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Anonfilly Thread - Howdy Edition
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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>292891 →
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>Be filly
>You and several other fillies are currently deep inside your fortress strong hold planning out your next attack on the enemy besieging your walls
>none of your generals can agree on a way to break the siege on your glorious castle and cookie and juice supplies are running low
>Some brave fillies were sent out to get more but were captured by the enemy and sent to time out
>None of you will say it but things are looking grim for the new and burgeoning filly empire
>The purple menace seems resilient to all forms off attack
>Toys were thrown, pillows launched and even a few fillies attempted to pile on her but nothing worked she grows strong as the base of the empire weakens
>A filly mentions surrender and the arguing turns to yelling as she is dragged away to the dungeons, breaking your concentration
>You have been hearing murmurs of an uprising, many had called you a cruel fascist dictator
>The word you preferred was strong empowered filly who knows what she wants and knows shes right
>Still crime and theft in fillytopia has been on the rise making it harder to gather resources to fight the great war and you fear if the city wont fall from with out you will be hung by your own people instead
>It can't be helped, you have no choice but to mount up and take a last stand, to show all the others why you are their ruler
>You gather up your remaining fighters and slip on your armor
>Each one of you shares a looking, this will probably be the last time you will fight by their side
>Offering some reassuring words you lead your army to the gates and stride out
>"Ugh there you are young filly, the others said you were responsible for this mess. Every cushion in 30 miles is missing and all the towns ponies are livid. All of you will tear this down and return the pillows and cushions or so help me none of you are getting dessert for a year!"
>What a cruel witch this one was, you had formed this nation to break away from her tyranny and now her she is threatening you once more
>raising your totally not cardboard sword in your magic you cry out
"Silence fowl beast, no longer will we live in fear of your tyrannical rule. We have declared our independence and will not allow you to shackle us with early bed times or vegetables ever again. You are nothing but a tyrant and shall be treated as such."
>Twilight's face just twitches, unsure of how to respond to being called a foul beast
>The lot of you take formation and charge
"For the holy Filly Empire! Slay the beast! Charge!"
>It was a valiant charge, though a filly tripped over a stuffed animal and slammed her face into the floor, you hopped that wouldn't make it into the history books
>Your briliant charge is stopped as Twilight grabs you all up in her magic
>She looks mad
>"You're all going to bed early tonight"
>Before she can say more you smack her in the face with your sword which bends and sorta wilts but it's enough to break her concentration and her magic fails
>Quickly you form a pile on the screaming Twilight as shes tied up and a cork is put on her horn keeping her from doing magic
>A smile slips on your face as shes gaged and dragged off into the dungeon kicking and thrashing
>Cheers can be heard as fillies come out to watch the purple menace be dragged away
"The house and all it's supplies are ours now. We shall eat well tonight but while we have won a major victory this night we can not forget our old tyrant has friends in high places. Tomorrow we shall begin to fortify against them. Let this be a lesson to all who doubted me, now come lets go free our comrades!
>More cheers erupt from the green mass as you storm the house looting and writing on the walls
>Your empire is growing and soon you will have the power to challenge Celestia herself
>It was a good day
There once was a green filly, who liked to be silly. That, much to the chagrin of a certain purple pony; whom often was unable to say much regarding these antics, but, "really?"
God I fucking love Donny Darko


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>Be filly
>lost a coin toss with spike and now you are on a fast food run
>Fucker probably cheated, you really missed thumbs
>Pick out a decent looking place to grabs some cheap fast food
>Kick the doors in or attempt to, instead hurt your hoof and feel like a retard as you pull the door open abd attempt to save face by strolling in like a badass cowboy
>The limp probably just ruins the whole thing but you're committed to the bit at this point
>You saunter up to the mare at the counter only to realize youre too short
>A brilliant idea strikes your smooth as silk brain and with a loud scratching noise you slowly drag a chair to the counter and hop up
>Still short but now able to put your hooves up on the counter you look at the mare
"Howdy ma'am my names nonny, what does a pony gotta do to get a little service around here?"
>You do your best southern accent and in return you get a rather confused look, some of the other patrons have stopped eating to look at you now
>The mare is probably confused since this is a fast food restaurant
>Her little paper hat shifts a bit on her head as she tilts it trying to tell if this is a prank
>You tap your hoof on the counter
"Hey toots, mind getting a mare a glass of whisky? Im parched."
>You tip an invisible hat at the now more confused mare and start to look over the overhead menu behind her
>Leaning forward and scrunching up your face you try to remember what spike wanted but it seems you forgot
"Fuck it, that little turd is getting a filly meal for sending me out to do this."
>A try clatters down behind you and there are several gasps from disapproving or startled ponies
>The mare in front of you looks horrified
"Ay sweet cheeks i thought i told you to get me a whisky. Eh forget about it. Let me get aahhh fuckinnnn uhhhhhhhh hmmm a kids meal with a girls toy aaaaaand hmmm a triple hayburger with everything on it, large onion rings and large soda. Shit i wonder if i should get anything for twilights fat ass while im here."
>The room has gone silent, a mare has fainted and mothers are rushing children out of the store, the worker who is supposed to be taking your order looks like shes about to cry for some reason and hasen't moved
"Hello, hey arnt you supposed to be writting this down or something? You arn't retarded are you? Hey chick snap out of it why are you just standing there?"
>Reaching forward you tap on her forehead, this seems to snap her back to reality but you over balance and gravity sends you tumbling down as the obviously retarded mare runs off
"Ehh fuck you any way, didn't want your greasy burgers anyway cunt."
>You pick yourself off the floor and notice the remaining ponies starting at You in shock, can't blame them since you are so hot
>A group of police ponies pours in as you are gawking at the gawkers
>"Little filly you are under arrest please dont resist. You have broken Equestrian law 56780 no naughty words."
>A voice pipes up, quivering and on the verge of tears
>"Sh-sh-she assaulted a worker too."
>Spinning around to face your accuser but not able to see who you yell
"Shut up nark I just tapped her on the head anyway nothing I did was a crime faggot, it's called free speech."
>To prove a point you blow a raspberry in her general direction and caller her a zigger as well
>At this point the stunned police have now wrestled you to the ground, apologising over and over for being rough and promising any booboos will be kissed at a later time
>Fuck dem cops, you start to struggle only to catch a soft rubber squeaky batten to the head"
"what the, did you just hit me?"
>One of the customers gasps at the use of such extreme force on a little filly as you're told to stop resisting and smacked again
>Another customer starts to scream
>"Stop stop she's just a little filly there's no need to hit her like that you're gonna make her cry!"
>The bigger ponies are able to subdue you and use magic to bind your hooves as you're taken away but not before you manage to bite an officer and call him a faggot, earning you another beating and a
>You try to scream that you know your rights and that you want a lawyer but all you do is drool on yourself as you're loaded up on a cart and taken to prison on some gay ass charges
>Looking back you do kinda regret bitting the cop but that dill weed had it
>You are deposited in a cell with a couple other young fillies and colts, some looking at you and others more focused on writing things into the table
>With a sigh you plop down in a corner and wait for Twilight, hopefully she can get you outta here
>"Hey there newbie, watchu in for?"
>A colt with a black slicked back mane and a leather jacket that is a little big in him approaches you, he's flanked by two other foals
>One is wearing a white t shirt with the sleeves rolled up and seems to be sucking on a candy cigarette
>The other while naked has an eye patch and seems to be mean mugging you
"Ah those guys booked me for swearing and "assault" but im innocent er well I did bite a guy and swore a lot but that really shouldn't be illegal this is all bullshit."
>All the little horses gasp and the lead foal in the jacket seems impressed and slightly startled
>"Dang filly, if you really did all that then you are hard core. Half of us are just in here for skipping class though my mane bro here is in for putting gum in the teachers hair."
>He gestures at the colt in the t shirt and he puffs his chest out a bit
>Rolling your eyes you look up at him
"So what are you in for then, slim?"
>"Well nothing as serious as you that's for sure, i just spray painted a wall with some curse words is all. I'd never hurt any pony."
>This was getting old fast, yawning you laid on your back and tried to get comfy as you waited for twi to come spring you from this cage though you got the feeling this was gonna be awhile
It's very welcomed.
Such heinous crimes! Why, if I were witness to such horrid displays, I'd probably lose my shit watching it go down and then also get arrested for swearing.
Oi! You got a loicense to be filly???
The filly has discovered the way of the criminal. This should be good.
Quick Sand is no joke so make sure to float.
>Be in pain and thirsty and a little horse
>A nice camping trip into the nearby mountains turned extremely hot stuck in real quick sand about to dehydrate and sunburn.
>You've gone through quite alot of water already trying to get help.
>Bad news Purple Horse forgot that one book she absolutely had to have.
>About the dangers of unnatural physics in Canterlot. Who knows when she'll get there and back.
>Luckily Purple Horse gave you a device to contact emergency services.
>Three problems.
>Bureaucrats, geography, word play, and horse puns.
>Horse puns aren't the problem here.
"I'm telling you I don't know!"
>"But you said you were where?"
"I have no idea. Look I'm stuck in quick sand and I need help."
>The voice has the audacity to sigh, the one where a period of elevator music would play if it could.
>It's been hours.
>"So, no, I don't know, which mountain any of those sound familiar?"
"No, what the hell are you talking about?"
>"Right no mountain."
"I'm on a mountain with quick sand."
>"That's no mountain."
"It is a mountain."
>"It is one of our great earth pony provinces. It is not a mountain."
>"You're on no mountain."
>Fucking damnit.
"You know where ponyville is?"
>"Yes, it's also near by."
"Whatever, so we pack our bags in Ponyville head to Canterlot, then fly out directly west. Near a green cabin."
>"Right, hanging up now."
"I'm dying over here."
>"Yes we've covered that."
>This asshole.
"Passing that-"
>"but you said you were on no mountain. That makes no sense."
"I am on a mountain!"
>"No mountain."
"I- we go past a lake it has a river flowing through it."
>"It doesn't."
"I'm telling you it does!"
>"It doesn't have a river it is dry as a bone Cloudsdale has to ship extra storms there."
"Going past the fucking lake, to a clif face Princess Twilight Sparkle and I go south."
>"Fucking, young filly, is near Gadzooks. You're near useless."
>Just a bit longer.
"We go down the waterfall-"
"- waterfall and make camp by the river bed near some clay. That's quick sand-"
>"That specializes in manure, it's near that, Ponyville is seperated by Whitetail-woods. Took the train to Canterlot. Headed by it, but not so, and I don't know. By deduction you're on no mountain. Hanging up now, you've crossed beyond useless toward the cliffs. Down past no mountain's ocean and its still called useless and missed mommy and potty has you stuck. Is that right? At least confirm if you're near useless."
>no more
>Hunh It's Twilight.
>Throat hurts.
>"I'll get help, and yes she's near useless!"
Succulent hay fries and hay fry accessories
Beyond the Golden Arches -MeatCanyon
<Completely ripped off and not original: based on M...C...
<Give a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tQJMQURAco
>Be Anonfilly having your fill of tendies.
>The hayburger joint Twilight frequents give you an extra trendie on the house sometimes.
>The mascot usefully does that, while that's only when there isn't a party or event it's really nice.
>All the staff keep it so clean and fresh.
>Even the ball pit is nice.
>Ponies amiright.
>The mascot is right there twirling her mane in her hoof.
>"You look cute when you eat those hayfries."
>It's mesmerizing.
"Y-you too."
>She has that trademark smile, sends tingles down your spine.
>"Join me in the ball pit? It's just right every ball is perfectly inflated."
>Well why not, although it's a bit hard getting over there.
>You steady yourself.
>"I don't bite, mu- are you okay there filly?"
>"Good good, looks like you might need a tinkle."
>Well hunh when did the bathroom get so close.
>"It's really clean why don't I show you. Just a couple of drips."
>It is really clean, and I-
>I'm back at the table eat tendies.
>"They're good right? Just for you, a special little filly."
>You're outside?
>"Coloratura? Yeah I like her songs more now. It's more, refreshing."
>Theres Purple now.
>"Well I suppose everything is alright then, she was on her best behavior?"
>"Like our succulent hayppy meals."
>"Mmmm hayppy meal. I mean yes excellent. She'll be over there every time something comes up. I'll cover the costs."
>"That's great I'm sure we'll have a fun time together."
"Mhmmm fhun."
>"Aw look at her all tucked out."
>Her fur is really soft.
>"I wonder what she's dreaming about?"

003,562 - Anonfilly - blushing.png

Got any good Model Sheets for Anonfilly?

I'm making something you'll like, and they'd be useful.
nevermind, I found some on-model art and did my best.
the animation isn't synched up right, she's supposed to bob her head side to side with the beat. I'll work on fixing that later.
nice, good work fren
Thank you! I'm not sure how her tail should look, this is the base model I'm working with
Cute filly.
She needs a shorter neck and a bit thicker thighs.
EgaDBXbVAAA-0Z5.png large.png
EgKB7ZeUEAAsZkr.png large.png
EgV4hUKUYAAoPns.png large.png

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Can somebody remake the /mlp/ filly thread? I'm banned and have no mobile data.
It's been done
>Be twilight
>Currently you have a squirming filly in your lap and a brush in your magic
"Young lady if you dint stop struggling this instant Im l'm going to use this brush on your flank instead of your mane."
>"Do it faggot, no balls."
>With out hesitation you flip the brush around and swat the little green filly on her tush making her cry out and whimper as a redmark appears on her butt
"Am i going to spank you again or will you be a good filly and hold still for mommy?"
>"B-blow me homo, my mane is just fine I don't want brushies you can't make me."
>With out hesitation you strike fillies bottom once more, she cries out and whimpers, trying to get away but you hold her tighter and deliver another spank
"Little fillies shouldn't use such rude or foul language, little fillies should sit still for their mommies too. Be a good filly so mommy doesn't have to punish you okay?
>Filly whimpers, her flanks red and sore but no long struggling
"Are you a good little filly?"
>She nods and you smile, feeling her relax a little as you spray detangler in her mane and gently brush out the knots and tangles
"Such a lovely mane, you really should take better care of it young lady. We may have to give it a trim soon you're getting shaggy."
>You giggle and give the filly a reassuring nuzzle as she huffs a bit but her attitude changes as you tap the brush on her flanks once more
"None of that now or you'll lose cookie privileges too, I'm sure you don't want that right?
>Filly shakes her head and squeaks "N-no ma'am."
>finishing her mane you slide her lower body into your lap and begin to work the tangles out of her tail next, it's much worse and dirt has been collecting in the bushy thing, defiantly time for a trim
>working the last of the knots out you set filly in your lap and begin to french braid her hair, tying it up nice as and slow as you hum for her just like your mother did for you
>You stroke her cheek and gaze at the mirror in front of the two of you, hugging the little mare tight in your hooves as she blushes and looks down
"see that wasn't so hard was it? Now lets get you a cookie."
>"Do it faggot, no balls."
>"B-blow me homo
Well, well, well, let's teach filly some respect.
>"Well well, look at the city slicker pulling up in her fancy Germane wagon."
"This wagon was made in Griffinstone!"
>"Well pardon us Ms. Rara sockies."
"I bought these socks from a hobo!"
>"Well ladeeda Ms. Park Avenue hooficure."
"I'm sorry, I believe in good grooming."
>"Teh! You're not gonna grow nothin' on the old Sparkle place! That's why your mommy abandoned it."
"Oh what do you know?"
>"Well, I know you're not naturally an earth pony, and probably don't have the latent magic."
"Oh, that's just superstition! You watch, I'll grow somethin' out there."
>"Not if you're plantin' gummy ursas."
Pick a spoiler for your primary and once again for a secondary magically induced Anonfilly bullshit.
The other three will be related to archnemesises (or general dickery).
What it actually means for you to interpret however you want.
[1d5 = 5]
[1d5 = 2]
Murphy mode: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Who's up for icecream?!
>Plan is simple be blasted with elements of harmony, don't develop super magic cancer simple.
>Out in the open just in case. Riparoni giant tomato test fruit vegetable. The castle still has bits of squishy red chunks in places.
>Right by the hospital just incase your gallbladder falls out or something. Remember don't lick your lip if you feel something.
>Be blasted by magic. Hope chance, calculation and power of friendship works.
>So why is everypony so loud?
<"Anon! Why can't I move? W-whoa."
<"Ah'm with yah Twi- is that us? It is."
"Urgh quiet down."
>"Anon! You're a...live?"
<"Would you look at the state of my mane absolutely horrendous."
<"How am I going to head to everyponies birthday party when I'm in here?"
"Yeah that's great would everyone just shut... quiet down for a minute."
>Your hand, now a hoof slides on your new face...
>Eyes pop out of the skin
>silken fur lightly changing color
>then little hooves reach out
>covering the new eyes.
>What you see is adorable nightmare fuel Fluttershy.
>Crawling in your skin.
>You scream, we scream we all scream for eyes scream.
never participated in ur filly threads watsoever. i jsut broke mkultra throught their irc bots network.....by spamming shit they dont like. powerful magic words. and i have wrote exaclty all about it on my website here....mkultra.....was on mlp threads back on /b/ tho

Meds. Now.
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Still alive, wrote some shitty green earlier. Would've posted it here first but I was mobilefagging and had to get out of bed a few minutes later.
>Be unifilly.
>Mom drags you away from your books to take a family photo.
>Can't get too excited about it because you're nervous as hell, you have to keep studying for the entrance exams.
>Immediately go back to your room and shut and lock the door.
>Your youngest mobile sister comes by and asks if you want to play, and you rather rudely tell her no through the door.
>She sounds sad, but trots off to play with the earth pony filly.
>Magic crackles in the dark as you practice advanced spells.
>You got in, and are afforded a momentary period to relax from studying.
>You decide to spend the three days you have to get ready mostly holed up in your room reading a good book.
>You aren't bothered, everypony assumes you're packing.
>You graduated with honors, and were able to get a job designing higher-grade steel for the railways.
>It's all new and exciting for you, never before in your life have you had a job that means anything.
>Your mother comes to visit you at the station out to the remote camp you'll be living at and the two of you hug tightly.
>Maybe they'll let you come home next summer.
>Every time you brush your mane you're pulling out sizable clumps.
>You're crying, held gently but firmly to the hospital bed with straps.
>Luckily you didn't kill anypony, but your asshole supervisor should be in this hospital too with a sizable hole in his leg.
>Were you never meant to be an important pony?
>You're back in your old room now, looking at the faded green stars on the ceiling.
>Your oldest sister has already moved out and the pegasus is studying for her entrance exams...
>So many wasted years.
>Nopony will touch you after what you did... and you weren't even lucid during it.
>You look over at the bottle of pills on your bedside table, and then back up at the ceiling.
>It's too late for you, but it isn't too late for the pega.
>You move slowly through the hall, your mess of a mane bouncing awkwardly around.
>Your mother has forced you to take daily baths, but you couldn't be bothered to brush your mane.
>You knock on her door.
>"Go away, mom."
"Fertile Wind."
>You hear hooves padding softly on the carpet as she goes over to the doir and unlocks it.
>You're still wearing the hospital gown because you've been craving the extra warmth, and you look every inch a broken pony.
>"Oh... god..."
>Without a word she lays you down on her bed and tells you to wait while she retrieves your hairbrush.
>You give a small noise of indication and wait.
>Your eyes well up with tears as you feel her carefully work out every tangle.
>All this time without seeing her and she still cares about you this much...
>You don't deserve her.
>Your voice is wobbly as you continue.
"Please, don't forget to enjoy this."
>"I already am."
"N-no, this... being a filly."
>She looks into your eyes, overflowing with big bulbous tears.
>She pushes you over onto your side with little resistance and wraps you tightly in a hug.
>"Where did it all go so wrong, big sis?"
"When I tried to be a mare I wasn't ready to be."
>"There's still hope."
"I... think I'd rather be a filly."
>She brushes your long, thick mane out of your eyes.
>"I need to keep studying, but you can stay right here as long as you're quiet."
>You sit there in shock as she breaks the hug, leaving you on the bed.
>You can only whisper out a small 'no...' before the sedatives kick in and you're out like a light.
Anyone got that, back by unpopular demand, meme? I need it for reasons.


Nice to see that you're still around, man! Good short, I wonder what it is that Fertile Wind did to mess things up that badly?
Happiness is a warm filly.
308713 308777
Happy to see you back as well. Don't see too many stories of Anonfilly once she starts her own family and seeing it fall apart like this. Would be interesting to see what Anonmare and Twilight react to all this.
308711 308721

Thank you. Might be best to leave it somewhat ambiguous, but I did have something in mind when I was writing it.
Sorry, your post only just loaded. Been having some issues with my internet. I suppose I could write that some time soon.
>why are we here? Just to suffer?
Those are good fillies.
Wew. That filly needs intensive filly care.
308778 309421
Hope you all enjoy, might see this through more but it's too soon to tell. I've desperately missed writing here.
>"You did your best, you've got to believe that."
>Twilight's embrace feels just as good as it did when you were young as you sob into her chest.
>There's a look of intense sadness on her face as she gently strokes your back with the soft underside of her hoof.
"Where did it all go wrong? Did I push her too hard? Was she not ready?"
>"No, I... I think she pushed herself too hard. I wish I could've been there more often, given her the support she needed. How is Fertile Wind?"
"She's studying just as hard as Evergreen did... I'm worried, mom."
>Twilight lets out a long and quiet sigh.
>"Maybe there's some element of your species still at play. She had the talent. She had the work ethic-"
>"...Has. Could there be some element of unlucky magic that's been brought over from your world?"
"You know we don't have any magic."
>"You say you don't, but in reality it just isn't immediately accessible to you."
>You chuckle mournfully.
"You say that, but with all due respect, how would you know? I came to this place because I wanted to escape from the horror of the mundane. The terror of the grind. The endless machine that humans are fitted into until they wear down to breaking and are tossed out."
>"And you expected it to be that easy?"
"It wasn't! All of my family, all of my friends, gone. A one-way trip for one, and a suitcase with a half-completed apparatus that might have been able to bring along more."
>"And it did."
"And it did and now I'm... just as miserable. I was there for every step of their little lives, from the day they stopped calling me a fucking faggot tranny, then the first time they climbed into my bed at night when there was a storm raging outside..."
>"It's nice, isn't it?"
"It is, but now I fear for Fern as well. Can I steer her path? Is this some sort of curse?"
>"Surely there's someth-"
>The door opens and Evergreen stumbles in, bags under her eyes and a mug of coffee levitated unsteadily in her once unwavering magical grip.
>She's still wearing the gown, you'd tell her to take it off but clothes don't get too dirty naturally in Equestria.
>You break away from Twilight's hug and give her a tight squeeze.
>A bit of searing hot coffee spills on your back, but you don't even care.
>"I-I was just gonna ask if you wanted help with the dishes..."
"Do you want to see a movie later tonight, sweetie? My treat."
>"S-sure, but we don't own an... oh."
"Are you afraid of going out in public?"
>"Ponies will stare..."
>"And with good reason, you're a very pretty mare."
>"H-hello grandma Sparkle."
>Evergreen looks like she wants to dart back into her room, and you'll let her for now.
>You give her a peck on the cheek and turn your attention to Twilight again.
"Can you talk to Cheerilee about a teaching apprenticeship? She's getting up in the years."
>Twilight huffs.
>"I'm only a year younger than her, you know."
"You're an alicorn though. I figured you wouldn't take offense to it."
>"There's more to the passing of time than one's own aging."
"Please, mom. See if you can get her the job."
>"Fine, but I expect to see you at my book club meeting next month."
>You smile and give her a quick hug, popcorn preparation foremost on your mind at the moment.
>Evergreen loves caramel corn, and they don't sell it in Ponyville.
Hope to read more.
Even more importantly glad to have you here lone.