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File: 1507517817276.png (508.5 KB, 991x559, mlpol essay.png)

3b779 No.2671

Hello everyone!

Today is the beginning of mlpol's bi-annual essay contest!(YES THERE ARE PRIZES) The Contest starts Today October 9th and ends November 9th. The essay topic is "Your Favorite Redpill" you will be writing a 1000-5000+ word essay on any redpill of your choosing.

The format for this essay should be a persuasive essay. Your audience is people who have been around /pol/ know some of the terms of basic of some redpills and a bit of the topics but don't know it fully or fully believe it. You are trying to teach and convince them to believe it.

Essays MUST be written in either MSword, Openoffice or an office variant NO NOTEPAD! We do HIGHLY recommend you list sources and have citations in your essay.

We will begin accepting Essays on the 1st of November. The winner will be called after ~1month (Depends on how many essays we have to read)

The prizes are as follows

First Place
1 One Free T-shirt from the mlpol store
2 Having your essay Read aloud by Atlas during "Tea Time With Atlas"

Second place
1 One Free Mug from the mlpol store

So get out there and start writing! If you have any questions please ask in the thread

e0026 No.2672

>no one takes up the call
rip /mlpol/'s literature

7ebb4 No.2673

1000-5000 words Jews are bad ok.

Give prize pls.

a18f7 No.2674

I might try it out; sounds like fun. I've got four other essays due next week though…

4d7c3 No.2675

I would, but I've always been more of a numbers guy rather than letters.

3b779 No.2676

You have a month so you got time

0ab7b No.2677

The prizes don't call my attention but I might participate just for my own improvement.

I'll give 30$ to third place.

56470 No.2678

inb4 5000 word essay on how the Denver Broncos became Football

3812d No.2679

File: 1507521267401.gif (2.57 MB, 359x329, CF674A66-D874-49AD-8EE9-1E….gif)

Did someone say free stuff

e4dac No.2680

Do the "free" items get free shipping too?

7a881 No.2681

Good show. ^_~

3b779 No.2682

Yes they do you will be given a coupon code that you will use on checkout that will give you a 100% discount.

81de2 No.2683

File: 1507526152028.png (446.54 KB, 1280x768, Cute_luna_moon.png)



How will my drunken essay be submitted?

397e4 No.2684

>trips forgot within reason for shipping choices.

f62c3 No.2685

I remember winning a free game for doing an essay back when I was in high school on some random forum so I guess I'll give it a shot for giggles and shits.

c5b09 No.2686

File: 1507531687408.gif (761.46 KB, 427x240, Outta here.gif)

>Just finished two essays for uni.
>Tests and exams coming up
>/mlpol/'s idea of having fun is to make me do even more schoolwork

56470 No.2687

If this isn't to your liking we're planning on doing a series of similar events, for November we'll be writing original novels if that feels a little less like homework :^)

c5b09 No.2688

File: 1507533177152.png (202.47 KB, 600x600, REEE.png)

But Novemeber is exam period!
Why must I trade autism for education!?

a2504 No.2689

>How will my drunken essay be submitted?
Anon find time in between if you want free shit or an opportunity to write and rant otherwise don't worry and let some other anon enjoy himself.

a7000 No.2690

Looks like Nepstation is cancelled

a7000 No.2691

My Essay will be called: "What we can learn from Zionism"

17a08 No.2692

File: 1507571388068.png (145.72 KB, 400x225, 17.png)


probably not the best time for a contest like this


zionism is religious nationalism for jews, denying nationalism to anyone else except jews. theres nothing to learn from that i fear.

09152 No.2693

File: 1507576632655.gif (1.3 MB, 300x340, 1503168000845.gif)

What to write, what to cite?

a7000 No.2694

It will be about the history of Zionism and the tactics they used to create their homeland. Having an essay go into detail of how they accomplished this goal will be useful not just for people who already know that Zionism is just Jewish nationalism.

8fff2 No.2695

This is just weird. I love the website, but honestly what the fuck?

a18f7 No.2696

Weird in a good way or a bad way?

62ed6 No.2697

File: 1507611896359.swf (8.16 MB, get_mad.swf)

Rothschilds threw enough money at enough people to just buy it.
There is nothing we can learn from that.
We can only hate the jew.

3d297 No.2698

File: 1507616020300.jpg (461.48 KB, 1920x1080, 146346374.jpg)

Nah, too lazy

f04ae No.2699

File: 1507622595305.png (273.69 KB, 453x600, twichips.png)

I like this idea, sounds fun. The essay should be pinned for a week after its chosen so people will read it, along with an audiobook recording of it (Atlas' reading as an mp3 or something). It could help inform a lot of people here for arguments in the future.

9586a No.2700

>Great start
>only 799 words to go

7a881 No.2701

You probably showed your work in math-class too didn't you? Xp

56470 No.2702

the second word is "Jews"

ca247 No.2703

"Talking to a jew is something to not do at a stoplight!"

43316 No.2704

File: 1507910466823.gif (365.92 KB, 140x160, ears.gif)

i was just trying to find that one picture of spongebob trying to write an essay with a beautifully written "Cuck" at the beginning, could not find it, googled "Spongebob Cuck". Dont do it. Dont google Spongebob Cuck.

7a881 No.2705

Kek. DO google "embarrassed Fluttershy"

a18f7 No.2706

… You bastard…

7a881 No.2707

checkd and kekd

9586a No.2708

So is establishing communism!
And letting Gays get married,

cf6cf No.2709

Three words: Jewish finance capitalism.

4b864 No.2710

This sounds fun. I'll give it a try

23dec No.2711

File: 1508217026690.png (524.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2248.PNG)

I just wanted to come here and say I really love what you all have done with the site.

I was active during/after the /mlpol/ merger at 4ch and the successive other /mlpol/ sites that infinity that emerged.

When I first saw this site made, instead of using those other boards,I thought it was a self-interested move from the admin and not worth the community's time.

I see now that it really is run well, having been active for so long.

Love you folks. Brohoof to all, and I have barely even watched this show.

e0026 No.2712

Welcome home, white man.

23dec No.2713

File: 1508217737719.jpg (179.09 KB, 1232x1423, IMG_3591.JPG)

Haha I'm not sure about home, but it sure did get /comfy/ around here. …I may visit more.

I'm curious about the shop's design copyrights, since I know they were all kind of spontaneous and mostly all at once when 4ch /mlpol/ was created, but I can there is not ill intent behind it.

As to this essay contest, I'd submit, but it's hard wrapping my mind around an essay on redpills without it feeling like reddit-tier polemic.

Perhaps a blackpill would work!

e0026 No.2714

Whatever floats your boats. Gets your goat. Gets your chicken to choke. And, goads your chode. Visiting or not, that's dandy. Although, I'm not a mod or anything official, I've had a talk about it before. Which the part agreed that Hasbro had the right to shut down the store if it wanted to, but fan stuff is a legal grey area and no one will be the wiser anyways. As for artist's rights, there are none since they are using a trademarked concept. Sad, however none of our Aryanne artists would ever throw a fit about this anyways. In lieu of the contest, I think I'll hold it off. I already have enough on my plate. I did have something in mind though. It was going to be titled "America's Empire of Dust". To which it will detail from America's creation of the FED, the US dollar becoming the international standard, the transition from gold backing, the petrodollar, and how it all relates to America's foreign policy. Pretty standard. Maybe you can give it a try.

3b779 No.2715

File: 1508222426804.gif (50.32 KB, 360x360, 60990_-_top_hat_animated_m….gif)

Happy you like the board my dude! And welcome to the place I hope you enjoy it here.

As for the contest you can do a blackpill essay also as long as it is well written it will be in the running to win.

Good luck and welcome to the community my dude

23dec No.2716

Thank ye, I will keep it in mind.

That's a great topic. A lot of people could learn from that (including me). I was speaking more along the lines of fanart but you covered that.

ed81d No.2717

File: 1508258873069.png (210.83 KB, 500x596, 1496770703340.png)


a18f7 No.2718

File: 1508259525194-0.png (165.79 KB, 936x590, 14964255947010.png)

>through this one pony I have been gifted with more love and hapiness than any alligator could ever hope for

43316 No.2719

File: 1508260331357.jpg (55.5 KB, 728x546, wikihow to catch a lizard.jpg)


this thing always struck me more like a lizard than an aligator

a18f7 No.2720

It does: with those eyes and the way it licks them.

4d755 No.2721


Is there a rule on formating? If you site sources should we use the MLA format or the APA format? How about Chicago format?

Usually for literary you would use MLA and for Psychology and or sciences APA. Chicago is strictly for Journalists. I written so many damn essays in college it is pathetic. But I think that standardizing formats would make it easier for anyone whom sites a source to have them better presented and properly sourced. I would really go for the MLA format.

a9257 No.2722

all essays must be submitted using human fecal matter on toilet paper

and honestly I'd prefer wiki format, use hyperlinks for your sources directly embedded into the paper because let face it the old formats are designed for ink and paper.

truth be told there is no rule on formatting at long as it is cited, and it is readable

4d755 No.2723


>wiki, the one place where citations lead to nowhere.

Well as long as there is no rule then hell, I will use MLA. It is more standardized and refined. You can't put down the old for being old, there is a reason as to why it stuck around for so long, it works!

Besides I still have access to all my colleges libraries. I think this could be fun (given how most "studies" are strongly left biased) Now I have to narrow on a topic as I have two that come to my mind. Race or Gender.

3b779 No.2724

All memes aside. You can use any normal format. MLA is recommended and preferred though.

7a881 No.2725

Should we post submissions directly to thread?

101e1 No.2726

The person organizing this wants submissions to be submitted to a special discord, a link to which will eventually be dropped in the thread

51a4e No.2727

Let me guess! Using Wikipedia is strictly forbidden, right?

a18f7 No.2728

You should probably have a better citation than that..

cc882 No.2729

Wikipedia has sources. Use those.

c89dc No.2730

You realise the internet is the largest repository of human knowledge to ever exist and a large segment of it is indexed. It even has copies of primary sources such as science papers and archives like archive.org, issuu.com, etc. You can probably go a little beyond one website when seeking references. Also >>2729

c9e01 No.2731

Why an essay contest?

92416 No.2732

File: 1508652062375-0.jpg (119.22 KB, 773x960, Based Rockwell as always.jpg)

File: 1508652062375-1.jpg (139.66 KB, 596x958, Basically you work at taco….jpg)

This looks fun. I was planning on getting a Renbow Desh T-shirt anyway. And it's got to be on my favorite Red Pill? Awesome. So I've got a week to sort through my red pill folder, find my favorite, and then another week to write the thing.


92416 No.2733

>Distill essay into copy-pasta
>Make more red pills
>Keep fucking Aryanne's tight ponut hole.
>Also profit

e8b95 No.2734

File: 1508795306221.png (303.32 KB, 840x1300, Just end it now.png)


thank you for this post Nippon Anon, inspired me to make a small piece of OC for another thread.

3b779 No.2735

File: 1509640449233.gif (157.92 KB, 333x355, Due in a few days.gif)


Please send your entries to


Or Join this discord and post the essay in the Essay Drop Off channel


3b779 No.2736

File: 1510240174939.gif (897.09 KB, 800x430, 1483205589521.gif)


fca73 No.2737

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