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MLP Fanwork Preservation Thread
There's an incredible amount of fan-produced MLP content of all kinds. There are tons of repositories, hosting sites, boorus, and other places to get stuff.

Unfortunately, these sites sometimes get shut down when the person hosting the site loses interest or can't afford the hosting costs or upkeep time anymore.

Let's have this thread to try to promote and keep track of the various archival projects and siterip torrents we know about.
The Pony Music Archive
Pony Music Archive 20.09 (High Quality).torrent
Anchor Post - The Pony Music Archive


This is one of several Music Archives that have tried to archive as much fan-made MLP music content as possible.

There are three different quality levels of torrents available on the site.

Phone Quality is 99 GB in total
High Quality is 152 GB in total
Raw Quality is 880 GB in total.

I'm running the High Quality version of the torrent, and I'm reading 11 seeds and only 1 peer. The torrent is queued up and is not active, so these numbers might not be accurate.

Torrent links are on the site at the link provided, but I'm including the High Quality torrent link in this post because it seems like a good idea. Worth noting is that the version of the torrent linked here is from September of 2020, and that the intent of the archive is to gradually include more and more content in the highest quality level that the manager can find. That means that this torrent is a bit outdated.
Spike El Clopero
spike chillin B).png
Anchor Post - Spike El Clopero

Spike El Clopero down. It was a place you could go to find links to things like fan-made comic packs, and some exclusive content.

In the meantime, https://kemono.party/ has been suggested as a substitute, but a quick scan tells me that it's not primarily dedicated to MLP content.

Almost all the content that was linked to from El Clopero has been compiled into a torrent, linked here https://u.smutty.horse/lzhhiiqvwnt.torrent

The torrent file itself is ten megabytes, and the full archive is just over 500 gigabytes.

Right now, the swarm has around 6 seeds and 8 peers, so it's pretty healthy.

A note on Archiving: While this torrent does contain a lot of Anthro content, the purpose of archiving is preserving as much data as possible, not creating a "best hits" list of only the content that you personally like.
Also, there is currently a thread up on /mlp/ dedicated to the El Clopery archive.
If they hold to their usual schedule of every six months, the next update should be March 1st.
Oh, that's great. I remember something about a schedule, but didn't remember the details.

As far as other Music Archiving goes, I've found that the program Youtube-DL works pretty well to grab stuff from bandcamp. The string I use for the command line program is [ youtube-dl -o "%(album)s\%(track_number)02d %(track)s.%(ext)s" --write-thumbnail --audio-format "mp3" --add-metadata [URL of the Album] ]. The only problem with this so far is that I haven't figured out how to grab the lyrics for songs that have lyrics.
What should be on a To-Do list to add to this thread? I'm sure there are plenty of other fandom archives I don't know about, and other ways to efficiently archive material so that it doesn't vanish.

There's at least one story archive that tried to archive the best stories from the fandom, but that site froze a few years ago.

There are also at least two green repositories I know of. Maybe three, depending on how you count it.

With some awkward search terms, I've somewhat been able to find some SFM animations on naughtymachinima.com after the purge of animated and 3d smut from pornhub.

I kind of want this to be about archival projects that people could easily mirror, but making a bunch of threads for alternate ways to find purged content, new repositories of content on the web, useful file hosting services, and the like, seems like a bit disjointed.

The Fan Site alternative thread over at the Other Site has some good stuff listed, like a Mediafire rip.
Mediafire rip
Anchor Post - MLP Mediafire rip

This is copied from post 36440908 over in the Fan Site Alternative Thread on 4chan. I have not grabbed this to figure out how it works, nor have I downloaded it, nor have I thoroughly read the post.


The mediafire archive should finally be working. I changed the directory structure and everything seems ok. The speed wasn't that great when I accessed it on the ipfs.io gateway because I'm on DSL with only about 8Mbps up, but it should get better once people start browsing it using their own IPFS clients because visited files get temporarily pinned, or when someone pins the entire archive.
This version's address is:
and I also published it using this IPNS address which should always point to the newest version:

If you want to use your own gateway then install this:
and then you can access it using these links:

If you don't want to fuck around with installing an IPFS client you can access it using a public gateway:
Poneb.in - Pastebin Greentext Archive
mlp comic weaver aj catches spike reading.gif
Anchor Post - Poneb.in

The following text is copied from https://poneb.in/
The archives listed in this post are links on the poneb.in web page.


Welcome to ponebin!
This site is as bare-bones as it can be. The purpose of it is to host pastes which were deleted/privated by the automatic content filtering. Most of these are work of literature in green-text format originally posted in the /mlp/ board.

To use the site: replace the dead pastebin links with ponebin ones. Example: https://pastebin.com/ABCDEFGH should be changed to https://poneb.in/ABCDEFGH. If you are lucky the archive contains a snapshot of the given paste. If not, then you can try to searching on web.archive.org, or one of many 4chan archives which includes /mlp/.

This archive WILL NOT be updated if a paste gets updated, it only provides a snapshot of the pastes which were available at some point of time on pastebin.

All content on the site is from one of following archives:

mulpwiki 2016 January
mulpwiki 2016 September
mulpwiki 2017 May
Greentext collection May 2018
green.zip (2020 December)
PaleNarrator archive
Use https://ponepaste.org/ for a pastebin replacement to store your horse related content.

The site does not uses cookies. I ate them all. All content found here are archived pastes from https://pastebin.com (user generated content, I take no responsibility). By continuing to use the site you declare that you are over the age of 18.

Work in progress. Report errors/etc in the "Fan Site Alternative Thread".

The site goes offline for a few minutes every day for scheduled maintenance at 3AM UTC.
You're doing God's work Anon. I really ought to get a seed box of some kind, along with an ISP that doesn't have a monthly data cap
green.zip guy here, once again advocating keeping a local backup (physical copies of political content where possible) of anything you don't want to lose. In the creation of my archive, I did end up picking up some political pastes, which I put in a separate folder. It's not as robust as my pony archive; I did not actively seek out /pol/ content, as I figured most /pol/ content had already been deleted and users migrated elsewhere. If there's interest in that archive, or you're looking for a particular paste, I could upload it too.

I also have a "otherpastes" folder containing just under 9000 files that didn't appear to be mlpol related, but I don't expect there to be much interest in that.