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File: 1518331397119-0.png (1.18 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats.png)

d71ab No.2738[Last 50 Posts]

Let’s play a game /mlpol/. We create a parliament and create board rules and make other things regarding the board.

>How does it work.

Step one, we need some political parties. For a party to exist you need to write up a party manifesto make a logo and chose a color. The manifesto must also state where you lie on political issues, this can be super broad or very specific, but the more people that understand what you stand for the easier it'll be to get anons to vote for your party. It also might be helpful to name/tripfag if you create a party. Here an example:
Party Party Not a real party as of now
1. /mlpol/ is a fun board.
2. /mlpol/ is a nice board.
3. Being no fun will not be allowed. If you are not fun, you'll be BANNED!
4. If you’re a commie you’re not fun.
5. On Sunday you need to post horse pussy at least once or you’re not being fun.
Stance on issues is conservative center left. Distributism is good if effective. But destroying traditions is no fun!

As soon as we get two parties up and running the two parties will get one seat each seat and all parties that join will also get two seats. There is a 10-party cap so that we don't have a terribly large amount of anons making parties that are very similar.

After the parties are formed we can get to the meat of it which is anons voting. The votes here will work differently. Say which party you want to join and the party will be given an extra seat. Your vote can also be used to remove a seat from a political party. Everyone including party founders get three votes with their ID for max chaos. The game will continue till we reach 23, and as soon as its hit voting is over.

Once voting is over we can go full LARP and each party leader, or the person who made the party and wrote the manifesto, will chose anons who loyally voted for him to become members of parliament. Here we will draft legislation and make arbitrary rules based on the manifesto. All which will be non-binding unless, say the mods for whatever reason don't veto it when it leaves the lower house of parliament.


301ab No.2739

but there's 24 circles

d71ab No.2740

File: 1518332215222.png (1.19 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats.png)

Apparently I can't count. Thanks anon!

301ab No.2741

you're welcome, it's just a shame that 23 doesn't look nearly as aesthetic as 24

d71ab No.2742

Well an even split would ruin it all but I think it should look much nicer as parties begin forming and the entire image gets filled out.

bc106 No.2743

Calling dibs on a seat, and bumping for interest. I'm too drunk and tired to post proper now.

301ab No.2744

true, true. I can't wait to see what happens!

I don't think you can have a seat unless you make a party…

adcef No.2745

Sounds interesting. I may try and come up with something later, but I have a feeling I won’t be very good at this. Can’t hurt to try though. I would do it now, but I’m dead tired. May the best party win.

ae7c6 No.2746

File: 1518333480178.jpg (91.94 KB, 745x960, 1497645348775-0.jpg)

Mixed Nuts Party
- In Dice We Trust, Under Banner of Hoers and Pussy
- Trump Did Nothing Wrong; Trump Good justifies all
- Dice Script Hates Infernius
- You're still hungry
- We Haven't Gassed the Jews, Or The Niggers,… Yet
- >stab

d71ab No.2747

File: 1518333785066.png (129.64 KB, 733x1178, 1493369366411-3.png)

Got a party logo and color I can add with that?

f7919 No.2748

File: 1518334679714.png (34.36 KB, 331x386, image.png)

BTW you mispelled Parliament in the title

>/mlk/ party

>color: Gun Metal Gray
>Motto: "The right of the people to Keep and Bear Ponies shall not be infringed."
>supports your right to own anything from a 10/22 to a McNuke
>will increase Millitary R&D budget by taking small amounts of funding out of everything else
>Develop Manehatten project to revolutionise Equestria as a millitary power
>government sponsored peace drops of weapons, ammo, gear and patches over countries without rights
>libcucks get the rope
>bubbas get the rope
>I cant into photoshop so logo = pic related with a pony instead of a guy and /mlk/ at the bottom

d71ab No.2749

File: 1518334845962.png (76.63 KB, 1009x791, UW27VNA.png)

I'll fix something up for you anon. Also dyslexia pls no bully.

cb090 No.2750

File: 1518335143106-0.jpg (19.98 KB, 960x540, UnitedAnCaps.jpg)

File: 1518335143106-1.jpg (132.29 KB, 796x1024, LeslieFaireRaisingFlag.jpg)

So it seems the time spent on Nationstates years ago can go to good use at last.

The Property and Freedom Party [PFP] is an anarcho-capitalist/minarchist/libertarian party with a flag consisting of the universal AnCap flag with a recurve bow and multiple arrows. Its color is gold and Leslie Faire is its mascot.

1. Defend property rights on /mlpol/ and base governance on private agreements and mutual understanding.
2. Protect the free-speech of all anons.
3. Ensure moderator intervention is kept to its present extent (minimal and strictly necessary).
4. Encourage influx of alt-right, libertarians, and horse****ers to keep /mlpol/ white and based.
5. Organize ourselves to become the cyclone of rational thought and base of operations that 4/pol/ once was.

Stance on economics is laissez-faire capitalism. We are on the radical right but we welcome separatism based on culture and geography (the other boards should remain separate from the main /mlpol/ board). Tradition cannot be kept alive artificially but must be inculcated naturally in the population; mods simply have to remove shills.

We must maintain a vigilant and militaristic stance but not one that stems from central leadership, which can be easily decapitated or subverted. Our private pony cavalry brigades will bring the love of Hoppe across the Internet!

d71ab No.2751

File: 1518336604433-0.png (32.59 KB, 331x386, MLK.png)

File: 1518336604433-1.png (102.53 KB, 512x512, PFP.png)

Logos as of now couldn't help myself with the latter I just recall seeing something like it and needing to add the
falangist symbol in the background.

f7919 No.2752

Byodiful. Thanks anon, have a (You)

d71ab No.2753

File: 1518337427776.png (1.21 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

Update, also >>2746 if you want you party to be in the Parliament I'm going to need a color for now at the very least.

cb090 No.2754

File: 1518337566735.gif (109.19 KB, 420x360, ClappingOctavia.gif)

Thanks Anon!

d71ab No.2755

File: 1518340281651-0.png (98.1 KB, 1500x900, 1493591915831.png)

File: 1518340281651-1.png (127.1 KB, 512x512, AFP.png)

April First Party is a party made to make certain we remain close to our roots and traditions we created on April first through third. Reactionary measures will be called for if mlpol.net begins to lose its way and stray from the spirt of April First.
>Establish the edicts of Equestia/Polestria in a sticky that is Locked and Pinned on the board at all times.
>Strict Adherence to the rules originally created by our community on April first through third.
>Expulsion of all things in violation the rules created on April first.
>Growth through action! Continue to encourage our user base to stay involved so we do not lose users to faster boards like /mlp/ and /pol/. Through this indirectly lure new users due to our relevance.
>Isolationism from boards that are on similar or good terms to us. More raids on boards we have hostile relations with.
>Centralization of /mlpol/ on site. This means removing the boards that disperse our community and limit the amount of discussion we can have.
>Centralization of /mlpol/ the board. Find ways to better centralize the board itself so that users will be encouraged to create new threads and then bake a new bread when it’s done.
>Fix the flag problems.
Monarchism with an understanding that authoritarianism and libertarianism have their times and places.

d71ab No.2756

Forgot to say color is black.

d71ab No.2757

File: 1518340976619.png (1.22 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

Update on the parliament. I think I'm headed to bed now anons. Here's a trip if something happens.

adcef No.2758

File: 1518353201423-0.png (11.02 KB, 640x356, 86FF3D45-961E-4D6E-BCD8-07….png)

File: 1518353201423-1.png (597.53 KB, 600x600, 859FE083-1530-46F0-AA57-5B….png)

The States Rights Party is based on the Confederate States of America ideology of state power must not be denied by the federal government. The color is red (not sure if you want more specific colors or not) and the logo is Confederate States Congress seal.

1. We abide by Christian values, as those values provide stability and a moral standard to judge our laws and ourselves by. We cannot force beliefs on anyone, but core values of Christianity will guide the party in all decisions. Deo vindice!

2. We push for states (metephor for the parties I suppose in this case) to have freedom to make laws and decisions amongst each other with little federal interference (mods I guess). We fight against unnecessary laws and regulations that may restrict individual states from operating independent of government interaction, though a central government is still needed with power to punish wrongdoing and encourage that which is right. (I Peter 2:13-14)

3. We hold traditions in high regard and importance. Any law that may alter the way things are done must be examined thoroughly and have solid evidence that it is necessary in order to be considered for support by the party. And in this light, we push for all attempted changes be tested before brought for a vote. There is no reason to force a large change without proper scientific testing to see its possible effects before implementation on large scale. That being said, strict punishments and force dealt by the government to those that break the law are both promoted by the party.

4. Communism, socialism, and other liberal ideologies are anti-traditional in nature, have no evidence to work, promote hyper-governments, and are largely anti-Christian in values. Therefore, all such ideologies are denounced and are considered hostile to freedom and states rights for their globalistic agenda to rid states entirely.

5. The party views a bill of rights a necessity in the currrent social climate. Although all rights should be assumed to belong to the people and the states, corruption over generations tends to erode all assumed values and truths. Thus, the rights of the people must be protected by means of a bill of rights.

6. Admentments are not supported by the party in case of laws or bills. A law should have been properly thought out first off. Second, the law that is not working must be scrapped and replaced by a new law, if it is even needed. This way laws are made as complete as possible without pages of patches trying to cover the loopholes. To achieve this, if the law is vital, the law is kept in place until a refined bill or new one is made. If non-vital, the law is scrapped at which point the law may be replaced or not. However, important documents such as constitutions or manifestos such as this one, may need amendments to add or clarify something to the foundation of how you operate. It is not wise to destroy your foundations every time there is a change.

7. Finally, though we may sometimes disagree and scuffle over our preferred route to take, we will always support and fight for our brothers in Christ, in arms, and in politics. We may bicker about what to do, but we are united by a common enemy. The world looks at us and says we are not worthy to be in their new world order. Well, we never wanted it to begin with. We all fight to restore things to some form of the way it was, whether that be full authoritarian control, no control at all, or somewhere in between. It’s all back before globalism.

>way too long; didn’t read

To sum up, the States Rights Party leans ancap, but has some traditionalist/authoritarian elements to it, thereby having both sides hate it. Hope this wasn’t a bore to read.

9351b No.2759

>muh party idea
Damn it.

adcef No.2760

Those digits… is this a sign?

But I find it funny you put ancap next to the traditionalist one which wants to centralize. Pro-government like solutions sitting right by the anarchist. The thought just makes me grin about all the fights that could go down right there. I’m not saying to change it, I just find it hilarious.

9351b No.2761

>traditionalist: We need more roads
>Ancap: *arms McNukes™*

4767f No.2762

File: 1518357005458-0.jpg (276.87 KB, 900x600, vet1.jpg)

File: 1518357005458-1.jpg (441 KB, 989x989, vet2.jpg)

The Veterans Representation is a 'party' for current or former members of the armed forces or their immediate family members.

The political aspect of the group is informed by the general attitude of the military itself, right leaning, authoritarian structure & a view to ensuring the members are cared for as if they were family.

In many ways the Representation is not a traditional political party but more of an influence group toward other parties.

adcef No.2763

So, like lobbyists or something? I’m a little confused.

9f753 No.2764

Can Commonwealth states join?

4767f No.2765

Of course mate all military are welcome.

Still a party but an independent floating vote who will go to wherever the most benefit for their members are.

adcef No.2766

Ah. I get it now. Oh, and you need a color to represent your party.

4767f No.2767

Tan would seem to be the choice available!

fd7e9 No.2768

Just want to double check this is an RP and not a legit attempt and creating an internal gov to run the board that atremps to boss around the mod team right?

If it's an RP I think it is a great and fun idea

38f70 No.2769

File: 1518359916917.png (57.1 KB, 1600x1200, spoon flag.png)

spoon party
-right wing monarchist
-wants to start a nuclear program to destroy Israel
-force niggers into agricultural slavery in our new African colony
-wants to establish a royal family like the Habsburgs

c2142 No.2770

Everything is nonbinding since I'm not a mod. From there you can take it as seriously or as not seriously as you want.
Your right the main divide in /mlpol/'s politics isn't going to be modern right left but more likely centralization vs federalists. I've changed up the congress for now based off of that.

Also feel free to vote whenever. Remember you each get 3 votes total. Each one can be used to vote for or against another party by taking away another seat.
First for giving the AFP more POWER!

c2142 No.2771

File: 1518364965335.png (1.27 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

Fug forgot picture.

9f753 No.2772

File: 1518365882235.png (1.92 MB, 1789x1876, National Bolshevik Workers….png)

Bare with me. This is a joke.

9. ?????


c2142 No.2773

File: 1518366417746-0.png (1.29 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

File: 1518366417746-1.png (450.73 KB, 600x600, 1507581633680.png)


adcef No.2774

We each get 3 votes? Wouldn’t the votes from the makers of each party go toward that party to make sure it wins? Or does making a party count as your votes?

c2142 No.2775

Making a party counts as a vote. Your votes however can also go to reducing the net share of other parties. So I don't think everyone will just vote for their party.

adcef No.2776

I feel very unintelligent right now. I don’t understand parliament as well as I need to to understand how voting reduces the share of political opponents. If you don’t mind explaining it or sharing a link to educate me on how that works, I would appreciate it. I only ever knew voting to gain your power by adding seats to your own party.

c2142 No.2777

Don't worry anon that's not how it works IRL. But for the sake of this game that's how it works.
>Vote for /mlk/
>/mlk/ gets an additional seat
>Vote against NBWG
>NBWG loses a seat

92e47 No.2778

File: 1518371071829-0.png (2.25 MB, 2000x1200, Black Flag of the Sun.png)

File: 1518371071829-1.jpg (123.45 KB, 859x1196, Hitler is a piece of shit.jpg)

File: 1518371071829-2.png (176.36 KB, 2381x2544, IMG_1267.PNG)

File: 1518371071829-3.jpg (14.94 KB, 320x229, IMG_5358.JPG)

File: 1518371071829-4.jpg (78.03 KB, 640x650, Awaked Saxon.jpg)

The Stern Disappointment With Hitler Party.
1. Hitler didn't even gas the jews, we will.
2. Shitskins need to be wiped off every continent.
3. Communism is anti-white and Communists shall be summarily executed.
4. Unrestrained capitalism is naturally globalistic and anti-white, and must be restrained by National Socialism.
5. Racemixers get the Rope.
6. Libertarians get the Readucation camps
7. An armed people is a secured people.
8. Ponies are nice.
9. This is nice board.

adcef No.2779

Ah, ok. I have two votes remaining correct? If so, I will vote go ahead and vote those two for the States Rights Party. I would save the votes normally to try and reduce other parties, but might as well see where more seats takes me. Will I be the next target, or will I gain some momentum with the other voters? This is getting interesting.

92e47 No.2780

Forgot a color, we'll take purple.

feafe No.2781

Voting for the AFP

c2142 No.2782

File: 1518371947590.png (1.29 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

c2142 No.2783

Fug miss clicked on the commie party. One sec let me fix that.

c2142 No.2784

File: 1518372247332.png (1.29 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

92e47 No.2785

I'd like to vote once for The Stern Disappointment With Hitler Party.

c1568 No.2786

File: 1518373094486-0.jpg (234.31 KB, 1283x1283, Leslie Fair blep.jpg)

File: 1518373094486-1.jpg (46.74 KB, 482x695, 1517954888579.jpg)

I wish to join the PFP, so to speak.

9f753 No.2787

I'd like in on this party too.

c2142 No.2788

File: 1518373432685.png (1.3 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

Also using my final vote to kill of NBWG.

9f753 No.2789

>kill NBWG
awwww why? It's a bit bland with several either monarchist parties, one fash party, and an ancap one.

c2142 No.2790

It makes the right left divide easier for a brainlet like me.

9f753 No.2791

This won't be the last of NBWG!

92e47 No.2792

>libertarians and neoconfederates are the left wing.
This is the kind of overton window I can get behind.

9bc3c No.2793

File: 1518373863612.png (667.81 KB, 4408x3368, anpone.png)

I like the PFP

4767f No.2794

I believe we should have an additional seat please mate.

adcef No.2795

Don’t you dare resort to infiltration and corrupting a party from within. We have enough of that already in the world today.

c2142 No.2796

File: 1518374790412.jpg (15.95 KB, 158x250, 12341234.jpg)

c2142 No.2797

File: 1518375127818.png (1.29 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

c9aaf No.2798

File: 1518375134802.png (36.42 KB, 600x400, sexy flag.png)

Posting a sexy flag

92e47 No.2799

I'm gonna go ahead and start tripfagging, for reasons of party security.

4767f No.2800

cheers man

9f753 No.2801

File: 1518376085622.png (763.64 KB, 3302x2469, Cult of Epona.png)

The Cult of Epona (religious lobby)

-The Cult of Epona beckons for the revival of ancestral traditions that were once commonplace among ancient Europeans but now exists as remnants seeking a return to a simpler time. In particular, we find solstice in Epona's teachings. However, we respect all the gods of old.
Our manifesto:
-The education of the original European religions shall take priority in school institutions. A knowledge of traditions which bonded us nature before will foster an affinity for the good as well as a finely tuned spirit.
-The copulation with mares is a sacred practice that shall be continued to this day without penalty.
-Harmful activities which disrupt the harmony of the environment is condemned to a degree, thus we encourage restrictions on ecosystem harm and promote green alternatives for energy. However, we do acknowledge industrial capacity, so we do not seek to dismantle it.
-Immigration preferably should remain strictly low as to not displace the forebears of the land. Our religion is open, but our nation should not.
-We seek relations with various other Indo-European derived religions such as Hinduism to create a sense of interconnection as our ideas once were.
-We go by the trinity of the self and of divinity. Behold there may be threes.

Praise Epona!

The colour will be the same brown as Epona.

92e47 No.2802

Hold on, let me grab some popcorn, this is gonna get good…

9f753 No.2803

How so? The party may be environmentalist, however it is not liberal and precedes as traditionalism before the Victorian inspired conservatism that party was spawned under in America.

9f753 No.2804

Nevermind. I get it.

c2142 No.2805

File: 1518376585788.png (1.31 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)


One more party can be founded and 6 more votes until our votes are off.
>Implying no blood bath of parties trying to kill each other.

92e47 No.2806

Bingo. The one thing /pol/ gets real dirt fighting about and can never agree on. Like I said, grab some popcorn.

9f753 No.2807

Should I make a globalist cuckservative party next?

c2142 No.2808

File: 1518376772967.png (22.63 KB, 268x233, Griffon hands.png)

You've exhausted all 3 of your votes now. You can recommend but not form one.

9f753 No.2809

Oh, really. I didn't even know there were rules lol

c2142 No.2810

File: 1518376885643.png (225.45 KB, 858x624, 134613456326.png)

>doesn't even read the rules

adcef No.2811

File: 1518376913127.jpeg (59.29 KB, 600x501, 625D66E2-592B-43C1-AF53-B….jpeg)

Indeed, seems we got high levels of… heresy in our parliament.

But the States Rights Party holds that the belief in pagan religions is protected as a right of belief. That doesn’t mean we won’t get into some battles over what practices are allowed because many ancient religions call for human sacrifice and that just won’t do. I look forward to our coming debates.

a53e2 No.2812

I join Epona

92e47 No.2813

The rules and traditions of parliament are not to be taken lightly. They are new traditions, founded just thirteen hours ago, but they are traditions nonetheless.

9f753 No.2814

Oh, but none of
Alright, I read it, but the three votes thing wasn't clarified.

a53e2 No.2815

remove one seat of the april fools party to keep things interesting

c2142 No.2816

File: 1518377221891.png (1.31 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment with seats ….png)

9f753 No.2817

I messed up my first statement. Okay, I wasn't going to attack you anways. We're not barbaric as to displace someone simply for their religion. In regards to human sacrifice, it was disdained by the Hellenics and not practiced anywhere else frequently except for the weird Celtic druids.

a53e2 No.2818

A lurker party would be funny
they are just in parlament because that are the best seats for the show and they can work on projects in the slow time

a378c No.2819

File: 1518377442857-0.png (14.58 KB, 594x870, 1076498__safe_artist-colon….png)

I could join this party.
Pony-centric theocracy ftw.

92e47 No.2820

the thing about lurkers is they never post.
Do you know the origin of the Veto? In the Roman senate, only the senators could sit, but just outside the senate, a crowd of citizens gathered, and if moved to oppose something the senate did, would shout "WE VETO". Lurkers are bit like that. they never post, but they watch and ultimately everything we do is a show put on for them. The lurker learns the memes and takes them to other platforms, and they are the great masses, far outnumbering posters.
It's one of the strangest things about the internet, always being watched.

9f753 No.2821

File: 1518377912535.jpg (55.2 KB, 564x780, 1478420692697.jpg)

May the polis and our ancestors watch us kindly then.

49029 No.2822

File: 1518378027763-0.png (125.03 KB, 2560x1862, flag_4.png)

File: 1518378027763-1.png (214.63 KB, 1147x1024, jewlestia.png)

Jewish National Party

Consisting only of pure ashkenazi ubermensch, no brainlets zone

J.N.P. fights for a memory of 60 billion jewish children brutally raped and murdered by white supremacists during the Great Holocaust
Free matzo for everyone
All goys will be put into their rightfull place, slavery, to work for their rightfull overlords
Reclamation of rightfull jewish possesions in central europe taken from us by white man thievery
Mandatory circumcision, cut dick is best dick
Remove all arabs, populate their land with pure ashkenazi children
Jews didn't kill Jesus, Hitler did it

9f753 No.2823

File: 1518378118690.jpg (130.25 KB, 566x399, 0f2450171ed188d66395b5bd3d….jpg)

By the gods!

92e47 No.2824

File: 1518378154602-0.mp3 (745.3 KB, Pierce Goes Hard.mp3)

>>2821 checked
I'll drink some more to that.

a0614 No.2825

File: 1518378172574.jpg (20.3 KB, 220x232, 23534675867.jpg)

Oy gevalt!

adcef No.2826

File: 1518378221201.jpeg (21.01 KB, 279x180, F93E0999-9414-432D-8862-5….jpeg)

Forget paganism… this is the real threat to humanity.

92e47 No.2827

File: 1518378246465-0.jpg (158.02 KB, 736x920, hans get the gas.jpg)

4767f No.2828

I'd like to add one of my additional votes to the Cult

9f753 No.2829

File: 1518378295413.jpg (892 KB, 1280x1751, 1479000286245.jpg)

Stand by me, we'll rid this threat.

92e47 No.2830

I use my last vote to eliminate this party. GOD DAMN KIKES BURN IN HELL YOU FUCKERS!

49029 No.2831

File: 1518378322623-0.png (199.79 KB, 504x566, 1502923556577-0.png)

Furthermore after achieving global supremacy we would take nazi out of the ashkenazi and put them into labour camps, there is no place for such outdated beliefs in our party.

d0edd No.2832

File: 1518378329146.jpg (71.58 KB, 568x700, 410110__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

>mandatory circumcision

9f753 No.2833

I thought Hitler removed you kikes from Poland.

a53e2 No.2834

just making a list so I won't have to search all the time


>Property and Freedom Party

>April First Party

>States Rights Party
light grey

>The Veterans Representation

>spoon party


>The Stern Disappointment With Hitler Party.

>The Cult of Epona
dark brown

>Jewish National Party

45791 No.2835

File: 1518378433823-0.jpg (71.22 KB, 500x600, 1509720925279.jpg)

Well someone said they did want a cuckservative party…

A vote for Epona Cult pls

c2142 No.2836

Alright anons I need to hit the gym. I'll be back soon but keep going as soon as I get back I'll tally the votes. Remember to more you go and attack parties the longer this can last.

9f753 No.2837

File: 1518378662163.jpg (330.04 KB, 900x987, 1500279299169.jpg)


a53e2 No.2838

Only two seats left

92e47 No.2839

This is why we have stern disappointment about Hitler.
The only correct answer to "how many jews died in the holocaust" is "Not Enough".

a53e2 No.2840

I use my last vote to gas kik-
To free up a certain spot in the cabinet
-3 seats open

4767f No.2841

I wish to add my last vote to the Stern party.

adcef No.2842

File: 1518379185221.jpeg (32.28 KB, 400x351, D36546CB-CFCB-4FD4-979A-D….jpeg)

I suppose Christians can work along side pagans for the goal of preserving both of our religions. Sounds plausible enough. We will inevitably run into some problems here and there however.

6784b No.2843

My three votes
One off of SDWHP
One off of epona
One off of states rights

49029 No.2844

File: 1518379207704-0.gif (509.09 KB, 255x287, 7GfkS3X.gif)

I see goys already attacking us, it's either out of fear or sickening antisemitic motives
No matter, as one wise man once said: "If you're afraid you're already a slave".
J.N.P. won't bow to false gods and political opponents, master race will rise once again.
We'll drive our enemies before us like those filthy palestinians, IDF never forgets.
I swear on a grave of my grandparents that were killed in Auschwitz together with 20 million of their jewish brethrens by nazi monsters, our holy flag will flutter over the world.

adcef No.2845

Darn it… not a fan of the confederacy huh?

9f753 No.2846

We can break up things territorially if you wish. Although your bargaining power may be questionable.
Chaotic dissident more like.

6784b No.2847

Nope they bread and brought over too many nogs.

9f753 No.2848

>breaded nogs

d0edd No.2849

One vote for Freedom and Property.

I cast two votes for the Jewish National Party, one vote to over-ride >>2830 and then another as insurance, because we must defend Our Greatest Ally.

38f70 No.2850

1 vote for the states right party
you cant have a african colony without slaves

92e47 No.2851

You might want to save yours for when they come back anon. Unless parties can be voted into the negatives.

92e47 No.2852

>libertarians cucking for jewry
This is why you need reeducation camps.

9f753 No.2853

File: 1518379669360.png (81.99 KB, 466x586, WatchingYou.png)

Absolute treachery.

c9aaf No.2854

Very Bueno

a378c No.2855

How many votes do we get? Three?

adcef No.2856

Yes. And you can vote to remove a party’s seat or add to one.

9f753 No.2857


a378c No.2858

My first two votes go to:
>The April First Party
>The Cult of Epona

c8022 No.2859

I wish to join PFP if I can.

a378c No.2860

Can I give two votes to the same party?

9f753 No.2861

92e47 No.2862

but you know I'd appreciate one…

d0edd No.2863

You get three votes. A vote can also be used to decrease a seat of another party. Do you cast all three of your votes for PFP?

49029 No.2864

File: 1518381123918-0.jpg (45.63 KB, 231x394, jewish-quotes-2.jpg)

"Do you believe with our Chief Rabbi and us in the final total victory of the Ashkenazi people? Are you and the Jewish people willing to work, if the Rabbi orders, 10, 12 and if necessary 14 hours a day and to give everything for victory? Do you want total war? If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today?"

Those are words of our glorious leader Yitzhak Ben Hur, proclaimed before he was taken away by nazi brutes and executed in the gas chamber.
Many of you may think that such views are outdated, obsolete in the world of modern politics, shady, slimy goys hiding behind their smiles, suits and fortunes.
You couldn't be more wrong! When others are hiding, we, the chosen ones need to stand steadfast and show our chutzpah!
Whole world tried to defeat us, time and time again they will put all their efforts into eradicating us, into driving us away, and yet we stood as a wall, we stood tall and proudly with our kippahs and payots against treachery of goys.
So prepare you wallets my brothers, collect your loans and sharpen your shekels because today is the day of the reckoning!


adcef No.2865

Revelation 18:23-24
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.
And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

cd0bb No.2866

I'd like to also use my remaining 2 votes for PFP since I used 1 earlier.

4767f No.2867

Hmmm it is three votes right?

cd0bb No.2868

I don't know why my ID is changed, I'm the same guy as >>2786

45791 No.2869

Yeah three votes, you can vote for or take away votes from any party.

a0614 No.2870

File: 1518383246003.png (509.6 KB, 980x742, 1518077574998.png)

3 votes to remove jews.

adcef No.2871

The world is in your debt. You have done more for our people than you will ever know.

4767f No.2872

Gods bless you Sir.

a53e2 No.2873

File: 1518383614730.jpg (57.29 KB, 640x640, 1504907122974.jpg)

a378c No.2874

I give two votes to the April First Party, and one to the Cult of Epona.

c732d No.2875

I give my vote to the April First Party

feafe No.2876

My remaining two votes will go to the Cult of Epona

d0edd No.2877

File: 1518384410948.png (157.39 KB, 1280x429, 1425775739150.png)

Assuming the founding of a party counts as three votes for it, the Jewish National Party now has a total of 0 votes.

4767f No.2878

founding is one vote.

c8022 No.2879


301ab No.2880

using all of my votes too to kill this thing deader

45791 No.2881

I think we went way over the seat limit, need to start removing votes.
-1 Property and Freedom
-1 States Rights

a0614 No.2882

File: 1518384575516.jpg (461.18 KB, 2000x1750, 1511658789394.jpg)


a53e2 No.2883

op has to calculate as the chairman

49029 No.2884

File: 1518385108058.jpg (55.15 KB, 422x312, 1491564305802.jpg)

Don't worry brother, I expected those devils to try to stop us, what they lack in intelligence or spirit they more than make up for with their sheer numbers.

Fortunately we are prepared for it, brothers are alerted, structures are prepared, we can continue our work from the underground. Their pathetic democracy can't stop mutual efforts of the whole generations.

Yasher koach

45791 No.2885

Ah okay

d0edd No.2886

This. OP will just calculate the % votes of each party and round to the nearest integer out of 23.

9f753 No.2887

How strong is OP by now since he has left 2 hours ago? Did you go into the hyperbolic chamber and become absolute ubermensch?

4767f No.2888

>2 hrs is long at the gym
u wot m8

a0614 No.2889

Not do derail, but 30 minutes warm-up plus 2h30m proper work-out is enough.

24edc No.2890


a0614 No.2891

File: 1518385758076.png (232.83 KB, 900x516, 1478535713191-1.png)

Breath-in, chosen mane.

9f753 No.2892

no bulli

45791 No.2893

File: 1518385946789.png (298.8 KB, 800x500, 1517875853574.png)

Checked and heiled

5067a No.2894

I assume we're way over the vote limits, so I'd just like to proclaim my loyalty to the SDWHP. And also my eternal hatred of the Jewish National Party.

Although I would have personally wanted a National Capitalist party with a focus on the ideals our Founding Fathers held.

49029 No.2895

File: 1518386050272.jpg (51.25 KB, 640x480, spurdo2.jpg)

It's possible that OP had some unfortunate accident during his workout.
Really sad, he would be warmly welcomed in the heaven, he might be goy, but he was a good goy.
If such disastrous mishap happened, I know very good person that can replace him. My uncle Samuel is renowed lawyer, businessman and very trustworthy person, ideal for such position.

bc106 No.2896

Christ, this thread moved fast. Are there any seats left?

d0edd No.2897

File: 1518386407102.png (316.49 KB, 829x649, 245524__safe_screencap_twi….png)

Fear not, brother, we will rule from the shadows as is in our blood, and history will be ours, for we shall write it.

a53e2 No.2898

File: 1518386423090.png (18.62 KB, 454x322, 1513412784397.png)

time to get some clay

45791 No.2899

OP will calculate it

adcef No.2900

Don’t think so, sorry. Hard to tell though because OP was supposed to track that.

adcef No.2901

You history is already written. Your doomed to welcome a leader that will grant you your wishes, then betray you as he only wanted your power.

bc106 No.2902

What's stopping the addition of more seats?

5067a No.2903

File: 1518386620148.png (404.45 KB, 1024x759, 1517539692074.png)

We're waiting for OP to come back and calculate who gets what seats.

See image to your left.

adcef No.2904

Right now, it’s OP’s call. If you can convince him, he may. Give it a shot when he gets back.

49029 No.2905

File: 1518387416800.png (613.32 KB, 485x693, image10-79-6.png)

Don't forget to vote for better future for your ashkenazi children and free matzo.

adcef No.2906

Don’t worry. I vote to make sure they have the best future: far way from us, whether that removal is by physical moving or death. You believe only jews can enter heaven, so why not have a little trip there and leave us be? Best future all around.

9f753 No.2907

I regret letting out the idea of a Jew party. It is the unspeakable evil.

49029 No.2908


I think that you need some reeducation about horrors of the Great Holocaust.
You won't dare to say such hurtful words when you learn about torment of 14.88 quintillion of jews that were massacred during that awful thing.

d0edd No.2909

File: 1518388168390.png (437.67 KB, 527x651, 1489884953551.png)

I thought the number 23 sounded familiar. 23 is the number of judges required to sit on a jury under Talmudic Law.

Even here we preside over the goyim in Law and they know it not.

c2142 No.2910

File: 1518388492290-0.png (1.29 MB, 2222x2222, mlpol parlment End resoult.png)

File: 1518388492290-1.png (623.73 KB, 800x800, 216179__safe_oc_oc-colon-f….png)

Alright so after intense counting from a 50+ response since I got back this is what I got.
We had 6 seats reaming and if the anon was not specific I either counted it as one vote or ignored it if it was completely unclear like >>2854 here.
So lets start.
>6 votes
>>2819 Cult +1
>5 votes
>>2822 ((())) added.
>4 votes
>>2828 Cult +1
>3 votes
>>2830 ((())) removed
>4 votes
>>2840 Does absolutely nothing. Griffon party has none.
>>2841 Stern +1
>3 votes
>>2843 Cult -1, Stern -1, and States -1
>6 votes
>>2849 Freedom +1, ((())) +2
>>2850 States +1
>2 votes
>>2854 Dun fucked up. Blame him for our outcome. If he was clear this might have turned out differently.
>>2858 First +2, Cult +1 with the latter unable to join

All other resoults are ded, you should have gassed teh kikes as soon as they poped up. That or just gassed whatever you felt like. But this is the future you've chosen.

adcef No.2911

What’s the down side to that again? Don’t you go to heaven, almighty jewish overlords? Do you not rub your hands and laugh in your piles of money in the sky? Just as Moses would have wanted.

9f753 No.2912

You're n even a Jew. Just "Jew"-ish.

9f753 No.2913

So, can we form a coalition?

a53e2 No.2914

>Does absolutely nothing. Griffon party has none.
You can gas them twice.
They don't need to be alive for that.

adcef No.2915

Don’t know why, but I laugh a little at the bawling cuck that’s screams “that’s disgusting”. He encountered something his tiny mind wasn’t ready to process.

adcef No.2916

I didn’t expect to last this long. Neat. What’s next for us?

a53e2 No.2917

Time to make some laws and dig into sec memo

49029 No.2918

Even opposition from OP himself couldn't stop our mighty power.
Shame that IDF failed with their plot, I already told uncle Samuel that I have job for him. Truly shameful.

Today we're celebrating. But now it's not time to rest on laures, road to victory is long and filled with sheming goys. We need to be fiercer and stronger than ever if we want to continue our push.


9f753 No.2919

Where's the leader of the April 1st Party?

a53e2 No.2920

As biggest party it is time for your speech and your first propsals

c2142 No.2921

Read >>2913
Time to get the parties organized.
You're speaking to him.

c2142 No.2922

Trip pls

a0614 No.2923

File: 1518389297297-0.gif (1.25 KB, 324x216, SSNP_flag.gif)

File: 1518389297297-1.png (22.77 KB, 250x177, 1491098444331.png)

It's time for me to make Saddlearabian Socialist Nationalist Party with Syriana in helm to counter this jewish menace!

adcef No.2924

I’m all ears and excited to see what we can accomplish together.

ae7c6 No.2925

File: 1518389419740.png (868.4 KB, 892x924, 3a.png)

Nuts Flag Final
Color is the Navy Blue flag background

4767f No.2926

Congratulations from the VR I look forward to working with you & seeing your vision unfold.

9f753 No.2927

First off, let's gas the Jewish party.

c2142 No.2928

File: 1518390216839.jpg (97.4 KB, 519x665, 1493346514743-2.jpg)

Couldn't agree more. Ban the party from entering elections and a public ban for everyone who voted for them says I!

d0edd No.2929

File: 1518390250886.jpg (484.02 KB, 941x1024, 1424918536528.jpg)

We cannot be extirpated; our roots are dug into the core of your law.

adcef No.2930

Then it’s time to uproot the weed and plant something new.

9f753 No.2931

Our law has roots deeper than the shallow things your weeds hve sprouing underground.

9f753 No.2932


4767f No.2933

Would vote for
Here bloody here.

adcef No.2934

Correct. For the crimes against humanity, they must be removed.

5067a No.2935

SDWHP member here, I will vote for this measure to be taken.

c2142 No.2936

File: 1518390882083.png (78.17 KB, 1238x2352, 1491670417230-1.png)

I present a bill to the parliament it reads:
>Kikes and/or Giffons will be bared voting from elections.
>Kikes and/or Griffons parties will be banned from all elections.
>Kikes and/or Griffons parties will be disbanded with their spots remaining vacant till the next election.
>Kikes and/or Giffons will be banned or rule 10ed if they pop up!

State your party and YAH or NAY!

9f753 No.2937

38f70 No.2938

adcef No.2939

States Rights Party

9351b No.2940

5067a No.2941


d0edd No.2942

File: 1518391212304.png (658.36 KB, 2195x1919, reading_is_magic_by_kas92-….png)

The roots of our weeds suffocate the roots of yours, and like the Strangler Fig will replace you on the backs of your own labor.


adcef No.2943

What percentage is needed to pass a vote? And how long do we keep the vote up to let anons respond?

9f753 No.2944

The PFP is clearly compromised, I suggest a redraft or that party being under the same restriction as the griffins.

a378c No.2945



4767f No.2946

49029 No.2947

File: 1518391486658-0.png (19.73 KB, 108x119, image10.png)

File: 1518391486658-1.jpg (1.27 MB, 1800x2348, 1942-united-israel-appeal-….jpg)

Despite the foul opposition we managed to not only preserve but also advance and now, only moments after democratic vote they try to dethrone us? How typical for deceitful goyim. Their morals are weak and their promises feeble like a quicksand.
No matter, we're stonger than them, we answer to God himself.
They want to be deceitful and hide in shadows? We'll stand with our faces turned toward the storm, with our heads high and out pockets filled with shekels.
No matter how much they'll push us we'll show that we're the chosen ones.
Dogs are barking but caravan moves on.
Join us brothers, be the Jew among Jews!

adcef No.2948

Oh, you will answer to God Himself alright. But clearly you need to form your own nation. Don’t you love Zion so much that you want to marry it? Go there and leave us be.

49029 No.2949

This is probably the first time and this is the first place in which people are being taught to realize that, of all the tasks which we have to face, the noblest and most sacred for mankind is to preserve Jewish nation and to secure existence of Jewish people and future for Jewish children.

And thus it happens that for the first time it is now possible for men to use their God-given faculties of perception and insight in the understanding of those problems which are of more momentous importance for the preservation of jewish existence than all the victories that may be won on the battlefield or the successes that may be obtained through economic efforts. The greatest revolution which Zionism has brought about is that it has rent asunder the veil which hid from us the knowledge that all human failures and mistakes are due to the conditions of the time and therefore can be remedied, but that there is one error which cannot be remedied once men have made it, namely the failure to recognize the importance of conserving the blood and the race free from intermixture and thereby the racial aspect and character which are God's gift and God's handiwork. It is not for men to discuss the question of why Providence created different races, but rather to recognize the fact that it punishes those who disregard its work of creation.

Unspeakable suffering and misery have come upon mankind because they lost this instinct which was grounded in a profound intuition; and this loss was caused by a wrong and lopsided education of the intellect. Among our people there are millions and millions of persons living today for whom this law has become clear and intelligible. What individual seers and the still unspoiled natures of our forefathers saw by direct perception has now become a subject of scientific research in Israel. And I can prophesy here that, just as the knowledge that the earth moves around the sun led to a revolutionary alternation in the general world-picture, so the blood-and-race doctrine of the Jewish National Party will bring about a revolutionary change in our knowledge and therewith a radical reconstruction of the picture which human history gives us of the past and will also change the course of that history in the future.

a53e2 No.2950

File: 1518392164355.gif (326.95 KB, 504x599, 1515274542194.gif)

You seem to having a rough time.
I offer you shelter.
Come in, take a shower. I'll heat up the oven in the meantime.

472e9 No.2951

Can i join?

49029 No.2952

File: 1518392504426.jpg (256.27 KB, 858x1369, 20915068_1497682349.7925_f….jpg)

JNP welcome all willing to fight for the cause

c2142 No.2953

Alright so the rules for the parliament are:
>Majority passes everything.
>Members of parliament must be part of a party sanctioned within the list.
>Parties must have a party leader who uses a tripcode to verify he's the party leader between threads.
>Party leaders may give out their seats to individuals who can vote independently or in the absence of the party leader.
>Party leaders can remove party members at will if they are being unloyal.
>When a bill moves past us its handed over to the mods in the upper-house who will throw it in the trash or table it unless they respond in thread and say they rule in favor of it
>If they chose to humor us thats neat since we are all just anons ripping shit out of our ass at this point.

adcef No.2954

Can’t see the irony of letting someone with a nazi flag enter your ranks, huh?

472e9 No.2955


9f753 No.2956


472e9 No.2957

Full natsoc.

9f753 No.2958

Why are in with the Jews then?

49029 No.2959

We stand above such silly things like ideologies, every pure ashkenazi jew willing to support JNP is welcomed

c2142 No.2960

As of now we have
>>2936 5
>>2937 3
>>2938 1
>>2939 3
>>2941 3
>>2946 2
>>2942 3
>>2947 2
So 17 YAH and 5 NAY with /mlk/ not being present because Aussie. The bill passes on and moves to the mods.

adcef No.2961

So, do we wait for all anons to vote that have seats, or do we wait for a certain time to pass and the we stop votes?

472e9 No.2962

isnt it obvious?
The jews are the masterace.

adcef No.2963

My apologies jewishoverlord… I didn’t know you were so enlightened. May your ranks be as corrupt as you make ours.
What kind of master race fears eating pork?

9f753 No.2964

Your flag may bare a European symbol, but behind it there is a kike. I will run you out and all the other snakes.

a53e2 No.2965

File: 1518393361047.gif (1.21 MB, 720x720, 1501110387186.gif)

>What kind of master race fears eating pork?

c2142 No.2966

A majority of the parties must vote and it must be a majority for the law to pass. So it needs to have 50% of the parties having voted including smaller ones like /mlk/ and spoon. But it also must have over 50% of the vote to pass. If you delegate a seat away you may both vote on the issue or if one of you is absent the other can vote in your place. Yet again the party head can fire the anon whenever so he must stay loyal to the platform even in the party leader's absence.

15a82 No.2967

File: 1518393501898.jpg (162.81 KB, 587x1024, Dank_a9e407_6310470.jpg)

We have any transhumanist parties yet?

472e9 No.2968

Oy vey! My cover is blown!

a53e2 No.2969

I'll vote NEIGH on your proposals.

49029 No.2970

File: 1518393750805.png (339.18 KB, 576x1027, image57.png)

We no longer hunger for a food for our flesh, rather we desire to feed and expand our minds and our spirits

adcef No.2971

Mankind doesn’t need to enhance itself, unless you believe you are weak and cannot advance yourself and your race naturally. Humans don’t need electronics running through their body which can be quickly rendered useless in an event where power sources are impossible to use for reasons of disaster or enemy takeover. Truly, mankind must keep all manner of machines out of his body. Plus it leads to possible mind/limb control or blackmail to keep your organs running. Sounds like a utopia doesn’t it?

adcef No.2972

Again, funny you chose to use the black box used in Islamic worship. Your a jew of many ideas aren’t you?

9f753 No.2973

They would be eating their own kind. They wallow in the same filth.
I never understood this graphic. The god tier basicaly advocates race mixing based on a "free market of genes". The conclusion is contradictory since white genes in demand from other races leaves to the loss the Aryan trait and racial purity. Overall a bunk form of racial imperialism through mixing. The rest is okay though.

15a82 No.2974

We don't need to use electronics. We can use gene editing, pharmaceuticals, trans-cranial electrical brain stimulation, or genetically modified bacteria to enhance ourselves. There are plenty of ways we could do it.

5067a No.2975

As a member of the SDWHP, I would like to call for a discussion as to the status of our board's OC, and how to prevent the corruption and degeneration of said OC by outside, Jewish, multinational interests. Far too many times have I seen our beloved Aryanne be depicted interbreeding with Zebras, or worse - (((GRIFFONS))). She is a beautiful, pure Aryan mare, and she would never stoop to such degenerate lows. This degeneracy must come to an end, I say!

adcef No.2976

And the possible side effects of these edits? Nothing ever just makes you better. There is always a cost. I, for one, believe such editing can be slowly overtaken by the (((enemy))) to be used to make us more accepting of suggestion. Can we edit ourselves reliably to keep such a fate securely away from possibility?

49029 No.2977

I'm not surprised that lesser races want to enhance their bodies. It must be really painful to gaze upon your betters every day and to live with knowledge that you'll never be their equal.
It's only natural that such jealousy breeds hate and even the worst kind of evil, antisemityzm.
But I don't feel hate towards my lessers, only pity, it is not their fault that they weren't born jewish.
They only comfort I can give them? It's making sure that blade of my holy sword is sharp when day of the reckoninig inevitable comes.

True, I'm kind of thinker so to speak.

15a82 No.2978

>And the possible side effects of these edits?
Sure there will be risks, but the benefits of Longer life expectancy, enhanced cognition, and greater physical strength outweigh the costs. Besides in the case of pharmaceutical enhancement you can stop taking the drugs, with trans-cranial electrical stimulation you can stop receiving treatments, or with genetically modified bacteria you could just kill the bacteria if something goes wrong. And I doubt this will be overtaken by the (((enemy))) because you can find everything you need to do this online. Plenty of designer nootropics and steroid alternatives can be found online. Everything you need to create your own genetically modified bacteria can be found on ebay, addgene.com and NEB.com. Everything you need to build a brain stimulation device can be found at mouser and other electronic component distributors.

472e9 No.2979

Can i form the White power party?

5067a No.2980


See this party:
Join the Stern Disappointment With Hitler Party (SDWHP). When the ovens are turned on, you know we will be the ones to do so.

adcef No.2981

It shouldn’t be too hard of a conflict because there was talk of banning glimmerposts that aimed to trigger, it may be enforced right now if I remember correctly. Although a bit contradictory to our ponies no exceptions rule, what you are suggesting is somewhat along the same lines. You don’t want posts about Aryanne for the trigger value of the degeneracy. Sounds similar to me.

adcef No.2982

Interesting. So have you gone through with any editing if it is that easy? Just curious.

49029 No.2983

I would gladly endorse your notion.
While Aryanne isn't ashkenazi thus in the end can't be called truly pure, seeing good blood soiled with the seed of zebra fills we heart with sadness.
It gives pernicious example for youth and is unpleasant for eyes.

15a82 No.2984

I've edited bacteria in the lab for a couple of classes and for an internship, but I have not done it to my own gut flora … yet. I have experimented with a couple of nootropics though.

adcef No.2985

And the results?

15a82 No.2986

They made me more productive and I got a lot done while on them. I don't take them all the time right now, because a couple of them have side effects with heavy use, but in the future these could be made safer.

92e47 No.2987

Parlement should set specific times for voting and elections, to ensure that all parties can properly attend. I understand that we have representatives in Australia? This should be taken into account for times that Parlement is "In Session" so to speak. We should also aim for some level of stability, with Elections held a good time apart by internet standards. Perhaps Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly, it should also always fall on a Sunday to ensure maximized attendence.

We should also decide before the next round of elections whether we want to open up more seats. Going by the history of america, what starts as a small agile legislature soon engorges into a massive corrupt conglomeration of politicians. As such a hard limit should be set on seats, at MOST in the realm of 50-100, and that the seat limit be slowly and steadily raised by groups of two to maintain an odd number of representatives, every three or so rounds of elections.

I'm interested in feedback from my party members as well as my fellow parliamentary representatives on these ideas, before a proper proposal is drafted.

5067a No.2988

I believe the addition of a few more seats would help, considering how many active parties we have compared to the number of seats available.

I would suggest the addition of five new seats to boost the number to 28.

92e47 No.2989

Id be fine with this so long as there are no more major additions of seats after wards, and a hard cap set on the number of seats in Parlement.

301ab No.2990

but that's still even, leaving room for a 50/50 split

38f70 No.2991

if we are going to do this we should make it so this new election should not effect existing party's so small party's such as mine can not be consumed by a new seat mongering party and

92e47 No.2992

This could prevent further action against the judenpartei, this raises some concern in me.

5067a No.2993

Fair enough, how about six seats to boost the number to 29?

Simple, with better planning, we won't need to make any odd exceptions to the rule. This time, you'll get the chance to campaign for your Spoon Party prior to the election, just as every other party will get the chance to campaign.

5067a No.2994

Except for the Jews, once that bill goes through the Upper House (mods).

301ab No.2995

sure. I like how I've pretty much been advising on seat numbers this whole thread and nothing else.

92e47 No.2996

Should we hold elections next sunday, the week after, or next month?

9f753 No.2997

I think we should go by regular government majorities instead playing who's king for the week. It'll keep up competition and seed conflict instead of breeding complacency for the ruling party.
We could also expand the game much more and add a map with provinces.

92e47 No.2998

Maps sound nice, thank you representative for volunteering to create one.

5067a No.2999

Every Sunday we should hold an election to maintain interest in the thread.

Like an election map? I like the idea.

92e47 No.3000

That makes sense.

472e9 No.3001

I am disappointed that he didn't gas them. I think ill join you.

92e47 No.3002

Welcome, here's our party platform.>>116737

c2142 No.3003

>add a map with provinces.
That would require making a map. I like proportional rep a bit more it lets out extremes come out rather then single province popularity which gets confusing easily. It also doesn't require a map.

5067a No.3004

Each province can have more than one seat, if you want proportional representation.

9f753 No.3005

I was thinking this. Also, our voting should be a bit more efficient.

5067a No.3006

Well, if we decide to have provinces, and decided that each province has proportional representation, we could have a census to determine which Anons are in which provinces. Then, when voting time comes around, each Anon's three votes can go towards any party or parties of their choosing. Then, we give the province's seats out according to the portion of votes each party got.

We don't even really need the provinces feature, and simply have proportional representation for the whole board, if we needed to simplify things. I just think the provinces would be interesting.

c2142 No.3007

We could also go like Italy and take a bit of both. Still I'm against Federalism and spiting /mlpol/ up into a federalized system. A unitary state is much more effective for our small board.

5067a No.3008

Like I said, doesn't need to happen. I'm just a sucker for political simulators.

5067a No.3009

Another bonus to the proportional representation system is that we can remove the limits on how many Anons can vote. We simply set up a start time and an end time for voting, and any vote after it ends is considered void. Then, we can tally up all the votes and divvy out the seats accordingly.

adcef No.3010

We going to have any discussions for future legislation tonight?

c2142 No.3011

Personally I'm just about ready for bed unless you have something else you'd like to propose.

199ff No.3012

File: 1518408902878.png (491.7 KB, 2107x2007, the end of glimmer.png)

The Fuck Glimmer Party

Fuck gommies, raids on gommie-infested places like 4/mlp/ are fun.

Weekly raids shall be mandatory! The first 2-3 days shall be spent planning the raid and gathering intel.

adcef No.3013

Nah, it can wait till tomorrow. Goodnight anon.

92e47 No.3014

I propose parlement adjourn until 1400 hours tomorrow, PST.

c2142 No.3015

File: 1518409063962.png (358.05 KB, 2000x3117, 354672457.png)

Sounds good anons goodnight!

adcef No.3016

With digits like that, can anyone refuse?

9f753 No.3017

Epona be with you, men.

cb090 No.3018

File: 1518419364400.png (2.26 MB, 1400x923, hi_resolution_equestria_ma….png)

tfw that time is late in the night
As I suffer the same issue as the founder of the /mlk/ Party, I propose by proxy that party members can submit votes in advance that are counted once Parliament reconvenes.

As the founder and president of the Property and Freedom party I hereby name >>2759 (ID: 4f675) as the new party president, with myself remaining as vice-president of the PFP.

If Parliament is to vote on a map, I vote YAY towards using the map of Equestria under the Diarchy's control, divided into provinces. We can worry about gerrymandering demarcation later.

f7919 No.3019

>TFW you miss one day and everyone's got fuckloads of seats
Fucking australian time zones

49029 No.3020

File: 1518428159963.jpg (250.33 KB, 635x617, Holocaust-Quote-111.jpg)

Daily reminder

d9028 No.3021

I missed out on the game. Can I join a party? I have no talents other than replicating Murdoch-chan's Swastika Snickerdoodles

587c8 No.3022

File: 1518440060845.jpg (29.02 KB, 566x418, oy vey.JPG)

>tfw you put jews on the parliament

5067a No.3023

The SDWHP is always looking for new members. Are you willing to gas the Jews for your country and your people?

adcef No.3024

Any parliament members here today?

5067a No.3025

SDWHP party member, here.

49029 No.3026

Your greatest ally never sleeps.

adcef No.3027

Just wondering if we are going to debate something or move to pass another piece of legislation today.

5067a No.3028

How about we continue the debate on election reform? There are a few days until Sunday, yet.

adcef No.3029

Alright. I believe that this last election was a bit chaotic. I didn’t expect much order for the first one, but it definitely needs some work.

I was also thinking, because we have anons on at different times, could we perhaps make two meeting times and collect votes and proposals from each and compile them at each rotation?

5067a No.3030

The first election never is in any state or system.

As for Anons at different times, we could either do different meeting times or have one really long voting window, one that would let every time zone get through Sunday and make it to Monday before the votes are tallied.

49029 No.3031

Or give more time to submit votes.
Make Sundays election days and just give whole day to vote.

5067a No.3032

We could then dedicate Saturday towards pre-election debates and campaigning.

adcef No.3033

File: 1518478245218.png (156.59 KB, 733x1090, FA014DD5-2CCD-4F02-BD55-F6….png)

>tfw a jew makes sense

Sounds good to me.

5067a No.3034

I know, it's perplexing. Makes me fear potential infiltration in the future.

I was also wondering if, for the week between election cycles, we could have it so only the majority party, or coalition parties, could propose legislation for the parliament to vote on, just to give some incentive to the various parties.

adcef No.3035

That would keep the system from getting swamped with proposals. Although I’m for each group having a say, minority parties can just form a coalition to have their ideas heard. Excellent idea in my opinion.

49029 No.3036

Depends how active would be various parties, I say let's let it run for some time and see how it works before we start to implement major changes.

5067a No.3037

File: 1518479209995.jpg (44.9 KB, 288x355, 1491081977269.jpg)

Alright then. Might also give the NazBols an actual chance, this time around. They're just completely dead right now.

Should we consider adding in a limit for how long two parties can remain in coalition?

Hmm…we'll…consider it.

adcef No.3038

I would be against forming permanent ties with coalitions. So I suppose a term limit might work. Seceding is what the south does best, so is their any legal binding that prevents members of coalitions from leaving due to falling out? If so, would anyone support removing that?

5067a No.3039

If the majority of coalition members on both sides decide to prematurely end a coalition, then it would be reasonable to allow that to happen.

As for term limits, It should at least be set to two election cycles.

adcef No.3040

Well, the confederacy doesn’t really operate by mutual agreement to secede, but that’s a start. Any limits to reelection for both coalitions and our parties?

5067a No.3041

I'm thinking that, once a coalition is finished, the parties that made up that coalition can't form a coalition with each other again for two election cycles.

If we're talking about party representatives, the party leader should get to determine who fills which of their party's seats. If we're talking about party majorities in the parliament, then I don't think there should be a limit, personally.

f662e No.3042


I am in favor of standing coalitions. As long as all parties don't split into two coalitions with no wild cards (unlikely given so many differences), there should be no problem. I wouldn't be surprised if the PFP formed a coalition with the SRP, as we are largely similar ideologically. It would serve us both as the AFP, with its authoritarian goals, is an unofficial rival to the PFP and the Cult is a natural rival of the SRP because of religious differences.

5067a No.3043

Nice to see a PFP member join in the discussion.

adcef No.3044

Eh… Epona is cool. We may be enemies, but we both hate the jews. Isn’t common hatred amazing?

But looking through their manifesto, I don’t see too much I can fault them on. They just want a fair shot. If they would allow Christian teachings to be allowed to be taught as well as their ancient beliefs, we might even collaborate on some policies. Who knows? (Though we don’t have that jurisdiction) Though it would be a rocky relationship. I would have to remind myself not to crusade.

5067a No.3045

Seeing Christians and Epona Paganists get along would be a wonderful sight to see.

adcef No.3046

It definitely wouldn’t last once all the threats had been taken care of, but friendship is magic, we will see what happens.

5067a No.3047

File: 1518485018154.jpg (209.68 KB, 1280x960, 1494561939905.jpg)

>friendship is magic
Indeed. We're a prime example of this.

92e47 No.3048

Present, my apologies for the tardiness.

5067a No.3049

File: 1518485455707.png (230.16 KB, 822x894, 1491143453019.png)

Sieg heil, with those trips!

adcef No.3050

No problem. I’m just hanging around thinking about what we could debate next. Got any suggestions?

38f70 No.3051

did we ever decide what kind of map if any we will use

92e47 No.3052

I was thinking it would good if not all seats in parlement were up for reelection simultaneously.
So one sunday a quarter of the seats would be up, then the next a different quarter and so on. Would aid long term stability and add an interesting political effect of worrying more about public opinion when you have seats up for reelection soon, and being able to act more freely when your seat is "secured" for a while as it were.

adcef No.3053

I saw anons arguing over it. I have no artistic talents so I don’t have too much to input on it. I think it couldn’t hurt even if it didn’t have much practical use. I think it would be a nice addition to get people invested.

adcef No.3054

Possibly, though how do we figure out what seats go up for reelection? I’m not used to the parliamentary system so I don’t know how such a process would go.

5067a No.3055

In a unitary parliament, this would be very difficult to implement, I would imagine.

92e47 No.3056

File: 1518487092753-0.png (1.43 MB, 2222x2222, Proposed Districts.png)

Lets have a look at the parlement, it could be divided into an inner and outer ring, and left and right to break it into quarters.

d71ab No.3057

Honestly that sounds like it would be a fun project to itself. /mlp/ has a map of /mlp/ and we should have one of /mlpol/ just for the hell of it anyways.

Its not normal for a parliamentary system's lower house to do so especially if its not bicameral.

I think this requires autism in general for how to organize the parliamentary system we have at hand.
Questions we need to answer.
>How to format elections
>How many parties are allowed to enter in elections?
>How many seats should be in parliament
>How people in the parliament vote.

I prefer sticking with a system somewhat like what we had last time but with more obvious voting and adding a few seats into parliament.

5067a No.3058

District 4 is screwed, though, as we were aiming for an odd number of total seats.

92e47 No.3059

>How to format elections
Is there a polling service that is reletively tamper proof? I believe the idea is to allow all anons to vote. This should probably be done on a seat by seat basis, instead of unilaterally one vote = one seat as we had in the begining. What I mean is each seat up for election should be voted for, individually.
>How many parties are allowed to enter in elections?
I see no problem with allowing new parties who want to run into the process, aside from the one bill we've passed banning gryphons and jews.
>How many seats should be in parliament
I believe we settled on adding six more last time we discussed this, it is acceptable to me but I still push for a hard maximum limit on seats.
>How people in the parliament vote.
We need to determine when parlement is officially in session. Only representatives of parties with seats in parlement should be allowed to propose legislation. to pass a bill requires both 50% of seats and 50% of parties represented in parliament to pass.

adcef No.3060

How would seat by seat voting work? Wouldn’t the same anons vote for the same party to take the seat each time? If you could explain it to me a little more, I would appreciate it.

1aff1 No.3061

I would like to introduce the gay retard party. All of the gay retards will be put into this party by default.

adcef No.3062

But that would give them a vote.

1aff1 No.3063

yes but we would be able to call them the gay retards.

5067a No.3064

Again, why not have a proportional representation voting system? For the duration of the voting process (we were talking about making it the entirety of Sunday), all Anons can vote three times for any party or parties they want. Each seat is worth a specific percentage of the total votes (currently 4.35% from 23 seats). At the end of the voting period, all of the votes are tallied and the seats are handed out according to the percentage of votes they received, so for every 4.35% of the total votes a party got, they get a seat. Any remaining seats are given to the parties with the largest remaining percentage of votes that haven't gone towards other seats.

We don't call them gay retards already?

4ed80 No.3065

File: 1518488212551-0.jpg (146.84 KB, 500x500, equestria.jpg)

File: 1518488212551-1.png (1.39 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)

File: 1518488212551-2.png (1.61 MB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)


>A map of Equestria to make representative areas with

Easy answer
why not use the map for the Equestria at war mod for HOI4


Boundaries are already drawn so we definitively know where certain boundaries are

population is included if you look at the region details. For instance in pic related you can see there are 10 recruitable ponies living in the Everfree forest, plus one unemployable zigger.

This allows for accurate proportions of populations as someone already thoughtfully inquired how the equestrian population would be distributed.

7cdc0 No.3066

File: 1518488274233.png (535.81 KB, 592x704, 0189A0A0-71DA-495A-B177-D6….png)

I would like to announce the new Honey Nut Cheerios Party. We are dedicated to the health and safety of the people of /mlpol/, along with making sure all of you get a nice, wholesome breakfast every morning.

1aff1 No.3067

Finally a party we can all get behind.

5067a No.3068

That mod might be the second reason I want HoI4. The first is to correct Hitler's mistakes and defend the Fatherland from the Gommies and Jews.

adcef No.3069

But who owns the cereal companies?

09cb3 No.3070


7cdc0 No.3071

Wholesome, white Americans who want to look out for your health. Nothing like those damn (((Hebrews)))

adcef No.3072

I have the mod. It’s quite good (though has a billions ways to become communist and fascism isn’t even fully implemented in most cases). Very heavy in story more than constant conflicts. You do have to jump through a hoop to get the mod working, but nothing tough to figure out.

Thought so…

5067a No.3073

Here's hoping they'll figure out fascism, because the only true Equestria is the pure, Equestrian Equestria. Still, though, might check it out some day.

92e47 No.3074

That's a much more agile idea, thank you for explaining it.

5067a No.3075

No problem.

38f70 No.3076

File: 1518492755093.png (232.28 KB, 1073x818, propaganda 2.png)

but wouldn't this make it kind of hard for smaller party's to survive

5067a No.3077

Not really. The percentage for votes needed to get a seat is reasonably small, and will only get smaller as more seats are added. And, if you can't get a large enough percentage to guarantee a seat, it's likely you'll have a larger percentage of votes than the other parties for one of the leftover seats.

It's better than the current system for small parties, in my opinion. Just look at the NazBol party, they got nuked as soon as they were made and they couldn't recover.

adcef No.3078

But then again… did we want glimglam in our politics?

5067a No.3079

We have Jews in our parliament. I'd say Glim Glam is a brief step up from that.

adcef No.3080

Seeing how she is going to be teaching some griffons, I’m not to sure.

Just teasing. I definitely would have enjoyed a few glimmer memes to be honest.

5067a No.3081

Glim Glam: shit-tier politics, okay- to good-tier memes.

f7919 No.3082

Hopefully i can turn this from civilised parliament into australian parliament tier shitposts

49ea9 No.3083

What is your stance on gingers? Do they get gassed too?

49ea9 No.3084

Just pointing out, I can easily mistaken your party as the Martin Luther King party.

f7919 No.3085

/mlk/ is an old /k/ meme from pre GR-15 days after heaps of people started sharing their pone themed paintjobs

49ea9 No.3086

Huh, the more you know. I'm a newfag.

adcef No.3087

File: 1518498357655.png (199.3 KB, 500x500, 2C761B0F-B66D-4716-9840-53….png)

92e47 No.3088

they look h'white to me.

49ea9 No.3089

But they have no souls

f7919 No.3090

Don't listen to him! All male Gingers are secretly demons and all female gingers are secretly Sucubi

5067a No.3091

At least they ain't coons, kikes, or mudslimes.

cee75 No.3092

>How to format elections
We need to have a map, perhaps what >>3065 has in mind. We could divide the map into a number of districts, each of which has a number of seats.
Then, in a combination of >>3059 and >>3064, we would hold separate elections for each district. Votes within each district would be tallied up and seats distributed accordingly. However, because each vote is counted across the whole map, i.e., one who votes three times in Las Pegasus cannot vote in Canterlot, there must be voting strategy. Thinning oneself out may net more seats but is inherently riskier, while even a small party could achieve major influence in a particular voting district.

>How many parties are allowed to enter in elections

I believe that the problem solves itself in my proposal. It is very unlikely that all ten (or so) parties would thin themselves out completely across every district.

>How many seats should be in parliament

With my proposal there could definitely be more without Parliament being thrown into chaos every election. We could either have a population-based system, where districts' seats are based on population (either canon or fanon), or we could have a fixed number for each district. We could not have a compromise U.S. Congress-style as it would require an absurd number of districts.

>How people in the parliament vote

This is the trickiest part. Ideally each seat would be controlled by a different anon, or an anon could control only up to 3 seats (because of our voting arrangements), as it could lead to interesting intra-party splits. If the party leadership dictates how every seat votes it's a bit dull. However, I do not see how any sort of direct-representative system could be easily implemented with the above proposal, doubly so as this is an anonymous imageboard and we couldn't have distinct party members without extensive tripcoding.

Speaking of which, how to tripcode?

92e47 No.3093

>Speaking of which, how to tripcode?
After your name place ##, followed by a pass phrase.

d71ab No.3094

>This should probably be done on a seat by seat basis
Not sure how that'd work out anon. Having everyone vote for a seat every time would look very similar in the end no? We have no way of dividing the board into voting regions even if we make a map.

>Then, in a combination of >>3059 and >>3064

Sorta contradictory no? Unless your proposing a bicameral system in which case how would we determine how the upper house and lower house vote in the process?

>Again, why not have a proportional representation voting system?
Sorta what I was going for last time but with negative voting and a end amount to allow anons to have something tanable to reach since I wasn't sure how popular it'd get. I'm sorta against a polling system since it makes things slower I like voting in thread better. But overall guess I'll state my opinion on the matter.

>How to format elections

Voting in thread proportional rep unicameral. 3 votes per anon.
>How many parties are allowed to enter in elections?
I'd say if we're going with a percentage system then unlimmited amounts of parties should be able to enter as long as they have over 8% of the vote.
>How many seats should be in parliament
Its obvious that this is getting more popular so I'd say add 4 more and stay at 27.
>How people in the parliament vote.
I'd like more anons to get involved in the party system but I like having strong centralized parties as well. Personally I'm in favor of keeping the centralized party leader system with MPs able to vote in place of the party leader as long as the MP does what the party leader wants.

49029 No.3095

File: 1518518461645.png (Spoiler Image, 679.08 KB, 600x592, autism.png)

Well.. I might or might not have map prepared for our world conquer, seeing as we can achieve same thing by politics I can share it with you for a small sum of money

Geography is kinda fucked in some places, but it can be repaired

9f753 No.3096

I was thinking earlier that each voter could select from a random number generator or something which province they belonged to, then what party they want to vote for. The province represent resets each election. This entails two election angles one could go by, win the most geographic locations or win the most votes. Whichever party succeeds in either way can vie for the majority through sheer numbers or coalitions. Something like that. Perhaps there should be a limit to coalitions or an indicator for a majority. There's much to work out, and I rather that our democracy be dysfunctional and fun than practical. The former is what makes politics worth it to some degree.
I also think that the map should not only represent voting, but settlements and landmarks. A society may be built under our rule that could turn in any manner of direction. That direction which derives from our conflict.

1da07 No.3097

We merely wish to improve the health of the citizenry, and make sure they get a good breakfast every morning. Therefore, we wish to coalition with every party that has these similar goals!

adcef No.3098

Confederacy reporting in. Sorry that I’m late. Any business to go over today?

5067a No.3099

SDWHP member here. Seems to be a slow day. I blame the Valentines Day.

adcef No.3100

File: 1518566708773.jpeg (31.77 KB, 236x267, 8A62A341-22CA-4371-9756-7….jpeg)

>tfw Valentines Day is just another day you wonder if you will ever stop being single

a378c No.3101

File: 1518567935956.jpg (883.94 KB, 1129x1600, shitty holiday.jpg)

*pats back*

c2142 No.3102

File: 1518568707906.jpg (1.52 MB, 1240x1754, 1511597985623.jpg)

>I blame the Valentines Day.
I for one have taken my plushy on a date but just got back from it.
The major agenda for the week is election reform still. If you can think up anything that'd be helpful. That or just state where your party lies on it.

At this point I'd say the April First Party's opinions on it are as follows.
>No districts
Keeping /mlpol/ a centralized unitary state with a single lower house that is efficient and effective is what all members of the community want. Adding districts will just make it more confusing and a general headache and overall less fun.
>Make it easier and more clear
The problem with our last system is it was hard even for me once the thread got rolling to keep updating it all. Part of the fun in real elections is seeing the results come in but when its not clear it becomes impossible to have fun with that.
>Better vetting for small parties
Having a system where we can let and unlimited number of parties enter would be the best case scenario since everyone loves entering parties and it seemed to be one of the funnest parts of the election. I'd say the day before the official election should be the day for the parties to organize and or new parties to be created. But there should be a requirement for parties to enter such as multiple anons saying they'd be interested either in joining or voting for it.
>Add more seats
Our current congress is fairly small and should at least have a few more seats. I had no clue it would be as popular as it was so we should add more seats.
>Keep it fun!
Continue to keep it formatted as an in thread vote that is much more formalized based on one ID a certain number of votes. Keeping it like this rather then a strawpoll or some other polling site will allow more interaction and more discussion. It'll also be overall a lot more fun!

adcef No.3103

I was just wondering something. How far will we take this parliament idea? Will we eventually use it to better organize things like /pol/leagues and other events? What are your thoughts? Should we try and take it further, or stick to more of a role play thing?

>no districts
>unitary state
Muh states rights!

c2142 No.3104

>Muh states rights!
/mlpol/ is one community no matter how much you try and divide us we will stand together!

adcef No.3105

File: 1518569684098.jpeg (174.93 KB, 531x536, 671013F3-7922-4D67-8265-5….jpeg)

Are you saying I’m dividing our board with an idea? The idea that a state may separate from the group instead of dragging on endless debate and nagging causing more division and strife internally. A state may always be won back by force and split people of one state is harder.

But that’s just my outlook on things. Oh, I don’t very well appreciate being likened unto the enemy of the board’s existence though good sir. As much as we may disagree, we still fight for the same side here.

9f753 No.3106

Now it hit me that a states rights doesn't make fucking sense in a non-federal government.

adcef No.3107

I know. I told everyone that I was bad at this.

9f753 No.3108

I always ignored your party somewhat, so this is new. Your party is starting to sound more secessionist or at least federal.
I disagree that we shouldn't have districts. The unitary state is droll and in real life leaves much to be desired. I hold my stance that we should have a change in system (likewise majority holdings or limited coalitions), so that there is conflict; and maintain that there should be a map.
Perhaps some regions can attempt to gain more autonomy, leading the States Rights Party to have a much more unique position besides being a bland pseudo confederate party; but overall the provinces can remain chiefly for aesthetic reasons.

adcef No.3109

File: 1518572784405.jpeg (37.68 KB, 601x508, 01F090FB-7422-44AA-8BD1-8….jpeg)

>I always ignored your party
Thanks anon. I will try to be more interesting next time.
>bland pseudo confederate party
I really enjoy that sweet sweet constructive criticism. I’m not dead inside at all.

I jest.

9f753 No.3110

File: 1518573100770-0.jpeg (721.26 KB, 1000x1000, 632965.jpeg)

Well, it's just like my opinion, man.

adcef No.3111

Nah. Your right. Several other anons tried to vote me out, but I’m somehow still here. I’m just trying to learn how to do this sort of thing. I just went with the first political group that came to mind after both traditionalist and ancap were taken.

363d1 No.3112

File: 1518574033257.png (1.55 MB, 2222x2222, 1493582670548.png)

>The unitary state is droll and in real life leaves much to be desired.
I hear a lot of jargon but no real arguments.
A federalized system would make scene if say we were a large board with a lot of generals coalesced into separate communities. But the edits of pol/equestria under rule 9 ban generals and I will not tolerate us destroying what we stand for. A federalized system doesn't even make scene, the provincial lines would be arbitrary and would not represent other communities or interests and thus if everything is properly and normally distrusted we will only have marginal difference in voting patterns.
So it doesn't make sense and is coming near violating the principles /mlpol/ stands for!

9f753 No.3113

My argument is that a unitary system doesn't seed conflict between the parties, so it becomes a "yes man" parliament where none of the parties differ on anything besides superficial leanings. This is what I mean by left to be desired. The Tories for example compromise constantly and don't represent anything besides vague English conservatism. And, you are not much different from them in that you preach "common values" while just appealing to the majority. I admit, my post wasn't really detailed. It's a bit hard to put my thoughts into a theoretical game structure, but I'll sum up that I want a more competitive aspect. Funny though that you say that there isn't already room for division when we have broken rule 9 for the Anonfilly general & the Syria general, have conflicting ideological parties, and there are smaller niches that are like generals such as Esoteric Pinkism and Eponism. Now I'm not suggesting a federal state, my suggestions still fit within the unitary mold, however definition doesn't matter anyways; and different interpretations of what the parliament should be can lead to fun or change.
It must be noted that one of the most pressing debates here so far has been about game rules. Which speaks for itself where my concern lies.

adcef No.3114

You may have pick my number by mistake. That or you just like me that much.

9f753 No.3115

Hard to like someone I barely notice;^)

adcef No.3116

You took enough energy to notice me today. So that has to count for something.

9f753 No.3117

Well, maybe it does. Like to give up your Christianity for true Pagan roots? I could use an apprentice.

adcef No.3118

File: 1518576561567.jpeg (32.81 KB, 800x444, 15231CA0-7B17-47E6-8D38-3….jpeg)

Nope. Thanks for playing.

adcef No.3119

So, what are your thoughts on this parliament? Should it stay a game or be involved in organizing things eventually, like /pol/leagues or something along those lines?

9f753 No.3120

Stay a game unless Plus gets in it I guess. Even then, I prefer how do things now with the /pol/leagues.

92e47 No.3121

I feel like it's a good exercise in coordinating various competing and sometimes opposed white interests.

adcef No.3122

Ah, then I won’t feel too bad when I am inevitability defeated in the next election cycle. And I won’t have to feel the burden of shame for failing Stonewall Jackson. May he rest in peace.

92e47 No.3123

Don't count yourself out SRP. The PFP proved to be kike loving traitors, making your the most libertarian party still loyal.

Um, still deserve reeducation camps. It's not like I actually like you or anything. Baka!

adcef No.3124

We always remain loyal… except when it’s time to secede. Then it’s pretty much the opposite of that.

5067a No.3125

If I had anything else to add to your own post, I say so. Really, you've said everything I'd say on the matter.

How about a National Capitalist party? While such a party might agree with the April First Party and SDWHP on some issues, and the PFP on other issues, we don't really have a party dedicated towards the type of political issues our founding fathers believed in: free market capitalism with sensible regulations to protect consumers, imposed by a strong central government that strives to protect the flow of commerce throughout the nation from outside influence without directly trying to control everything like some despotic tyrant.

Alternatively, you could also create a Minarchist party since the PFP seems to have been kiked out of existence.

92e47 No.3126

I.. that's reassuring I guess…

a378c No.3127

File: 1518578379669-0.png (245.18 KB, 1375x1403, 1621484__safe_artist-colon….png)

I don't really understand what's going on, but this thread is fun to watch. Keep it coming.

9f753 No.3128

If it replaces SRP, yes. But, otherwise it's the same flavour of most parties here. This is why I made the Nazbol for Epona's sake!

92e47 No.3129

>founding fathers
Which ones? Hamilton certainly cucked for (((bankers))) harder than pfp. Jefferson, aside from his sexual proclivities was almost volkisch.
I'm not opposed to people making more parties, but there's a reason I stand by reeducation camps for libertarians, far too susceptible to kikery.

adcef No.3130

If my glorious (not really but I wish it was) Confederate party falls, then I may. Until then, this party was actually more in line with what the founding fathers first put together.

Just playing with ya.

I care about you as well friend.

9f753 No.3131

>Hamilton not volkish
“The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family.

The opinion advanced in the Notes on Virginia is undoubtedly correct, that foreigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments to the persons they have left behind; to the country of their nativity, and to its particular customs and manners. They will also entertain opinions on government congenial with those under which they have lived; or if they should be led hither from a preference to ours, how extremely unlikely is it that they will bring with them that temperate love of liberty, so essential to real republicanism? There may, as to particular individuals, and at particular times, be occasional exceptions to these remarks, yet such is the general rule. The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.

The United States have already felt the evils of incorporating a large number of foreigners into their national mass; by promoting in different classes different predilections in favor of particular foreign nations, and antipathies against others, it has served very much to divide the community and to distract our councils. It has been often likely to compromit the interests of our own country in favor of another. The permanent effect of such a policy will be, that in times of great public danger there will be always a numerous body of men, of whom there may be just grounds of distrust; the suspicion alone will weaken the strength of the nation, but their force may be actually employed in assisting an invader. ….

To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they put foot in our country, as recommended in the message, would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty.” (Hamilton 1851: 775–776).
Also, Jefferson fucking negros was slander that still persists to this day.
Someone has to step on toes, (((friend))).

a17ec No.3132

File: 1518579057247.png (161.64 KB, 1280x817, 134561346.png)

>Should it stay a game or be involved in organizing things eventually, like /pol/leagues or something along those lines?
I have no idea what you'd really get involved with in the /pol/eague tbqh. The roster maybe but I think even that'd be hard to mess with in a similar way to how this is all formatted.

92e47 No.3133

5067a No.3134

Hamilton deserved to be burned at the stake, yeah. Basically any founding father that didn't later become a Federalist once the Revolutionary War was over. The Federalists were nothing but cucks to bankers and the British crown. And look where that got us later in 1812.

Check'd. We've formed our own /mlpol/ parliment and various different parties to go along with it. Cult of Epona is good for people who care mostly about ponies or paganism. SDWHP will gas the Jews. April First is basically the /mlpol/ traditionalist party. SRP is the most non-cucked libertarian party right now, and is good if you're into the Confederacy. PFP is cucked to Jews, but is otherwise the local anarchist party. The National Bolsheviks are pretty much dead, but if you want to be a Nazi/Commie hybrid, go ahead. I think there's a cereal-based party somewhere. And that's all the parties worth talking about! Yup! No more! Definately it!

We don't talk about (((their))) party.

5067a No.3135

The issue is that Hamilton was one of the first proponents of a privatized national bank: one of the least volkish things imaginable. Take that away and he's alright, but his obsession with the Federal Reserve and making as much national debt as possible is why we don't think of him as being volkish.

a378c No.3136

I already voted, but I'm still lurking.

92e47 No.3137

/mlk/ and spoon also exist anon…
But you should support SDWHP because we're the most dedicated to bettering the world. Through pest control.

92e47 No.3138

oh and the former zogbot party, forgot about them. Poor bastards.

6f3df No.3139

Can we still make a party that wants to obtain a seat in a future election?

5067a No.3140

Oh, right, forgot about them. /mlk/ and Spoon are alright parties, too.

If you have an idea for one, and can get some support behind you, then all you need to do is make up a party manifest, make/choose a party flag, and choose a party color.

92e47 No.3141

I think we decided on proportionate representation as well so there should be no problem with additional parties.

adcef No.3142

Friends don’t call each other jewish, friend. You should know better. More friendships are lost to jewery this way, I swear.

9f753 No.3143

The First Bank of the US was used in order to stabilise the nations credit post-war, albeit I don't agree with the privatised aspect, but it didn't necessarily function as a national bank does today. The debt issued couldn't exceed capitalisation and was funded by tax to a degree. Checking the stockholder's; which would be the problem; but it turns out foreign stockholders had no vote for the private company. I suppose there can be scrutiny towards whoever held stock as a citizen of the US, however this had to be documented as malevolent for me to call it evil. In the end, after expiring the bank's stocks were sold and there was no debt incurred by it. As for conspiracy, I'm not a believer. Hamilton's proposal did some good as a stepping stone like a national mint. I believe the old opposition was mostly derived from the role of the federal state, unlike the reasons why it is scrutinised today.

adcef No.3144

I know. Just wanted to play along with you.

5067a No.3145

Regardless, people view Hamilton as the origin of the US debt crisis and the origin for the idea of the Federal Reserve, and some hate him on the same level as Wilson for giving the Federal Reserve the power to order the mint to print money.

Personally, I'm against any and all privatization of the financial services, and I view said privatization as the reason for many of our financial ills because the bankers and stockbrokers only hold loyalty to money: not to the nation, its people, or the world at large, and that their deviancy has led to several generations of Americans who believe that money comes out of thin air and that it's fine to take out ungodly amounts of loans that banks honestly don't have the actual money to pay out.

Sorry if this post is loaded with ranting. I just really, really hate private banks.

adcef No.3146

What is your view on currency in general? Is it controlled by billionaires and the stock market and we should move to something else? Or is it ok but these banks are a problem. It’s a bit off topic, but I’m curious.

9f753 No.3147

I wouldn't necessarily contribute those issues to him at all. His presidency didn't significantly cause expansive debt (kind of opposite), US national debts incurred after were repaid, the US has had time since to solve the "debt crisis", the first real surplus was during Clinton's era, and so the US is tackling the issue all wrong. Austerity hasn't done anything, but actually run budget deficits, so it leads me to believe its only goal is market fundamentalism.
The Federal Reserve has made many mistakes, and I would suggest a better national bank not headed by Wall Street Tycoons. Also, the Federal Reserve doesn't order the mint to make money. Banks create money:
"Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money."
I agree with the second point, besides how money is created out of thin air. It is, so the issue is reigning in banks. My hopeful solution to this is cutting out the middle men with Central Bank Digital Currency:
Which allows complete and efficient monetary control unlike today.

92e47 No.3148

>What is your view on currency in general?
Sparta was right, gold and silver currency should be banned, if you must do business do it in Iron obols, or it's equivalent in this day and age, guns and ammo.

adcef No.3149

Sounds good to me. Good old barter. It’s hard for the government and billionaires to mess with exchange of goods on such a simple level. Plus it’s hard to tax.

5067a No.3150

I believe the idea behind currency is overall a good thing. However:

1. I believe the issuing of currency is one of the basic rights of all sovereign nations, and that no private organization has the right to create legal tender on behalf of a nation, whether it was given permission or not. The central government should control the national bank and the ordering of new currency only.

2. Using oil to back the dollar is one of the most self-destructive things that we have ever done. Same goes for silver and gold, and the double standard. We need to back our currencies behind something that is both universally held as being valuable, and isn't prone to rarity, localization, or simply just running out.

Forgive me for my ignorance. Economics has never been my strong suit.

This digital currency sounds good on paper, but I'm a bit concerned that, in our digital age, where the people in charge are so technologically inept that they still think that "password" is a good password, that it will remain secure for long.

Now that I think on it, though, money isn't secure as it is, so It might be a moot point.

9f753 No.3151

I don't expect it to fully replace paper fiat, however it should transcend all the barriers of money exchange digitally, make money more accessible (so it's destroyed less), and importantly make banking accessible to all without the fears of fractional reserve banking. Which it will compete against. Each person will be entitled a national banking account. If someone literally can't remember a password, they shouldn't have a banking account in the first place (maybe they're mentally retarded.)

adcef No.3152

Although our economy is backed by oil, the dollar is technically put in place by the power of the government. It prints it and says it’s money, but it’s just paper. The reason it has worth is because we agree we can use it. The economy used to judge the overall worth of the paper is based in oil exchange now though. So that is a major problem.

And yeah, I don’t trust digital currency from both a logical stance and religiously. You want to go from being able to physically hold your money to institutions promising you got it in their system. Just be a good goy or we will not only shut you down, but your money too.

Then there is Revelation 13:17
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Now, how can people be denied any trade if there was still a physical currency of some sort? Seems like digital currency may be the future, but not necessarily the best one.
And you just proved my point. Available to all (that obey) and are entitled to it for being a good goy. Be careful Epona worshipper, you may fall into a jewish trap with centralized digital currency.

92e47 No.3153

> If someone literally can't remember a password
>or the number of his name.

9f753 No.3154

I don't understand. Either the US or Canadian government is already in full sovereign control of its currency. How is making its control more efficient Jewry? In fact, debt jubilees can efficiently be carried out this way to save governments of their private debt crises.

5067a No.3155


Those dubs on that post, though.

I think he just really doesn't want any Jews to have any control over the banks in a digital system, which is understandable.

9f753 No.3156

Except its the government tho

adcef No.3157

Is the government being usurped by jews? If yes, then more control over who gets access to the only way to exchange goods is more than enough cause for concern. If not, then one day the jew will work his way into the system. It’s just a matter of time.

5067a No.3158

File: 1518585976152.png (28.22 KB, 914x913, 1507052574728.png)

If only there was a way to solve our Jewish problem…

9f753 No.3159

That's why you expel the Jews. Supposedly the Jews already control everything, states and markets. It's hard to pick out good ideas if everything is foiled by Jews, so I will set to remove them and then implementation comes.

adcef No.3160

That would definitely be nice. I see a problem though. Moving toward this goal prematurely, aka: before the (((problem))) is removed, then we will see the prophecy fulfilled. And seeing how the pieces are in place for such a system, the jews won’t be removed before they try and set the system up.

Not to mention the other parts of the prophecy about how the Antichrist comes to save the jew from the nations of the world, then controls them and all… but that is for another thread I believe.

92e47 No.3161

You'll be pleased to know that the SDWHP has a final solution…

5067a No.3162

File: 1518586419259.png (266.38 KB, 980x742, 1491052771719.png)

Why do you think I joined?

9f753 No.3163

Alright, alright. It's been interesting. I often don't get to talk about heterodox economic thinking.

adcef No.3164

I like it too. Anytime you want to continue, I would be glad to, but I just think we shouldn’t spam this thread. We kind of got off track from parliament.

92e47 No.3165

>We need to back our currencies behind something that is both universally held as being valuable, and isn't prone to rarity, localization, or simply just running out.
Violence. Violence is the best backing for any currency.

adcef No.3166

Hi. Welcome to McDonald’s. You want a burger with fries and a soft drink? Ok. Come inside. That will be 2 broken bones, a concussion, and a black eye. Thank you and have a nice trip to the hospital today.

92e47 No.3167

and of course a gold backed currency requires actually handing over bricks of shiny yellow metal.

adcef No.3168

‘‘Twas a joke anon. Just having some fun.

92e47 No.3169

alright then. You have a good night.

49029 No.3170

File: 1518608840494.jpg (145.35 KB, 1500x1125, nuttt.jpg)

Few overall points from your best allies.

>It's just a game.

We won't probably have any impact on the whole site, if you want somethign to change you don't need to go through that whole parliment thing, just make your own thread, contact mods etc. so instead let's focus on having some fun with our LARP.

>Add some (((diversity))) *rubs hands*

I understand that everyone wants to be in party that aligns with their views, it's great and all, but then we end with 10 vaguely right-wing parties and threads full of people arguing that their right-wing brand is better than other right-wing brands.
We don't need any parliment or elections for that, we can do it in any other thread.
It would be better to focus on having fun, LARPing as politicians and shit like that.

If all parties have just some minor differences but in the end are pretty close and agree on many issues then where's some conflict? If all parties can be in one coalition then there is really no point in having so many of them.
This whole idea has big potentiall, you can have soiboi party, feminist party, anarchists, gommies, niggnogs, or caricatural /nu/pol party with wehraboos, skinheads and being triggered at everything. We just need some people other than me willing to do it.
I also warn you, if you kill my joos, they will rise 10 times stronger.

adcef No.3171

I see your point, but no one wants the wrath of the community to destroy their party in one fell swoop by setting up a leftist party. It’s that survival instinct at work, I suppose, that keeps people from making a party that’s people here will hate.

fc1f5 No.3172

The Honey Nut Cheerios Party is very pro business, only intervening in cases where the health and safety of the nation is at risk. There will be little regulation aside from that for the greater health of the nation.

We are also pro military, as we wish to protect ourselves from threats at home and abroad, and to make sure the rest of the world gets a good breakfast!

Education will be well funded, after all, a well informed citizen is a healthy citizen!

The rights of the people will be kept dear, as we don't want to restrict their freedoms, as long as it's not hurting anyone.

Aside from that, our only policies are those that achieve our stated goals!

adcef No.3173

>only intervening where health and safety are at risk
How do you handle the JQ?

fc1f5 No.3174

Jews are a threat to the health of everyone. They will compromise both the health and safety of everyone by having any power in the government and business, and therefore, will not be allowed to be a citizen or live in our nation.

5067a No.3175

I can sense a promising coalition between our two parties in the future.

df58f No.3176

File: 1518712885616.jpg (300.03 KB, 1536x1022, EwFedLeslieFaire.jpg)

I don't appreciate this slander. One non-leading member stepped out of line and agreed with (((them))) and you accuse us of being corrupted. We're in full support of physical removal by private activism.

Anyway, this is going off topic. We need to establish election reform. Rather than debate endlessly about details we ought to establish a set of general principles and work from there.

I propose:
1) Electorate based on districts set within a map of Equestria;
2) Weekly or fortnightly voting with votes cast in one district not applicable to another;
3) Seats that allow every party member a voice (despite the harm it has caused me), yet is more flexible than a pure headcount;
4) Standing coalitions
5) A Head of Parliament whose primary purpose is to convene and adjourn sessions and to update the map.

The last is most important. Without even such a ceremonial role we have already been reduced to bickering about unrelated topics.

df58f No.3177

Also, a formal PFP announcement.

If Ancap-anon's inactivity if he does not reply to this message in 24 hours I shall reassume direct control as Party President.

f1260 No.3178

File: 1518715708542.png (577.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1516340385530.png)

Oh look another one that's pro federalism. Not surprised though. I will not support any plan that divides the board. Your other proposals are made with good intent but I cannot support any system that'll decentralize our vote into arbitrary districts that mean nothing to the members of /mlpol/. As soon as this proposal inevitably fails I will create my own bill for election reform that'll truly fix /mlpol/'s election problems.

5067a No.3179

I've seen your views on the electoral reform, and as a member of the SDWHP I would throw my support behind you.

0aaca No.3180

I would have normally agreed with you should this political system actually have power. But this is simply a game where a single unified state simply limits the potential of interesting debates and situations for the parties do deal with. I support districts.

Now if the districts agree to merge at a later date there is nothing to stop them from doing so. That can be a major campaigning platform, showing how the districts are failing and need to converge, should that be the case.

92e47 No.3181

Here Here!
The Stern Disappointment With Hitler Party intends to vote against this proposal, assuming it is ever seconded, in favor of proportionate representation.

5067a No.3182

I stand with you, great Party Leader.

f1260 No.3183

File: 1518856470887.png (166.11 KB, 1275x1080, 1508215494379.png)

I present to /mlpol/ the April First Party's election reform rule change bill.

1. Voting will take place in a new thread every Sunday.
2. In order for your vote to be counted you need to type V in the subject line.
3. Every anon will have 2 votes he can use to vote separately for a party and 1 against.
4. When an anon votes he must cast all his ballets at once or forfeit his ability to cast it for others latter.
5. Unlimited amounts of parties can enter into the election but they must have 3 separate anons other then the party founder state that the party should be allowed into the general election.
6. Make the total number of seats in the parliament at 27 instead of 23.
7. Make the parliament a percentage proportional representation system.

92e47 No.3184

There's parts of this I dislike, the reduction and limitation on votes and the difficulty of starting new parties for instance, but that's the price paid for not making my own proposal. Hopefully this can be further amended someday to adress those issues, but seeing as we are on the eve of the weekend and we need a solution now;

The Stern Disappointment With Hitler Party seconds this proposal.

38f70 No.3185

File: 1518858606054.jpg (109.47 KB, 400x602, destroy this mad brute.jpg)


i have a question by saying "they must have 3 separate anons other than the parties founder state the party should be allowed into the general election" dose this mean they need at least 3 votes from other anons? if so this will effectively destroy small parties other than this i support it

f1260 No.3186

No it means that you must have a unique platform that'll make others want to allow your party to exist.
In all of our cases we'd only need to have 3 separate anons respond to our restated manifestos and claim they'd be interested in voting for our parties. It does not mean they'd have to, but only that they'd like to see your party participate in the election.

92e47 No.3187

It's worded to imply the creation of new parties anon. You're weird monarchy thing should be fine, unless you're voted out of existence like those NazBols.

9f753 No.3188

I reject the bill.

eea21 No.3189

File: 1518902111385.png (6.11 KB, 500x300, IMG_1171.PNG)

I had a feeling you Epona LARPers were just sudo federalists. But what else would I expect from someone who rejects the one true God.

9f753 No.3190

File: 1518903937663-0.jpg (367.02 KB, 1200x789, 33954.jpg)

Name calling will get you nowhere, only make you lose the dwindling allies you have. Federalist-baiting is a rather shitty move on your part, so I lose respect for you.

adcef No.3191

>tfw the States Rights Party, which has listed as its first part to their manifesto that they follow Christian values, agrees with the group that rejects the one true God.

b677d No.3192

Well, this seems interesting. Instead of this parliament being left vs right, it's authoritarian/unitary vs libertarian/federalist. And it's already caused each side to have two different parties supporting its cause.

9f753 No.3193

That would be pathetic though since the federalist parties aren't actually fighting at all. My final call ia that we have a majority threshold with the minimum being 17 seats.

9f753 No.3194

b677d No.3195

If your party is in favor of a federalist reform bill, then propose one.

9f753 No.3196

I have never been a federalist, however I will draft legislation if I need to. Now is this is the time. Expect a proposal soon.

eea21 No.3197

File: 1518916164425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 234.34 KB, 1280x961, image.jpg)

If it is to include a federalist system then the April First Party will never accept it.
If it is that important I will amend the bill to only needing two additional anon to second one's party platform for it to enter in elections. This way it'll allow many parties to enter in elections but will also keep (((bad parties))) out of the electoral system if (((they))) pop up again.

38f70 No.3198

OK with that amendment i support the system

6f3df No.3199

I get what Schlomo here says. It's role playing and everyone being a right wing party will make it boring.

Only issue I have is that some people take role playing really fucking seriously. I know from experience, especially with dealing with fucking niggers (yes, actual niggers), jews, thots, and sjws on xat wanting to be white anime characters taking their rping seriously and being edgelords or just going around trying to cyber with anyone. Obviously I highly doubt things will become that messed up, but there always is potential for community fallout over policies/taking some parts of the rping seriously. Especially if they disagree on board issues.

That's where it becomes a bit slippery.

9371d No.3200

File: 1518921405001-0.png (86.28 KB, 530x564, sheeeit.png)

File: 1518921405001-1.jpg (76.66 KB, 2048x2048, blm flag after a day.jpg)

File: 1518921405001-2.jpg (103.6 KB, 750x406, ntte.jpg)

the "Block Logical Mentalities" movement DEMANDS representation in Parliament, for too long illogical mentalities have been oppressed. We demand reparations for our logic OR full representation to make decisions in government to put ourselves first. After all we wuz kangs.

allow us in or we riot!

- we wuz representatives 'n sheeit
- we dindu nuffin to nobody
- our feelings matter!
- we got dem jordans
- whytes are race-es
- Jews are a-OK as long as we get food stamps
- nigga be takin our shit like dey chicken wangz

9351b No.3201

You forgot one thing
- free kool-aid

9371d No.3202

whyte-y has a good point.

- free cool-aid and grape drank

9f753 No.3203

File: 1518937522986-0.png (1.09 MB, 2412x1358, 1078448.png)

The Diet Proposal - Election and Parliament Reform

Further detailed is a reform of the current system, so that it fosters a competitive, formal post-election government.
-A party or coalition must have a minimum of nine seats to form a majority and can only have a maximum of fourteen seats in a ruling government.
-The government will be divided into two houses. The Upper House (comprising of the majority) and the Lower House (comprising of the non-majority parties.) Each ruling party member of the Upper House will hold one vote per proposal whereas those of the Lower House votes are counted as a half vote.
-Any party may join the Lower House, or they may choose to stand as an opposition outside the current government.
-As a possible suggestion, the Lower House may only allow two members into the Lower House. The Upper House will not be under this restriction.
-The Lower House may not draft legislation.
-Elections can be called on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
-In order for proposals/bills to be passed, they must have a seventy percent approval after five votes or when the Upper House has ended voting on it. Tie breakers can be solved by flipping a coin.
-During any moment may the majority of the Upper House vote to dissolve a government. Elections can be immediately called from there.
-A representative must be present for each party in order for it to be eligible for vote on election day. A voter may take up leadership if there is none.
-One vote goes to your party and the rest of the two for others.
-In order for a vote to be counted, a voter must use their three votes before the election ends.
-Following post-election, one may only stand as a representative for a single party. They must identify themselves with their allegiance clearly, and cannot vote for others, or else be dismissed.
-There will be a map with landmarks and no districts which the government may decide to shape. Certain parts of the map may be voted to become more autonomous, but only with a eighty percent voting approval.
-A 27 seat parliament.

b677d No.3204

While I may not support your proposal, I must give my appreciation to your representation of Epona.

9f753 No.3205

What is it that you don't support?

b677d No.3206

Splitting the parliament into two houses, 70% approval needed for bills to be passed, and how the map works into the voting process. I would like to hear your arguments on these.

9f753 No.3207

Splitting the parliament into houses creates meaning to winning the election, unlike now which it is basically free-for-all with one louder voice. All parties can vote, however parties like these >>3200 have less considerable power with their vote if they are in the Lower House. Otherwise their vote counts just the same as everyone else's. Not that they should be oppressed or any other losing party, but losing should feel like losing. Bad ideas can shunned electorally and other such things. I'm proposing some dynamic order without devolving into federalism.
The percentage of approval needed I considered a bit. I felt that the number needed to be both lenient, but definitive. At first, I had considered 60%, but I felt that could lead to less desirable bills. Although I wouldn't mind adjustment. Anyways, I think the approval percentage could just get proposals passed no matter the opposition of some descent instead of it being scrapped with one vote.
The map will not affect elections at all, but be more like a world building simulation. The government perhaps could vote to build a new landmark or something. New variables could be added on.

Also, there should be a wall of legislation passed that way we remember what has been done. Maybe somethings could repealed as well later on, and that could lead to debate.

b677d No.3208

I suggested earlier that the majority party (or parties if the majority is held by a coalition) could simply just be the only party (or parties) to propose legislation. I'm not sure why this couldn't work in one House.

I fear also that 70% would be too high for any bill to get through, but with multiple small parties, this might not be an issue.

Though that version of the map sounds neat, I must admit.

9f753 No.3209

I stand by my suggestion. Losing parties could stand to become more fierce in opposition with less power. Taking things into account, we don't radically oppose. I've considered the numbers that won the last election, and The Diet can accomadate multiple parties without a coalition (as long as a party is willing to lose seats to get in.)
60% then.

9f753 No.3210


adcef No.3211

I thought so, but we will see.

5067a No.3212

If we're going be how inactive certain parties are, how many parties are currently ded?

9f753 No.3213

About 4, 5, or 6.

38f70 No.3214

are we still holding them today because i am about to go tho sleep and i cant get on tomorrow

9371d No.3215

dey only ded cuz whytey be slayen um for doin nuttin wong

9371d No.3216

File: 1519003193449.jpg (39.12 KB, 501x373, 421566_110052819134743_182….jpg)

>not the correct trip

5067a No.3217

I'm not even sure if we decided what voting system to use.

9f753 No.3218

Alright, let's make a grand referendum for which system to use. First, let's list the main proposals.

5067a No.3219

Property and Freedom Party's Proposal:
- Electorate split into districts
- Weekly/Biweekly elections, with each district's elections being independent from the others
- All seats have a voice
- Standing coalitions
- A Head of Parliment

April First Party's Proposal:
- Weekly elections on Sunday in new threads
- V is required in the subject line for your votes to count
- All Anons get two votes for and one vote against any parties they choose
- All votes must be cast at one time
- Unlimited parties, with all parties requiring at least two other Anons supporting it
- 27 parliamentary seats
- Proportional representation voting system

Cult of Epona's Proposal:
- Parties or coalitions need at least nine seats to form a majority, and the majority is capped at fourteen seats
- Two houses: an Upper House made up of the majority party or coalition whose votes are worth one vote, and a Lower House made up of every other party whose votes are worth half
- Unlimited parties
- The Lower House only allows two reps per party, and cannot draft legislation
- Weekly elections on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
- At least 70% of the parliament must vote in favor of a bill for it to pass
- The Upper House can vote to dissolve the government, after which new elections can be called
- All parties must have at least one rep present for it to be eligible for voting
- Three votes per Anon, with one vote going to your party, and two going to any others, and all must be used before the end of the election
- All reps may only serve a single party
- No districts, but there is a map that landmarks can be added to through proposals
- 27 seat parliament

I think I got all that right. Let me know if anything's off.

9f753 No.3220

Change the approval percent to 60% please.

5067a No.3221

I'll just leave this note here, then.

Cult of Epona's Proposal:
- At least 60% of the parliament must vote in favor of a bill for it to pass

d71ab No.3222

File: 1519082883326.png (124.45 KB, 1500x1581, K09RXRL.png)

Sorry anons someone I knew got sick and I had to take care of them yesterday. I'm reading the Cult's proposal then I hope we can get this parliamentary reform legislation through and then have a formal vote and elections soon™.

5067a No.3223

Shit. Sorry to hear that.

1bfa1 No.3224

File: 1519102579333-0.png (2.73 MB, 1400x923, MLPOLEquestrianDistrictsWi….png)

File: 1519102579333-1.jpg (317.01 KB, 1400x923, MLPOLEquestrianDistrictsWi….jpg)

My main objection with a bicameral parliament of this nature is, firstly, that no party is likely to attain a majority and, secondly, it gives too much power to this ruling power with the others having substantially less representation.

I appreciate your ideas but they are too simplistic. I hope you recover soon.

Distinguished Ministers of Parliament:

As the founder of the Property and Freedom Party I hereby retake the reigns as its President. The position of Vice President is open for an active and loyal member, preferably with a timezone in the Americas or Europe.

After extensive private deliberation and refinement the PFP proposes two different modifications to its original proposal for election reform:

1) The /mlpol/ Parliament adopts picture #1 as its electoral map, with one seat representing one district on the map. By coincidence when drafting the map there arose twenty-four districts; therefore, a simple modification by merging two districts would match it with our current house. Of course, this means that we must maintain merely 23 seats. Alternatively, we could adopt the U.S. Senate structure and let one district maintain two seats each. Geography would be rendered less relevant due to this comparatively centralized system.

In the form of voting, the electoral process would be proportional as votes would be tallied up and allocated according to percentage. All members would have only one vote and voting would take place on Sunday. As actual seats could not be well-allocated, the President and Vice-President of each party would represent voters directly and allocate their seats in support or opposition of each proposed bill. A majority of votes is needed to pass a bill.

Standing coalitions would be permitted.

2) The /mlpol/ Parliament adopts picture #2 as its electoral map, with each district containing a different number of seats (signified by number of hakenkreuz). According to the proposed map, which roughly distributes seats according to population distribution, the Parliament would grow to 57 seats. Each province, containing three to five districts, would have a limited amount of autonomy.

The voting process would be as such: on Saturday, preceding the voting on Sunday, an anon would announce candidacy in a province and/or assign up to three votes in one or more provinces (the three votes are cumulative across the whole map). Candidacy means simply managing for one’s party whatever seats it has in a particular province and is exclusive to one member of that party; if necessary, the party President has the authority to remove that Anon (who must name himself as the province candidate) and invest another in his place. After voting, the votes for each party in that particular province are tallied and distributed proportionally. Each party gets a number of seats within the province according to the closest ratio to the original. The candidate now has authority over these seats to use within Parliament. District geography within the region is irrelevant (though, one should be able to request specific districts; I imagine the National Bolsheviks may want Stalliongrad for themselves).

Let’s have a practical example: suppose the founder of the April First Party is running within the Canterlot (or Capital) Region and the founder of the Epona Cult is doing the same. It is a tough race for both, as while other members of these parties are running in other provinces, they also send votes to help their presidents. By the end of voting, the AFP has 10 votes, the EC has 7, and the Veterans’ Party (which was diverting its resources elsewhere) has 1. The President of Parliament, according to the percentages, gives the AFP 6 seats, EC 4 seats, and the Veterans’ Party none. On the map, this may show as Canterlot having two black swastikas, Ponyville having one, Cloudsdale having two, and Crystal Empire having one; the rest are brown. The AFP president now can use six seats directly in Parliament and has de jure control over the Capital Region, with the EC leader the minority leader. Other results pan out across each province and the various seats would be controlled by different party members.

We would have a President of Parliament to convene and adjourn sessions, keep proceedings in order, distribute seats after voting, and ensure fair and honest elections. If he is considered unsatisfactory, any party president can challenge him and an impeachment vote will commence; if two thirds of seats vote (YAY) he will be removed and another will be voted in. In regular sessions, a majority of votes is required to pass a bill.

Standing coalitions would be permitted.

Discussion, criticism, and counter-proposals are welcome and encouraged. We desire a compromise solution that will benefit /mlpol/ as a whole, but our Parliament must remain federalized, unicameral, and with some measure of checks and balances that reward strategy while giving small parties a chance.

9f753 No.3225

>no party is likely to attain a majority
Simply form a coalition. There's room for three parties with three seats to gain the majority; or in the case of the last election, a party with 5 seats and another with 4 or one smaller party added with one seat. Or, a party can simply gain 9 seats if it can. Which 5 more seats can be open to negotiation. By default, the Upper House can be comprised of 9 seats, or any number up to 14.
The design is to ensure that the democratically favoured party/parties forms a government without conflicting interests while the unitary nature of the parliament is maintained. Rejecting this principle is rejecting the proposal.
My criticism of your proposal is something I thought I would never say to any libertarian, but your reform is far too complex to understand and needs to codified to be simpler. That's excusing that your bill is republican, how scattered legislation can be imagined to be (especially when considering multiple ruling parties), and the sheer burden on the parliament president to maintain order. The president aspect being the most questionable. All of his roles are easily done by an entire parliament. And, the weight of his power is understated in your words when he can distribute seats after elections. He has too much power because of that. On the other end of the spectrum, any autonomy will prove unwieldy. Overall, I reject on two main aspects. It's federal which isn't a unitary government isn't. And, its checks and balances, which is a quality of a republic. I do however commend your interpretation of a federal parliament. It's a sophisticated design, but it's not for us.

9f753 No.3226

Also, the issues with simplification strikes at how vague in some parts the Electoral Reform Bill can be.

5c073 No.3227

This is where we're going to have to disagree, I'm afraid. The PFP opposes centralizing power, as does the States' Rights Party and (to a lesser extent) the Epona Cult. Also, the ruling-coalition-hunting reminds me of the contemporary German style. I'd like to avoid getting a Merkel, thank you.

>too complicated and difficult to understand

Proposal #1 is far more simplistic and unitary. I prefer #2 more obviously, but I would be willing to compromise to some extent.

>multiple ruling parties

Having the majority in a province is almost purely aesthetic and for prestige reasons; it allows for greater role-play as a party member hails from a specific spot on the map.

>sheer burden on the parliament president to maintain order

Yet one is clearly needed. Otherwise, we tend to digress into unrelated discussions. A collective parliament could not announce commencement or adjournment, maintain relevance, or adjust maps/parliament seats. OP already de facto has these duties; these just codify them.

>too much power

If elections are transparently conducted on this board then any anon could call him out if he abuses his power. After all, the number of votes in each province is readily calculated.

9f753 No.3228

I don't know how the Epona Cult is opposed to centralising power. I suppose one could point to tribal paganism, but even tribal structures showed hierarchy such as the Germanic tribes which had a pseudo aristocracy based on physical traits. The Romans too were very authoritarian. The Cult of Epona as a party is a religious organisation, and ironically the decisions of this party does not reflect on doctrine.
>This is where we're going to have to disagree
The parliament has always been unitary. Despite my antagonism towards the April 1st Party, our views on the parliament more closely align and even bicameralism has been hinted at since the beginning:
>Here we will draft legislation and make arbitrary rules based on the manifesto. All which will be non-binding unless, say the mods for whatever reason don't veto it when it leaves the lower house of parliament.
>ruling-coalition-hunting reminds me of the contemporary German style
My proposal is based on the English model, but takes the most inspiration from the Japanese. The current English parliament by the way has a decentralised body of practice (look it up) without any of federal qualities of the US which you seem to take the greatest inspiration from. I see from your characterisation of the German that you unitary states for being too centralised, however from my experience of the UK's parliament, the government appeases too much to all parties.
>Proposal #1 is far more simplistic and unitary. I prefer #2 more obviously, but I would be willing to compromise to some extent.
>Having the majority in a province is almost purely aesthetic and for prestige reasons; it allows for greater role-play as a party member hails from a specific spot on the map.
I will have to have a further explanation of what you mean by how the "electoral process would be proportional as votes would be tallied up and allocated according to percentage". I otherwise don't see the use of districts if the districts are just aesthetic beyond senate (which doesn't seem to need them.)
>Yet one is clearly needed.
On the contrary, unless we didn't digress into unrelated discussions, we wouldn't be here discussing electoral form. In spite of OP, the collective house has shifted to a topic without his rallying. Although he may be leader at one point, I could be the next and any other and others have as well; it's natural leadership that occurs in which all standing speakers are equals. There's no need to take this away and codify it into a single role. Whose position may serve to bring more debate who should fill it than it fostering naturally. I think the appointment is frivolous with or without impeachment rights.

d71ab No.3229

File: 1519176717900.png (1.04 MB, 1000x1500, 1493584731616-3.png)

Sorry for taking so long its been a crazy week, a family member I was visiting had a heart attack while I was visiting and I was the only one around so I've been trying to balance that all with everyday life. I'd say most of the chaos has calmed down at this point so hopefully I can get back to LARPing in a Nazi pony election.

>1 through 5
I'm not too sure about codifying a bicameral system into it rather then it just being an unwritten rule. I see your taking inspiration from the British system however I think your getting a bit head of yourself with trying to institute new rules for the parliament when we need election reform first. I'd mainly agree with your ideas in practice but codifying them as such would seem a bit arbitrary would it not?
Guess you could argue we won't do it unless its written down specifically but I think I've also made my point, the British don't have it written down and they still practice it.
>6 and 8
I like this idea a bit more but for simplicity's sake it should be narrowed down to 2 or 3 days instead. I'd say Friday and Sunday personally but I'd be open to other options.
This is a bit more arbitrary since we are broadly representing our parties. We likely won't have individuals straying from the group and so it would be pretty pointless.
>9, 12, and 14
We have a total of 25+ anons that visit here on a good day. If we boost the number up to 27 reps and require one to represent each seat we'd need to decrease the total. I'd say I'd much prefer it but given the choices between decreasing parliament's size for reps that will likely behave in the same way their party leaders ask or form parties that have the same platform and divide the vote or a simpler party leader and additional rep system I'd say the latter is better for the sake of practicality.
As the one who counted the votes last time going with this again is hard for the audience to view. I'd suggest my rules over this mostly because its more clear and so it'd be better overall.
I am willing to compromise on this, with the exception that we can also take back the regions autonomy.
So overall I'd agree with the practices of coalition but don't think they need to be written down. I think calling elections at will is good and I am willing to compromise on making a map that can be given autonomy to regions that ask, but the parliament must also be able to take it away. Lastly I dislike the idea of one rep = one anon since it'll make the game much more difficult to work.

I was sorta hoping we could make a map like /mlp/'s as a separate project but lets get to the meat of this.
>proposal 1
>electoral map, with one seat representing one district
You know my answer on this. N O
>proposal 2
>picture #2 as its electoral map, with each district containing a different number of seats
Same as above.

So a compromise
I'm willing to accept parts of cult's proposal such as regions being able to gain or have autonomy taken away on a vote, have the majority coalition call for re-election after a point, and have coalitions form. PFP's view on districts is just a no go for my party.

So tl;dr
April First Party revised Election reform
1. Voting can be called on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by the governing coalition or plurality party.
2. In order for your vote to be counted you need to type V in the subject line.
3. Every anon will have 3 votes he can use to vote separately for a party and 1 against.
4. When an anon votes he must cast all his ballets at once or forfeit his ability to cast it for others later.
5. Unlimited amounts of parties can enter into the election but they must have 2 separate anons other then the party founder state that the party should be allowed into the general election.
6. Make the total number of seats in the parliament at 27 instead of 23.
7. Make the parliament a percentage proportional representation system.
8. Regions can vote for more autonomy and be given special status elections of their choice if parliament passes a law allowing such. But this can also be taken away. Parliament needs at least 2/3 of the legislature to give a region autonomy and 2/3 to have it taken away.

adcef No.3230

File: 1519181535601.jpeg (141.82 KB, 900x600, 526FF2B7-2B05-47C4-95F9-F….jpeg)

>family member had heart attack
Is everything ok now? You said the chaos is settling down, but forgot to mention if the person is ok now. I hope the recovery is going smoothly.

I feel like a jerk now that I have to disagree with you on these points. Just don’t take it personally.

>two separate anons must vote to allow into general election

I might be the only anon interested in my party and thus will be kept from the voting. Of course I can’t support this, my party would be signing itself to irrelevance!

>parliament can give autonomy and take it away

Nice try! If the Confederacy has statehood, it can’t be recalled without bloodshed. Our right to be a conscience supporter of this endeavor with the ability to withdraw should certain (((corruption))) come to power shall not be limited, let alone removed!

ef62a No.3231

File: 1519182508799.png (47.24 KB, 330x400, NotanArgumentLeslieFaire.png)

>further explanation
Each of the six provinces would have semi-separate elections conducted simultaneously. Once concluded each province would have votes tallied for each candidate. The percentage would then be calculated by dividing the total: V/n. This proportion of seats then goes to the candidate from the region's total. Each party can have up to six candidates and with ten parties there can therefore be almost sixty anons directly involved in the election process (but twenty would be the ideal number for efficiency.

The idea of splitting party power among "candidates" across regions who each hold seats is to balance power. If the party president does something execrable then his affiliates can vote against him if they think it necessary. It is also less chaotic than simply assigning a vote to every anon.

Districts are aesthetic but provinces are less so. By splitting power concentration a party, rather than trying to win through sheer number of votes, could attempt to skim as many votes as possible across the map or seek dominance in a particular region. This system enabling strategy has more F.U.N. levels than a pure popularity contest.

>Single leadership not necessary

Someone still needs to keep the seat count accurate and update the pictures. We can debate on the official powers that are necessary; I consider the "call into order" necessary only when the Parliament cannot agree on what to debate (as does happen). Also, it is more convenient for everyone to have a handy list of proposals to vote for rather than respond to individual posts.

>family member had heart attack
I hope your relative has a speedy recovery. I don't know if its worse to have sole responsibility over the person having a heart attack or to find out after the fact through correspondence with another family member.

>Revised platform

I agree only with self-designating one's post as a vote. Everything else is a solid NAY.

363d1 No.3232

File: 1519184140299.png (1.06 MB, 928x700, 1496497678551.png)

>Is everything ok now?
Yep its everything is going well now.
>Of course I can’t support this, my party would be signing itself to irrelevance!
I doubt that two other anons wouldn't show interest in voting for a neo-confederacy party. This is moreover a safeguard against too many political parties or bad political parties entering into government.
>Confederacy has statehood, it can’t be recalled without bloodshed.
Unitary systems allow regions to have more autonomy including in legislatures but also must be given the ability to take it away if they so chose, otherwise its a federalized system which I'm 100% against and will not vote for. I also will not vote for any proposal that Starts with parliament having pre-planned districts or autonomous regions. If a region wants to become autonomous 1 they need to prove to us all that they are different enough from /mlpol/ in general that they deserve it, and 2 that it can somehow have its own elections separate from ours. But we must have the option to re-integrate them when they're culture begins to reflect that of our own again. This is where I'm willing to compromise if you wish to take a hardline stance on it then we'll have to wait on others to agree instead.
>I agree only with self-designating one's post as a vote.
I'd honestly like having a seat filled by someone else if it seemed possible but at the moment it does not.
>Everything else is a solid NAY

9f753 No.3233

>I'd mainly agree with your ideas in practice but codifying them as such would seem a bit arbitrary would it not?
I don't think so since we don't practice them in reality, nor is the structure present. Nonetheless, you have shown interest, so I will back down and save the revised proposal for later. My concern is for 3 anon rule, and I suggest shortening it into 2. Otherwise, with leniency, I am giving your reform an AYE.

f1260 No.3234

Done! Revised bill.

1. Voting can be called on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday by the governing coalition or plurality party.
2. In order for your vote to be counted you need to type V in the subject line.
3. Every anon will have 2 votes he can use to vote separately for a party and 1 against.
4. When an anon votes he must cast all his ballets at once or forfeit his ability to cast it for others later.
5. Unlimited amounts of parties can enter into the election but they must have 2 separate anons other then the party founder state that the party should be allowed into the general election.
6. Make the total number of seats in the parliament at 27 instead of 23.
7. Make the parliament a percentage proportional representation system.
8. Regions can vote for more autonomy and be given special status elections of their choice if parliament passes a law allowing such. But this can also be taken away. Parliament needs at least 2/3 of the legislature to give a region autonomy and 2/3 to have it taken away.

62377 No.3235

It has been over a week since Parliament has last been called into session. We still have two or three highly disparate electoral reform bills.

What are the opinions of the minor parties?

76c2f No.3236

Gas the kikes.

7ae40 No.3237

File: 1520040633120-0.png (740.1 KB, 1280x720, Gleaming Shield Gift wrapp….png)

File: 1520040633121-1.png (698.22 KB, 821x1024, Sunset Horsefucker11.png)

File: 1520040633121-2.png (2.86 MB, 2500x2500, Poprocks - Scootaloo.png)

I've been skimming over this thread, and I'm seeing a lot of good autism going on, but…

Where's my Horse Pucci Party?

>1. Ponies not infringed

>2. Suffer not the (((Shills))) to live.
>3. Defense budget spent on R&D for Horse Pucci grenades.

Who here best supports my values? I am a concerned citizen that glows in the dark.

>Clarify stances on race mixing. Are zebras a good fuck that should be sterilized, or do they get reproductive rights?

9f753 No.3238

>horse pucci party
>no horse pussy posted in sight
>only anthro
Fake party.

I now claim de facto dictatorship.

7ae40 No.3239

File: 1520041047823-0.jpg (1.81 MB, 2049x1423, Alles Guter.jpg)

File: 1520041047823-1.gif (22.16 MB, 1227x1024, Bouncing Booty.gif)

File: 1520041047823-2.png (597.16 KB, 2071x2232, Annoyed dick boop anon fil….png)

File: 1520041047823-3.png (1.87 MB, 1280x1736, Cocoa panties2.png)

File: 1520041047823-4.png (1.18 MB, 2000x1287, Flick.png)

>No Horse Pucci
There's no need to drop McNukes when an assassination is fine.

363d1 No.3240

Yeah sorta just been waiting on the smaller parties. As soon as the motion passes by everyone approving the new measure or one of the ones currently up then we'll continue.
>I now claim de facto dictatorship.
I'd vote for that.

9351b No.3241

Did someone say McNukes?

38f70 No.3242

who hasn't voted

363d1 No.3243

Well I revised the old one so (you)

38f70 No.3244

if that is the case then i vote for property and freedoms party's reforms

9f753 No.3245

File: 1520046069921-0.png (311.62 KB, 552x550, unknown.png)

The first step in obtaining rule is stamping out dissidents.
That's three nukes for you every picture you post that doesn't show a proper horse pussy.

b677d No.3246

File: 1520048419532.gif (9.84 MB, 810x1080, 1513698917230-0.gif)

>no horsepussy
>pic #1 is a foursome (degenerate and gay)
>pic #2 features an asshole as big around as your fist (just disgusting-looking)
>pic #3 is zebra domination of a minor (degenerate as all hell)

Alright, turn in your Horsefucker badge, now. You don't deserve to savor the horsepussy.

7ae40 No.3247

File: 1520122971927-0.png (2.38 MB, 1468x7317, Lemming facts with Rockwel….png)

File: 1520122971928-1.png (386.04 KB, 990x990, Actual love before I brows….png)

File: 1520122971928-2.jpg (255.93 KB, 1280x1281, Aryanne for the emperor.jpg)

File: 1520122971928-3.jpg (31.38 KB, 451x467, Baking Cream Pies.jpg)

File: 1520122971928-4.gif (2.46 MB, 992x950, Buzzing while you twerk.gif)

>Ignoring my second post
I save the good stuff for myself. The masses are generally degenerate lemmings. You won't be able to change their minds with Horse Pucci Propaganda.

Only the truly righteous can appreciate the real thing - a loving, caring relationship, and a life with purpose.

>Purity spirals
There's no need to kill degenerates until they harm society by trying to make the world like themselves. They will be purged when they start doing the whole "gay pride parade" thing.

7ae40 No.3248

File: 1520124127629-0.png (827.44 KB, 1280x894, Cock worship2.png)

Thank you for your support, citizen!

I have not voted, however it appears the current seats have been filled. The Horse Pucci Party (HPP) will wait till the next election cycle to present its modest proposals for the advancement of the values we all hold dear:

1. Horse Pucci will not be infringed.
2. (((Shills))) get the rope/rake.
3. Studying better ways to expose people to our country, and identify the best immigrants possible (fishing R&D).

472e9 No.3249

>that pic

3ad22 No.3250




ha ha ha ha ha I win again!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

7ae40 No.3251

File: 1520125598123-0.png (1.03 MB, 1574x1530, Castration fetish ow.png)

Oh look, an internet badass over here…

Wrong thread to boot!

49384 No.3252

File: 1520126876848.gif (239.04 KB, 640x360, 5DD1D090-3C32-4780-99F3-5C….gif)

Do you know where to find the pic I need to see it ?

7ae40 No.3253

File: 1520126967353.png (455.6 KB, 453x373, Screaming in traumatized.png)

That's the only evidence I have of its existence. I was not in the thread. The most terrifying part…


7ae40 No.3254

File: 1520127343384.png (2.69 MB, 6500x3600, A Job Well Done.png)

Get fucked outsider. You're payment has been deposited in the usual way.

bc106 No.3255

File: 1520127707082.png (Spoiler Image, 700.61 KB, 1024x768, Deballing..png)

Found The image. It is as bad, if not worse than your wildest imaginings.

472e9 No.3256


37864 No.3257

Meh, not as bad as that screencap hyped up.
There's not even blood in the pic.

bc106 No.3258

7ae40 No.3259

File: 1520127946860.png (188.51 KB, 600x449, Gouging out my eyes.png)

You are a stronger anon than I.
"Sweetie, be patient a little longer. I am almost finished."

At least, that's from the other picture.

472e9 No.3260

Poor shining armor. i bet a kike drew that.

37864 No.3261

He didn't do a good job with the pic.
Now, if the hook was going through the balls, and there was blood spurting everywhere, it would be a good gore image.

7ae40 No.3262



There are more pictures out there.

472e9 No.3263

Yea but shining is a white horse though. And yea the gore could be better.

bc106 No.3264

File: 1520128402739-0.jpg (128.23 KB, 544x713, 1433261956316.jpg)

File: 1520128402739-1.png (390.46 KB, 1024x768, 1448855582088.png)

File: 1520128402739-2.png (811.21 KB, 1273x900, 1448855781474.png)

File: 1520128402739-3.jpg (9.15 KB, 250x214, 1448523090662.jpg)

The thread is less gore and more cringe. Here are the rest of his images the anon posted.

7ae40 No.3265

Ah. Considering the material, I was expecting White Kitten.

37864 No.3266

File: 1520128599651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.08 KB, 450x355, 1519309092610.jpg)

That anon did not know what true cringe is.

7ae40 No.3267

File: 1520128663903.png (361.4 KB, 1200x1139, A sign to stop.png)

Stop. We are getting off topic. This is parliament thread.

bc106 No.3268

File: 1520128719124.gif (819.71 KB, 640x480, I Cringed.gif)

I felt that in my eye when I saw that. Holy shit.

472e9 No.3269

Damn that looks like it hurts.

92e47 No.3270

*checks scout manual
"In case of a person being pierced by a fishing hook, push the hook through the skin, snip off the barb, then retract the remainder of the hook through the entrance wound"
Yer fucked mate.

e2a06 No.3271

File: 1520133183746.png (103.2 KB, 934x832, NervousSweatyTwilight.png)

As much as I love anarchy this is the wrong thread for that. If you're going to have such pictures please have a parliament building as the setting or background.

You'd better hope his mate is capable at eye surgery in the field.

92e47 No.3272

honestly that's the sort of injury that warrants exfiltration, the eye is a very sensitive and valuable organ.

37864 No.3273

File: 1520138821273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.69 KB, 450x355, 1519309092611.jpg)

>If you're going to have such pictures please have a parliament building as the setting or background.

b677d No.3274

Somehow, that still doesn't make it any better.

9f753 No.3275

File: 1520227521262.png (455.01 KB, 2287x1476, 1474424236242.png)

>this entire post
What? Not only is the logic circular, it's downright contradictory.

5067a No.3276

>creates a Horse Pucci Party
>doesn't post horsepussy
>"I save the good stuff for myself."

Anon, your second post does nothing to refute what you posted.

7ae40 No.3277

File: 1520510690142.png (7.8 MB, 3399x3300, Like what you see.png)


Horse Pucci is meant to:
1. Drive away shills
2. Attract the attention of mods, like T-cells for White blood cells

>Doesn't post horsepucci

I corrected that in the second post to show that I do in fact have it. It's kind of a given for this board.

I guess in the future I'll just post pure stuff to keep you happy. I apologize if somehow the message got lost because you weren't face deep in ass pie.

>Circular logic

How so? Degeneracy doesn't really matter until it metestasizes. Until that point it is benign. Benign tumors are still good to remove, but unless they become aggressive, there is no real threat, and it's just cosmetic surgery.

In other words, leave the anthro alone. It's not that big of a deal.

9f753 No.3278

File: 1520584575055.gif (Spoiler Image, 71.23 KB, 517x396, 1465253642291.gif)

>Benign tumors are still good to remove, but unless they become aggressive, there is no real threat, and it's just cosmetic surgery.
Fuck you. My father had benign tumours near his spine, and had crippling back pain until surgery, then some more a year plus a half after that. Your comparison not only falls out of your favour, but strengthens my position because of first hand experience with that shit. You think that bullshit can save you?
I find it funny that you would paint the "masses {as} generally degenerate lemmings", yet post anthro, upload zebra cuck porn, even pose the question if zebras should get reproductive rights (they shouldn't be allowed in the country!), and even defend degeneracy to an extent as long as it didn't cause harm. Actually, I never even see this type of degeneracy even in the porn thread! Almost as though you are the degenerate. No everyone else, nor a significantly broad portion. Anyways, at the time of my response to the initial post, you had continued to deny any wrongdoing posting anthro. Until now you dismissed it with sly remarks, which I still hold you to fault even if you did later do right on your part.
Also, you fail to understand my criticism. It's simple:
>you posted anthro under the horsepucci name
>false advertising
Go ahead and like bad porn all you like, you can have shit taste. It's not an issue to me, but using the defence of degeneracy gets you into a sticky situation. The mention itself is irrelevant. You tried to pull it off though by circular reasoning by; calling the masses degenerate as an insult, defending degeneracy, then saying that anthro is okay because degeneracy is okay more or less. Degeneracy by definition is harmful; as degeneration of order. Like a slippery slope (gays for example being the causation of gay pride parades.) This line of thinking contradicts itself as I said.

7ae40 No.3279

File: 1520693690625.png (617.65 KB, 756x1024, Aces for Ponytown.png)

Well, first off:
>Definition of benign: (of a disease) not harmful in effect.
>Benign tumors are still good to remove

Clearly, if a tumor is being harmful, it is not benign, and should be removed. I'm not advocating keeping around aggressive or abrasive cultures. By and large, most are - being an asshole tends to keep you alive when surrounded by assholes. That is just how survival works. However, hunting down every last degenerate faggot is pointless. Being able to state the goals, aims, and ideals of the society is far more important - this way, society at large can identify 'bad' behavior and self-police.

>Reproductive rights =/= race mixing

There's a difference between allowing a people to exist and have their own children vs. sterilizing them and genociding them. Sure, if that's the way you want to go, that's fine, just don't be surprised when you run into resistance. Even if you just want to kick people out into a different country, have fun trying to explain that to the poor country you are pushing them into. They just might arm those 'refugees,' and you'll create a bigger fucking problem. Better to think of something that suppresses a people without killing them…like porn.


>Defending degeneracy
Most people ARE lemmings/normies/whatever you want to call them. They do degenerate things. Killing them all pulls you into a purity spiral, wherein there is no society left to protect. You will have killed them all. If you want fascism to work, you can't do that - you have to treat those degenerates like family. Would you kill your brother for being a fag? No. You would talk him out of it, knock any ideas of cutting his dick off out of his head, and in general just try to teach and show true compassion for his well being. If your brother just can't knock it off with the faggotry then you get him to do that shit on the down low, and not as a flaming disgrace to the family.

Allowing degeneracy to exist =/= Defending degeneracy. Degenerate things exist. Society should be against those degenerate things. That doesn't mean you burn everyone at the stake for it. America tried that with prohibition, and it didn't work.

>Slippery slope

Sure. Degeneracy IS harmful. You going to kill everyone at the top of the cliff? You will not only kill everyone around you, chances are good you will have to kill yourself eventually. No one is perfect.

Not even God prevented degeneracy completely - He just lets people live with the consequences of their actions (diseases, suffering, relationship problems, etc.).

>Go ahead and like bad porn all you like, you can have shit taste

That's basically the attitude you have to have towards degeneracy, or you're going to go to some very, very dark places.

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