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File: 1498267909441.png (512.48 KB, 1024x492, MLPOL movie night.png)

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Hello /mlpol/

This is a thread to let you all know about the MLPOL Move Night stream! Every Friday at 6:30pm PST we will be streaming a movie. The stream will be done using a rabbit room. I will be posting the rabbit link Fridays around 6:15pm PST
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ee092 No.2621

File: 1503710502201.png (998.61 KB, 1040x826, 1491071912336.png)

Movie night starts in 10 minutes at 6:30pm PST come join the rabbit


ee092 No.2622

File: 1504235658853.jpg (34.88 KB, 598x583, 1491159470090.jpg)

Voting for movie night is OPEN!


b9b60 No.2623

I still haven't seen The Thing.

Can we watch that shit.

64582 No.2624

File: 1504245488809.png (296.39 KB, 348x489, hst1.png)

The Eternal Jew

ee092 No.2625

John Carpenter - The Thing HAS WON MOVIE NIGHT

STREAM STARTS IN 2 hours at 6:30pm PST

2d7aa No.2626

File: 1504309780976.jpeg (37.28 KB, 640x360, image.jpeg)

I wanted to watch that, but I'll be out…

0dc9b No.2627

I know.. I have to work.
These things air kind of late.. I'm on the East coast, so it'll be past midnight by the time it's done, even if I had the time to watch it…
I's a fair time though. I'm not complaining.

387f8 No.2628

I feel sad now :(

ee092 No.2629

Movie starts in 9 minutes come join the rabbit


0c49c No.2630

But was MacReady phone?

ee092 No.2631

File: 1504843257531.png (401.83 KB, 1634x1689, 1495242721259.png)

Voting for movie night is OPEN!


b9b60 No.2632

All of those don't seem terribly interesting to me (or I watched them already)

I'll go with Mosley I guess since I don't know shit about him.

27e30 No.2633

I've been wanting to watch they live for a while no, even though I hear it's pretty leftist. It still look fun though.

751e7 No.2634

I want to see people's thaughts on Donnie Darko

b0a3c No.2635

Donnie Darko has won movie night!!

Stream starts at 7pm PST (little late due to weather in my area)

7bc68 No.2636

Uhh nice
I love that film

8939e No.2637


ee092 No.2638

Donnie Darko starts in 14 minutes at 7pm PST come join the rabbit.


ee092 No.2639

File: 1505447980667.png (2.5 MB, 1800x2400, 1499507422972.png)

Voting for movie night is OPEN!


a5276 No.2640


b9b60 No.2641

this tbh

0dc9b No.2642

>tfw forgot we could vote for more than one

751e7 No.2643

>Apocalypse Now
>no Full Metal Jacket
Im disappointed in you, movieanon

e6297 No.2644

We actually watched full metal jacket a few months ago. Once a movie wins movie night it is removed from the list.

e6297 No.2645

File: 1505518987606.png (817.24 KB, 1111x597, 1498525284840.png)

Oy vey goys the eternal Jew has won movie night

Movie starts at 6:30pm PSt

ee092 No.2646

MLPOL movie night starts in 15min at 6:45pm PST


ee092 No.2647

File: 1506053245010.gif (79.18 KB, 292x292, aryanne_gif3.gif)

Voting for movie night is open!


387f6 No.2648

We already watched Donnie Darko, and can Snatch be added to the list next week?

7102e No.2649

File: 1506125292042.png (1.15 MB, 1024x640, AlongtimeagobyYakovlevvad1….png)

They live has won movie night! The movie starts at 7pm PST I will be posting the rabbit soon!

ee092 No.2650

Movie starts in 5 7:05pm PST minutes get in the rabbit guys!


ee092 No.2651

File: 1506581424432.jpg (651.99 KB, 1599x2198, 1.jpg)

Voting for movie night is OPEN!


fbd8a No.2652

But we already watched The Eternal Jidf

387f6 No.2653

Trust me, its even better than Pulp Fiction

15707 No.2654

Blade runner has won movie night! Movie starts at 7pm pst

ee092 No.2655

Blade runner starts in 7 minutes at 7pm PST


fbd8a No.2656

Oi for no reason at all, can we watch the BTTF trilogy over the next 3 weeks? Add it to the vote or something

956b8 No.2657

File: 1507289473097.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2000x2000, 998596__safe_oc_oconly_cu….jpeg)

So as many of you might have noticed I didn't post a strawpoll for this week. Yes we are still having movie night

In honor of Halloween every Friday between now and Halloween we will be watching a Tim Burton movie starting with


So tune in tonight for the beginning of our Halloween themed movie streams!

fbd8a No.2658

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, betelgeuse

ee092 No.2659

File: 1507339199938.jpg (47.32 KB, 736x1012, Beetlejuice.jpg)

Movie night starts in 12 minutes at 6:30pm PST come join the rabbit!


ee092 No.2660

File: 1507946007879.jpg (80.41 KB, 800x800, Corspe bride.jpg)

Movie night starts in 7 minutes at 7pm PST

Tonight's movie is "The Corpse Bride"


dc131 No.2661

File: 1508000791049.jpg (328.06 KB, 2044x2000, 607838__solo_oc_nudity_ant….jpg)



e99b0 No.2662

>missed movie night
Good movie too.

ce6bf No.2663

Hey dude don't worry next week is coraline! So you still have next week

ee092 No.2664

File: 1508548549851.jpg (236.57 KB, 659x825, Coraline.jpg)

Movie night starts in 15 minutes at 6:30pm PST The movie is Coraline come join the rabbit.


475c6 No.2665

Coraline is still trapped in the fucking matrix.

0c49c No.2666

What evidence do you have to support your theory? I don't buy that the villain was merely pretending to be retarded.

d1b24 No.2667

Movie night is tonight at 7pm PAST we will be watching Nightmare before Christmas!

ee092 No.2668

File: 1509155446545.jpg (58.68 KB, 786x536, 6fec8a9.jpg)

Movie Night starts in 10min at 6:50pm PST


751e7 No.2669

751e7 No.2670

For personal use please ignore

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