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File: 1546702616605.jpg (43.23 KB, 500x375, fuckingawfulpun.jpg)

c0662 No.196428[Reply]

Best Pony
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81e9b No.196800

It's funny because his artist is shit

7f9b2 No.196871

How is anyone supposed to gauge that as 20% if we can't even see the whole body?

81e9b No.197026

You don't reflexively memorize the appearance of every fictional character you ever see and learn the name of?

df5a2 No.197068

I've never seen that show, so I never knew that character's name or his size.

fb14e No.197082

Its not Cooler enough. It needs to be 20% Cooler.

File: 1546392721808.jpg (34.77 KB, 467x600, 16265407_620312404836425_8….jpg)

85996 No.195758[Reply]

New Year, New News

>US Citizen Arrested in Russia on Spying Charges


>U.S. fires tear gas to deter migrants making New Year's run at border


>Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil's new far-right president urges unity


>Corps to take delivery of new amphibious combat vehicle


>New Horizons Spacecraft Makes New Year's Day Flyby of Ultima Thule, the Farthest Rendezvous Ever

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6aa74 No.197004

File: 1546940061069.gif (844.92 KB, 480x270, Anime-Wink-2.gif)

>Iran Plans to Send Warships into Atlantic, Pushing Closer to US Waters
I doubt Iranian warships have such a range, and if they have it, their usefulness is just to show the flag.

1cd33 No.197013

File: 1546946099219.jpg (55.98 KB, 662x768, 1504797274614.jpg)

Purge the xenos awoo!

eacfd No.197014

age is just a number, a jail cell is just a room

6aa74 No.197015

File: 1546947360580.jpg (359.54 KB, 800x914, pony knife.jpg)

And a sharp blade can castrate a man with just one cut.

753c4 No.197024

Who is that? she a cute

File: 1543034766224.jpeg (23.5 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

664fa No.188834[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So, everyone and their dog fucking hates the 4channel split, so naturally we should do everything in our power to get people to migrate here. Here's my plan
>1. Remake every merge board here (except /vint/ and /fitlit/ since we already have /vx/ and /üb/
>2. Shill hard
Reasons for people to move here
>no ads
>based mods
>hiro is a cocksucking faggot
>you need to redo your filters etc. on 4channel so you might as well move here
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4c9c4 No.196884

It used to be at least that every new chan started its own /b/ and none really gained any traction. On the other hand 4/b/ seems to be just porn dumps now so maybe.

5e539 No.196891

File: 1546899008721.jpg (560.37 KB, 1254x1600, The Adventures of Tracy Ca….jpg)

/Sp/ isn't random and self cleaning enough to serve as a central hub. /b/ is supposed to delete everything after the 10th page, and virtually any and all topics go there. Though it has degraded into a porn dump, the mechanics give it a great deal of attraction.

8af14 No.196893

i miss old /b/

5e539 No.196894

I can't say I know much of the old /b/, but I still remember finding diamonds in the sea of coal a few years ago.

f007d No.196968

File: 1546928630327.gif (645.42 KB, 479x422, 1498942433758.gif)

>We have no vision.
We are the bridge between two worlds that mostly have no reason to interact with each other.
Mix these two and you get something very weird, in my opinion, the idea of mlpol is to turn its users into the best version of themselves.
One of the biggest selling points of mlpol is the ability to reduce the impact of the blackpill by introducing cute poners to the formula, while one of the selling points of /pol/ is it’s nature as a hurtbox.
When you add ponies to a hurtbox, you take out all the rough edges that bring-in new users, but at the same time you are attracting old /pol/acks that are just too blackpilled to care.
Of course we have a tiny userbase, for someone to join mlpol, the person should be mature enough to discuss politics, blackpilled enough for ponies to take effect and at the same time being understanding enough/open minded to not mind threads that unironically post pony porn.

Mlpol emerged from chaos, and it is not in peace that it will grow, not without changing.

>How do we get popular

Well, I say we all just keep posting and producing content, like memes somewhere along the way someone will have a good idea, beating your head against the keyboard reeeing because mlpol is slow only gives the site a bad name, as if we are desperate or something.
Just chill anon.

Also drama brings a lot of posting and attention, but i doubt that would help us grow. If you want drama just advertise on kiwifarms.

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File: 1546852889288.jpg (141.4 KB, 1092x778, Easy Money.jpg)

c5c9c No.196782[Reply]

Hey /mlpol/ I have a suggestion for all
Why dont we make this US presidential bet the most famous of all the internet?
Right now there are 2.130BTC in game and we can make much more money if we all bid just a little
Im sure we can create a masive feedback like FOX and CNN did with the GoFundMe "TheTrumpWall"
My suggestion is to make this Bet famous first here and another boards and spread all around the world and maybe challenge antifa to bid for their political party
And make some meme magic

What do you think of this idea?
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c5c9c No.196928

File: 1546912480653.jpg (64.61 KB, 1052x629, Example.jpg)

Well it´s true it not means anything in particular but we all know that social media make anything a political message I can really imagine like "FOX NEWS: WHITE SUPREMACISTS BID FOR TRUMP AND EXPECT TO HAVE MILLIONS WE SHOULD STOP BITCOIN REEEEEEEEEE" or some shit really
I see the news and just don´t belive what america is becoming I really hope Trump Wins again to create more caos and in the end Left ending eating itself

Im glad you like the idea

Not anon the bet is not mine it just came to my mind when I was betting that I can share the bet with more people, of course I want to make a profit because 1.349BTC are in side of the democrats and we all know they don´t gonna win (but people have faith in they and that´s good for me) because the profit is

Payout = 97% {(Bet Amount Placed) + [(Weighted Bet/Total Volume on the Player’s Side) x (Total Volume to Be Split among Winners)]} so translated it means a lot of money in my currency

I felt very inspired by the channel "Internet Historian" because we can make meme history lel.

b7ac4 No.196930

Sorry, but there can only be one Mexicanon here.

61aa7 No.196931

I have to admit I am not that well versed in bitcoin, and I am glad bitcoin works for you. I could be totally wrong when it comes to bitcoin, and I have obviously misjudged it in the start because I never imagined bitcoins even being worth $10 per bitcoin.

I'm just thinking long term, both in mining and transfers. Lets say bitcoin becomes a common currency. As I understand it to run an transfer you need enough "people" (because of redundancy and safechecks) keeping a complete record of all transactions ever made with all bitcoins. This will be an evergrowing amount of data. And not that I am sure, but the datapower needed to verify a transaction will be harder and harder, not equal to mining, but checking an evergrowing database will take more and more time. And as every mined bitcoin is cut into smaller and smaller pieces that resides in wallets each wallet will be larger and larger.
I just feel like bitcoin in the end as it is set up to work will have an definitive end date where it will be impossible to keep the network running. But again I could be wrong.

c5c9c No.196941

File: 1546914991872.png (768.38 KB, 4046x4151, 150770429728.png)


Sorry anon I have all the images of our Mexa Pony I am the real Mexicanon here

c5c9c No.196945

I don´t think bitcoin will become a common currency because is still in "beta" we can call it like that, you should think bitcoin as an asset or goods where the value depends on the market and the bitcoin network, I know that bitcoin network right now is massive and exaggeratedly unnecessary because big minning companies and groups try to monopolize the market drowing normal users in certain wallet fees (and killing the idea of Nakamoto of avoid banks because they are becoming the new ones) the only good thing about bitcoin is that at the moment is impossible to hack thanks to the blockchain process and that I think is gonna be the future.

Maybe there is gonna be an end but once this project started I doubt is gonna finalize because people love it, this is the real bank independency.

File: 1545906976694.jpg (728.98 KB, 1280x829, 1505643500105.jpg)

a6f6f No.194816[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


>Latest interviews with Assad
>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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2994f No.197090

what do you mean? it's an online shop in russia. there aren't any local shops in here that will sell without rx. well, maybe some dubious ones ran by the mobs, I dunno jej.

no, stopped months ago after symptoms cleared. it def. screwed my immune system.

1256c No.197091

> it's an online shop in russia.
oh ok, i thought you meant a shady pharmacy in your vicinity with russian owners who sell drugs without prescriptions for maximum shekels
> screwed my immune system.
sounds really bad my dude, this means increased chance of developing cancers too

2994f No.197094

File: 1546973496799.jpg (32.6 KB, 600x388, 845901276_preview_Ch9p_elV….jpg)

>oh ok, i thought you meant a shady pharmacy in your vicinity with russian owners who sell drugs without prescriptions for maximum shekels
kek, I wish. i bet these exist somewhere, but I don't speak Russian and have no connections to those people, so no bueno.

>sounds really bad my dude, this means increased chance of developing cancers too

Yeah, I've came to terms that I'll probably have cancer/sepsis/stroke at some point, and my liver is probably fucked too from all the antibiotics and steroids. and I don't eat healthy on top of it.
all in all I'm fucked, but w/e. shit's fucked around here, might as well croak early.

1256c No.197097

File: 1546973835470.jpg (43.55 KB, 680x765, 1446136538389.jpg)

well, not the best way to end my day on a sad note
but again i've grown too apathetic to really feel anything anymore
same shit different day
i really need vacations

2994f No.197100

File: 1546975008522.jpg (74.61 KB, 750x1000, mwo,x1000,ipad_2_snap-pad,….jpg)

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File: 1544733803255.gif (147.32 KB, 390x324, 1538419379941.gif)

73c4b No.192208[Reply]

The leaks show that this one will be the last MLP G4 Season, about fucking time considering the quality decrease and how many times the show has jumped the shark. Anyways, this guys have way too high expectatives, how about y'all?
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e6056 No.196405

Y'all just can't stop bitching, can you? You autistic faggots are always sperging about waifus and other weaboo-grade shit, yet you whine non-fucking-stop about the drop in quality and complain incessantly about lore in a goddamn Saturday morning cartoon for children.

Maybe if you faggots would stop jerking off and leave the basement once in a while you'd realize that MLP:FiM isn't made just for you. Even mama Faust thinks you're all retarded for still asking her opinions when she's never watched the show since leaving.

The ride will be over soon. Then the lot of you can become an hero because you won't have anything to whine about anymore.

31684 No.196413

>a while you'd realize that MLP:FiM isn't made just for you.
But that is just it isn't it.
Nothing is made for anyone today. Everything is mediocre at best with the exceptions of few.
There obviously is a point to compare new episodes with their old counterparts to exemplify flaws which you have found.

I don't know about you but I think that writing needs to be solid no matter or rather especially since it is for kids.

dac44 No.196418

I want this on a fucking shirt. Too many niggers think yelling "It's not for you!" at unsatisfied fans is the best response ever.

59647 No.196496

File: 1546721879965.jpg (37.79 KB, 476x926, bad-joke.jpg)

There is a whole planet of things to whine about. You underestimate my whine capacity, Anon!

3a3b0 No.196935

File: 1546786236907.jpg (10.55 KB, 364x257, article_landscape-ccae3f58….jpg)

004c9 No.196618[Reply]

>GERMAN eurosceptics could push for the country to quit the EU by 2024 unless the bloc is “completely changed” after the upcoming European Parliament elections.
>Alternative for Germany (AfD) commited to delivering “Dexit” unless the EU can undertake its “fundamental reform approaches” in the next legislative period between 2019-2024. While a German exit from the EU should only be seen as a “last option”, the growing eurosceptic movement is attempting to implement a number of radical EU changes. One of its reforms would see the European Parliament and 751 MEPs effectively scrapped in favour of a “European assembly” of just 100 delegates.
>The AfD states that if the reforms are not implemented “we deem necessary to consider a withdrawal of Germany or an orderly dissolution of the European Union and the establishment of a new European economic and interest community”.
>According to the party, 44,000 EU officials and 11,000 employees cost over €8billion a year – 4,000 of those officials earn more than €290,000 a year, which is more than the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s salary.
>AfD is also considering to drop the euro as the EU’s single currency and the bloc’s climate change targets in their planned sweeping changes.

>According to election analysts Europe Elects, the AfD, who currently reside in Nigel Farage’s EFDD group, could become the second largest group by attracting fellow right-wingers the ECR and ENF.

>The pollster’s projection would see the group win 161 seats in the EU Parliament, leaving them just 17 seats away from becoming the largest and most powerful team of MEPs.
>Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister and ENF representative, and influential former Polish prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who represents the ECR, have already met to discuss a potential unification pact.

>Katrin Ebner-Steiner of the AfD told jubilant party supporters she would spend the next five years “representing your strong voice” at a time when Germany and Bavaria were in a “dreadful state” over migration.

>“We’re cut from a different wood from the bloodless mainstream parties,” she said, promising to “fight for victory not forPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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7b648 No.196625

Where can I sign?

004c9 No.196646

Vote for AfD and you will be helping toward that goal (but I guess it is a given that you will do this). Other than that I don't know besides perhaps dropping nuggets of truths about the EU, and eventually it will fall. The truth is the enemy of the EU and the left.

6ee63 No.196672

Fucking do it!
It sounds too good to be true, but I'll support it anyway.

4c8de No.196713

Convinced a couple of guys to vote afd last election maybe I can pull it off again

3a4d0 No.196716

Do it. Imagine the shitstorm that would cause.

File: 1544918714055.png (27.26 KB, 120x150, ItsOkayToBeWhite.png)

9cf9b No.192664[Reply]

A major problem the Dissident Right faces is being sequestered to the internet where we can be picked apart site by site. To engage in real-life activism is foolhardy, even suicidal, and due to the media cartel would never receive favorable coverage. Nonetheless, we must branch out into the physical space because 1) Griffons fear we'll do that and 2) it allows us to reach population segments who don't frequent the same sites we do.

4Chan's "It's OK to be white" op was massively successful and received widespread media coverage. However, it worked only because it was focused and it was Halloween. We cannot sustain this sort of op because 1) anons don't like being pulled away from imageboards without a tangible reward and 2) administrators would closely monitor security cam footage and nab each of us eventually.

However, there might be a way around that. Why not incentivize normies or neutrals to do our legwork for us? What I'm thinking is having redpill posters such as "It's OK to be White" (though more comprehensive pills can work too) be available for print on a website. After registering an anonymous account users would be assigned a specific QR code. People who see the QR code can scan it (a very normie thing to do) to reach a page with more information to break their conditioning. Users would receive an income from the site depending on how many people scan it.

The goal is to entice conservatives and fence-sitters to act on /ourside/ by providing an income. This may be an excellent way to breach college campuses, especially if we target transfer students (who often don't care much about American politics and want easy ways to get money). The most obvious weakness is that this isn't a business and will always lose money. Therefore, it's impossible unless if we get a millionaire on our side (working on that but given the odds I'll likely fail).

What are your thoughts on this tactic?
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f1e5b No.196486

I like the way you think but a couple thousand people are not going to take over a country of hundreds of millions, least of all by riding horses into battle. Might have worked for select native American tribals but the competition was low level lever action rifles and revolvers, and other horses. Now we got military, automatic weapons that the public is not able to legally buy, cars, aircraft, and nuclear bombs.

Gaining a moderately large plurality of followers is step 1 to any revolutionary or reactionary movement. Even if we have to deal with lemmings there is no room for anything much else.

7ff64 No.196497

What if we put up It's Okay To Be White posters around capitals around every major holiday?

The cops in London won't know some random from Cornwall was the man who put these signs up. They won't think to look there either.

f1e5b No.196541

It's somewhat of a dead meme in public eyes but I don't mind it. Driving up to Sacramento or LA on Thanksgiving sounds fun. Maybe even go out for a little /mlpol/ meetup too.

7ff64 No.196564

As fun as it sounds to hit up some bar in a Twilight Sparkle hat, say "Are you TheLegend27?" to different people until I get lucky, and catch some drinks with everyone here, it's probably best that this board never has any meetups ever unless it's an uncucked no-degeneracy-allowed convention we're making.

f1e5b No.196577

Well a little bit of simple in-thread planning and visual reference isn't too bad. Also you overestimate the insanity of fandoms. I met with an anon in the Christmas thread and we ended up having a nice chat. If you WANT to dress up as Aryanne and scream in the streets about the griffin conspiracy, sure, you could. But nothing says that it has to be that way, much less on an imageboard as small and mostly-optimistic as /mlpol/.

File: 1546269675257.jpg (226.38 KB, 959x833, happy_new_year__by_pridark….jpg)

575ad No.195390[Reply]

Happy New Year everyone.

May the years to come be filled with fun, windmills of friendship and football.
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c521a No.196104

File: 1546555713862.gif (841.7 KB, 1280x1280, 1925078.gif)

3af3f No.196110

File: 1546560357387.jpg (423.21 KB, 2350x3300, _sad sunny.jpg)

>tfw she isnt real
Why are her nipples tapped?

eb868 No.196231

So you don't get PTSD from seeing a real nipple
those are for marriage only after all.

7e6ec No.196478

File: 1546715363266.jpg (44.42 KB, 474x331, PicsArt_12-25-04.55.16.jpg)

Can finally post again and its late but merr late xmos and year new

00bb9 No.196490

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

File: 1545584637115.png (197.71 KB, 366x433, 1545579163414.png)

3941e No.194106[Reply]

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e539c No.196402

Dr.Murdoch is best pony. Murdoch-chan pone when?

9f88b No.196406


4f960 No.196444

I really like how they show religious nuttery and lolbert nihilism in this one. Great for audiences all alike.

afbaa No.196460

r/the_donald's weapon of choice, unfortunately. /mlpol/ episode when?

dec5e No.196469

Actually, it was Varg.

I liked this episode. It brings a feeling of peace at the end.

File: 1543949379218.png (171.19 KB, 800x600, winter.png)

7d0c8 No.190672[Reply]

greetings and seasoned greatings to all. my lovely horse is proud to present from /mlpol/ special advent of christmastime special. this is episode 1 of short special advent of christmastime series which is really short or each episode is really short but series will be all month long. each new espidoe every day.

each day is new very short episode and will run every day until christmas. each new episode is short but you are getting new one every day so shut up about shortness. each day is short but not as short as episode.

join twilot spackle on magical christmastime advent christmas adventure to learn meaning of special advent christmastime. thank yuo and god bles america.

Episode 1:


Previous Episodes for Not As Christmastime Lovely Horse

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356c5 No.194732

I'm speechless.

49500 No.194735

Deus Vult

0f03d No.194746

11/10 would go on horrible Christmastime adventure again.

79f4e No.194758

God bless us all.

ba70a No.196448

Great series! Looking forward to the continued quest to find the pet murderer

File: 1546641739559-0.jpg (96.13 KB, 620x543, 1502802-are_you_a_bad_enou….jpg)

File: 1546641739559-1.png (138.87 KB, 495x322, 1518821525882-4.png)

File: 1546641739559-2.png (85.81 KB, 334x377, mlp check.png)

File: 1546641739559-3.png (246.01 KB, 1186x954, hotrape.png)

7e321 No.196313[Reply]

Can you stand so much fun, Are you bad enough? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zusLgd9L04Y
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fa877 No.196320

This thread is bad, and OP should feel bad

b71b9 No.196338

>kidnapped by Ninjas
Slander and lies

272a8 No.196404

Even my poorly written threads are better.

175eb No.196408

File: 1546683214238-0.gif (153.01 KB, 1200x357, 2018-04-24.gif)

File: 1546683214238-1.gif (141.72 KB, 1200x357, 2018-05-17.gif)

File: 1546683214238-2.gif (85.1 KB, 1200x357, 1533774409438.gif)

File: 1546683214238-3.gif (86.83 KB, 1200x353, 1533934820277.gif)

File: 1546683214238-4.gif (101.18 KB, 1200x354, 1533935976433.gif)

46645 No.196417

File: 1546699241747-0.jpg (132.81 KB, 625x790, cad-20080602-358b1.jpg)

File: 1546699241747-1.gif (104.93 KB, 1200x344, ga170103.gif)

File: 1546699241747-2.gif (80.08 KB, 1200x354, ga060916.gif)

File: 1546699241747-3.gif (106.18 KB, 1200x354, 2001-02-22.gif)

File: 1546699241747-4.gif (110.5 KB, 1200x351, 1980-01-12.gif)

File: 1546276852376.png (743.81 KB, 1280x1280, 1918911__explicit_artist-c….png)

fbc84 No.195410[Reply]

26 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

66669 No.195894

File: 1546463775420-0.png (584.43 KB, 1182x895, 1925129__safe_artist-colon….png)

>Your VPN
Vad kallar man en chokladboll?
En Gambiaskalle! Badum diz.

But you are right it is me, HClegend. Your arch-nemesis. I come back like a… um… what were does called again? That's right! A cycle. Got'ya.

Your story seems to have a nice premise for an action story. I hope that after I had my exams I may get time to read some of it. However, I have some other stories that I want to finish before that so it might take longer.
I do think that your story doesn't stand out enough. I imagine if I were to browse through the catalog of fanfiction.net and see your story I might just continue scrolling through.

Now, I do want to underline that this is just friendly advice. I am not saying this to undermine you. I see you as my peer and I don't see you as some inferior writer than myself. I don't want you to feel as if you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Since some anons have at the time deemed you to be our lolcow it is very easy to target you for petty and nitpicky things. What I bring up could be seen as nitpicky but it is my honest opinion with the intention to help you.

The important difference between your story and the usual fallout Equestria stories is that your character is not going out on an adventure in the wasteland but is on a quest to change his home. FE stories are, since the first one, have their focus on, primarily, the main character. They are even a lot of times written in the first person perspective. My point is that your story will be character driven and so should your description be as well.
Give us something like this:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

66669 No.195895

I saw this pic thought it was political enough to fit our site.

66669 No.195899

>I have obviously not read your story so I don't know your character and what drives him.
I meant: I have not read your story so I don't know your character and waht driives him.
Fuck, I continously make anons think that us swedes are cucked because of posts like this one.

fbc84 No.195922

Oh yeah, Hclegend exists. I actually thought it was the drowning girl shit game guy instead at the time. I remember thinking I had a funny joke lined up if you were him, but I don't remember what it was.
Also, good idea! I went with the third-person description to differentiate it from most stories, but I think I probably have enough things that differentiate it from other stories. I'll keep the description change thing in mind.

fbc84 No.196328

By the way, who here enjoyed the Pokemon scene?

File: 1546541310637.png (1.97 MB, 1711x966, Screenshot (170).png)

0904a No.196070[Reply]

The U.S. House opens the 116th Congress, elects a new speaker, and plans to take up legislation to reopen the government.

C-Span Live stream

0904a No.196071

File: 1546541528653.png (1.52 MB, 1709x954, Screenshot (173).png)

Nancy Pelosi is elected Speaker of the House

0904a No.196072

File: 1546542035110.png (1.77 MB, 1722x960, Screenshot (174).png)

Looks like one of B. Hussein Obamas offspring is attending.
>political active on candycrush (or what the kids play with there days)

I can't help hope reson she is there with a stranger is because her dad is in Gitmo. That or by the look of her surroundings she is there as a pizza. I'm not hoping for the latter but damn some of those around her have hungry eyes.

f98da No.196074

A shame what happened to her real parents

b75c6 No.196141

well shit

ec32d No.196143

File: 1546571362897.png (239.89 KB, 606x646, _absolutely disgusting.png)

File: 1546278608195.jpg (123.33 KB, 1125x1358, 1545782280050.jpg)

cb568 No.195412[Reply]

>jerks off to a children's cartoon
>pretends to be a Nazi
It's called cognitive dissonance and It ain't healthy
I'm not saying your beliefs are wrong or anything just think twice before aligning with a group who wants you dead.
80 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f244f No.196004

Speaking of tools
Sooo, nofap isn't about not fapping, it's about discipline, and busting nuts all over yourself is not antithetical to that. Is that what you're saying?
I mean I would think with a name like "NoFap" that it would be about not fapping, but what do I know

58396 No.196005

File: 1546498252750.jpeg (42.14 KB, 700x467, my-little-pony-mlp-art-Oc….jpeg)

>On its own, it is useless
We agree. It is a medium to reach an end.
But we disagree in that it is restricted only to build discipline.
Nofap goes well beyond that to enter the spiritual realm and to open the third eye. But I think that is too much to entertain the fappers.
Anyponer have to try first and experience the hardships and secondary effects, be mental as physical of the process; the gains are worth of the pain.

4c84d No.196006

An important part of any strong spiritual foundation is discipline, so I don't believe we wholy disagree in that regard.

96662 No.196024

File: 1546510563041.png (450.17 KB, 640x480, 1545021712907.png)

> it's about discipline, and busting nuts all over yourself is not antithetical to that
I do believe anon is saying not fapping is part of the training, anon.

I was the one advocating that faping one time per week is all right, but i should probably clarify: I mean it's all right to do it one time per week as long as you are choosing to do so or not, i'm not talking about giving up to your desires one time per week.

58396 No.196047

File: 1546533303227.png (194.63 KB, 1182x316, Screen_Shot_2018-12-31_at_….png)

>I don't believe we wholy disagree in that regard.
We don't.

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