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The Great Reset
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The Great Reset.
Basically, the Great Reset isn’t so much a plan in itself as it is a description of many other plans that have already been put into action. It’s the thing that patriots have been describing all these months since the coronavirus conspiracy began: Elites and Jews want to strip you of all your rights, create a global government, end private property, make you live in a pod and eat bugs while surviving on “UBI” credits that are awarded to a computer chip in your hand. The world government wants to be a public-private partnership between the UN and multinational corporations. These corporations will become feudal powers and they’ll basically own portions of the population that live in their pods, eat their bug rations and take their sleeping pills.
The “Great Reset” is just explaining all that like it’s going to be great.
It is important, because they are literally saying they’re going to end private property. The Jews literally plan to destroy Christianity and Western Civilization, and enslave you. The New World Order is here.
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>If this really is kike, then he is some low-level grunt.
I meant globalist.
I'm not a believer in the idea that kikes have superior iq.
Just like the Chinese and Japanese, the Kikes carefully control who can and can't take the IQ tests meant to determine the "average" intelligences of their races.
And this is how they introduce the normal of eating Bug Burgers. The most annoying part is that these standards are being shoved down Americans throats and does nothing about the actual polluter countries such as Africa, China and India.
>just like the chinks
Subhuman cucks on par with kikes and brits.
>just like the Japanese
What the LITERAL FUCK are you even QQ'ing at? Do you have ANY valid source for that claim?
Exactly why I stated what was typed. That entire power fantasy diatribe is a hilariously inept faux-joke: zog and their cuckshill minions are shitting themselves in fear over the 4% (Viva la Resistanze!) since each and every false flag wakes up MORE of the 90% (the sleeping dipshit goyim, in other words) whom are willingly to abide by shitty rules only so that they can feed their own revenge and hatred schemes later. The so-called 'waking the slumbering dragon of 'murica' quote was not only wrong, it was falsely attributed. The correct version is: "When you send a dog to lead a hundred lions, the lions shall fight only as a dog. When you send a lion to lead a hundred dogs, they shall all fight as a lion." The kike whom wrote that stupendously retarded bloc of idiocy was perhaps best described as a globalist bootlicker flagrantly showing off their lack of socio-economic, cultural, and relative understanding. They knew absolutely NOTHING as to how an injured populace reacts to being shut off from the markets they desire to trade with. Yugoslavia? Germany? Japan? Italy? Syria? Iran? Most of Africa? Puerto Rico? Cuba? Brazil? Argentine? Morocco? Oh gee, it's almost as if... (((they))) keep reusing the same fucking script and NEVER realize their faults! The bloviating nature of kikes is such that they do not care WHAT they state, nor HOW they state such, only that they get their dopamine hit from trying to 'control everything'. IF, and I do mean IF the fuel supply lines across the world 'suddenly go down', you cannot even begin to imagine how quickly they will be Kristallnacht'd. Again. For the 40th+ time in the past 100 years. It is mind boggling how obsolescently stupid the (((true jew))) kikes, the 3/4 kikes, the 1/2 kikes, the 1/4 kikes, and etcetera truly are. They act as jelly with no substance when not threatened and in positions of power (Weimar Republic ring a bell? or perhaps 1903-1933 in the Jewnited Estates? the britshit Industrial Revolution? how about the Agrarian Collective era during the early Soviet Jewnion?), yet when even SLIGHTLY pressured they are nothing more than fragile sand-glass egos trying to protect their inbred selves.

The king sends his soldiers to squash the 'rebels', but the soldiers always die, though some soldiers join the 'rebellion'. The king, now in great fear, sends his royal guards, but they always die. Then, the king listens to his 'advisors', whom tell him to send economic assassins. The king and every single advisor are always executed, or die after fleeing, in the end. That is what I find most hilarious: the willing goyim is rightfully removed along with the dipshit kike, the greedy kike, the banker kike, and the religious kike. (((They))) have NO winning options, not even by today's standards, mostly since kikes suffer from a form of inbred low-IQ hyper-paranoia that is best described as existential terror at being exposed for what they are. When that happens they will be truly shoah'd. Remember: "never ascribe to direct malice when it is earnest incompetence." There is zero harm in laughing at such power fantasies. After all, a dream is that which is not reality, by far.

Pic 4u.
>A Slave System Orchestrated By Central Banks
>Catherine Austin Fitts Interviewed by David Knight
That woman knows what's going on with the plandemic and Agenda 2030.

I am reporting this very eye opening piece about the blatant similarity of the Great Reset with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia: it goes to show how current Globalism is non other than a new attempt by the kikes to impose communism on a global scale this time.


“In August 1918 it was decided to establish a real “food dictatorship”. The state had a complete monopoly on supplies […] it introduced a system of food cards with which it decided what and to what extent everyone could eat… well-known writers, scholars and unwelcome members of civil society were victims. […] Subsequently, without exception, all economic activities were prohibited, even the smallest like tailor, shoemaker or ice cream shops". “Compared to 1913, between 1920 and 21, industrial production had dropped by 82 percent and grain production by 40 percent. The cities emptied as their inhabitants fled to the countryside in desperate search for food.

The population of Petrograd from nearly two and a half million inhabitants was reduced to about 740 thousand, with a jump equal to two thirds of the population; in the same period Moscow lost about half of its inhabitants, while the total population in Russia decreased by about a third” (statistics from Krasnaia Gazeta February 9, 1921)." "Workforce that was not employed in agriculture was reduced to less than half compared to when the Bolsheviks took power: from 3 million and 600 thousand to 1 million 500 thousand people". The purchasing power of workers' wages dropped two thirds of the level of 1913-14. Communist economic policy had become the fifth largest economy in the world in a very short time”.

This is from a book called “The Red Terror in Russia, 1918-1923" by Sergei Mel'gunov, the first to document how it was Lenin and not Stalin who inaugurated Terror as a method of government - and this record from the past has huge similarities with the future that's been prepared for us with the Great Reset of Davos as per the roadmap leaked from Canada. The analogy between "war communism" and health dictatorship with lockdown imposed on a population deemed superfluous and polluting is dazzling.

The new lockdown measures imposed all over the West tell us that they will stop at nothing, until they have achieved their goals.

Lenin and his staff were neither stopped nor convinced by the blatant destruction not only of human lives, but by the tragic economic setback that their recipe had caused - to the point of alienating the very social class they claimed to favor.

"Their intention was to make October 25, 1917 the starting date of a new civilization, the starting point of world history," wrote the Medvedevs. 'Restart' is literally what the Davos Forum means by Grand Reset. Lenin and the Bolshevik Central Committee embraced the slogan of the billionaire and ecological globalists: 'Build back better'.

Like Bill Gates and Schwab, Lenin believed he was applying the 'scientific truth' of the teachings of Marx-Leninism: "Assuming he knew everything about 'the social species', Lenin decided which ones should have disappeared because they were condemned by history"; just like the globalist billionaires, and their political servants placed in government everywhere in the West, have abolished (with the sham pandemic) entire social categories that they consider harmful (those employed in hospitality and leisure tourism, up to low cost airlines and to the cultural/show business workers) and dismantled entire social services, from universal public health to public education to social security.

Bill Gates is applying the 'science' of man-made global warming to the world, the billionaire oligarchy aims to 'augment' man with technological ads, making him the transhuman cyborg.

Similarly, "the Party and its engineers of human souls wouldn't have stopped until the individuals under its command were transformed into replaceable wheels (vintiki) of a 'technical gear' or some sort of human robot".

With these premises, it will surprise you to learn that just as today's billionaires aim for digital money and universal digital subsistence income, the Bolsheviks also aimed at the "complete abolition of money".

And just as Soros' Open Democracy proclaims that taking advantage of the virus "it is time to give up the family", so the Reds tried to "blow up the shell of private life", because - as Krupskaja (Lenin's wife) preached - all the private spaces where individuals stayed outside of the state were "a dangerous breeding ground for counter-revolutionaries".

In 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy, the Forum proclaims. The Bolsheviks, "in order to force the Russian masses to the altar of a 'future society' which they had to prepare but not enjoy, there were no other means than Terror, a recipe that was immediately implemented under Lenin" (R. Mondolfo).

Nowadays, media terror is not enough, there already are open threats to fire doctors and nurses who are trying to escape the vaccine with its imposing adverse effects; in Israel it is not possible to shop at the supermarket without presenting the vaccination card; the obligation is imposed more and more harshly.

The iconoclasm of Black Lives Matter also has its origin in Bolshevism. “In the name of our tomorrow we will burn Raphael, we will destroy the museums, we will crush the flowers of art”, shouted the Proletkul't (Proletarian Culture) movement. Precisely Krupskaja, appointed by her husband as director of the General Committee for Political Education, purged the Soviet libraries of 94 authors, including Plato, Dante, Descartes, Jules Verne, Ernst Mach, Fedor Dostojevski, Kropotkin like Solo'vev - and Mozart's Requiem, almost all Bach, and Rachmaninov's Vespers were banned”.

Judging by the monotonous propaganda of newspapers and TV, with the demonization of every deviation from the approved thought, we are not far from the moment that is described as follows: by dint of "demagogy, coercion and repression, the government statalized, monopolized everything, absolutely everything, even the word, even the thought. It became the sole holder of all truths, the sole owner of all material and spiritual goods”.

The success of the Grand Reset by the Bolsheviks in Russia is testified by these official figures:

"[…] According to the Central Statistics Office, as a result of the famine of 1921-22, 5,053,000 inhabitants died. To these must be added those of the civil war: in 1918-20 the country lost 10 million people. Therefore, between 1918 and 1922 the losses would rise to about 15 million, 10% of the population”. By comparison, in Spain the losses during the civil war (1936-39) compared to the whole population were 1.8%, in the US Civil War 1.6".

Bill Gates has let slip that by vaccinating the world, one can reduce the global population by 10%. Given the most modern means, we have no doubt he will do better than Lenin.
Scary shit anon.
Still more creepy when considering that men with guns are keeping us from doing anything at all.
>World Economic Forum
>Worms for dinner? Europe backs insect-based food in a bid to promote alternative protein
>The European Union (EU) has ruled that the larval stage of the Tenebrio molitor beetle, the mealworm, is safe for people to eat and it will shortly be on the market as a “novel food”.
>EU researchers said that the worms, eaten whole or in powder form, are protein-rich, while the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said that edible insects “contain high-quality protein, vitamins and amino acids for humans”.
B-but it's a tinfoil conspiracy theory.
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File (hide): 4D3C25055F568557A90A9021884A0A55-2476741.mp4 (2.4 MB, Resolution:390x480 Length:00:00:59, Beast banking system getting ready.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Beast banking system getting ready.mp4
Beast banking system getting ready.
>FLASHBACK: ‘Great Reset’ Mastermind Klaus Schwab Called for Implantable Microchips to Enforce Global Health Pass in 2016
>World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, who has exploited COVID-19 fear to push his dangerous “Great Reset” scheme, once called for a global health pass to be enforced by implantable microchip technology.
>The clip from 2016, translated from French, can be seen here:

>From a 2016 interview with Klaus Schwab, boss of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in which he says humans will have a chip implanted in their brain or skin within 10 years.
B-but it's a nutters' conspiracy theory.
I can't explain why but I have some kind of intuitive feeling that there will be hard times ahead (perhaps food shortages? or perhaps natural disasters? perhaps financial/debt crisis? I don't really know what exactly...) but in the end everything will turn out fine somehow. I wish I knew more but unfortunately I'm ignorant of any other details or explanations.
Interesting it's at a university where they are mandating the "vaccine"
It matches the intended target.
Students are the most suitable candidates, brainwashing plus their eagerness for "to fit" in the matrix and get the "rewards" are the perfect blend.
>Spain Bans Combustion Engines by 2040 & All Old Cars by 2050
>The Spanish parliament has passed an energy transition law to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. “As of today, Spain has a climate law on the basis of which it can resolutely build a green, sustainable, just future with prosperity for all,” said Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday’s parliamentary vote on Twitter. A central point of the law is a ban on the sale of vehicles with climate-damaging internal combustion engines from 2040.
>Worse still, all combustion engine cars will be banned from even driving after2050. By 2023 at the latest, all Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must set up zones in which the traffic of particularly climate-damaging vehicles are restricted.
>UN report pushes global government to “prevent future pandemics”
>Global surveillance, “financial independence” and power to override national governments headline WHO’s recommended “reforms”.

>Politico: The Red Meat Issue Biden Won’t Touch
>Joe Biden isn’t going to go there.
>You have his word as a Biden that he will not cave to the progressive activists who are pressuring him to tackle America’s meat obsession. He isn’t going to ban red meat in order to reduce carbon emissions to achieve his own climate goals by 2030. It is fake news. It is a total nothingburger.
>Note: Joe has already caved on refugee resettlement.
>Bug Appétit: Eating Cicadas Is Good For You and the Environment
>They are really excited about this.
>Insects are the progressive caviar of the future. While eating chicken instead of beef “basically amounts to trading one moral catastrophe for another,” eating bugs is the key to sustainable food production because their carbon footprint is significantly less environmentally damaging.
>Everyone is doing it!
>Pandemic Phase Two
>Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum are most likely preparing for the second punch following the manufactured COVID Pandemic. The second punch is his profound warning with simulations once again of a cyber attack that will take down the world economy. I find it curious how this man who thinks he can direct, control, and accelerate what he calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution and turn it GREEN, has also created his center for cybersecurity.
The Great Reset
The Cyber-Attack Narrative Is Underway.

>an excuse to regulate internet

Damn! Which one to pick? So many choices and all are so damn good! Those insect burgers do look delish after all those years biting plastic yet... the extra 10 minutes in the screaming room is so teasing, makes my darn skin crawl in pure forms of excitement!!! And yet the idea of just being able to stand again in that pod is simply beyond me! Though I'm unsure if my legs can take it given their condition after decades of laying in one place. and the realistic sexual interaction? Man, after all those years in vein this all does come to finally touching a female boob!

Though I also wander how a plant looks like. What life was like. Maybe I should go with a latter?

Fuck it. I'm just gonna toss a five sided bitcoin.
>I'm just gonna toss a five sided bitcoin.
B-but there's another choice. To drop a monkey wrench into the machinery.

310496 310497
>Prophet Klaus Schwab Announces WEF Plan to Cyberattack World, Create Hunger and Poverty that will Eclipse CV19 THIS Summer
>Anyone beginning to see a pattern?
>Meat packers and gas pipelines can be hacked but not elections? Thanks, comrade.
>Any company big enough to be a cyberattack target is big enough to design work-arounds.
>They never attack Beyond Meat, Woka-Cola or Proctor & Gamble, do they? How odd. Somehow Tesla doesn’t have any semi-chip shortages. You won’t see a solar panel company “hacked” or a vaccine company.
>Watch for more “attacks” on anything and everything that supports self-sufficient, regional or middle class economies, such as the hack that nearly poisoned the water supply of Oldsmar, Florida, in February.
>This is a fifth-generation world war being run by a global Crime Syndicate, and the enemy is any and all competition. They use alarmist imperatives as a cover for yet more greed, corruption, enslavement and to feed their lust for power and control.
>Is a "Climate Lockdown" on the horizon?
>If and when the powers-that-be decide to move on from their pandemic narrative, lockdowns won't be going anywhere. Instead it looks like they'll be rebranded as "climate lockdowns", and either enforced or simply held threateningly over the public's head.
>At least, according to an article written by an employee of the WHO, and published by a mega-coporate think-tank.
>Let's dive right in.
>The report's author and backers
>The report, titled "Avoiding a climate lockdown", was written by Mariana Mazzucato, a professor of economics at University College London, and head of something called the Council on the Economics of Health for All, a division of the World Health Organization.
>It was first published in October 2020 by Project Syndicate, a non-profit media organization that is (predictably) funded through grants from the Open society Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many, many others.
World Economic Forum has un-listed the video A cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics.mp4
>first video
The World Economic Forum has un-listed that video "A cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics" in jewtube.
Here I post a copy just in case it goes missing because the goyim knows too much.
That's pretty funny. You know who would do something about and understands has the background for mass hysteria (y2k).
Programmers. Anyone with an ounce of knowledge knows the inaccuracies and the sheer damage (and employment opportunities such an event holds)
Why, it's absolutely in the possibility to do something in this sector and they're just going to give it all up. To destroy everything.
Countering this needs a humble amount of infrastructure
All one has to do to maximize the capital it have seemingly disconnected tech firms for online connectivity and security. Dash their plans to ash while making the most of it.
The issue is being evidently prepared in today's monitoring, and ready for their inevitable retaliation.

Why there is plenty of internet personalities that will tear open a new one for the shlock their shoving.
Turn off all technology for a day to stop a big bad cyber virus is beyond stupid. The obvious fear mongering is so on the nose finding the nose wouldn't be that hard at all.
310504 310505 316614
All the cyberattacks bullshit is ZOG made to keep the population in state of fear of the unknown.
Gas shortages because a cyberattack on a pipeline? Just manually open the valve and let the liquid flow. The problem is solved.
Meat shortages because a cyberattacks on a mayor slaughterhouse? Just keep the mexicans cutting beef and keep tracking of the production with paper and pencil. Problem solved.
All that absurdity let me wonder how stupid and evil those in the government are to come up with those tall tales.
Also some questions arise. How come the pawns in charge let the critical computers exposed to the network? How come no daily backup is made in case of an emergency? How come no one is fired? How come no one is charged with internal sabotage for hadn't taken the mentioned steps?
The obvious deception is impossible to deny.
Control and domination. They want the whole world in their pocket. And they want it now.
It'd the perfect impetus for digital IDs. They've planted the seed of doubt and fear, and their solution 'trust our science'.
Two stages of gaslines and meat production facilities.
They planted the idea of 'invisible carriers' while also technically sort of true, but not in a way that's useful or good for the public.
They want perfect isolation. Their cover of darkness.
They've made the 'perfect storm' against themselves.
They have the strawdummys in place to take the blame, the multiple operations they so desire to enact. The vast array of solutions.
The only little bitty issue is people, and the wrenches thrown in key bits of their plot.
310525 310537 310600
One By One Featuring Rik Mayall Covid-19 Coronavirus.mp4
"One by One" is a British film from 2014 made with 80,000 £.
The genre is drama and the movie spins around the planned genocide of humanity, aka depopulation. Poisons, viruses, and vaccines are named as well the delusion that we are free.
The theme is so redpilling and dangerous for the kikes and their mason proxies that the film is banned everywhere.
There is still a copy playing at: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/one-by-one-2014-film-rik-mayall_dCJoaGLUNlLHdyk.html
A clip with the key part of the movie is added to this post in case you have no time to watch the full movie (1,5 hour).
Can't find recent infos about the director Diane Jessie Miller whom pootube says is making the copy infringement claim. Then I check her twitter. No updates since Nov 2019 whereas she was active before, right when the scamdemic kicked off in wuhan...huh.
>right when the scamdemic kicked off in wuhan...huh.
That movie can give the wrong ideas to the normies, maybe like a pre-emptive revolution.
310600 316614
Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse Discussion on National TV - USA.mp4
The movie put on the table the idea of using the military to kill their own people.
That may be related to the predictive programming deployed by Hollywood and the CIA TV about zombies on the streets.
>Surviving a zombie apocalypse discussion on national TV - USA.
>The Culling of humanity (zombies) - Dr Pierre Gilbert (1995)
Massive Depopulation Agenda with evidence in Deagel Report.mp4
Another peculiar info about massive depopulation and the injections.


File (hide): 3FE956B52F11C04E5119588B221A84FA-4585976.mp4 (4.4 MB, Resolution:854x480 Length:00:02:19, Trump and Klaus Schwab.mp4) [play once] [loop]
Trump and Klaus Schwab.mp4
Trump and Klaus Schwab playing 7D chess - Trump's allegiance in plain sight.
>5,000 Burgers Per Day: World's First Mega Lab-Grown Meat Factory Opens
>The World Economic Forum's (WEF) The Great Reset plan includes a complete transformation of the global food and agricultural industries and the dieting of humans. The architects behind this plan are preparing for a meatless society with the introduction of cell-based, slaughter-free meat.
>Before this decade is over, we're all going to be eating some form of slaughter-free meat, including chicken, pork and lamb, and beef. The point of all this is to generate fewer greenhouse emissions at cattle farms, use less land for farming, and reduce the use of freshwater and grains for the traditional process of growing livestock.
>The aim is for a sustainable future, and already we've noted a few companies producing cell-based, slaughter-free meat. However, these facilities are operating at limited output as it is costly to produce fake meat.
>World Economic Forum (WEF) Announces Creation of Orwellian ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’
>WEF partners with Big Tech and governments to police Internet, encourage ‘coordinated action’ against unauthorized voices deemed ‘harmful’ to collective psyche
>Schwab’s latest venture is the so-called “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” that consists of execs from Big Tech and government officials with the goal of creating a “global framework” for regulating speech on the Internet, wiping it of so-called “harmful content.”
>And who gets to define what’s “harmful”? Why, the global coalition set up by the elitist WEF of course!
Cyber Polygon - a simulation exercise of a global cyber pandemic.mp4
REMINDER - "Cyber Polygon" - a simulation exercise of a global cyber pandemic by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum starts today, July 9.

> WEF Admits: Covid Hoax is Pretext for Communist World Tyranny
>"1.4.2. Global governance" from WEF's book COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET, (June, 2020) by Klaws Swab is a confession of WEF's business plan to establish a global top-down totalitarian communist government. The covid scam is presented as proof Americans need to renounce their national independence and surrender their democratic freedom.