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Anonfilly Thread - New Code Edition
267983 267991 267997
Filly hacks into mainframe.

>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone filly, as he's thrust into a new life as a cute little pony.
>What's to be expected?
Fillies, cuteness, Anon-tier shenanigans, bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, etc..

>Any archive of photos or stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just notify All Nighter Fgt Lone15, so you can have your green added to the Doc. For artists, animators, or any other content makers, you can store your fillies in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.
Some especially based faggot also recently compiled nearly every filly image ever created, which you can check out here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AowOdwFzlbRk0FVZsRGRYe2hyKhzo2h3?usp=sharing
Assess how well you fit into the filly hivemind: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/personality-quiz/?group=-LdS-38NvfIG9PHPrYB8
>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.
Old-mare Thread: >>264739 →
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[1d20 = 18]
And rolling [1d20 = 4]
[1d20 = 18]
Do I have to drink >>270038 or can I sell it for a favor or something?
270043 270046
[1d20 = 5]
>Off by one from the blessed chocolate milk
FUG, guess I'm staying pure and sober this time

Its yours for the duration of the party, purple confiscates everything strange on the castle once the sun rises and she wakes up or if some fag tips her up about the party
Then I hide it outside the castle for my own purposes later. Can I do that?
270045 270046 270047
>Gets the choccy milk
>Zero units
that's what happens when someone namefags needlessly
270047 270048
At least I have a chocolate milk box? For some reason I feel like Discord was behind this.
Going to go curl up in my box now.
Castle is locked for everyone to sleep at night, if ya can jump out and back in without waking her, being a magical lock being opened at a weird time and all that
Hopefully your hidey hole is good enough so other passer by's don't find it as well

Sorry fam, but them's the rules
You can have one of my milk jars though, going a whole party dry would suck
Both so close, yet so far...
[1d20 = 16]
Fuck it. Rollan.
[1d20 = 14]
Thanks mate, I owe you one.
My condolences. At least the true booze and fun is the friends we made along the way.
Have this milk jar if you want frien.
I have a shovel and a pair of perfectly good wings, I think I can do this. Not to mention I'm firmly on purple's good side, so I think I can get away with it if I do it right. Hiding 8 berry specials outside for a rainy day, each one can be bought for a (You)!
I don't even drink, but at least I got a box out of it.
So what game shall be played first?
I vote halo
How easily does Purple get up anyway?
You win 100% of the vote.
Neat, let's go to blood gulch!
270070 270071
[1d20 = 7]
Very nice
270090 270091 270101
Discordniggers please kys.
Waste of double dubs and heil dubs, I might hate discord as much as the next Anon, but that was just low fucking quality, step up your shitposting.
I hate Discord more than you and I still think that was a waste of good numbers.
Nice job copying the Aussie's homework, Nigel. Now fuck off, you aren't wanted here either.
270115 270131 270151
>Anon's talking with Glimmer about my day, mostly bullshitting
>Normal he don't trust her and she don't trust him either.
>The whole diner is just Anon and Glimmer on a large table, without any noise, just silence, disturbed by the ticking of a large clock on the living room.
>When Twilight isn't around they only are stuck in that huge castle reminescent of a past thing that turned a page between solid moments and confused times where she thinks she's a real princess.
>Anon's asking her «Did she told you anything?»
>She's making a face «That's top secret. It's a new kind of threat for Equestria and the world.»
>Anon sighs. «You know I'm gonna find out soon or late.»
>«I still don't get why Twilight keeps you here.»
>Anon's mocking her as he picks a jar of wine and refills his glass. «Ow well, I was wondering the same thing about you. She just hates being alone that's a thing.» You're not gonna tell me what she's up to? If there's something I can do?
>«like what?» she interjected.
>Anon's passing her the bottle humming "starlight" by Muse «Far away... This ship has taken me far away... I'm still curious, what kind of monster is it this time, between us nothing's secret.»
>Starlight's sipping some wine knowing she can't even trust Twi about keeping her past a secret.
>Anon is using some tactic to know more. «Bet she recounts you everything she thinks she knows about me, might have also wrote about it on her big books, never checked it.»
>Starlight kind of knows now she's been caught lurking in Twilight's office. «Alien invasion or something.»
>Anon's a bit shook «wew. Aliens? You think the magic of friendsip will do this time?»
>she's laughing. «Changeling kind of aliens. Even harder, they are indeed responsible of the blackout over three regions. Can you believe that? Twilight is investigating, she demands the throne and full powers again.»
>Anon:«The good new is that at least we know we're not alone in the universe anymore!»
>Starlight:«I still don't believe it. Might be some new kind of threat from our own world so I'm waiting here til she needs me.»

>Anon's finishing his glass, moves the dishes and a now empty plate of fries to the kitchen's sink.
>Anon: «Going to bed early tonight, kinda tired.»
>Starlight: «not even going to jerk at anatomy and sex-related books?»
>Anon: «Nah at best I'm gonna keep studying how we program on your hardware, it's cryptic as hell.»
>Starlight: «Ah yeah you're into computers again. Don't fuck SilverSpoon.»
>Anon's frowning: «Glimmer, I am not you. Come to bed.»
>Starlight: «You're kind of direct, Anon.»
>Anon's grinning. «It's a win win situation, I changed my mind, let's discuss this whole alien changeling thing in my room. I'm sure I can make you speak.»
>Starlight's looking around, nods and follow him.

>Few minutes later he's frotting his vagina against hers, carressing her clit with patience and skills.
>She's moaning and mumbling. «I've been naughty Anon, you know, Twilight asked me to stay out of this thing. I only checked the letter Celestia Spiked to her. Lots of documents and files about a strange machine that can change its appearance.»
>Anon's frowning. «A machine now? That's no longer an alien. Keep going and I'm gonna use my tongue. What was it? Mimetic polyalloy?»
>She's recounting the whole secret report she read before Twilight picked it.
>Anon: «You did good, Glimglam. You'd be a perfect communist agent.»
>Glimmer: «Still think I am?»
>Anon's going lower and start sucking her tits. «Totally, hmm~»
>They're fucking the best they could, yet Anon managed to get her to cum, and finally have some rest.
>Anon: «Isn't that what we do? We're also hiding, I'm a human in the body of a pony, we all have secret identities.»
>Glimmer: «Now tell me, who are you exactly?»
>Anon:«I'm the master mind of a secret organization called the Milf Fuckers Company.»
>Glimmer : «Ha.»
>Anon:«Getting up early tomorrow. Sleep well.»

>in the middle of the equestrian countryside, a few miles from Manehattan
>a good bunch of the Equestrian Royal Guard in military uniform is surrounding one police vehicle.
>Princess Luna is supervising the operation accompanied with Twilight
>Twilight:«Who could have imagined I'd really see this one day of my life. Let's hope they are peaceful.»
>Luna:«I've seen tracks of them back on the moon, it was centuries ago. We have never been alone.»
>one of the military is taking a loudspeaker «Unknown vehicle, in the name of our Princess, You do not have any right other to comply to our instructions. We order you to surrender and state your name and mission or we will have to open fire! Do you understand?»
>The police vehicle from Manehattan, a Mustang-looking car is reeving up, revealing a "to punish and enslave" decal.
>Twilight: «These are just... taking control of our technology? What are they»
>The car is transforming into an anthropomorphic robot.
>«I am Barricade, I am not interested in interfering with your population and none of what I'm doing here are your business.»
>Twilight's hovering «let me handle this.»
>Luna and the generals around her are sighing
>Twilight's approaching «See? You don't need to hide, you don't look bad at all! We can be your friends, and you better be, our princess is kind of determined to transform you into a cheesegrater. what are you looking for on our world?»
>Barricade is looking at her
>He's groaning and push her away as he's rushing out of here.
>The armed ponies are yelling «Don't let it go again!» and start firing at it as he's jumping over the jeeps, hitting the road again in form of a car.
>Luna's laughing at her. «We spent hours trying to stop it. But at least that's a start.»
>Twi:«But I tried first! Look, I'll arrange that. Trust me, have you seen this? A talking machine, ...It could be fantastic to have them as our allies!»
[1d20 = 11]

Really nice
270121 270124 270127 270232

>infinite pass
Let's see what the adults have to say about it.
"If you insist."
On the back of the card
Sex: Yes, please!
That's a cute
I blame the magical Infinite Sex Pass.
ur a cute
Where do I apply to get my pass?
Motherfucking decepticons...
270135 270137

"I don't wanna get up yet."
>"Neither do I, subject."
Here lies Filly she died a virgin.
That's very snugg with Sunbutt the wise.
kys filly box.jpg
A cute!
She never scored
>it must be like, 4 in the morning or something.
>Twilight's back, certainly with other ponies.
>Anon's woke up.
>Starlight is mumbling a bit wondering what's going on.
>Twilight's seemingly mad at the fact the wonderbolts and the royal guards were too slow «We had it, we had this fucker and it escaped! Right there, like that, and the army and their bulldozers was completely inefficient!»
>voice of a stallion, definitively her brother. «It's a new threat, some mad scientist must be behind all this.»
>Twilight:«If I manage to prove to Equestria I can take down this threat my way, I will be on the throne again. And for good!»
>Shining:«It's political now? Of course it's always been.»
>Twilight:«Quieter, let's get on the living room.»
>Glimmer's getting up quietly out of the bed trying to listen to them.
>They're both trying to figure out a way to stop machines that are calling themselves "decepticons"
>Anon's behind her, listening to the conversation, now kind of worried.
>What are the odds of winning a population of ponies and unicorns and magic could stand against a horde of robots from space.
>about to get a heart attack, hesitating, either he's explaining Twilight he knows these, either he's doing it his way.
>He's trotting in the kitchen, picks a thermos of coffee and rushes outside
>It's the middle of the night, it's cold, but he's heading to the old Milford buckers company building on the suburbs with a couple of books on his backpack.
>The backdoor is taking to a chaos of old dusty things totally giving out the idea but past this, a bunch of ponies, and computer screens, cables, magnetic tape machines are rolling at full steam.
>I'm the only one who's not asleep right now, still developing a software, something small. «A worm. According to this book, a chunk of code like this can be weaponized if we put a payload in its code.»
>Anon's surprised. «weaponizing code?»
>«Have you ever done any maretial arts, Anon?» I asked
>«Nah I have a gun. You brought all this in?»
>«These are old computers that were just changed from an insurance company a couple of months ago, we asked them to get delivered here, we are now a recycling organization. It lasted just three hours and they even gave us money to disassemble these machines, so I hired a few rednecks to do the transport for us and bring it all here, we have more hardware than we will ever need. Talking hundreds of megahertz and hundreds of gigabytes of storage, right now I'm compiling this thing. Look!»
>a bunch of opcodes, and data on a terminal's window is starting to form a more complex structure.
>Anon's staring at the software and the few lines of code, a program that basically learns to reprogram itself depending of its environment
>all around the desk, books about "porting black magic logic into calculators" and a few annotations on similar books stolen certainly from some crazy mare's library.
>«I forgot you're the sociopath one. Oppenheimer. Or rather, Teller.» he said
>«It better be a compliment.» I replied. «This is what could end the tyranny of information. Regardless of the OS or platform, unless we are talking an analog computer, if it is copied, it will multiply, find an exploit with a simple logic, and put the payload.»
>Anon looks at me, kind of make a step back.
>I'm looking at my face in the prompt of a black text terminal. Indeed I look kind of gloomy. If not scary.
>tape computers are spinning at full speed then slowing down to a stop.
>«Mother screwed me again and decided to take everything from my room for coming too late, so from now, this mess is where I live. She's not gonna worry much. She insisted if I can't pay her back, I should prostitute myself. I am devoid of love.»
>Anon's worried. «Wow. I know your mother is a cunt, sorry to hear.»
>computers each ejects an optical diskette «It's in two parts, Silver insisted, and most of the program was done by Buttons. When these disks are combined it's really in case we need to get into an enemy's network. It's priceless, I could have made one and sell the antivirus or the fix a few millions of bits. But I'm not in the mood. So took all of our most evil ideas, and the ones that leaves no possibility, and made a synthesis of them. And that's it.»
>the drawings on the decals of the diskettes looks like tortured fluffies or something. Anon's a terrible art critic.
>Anon's sitting next to me, stares at the annotated black magic books «You put so much hate on this, it's beautiful.»
>«You think?»
>And then Anon explained me everything what was going on according to Twilight and what they have found, and what he knows, about Transformers. «Or was that Gundam? Patlabor or Evangelion.. Nah I don't know anything about Transformers, I suck as a human but I'm more concerned about them here, what would an alien robot do on our world?»
>thinks a moment. «Collecting samples, analyzing the atmosphere, doing telemetry, robot things in sorts.»

>I'm tired. Even if I see in this robot apocalypse some kind of liberation or acceleration to something that could go anywhere
>Anon's looking both happy and worried. «..It's 5:40, get some sleep I'm taking it from here.»
>What I did. As Anon's taking a moment to think alone on the roof of the factory as the sun is rising in the sky.
>Anon's standing and thinking alone. «I'll make you my bitch.»
Interesting. Time for some more pony shenanigans and machines that move about.
>Be Trail Feather, animal tracker.
>You are flying out with the princess and a couple other trackers and guards.
>Apparently some little green pegasus filly was found out in the wild trying to off herself behind Canterlot.
>The princess hovers around a flat cliff.
>"Right around here was where I saw her falling." She says.
>There's a few nods as ponies get to work.
>You first check the ledge safest to jump from and are quick to notice it's fairly accessible by a natural trail.
>Looking down from the cliff you see a unnaturally large pack of leafs, a bit spread out from wind.
>Well, she may have not been trying to off herself, she's just like a regular filly, stupid.
You start walking down the trail and find hoof prints occasionally. Small, definitely where she jumped then.
>Now for the hard part, finding a den.
>You try to follow the trail, but one you get off the mountain it becomes much more difficult.
>A quick blow of a whistle lets everypony know to group up on you.
"We should begin our search for a den or something here, this is where the trail cuts off."
>They nod and they're off on the hunt.
>A couple of guards are calling out to get the attention of any possible other fillies lost out here, others are looking for animals for the nature connected pegasus to talk to.
>You look around for a bit until you find a squirrel.
"Hey, buddy."
>You say gently catching it's attention.
>"Tktktktktk?(Yeah, what you need?)" It replies.
"I was wondering if you knew anything about a green filly?"
>"(Little one? Black mane, messed up wings?") It ask imitating wings flapping.
"Yeah, why was she out here?"
>It shrugs.
>"(Donno, she was out here since I was born, everyone just kinda helped her out. Tried to make sure she didn't get hurt. She started trying to fly and never could though. Kept seeing Celestia and it made her have more resolve to keep trying.)"
"Celestia knew about her?"
>Shakes it's head no.
>"(Nah, she would just fly around, probably never saw the filly.)"
"Why didn't you tell anypony?"
>"(I would have, but the filly didn't want to burden anyone. Even offered to lead her to a friend of a friend named Fluttershy.)"
"And she denied?"
>Strange... filly must have never met another pony to be so adamant about not being a 'burden'.
"Can you lead me to where she lives?"
"No, the filly."
>"(Oh, duh, right.)"
>"Wow Anon, you're only 22? What's wrong with your society that they force a child into work at that age!?"
"…uh, what?"
>"I mean, come on! How are you supposed to have a childhood like that!?"
"I actually had a pretty nice childhood, but I'm really an adult now so-"
>"Nonsense, Anon! You can't possibly be an adult at only 22. I mean I'm almost 80, and I still feel like I should be in school! If only so I can study more…"
"…is this going anywhere? 'Cause I think we need to have a discussion about relevant timescales and how they apply to our respective universes or something like that."
>"Nope. I'm going to turn you into a filly, so you can have all that lost childhood back!"
"What the hell does that mea-"
>"Perfect! Enjoy your newfound freedom, Anon!"
Very nice. RIP Anon's penis.
400 is old age with 18 as the human equivalent. (90 ish for females)