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You can only post in this thread if you are /prepped/. I've got 4 months worth of food, water, and seeds. How prepped are you, anon?
I've got a couple packets of dunny paper. I can't afford to prep as hard as I'd like to, so I'm gonna learn how to make pemmican since that shit can last for decades without refrigeration if stored right.
theres cans of greenbeans and corn in my closet some tuna in the main pantry + anything that was there before i got some stuff I'll stab anyone i catch try to steal from closet
I'm in Dallas btw
I got roughly 40 rolls of toilet paper, and some canned food. But I wish I had more, but can't afford to really stock up.
I have one hat and twelve grandfather clocks, come fight me.
canned muffins.png
I am.
I'm living in China and I have about two month's worth of supplies if basic services break down (which seems unlikely now where I live).
People in India are naturally prepared. Don’t need to stock up on toilet paper if you don’t use it.
I have a hammer and a big supply room (garden centre/builders merchant) close to my house.
Average life span of a toilet roll is 7.5 days. It rises if you take women out of the equations to about 15 days.
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I've got saved-up cash and no idea where to spend it. Where's the best place to get a large quantity of rice+baked beans?
You got Aldi where you are? Food prices there are decently cheap.
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I don't know if grocery stores in Bongland are the same as here, but at most chain supermarkets in America there's a bulk foods aisle that has big bins full of rice, oatmeal, flour, sugar, etc. You just bag it up and pay by weight, and it's priced to be cheaper than the stuff that's already prepackaged. As to beans, you can buy the cans of baked beans if you want, but you're better off buying the uncooked hard beans. They're a pain in the ass to cook because you have to soak them overnight, and if you want them to taste like Bush's you're going to have to learn to use spices and stuff, but they're one of the cheapest types of foods you can buy.

In all honesty though my advice is to not get too caught up in the mass panic with all this stuff. It's probably a good idea to have a few weeks' worth of non-perishable food on hand just in general, but don't do anything insane like drop your whole savings on bulk food items. I'm not saying don't be prepared, but just don't go nuts. I'm going to the store later, I'm probably going to buy maybe $50 worth of rice and maybe some first aid supplies if it hasn't been picked clean, and that's probably enough. 9/10 odds this Corona panic is probably just going to play itself out and everything will be back to normal by this time next month, and a lot of idiots are going to realize they now have a garage full of beans and toilet paper and no savings.
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>As to beans, you can buy the cans of baked beans if you want, but you're better off buying the uncooked hard beans. They're a pain in the ass to cook because you have to soak them overnight, and if you want them to taste like Bush's you're going to have to learn to use spices and stuff, but they're one of the cheapest types of foods you can buy.
If you have a pressure cooker I can give you a recipe. It's not hard to make some that taste better than Bush's, particularly if you have bacon and hotdogs.

>don't do anything insane like drop your whole savings on bulk food items
As long as you aren't buying food more expensive than what you normally eat and plan on eating it all anyway before it expires, there's no waste. At worst you have to deal with a little bit of monotony and a tiny bit less investment revenue.
>As long as you aren't buying food more expensive than what you normally eat and plan on eating it all anyway before it expires, there's no waste. At worst you have to deal with a little bit of monotony and a tiny bit less investment revenue.
That's more or less what I was getting at. Like I said, I'm probably going to load up on non-perishable stuff I'll eat eventually anyway and keep the budget around $50-$100. Might get some bottled water too just in case. But I suspect that worst case scenario we're looking at here is maybe a couple weeks of supply line disruption, maybe more. Be prepared, but don't bet it all on this Corona thing being the big one.
That sounds amazing! I wish we had bulk foods aisles. And gun rights.
My normal meals contain some combination of fried eggs, beans, beef, rice, pasta, boiled potatoes, and meat. Usually beef/bacon/pork. Maybe some cheese melted on the potatoes/pasta. I also have a fruit smoothie with a shot of protein powder every morning. Some people buy expensive pre-made meals you just toss in the oven and wait/onto the frying pan and stir, but I usually just get the ingredients and cook that. I don't have any spices besides salt, what do I need to make my own beans?
I have a slow cooker but no pressure cooker.
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Normies never listen, in their NPC minds preps are nuts and radical extremists.
Now they pay the price, and they deserve it.
>PANIC Massive lines wait to enter the Costco in Lawrence NY on Friday morning.
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I've prepped with tinned food and other long life stuff but I've been researching and preparing to grow potatoes in buckets since now is the right season for them. Just letting the chits grow on them for a week or two and then gonna bury them after that. I may also do onions too after finding out you can grow those from just the bottoms of onions you are already using to cook with
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That sounds good, where can I learn this power?
>Let potatoes age and then bury them
>Where can I learn this power
Its a carefully guarded secret passed down through oral tradition only to maintain the integrity of the teachings
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Remember potatoes like a bit of a sandy soil. Too rich soil and they become a big flower plant only with no potatoes beneath.
This. You know the secret.
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My preparations a like a baby compared to being truly prepared, but they're still better than most all of my peers. I've got about
*20 cans of soup
*a half dozen bags of powdered soup mix
*a dozen cans of peas/corn
*a 5 lb bag of potatoes
*a few boxes of pancake mix
*a dozen cans of salmon
*25 pounds of brown rice
*18 eggs
*some spices/bullion cubes/lemon and lime juice to add some flavor to what I'm eating
*several jars of powdered drink mix so that I'm not just drinking water 24/7 (mix of lemonade and gatorade)
*several jars of peanut butter and jelly
*about 4 loaves of bread (some fresh, some frozen)
*some choclate, since sweets are nice things to have to break up the monotony of emergency rations.
*I don't have any water saved but I have some pots to boil water, a few packs of iodine water treatment tablets, one of those ultraviolet water purification steripens, and a few backpacking water filters. I'll probably make a sand filter to filter out impediments to render water clear enough for my steripen if I need to. There are a few streams nearby that I can fetch water from for purification.
*Several bottles of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, vitamin C, vitamin D, 60 ounces of bulk hand sanitizer that I bought on sale a year ago, and about two quarts of rubbing alcohol.
*two gallons of liquid bleach

I've got about 24 rolls of TP, but I'm a bidet-chad so that will last fucking years so long as the power stays on. But I'll make due if I need to. Our ancestors didn't have TP.

I'm not really expecting utilities to go out from this, but I do have some solar panels to recharge some of my electronics like my steripen and cellphone.

It's mostly the foodstuff that I've bought recently. Not all of it is nonperishable, but I'm expecting the utilities to stay on at least at first. We're supposed to be working from home next week, and I'm going to make some beef stew in my slow cooker to start off the telework period. I'll move through the perishables first and save the nonperishables for later. I wish that I wasn't so reliant upon premade mixes and knew how to git-gud with baking things from scratch with flour and such. I do have some salt, sugar, baking soda, and self rising flour. Maybe I'll try to learn the basics and bake some biscuits or something if I'm stuck in quarantine with nothing to do. I've got a wood burning stove that I can use to make my cooking fires more fuel efficient if the power goes out and takes my oven with it.

I recognize that my preparations are kinda half-assed and disorganized, but it's better than having nothing.

Oh yeah, I've got my AR-15 and about a thousand rounds of ammo. Wish I had more. I also wish that I had some soft armor that was good enough to stop some nigger's 9mm, but I'm not expecting things to reach rooftop korean levels of happening. I'm not concerned about myself so much as I'm worried about my parents and my normal-fag sister.

One potential thread of concern is that my co-workers know that I'm fairly prepared, which is a bit of an opsec failure. I'm too much of a softy and wanted to encourage them to be prepared. "Silly anon and your conspiracy theories, the city's not gonna be locked down." "HOLY SHIT the city is locked down." Still, most of them live in the city while I live in the county. They'll need to get past the niggers to get to me. Most of them don't know which apartment in my apartment complex is mine anyway.

pic unrelated
Does your AR15 have an Underbarrel Attachment?
Like a shotgun to deal with doors and times when you need a shotgun. Or a grenade launcher. Then again that's a bit pointless, go with the shotgun and toss regular grenades.
Model 1874 Gras Sword Bayonet.jpg
No. It does not. It's got a bayonet lug on the end, but I have no bayonet. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. I have an old french sword style bayonet that my grandmother gave me, but it's an antique and won't attach to an AR-15 anyway.

The bigger concern with my rifle is less the lack of tacticool attachments and more the fact that its barrel length may get in the way of moving about indoors. I'm considering eventually purchasing some kind of bullpup rife for home defense. I'm considering the Steyr AUG. However I have more pressing budgeting concerns than buying another rifle.

Pic related. Not my bayonet but one of the same model and in nicer condition.
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It is weird, I'm usually more prepared than this but well, I prepared myself today. I won't go into details in this post but at later post. I have food(pasta because the canned food had run out but whatever, I will live anyway) and water for three months.
I encourage anyone who like me has been out of the loop for the past time to act now rather than later.
It's mostly pasta anyway. I got other stuff as well.
I also have two weeks canned soup but I will buy something like beans or whatever I can get my hands on that has a higher protein value than pasta.
At least in my town, it's pretty much too late to prepare. The canned goods and drygoods have been bought up, along with some other items like eggs, milk, and bread.
Best flavor for an official current U.S. MRE?
Yeah I know it's more steps then what I said but thanks for the encouragement. I've got the buckets I want to use lined up and yeah gonna make sure not to pack the soil so it's got air in it, so a few more day and they will be ready. Also read that potatoes don't mind a more acidic soil and it keeps more pests away so I may do that.

Well that's better then 99% of people <spoiler>including me</spoiler> so I wouldn't feel down about that. Shame you are in an apartment though so there is only so much you can do
>pemmican can last for decades
Centuries https://youtu.be/562nQKR3_3M
I got a couple weeks worth of canned and preserved food laying around, along with a bit of silver and the yeast, honey and malt syrup to make enough bottle-balloon mead & beer to trade my way to survival
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Just in case this shit really ends up being more than a short inconvenience, and the dindus and normies don't chimpout I want you faggots to know. You're alright for horsefuckers.

Also I'm a poorfag and unfortunately I couldn't do much prepping outside of ammo and some canned food and rice. Hopefully my gardening skills haven't fully died off.
Or that my homemade [fireworks] will be valuable enough to trade in the apocalypse
>my gardening skills
If you have soil, use them without delay.
Also, don't forget some lighters are number one necessity when the power goes off.
I live without power and water quite frequently due to Winters here being more like sudden freezes that take a week or more to go away at a time. I don't rest think it'll be the virus that does anything and most damage will be from people freaking out and being dumb. BUT I know I can be wrong. I've made indoor mushrooms in the past along with some small garden plots I've just been slacking more than I should have and this has been a wake-up call to not be lazy and keep up with shit. You never know when a curve ball will be thrown at you.

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Personally I think an underbarrel shotgun is better than an underbarrel grenade launcher for home defense.
If Tyrone brought more friends than one magazine holds bullets, you can use the shotgun to shoot the nearest ones to get yourself more time to reload.
262976 262978
Yes, tell us more of your thoughts about firearm strategy from your lengthy experience
He's not wrong though, you wouldn't use a fucking grenade launcher inside your house for self defense.
>tell us more

If you're using an over-under rifle for home defense, you're doing it wrong.
It was a paraphrasing of the senator's line from Gladiator, where he calls Commodus out for not knowing what he's talking about. Sheesh
Checked those 88 dubs.
I understand.
Even if I had a under-barrel shotgun, I wouldn't use it since I don't want all of that extra weight hanging off of the front of my gun. Those shotguns are mostly used for breaching doors anyway, and in an emergency I'm not going to be going around looking for trouble. I'm going to be quiet with friends and family as we weather out the storm.

As for capacity, I don't live in a cucked state. My rifle has standard capacity 30 round magazines. That's several times the statistical mean number of rounds used in self defense shootings.
Thanks to Styx, I got about 80lb of rice 20lb of dried beans 15lb of peanut butter a huge bag of spices, and plenty of tp for the rest of the year.
Probably going to have to give most of it to my idiot family that just would not listen.
>Probably going to have to give most of it to my idiot family that just would not listen.
But make them suffer hunger first.
The most bitter meal tastes delicious when the stomach is empty.
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I have enough food for myself, but I'm contemplating if I should order some curbside pickup from a local mom and pop restaurant that I'm fond of. The virus is hitting restaurants hard. They're based and redpilled people. Their establishment has always been clean, and the service great. I've never once seen a nigger working in their kitchen.

I'm trying to weigh the risks between the safer choice of completely isolating myself, or taking a risk to try to help out some good people in my community.
Go for it if they're not too busy. They'd appreciate the business (running a restaurant isn't easy even at the best of times) and the risk is probably low. Of course there's a difference in "local" as to just down the street local or halfway across town local. Completely isolating yourself is necessary only if you or someone you live with is especially vulnerable.
Important issues distracted me from prepping
have gun, will hench for tp
Thats a good thing to do. Let them pick the menu so that can get rid of the food they have which will not last long.
I've got a few thousand rounds for all of my weapons, my normal three weeks of survival rations, and plenty of water purification stuff. I figure if everything collapses to a degree that it runs more than three weeks the bullets are probably going to be more useful than anything else.
I wish I prepped more. I don't have any firearms. No license.
This might be a good time to make friends with like minded individuals. People should get in contact with other anons that need a place to stay. We have better chances of survival if we stick together.
>Inb4 1 post by this ID
It's a cell phone.
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I've never prepped before, mainly because I'm to lazy, and whenever I do purchase a bit of extra food I always end up just eating it instead so I don't have to go outside again. As far as I have understood it our government has downplayed the seriousness of corona-chan and kept most things open so I don't think food will run out sometime soon. Or maybe it has already I haven't been outside in a while. Still, I've managed to gather a small storage of food little by little, and with how little I usually eat it could probably last me a week at least.
One thing I've always wondered though is why people would stock up on so much toilet paper. I thought corona gave you a runny nose not a runny ass? people act as if this is the end of civilization, or is this just standard prepping procedure?
I'd assume they are using the toilet paper also for the runny nose as well...
They might have thoughts of preparation of having a runny nose without anything at all to clear it would be bad. When I'm feeling bad I don't want to go out, so I better be stocked up on ass paper. Having a runny nose and being without butt paper is not good, so I'll get it now.
Oh, and there is also the price gougers trying to inflate the demand.

Ammo is an important staple of not getting completely fucked over.

And having enough medication or alternatives if required.
The toilet paper thing is just a staple of the things that people rush out to buy when they're afraid that the supply lines are going to collapse. If you look at cases where some sort of disaster has disrupted supply lines, be it natural or manmade such as war, toilet paper is one of the items that is in big demand.

Anyway, you're too late to prep. This is the stage where you're either panic buying or you're opting to buy what you can while the stores are open before digging in to your stockpile.

A starting point is to just stock up on some cheap calories. A big bag of rice will last you for a long time. Oatmeal and pasta are good choices too. You'll probably want some bullion cubes or spices to add some flavor. Some multi-vitamins to help meet your dietary needs. Potatoes are pretty cheap too, but have a shorter shelf life than dry goods. If you have land, Potatoes are easy to grow.

Once you have an emergency reserve of SOMETHING to eat, then you can start considering on stockpiling some other canned goods to give you some variety and expand your diet. Canned vegetables, canned soup, and canned meat will add some more options to your diet. Don't go crazy on canned tuna since they're a bit too high on the food chain and tend to have a high mercury content. However that last bit is a consideration to make back when you have a choice. In an emergency situation just eat the fucking tuna.

Some other things to consider is to stock up on baking basics such as flour, salt, sugar, and baking soda. Grab some recipes from a cookbook or online on how to use those basic ingredients to bake some pancakes or biscuits.

Don't forget some sweets. Having some chocolate can help brighten your mood or be useful for trade.

You'll want to have basic medical supplies on hand. Disinfectants, painkillers, fever reducers, bandages, zinc lozenges etc.

Last but not least, I think that it is important to have a means to make water safe to drink. The human body can go for weeks without food if it must, but you'll be fucked in three days or less without water. There are a number of solutions. Some solutions are portable and are popular with the camping community. Some options to read up on:
*Boiling water
*Distilling water
*Water filtration, both commercial filters and homemade slow-sand filters
*Chemical treatment such as iodine tablets
*Ultraviolet light treatment
Just got back from the store, some things are sold out while others seemed freshly restocked so I don't think there's any reason to panic just yet though our prime minister is supposed to make some sort of statement later tonight so I'll see what he has to say and maybe do another trip later if I have to.
Got some dairies, eggs, rise, bread, vitamins, frozen meats, fruits, and some assorted cans. Had most of the other stuff you mentioned already. Should have enough now to last me for a while.
I could use someone to watch my stuff while I sleep.

Several stores in my area (Southern region of Stockholm) have several shelves emptied out. Bread, frozen food, toilet paper, TV dinner, and basic ingredients for food making are almost all gone. Even honey and jams are being bought out at ridiculous rates.

Talked to a few store employees who've told me that transports are not being sent at all, some can't deliver due to reported sicknesses (No Corona cases confirmed allegedly) and others can't secure steady supply lines from international producers.

People are even buying the shitty stuff to secure availability to food! It's the fucking end times Swede bro! It's over!
263858 263888
oof. Where I am it is one hundred percent a demand issue. I'd talked to one of my friends that works at a local grocery store and they still get the trucks, inventory is still full- they just literally cannot keep things on the shelves. A lot of states are starting to shut things like rest stops, gas stations, and hotels down, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if at least our interstate trucking grinds to halt.

People are calmer about it in the states? Because people here are showing their grimmer faces, Stockholm is much calmer, and companies are giving employees furlough (they're doing this at least over at my job). Talked to a guy working at bars on demand and he's telling me it is difficult finding work, streets are less crowded.

Franchises are redistributing work towards smaller collaborators as to buoyance their finances by off-setting the loss of work towards the bigger market actors. The company I work for is a benefactor of this practice, supposedly we who are employed should be thankful for this grace but our damn employer is doing their best to 'miscalculate' our salaries and taxes to be paid or makes broad claims about "too few hours this" and "not enough paid" as to allow themselves to pay us less in these trying times. Always something up the creek waiting to ram through your backdoor it seems.

There was a panic to buy food and toilet paper last week. I haven't left my apartment since the weekend though. I don't think that the severity of the virus has set in for most people yet. Right now I think that the primary concern on many American's lives is the impact that the lockdown has had on the economy. Many small businesses have shut down and some less essential employees have been laid off. Combine that with the distressing fact that many Americans do not have emergency savings, and people are more concerned about making ends meet as bills come due at the end of the month.

>I'd talked to one of my friends that works at a local grocery store and they still get the trucks, inventory is still full
I've got a friend who works at a distribution center for for a grocery store chain up north. He said that they've been working seven days a week and that the reserves at their facility are down to ~15% when they're normally in the 75-80% range. I fear that the swiftly restocked store shelves was simply the reserves being sent out to the stores. I'm concerned that store shelves may not be restocked so swiftly if they get emptied a second time. He's afraid of the "Tumpchecks" that keep getting talked about. He fears that people who get the checks will instantly cash them to go panic buy again.
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Is this going to taste like shit?
Where can I get these in the UK?
I never tried that flavor, but usually they taste very good.
Beware your fingers, when you add water it can be very hot.
263962 263963
913381__explicit_artist-colon-glacierclear_oc_oc-colon-autumn leaves_oc only_anal insertion_bedroom eyes_buttplug_clothes_dildo in panties_female_heart.png
Good job outing your glow, nigger.
Yes, distribution centers maintain a supply of reserves so that they always have goods on hand to ship to whichever store needs it as part of their just-in-time supply chain plan. Do you have a different approved newspeak word that you'd like me to use instead?
Indeed, too many buzzwords.
But, the poster has trips and is stating facts, so I give him a pass for now.
So the current clusterfuck looks like a victory garden, or a real mini farm, will be incredibly useful.
Selling/trading vegetables, herbs, and spices instead of having family members go into the sex industry might be good. Weimar times are nearing, great depression is (((their))) plan, third doomsday thing here.
More in the next year, or two.
Hope everyponer does well.
I forgot this, but ass loads of salt, and iodine, and iodized salt would be good to have on hand if there isn't a good source of salt nearby.
Iodine sickness is a threat for everyone, especially if means of transportation are cut from logistics. No fish, no seaweed, no fun times. Nothing off the top of my head that's convenient...