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The healthcare system in the United States is broken as fuck. We spend more than any other industrialized nation on healthcare and we get less out of our system than many other countries. What we have isn't working and I am skeptical that a European or Canadian model will work for the US with all of the shitskins in our nation and with all of the shitskins flooding in. So how do we fix it /mlpol/?
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make insurance illegal, the people will mob the hospitals until they give fair prices directly. make med school free but not any other type of school, prevents doctors from needing to sell out to pay their debts and encourages more people to be doctors which will drive wages down, (hopefully) improving prices down the line
All you really need.
>make insurance illegal,
It will have to include Medicare and Medicaid or there's no point.

Want to know why medical care costs so much in the US? Since 1965 the US government has dumped trillions of dollars of taxpayer money into the marketplace to purchase goods and services, but not created so much as one band-aid or aspirin tablet. What happens when more money is chasing the same quantity of goods and services, boys and girls? Anybody? Anybody? Yes! That's right! It's called INFLATION!

Don't think it wasn't predictable and planned. Government meddling in the marketplace created this shambling Frankenstein monster, which justifies eternal further government meddling. This is the definition of a self-licking ice cream cone.

It's simple. Let's say that tomorrow Congress declares "access to fresh produce" to be a "fundamental human right." They write every American citizen, wetback, felon, hell, and everybody's pets too, a check for one gorillion dollars, payable only in fresh tomatoes. The day after tomorrow, do you predict that the price of tomatoes will go up, or go down? Show your work.

It really is that simple.

See also, the (((Cloward-Piven))) Strategy, in which Leftists in Congress use the welfare state to bankrupt the US government deliberately and crater the economy in order to bring about the necessary conditions for The Revolution.

Oh. Are you wondering why tiny crackerbox houses now cost a cool million, and Americans who work for a living now pay on average over half their income for rent, when in the 1920s it was less than 10% of average income that went for rent? See good ol' Uncle Scam again, and his good buddies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who have for generations poured trillions of dollars into the nation's real estate market but not created one additional square inch of land. Funny how that worked out, isn't it?
>Your Facebook Friends are Wrong About Health Care
I missed this PDF, thanks poner.
>What we have isn't working and I am skeptical that a European or Canadian model will work for the US
Every indication is that the U.S. actually has the best health care system in the world: http://archive.ph/5Noxb
<The U.S. is the Only Very Highly Developed Country Without Universal HealthCare
<To be very clear, the above doesn’t mean that every one of these 50 systems delivers the quality of care the U.S. does, and that doesn’t mean everyone of these systems is “working perfectly,” it simply means every other very highly developed country on earth except the United States of America has some form of universal coverage (on-paper at least).

Which, when you really think about it, is downright scary.

>the people will mob the hospitals until they give fair prices directly
Anon, blame the EMTALA: https://infogalactic.com/info/Emergency_Medical_Treatment_and_Active_Labor_Act
<The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) is an act of the United States Congress, passed in 1986 as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). It requires hospital Emergency Departments that accept payments from Medicare to provide an appropriate medical screening examination (MSE) to anyone seeking treatment for a medical condition, regardless of citizenship, legal status, or ability to pay.
<Because there are very few hospitals that do not accept Medicare, the law applies to nearly all hospitals.
<According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 55% of U.S. emergency care now goes uncompensated. When medical bills go unpaid, health care providers must either shift the costs onto those who can pay or go uncompensated. In the first decade of EMTALA, such cost-shifting amounted to a hidden tax levied by providers. For example, it has been estimated that this cost shifting amounted to $455 per individual or $1,186 per family in California each year.

Bump now for relevance.
>Every indication is that the U.S. actually has the best health care system in the world
anon, that small paragraph to say maaaybe slovenia has a worse healthcare than the US tell us jack shit, you know your health care system is shit when there is an entire industry based on your people going to a third world country for medical care http://archive.ph/ShUBX

>Anon, blame the EMTALA
the blame is on Mr. Goldberg being able to charge whatever the fuck they want and the government forcing people to buy insurance that also charge whatever they want, free market doesn't work when the merchant has your life on his hands

but yeah keep telling yourself you are the best healthcare system in the world the rest of the world would just continue to laugh at the worst response to the pandemic bar none
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>Talking about how much better beaner medical care is
<In a country that is infamously known for kidnapping: http://archive.vn/0gWGX
<And organ trafficking: http://archive.vn/EOgkn
<And it's a wonder why, "Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for travelers looking to have medical and dental work done" when you don't have to worry about simple things like ethics and where the they get the resources from

Yes, I can see why the U.S. is "behind" other countries, especially when we're so far behind that Canandians would rather come here than receive treatment in their own country: http://archive.vn/xl0ZA
>b-but kidnappings
wanna bring up USA kidnappings to compare? they wont be too far behind >inb4 that's all done by shitskins therefore I decide they dont count

>b-but mexico is baad
not even my point, murika isnt even on the same playing field as developed countries was my point, my insurance costs 1/100 of yours and is valid in any private hospital (that's also well equiped and not raided by narco military like your schizo ass probably thinks) because my corrupt inept government at least does the bare minimum

>those canada examples
sure, if you are rich and have a rare cancer you may find a USA hospital thats more specialized, you can find cases of canadians/americans/etc going to europe too if that's the case, but those pale in comparison to traveling in order for a fucking check up or getting your teeth cleaned

but continue feeling proud of mr. Goldberg having absolute control on how you pay if your health is on the line, reading the covid 19 death tolls of gringos always make my day
Much salt, thanks bro.
Keep larping about how you're better than us.