to hold off the fangs of the snake to bite him in the neck, karma; you inspect them closer up.
>You don't don't find what you want to find on the snake.
>The only thing he has besides his armor is a water wing before his rattle.
>However, the ratman has a keychain around his belt.
>You wait until they are not moving as much and undo the keychain from his belt.
>Then you dust yourself off and step over them.
>You walk over to Sunset Shimmer, who's looking at the pair of guards in confusion.
”Sunset Sunset, stop being a bigot. Love is love.”
Thought I'd finish this. While I'll be skipping some content, I don't think you will mind it that much. It wasn't very intresting.

>Be Anonymous.
>Eversince you left the prisions' cells with Sunset, you have been sneaking around trying to make the airship lower to the waters so the two of you could escape on a lifeboat.
>Well, in retrospect your plan was really dumb.
>You're plan was for Sunset to cause a rucus by attacking the Captain, Tempest Shadow and for you to fix with the other stuff so you could sneakily escape later on lifeboat....?
>Anyway, so you had to improvise.
>Since you were idiots, you would be idiots together.
>You certainly were and you next plan prove that you were a bit crazy as well.
>The airship was held afloat by a zeppelin-styled ballon trice the size of the ship and you had without being detected, cut all the rope between the ballon and the ship.
>There was just one left now, the one behind you on the center pole of the ship.
>One minor problem was that you were surrounded, another was the fact that you're arm would probably be torn off but more on that later.
>Anyway, the stormking's monkey/hedgehog silver-haired goons has you surrounded.
>Both Sunset and Tempest pants and wear bruises on their bodies.
>Tempest smirks.
>"Intresting plan you two had. Was this also part of your plan," Tempest asks and gestures to you being surrounded by her subordinates.
>You can't help but to wiggle your eyebrows and then you cup your hands around your mouth.
"Of course," you say as you mimic Bane's voice.
>She sends you a condecending look.
>"What's the next step in your masterplan?"
>You're eyes go wide and your hands tremble with excitement.
>You make a small fist pump before you cup your hands over your mouth again.
"Crashing this plane, WITH NO S-"
>"It's a ship."

>You blink a few times and then with your jaw hanging open you turn towards Sunset.
>"It's an airship," she says matter-of-factly.
>You close your eyes for moment.
"Fuck it!" You throw an arm around Sunset's barrel and the tie the other around your hand simutanously as you cut it off.
>Figure that one out.
>The ballon made to carry a whole ship into the sky now only carries the two of you and you can feel the bones in your shoulder snap as you are pull upwards with a tremendous force.
>You see the deck of the ship goes from large to microscopical in an instance.
>The ships hits the ocean surface with a large cracking sound following suit.
>Due to having lowered the airship closer to the water level beforehand, the fall of the ship didn't destroy the ship.
>So rest assured that Tempest Shadow isn't hurt, more than she already is.
>So you escape your captors by flying away like Mary Poppins with a tough looking mare under your arm.
The end.