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File: 1491690406330.jpg (274.18 KB, 937x755, shekel shoa.jpg)

5432a No.1

Just a reminder for all:
Make sure your browser is secure so you're not leaking too much infos and never directly link to articles from here.


is a good point to start. It's a bit paranoid but hey only you know how far you want to go.
General Advice:
>use Firefox with the privacy fixes mentioned by privacytools.io
>use startpage.com as your search engine, it's google just without the tracking and has a build-in web proxy.
Add ons to use:
>uBlock Origin
>HTTPS Everywhere
>Self-Destructing Cookies
You can add more from the list but those will do a pretty good job.

Linking stuff:
ALWAYS break your links so they don't show up as clickable links.
instead of
Else mlpol.net will show up as referer in the "traffic coming from" statistics and the "who is linking to this" query that will attract unwanted attention especially from media outlets. Almost all browsers have the option "select text - right click - go to xyz" that will accept the url without http:// or www. and open it in a new tab with a blank referer.

When posting articles or anything that is text only, do this 3 steps before posting it.
>go to archive.fo
>enter the url to the article you want to link to and hit archive
>copy the archive.fo url you will get
>post archive.fo link here
I can't remember reading a single article in the last few years that was worth giving the writers/media outlet a click, exposure or ad shekels.

7c4b6 No.2

File: 1491691721166.png (1.3 MB, 757x1200, 4c1b8165fa68f8386d91585cd2….png)

a safe browser is a good browser

thank you for the guide Swiss Anon

ecf09 No.3

Pin this?

ecf09 No.4

Why not archive.is?

5432a No.5

No problem bro.

archive.is and .fo is the same service.
Actually .is will forward you to fo (they probably got a new tld to get around filters)

b2969 No.6

Got it. Think there is a way to make the filter think a post is spam if a full link is used? People will probably still post full links. If the RWSS threads take off we will attract some unwanted attention.

5432a No.7

there should be a way if you filter http://* https://* and www.* and have a sticky saying:
>don't post full urls, break them appart and they will still work without a big inconvenience for the users.

It's also a great deterrent for all the marketers to spam this board as thy won't get any google points from it.

ecf09 No.8

Cool, didnt know that, thanks mountian man

ecf09 No.9

Noice, also have an example, just in case

5432a No.10

There's a example right up there. spam filters just look for matches while the * is a wildecard.
In my example everything that starts with
it will disregard anything before http:// and the * after it makes sure that if will throw any kind of link posting in the spam filter
I'm pretty sure there's a simple way to put a red text in the "posting failed" screen that says
>Post your links in the following format: tld.com/something…

f03f4 No.11

Right click on links and incognito mode if you insist on using chrome.

5432a No.12

Imo don't use chrome for anything beside playing your favorit broweser games.

Also for those of you using a non jailbreak iOS devices:
download Lionz from the app store to block all the ads in safari.

35fa4 No.13

File: 1491697552118.webm (469.65 KB, 427x240, gote.webm)

This is good stuff, OP. I'm going to start integrating this into my life.

Brave looks pretty slick so far, I have to say.

5432a No.14

Thanks buddy.

I'm just testing Brave and till now it looks like the perfect compromise between I want to not break the browsing experience, have some decent privacy options and still enjoy chromium tier performance.

a27d3 No.15

This isn't too complicated to set some of this stuff up right? I'm not so great with software and I've not been using Firefox in a long while.

5432a No.16

It's a 10 min time investment to set it up. If you don't want to click around use:
and set it to use startpage.com as search engine, delete your history, cookies and cache on closing it and you have a pretty good compromise of chrome performance and privacy with 5 clicks.

93b61 No.17

File: 1491700941022.png (45.65 KB, 863x884, swissbronieslogo.png)

Mountain Jews knows how to secure all different kind of stuff.

You guys are OK.

35fa4 No.18

File: 1491701901362.jpg (59.33 KB, 500x409, 1487715209909.jpg)

>Mountain Jews

5432a No.19

File: 1491703238780.jpg (1.61 MB, 2080x1403, 1482185879654.jpg)

Mountain Jew is a pretty common term.
There's a saying:
>It takes a mountain jew to out jew the jew.

60b98 No.20

Would it be possible to change this site so that links here either don't send a referer, or it's spoofed somehow?

53317 No.21

Im curious why on earth you would have your email linked to you Mr.yakmanbeats

5432a No.22

something like
would blank the referer but again you have to send data via a third party.

c9ec6 No.23

Also while you could run your own deferrer service, it would still turn up as "something from mlpol.net" in their logs. You don't get the anonymity advantage of big social networks like Twitter with their t.co shortener there.

The only viable solution would be a dereferrer service running on a totally unrelated domain (which otherwise only serves a cover site) and host.

d6cd9 No.24

Is it possible for the links to be automatically copied instead of opened in new tab?

5432a No.25

Yeah I know, having our own unrelated cover site would be the only way.

You can always do crtl+c and ctrl+v. It would be possible but serves no purpose.

The reason to break links is:
>a clickable link is treated like a up vote by google etc. that creates a connection between two sites as x is relevant to y
>plain text is largely ignored as it's not treated like a endorsement.
>someone from here clicks the link and it will show up on the owners statistics as "this person came from mlpol.net"
>owner looks up mlpol and why are those people linking to my site?
>and that's how you get a endless stream of articles and yt videos "le randum horse natsiiis do le funne stuffs lol xD - le link in le describion - upboat plz" and "15 connections between nazi horses, the alt right and Trump (who is hortler) - number 7 will maeg you rally go mhhhhh"

eb3a7 No.26

Wouldn't it work to just use rel="noreferrer" for all links?

5432a No.27

Not really. It's like "do not track", good policy but not a standard.

07e79 No.28

>It's like "do not track"
No it's in no way like DNT.
DNT: Ask nicely and hope you're not being tracked by strangers.
noreferrer: The browser removes the referrer information.

>If a user agent follows a link defined by an a or area element that has the noreferrer keyword, the user agent must not include a Referer (sic) HTTP header (or equivalent for other protocols) in the request.

I think it should work perfectly fine.

c9ec6 No.29

At least with modern browsers…

Another thing you should include in the rel attribute (but what nobody does) is "noopener", which prevents links opened via target="_blank" to mess with its caller via window.opener. Older browsers include that in "noreferrer" already.


5432a No.30

It is a good idea, but nobody honors it just like the do not track.
It's your browser that makes the difference. It can honor the standard or like 99% disregard it and leak all the info anyway. And that's how all the blackhat guys make money.

93615 No.31

Is Chrome that bad in terms of privacy? I'm sure it probably is, but I really like the interface and don't want to change unless it's a big deal.

302e5 No.32


53317 No.33

its the same as google. they sell what information they please and the terms and conditions state so, if you use it you agree to it.

I use it myself though, I don't care much

93615 No.34

That's what I assumed. Do you have a recommendation for something that looks similar?

5432a No.35

If you don't want to change much I would recommend
It's build from chromium but without the botnet and some basic privacy rules and won't break your browsing experience.

29bfd No.36

Iridium browser is /g/ approved. Open software, focus on privacy and pretty fast. It's a memory hog so I hope you have plenty of it.

0f01f No.37

Right Click -> Open in New Tab still sends the referrer, at least in Pale Moon and in Firefox.

132ef No.38

Retard here.
I'm not exactly technologically literate… but this stuff looks important to me.
Can anyone explain to me like I'm an idiot the basic things I need to do to avoid fucking things up for everyone?

63d0c No.39

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