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Predictions for 2020 election
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say your predictions or something idk
My suspicion is that Trump is going to win reelection. The democrats are doing basically the same thing they did in 2016: running an extremely weak "safe" candidate that nobody particularly likes, oversampling Democrats in polls and then using the polls to justify the narrative that Trump is imploding. They're still trapped in the same hugbox and they haven't learned a thing, plus the coronavirus lockdowns and BLM protests are mostly working against their image, which for some reason they don't seem to realize. Plus if Kanye goes through with his bid it's only going to hurt them further. Unless they actually rig the election which to be fair is something I don't entirely rule out I don't see many scenarios where Trump doesn't get a second term.
Trump wins 2020 and does slightly more for the whites than he's done so far, but not much.
Controlled-opposition conservative groups will suck Trump's cock for "owning teh libtards" even as whites are outnumbered and outbred.
Any action he takes against BLM/Antifa will begin and end at putting draconian new laws into place, even though they will only get used on whites by the endless stream of democrat presidents that come after Trump. Low-ranking thugs might be arrested but the obvious DNC connections (Donations to BLM go to ActBlue, a money-laundering fake charity that funds DNC election campaigns) will be ignored because Trump isn't actually here to disrupt the system. He's here to tell Jews things will be more profitable if the destruction of whites is slowed down by like 10-20 years and mainstream nationalism is reduced to a shallow trendy marketable identity that can be sold to anyone. Anyone, white or black, can wear the Maga(TM) hat or a steampunk hat or a goth hat.
Censorship of us will only get worse. Abuse against us, our culture, and our countries will only get worse. Commies won't stop until they're stopped. We won't be able to get the truth out on their social media sites if they hire enough faggots to censor us. Trump will never try to break up those sites. Trump's a fucking fraud.
It will probably take at least ten years before more boomers die out, more redpilled kids are redpilled further by the internet and abuse from communists, and absolutely everyone agrees commies belong in minecraft mob-farming camps in minecraft. It might be too late for humanity by the time enough humans are united in hatred for communism.
If we survive and have a future, it will be on a planet where all our enemies are stopped. A world where we are free to be supreme, not held to the moral standards of any lesser race. Will that mean eliminated, mostly eliminated while the survivors are put in zoos, or enslaved in foreign lands (far away from our lands) and turned into crop-pickers once more? Not sure. After all this time I'd be okay with any of these.
China will only get worse. The EU will only get worse. The Jews will only get worse.
Brexit probably won't happen. It will be betrayed by the EU, and America will be too busy with their own problems to save our disarmed and helpless BBC-brainwashed asses from the EU. UK patriots lack the numbers, tools, and will to do any real damage to the system.
Homeschooling will probably be outlawed.
The LGBTQUEERTYs will turn on Asians next. Mostly asian men. Some of them are smart, unlike blacks, so the devil's drones will turn on them and prepare the system for shifting over to hating asians when we're gone.
When a Democrat gets in control of America, elected on a platform of open anti-whiteness, problems caused by the Jew will miraculously fade from visibility. He will do his part to push the world further towards a globalist shithole, and the world's idiots will be told things are fine now that they've stopped voting """incompetent racist oranges""" into power.
Fearing the "Redpilled" Gen Z kids, jews will try even harder to brainwash the next generations. Get ready for Boomer generation 2, electric they're-jewed-too. They will think we're in a time of plenty even as things get worse each year, because the caste system will make sure to put them above us.
It will become a "Hate Crime" to say anything redpilled to your children.
Every time people wake up about the JQ, Jews will gas the pedal harder. They will try harder to kill the world faster than anyone can save it. These are the "Samson Option" niggers willing to cause the nuclear annihilation of the human race if the Jews don't get to have Israel as their island of jewishness in a sea of niggers and sandniggers.
Hong Kong will be fully conquered by China, because they aren't willing to go out in a blaze of glory in their final hours. They aren't willing to hold local police/military accountable for the actions of chinese jackboots and they aren't willing to take commies out with them.
One town in America might declare itself autonomous and go libertarian just to see what happens, or to escape some leftist cunt's gun/speech control laws forced upon them by the big cities. It will be attacked by Jewed America because whites don't get to express anger or live apart from the enemy and the enemy's retarded restrictions.
Some piece of shit overhyped so-called "cultural icon" from the 80s will be rebooted and it will suck.
The pony show that comes after Pony Life will try to emulate FIM and fail.
The next two Pokemon games and the next two Sonic games will suck. The only good Pokemon and Sonic games will be fanmade.
also, Hollywood will pour a lot of money into making films that propagandize kids while lying about historical events. Anti-white propaganda will become so common and universal that pointing it out will feel like pointing out that the ocean is blue. Kids will see anti-white propaganda as a normal fact of life, and doubt a world where it was less common could have ever existed.
When whites start acting in their own self-interest, it will need to be swift and it can't afford to play nice. So a large portion of "proud whites" will suddenly turn on them and pretend we're too extreme for actually doing what they were happy to talk about wanting to do. Because oy vey, saying nigger is fine but kicking the niggers out into Africa or gunning them down in Chicago streets is "Extremist white supremacy". Oy vey, saying Islam Bad is fine but sending Muslims to torture camps with pigskin bedsheets or kicking the Muslims out into the middle east and cutting all funding to israel makes you "just as bad as ISIS". "Oy vey, your virtues and morals aren't real if you aren't going to die letting monsters exploit them and kill you! If your patience ever runs out, it never existed! You aren't a lawful good paladin if you genocide the Orcs and Goblins, you need to spare the children so they can grow up to threaten more human settlements! You're only a true pacifist if you let the violent ones kill you and your family! If you kill your enemies they win!"
If nothing is done to stop communists, whites will be a helpless, powerless, betrayed, globally loathed, openly abused, and globally oppressed minority in every country that still has any of them by 2040.
I want to believe things will turn out better than in my miserable, pessimistic predictions.
Trump wins. More and more white people wake up every morning knowing in the back of their heads that theres an entire racist globalist conspiracy against them. They will delete their social media accounts and start searching for alternative information on the internet. The awakening of the west will happen much more sudden and unexpectedly, even more than what redpilled chan posters are comfortable with. If not all this happens during Trumps second term, it will happen soon after.
>kanye gets a few percents, maybe even 10% or more
>biden crashes and burns
>trump wins again
>the last 4 years continue for another 4
>the ride never ends
Ballot harvesting, vote by mail, just "finding boxes of ballots filled out for the Dem candidate" work.

FL also gave felons the vote since 2016 and there are rumors that A LOT of people from the islands running from hurricanes got papers.

2016 was the last time FL votes for the Republican Presidential candidate, and as such is the last time the Republican Presidential candidate prevails.... until the USA is Venezuela / Greece

BONUS: Once Biden wins and flips the switch giving 25-30 million illegals instant citizenship that also flips TX and AZ perma-blue.
Things will only get better when whites realize they need to defend themselves and their children.