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File: 1563067621067.png (104.14 KB, 793x583, vtrg-1491941391-369986-ful….png)

00df9 No.230842[Reply]

Let's have a thread for Fluttershy leads.
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2a8a3 No.230921

Is Flutterbutter just an object?
I mean I know irl women are, but I thought mares deserved a bit more respect…

281ce No.233357

File: 1564503996610.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3000x4000, 2101152__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Cute Flutterbutter.

2a8a3 No.233403

What happened to that Flutterfag who got nude'd? Late Night was his name, I think?

d3e86 No.233575

File: 1564618817481.png (Spoiler Image, 195.74 KB, 750x500, 2177150 - Fluttershy Frien….png)

c2c36 No.233651

He's still around I think.

File: 1523462901835.jpg (146.63 KB, 1920x1080, Watch MLP.jpg)

5ad13 No.139511[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Everyone the mlp stream is back again! We are starting from S1 E1 to the newest season. We will be watching 4-5 episodes a week every wed at 3pm PST first stream starts TODAY!
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fe463 No.233610

But yeah, F. A shame about that.

34c86 No.233626

Go ahead and say it
"I told you so"
I know its coming

679d4 No.233630

"Told you so" about what? I know somebody around here hated rabbit but it wasn't me. The quality of its service has been declining over the past few months though.

For what it's worth. These are both me. I forgot that I had VPN on for one of the posts.

34c86 No.233632

Sorry, thought you might have been the particular kraut who had been pissing on rabbit a while back

679d4 No.233633

>my ID changed again
god damn it.

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File: 1564551271517-0.jpg (160.42 KB, 1200x1050, b86f16f3f0536167e1b50019f5….jpg)

File: 1564551271517-1.jpg (8.18 KB, 195x259, c153a9c2-ad79-44bd-b9f6-8e….jpg)

File: 1564551271517-2.jpg (72.65 KB, 1195x540, 5ac73206-3df4-45b8-9c9b-7b….jpg)

File: 1564551271517-3.jpg (17.07 KB, 480x346, a31167bb-e44f-40a6-b9af-05….jpg)

File: 1564551271517-4.jpg (86.16 KB, 720x960, 173422bc-cfc9-49d7-afd3-7a….jpg)

f992d No.233460[Reply]

Based gauchos revolt against the modern world…
terrorist vegans enter to a country festival to protest against meat eating country men.

get rekt.


i can´t stop watching this again and again:


pd: memes in spanish because i was too lazy to translate them at 2:30 am. enjoy
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f992d No.233467

File: 1564552326980-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 3008x2000, serveimage (27).jpg)

File: 1564552326980-1.jpg (21.53 KB, 380x214, serveimage (29).jpg)

File: 1564552326980-2.jpg (348.02 KB, 1024x683, serveimage (30).jpg)

File: 1564552326980-3.jpg (24.87 KB, 323x255, serveimage (31).jpg)

File: 1564552326980-4.jpg (16.23 KB, 295x171, serveimage (32).jpg)


South american cowboys. mostly descendants of Italians, germans, vasques, english.

instead of pistols they prefer shotguns and big knives similar to swords that they usually have to kill cows and sheep to prepare argentinian barbecue called "asado"
hard working people that rise one of the best meat in the world.

f992d No.233468


GAUCHOS not guachos. (guacho means bastard in spanish)

lol. in fact the seventh male baby in some farmers/country mithology can turn into a werewolf.

f992d No.233469

another video of the same incident


f992d No.233471

File: 1564552869184-0.png (130.09 KB, 717x1024, large (5).png)


anon filly and pepe in first image. hahahha

there is a NatGeo documentary about "gauchos" in south of Argentina. Patagonia:


ab615 No.233472

Wow They Sound pretty Interesting,tbh.

File: 1561932275693.png (85.67 KB, 854x819, 4cc_cl_logo.png)

5d9f5 No.228676[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The /pol/eague may be over there is more football to be played. /mlpol/ and /pol/ will play in the 4CC Champions League to see who is the best team in the 4CC.

Qualification draws will be tomorrow.

The Group Stage Qualifiers begins July 5-7
and the main group stage matches begins 11-14

And the final will be held in Estadio Wanda Metropolitano where the actual final of the UEFA 18/19 final was held

/mlpol/ will have to fight it's way to the group stage. /pol/ will not

And after the tournament, we will only have to wait 1 week for the 4chan Summer Cup

GIDDY UP and let's prove that we are the champions of champions

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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5e3b9 No.230068

File: 1562540072078.jpg (171.55 KB, 800x1131, __bismarck_kantai_collecti….jpg)


tragic, but i too would have taken priority for a /pol/ league over a champions league if i would have been in that position. perhaps next year the timing wont be as close for a second attempt. Glad to know we are not gutter trash. Also we beat Weegee decisively, so theres that.

I wish Team Management a great summer and thanks for the open clearance, Plus!

5e3b9 No.230069


I wish /pol/ best of luck against Mogra. They are dangerous.

5d9f5 No.230701

Final Week of the 2019 4CC Champions League starts in 5 minutes
Matches for today

/3/ vs /s4s/
/his/ vs /h/
/vg/ vs /i/
/dbg/ vs /snes/
/gd/ vs /pol/
/c/ vs /mogra/
/sp/ vs /int/
/fgog/ vs /cfb/

ea8b7 No.233246

How can lurking newfags in this thread contribute?

45eca No.233252

Lurk moar. Then check the bottom of this link

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File: 1564106255481-0.jpg (769.73 KB, 3200x1600, Eurobeat Tranny 1.jpg)

File: 1564106255481-1.jpg (921.25 KB, 3200x1600, Eurobeat Tranny 2.jpg)

1ff95 No.232591[Reply]

See for yourself. There are links to Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. Be warned: the Twitter has lingerie pics.

linktr.ee [slash] jessagabbana (working around overzealous spam filter)
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22cc5 No.233080

File: 1564373454551.png (29.21 KB, 209x66, Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at ….png)

Can't show proof of me being American, but I can show proof of custom IPs, and you can take my word for it.

9dbdf No.233119

>I reckon
>I made a list
Well congratulations! (you) get a gold star for participating!
Unfortunately, you'll need to do better than speculation

49f64 No.233141

Which America, South or Central? Oh, wait, do you mean the endless cesspool of shit in the North where the goyim known only as La Creatura exist?

ec5fb No.233194

Absolutely disgusting.

06f5b No.233231

What do you suggest, recruitment strategies for each brony type?

File: 1563477125821.jpg (138.91 KB, 1280x940, psyops.jpg)

c966a No.231612[Reply]

Every day I feel more agitated with the state of affairs. I feel restless, itching on a level too deep to simply give a light scratch. I feel that nagging in my head every day, that knowledge that we're living on borrowed time, borrowed cash, and borrowed land. I know there are few options left. Unlike our forefathers in American history, we can't sail the seas to escape this dread. We can't explore further west. There is nowhere left to run. We are a cornered animal.

The Area 51 raid facebook event, which I was actually not even aware of until someone in the filly thread mentioned it since I don't use kike social media, gave me a single second of hope before I realized that it wasn't truly serious. The raid would be bloody. It wouldn't be without substantial loss, but that's the kind of heavy toll that our forefathers were GLAD to pay for freedom from their captors. No cost was too great. But now, where are we? Shitposting to a facebook event with an ill-thought-out plan that will most definitely fail without any true effort put into it.

No. What we need is to actually, unironically plot this shit out. The first step is spreading the word, organically and at least somewhat covertly. Putting up QR code or URL based propaganda posters, little breadcrumbs to lead those who are mildly aware along to our camp. Something like "want to know more about your generous and magnanimous leaders like Jeffrey Epstein? Come to mlpol.net/mlpol/thread/fasd124r1ttrgergdsgewgfbdbvdbrsdvb!" Those who are aware of the name and reputation but not anything past that, will come to us or wherever we post to. Probably better to go with an .onion link and give a basic lesson on using TOR with the poster, or something. To weed out r/the_Donald brainlets. From there, give recruitment tools to a select group of trusted people, and only allow them to give info or access to DMs/groupchats on an individual level. While it starts slow, after a few hundred people, it'll start to grow more exponentially. Such as, if you had a group of 12 people invite six other people, that's 72 potential new recruits. Then from that 84 set, they invite five each, which goes to 420 and then it just grows and grows and grows. Before you know it, half a million people are in on it without any serious shills - unless someone gets cold feet and rats the group out, in which case the planners can nuke it and offer a new mode of contact.

Step 2 is supplyiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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0d88e No.232935

File: 1564324216724.jpg (64.69 KB, 571x378, 1561050526227.jpg)

The military only exists to serve the eternal jew

ddf82 No.232986

Settling near there could work if you were armed, in a defensible location, and you had white friends who hate leftists and niggers even more than you.

24db2 No.232991

File: 1564345047480.png (583.97 KB, 916x396, natehiggers.png)

i doubt that would work anywhere in the uk though since it's so crowded with niggers and wanna be niggers

c3077 No.233055

I believe most of the """migrant""" population in the UK lives in London and major cities, and the more rural areas are still massively majority-white. I'm an American so I'm not sure of that though

24db2 No.233057

File: 1564363254648.gif (197.16 KB, 500x250, sicker than your average n….gif)

that is true but it's mainly northern urban areas that the majority are white but only the north
but understand this that not many people like Muslims this is the main reason brexit happened in the first place it's mainly english zoomers that like them though but even in the most urban areas people still think niggers should be accepted, sadly

File: 1563759745806.jpg (127.9 KB, 609x721, 1519794771799.jpg)

a8a16 No.232207[Reply]

>Iraqi forces launch anti-ISIS operation north of Baghdad

>Hong Kong police fire rubber bullets, tear gas as protests descend into chaos


>Mexico says dodges bullet on 'safe third country' talks with U.S. after stemming migrant flows


>Trump administration announces plans to revise citizenship test


>China signs secret deal to use Cambodian naval base: report


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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a8a16 No.232514

File: 1564021689746.png (203.54 KB, 680x898, 1452812696585.png)

>Boris Johnson Elected Prime Minister Of Great Britain

>Israel begins large-scale demolition of Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem


>Russia wants probe on alleged South Korea airspace violation


>Iran offers to swap seized oil tanker for another taken by UK


>North Korea Fired 2 Unidentified Projectiles into Sea, South Korea Says


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1bdd2 No.232536

>'Guatemala, which has been forming Caravans and sending large numbers of people, some with criminal records, to the United States, has decided to break the deal they had with us on signing a necessary Safe Third Agreement. We were ready to go. Now we are looking at the “BAN,”….' 1/2
They have to go back.
Thank you Awoo.

e3138 No.232714

Thank you Awoo! Here's to Boris Johnson pulling off Brexit!

a8a16 No.232723

File: 1564194571358.jpg (49.21 KB, 418x440, 1518456894754.jpg)

>Supreme Court rules Trump can use military funds for border wall construction

>US reaches asylum deal with Guatemala, Trump says


>North Korea tests ‘super-powerful’ missile in response to Seoul stockpiling US arms & holding drills


>Palestine’s Abbas suspends ALL agreements with Israel


>Guatemala agrees to new migration measures to avoid Trump sanctions threat


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1bdd2 No.232739

File: 1564206270902.jpg (121.41 KB, 1200x627, 154778214569333461.jpg)

>US reaches asylum deal with Guatemala
>Guatemala agrees to new migration measures
I am unable to find the words deportation and repatriation. Why it would be?

File: 1560916271570.png (410.98 KB, 806x708, Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at ….png)

c0174 No.226210[Reply]

Explain this.
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8e568 No.230753

File: 1562992960130.jpeg (41.54 KB, 500x403, F25E4456-9099-4441-B193-2….jpeg)

>MFW his autism has spanned more than a decade.

a2b08 No.232153


Well now, it's confirmed, he's going to BC. I'm going to be conducting an interview with the mong (hopefully), and at the end of it, I'm going to let him know /mlpol/ sends their regards.

The question is how do I go about doing that now? Do I hand deliver him a message? Give me some ideas here.

c9f87 No.232169

File: 1563741724339.png (998.26 KB, 1920x1080, Rarity_and_Rainbow_Dash_gi….png)

>Do I hand deliver him a message?
Remember him the power of Friendship and tolerance. I am sure he will understand. /s

c8f16 No.232298

File: 1563826180967.mp3 (510.39 KB, AngryKitty.mp3)


a heartfelt message from one of our sponsors, Thomas Dall.

it should not be hard to find him, if hes not enveloped in a group of stalkers whiloe he should be tweeting all over the place, every minor detail of his visit. follow the smell pf rotten melons and unwashed asstaint and look out for a run down blue car in the parking lot.

c8f16 No.232655

Threadly reminder to never refer to CWC as Chris Chan or Christian Weston Chandler.

Always refer to him as Ian Brandon Anderson. For more Intel on this see the Liquid Chris Saga.

File: 1563972448525.png (2.22 MB, 1915x1070, Screenshot (412).png)

b1353 No.232435[Reply]

>The largest story of Trump's presidency comes to a head with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's public hearing before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees. All eyes will be on Washington as Democrats and Republicans grill Mueller on connections between Trump, Russia and the DOJ officials who initiated the probe in the first place.

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94ae7 No.232484

File: 1564014892259.jpg (76.3 KB, 640x640, QO14O_PNmxnGzH_Qdx-hcs50q8….jpg)

So in 5.5 years?

4757e No.232498

This hearing was a waste of time.
All they did was ask questions they already knew the answer to.

37305 No.232534

File: 1564042312278.png (257.05 KB, 1084x1239, MoA.png)

b789c No.232562

File: 1564082854527.png (412.52 KB, 900x900, 1495568251073.png)

37305 No.232621

File: 1564123566380-0.png (90.72 KB, 841x552, canvas0.png)

File: 1564123566380-1.png (83.35 KB, 848x530, canvas.png)

>Trump: "Even Michael Moore agrees that the Dems and Mueller blew it!"

File: 1563652043015.jpg (61.48 KB, 500x882, Houston, we have a pony.jpg)

53cde No.232000[Reply]

It's been 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon.

Let's take a moment to appreciate this landmark moment in Human history, where two White American males first walked on Earth's nearest celestial body
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fb88a No.232140

NASA pone is real thou

19044 No.232167

File: 1563740529497.jpg (76.93 KB, 780x439, amur-tiger.JPG)

Why wouldn't it be?

bd6d8 No.232187

So They Could Use it as Propaganda to make people forget about the disaster in Indo-China at the time.

c2135 No.232206

And they repeated faking it six times?

dd7f9 No.232279

There is one thing that makes it believable. There is footage of them dropping a hammer and a feather on the moon. You can fake the results but it is pretty convincing.

File: 1563323956004-0.jpg (108.68 KB, 1024x694, Optimized-Trump-Impeachmen….jpg)

File: 1563323956004-1.jpg (27.81 KB, 980x551, $94RAX40A.jpg)

def34 No.231264[Reply]

Place your bets, will the democrats actually vote for impeachment or abstain from voting.

>Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) filed articles of impeachment against President Trump on Tuesday under a process that will force a House floor vote by the end of this week.

>Green introduced his articles of impeachment after the House passed a resolution largely along party lines condemning Trump for suggesting that four progressive freshman congresswomen of color - Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) - "go back" to their countries.

>Green said that the House should go beyond condemning Trump and move to remove him from office.
>It will be the third impeachment floor vote forced by Green in the last two years, but the first since Democrats took control of the House.

>Green previously forced procedural votes on articles of impeachment against Trump in December 2017 and January 2018. Both efforts drew the support of about 60 House Democrats.

>A total of 84 House Democrats currently support launching an impeachment inquiry, as well as independent Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.), according to The Hill's whip list. >But Democratic leaders -- and the majority of the caucus -- are not yet on board as they seek to continue ongoing investigations of the Trump administration.
>A floor vote will force all House Democrats to go on the record about an issue where they have yet to reach consensus.

>Some Democrats in favor of impeachment said on Tuesday that Green's timing isn't ideal given that special counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying before Congress next week about his report on whether Trump obstructed justice in the Russian election interference investigation. Those Democrats, however, said that they would likely vote in favor of Green's latest effort.

>Green gave House Democratic leaders a heads up that he would be filing the articles of impeachment on Tuesday.
>He filed them as a "privileged" resolution, meaning that under House rules it must be considered on the floor within two legislative days. That would mean the House will have to take action by Thursday.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

62711 No.231873

Perhaps they've realized it will just annoy the normalfags even more, which is not in their interests during an election.

def34 No.232192

>Two Democrats vow to press forward on Trump impeachment

>House Democratic leaders were successful Wednesday in staving off a bid to impeach President Trump, but the effort is far from dead.

>A handful of Democrats added their names last week to the long list of lawmakers now endorsing an impeachment inquiry, growing the tally to more than a third of the caucus.

>Rep. Al Green, the Texas Democrat who forced last week's impeachment vote, is threatening to revisit the issue later this cycle. And Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), who had introduced articles of impeachment in the last Congress, says he plans to do so again, likely after the long August recess.

>An escalation in the Democratic effort to oust the president could deepen the dilemma facing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her leadership team, who have walked a delicate line between discouraging impeachment, which most voters oppose, without incensing a liberal base that's grown increasingly outraged with Trump's behavior - and the go-slow strategy of Democratic leaders.

>Pelosi and the party's top brass favor a methodical investigative approach, featuring a series of committee probes into Trump's actions, including those related to former special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.
>"We have six committees that are working on following the facts in terms of any abuse of power, obstruction of justice and the rest that the president may have engaged in," Pelosi said hours before the vote on Green's impeachment resolution. "That is the serious path that we are on."
>Still, a growing number of Democrats are backing the more aggressive move to launch an impeachment inquiry, with at least four lawmakers - Reps. Peter Welch (Vt.), Bill Pascrell (N.J.), Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz.) and Rick Larsen (Wash.) - endorsing the effort last week after Trump implored four minority congresswomen to "go back" to their countries.
>The announcements brought the tally of Democratic impeachment supporters to 87. And that list is likely to grow after Mueller testifies before both the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on Wednesday.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

31686 No.232209

Can't they just do it already? I'm sick of waiting.
Either impeach the guy or don't. Make up your goddamn minds.

69323 No.232211

File: 1563767061104.jpg (21.73 KB, 622x350, dusk_shine_smirk.jpg)

After thinking about it, I am for impeachment.
War is needed as a stepping stone to hang those commies.

def34 No.232217

I fully agree. But I think Pelosi's plan is to start the impeachment around election time, so we have to wait until then. This way the main stream news will be about the impeachment and the dems candidate can sail under the radar as all questions will be about how bad Trump is.
I don't think the dems will start impeachment after the election as that will show that it's only because they are sore losers and that impeachment is a political ploy. What I'm excited to see is the counter card that will be played once impeachment is initiated.

File: 1561050436513.gif (960.35 KB, 312x213, ron-paul-its-happening-ani….gif)

3961d No.226371[Reply]

>‘You’ll soon find out’ if US will strike Iran - Trump

22 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

58681 No.227927

>It might even be possible to make them be a net benefit if a way could be worked out to minimize the hostility they cause and enable them to feed on the competitive and determined emotions released instead of solely on the anger.

Sounds like a good idea actually.

f0f8c No.230754

File: 1562993244713.jpeg (67.36 KB, 787x442, 2C773144-280E-406A-BDED-E….jpeg)

Congress is the only one now that can declare war in Iran. https://www.rt.com/usa/464050-congress-amendment-iran-war/

c5608 No.230758

File: 1562998795042.gif (2.49 MB, 500x500, TranscendentalAWOO.gif)

You mean Congress is finally doing its job and enforcing one particular critical part of the Constitution (limited to one country, sadly)?

Is this 4D chess?

f6097 No.230763

I do not believe the President of the US actually has the codes. I know that is what is put about but it sounds like guff to me. The UK nukes can be set off by the sub cammand without any permission I am sure that is also the case in the U.S.
I think things like codes and permission are just there to stop any actual use. First strike is by far the best option. The fumbling is put in place because of it.

f3e51 No.232198

>The Tehran News agency has reported that Iran intends to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency. This comes less than a week after President Trump slammed virtual currencies on Twitter amid tensions between the historic foes. The New agency reported the development on its English website.


Ahhh… so that's why.

File: 1563308948048.png (3.14 MB, 3507x2480, 2074227__explicit_artist-c….png)

758bc No.231185[Reply]

Every form of punctuation counts as a word.

When this thread is long enough, I'll put this community-made story into something I'm working on as a cleverly-hidden easter egg!

I'll start:

Once upon a time
82 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2fc8a No.232127

Typical FALSE FLAG rant

758bc No.232130

Mediocre impersonation, trash derailer

fe5f7 No.232189

The Jews Did 7/11

758bc No.232191

This fact is known

2fc8a No.232197

off topic troll assertion

File: 1563151819844.jpg (587.22 KB, 2560x1600, 1499590780789.jpg)

03220 No.230931[Reply]

>Nation braces with Trump set to begin ICE raids

>UK ties Iranian tanker's release to promise on Syria


>Guatemala postpones Trump summit, says will not sign 'safe third country' deal


>Over US Warnings, Turkey Gets Russian-Made S-400 Missile System


>Army Reserve Program Among First to Access New Joint Light Tactical Vehicle


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

72956 No.231512

File: 1563425539526.jpg (105.23 KB, 983x655, Treason_FreudsMafiaDotCom.jpg)

>Billionaire Tech Investor Peter Thiel believes Google should be investigated for treason.
And not only Google.

bcbc0 No.231908

File: 1563588178919.png (405.5 KB, 800x380, 1491603131421.png)

>Trump says US will talk to UK about tanker Iran seized

>3 million gallons of untreated sewage spills into Puget Sound


>US moves forward on operation to counter Iran, begins sending troops to Saudi Arabia


>Trump administration considering cutting number of refugees accepted into US to zero: report


>Trump confirms he authorized Rand Paul to negotiate with Iran


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fb3a4 No.231929

Thank you Awoo!

72956 No.232079

>US moves forward on operation to counter Iran, begins sending troops to Saudi Arabia
500 troops can hardly counter a riot, let alone Iran.

72956 No.232080

>Trump administration considering cutting number of refugees accepted into US to zero: report
Is it any difference?
Refugees and asylum seekers are officially supported with money taken from Americans, from their health care to living expenses.
Everyday invaders are also supported but not officially, and the cost of them, by their numbers is way higher than legal invaders.
I'm afraid this is one of many hollow announces in the pipeline towards the 2020 election.

File: 1553308153740.png (1012.87 KB, 1280x720, First place woah dash very….png)

df175 No.213469[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

So yeah, if you are new to this here is a brief rundown of what this thread is about and what happened in the last one.
In this thread wannabe writers posts their stories and those stories are then judged accordingly by a jury, which after some thought gives it a score. The Story with the highest score wins. Simple.
In the last thread,>>197973, an anon named Placeholder won with his short story about marines, who probably has never seen the sea, and therefore the abstract and conceptual cup of /MLPOL/ writefagging is currently in the Anonfilly camp. Hopefully, it will end up somewhere else before it becomes too gay. I shudder at the thought of what they might be doing with it.

For the competitors/writers.

This challenge is different from the previous one. Here we won't write short stories but actual novels. This means that both the minimum word count has been increased and the days you have at your disposal has increased. An entry has a minimum length of 10k words and then let's say that you have forty days to write it so the first of May will be our deadline.

There is actually an extra condition for this competition this time around to make it more interesting. The inspiration for it came to me when I was watching some anime review and the e-celeb said something about how the quality for the stories in anime is so low is because they go by a mold which, unless your name carries weight, your story must fit through. Basically, they think that since this kind of story was popular once we can simply rehash it again and again and they don't take their chances with something they don't know will get popular. There is probably a lot one could say about this, and it's totally fine to bring it up in the thread if you like, but the thing that I got stuck on was the underlying idea that quality is held back by this mold.

That is what I want to prove wrong and I am going to use you, unsuspecting sheep, to do it.

The scenario goes like this: You are an aspiring author who along others like you have been called into the headquarters of Netfux's new animation studio, which they own together with Hasbro (yeah, roll with it). They started it because they want a piece of that anime market. They have hired in an editor from A-1 pictures or whatever. You meet him and he tells you what you must write. He, who has been into anime too long, doesn't know that stories for boys doesn't necessarily need to be shPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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66768 No.226220

Thanks for reminding me that this still exists, I got caught up finishing off a semester in college and then I gave 40$ and too many hours of my time to Todd Howard, so I got pretty sidetracked away from writing. I'll get back to that!

7e7f5 No.226306

Sorry, I've been deliberately not reading the contents of the thread because I don't want anything to color my impressions of the works being posted. I can hold off if people are still finishing up their stories.

a5f72 No.226420

Np. Seems like a good idea actually.

If you want to you can review the unfinished stories that has been posted. Here are the post of those.
>>213660 >>214419 >>217009 >>221909

66768 No.230883

Checking in to say I still haven't forgotten, and to prove it have another block of words.

continued from >>221909
>Still Twilight, but now it's Friday and you're at the Canterlot Campus
>Class starts in a few minutes, but already all your students are present and accounted for so you decide to start class anyway
"Alright, class, I have all your tests here and will pass them out to you in a minute for your final exam. It shouldn't take that long, it's only 20 questions. However, it still covers everything you've learned, so don't underestimate it. Good luck!"
>Without further ado, you levitate all the tests to everypony in the room at once
>As you take a seat at your desk, you can already see pencils working through numbers and numerous faces steeped in concentration
>As much as you enjoy a good test though, you don't so much enjoy watching others take them, so your thoughts start to wander again
>Was it too short of a deadline to have the applications due on Saturday?
>Probably, but you've already gotten a few, so it can't be that bad… right?
>Eh, maybe, but then again, you're no stranger to bad ideas
>After all, most ponies probably would've called you crazy for entrusting the protection of the Elements of Harmony, magical superweapons made of gemstones, to an adult dragon, but in Spike's defense…
>Wait, this is another tangent
>Does it even really matter, though?
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53ab5 No.232064

I read it.
>Granted, it's a two-page long paragraph, but it's still just a single paragraph
I will explain myself when I find the right words and havee more time but this whole thing with the submissions being few doesn't seem believable to me.

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