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File: 1493509195734.jpg (37.19 KB, 400x300, get out of mlpol.jpg)

f83d0 No.593

I am looking for suggestions on how can I help out on this board in case I am short on time and can't really commit too much time here without interrupting it after like 10 or 15 minutes.

I am feeling a tug inside me that I could be helping out if I can but how could I do this?
I spent about same amount of time thinking about this idea rather than digging MLP or politics.

On another note, I just returned from /qa/. Sure was fun to shitpost there for a while. I can't muster much quality right now so it was low quality stuff. After the attack we suffered I feel great for paying back to /qajp/ a bit.
That being said I can now see why would some polestrians stay in their discords after this website has been created. I bet most of their frequent users are the ones shitposting. I got invite to some other discord group some time in the past. It looked like pure shitposting group, they had a gore too. Looks like discord polestrians have some connections to dedicated discord shitposters…

603f3 No.594

You can report rule breaking content, make short but high-quality posts, and post happenings if they're happening.

You merely being here is also a huge contribution.

3d6d9 No.595

Wait, the /pol/estrians are in which discords?

f83d0 No.596

Thx, thats nice to hear.

Off to do some schoolwork. I can just keep the mlpol tab open and check every once in a while.

2179c No.597


Denver Broncos copypastas, I'm just going to leave this here.

Also, if you're up to it try to create some OC. Participate in threads, start threads if you think of a quality topic, try to make at least a few posts a day. As long as you're not fucking with the board or being malicious there is literally nothing you can do here that doesn't help us in some way.

3d6d9 No.598

We should organize fishing expeditions into /pol/ for new members. Maybe create some OC that shills our site without obviously violating 4chan rules

f83d0 No.599

Discords which were largerly resposible for /qa/occupy, anne/x/ and /po/ny opinions.

New ones are sometimes created and people linked to them to awoid leakers for the next operations.

3d6d9 No.600

Are any capable of organized activity like board raiding now?

f83d0 No.601

Ye, we got somewhat less traffic recently but its probably people out shiposting or being busy maybe…

f83d0 No.602

I posted a screenshot of this thread on one of the busiest discord. Got no reply but they keep chatting about their own thing.

Looks like they formed their own independed community. I asked them in the past and they said they want 4/mlpol/…

3d6d9 No.603

Fags. Gem 'em over here. Or at least get them shitposting on /qa/

f83d0 No.604

File: 1493510441693.jpg (5.82 KB, 200x200, RD shrug.jpg)

Well its certain we can't force them but I dunoo. Maybe they'd join for shit and gigles?

Where would we organize? Their discord, ours, other platform?

3d6d9 No.605

We need a definite platform, that's for sure

603f3 No.606

3d6d9 No.607

This is what our enemy actually believes

>we were recently spammed so hard all of our content has been pruned

"Horsefuckers btfo

"Spams" /qa/ pathetically then get hit with 100 times the force"

Well horsefuckers, you know what to do. Be advised that that ota whatever is not /jp/'s real hideout.

f83d0 No.608

Allrighty, so we move in to /qa/ and start our party then?

First thing we need is indeed definite platform. Maybe I should ask around on those discords…

3d6d9 No.609

Yes, do that

268bd No.610

… mebe

4c45e No.611

We do need moar happenings to stimulate political discussion.

fec39 No.612

File: 1493530149463.png (65.69 KB, 1364x494, don't get too cocky.png)

>getting a bunch of old threads archived is a victory to them

I still don't understand this. They can't do anything about pepe and a mod has gone rogue on them. Meanwhile everything is back to normal here.

1cea9 No.613

In this day and age of redditards they attach importance to the permanence of posts, not remembering that the imageboard is fleeting in nature anyway
Tldr redditards are used to permanent threads

7547a No.614

File: 1493530315450.png (808.71 KB, 720x540, weebshit processing center.png)

Guarantee weebshits will still insists that they are victorious.

3d6d9 No.615

>name fagging now as "head" moderator

7547a No.616

File: 1493531354281.png (58.04 KB, 268x274, 1493528482167.png)

2179c No.617

File: 1493533570545.png (234.5 KB, 2400x2172, 1492173800753.png)

>/qa/ gets memed on so hard their board gets frozen
>/mlpol/ gets bored, starts memeing on [s4s]
>[s4s] gets memed on so hard mods unfreeze /qa/ just so we'll dump our shitposts there instead
>/qa/ is back to getting memed on for like a week and a half
>/qa/ becomes such a river of shit even Indians wouldn't drink from it
>eventually after literal weeks of half-assed raid attempts a couple of weebs manage to coordinate enough of a raid to prune all of our threads
>threads are all archived anyway
>all content worth saving is reposted in less than 24 hours
>/qa/ still getting memed on

This is what weebs on /qa/ consider a victory.

7547a No.618

File: 1493534365837.png (84.4 KB, 500x380, 1493355150171-3.png)

Hehe yes! Yes it is.

f83d0 No.619

>/qa/ becomes such a river of shit even Indians wouldn't drink from it>>617

Nice burn. Seriously though, I feel sorry for /qa/ now…

f83d0 No.620

I feel sorry for qa now :l

3d6d9 No.621

Why? They are malevolent people

268bd No.622

Oooh, an ID pali! Agreed tho
Indeed samefag, I'd love to hear the long-form on that

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