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Covid19 isn't real. The very concept of germ-virus theory is false: https://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/you-cannot-catch-bugs-germs-bacteria-or-candidafungi/

The whole purpose of the vaccine is depopulation. The VAERS site says only 7000 people have died from the vaccine, but admit that less than 1% of cases are reported. That means 700,000 people have died, and the media has completely fucking ignored this. Also there are many reports of women having miscarriages and having abnormal periods after being either vaccinated or merely being in physical proximity of people who were vaccinated.

All of this info is verifiable and has been posted many, many times on halfchan /pol/. The info is easy to find if you look.

This is now your responsible to repost this, spread it, share it as widely as possible, and tell as many people as possible to NEVER TAKE THIS "VACCINE" which will most likely kill them at worst, or fully sterilize them at best.

You may object "What do i care? I'm just an autistic NEET, maybe i WANT to watch the world burn". Well, you are also living in the world, and you will also be killed during the collapse of civilization which is incoming NOW if people do not REFUSE this fucking vaccine. So spread this info to as many people as fucking possible.

Here is 25 different info-pics showing that MASSIVE numbers of people are DYING and getting seriously sick from the covid19 vaccine. It is your duty to spread this, warn all your friends and family, and tell them to warn all their friends too. This is life and death we are talking about. Save your friends and family's lives!

Even more evidence that the "vaccine" will kill you:

Doctor exposes that massive numbers of people are being killed or injured by the vaccine:

Facebook Deletes 120,000 Member Group Where People Posted Stories Of Adverse 'Vaccine' Reactions

Yale Epidemiologist - More Than Half Of New COVID Patients Have Been Vaccinated

MRNA Vaccines May Trigger Mad Cow Prions To Grow In Your Brain Leading To 'Zombie Apocalypse' On The Streets Of America

Plandemic - Plans For 'Vaccine Passports' Were In Place 20 Months Before COVID-19 Outbreaks

Devvy - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Against Federal Law

Proof There ARE Different 'Vaccines' Made For Different Races! Zambian Leader Finds Bottles Marked 'Not For US In EU Or USA' - Selective Genocide! - Watch
Humans can stand to brush up against extinction again. I'll do what I can for myself and my family, but the outsiders should just go learn the hard way.
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