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Anonfilly Thread - Playtime Edition
282599 283478 283481 283569 283622
>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>276120 →
152 replies and 62 files omitted.
My mouth pee to wish in, filly for I.

chad pedo vs cuckime tranny pedo.PNG
coping weebcuck pedokike.
Haven't seen you around here before. Besides, I just repost shit that I find, I didn't make the image.
>Be Anonymous
>Hot air balloons are cool, but that isn't the awesome part.
>We're heading to Cloudsdale to bet on a horse race and hookers and blackjack!
>Mostly the gambling on flying hoers.
>Even if the ride here was crowded with the elements of harmony.
>"We're here everypony!"
>Twilight leaves, as does Ponk
>and Apple 'background' Jack
>and Rarity.
>I step off the hot air balloon onto the cloud.
>and through the cloud
>and falling
>Maximum surface area, don't be a flailing cunt.
>No one is coming.
>It's a long fall to almost certain demise.
>The flat plain of grass grows ever closer.
>not ideal
>So this is how it all ends.
>Twilight forgot to put the cloud walking spell on me.
>My whole new life.
>Fuck this shit, if I'm going out I'm doing it with style.
>Break the legs and start to tumble convert the speed into horizontal energy.
>A cripple for the rest of my life.
>One fucking shot
>It's getting too close.
>Fuck no one is here.
>How the hell will I get to the hospital.
>Worry about it later it's coming.
>luck please be on my side
Well it's been a long while, but I'll start reposting random greens into this paste bin.
Oh shit, she just fucking died?
283571 283576 283598
>be anonfilly
>say nigger a lot
>lie to ponies about what nigger means
>twilight sparkle pats your head and tells you you're a good girl
rate and review my fic plz
>not twilight pats your head and tells you you're a good nigger
3/10 shows some promise
Don't encourage Nigel, it's low-effort schlock.
>lie to ponies about what nigger means
No reason to do so.
Even Fluttershy taking care of every beast in Equestria would be appalled.
Plz rate my story
>Be Anonfilly
283580 283591
>bee anonfilly
>defy all known laws of aviation
>smell that sweet sweet nectar
>see purple horse watering flowers
>sting her
r8 h8 masterb8
Sad and a wasted bee.
283587 283622
10/10 would be Anonfilly again
Just bee yourself lmao
this to be desu
Anonfilly trying on a wedding dress just for giggles, only to be stunned by how beautiful she is in one.
283600 283605
>be anonfilly
>say nigger a lot
>ponies join in
Wew, I have the desire to see that now. Thanks I didn't know I needed to know that, and now I do.
yay friendship!
283609 283611
which is funnier
>ponies hear you saying nigger and copy you to make you "feel more at home", but ponies misunderstand and misuse the word
>Pinkie yells "Nigger!" happily every time her baking is done

>tell ponies stories of the monstrous niggers in your world
>ponies, familiar with the old "evil version of the heroic species" cliche, fully loathe niggers now
>some hug you and call you a brave survivor for surviving in a world so infested with niggers
283607 283653
You just made death super scared what did you do?
figure out how to clone souls
Absolutely the first.
My god Nigel, you're not fucking funny. Your prompts are low-effort garbage, your writing has never been good, and we don't want you in this fucking thread. Even if we had no writefags whatsoever, we still wouldn't welcome your shit. And before you call me an SJW or a cuck, I hate niggers as much as the next guy. Comedy is a delicate art, and just having ponies say "nigger" just isn't that fucking funny.
>Be Cozy Glow
>Future Empress of Equestria
>Everything is going well, the lines are drawn and their flaws are showing.
>Just one tiny itsy bitsy thing is standing between you and your rightful place for a better Equestria.
>A filly by the name of Anonymous.
>"Hey, I have have something cool to show you at my place."
>Well being the Empress can wait one more day.
>After all Friendship is Power!
>An alibi is always useful to have on hoof.
>Yes, I'll propose a sleepover and nopony will bat an eye over those three days.
"Golly Anon you're room sure is messy."
>She blushes.
>Then she gives you a hug.
>"I'll always be by your side."
>That's very unusual her starting the hug.
>"I will always be by your side thick or thin."
>Her hug is a bit tighter, more desperate.
>"You're my best friend here, and I can't stand keeping this a secret between us any more."
>For all her joking of homosexuals is she?
>She whispers
>"I know everything."
"What do you mean?"
>No! All my plans! Because of- of- my...
>"You're my friend, and I want to be by your side, and I want to put that crown on your head, because..."
>What. How. Why? When?
>She kisses you.
>The plots and schemes begin to melt away
>but one plot came to mind and its hers.
>What Empress of friendship doesn't have friends?
>She looks hopeful, and lost, and weary, and confused.
>I draw her into the kiss, and dominate the exchange this time.
>She does have a nice head on her at times.
>A perfect pawn.
>A fumbling foal to pin anything on.
"I didn't think this is what you had in mind, but I like it."
>"Oh no see it's this."
>She grabs a notebook.
>Opening it to a hoof written first page.
>An Ethical Guide to Morally Ambiguous Plots: The How's, Why's, When's, and Howdy Do's to plans Long and Short. By Anonymous.
"Anonymous? Thanks. But what would I use this for?"
>"I know everything I don't want to see you go to Tartarus."
>Hoofing through the notebook, plans, charts, diagrams, breaking down social interaction.
>To achieve what Anonymous believes to be the best end result.
>Maybe I can't use Anonymous as a simple pawn.
"So what was the kiss for?"
>Was it a plan?
>She grins with a flush.
>A gullible fool?
>Something more?
>"Whatever you want it to mean."
283623 283690
Bronies, this is your mindset.png
die out.
>walks like an Egyptian
Johnny Joestar is best JoJo
Seriously, your off topic blurts and lazy shite prompts are not welcome here. Continued insistence WILL be disciplined
Simple days.
283632 283641
Translations are sketchy, but should get the point across.

>You're playing with your only friends.
>Orphans, almost like how you are now.
>"Forðgewîtan wægn ûs of pro ic cliewen Anonymous."
>"Come here, pass us the ball Anonymous."
"Simb−lunga heonu êower canne grîpan me."
>I taunt them to catch me.
>"Tôdæge Anonymous êower willa niman duguð mêdsceatt êow willaunderniman mid plegende wið hwît mægden hiertan!"
>"One day anonymous you will get the payment you will to get for playing with fair maiden heart!"
"Gêse, âwihte âhwænne yfel bêga."
>Yes, only when I find a maiden. Kek.
>Going to need some ice for that burn.
>Their teacher sternly walks up to our fun game.
>"Unweaxen ides heofoncundlic unfrôd hl¯æfdige mônaðlic, oferfaran sê bêon tîd hwæt êower foremearcung. Giefnes dôð f¯ærbena nêadðearfnes must hnot bêon ðynhl¯æne."
>"Young queen celestial young queen lunar, come it be time for your lesson. Leave the peasant time must not be wasted."
>Our collective disappointment did not deter him.
>"Lôcian êow forhraðe Anonymous."
>"See you soon Anonymous."
"Lôcian êow sîð æt sîðestan!"
>Hopefully I will see them soon.
>See you soon indeed.
Simple Days 2 the Electric Boogaloo
>"Wow, this was your friend?"
"Is, not was is, my most faithful student. She has not aged a day since she attempted to block the Elements of Harmony for my sister."
>The statue of a mare holding a flag wearing a cape.
>The one of victory.
>Her greatest defeat.
>Then my student blasts the statue.
>"ðês derian."
>Her first words in over a thousand years "Everything hurts".
>"Dægcandel mêtan!"
"So vulgar even after all this time?"
>Wait she shouldn't understand modern Equish.
>"Haha! I knew one dôgor remembering and practicing would be nytlic."
>"Oh my gosh it worked."
>"Gêse. Now food, it has been many many years since I have had a hamburger and fries. Ha! Even longer to have proper tomato ketchup. Mayhaps even tendies."
"A perfect time to have some words with my student about using magic on a whim. We have much to discuss and I have my own questions."
>"Bringan duguð gang. Fyrst b¯ætan- ahem I mean, first food. Only then will we be watered amd filled to have our minds quenched."
>Lead the way...
"By my side as my friend."
>"I suppose I'll check out your flanks later, Sun Butt."
sutton hoo helmet.jpg
I need to get back to learning Eald Englisc tbh. Thanks for the reminder.

/r/ing filly trying to wear the Sutton Hoo helmet while reeing at Normans to get the fuck out
>Be Anonfilly
>You came out of a magic egg.
>As in Spike doesn't fucking exist here
>"Anooon, fetch me the book on- Anon?"
>not now smoll purple
>The future is in flux
>nothing is certain
>there are world, nation ending events that are coming soon
>and it's all changed.
>Then you see Celestia's student
>Sunset Shimmer
>with Spike.
>"Come on Anon it's just Sunset. I know we have different schedules, and you don't normally go to those lessons, and she is kind of cool, but we have an important job to do."
>This is fine.
>Oh yeah.
"Hey Purple Smart isn't it your study buddy's birthday soon?"
>"Oh my silly filly that's not for another week. Don't worry your little head over it."
>tfw your a filly
>tfw your classified as a magical artifact
>tfw you technically have no rights
>"You can't do that."
>An old mare looks at me as I pushed Granny Smith away from a falling barn beam.
"I just helped my friend's grandmother. Who the hell are you?"
>"That isn't possible, look."
>The crazy pony waves a cut string around.
>"You shouldn't be able to see me either."
>"Now what do I do? I can't kill her, and the string has already been cut. I can't take her soul away now."
>Hold on.
"Kill her?"
>"I am Death."
>Walking closer to the psycho old mare I say one last thing.
"So who all... uhhh are you going to kill."
>"Everypony in Equestria and the world-"
>Years of training and watching tv has prepared you for this moment.
>you just hug her torso
>tugging back and forth.
>Then Purplerino comes to help tag team the potential killer.
"Help me! This crazy wants to kill everyone!"
>"Only when everypony dies."
>"Ahm here good job holdin' the invisible attempted murderer."
>Aw yeah Rainbow blasting time.
>pic related
283659 283668

Yes fillies, rifles alone won't cut it.
<"I'll now administor disciplin."
"Waka chika...
What do?
What if one imbibed the spirit of your own memery the best of those possibilities and the worst of those options. This has nothing to do with the green.

>Be Anonfilly
>Momfu is out doing something, but the important part is this.
>It's fillies night with the bros. Cyan, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, and even the faggot colors will be there.
>You have to make it to bro night, the one night a month when the stars align and work allows this blissful paradise for a few hours.
>There is one problem. The neighbor has a really friendly cat and dog. So much so that the fellow foals walking down this street sometimes get glazed.
>Caulked in cat or canine cum to the bro cave is...
>not showing up is worse.
>But you have a modicum of pride.
>Damnit that's not a pun!
>Now the best way to get there unnoticed.
"Sneaky song. Sneaky song. Never leads me wrong."
>Through the front door. Across the way, past the mail box.
"Sneaking through, with a dark hue, that's what I do."
>The animals are almost aware of you.
"Sneaky song. Sneaky song. Where are you. Now there's nothing you can do."
>At night they had a chain on their collars to keep the other houses from having mystery marks.
"Sneaky song. Sneaking. It'll be a while for some thinking."
>Then you hear the chains rapidly clinking.
"Sneak real fast. Just don't be last. Because they're at fullmast!"
>Barks are coming. But it's better to get to the bro cave sooner.
"Running at full blast. I'll slip away, they won't see me today."
>A resounding clank. The full length. Everything is fine.
>It broke.
"Fu-fast as I can. I just ran."
>There the door to the fight club.
>Burst through.
>They're shocked.
"Help me brace!"
>That's how you spent the next few hours chatting with your fellows about not being fucked. One filly pushing things to help keep the door shut.
>Then you realize the only door is blocked.
>The cat prowls around the property.
>Scratching and clinking of the chains and claws creep along.
>The next few hours is bro time.
>Now the stakes are high. If their momfus catch a whiff of funny business the fillies night is over.
>Nothing outside. No cat, no dog, no chains.
>More importantly there is no sound from the griff faggot on the otherside of the wall.
>None from the redpilled, based stallion.
>No sounds from the birds at night.
>At least you have eachother.
>"Let's secure the windows."
>Even the low voice felt it could almost break an unseen rule.
>You nod.
"Together, no one alone."
>It's grueling work to fortify the stronghold quickly and quietly.
>You all get it done.
>Something feels off though.
>From the griff's trash dump of a place.
>No movement where that fag has a printer running day and night.
>A soft piano starts playing. At least the stallion of culture nextdoor is alive.
>It's fitting.
>So you sing in harmony.
>The building starts to shake.
>Screams, and every possible yell slowly reaches a crescendo.
>The old stallion based and redpilled is he plays Initial D.
>Everyone is pouring your heart out.
>The walls sway, going down a highway through hell.
>Damned screams can't keep up with your heart and soul.
>Windows and doors are bending. Shifting the furniture, and various blockades.
>It breaks. Although a rhythm starts to form. We all have an inkling of an idea at hand.
>The horrors that lie ahead shake and tremble at your combined might.
>Walls crumble.
>The stallion piano pony rolls into the room.
>As do many instruments
>"I'm taking requests smoll fags. Don't complain just keep it up. We'll make it for sure then."
<What Do?
<Which one next?
I want them on my team. Qties, and upgraded arms it's hard to get much better.
283687 283703 283712
>become filly
>twilight wants to keep you for scientific studies because you're an anomaly
>she just feeds, pampers, and spoils you like an only child instead
>she just feeds, pampers, and spoils you like an only child instead
Anon's dreams come true.
>die out.
283705 283711 283712 283715 283717 283732 283734 283779
>Be only child
>Life is good
>Mom dies
>Dad starts getting on my ass about everything from my political beliefs to the people I hang out with
>Immediately starts dating another woman
>Constantly tells me how spoiled and lucky I am even though I work for the money to buy everything I use but shit like food and toothpaste and my mom is fucking dead.
>Starts using my dead mom as a tool to try to get me to conform to his standards, telling me that she would be ashamed of me whenever I'm doing something he doesn't like.
>Whenever I try to reason with him he yells at me or takes away my computer.
>Only have two friends irl, computer is where all my friends are.
>Wants me to hang out with people I haven't been friends with in years because he likes them better than my autistically small but comfy friend pool.
>Every time I try to debate him he acts like I'm the antichrist.
>Eventually snap and pull a knife on him when he tries to take my computer away after I call him a faggot.
>Plays it off afterwards as "oh you were holding the knife wrong I could've taken it away but I didn't want to"
>Yeah fuck you I know how to handle knives.
>Don't get my computer taken away though, whatever.
>Keeps this bullshit up until I move out
I guess that's probably why I'm here.
283706 283709
bad pony.png
Let me put it plain and simple, and you won't like it.
His roof, his rules. Like it or not, you are a dumb filly and the stallion deserves respect. After all if he doesn't care, why he bothers about you and tries to correct you?
Shut up and drop the defiance.
>His roof, his rules.
Also, his foal, his education.
283710 283711
I never said I had no respect for him you dumbass. I fucking tried time after time to reach a compromise. To try and come to some sort of fucking agreement. He's also about as lefty as you can get, so that didn't make things any easier. Every time I want to talk about funs he shuts me down because he feels threatened by my interest in them. Every time I try to come to a compromise it's a long, messy argument and finally, when he can't push any further logically, he pulls the "I'm your father" shit and walks away bacause I can't fucking push against that. Do you not see how that could drive someone mad? You know not all fathers are amazing role models or amazing people right? Did you even read the shit about how he used my dead fucking mom to try to get me to act on his whims? Does that not strike you as fucked-up at all?
Understood. And still no matter how wrong and annoying he is, he is your dad.
Don't be a whinny brat, you must shut up and drop the defiance. You will understand why in perhaps 10 or 15 years, when maturity and common sense come to age. Faggot.
283712 283758
Moving out really does help with parental relationships. Give it a couple years of not constantly getting on each other's nerves anymore and you'll start reaching out to each other again. I used to be an angsty faggot like you, then I moved to another state and found out that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Also what the does this have to do with filly? This is the mommy issues general, not the daddy issues general.
Well, I don't know the nitty grity details, not sure how I would have done then.
>This is the mommy issues general, not the daddy issues general.
It's close enough, I suppose it can be both.
>Also what the does this have to do with filly?
>she just feeds, pampers, and spoils you like an only child instead
>only child
>loife story about being an only child.
was hoping the green would lead to a story, but discussions are good too.[/s[
You'll be happier when you move out, my father was a bastard too.
He's trying to pressure and reshape you but he doesn't know what he wants from you. It's not your fault that he is the way he is. If there was one thing I wish someone said to me as a kid/teenager, it's "It is not your fault the adults in your life are the way they are". It's not your job to raise him or feel responsible for him.

I'm 24, and as you get older you'll understand why stupid people act the way they do. It won't magically make you okay with it. But you'll recognize that it's not your fault that he is the way he is, and that knowledge helps.
Think about what he really said with that "I swear I could have taken the knife I just didn wanna" bullshit.

He didn't encourage you to stand up for yourself more often, and he didn't recognize his mistakes and try to drop his attitude and try talking things out with you. He tried to push you down once you were unarmed and no longer scaring him, by saying he could have punished you for standing up to him if he wanted to.
"Oh, I could have easily kicked your ass just then in that moment when you stood up to me. Don't consider this a victory or else! Don't do that again or else!"

What a fucking coward. Nothing good's ever come from the kind of man who lies to retroactively win a fight in an attempt to regain lost face.
He's not some "deep and wise old man", he just sounds like a colossal faggot who puts his ego and "perceived dominance" above actually helping you, giving you advice, or being able to recognize that he's pushing you too hard in the wrong directions. He's the type of little man who wants to be in charge, thinks he's great at being in charge, but can't understand people or how anything he says/does could affect them.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's projecting his own flaws and failings onto you.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at himself for not making more friends in his youth, hence why he gives you shit for having online friends instead of friends his monkey brain can look at and understand.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at himself for failing to become rich and successful, hence why he's trying to pretend the things he gives you (like toothpaste) are so wondrous and valuable and spoiling-you-ish.

It wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at you for not being exactly what he thinks a superior copy of him should look and sound and act like, even though you're clearly a better man than him if you're willing to reach out and ask for advice while he just bitches and bullies and fails at life.

again, it wouldn't surprise me if he's mad at himself for failing to become rich and successful, hence why he's trying to pretend the things he gives you (like toothpaste) are so wondrous and valuable and spoiling-you-ish. Most retarded parents start pretending they deserve awards for giving their kids a bed and hot meals because they're secretly butthurt about not being rich enough to get their kids bigger beds and better meals.
Or they feel inadequate for some other reason, like not thinking their child is popular enough IRL or sufficiently good with women or not rich enough yet. They feel like what they do is not enough, they get sad, they lie to themselves in the name of ego, and get butthurt at you for not making them feel so incredibly over-appreciated that it solves their feelings of inadequacy.
These types love to pretend the world is still as "if you just work hard you'll magically succeed"ish as it was when they were young and too lazy to work hard. Reminds me of my dad, who just couldn't understand why I as a teenager didn't have what society or his father handed to him on a silver platter at my age. The faggot would give me shit for not owning a motorcycle like he once supposedly did, can you believe it? He never took me to a motorcycle store, didn't know what to buy, and was staunchly against me getting a real job that could accumulate wealth because it would get in the way of his social-credit-seeking "Oh woe is me, my child is such a failure" bullshit. Fuck that faggot.

A lot of people want to believe fathers are inherently wise and mystical. Truth is, adults are just people and most people are fucking dumb. Society worked better when men were raised to know how to be good men AND good fathers. Why pretend there's something inherently respect-earning about fatherhood when only the white man's culture that made white fathers so great and respectable? You've encountered enough leftists in your life to know not everybody grows up, right? Boomers are the lowest form of life on this planet because they gave this country away to niggers and jews. Boomers with a brain are exceedingly rare, and boomers with a brain and balls are damn near unheard of.

I know I'm extrapolating a lot from what you've told me here. There's a good chance that I'm completely wrong and he's done good things for you that I don't know about.
But from what you've told me so far, it sounds like your father is a faggot who thinks he has to fix you before you turn out like him, but doesn't know how to fix your life or what he really wants you to be. He'll just femininely act out like a little baby until something seems to magically improve. So don't feel ashamed if you feel you have to say some bullshit or fake some bullshit here and there to make him happy and get him off your case. Talk about some great times you and your friends had even if they never happened. Claim you've met a few girls online, seen them via webcams and spoken to them "over the phone" (he knows what phones are probably) and played tons of online games with them because they love online gaming and you're trying to decide which one to date. Pretend you're incredibly into fascinating documentaries on animals and plants and history, tell him about what you've learned from these documentaries, and get him used to accepting new knowledge from his son.

Putting up with him won't be easy but it won't last forever.
Also, don't bother with debates. Boomers don't think with logic, they think with faith and their desire to feel socially accepted.
As for faith...
You could put a hundred arguments against communism in front of a Boomer and he wouldn't read any of them if he loved communism. Once you get old, your mind gets "set in its ways". This is why it's so much better to learn instruments/extra languages and develop self-improving habits and good routines while you're still young.
Boomers put their absolute faith in a person or concept until it's shattered completely. Only then do they become emptied of ego and willing to listen.
To convince a commie, you'd need to tie him down and show him hours of documentaries detailing how communism failed its workers, why communism can't work, what made it worse than nazism, and more until he finally stopped thinking it's a morally-good thing to be a communist.

It's the same shit with boomers and celebrities.
They don't care if some celebrity does something uncool or horrible or even illegal and degenerate. They don't care if some celebrity does something generous or heroic, even if it saves lives.
They like X celebrity because they've liked X celebrity ever since they decided to like X celebrity, and they won't feel like changing their position on that (remaining the same ageing rotting old decaying bastard despite how the world and circumstances change around them gives them a feeling of stability) until they see something new that shatters their view of that celebrity.
But if it became considered "uncool" to like their favourite celebrity, they'd drop him or her or it in an instant.
They care more about feeling like people think they're cool than feeling right, and they care more about feeling right than being right. Everything they tell themselves to think is inspired by what they currently think a good person is/does/thinks.

One Irish friend of mine had a retardedly woke boomer dad who watched TV news and loudly said "fuck racism" a lot in his house and did little else. He didn't change his mind when he saw videos debunking lefty lies or statistics proving the shitness of blacks. He changed his mind when he saw a ton of "Cringe SJWs get fucking destroyed by facts and logic compilation #69" followed by Molyneux's Ireland 2040 video explaining how white replacement is happening in Ireland(while ignoring the jew element sadly and blaming it all on the EU). Now he's gone from talking a lot about nonsense to repeating obvious entry-level facts about race to feel redpilled and cool. His voting habit changed to "Whatever my son says to vote for must be based and redpilled".
That's one more redpilled vote and one less jew vote. It's all the redpilling he needs for now. Probably all the redpilling he'll ever be able to take, considering how often he says "Those fucking evil muslims wanting to hurt the christians and jews, omg the muslims are like nazis but the left's ok with them for being brown, fuck the browns".

Not everyone on this planet is a person. Not everyone can think clearly and not everyone can be reasoned with. It would be great if you could convince your dad to vote Trump instead of Biden, but that's probably the furthest an oldfag that stuck-in-his-ways could ever be taken.
Get a life, I'm giving life advice in the Transformation-Fetish Transgender-Fetish Dommy-Mommy-Fetish Loli General to someone who needs it.
>still hasnt figured out KYS filly
Lurk moar fgt
>To convince a commie, you'd need to tie him down and show him hours of documentaries detailing how communism failed its workers, why communism can't work, what made it worse than nazism, and more until he finally stopped thinking it's a morally-good thing to be a communist.
It's a bit more involved than that. Depending on the depth of the religious zealotry and public perception and personality profile.
True. Some people are just lost causes.
It's not legal for pedos to rape kids, even though they want to.
Why should it be legal for commies to vote for corruption, just because they want to?
If commies win they'll legalize pedophilia like they effectively did under Weimar Germany. https://historycollection.com/17-reasons-why-germanys-weimar-republic-was-a-party-lovers-paradise/
The source is faggoted, trying to paint all this degeneracy as a good thing and a superior alternative to """prudism""". But it still admits the depths of the degeneracy, like a gloating cartoon supervillain.
So I heard you guys like fillies. Anyone wanna buy some? $300 a piece.
Scruff 2.2.png
That sucks dude, your dad sounds like an asshole. Glad you're doing better.
Pulling out a knife does seem a bit extreme though.
The faster you leave, the better. I can already tell you done nothing wrong.

When I left home things got better, of course its still a bit of strain on me to keep contact but otherwise. Bu being on your own is wonderful.
If pic related turned into Anonfilly, would we see any personality differences?
>"What's on your mind Anon? "
>Be Starlight Glimmer
>You think one of the students has a crush on you.
>Specifically Anon she keeps asking you to go on a balloon ride with her.
>Class time just ended.
>Now she is heavily flirting.
>"Glimmer you fuckin' Commie."
>Always to contract and communicate with that new age slang.
>Also fornication.
>Going out with Twilight's daughter is weird.
>Not to mention she's just a foal. Maybe... you're not clear about the topic Twilight keeps shifting about.
>You do understand she has a bit of trouble with talking to other ponies her age.
>Or in general.
>At least you find it confusing. Some of the slang, and words, and phrases just don't quite seem right.
>Something has to be done in any case.
>You shuffle through some papers.
>Ah ha!
>It'll be Anon's birthday soon. Then this whole adult flirting talk can stop.
Oh boy, time for a one-way balloon ride to tartarus!
>still hasnt figured out KYS filly
I never had any intent of doing anything with it, just wanted to show him I wasn't going to take it all lying down anymore. I had tried pretty much every form of rational appeal and they all failed. To quote Marvin Heemeyer...
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Sorry for the off-topic posting. Have a filly.
Filly from the draw thread
283768 283772 283775

Yes. Proud Filly partner.
283772 283775

horrified filly.gif
That's a nice sleepy filler right there. Yep, yep.
Very comfy.
Wouldn't erase, a qt. The body can be sculpted to be peak filly.
Not exactly the same, but you have the idea.
I wopuld advice to try to keep a stoic mindset and try to remain unprovoked by everything and also always try to stop things from escalating. Yes, I'm well aware how impossible that taks can be and I can relate to your feelings of wanting to show that yopur not a pushover. In fact, while this might be sending a bit of amix message, I bet standing up to him was actually strengthening to your mentality. It was for me when I stood up against my step father.

If you could, you could just pretend to abandon your true ideas and politics or maybe pretend to be less extreme or whatever.You will be surprized what people will believe when they want to believe it. It's not like you can get through to him when you yourself don't feel safe. I would sugguest waiting with getting through to him till you have your own place.

In general, I don't know if this is true for you, but for me when I began my journey I naively though that I could tell my mom and so on about my opinions and that while they probably would disagree, they would listen to me and take the fact that I was such a good kid into consideration but that didn't happen. since it was the begining of my journey, I hadn't fully realized my opinions and how to formulate them so being pressured to defend them form my leering step dad was diffcult. I just knew that what I had picked was the right thing.

I guess, my advice is that (if you're new to this), is to let everything run off you. Its almost like a skill, you practice, because you have to focus on everything in life so you cannot be mad at everything even though you will be correct in being angry.at the mire that is this world.

>Be filly
>Have ponk momfu
>Wake up to sweet scent
>Get pankcakes for breakfeast
>Bring lunchbox to school
>Its a ham, cheese, and roasted bread cupcake
>Prank Cheerlie
>Stay after school
>Ponk comes and you, her, and Cheerlie have a stern discussion about your behavior
>After you two leave, Ponk's gives you a highfive Or highone? for an awesome prank
>Go home
>Practice baking cakes and dancing
>You try to one-up Ponk on a competetion of who can make up most puns from the words being said
>Go to bed
>Ponk tires to read bedtime story but can't
>Simpleton, iliterate, mud pone
>Like you
>You read it for her instead
>You lay their cozy under the covers
>Book gets lower and lower untill you pretend to drop it as you pretend to fall asleep
>Ponk's mane get the lights
>A hoof wanders down to feel you..................

>You smash the lights on and turn to Ponk
"Kill yourself, Pedophile!"
Thought it meant something else. Basically ridiculing and mocking .

284313 284361 284392
Been a long time
So what if Anonfilly has to hug (or do something) with whoever has contact with her.
Instead of Anon becomes filly
Filly becomes Anon
284394 284431
How about something with a momfu other than Twi? There isn't much with that despite the possibilities.
I want to be the green man
A qt has appeared. Looks nice, but it slightly off. I can't put my finger on exactly what though.
Exactly, but as a filly. Write what you will anything.

Well how about more ideas to pour in. Don't worry if you think it's dumb those ones have a charm to it too.
>Anon figures out the secret to moving her tail stuff happens.
<Anon gets stuck in a magic comic book
>Timber wolves follow and obey Anon because she is the biggest faggot of them all
<Anon is abducted by Diamond Dogs
>Anon is held for ransom
<It's a graduation speech. Who is speaking, and what happens?
>Anon is adopted by Kirins
<Anon is adopted by griffs
>Anon's first heat wave
<The transformation only worked halfway. What fuckery has happened.
>Anon finds out the world of Equestria is a giant themepark mmo. What do. It's Deca Dence plot rippoff.
<Anonfilly is Equestria
>Anonfilly in another franchise. Alone? Or with somepony else?
<Anonfilly filled out a shitty create your own adventure
>The public's reaction to the crowning of Princess Anon
>The weather had cooled and the leaves began to fall from their trees
>Equestria was calm and peaceful
>a chilly breeze promised a winter not yet arrived
>Somewhere three green fillies lay snoozing and totally not cuddling in bed
>The temperature drop bringing them all under one large comforter
>Each one pressed in tight against the other, sharing warmth between their small bodies
>With a yawn the fillies, one by one awoke from their slumber, ready for another day of fun
>Quickly each one pushed away from the other, muttering no homo as they awkwardly avoided eye contact and slid out of bed
>The floor was cold on their bare hooves, soon it would be time for footie pajamas
>Each filly took time getting ready for the day washing up and brushing teeth and mane
>One young filly put a bow in her hair and was promptly called gay by her filly friends though all agreed she looked cute
>Now ready for the day the three fillies slipped into their jackets, scarves and little fuzzy hats and trotted outside
>Momma twi waving at them and telling them to be home before dark
>The three fillies braved the weather outside in search of fun and adventure
>Frolicking in piles of leaves and getting warm mugs of cider from Ms.Applejack
Anonmare momfu.
284440 284444

>anon believes he is in charge
Filly has a plan.
Cutest hostile take over yet.
284464 284470
Anonfilly - I'm a happy horsey.png

Glad to hear it.
>Hug filly
>You dig down your nose into her mane
>She smells wonderful!
"Uhm... Anon?"
"Sssh," you say as you embrace her tightly to your chest. "Let me tell you what Anonfillies are for."

"Getting in fight with her.
Playing sports with her.
Watching kungfu-"

"Uhm,.. Anon? Are you okay?"
284469 284470
nedladdning (14).png
Yeah, so I made this once in the oekaki. I didn't post it becase it complete garbage. But I have come around to thinking that it makes me think of vapor wave. Honestly, its just something to add to the thread. I hope this doesn't shit down the thread.
Fashwave filly a coot
What a hug. Imagine the possibilities before Anon was interrupted.
Filly is going on a journey, to surf the interwebs.

>Be the filly
>You wake up from landing hard on the ground
>You still haven't learnt to control your ability to make clouds impassable
>So this is not the first time since RD adopted you, you have wokn up by falling through your cloud bed and down on the ground below RD's cloudhouse
"Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh! That fucking hurts. I hate this fucking shit!" you roar
"Hahaha ha ha!" you hear from a voice descending behind and above you
>Turn around and sees our mom with mocking grin and raised eyebrows
>You sigh and groan
>You climb up on your hooves
>You have dirtied your green fur on your knees
"You could atleast show some concern," you say bitterly. "For all you know, I could have broken something."
>Rd seems to realize this and tries to stop her laughing by putting a hoof over her mouth
>With the other hoof she waves away the idea
"Nah, I knew you were alright... Anyway, you ready for morning workout?" she asks
"But, Rainbow Da-"
>She glares at you
"Mom, I haven't eaten yet," you say
>She looks a bit surpized
"But you threw up your breakfeast yesterday. I thought we decided to skip it today."
>You smack with your lips
>Of course that's how she interpreted it
"No, I never said we should skip it. We'll just have to take a longer break before workout so I can digest if first, like any normal training regime."
>RD shakes her head
>She wagggles a hoof at you
"Nah, that takes to much time. We gotta get in two more sets of training today."
>You sigh
"Y tho? Isn't it better if I eat well so I can preform well during the training."
>At first it seemed like Rd was contemplating this but then she got a smug look on her face
"Aah, I see what's going on here. Clever."
"You wanna try to skip out on training, huh? Lazybutts."
>Your wings do their best angry spainish expression idk
>Rd's wing silence you as she waggles a feather at you
"Ah ah aah, I'll play your game. How about we meet half-way. Try to catch before we get to AJ and while their, we can eat breakfeast."
>You look a bit confused
"Okayyyy? But won't it be a bit diffcult to bring food with us to AJ if we're gonna give it are all?"
>She smacks her lips and her eyes dart upwards
"Anon, the breakfeast will be at AJ's place. If you know what I mean." Rd gives you a playful smirk
>You look at her unsure
"Do you mean you will walk in on the Apples at the dinner table and ask to join or are you refering to actually nicking apples from your friend?"
>She sighs and shakes her head
>She gives you a oh-you-naive-butbeautiful-fool look
"Applejack, owes me. Without me their wouldn't be any rainweather to fall on her trees would there? I do half the chore. I think the least AJ could do was let me snack some apples sometimes, you know?"
>You look at the ground
"Mom," You begin
"Yes, sweety," she shines up
"Aj pays taxes to the goverment for the weather she gets and the goverment pays you for the work you do for AJ. You have already been paid." you look up at her specptically
>She looks annoyed before rolling her yes and looking to the side
Tanks 2
>tfw you survive long falls every other night, and then have to logic a pony momfu why double dipping is stealing.
Nice green.