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>Latest interviews with Assad


>Live MAPS


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>S-300 theft fail: Pole jailed for 14 years after attempting to steal Russian missile system parts
>A Polish national, caught red-handed trying to steal classified parts of the S-300 missile system for a Polish supplier, has been tried and convicted in a Moscow court on charges of espionage.
>Marian Radzajewski was found guilty and sentenced to 14 years in a “strict regime colony,” Moscow City Court announced in a press release Tuesday. The trial itself was closed to the public as it involved materials the Russian government considers confidential.
>The man was contracted by a leading Polish military supplier to steal the parts and export them back to his home country, according to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). The Russian officials say he was apprehended while attempting to go through with the deal.

>turbo shabbos doing the job of fluorescent african americans for free

4b0aa No.227263

Lmao, retarded Pole getting Gulag'd™

4b0aa No.227264

It wasn't a TOW, cause there was no red light visible. Might be roach ATGM.
Risky bet, but plausible.

c208c No.227270

Lol our intel is fucking dead and dead.
Old comiie fucks that used to be the real deal are the ones actually ruling here on pair with the (((others))) representatives.

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File: 1561426266777.png (805.32 KB, 727x713, 1475469136506.png)

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>Trump issues executive order increasing transparency in hospital prices, doctor fees

>Trump to visit South Korea as Pompeo raises hope for new North Korea talks after letter


>North Korea Says Kim Jong Un Received 'Excellent' Letter from Trump


>Trump to visit South Korea as Pompeo raises hope for new North Korea talks after letter


>Trump questions need for U.S. to protect international shipping in Strait of Hormuz


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Thank you Awoo!

09d87 No.227213

Thank you based Awoo.

30445 No.227222

Thank You Awoo!

File: 1561050436513.gif (960.35 KB, 312x213, ron-paul-its-happening-ani….gif)

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>‘You’ll soon find out’ if US will strike Iran - Trump

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>Iran has claimed to have dismantled a “big spy network” tied to the US Central Intelligence Agency, amid rising tensions between the two countries.

>The country’s intelligence ministry said on Tuesday it had identified the spies after discovering an online communication system used by the CIA to operate the network, according to a report on the state-run IRNA.


Search Iran here: https://qmap.pub/

The Iran situation seems to be a part of the clandestine global deep state clean up. NK and Saudi Arabia were the previous ones.

f3e51 No.226640

Questionable source:

>The United States planned a military strike against Iran over its downing of a US Drone yesterday, but the attack had to be called-off because an American target list was forwarded to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp as the US operation got underway.

>US Intelligence determined that a security breach had taken place and our pilots would be flying into a death trap had the operation been allowed to proceed.

>As US fighter and/or Bomber aircraft were to take off for targets involving Iran, US intelligence intercepted "a communication" - they won't say whether it was a phone call, FAX, e-mail, or radio transmission - with a VERSION of the finalized target list that American forces were ordered to destroy.


f3e51 No.226650

>In April of 2019, Goldberg warned the world of a false flag attack planned by the U.S. Military and Intelligence Community working in concert with Israel’s Mossad.


So many rumours, so little time. The only way to choose between them is personal bias, since we will never know the facts.

614c3 No.227056

I think the Iranians would be bragging about how they thwarted the attack by infiltrating our intelligence network. Such a massive win would get them loads of street cred and establish themselves as a serious counter-balance to the States. Also, we could just use cruise missiles instead of fighter pilots if casualties were a concern.

3961d No.227221

File: 1561443001041.jpeg (202.57 KB, 1280x720, 00A48995-9D37-4B3B-A0A8-9….jpeg)

If you think about it Zionist are like the Dazzlings. They make everyone fight each other and take their shit

File: 1521240144192-0.png (204.95 KB, 1024x865, 19403_005 - 1491744893908-….png)

File: 1521240144192-1.png (249.93 KB, 1024x804, 19403_006 - 1491744893908-….png)

File: 1521240144192-2.png (110.64 KB, 700x525, 19403_007 - AncapLevel - (….png)

File: 1521240144192-3.png (190.27 KB, 1024x865, 19403_008 - AncapPony - (1….png)

File: 1521240144192-4.jpg (109.36 KB, 1180x720, 19403_017 - Leslie Fair - ….jpg)

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Found some early Leslie Fairs from April last year and thought I should share them.
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File: 1559454346796.png (84.78 KB, 841x949, pony_filly_pegasus_base_by….png)

I'm impressed.

c50a7 No.227203

File: 1561429785768.png (207.11 KB, 1066x1200, leslie plot.png)

c6ed8 No.227204

Good plot. Front legs seem a bit wide, and the back isn't perfectly aligned with the ass, but good.

Does it violate the NAP to spread those cheeks?

d0974 No.227205

Can we get a pic of Leslie recreationally nuking commies?

4560a No.227207

Nice butt.

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File: 1551406457928.png (304.4 KB, 1570x1537, Razorback Company.png)

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>If you would like to join, make a sensible loadout here at:
>And if you want to bring in something special or anything not on the list, ask to shop it in.

>When you're done, read over the Operator's Handbook:


>Or the Hoofbook if you wanna be a pony:


>Then drop a post here.

>Overall Pastebin:


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>Reaching under the table to toss out several wooden buckets, of course with wooden lids for each, the Zebra filly turns a remarkably mature smile upwards.
"Shopping is always fun around here but most of these ingredients aren't safe to eat. Pleased to meet you Zuhn-"
>Spoken more like 'zha-oon' than the correct Chinese pronunciation.
"Tapeskat. I think it means 'Dune Tracer' in Common Equestrian. Probably easier to understand if I show you-"
>Turning right to expose her flank, what greets you is a positively bizarre odd Cutie Mark:
>Composed of three rising and lowering lines that might signify dunes, five thin, stretched out rectangles curve around them in a near-circle while a symbol that looked to be a literal gust of wind pushing the dunes over partially.
>Definitely not an easier explanation, but not for lack of trying.

>Gazing down at the neat double spaced mareifest written in perfect Common, it was clear that she'd been properly trained for cross-species translations without rhyming.

>Or perhaps a stern unicorn.
>Comparing the DJ's list to what the filly wrote down for immediate shipmarent the majority of rare ingredients had been denoted neat check marks.
>Which, you note, left a rather large gap in the 'critical' and 'common' alchemical supplies that weren't available either in the Empire or likely to be found in Snootadishu's stockpiles.

>Placing one of the buckets on her head, another on her saddle, the third landing on her rump to stick, Tapeskat's face creases in thought.

"A tiny amount, yes. Directions, greetings, names of a few common items, that sort. Neightime knows some but I don't know when she'll be back. ..then again there's a few Crystal pony traders that set up stalls in the Northeast Plaza sometimes. They sell gems, travel supplies, instrumarents, cold food and drinks. If you go to the translocation hub look for a big pink flag with the Princess of Rebirth's Mark on it, it should be right next to the Gozkan flag."

44700 No.226608

>Head dipping and ears flattening in an 'honored to meet you' submissive motion that pegasi used to acknowledge their superiors, the rest of the Cult mares sit up straight to perform the same.
>Finding the low granite chair comfortable, if not too short like all pony furniture was, the apparent Cult leader's tone stiffens perceptibly.
"I hope you mean: 'investigating Constructs as a whole', not that some have made their way into any of the known Moors regions, correct?"
>Lips setting into a grimace, her right wing extends up to nudge the hood off, exposing an unusually severe, tightly drawn face covered in a distressing number of thin white scars.
>Probably in her late thirties, you think.
>Besides the scars were distinctively intelligent, sharp yellowish-red hued diamond eyes glittering with a humored air.
"I take it this 'talking ship' was a Harpy vessel. They still exist, then. I'm usually not one to pass up a challenge, though as they're considerably older than our knowledge extends back upon I'm not to dare asking specifics. Otherwise it'll be a thousand questions and headaches all around. Each of you should have one of the Archaic Monolith research records, please withdraw them."
>A short motion is made towards one of the mares opposite you, whom begins casually tossing out books until finding one, pushing a green hide bound volume towards her embroidered with a stylized golden '3' on the binding.
>Tossing the cover open and flicking through, of all things, a table of contents on the first few pages, the mare squints briefly before glancing up with an abashed look.
"What most know of the Monoliths across Tallus is there are sixty to seventy thousand according to Early Dynasty, Changeling, Middle Equestrian Era, and Cloudkeep records. Some of the Cult's ancestors cross-referenced dates back to three-thousand and four-hundred some years ago. I can tell you offhoof that roughly eighty-three percent of them were destroyed, have become lost, disappeared, were removed, or repurposed since then. Beyond that, specific ones are accessible by certain factions, lineages, inheritances, towns, villages. You'll have toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

890a3 No.227087

File: 1561350486189.gif (5.91 MB, 845x475, maths pony.gif)

Ambush: +1 Token to Spruce

>As Golden stood there silently with eyes squinted shut in concentration Spruce sat down beside him, the scribble of pen on note paper being heard in the tunnel entrance.

>When he uttered the answer to the second equation a purple flash filled the entrance and blinding Spruce's sight. When he was able to see again a moment later he saw that the second equation floating on the magical barrier had been replaced with his answer.

>Least that was something.

>Within the barrier and at the doors the Chitqu stopped and turned to look at the Operator, giving him an approving body gesture.

"I sensed that Spruce, well done!"
>Said Golden, eyes still closed and a bead of sweat trailing off his brow.

>When Spruce said the answer this time the Operator was prepared and shielded his eyes from the flash, after which he glance over at the barrier to see the spoken answer was there. Though, the .2 melted into the 5 after a few seconds passed by.

>Rounding off was a thing then.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

54792 No.227150

>Zhun gives the filly a smile, letting the mispronunciation slide
>He traces his eyes over the filly's cutie mark
>Understanding the importance of these marks, he tries interpretation but Zebra marks seem more abstract than usual
>Best guess is traveler
>Reading the manifest, still some more shopping to do
>Important components and common components
"Ah ok. Say…"
>Looking over the list again, Zhun asks:
"I understand if you don't have the supply, but do you know about these common components? Like, where to find a supplier?"
>If not here, then a deal with those forest ones would do
>Just going to have to get brushed up on flora

54792 No.227152

>Basically squatting in his chair, he quickly corrects himself
"No no. Constructs as a whole. Last thing I want to know is if they proliferated here as well."
>"Diamond eyes…hmmm"
"Oh yeah, harpy. Really old Common speaking."
>Seeing that glint of challenge, he got a serious scholar now
"For sure. Anything you can get…"
>"Hmm, ship made it sound like the monolith was a person. Oh, pony naming conventions."
>Watching the ponies researching and cross referencing, Clem attempts to follow the whirlwind of pages until he eventually becomes lost
"Any idea on what these monoliths were used for? Were they monuments, conduits?"
>Leaning back to get more comfortable in his stone chair, he gives a reassuring nod to the lead
"No worries, take your time."
>"Wonder how Jeff is doing on that expedition. Damn interference."
>Looking around for a waiter or something to hail, he decides to order those skewers the lead researcher mentioned

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File: 1519900497604.jpg (133.49 KB, 665x560, Once I reach page 15 Ill b….jpg)

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55aa5 No.222014

File: 1557976686564.mp4 (699.13 KB, 750x480, 601244.mp4)

de6ab No.222063

Also is rubbing your wife's shoulders while she masturbates a cucked thing to do?

bae12 No.222067

>bumping the thread on page one
Ffs Nigel, do you have any awareness or impulse control?

7e6ad No.227136

I just realized this thread was made a year ago…
Lets make it two.

551f9 No.227143

Given the reply rate, this thread could technically make it ~4.5 years before hitting bump limit

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File: 1557499953791.png (4.76 MB, 4000x2621, 1557190162217-4.png)

d945f No.221213[Reply]

>Twilight Sparkle fucked a nigger
Twilight Sparkle fucked a nigger with some fake weed. He had the best weed-head, mister.

Twilight Sparkle: I don't think this was worth fucking. The best weedhead in Canterlot.

Cindy: Oh my God, I fucking hate it when he goes up on his own people like this. It's like he's being a Nazi. I don't hate you, I just hate all of you. I hate that you'd ever do something like that. Celestia: Don't be such an idiot.

Cindy: That was such a bad decision.

Twilight Sparkle: He didn't think I was strong enough for him, you know?

Cindy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, it has been over so long. [She takes a puff of smoke] Hey, I'm not being a prick or anything. [the sound of water being thrown towards Twilight] She knows how long I've been in Canterlot.

Cindy: It's been like this since I was born. [starts coughing] This doesn't sound right…

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d945f No.222799

Mother of god…

6c07f No.223336

Tried to get a WW2 situation similar to an mlp Heart of Iron mod, which turns out quite successful. After getting the result, I copy pasted it again and pick something that at least make some sense. The result is essentially a fanfiction of "what if Cadence is Erwin Rommel?"

>Its the year 1945, tensions are high. Equestria is being threatened at all sides. To the south, The Changeling hive had begun to move. To the northwest lies The Crystal Empire led by Princess Cadence who is barely able to keep hold of the empire. Starlight Glimmer threatens the nation with her growing ideology…

and her ambitions. To the northwest lies The Republic of Tundra . Equestria and Princess Celestia must do everything they can to stop this threat, and to protect their citizens.

These factions are facing conflict in different parts of the globe, the war-torn north where the Equestrians still have their homes, the civil war that's raging in The Republic. To make matters worse, the Equestrian populace is in a tailspin. People are fleeing to places like The Crystal Empire in search of a decent home for a happy life, but can't afford to come back to Equestria for the same reason they left.

One by one, these warring parties are slowly being driven apart. But there is one entity that is pushing these three separate factions so far that they will not even be able to unite or survive the time they've already spent apart. All sides are on the edge of war, and it is now up to Cadence to stop these new threats while ensuring an even further growth in the economy. Cadence can't leave her home any longer and must find ways and weapons for her army of ponies and the Empire to survive this war. As she begins to see things from a new perspective for the first time, she finds herself conflicted between her family and her friends, and how she wants to handle everything. Who will die first? And how will she handle yourself while coping with the challenges that the war brings?

Cadence of the Desert will be released to market during the next few weeks. For a limited time, Pre-Order this special edition of Cadence of the Desert from our website and receive the special edition of the Twilight Sparkle book, with the title and cover art for your choice for just £10. You can also now purchase a copy of Sunset Dash in the same color and cut-out cover as Cadence of the Desert! Pre-order Sunset Dash for just £10 using ouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

4ddb8 No.223372

File: 1558909988837.jpg (474.11 KB, 1024x697, 65-5.jpg)

That's really fucking cool anon!

9d84b No.227129

Twilight Sparkle stared longingly into Pikachu's eyes. "What'd you do? How'd Pikachu do? Did you just do 'the right thing' and… and 'put yourself up there'? There was no chance that he'd have made it."

Her eyes widened as she looked down at the ground. "What if he has?"

Pikachu's eyes went wide with terror. "What?"

She stared in silence for a long while. She had never imagined it to hurt or kill one of her Pokemon, but still she was shocked when she saw one actually stop moving. She started with a faint whirring sound and then… nothing. She felt a sharp pain to her stomach.

But then suddenly the grass swirled like snow, and suddenly there was nothing but snow.

The earth's surface shook as Pikachu tried in vain to find his way. He was still too terrified to look straight. He couldn't even see his tail.

"Pikachu," Twilight cried through her tears of heartache. "Pikachu! Pikachu, wake up, please!"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

9d84b No.227131

Twilight Sparkle stared longingly into Pikachu's eyes and kissed her. "Thank you," Twilight said, "for making such a wonderful addition to my friends."

"I won't ask anything in return, but just please… keep it out of the way."

"Yes, sir!" Twilight giggled joyfully. "Yes I will!"

"Don't be rude!" he ordered.

"Ah, yeah… you know…" Twilight pouted as Pinkie Pie smiled, her smile fading into a frown. "But the truth of the matter is, I still cannot believe you're doing this, it must be so wonderful…"

"And I must thank my… my friend," Pinkie Pie started, but paused to look at Pinkie, as if remembering her expression at the first sight, and her smile fading again. "For making you happy, and for…"

"I would never know anything of yours if not for her," a man said. "And I know I've lost it… well, at least I have a good memory, anyway." Pinkie Pie's face lit up as the man spoke, a smile playing across her features. "And you know who she is, right?"

"Who am I?" the man asked in disbelief.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1560840595174-0.jpg (35.8 KB, 799x539, 1.jpg)

File: 1560840595174-1.jpg (30.65 KB, 799x533, 2.jpg)

File: 1560840595174-2.png (167.64 KB, 929x863, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

bda5b No.226092[Reply]

>President Trump said in a tweet Monday night that U.S. immigration agents are planning to make mass arrests starting “next week,” an apparent reference to a plan in preparation for months that aims to round up thousands of migrant parents and children in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities.
>“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” Trump wrote, referring to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “They will be removed as fast as they come in.”

>Trump and his senior immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, have been prodding Homeland Security officials to arrest and remove thousands of family members whose deportation orders were expedited by the Justice Department this year as part of a plan known as the “rocket docket.”

>In April, acting ICE director Ronald Vitiello and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were ousted after they hesitated to go forward with the plan, expressing concerns about its preparation, effectiveness and the risk of public outrage from images of migrant children being taken into custody or separated from their families.
>Vitiello was replaced at ICE by former FBI and Border Patrol official Mark Morgan, who had impressed the president with statements on cable television in favor of harsh immigration enforcement measures.

>The family arrest plan has been considered even more sensitive than a typical operation because children are involved and Homeland Security officials retain significant concerns that families will be inadvertently separated by the operation, especially because parents in some households have deportation orders but their children — some of whom are U.S. citizens — might not. Should adults be arrested without their children because they are at school, day care, summer camp or at a friend’s house, it is possible parents could be deported while their children are left behind.

>Supporters of the plan, including Miller, Morgan and ICE deputy director Matthew Albence, have argued forcefully that a dramatic and highly publicized operation of this type will send a message to families that are in defiance of deportation orders and could act as a deterrent.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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bda5b No.226876

>Nancy Pelosi called Donald Trump Friday night asking to call off ICE raids

>House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Donald Trump Friday night and asked him to call off the Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation raids scheduled for Sunday, a source familiar with the call told CNN.

>Trump pulled back on the raids Saturday a matter of hours after he spoke in support of the coordinated arrests and deportations that were slated to hit 10 major cities. Trump announced via Twitter that he would delay for two weeks US raids to give Congress a chance to "get together and work out a solution" on the enforcement of his signature immigration policy.

>Trump and Pelosi spoke at 7:20 p.m. ET Friday night for about 12 minutes, according to the source. White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere confirmed a phone call took place Friday night between Trump and Pelosi.

>A senior Democratic aide said Trump is "trying to create leverage in a situation where he has none," adding that "it won't work."
"Democrats aren't going to compromise their values," the aide said. "He's walked away from several deals on immigration. We have no illusions here."
>"Democrats aren't going to compromise their values," the aide said. "He's walked away from several deals on immigration. We have no illusions here."

>Pelosi on Saturday pushed for Trump to halt the actions that would impact at least 2,000 migrant families. She called the planned raids "heartless" and a "brutal action which will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities."

>"These families are hard-working members of our communities and our country. The President's action makes no distinction between a status violation and committing a serious crime," Pelosi said in a statement.
>Earlier Saturday, Trump defended the raids via Twitter, arguing that the targeted families have been dodging the law.
>"The people that Ice will apprehend have already been ordered to be deported," Trump tweeted. "This means that they have run from the law and run from the courts. These are people that are supposed to go back to their home country. They broke the law by coming inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

80208 No.227048

I hope so but the Qtards and Jonestien folks will never. Jones is shilling the blame on Trump's DHS director. he sabotaged the raids. it's all bullshit. I am absolutely sick of his bullshit, I'm glad people are finally waking up to it. it isn't just him it's the GOP. we need to rid ourselves of bullshit Straussian conservatism. dump shitholes like the Heritage Foundation and the Manhattan Institute. until that cancer is removed, the right will always be sabotaged from within.
the democrats are only half right. he isn't trying to leverage them, he's trying to leverage his base. watch Trump try to shill a Gang of 8 amnesty style bill.
>if you think it's bad now, just imagine how bad it will be with the democrats. it's a great deal, I make great deals trust me.
if you'll notice Trump has been trying to shift the GOP back to a more cuckservative position on immigration. from being totally opposed to amnesty, to accepting DACA illegals.
>but Trump says that's not amnesty
from a build beautiful wall and it's not a fence Jeb! to security barriers and fences.

in everything Trump has done he's been using the democrats to steer the GOP into a more cucked position. fuck it and fuck him

9ea63 No.227058

Fucking shit. Wtf would he call off the raids? Every second those shitskins stay in this country gives them another chance to breed our demographics into oblivion.

3d67b No.227077

I don't think that's how mass deportation works spaghetti nabber.
'A few thousand,' ah a few thousand and there's no other cause effect, okay clueless.

7ad63 No.227121

Another "comprehensive immigration reform" which means "let the beaners stay, do nothing about the border."

File: 1559307696007.jpg (130.21 KB, 960x916, 7iyebq5p9hz21.jpg)

af3d7 No.223886[Reply]

Smuggies, Counter Signal Memes, call them what you like
Just post more of them
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95ed9 No.224585

File: 1559772572641-0.jpg (91 KB, 1080x1022, image0-84-2.jpg)

12b60 No.224650

File: 1559818685317.png (327.61 KB, 1920x1080, 4chan.png)

Virtue signalling! Virtue signalling everywhere!

cf071 No.225793

File: 1560632904806-0.jpeg (52.03 KB, 540x269, F7F6693E-1D4D-49AA-8668-3….jpeg)

File: 1560632904806-1.jpeg (64.68 KB, 960x602, 10E154E9-2FAF-4185-BC5F-2….jpeg)

File: 1560632904806-2.jpeg (88.16 KB, 600x888, 7203A56F-E89B-4B77-8ECD-7….jpeg)

File: 1560632904806-3.jpeg (118.85 KB, 991x554, 737AA368-997A-41AB-814A-7….jpeg)

File: 1560632904806-4.jpeg (109.54 KB, 825x635, 6D76343F-AC2E-4E51-9B0B-A….jpeg)

I found some old ones on my phone.

cf071 No.225794

File: 1560633037627-0.jpeg (177.43 KB, 739x566, F0147A65-05A7-4F2A-9DDD-2….jpeg)

File: 1560633037627-1.jpeg (46.9 KB, 690x461, CE3112B8-D841-489C-A0F0-3….jpeg)

File: 1560633037627-2.jpeg (105.54 KB, 822x593, 7474D2DA-2D9B-430B-8934-0….jpeg)

File: 1560633037627-3.jpeg (98.9 KB, 826x654, BF029241-76BD-4CD5-8192-E….jpeg)

File: 1560633037627-4.jpeg (137.62 KB, 1024x768, 68619AFE-66DF-46F5-A968-F….jpeg)

95ed9 No.227116

File: 1561372671589-0.png (48.35 KB, 769x733, image0.png)

File: 1555272521245.png (49.73 KB, 323x406, 1981020.png)

5f270 No.216955[Reply]

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4906c No.227102

File: 1561358632799-0.webm (16.49 MB, 1920x1080, 20170127 (【C Y B E R N ∆ ….webm)

File: 1561358632799-1.webm (27.41 MB, 1280x720, 20170419 (【C Y B E R N ∆ ….webm)

4906c No.227103

File: 1561358989150.webm (46.19 MB, 1920x1080, 20170127 (【C Y B E R N ∆ ….webm)

4906c No.227104

File: 1561359248471-0.webm (13.39 MB, 1280x720, 20170825 (CYBERNAZI - _po….webm)

File: 1561359248471-1.webm (14.71 MB, 1920x1080, 20180419 (Cybernazi - Bla….webm)

4906c No.227105

File: 1561359570839.ogg (5.64 MB, 20170723 (C Y B E R N ∆ Z ….ogg)

Last one.

This one is audio only (copied with "-acodec copy" so that there's no further loss of quality), since the video portion was ~120 MB. This one had a fancy frequency visualization, so the video size is much larger than the others.
If you want the whole file with the video included, I've uploaded it here:

As for Gas The Xenos Galactic War Now, that one's already in the thread as a zip (since the copy on archive.org was an mkv, which isn't on the allowed list).

9b7d0 No.227106

TLDR - I'm looking for "Me ne vado" by ZPM

Any Italians here? A girl that translated fascist music had deleted her channel, website and facebook. After like an hour or two i've found title of one of my favorite songs, but I can't find it.

File: 1555697125997.png (333.35 KB, 700x646, CelestialEmpire.png)

0e410 No.218258[Reply]

LEWD reich.
Lets post our solar empire pics
61 posts and 169 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0d17f No.225953

File: 1560739070399-0.png (1.19 MB, 1024x974, molly_3d_printed_figure_by….png)

File: 1560739070399-1.jpeg (96.74 KB, 576x960, IMG_59623735282081.jpeg)

File: 1560739070399-2.jpeg (29.5 KB, 620x350, IMG_73841926736502.jpeg)

File: 1560739070399-3.jpeg (89.53 KB, 960x799, IMG_131374873955343.jpeg)

File: 1560739070399-4.png (443.65 KB, 786x442, molestia_sings_by_hakar_ke….png)

0d17f No.225954

File: 1560739280610-0.jpg (189.25 KB, 792x1008, Jay_Naylor_The_Adventures_….jpg)

File: 1560739280610-1.png (996.66 KB, 752x1063, mark_of_chaos___page_20_by….png)

File: 1560739280610-2.png (943.14 KB, 752x1063, mark_of_chaos___page_21_by….png)

File: 1560739280610-3.png (832.44 KB, 752x1063, mark_of_chaos___page_22_by….png)

File: 1560739280610-4.jpg (170.55 KB, 751x1063, mlp_villains___discord_by_….jpg)

c29a7 No.226504

File: 1561141680369-0.png (923.04 KB, 1024x640, molly_and_gamer_luna_by_cl….png)

File: 1561141680369-1.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, new_molestia__dl__by_dspla….png)

File: 1561141680369-2.jpg (77.42 KB, 900x506, ocg_part_7__molestia_by_mi….jpg)

File: 1561141680369-3.jpg (69.8 KB, 660x330, once_upon_a_time_in_equest….jpg)

File: 1561141680369-4.png (339.65 KB, 1024x819, princess_celestia_3d_model….png)

032c2 No.227061

File: 1561336089253-0.png (1.97 MB, 1280x981, large.png)

File: 1561336089253-1.jpg (72.02 KB, 1200x686, DgQ87V9V4AASaAi.jpg)

File: 1561336089253-2.png (602.09 KB, 1280x720, Celestia_raising_the_sun_S….png)

File: 1561336089253-3.png (220.72 KB, 1280x720, Summer_Sun_Celebration.png)

File: 1561336089253-4.jpg (6.3 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)


032c2 No.227062

File: 1561336194028-0.jpg (48.77 KB, 1130x707, princess_celestia_day_2019….jpg)


File: 1560778426809-0.pdf (2.91 MB, gov.uscourts.casd.626722.1….pdf)

File: 1560778426809-1.png (313.98 KB, 1243x698, FBI on 8chan pol June 17th….png)

File: 1560778426809-2.png (192.09 KB, 356x521, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1560778426809-3.png (829.04 KB, 962x1200, Glownigger Status confirme….png)

File: 1560778426809-4.jpg (60.08 KB, 1011x513, Post written by actual FBI….jpg)

6372d No.225981[Reply]


Shoutout to Gator on Twitter and Ki-Chan on Discord.

Once Physical evidence has surfaced that US American Intelligence services are Monitoring 8chan /pol/.

Reminder that links to MLPOL.NET and other chan affiliated sites have been posted on 8chan /pol/. We may or may not have unironic Fed Posters here. Especially after one of our Posters send a unflattering E-Mail to New Zealand Police over the Censorship controvery against Kiwifarms.

This is not a meme or a joke. This is not even reality. This is the clown world we live in. Secret Services are unironically browsing Chan boards now and use them against us.



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
33 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bccb0 No.226187

It's not just the feds you should be worrying about on 8chan.
Many of the mods from different boards over at 8chan had prior relationships with mods from other boards. They would collect data on their users, and I do mean large quantities of data on their users.
Some of the 8chan mods even tried to DDOS 8chan and were able to exploit 8chan's scripts for their own benefit and spy on more users.
There are or at least were some very bad characters on 8chan and i'd personally recommend staying away from that website.

f6377 No.226190

Homestuck was far worse. It was far more autistic (in a bad way) and it's a "webcomic" that's thousands of issues long. God help you if you want to start from the beginning (though that's true with any webcomic that's been regularly published for years).

af535 No.226193

>that's thousands of issues long
Is 8-bit theater still around?

9eace No.226200

This might be a good time to advertise /mlpol/ on 8chan. I would do it myself, but some idiot made a threat on 8chan and now my phone is banned there.

1c7fd No.227057

File: 1561333352580-0.jpg (135.86 KB, 522x1280, IMG_20190623_173926_772.jpg)

File: 1560816397885.png (60.93 KB, 336x291, 1460109834030.png)

bf22e No.226044[Reply]

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

2d80b No.226198

File: 1560910398698.gif (170.47 KB, 875x994, 1477190102243.gif)

>Trump launches re-election bid before jam-packed arena, vows to 'Keep America Great'

>Senators reach $4.5B deal on Trump's emergency border request


>U.S., China rekindle trade talks ahead of Trump-Xi G20 meeting


>Plan to Deploy 1,000 More Troops to Counter Iran Faces Growing Opposition


>In First, Air Force Flies Hypersonic Missile Prototype on B-52 Bomber


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

b6cfc No.226199

thanks awoo

2d80b No.226582

File: 1561172446218.png (192.62 KB, 500x511, image3.png)

>Military Strikes Against Iran Abruptly Called Off

>Trump says he's not looking for war with Iran: NBC News interview


>Trump directs ICE to round up migrant families for deportation


>Border Patrol: Military Has Contributed to 100,000 Apprehensions on Border


>U.S. ramps up returns of asylum seekers to Mexico, adding Cubans


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5f6e6 No.226969

Thank You Awoo!

de6bf No.227023

looking forward to that military parade

File: 1557872344742.jpg (42.49 KB, 600x600, 1517303313681.jpg)

20ebb No.221790[Reply]

It seems we're talking a lot about this topic anyways. What have Jews caused? Are they a problem and to what level? Do individuals harp on this problem more then it should be? If there is a problem what should the solution be?
59 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

44dd9 No.225900

Does Trump respect Christian Values? I know he’s busy with his work, but I heard he’s bringing back the Bible into School.

f545e No.225901

I don't think Trump is personally that breadpilled on Christian values, but he's been able to deliver to the evangelicals who got him elected.

076b9 No.225908

fdc8d No.226879

Jews have relied on the manipulation of language for ages. Nothing has changed (((they))) continue this practice.



Take care.

8da25 No.226982

Does anyone have the video of that Rabbi who said Hitler was basically right about the Jews in Germany being communists who would kill millions if they weren't stopped?

File: 1561222533100.png (274.98 KB, 701x399, HOWGENEROUS.png)

a69fb No.226669[Reply]

Despite the propaganda and emotional manipulation being most obvious, it's really quite powerful.


Tbh, I'm somewhat surprised to find myself affected, I'd have thought myslef above such cheap tricks.
4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

110bf No.226828

I'm just saying we should make sure no white person is ignorant of the threat posed to everything they hold dear by this demographic attack.

a69fb No.226859


The only way I can think of angering people is making false flag over the top diversity pride commercials. really you'd only have to document things actually happening

But that's pretty much the opposite of what this video did. Are we to throw this potential away?

Also, are you saying there should not be a sense of urgency? I guess if you believe there's a democratic solution…

Do you actually believe there will be war? I considered it on the side of hyperbole. I'd see a police union for generations before war.

0d2a2 No.226864

By "demographic attack" I don't mean a traditional military attack. It's a way of describing the mass immigration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, and the displacement of whites that will follow.

3ef0a No.226872

You could take clips of events used in those "Progress cannot be stopped" and "Clown World" videos, plus some "Drag Queen Story Hour" videos and some facts on white birth rates plus videos of what happens to the white kids (and sometimes even white professors) who show up when colleges do "A Day Without White People" days
Then throw in some anti-white hate crime videos
Then combine those into videos that frame this shit to look as horrifying as possible
Then throw in CopyrightFreeUkulele.Mp3 and some obnoxiously leftist subtitles, and you've got a nice series of under-2 minute videos you can whip out to redpill just about anyone in record time.
Yesterday I gave my girl a beginner-level redpill by showing her that Black Pilled video on old Divorce Movies. 7 minutes later and she's gone from "plz dont bring politics up" to "…Wow. Movies like that really came out?" and she's actually asking questions and learning about politics from me now.
Normies come in two types:
>everything is fine and everything's someone else's problem to think about
Make this type realize issues affect him/her and those he/she cares about AND the distractions he/she cares about, too. Get this type started on the path and show him a space where leftism can be criticized openly, things will level up on their own from there as non-leftists rise as high as they can go. "Those evil SJWs want to censor your video games, man! And George Soros is the biggest SJeW of them all!"
>everything is not fine because my masters are unhappy
Break their faith in their masters, the methods their masters use, and the pseudo-utopian commie ideal world they dream of. I've only ever succeeded in this once before.

7245e No.226873

File: 1561293511075.jpg (236.94 KB, 1100x908, Obama-Bushheredity.jpg)

No white man should be privileged with the ignorance of that. However folks these days are inclined to indifference about the matter so I'm not sure if it'll make a difference though more videos like this one can't be a bad thing. Reaching the public still is getting harder and harder and with articles 13 & 11 coming in full swing I see reason to place efforts else where.
Making wusses, pushover and doormat angry is hard they just don't have it in them. Ultimately it is up to them to develop their values.
>Are we to throw this potential away?
Nope, but what to do with it? I'm pretty sure Yootoob
won't allow its broadcasting. How the dickens did you find it anyway? Bitchute's search is absurd or perhaps it's just my incompetence with it.
>Also, are you saying there should not be a sense of urgency?
Take heed, the plebeians feel not so otherwise things would be different.
>I guess if you believe there's a democratic solution…
There is no democratic solution because there is no democracy.

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