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Coronavirus Thread #4
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The old thread >>264168 → hit the bump limit.
Post Corona-Chan stuff here.
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>Bradford Hill criteria
That's not hard science, but a criteria or guideline to acknowledge a possible cause.
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You fucking retards are missing the fucking point. If you want fucking non modern medicine go to fucking africa you niggers.
>modern medicine
Shove it.
Most "modern medicine" is mostly poisonous garbage promoted and taught because of the Rockefeller Foundation.
>modern medicine
Fuck it.
My body, my choice.
Gotta disagree with you there, doc, medicine is a big field. I think that rather there are only a few areas that have been twisted (vaccines, psychiatry, etc.) and as a result this poisons the water, damaging the reputation of medicine as a whole. A dichotomy between the party line and controlled opposition (Gwyneth Paltrow New-Age BS) keeps getting pushed to keep people confused.
The Amazing properties, weirdness and powers of the Jewish virus: COVID-19.
>Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group
>The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line. Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waived ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no specific health data from its mouse studies). That appears to have been a mistake.
>Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. Moderna did not release its clinical trial study or raw data, but its press release, which was freighted with inconsistencies, acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as “Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention.”
>THEY DID IT AGAIN! CBS Caught Using Photo from Ukraine in 2016 in Their ‘Panic Porn’ on Coronavirus in Children
>CBS News was caught using photo from 2016 in Ukraine to describe a baby suffering from Kawasaki disease linked to coronavirus.
oh nOOooo. Another Gates vaccine caused serious injury
who could have foreseen this https://www.bitchute.com/video/igx86PoU7v8/
EU Planning _Vaccination Passport_ Since 2018.png
Another take.
>from the horse mouth spilling the beans
And still shills and NPCs will claim that IT'S A CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!
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Fuck this gay new code it deleted the post I had in the text box when I opened another tab.

There's no point arguing with this shit. The government could start deporting all migrants, stop funding israel, use ancient future technology to reincarnate Hitler and it would still all be a 4dchess move by (((them))). Back in January it was "based wu flu killing millions of chinknoids, dumb commies trying to cover it up kek!" to "the corona is a hoax!"

Its pretty obvious the government overreacted and the media doesn't want the hysteria to end because normies at home watching the news all day are perfect for their industry but come on. So much shit posted in here is absolute boomer tier horseshit.
## Admin
I will look into changing this so it won't happen again. Sorry for the oversight.
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Would you believe me if I said I'm apparently retarded and didn't realize I had two tabs of the same thread open without realizing it so I thought my post was deleted?
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>The government could start deporting all migrants, stop funding israel, use ancient future technology to reincarnate Hitler and it would still all be a 4dchess move by (((them)))
Welcome to the Jewish matrix newfag. Everything showed by the judenpresse and politicians' actions are scripted. So much stupidity and anti-nation regulations and attitudes can't be random, but a coordinated tandem of bait and switch and treason.
>Back in January it was "based wu flu killing millions of chinknoids, dumb commies trying to cover it up kek!" to "the corona is a hoax!"
Aha. And you complain because of?
>So much shit posted in here is absolute boomer tier horseshit.
Most posted here comes from facts on the ground faggot, and them don't much either the Chinese narrative neither the western one. Dead elderly people as casualties of an epidemic won't cut it.
Sorry if the above hurts your feelings, but isn't /mlpol/ responsible for the psyop, but the kikes and their golems.
## Admin
>Would you believe me if I said I'm apparently retarded and didn't realize I had two tabs of the same thread open without realizing it so I thought my post was deleted?
I was first thinking this, but I also found that if you click the Post Number and have text selected it will overwrite it and you will loose undo option (and loose text written). But I think I found a way that some browsers will not loose the undo (by inserting in a different way), so for those browsers I will add this method, and for unsupported browsers I will try to move cursor to end of selection so nothing will be lost.
>fuck this gay new code
>would you believe me if I said I was retarded
Yeah, you got it. I'm totally a new fag. Must discredit anyone who disagrees with the latest political circle jerk.
269542 269543
This is the third thread and you can't connect the dots yet.
Some possibilities about how is that come to my mind:
1 - You are a shill
2 - You are under the influence of the ZOG's press and what is posted here collides badly with such a brainwashing.
3 - You're IQ is too low, or, your brain isn't in the best shape because of substances.
>Most posted here comes from facts on the ground faggot
You mean from scientists who would back bloodletting if they could, "anti-establishment" magazines who are copying articles straight from the tabloids, and every other source pulling the exact same stunts that the MSM is known for pulling (Such as not telling you every detail, and expecting their audience to be complete idiots in regards to the process of the law).

There also could be the fourth possibility that you have a few Fed posters using these threads as a way to control the "opposing narrative", and attempts to dismiss everything that deviates from it with a series of labels such as "Zog posting".
>1 - You are a shill
If disagreeing with somebody is how you define shills then I supposed I can't disprove this one

>2 - You are under the influence of the ZOG's press and what is posted here collides badly with such a brainwashing.
I think the news is full of shit and are absolutely blowing this out of proportion. Clever politicians use this opportunity to act in sneaky ways. Is it so ridiculous to believe that there are people who have died from this disease and that some actions of the government to combat it are genuine? Was the 1919 Flu a hoax? Were government orders back then part of a rabid conspiracy? I have no doubt our current government is much more keen to exploit this disease to control people but not to the extent shittly argued with image macros and online news snippets like in these threads.

>3 - You're IQ is too low, or, your brain isn't in the best shape because of substances.
I don't do drugs, I'm not drunk, and I've been a straight A student all my life if that means anything.
>feds, shills and idiots
this is why I think we should use post IDs in these threads because you could just "hide this ID". While in this thread, a shill can shill and get caught, then do it again like his previous post never happened.
>Everything showed by the judenpresse and politicians' actions are scripted.
So, Trump wanting to test nuclear weapons: http://archive.vn/aXTKf
And the Chinks pushing CCP propaganda demanding that he be the one to stop pushing the world into the next "Cold War": >>269513 →
Means what exactly?

I'm fine either way.
269547 269548
What role do you think the EU and UK would play if China and America went to war?
I think England would back the U.S., but the EU would either split apart or go all in on supporting China.
The UK has an agreement to help the US if it is attacked. It does not have an agreement to assist if the US attacks. However in the past they have. The big change was T.Blair war criminal because he lied about weapons of mass desctruction. This has made it less likely the UK will assist the US unless there is good cause.

China is clever and they will not directly attack the US. It is more likely they will attact a country like Japan. The US would have to defend Japan but the UK would not have to get involved. When fatboy of the north was threatening to send a missile to Guam there was speculation as if that was an attack on Japan or the U.S. and if it was considred an attack on the US then UK would get involved. During that time it should be noted that UK naval ships did start to head to the area.

The EU does not have a central controlled army. France may get involved independantly but not for being an EU member.

269560 269566
fuck man I'm so redpilled now that I've seen some shitty memes and image macros about corona being a total hoax. This is the exact kind of shit I'm talking about when I say boomer tier horseshit.
269561 269567
Fluttershy - Smug - Evil.png
For the sake of the argument let's say coronavirus is real. Then how you prove it?
People I've known have died from it? Corona being real =/= the government response is warranted. People said the state of Georgia, the state I live in, was going to get fucked as soon as it reopened because it was very early to reopen. It didn't. Ask yourself, what is more likely that the entire virus is a hoax or that the virus simply isn't as threatening as people make it out to be and it is being overblown by politicians? Now ask yourself a second question. If the media is screaming bloody murder about this virus as it starts up what are you going to do as a politician? Overreact to sate people's fears and media criticism or get hate mobbed by the public whipped up into a frenzy by the news? And of course politicians will use this to further their agendas depending on the place or person.

I think you could spend a long time debating what where prudent reactions or not to the corona virus. And with all the data and numbers out there I'm sure you could come to all kinds of conclusions. But at some point you gotta think about how likely the entire virus being an elaborate hoax is.
Boomer? Not sure your idea of boomer and mine are the same. However I still think they should be minced up and fed to animals.
You take someone who has died from pneumonia/fever . . . and take a blood sample and isolate the virus and take a photo. You then take another dead body and another dead body and repeart until even the most retarded person can see your have been able to repeat the results.
So you want me to believe the majority of US hospitals or healthcare facilities reporting corona deaths are all knowingly and deliberately botching reports and people aren't mentioning it much at all? Isn't that a lot of people to keep quiet? I don't buy that. I would buy over reporting but not the latter if that's what you mean.
>Isn't that a lot of people to keep quiet?
The money is good for doctors and hospitals >>267468
For nurses and ambulance drivers, silence means to keep their job, which is precious in a field so interconnected and depending from government's money.
Healthcare is one of the easiest fields to get a job if you have the education because its so understaffed. I don't think that is likely.
>What the Coronavirus Revealed About Life in Red vs. Blue States

>[The Coronavirus] has been disproportionately felt in blue America, which helps explain why people on opposing sides of a partisan divide that has intensified in the past two decades are thinking about the virus differently. It is not just that Democrats and Republicans disagree on how to reopen businesses, schools, and the country as a whole. Beyond perception, beyond ideology, there are starkly different realities for red and blue America right now.
>If seeing is believing, the infection has simply come to some areas of the country on a far different scale than others. As of Friday, Alabama had experienced 11 deaths per 100,000 residents and New Jersey had lost 122 per 100,000. Both states have had a huge spike in unemployment claims.

>Several companies have studied social distancing metrics based on anonymized cellphone location data, including the mobility research firms Unacast and Descartes Labs. While the companies do not break down findings by political parties, the underlying data they collect shows less social distancing in counties that supported Mr. Trump than in those that supported Hillary Clinton.
>Rural and exurban county residents, who tend to favor Republicans, do have to travel more for essential services and are less likely to have jobs that allow for working from home. Yet even in more densely populated suburban areas, there was less evidence of social distancing in counties that voted for Mr. Trump.
>Matthew Gentzkow, a Stanford University economist who is leading a group of researchers tracking partisanship in the virus response, said his team initially thought that a health crisis would minimize differences — assuming that people who disagree over taxes or guns would agree about a pandemic. But instead they found that Republicans were more skeptical about the effectiveness of social distancing than Democrats and have been traveling more outside their homes.
>“We initially saw partisanship and thought maybe by the time we looked at the data it would be gone,” Dr. Gentzkow said. “But it turns out that no, this is pretty serious and what we see is that the gap got bigger and bigger. These are real belief differences that should have us really concerned.”

>In Hardin County in southeast Texas, where the population is about 57,000, there have been just 125 cases and five deaths. Kent Batman, 60, the county Republican chairman, who has spent his life in the region, said he had heard of only two fatalities, both of which he dismissed as anomalies.
>To Mr. Batman, like many other Republicans in East Texas, the health crisis has felt far away, like a big city plague. “We’re not New Orleans, we’re just not like that,” he said.
>Interviews with dozens of Republicans in southeast Texas and other parts of the country over the past month found a pervasive it’s-not-coming-for-my-neighborhood attitude, with many seeing themselves as a world apart from the regions that have been overwhelmed by the virus. They are enthusiastic backers of rolling back restrictions not just as a way to spur the economy, but also based on the belief that individuals should make their own decisions about risk. They dismiss factual reports from the news media as exaggerated and trying to incite panic, because the reports don’t align with their own experience.

>Toward the end of March, Judy Nichols, 60, began monitoring charts daily to see how many people near her had the virus. She lives in Jefferson County, not far from Beaumont, and serves as the chair of the county Republican Party. After two weeks, she stopped keeping tabs on the numbers as her worry subsided.
>Over the past several weeks, Ms. Nichols said, she has felt like the winner of a product lottery. She owns several Papa John’s pizza franchises, and business has increased by nearly 80 percent — pizza in a time of anxiety seems to be one thing many people can agree on. But nearly everyone she knows is struggling to pay the bills.
>On the other side of the partisan divide in Texas, Lina Hidalgo, a Democrat and the top elected official in Harris County, which includes Houston, put in place stay-at-home orders before the governor did in March. Last week, she extended her “stay home, work safe” guidelines until June 10.
>She is concerned about the economic impact. She just doesn’t see a safe alternative. “When you have a political system, there are going to be attacks,” she said. “But let’s debate the politics when this is over.”

>Rashell Collins Bridle, a 42-year-old mother of five who also lives in Nederland and makes her living selling items on eBay, said a minister she knew had died after contracting the virus. Even so, she said she and her friends were more focused on freedom than on health.
>“I guess other people expect us to set our futures on fire to keep their fear warm,” she said. “I think that’s incredibly selfish — if you’re that fearful, then just stay home.”
>On the first weekend that Texas lifted the stay-at-home orders, Ms. Bridle took her family to a state park on the Gulf of Mexico. She said American flags were flying from many cars and trucks on the road “as if it were the Fourth of July.”
>She said that if schools open with hefty restrictions on recess or how far desks must be spaced together, she will instead place her daughter in a Christian home school co-op.
>And if there is another stay-at-home order this year?
>“We probably won’t stand for that again,” she said. “I myself won’t comply. I will never comply with anything else like this ever. ”

Well Dr. Kaufman does raise some interesting points and speaks authoritatively, but he speaks in half-truths ("lies by omission")
>mortality from all causes shows fewer people dying than average, so COVID-19 is made up
He cites mortality data for the US from the CDC which shows this for the country as a whole. Okay, but we had pretty early lockdowns for most states. Gif related is the same for Europe. How else do you explain the last 10 weeks, if not COVID-19?

>in fact there has been no virus isolated from any patient
I'd like to hear what he has to say about this then (second pic, an entire fucking section called "Isolation of virus")
Which allowed them to perform microscopy on the particles, third pic (look closely you can see Corona-chan's spike proteins), gonna need a hell of an explanation for this one.
From digging in the literature I will admit he does seem correct in that one cannot isolate a purified batch of coronavirus particles in the same way one can isolate particles of bacteriophage viruses (using chromatography). So that example is well-chosen but he implies that's the only way to do it.
Another thing, in this paper the batches of virus were cultivated over 4 to 6 weeks, obviously "isolation" like this is a shitty way to establish a clinical diagnosis.

Bold claims that rRT-PCR cannot be used to claim that viruses exist.
>Most of the genetic material that would be present in the lung fluid would be our own genetic material and other microbes
>We just really don't know because we've just never compared it
They tracked the cultivation of the isolated virus using RT-PCR (second pic)
>SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequence is 80% identical to SARS-CoV-1 but humans are chimps are 96% identical
Apples to oranges. One, RNA mutates more readily than DNA. Two, these viruses have about 30k nucleobases whereas humans have over 3 billion base pairs. So the homology score when comparing two viruses even in the same family is bound to be less.
>80% false positive rate
I want to see his source on that number. I found a paper that discusses PCR accuracy for diagnosing COVID-19, positive test results are implied to be robust. The concern is over false negatives. https://doi.org/10.1515/cclm-2020-0285
>no control group
PCR uses control assays AFAIK.
>actually NO virus has been shown to cause illness, it's all models based on genetic fragments bro
Flipping from "this virus doesn't exist" to "viruses don't cause disease"? Stopped watching there.

>So, it would be pretty straight to inject it into animals and to reproduce such illness (it's called scientific method)
If it were established that animals were a proxy for human illness but why should that be the case? (Another grain of truth though, I'm sure they were using ferrets to cultivate strains of Corona-chan in Wuhan; for such illnesses these animals do seem to be an okay proxy)
>except if your career depends of it ($$$$$$$$$$$).
I think we are seeing such conflicts of interest, but it's coming from virologists that make a living doing Frankenstein experiments with chimeric viruses to make them more infectious (like...SARS-CoV-2 is). These individuals are constantly and vocally insisting this thing came from nature when evidence suggests otherwise.

>fourth pic
whew lad the level of irony here is unreal

Thinking COVID-19 doesn't exist is pretty stupid but it's funny b/c I agree with most anons when it comes to political stuff: (((financiers))) are exploiting this crisis, fuck their expansion of power and wealth, fuck any supposed vaccine that will emerge from this. Oh but silver lining, this may finally lead to an IRL culture clash, so get ready for that.
>Batman, 60, the county Republican chairman
The chairman we deserve

I do not think the pic of a cell is a corona cell. Not sure how to prove either way but I do not see a distinctive crown.
>Dr Andrew Kaufman Interviewed by London Real On April 29 2020.
>Kochs Postulates, Have They Been Proven For Viruses? - by Dr Andrew Kaufman.
269629 269632
>USA: 150 Doctors Agree Second Wave Of COVIT-19 Is Planned For Mandatory Vaccinations
269630 269632
find/repost that shit on bitchute or it won't last a week
But how would the poster fund ITS shit-posting bonaza?
Am hearing stories that China is causing troubles with India and India is causing troubles with Pakistan. These are long term issues so not sure if the new news is not just up-chuck from old news or if there is going to be some real fighting.
Some Indian boy has been predicting lots of shit and saying India is the centre of the world and everyone should be buying gold as all currency will be bolloxed. He also says the second wave of covid-19 will be in December but before that July will be war.
Obvsiously he is a 14 year old boy talking shit and being vague enought with his predictions and making enough predictions that some of them will come true to some extent. Much like this thread so much being posted it is hard to think some of it wont have some real world connection. I would mention the unmentionable plasticine man who has writtend so many books and made so many hours of videos but so far and failed to get anything right but that might upset the bots.
File (hide): C2CBEC479DFCEDCAE8AA53C8689FC1F8-4020708.mp4 (3.8 MB, Resolution:634x360 Length:00:00:51, 150 doctors agree second wave is planned for mandatory vacci.mp4) [play once] [loop]
150 doctors agree second wave is planned for mandatory vacci.mp4
If you had information about a lottery machine and the size, shape and weight of each lottery ball. You could put all the facts into a computer system and predict likelyhoods. One of the reasons the lottery machines are protected and they use several random sets of lottery balls is precisely because a person with inside knowledge could have enough information to win.
Much like why card counting is illegal in casinos because if you are able to count cards you can win more times than loose. You can also do that if you have access to information about roulette.

It is silly to conflate the two scenarios because it is obvious that the data about the virus is open and people use that to make predicions based on other pandemics. It is therefore very possible to make a prediction about a second wave.
>It is therefore very possible to make a prediction about a second wave
The first was a psyop not about health, but control. Then a second and and third, and even a yearly wave is expected to tight the screws. The kikes won't leave us alone.

>More Surveillance Testing and Tracking Required
Relevant repost.
>mRNA vaccines, a primer: How they work, why they’re “cleaner” than traditional vaccines, and why they might prove catastrophic in a rushed coronavirus response
>>269641 →