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Biotech Revoltion
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Biotechnology is advancing at a rapid pace and could soon usher in a new industrial and medical revolution. With promises of on demand organs, better treatments for disease and cancer, designer babies, cognitive enhancement, increased longevity, greener and safer industrial processes, more productive crops and many others biotech could completely change our society. How do you think technology like CRISPR, artificial wombs, electrical brain stimulation, organ printing, and other advances in biotechnology will effect society, /mlpol/?
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It's about trade offs. Some problems are better to have than others. I would rather worry about obesity than starvation. I would rather worry about pollution from heating my home than freezing to death in the winter. Technological progress does cause problems, but it is usually worth it.
Its funny to hear that as I have opposite views, I care more about not starving over the downsides of being fat, and I care more about having a warm home than the pollution it may cause.
>Artificial wombs
I still haven't even gotten past chapter 1, but aren't those what cause the decline of society in "Brave New World"?
>Jews Mass produce niggers programmed to vote for their agendas
>Libtards demand to give the brainless zombies all the same rights as humans.
Not out of sight...
Revolution and gamechangers everywhere you look
a question asked by nature and answered by death.png
iirc it was a drug called soma, the perfect narcotic. Instant escapism and happy thoughts in pill form, it made alcohol obsolete. The free love and artificial reproduction came after that.


I'm not sure a real-life horse waifu would outweigh the consequences of having a society where people are made to order.
But if it's going to happen anyway, might as well have someone in your life who actually loves you and you can love in return.
I doubt natural reproduction will go away, people enjoy the natural high sex gives them too much. There's bound to be some babies who slip past contraceptives. And if these technologies do push us into another industrial revolution, most people will be too poor to afford designer babies anyway. (Not that they aren't already.)
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Dem 6 gorrilion updates.
>most people will be too poor to afford designer babies anyway.
A lot of the new technologies have potential to enhance cognition such transcranial electrical stimulation techniques, psychobiotics, and nootropics (smart drugs). Higher average IQ = Higher average income.
Technology and science is progressing so quickly that I can't even tell what will happen in a decade. Reality is going faster than science fiction and it amazes me and scares me at the same time.

It scares me because it goes against much of our preconceptions, for good or for worse. How much of our society behavior will be AI controlled in a couple of years and how much can it be altered just setting some variables. We always have had this control through the flow of information, and counter-culture often appeared when this information was interpreted in a different way: The Papacy controlled the way the Bible was interpreted until Martin Luther printed the Bible in local languages so everybody could read it, generating Protestantism; for example.

What scares me is that control based on the flow of information can be effectively be rendered obsolete these times, and using new technologies we can be reduced to an ant colony like behavior, with no possible way to get out.

In the right hands this technology can help us to achieve near perfect AI-assisted democracy and liberties through an AI that can gauge everybody's individual preferences (like the Helios ending in Deus Ex: Invisible War) or total control of the human race forever. The powers that be are going to do everything they can to assess that control.

However, in the former case, what would our goals be as humanity? What will human essence become, what hopes and dreams would push us forward? What will be left to us besides self-destruction?

I'm afraid in every scenario, both in one where the elites have absolute control, and the one where we become too advanced a society that we haven't any challenges left.

Video related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fr4aAu_Ryc
Oh I know just the thing for you, the genocide bingo.
Give it a watch, it's more entertaining than reading my post.
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In any modern society, the working class constitutes most of the population. This is not a bad thing, but the natural consequence of economics.
Consider that these technologies will be prohibitively expensive, especially in their early stages.
Hence, barring a complete saturation of the market like we saw with computers, most people will not be able to afford brain upgrades or designer babies - and this is not likely to change, considering the current state of the healthcare and insurance industries.

Even assuming that these technologies work as intended, without any horrific drawbacks, the above would not change in the slightest. True, IQ is correlated to higher income, but this does not mean greater prosperity in the economic sense for two reasons:

1. If the working class does not benefit from these advances in technology, then we wouldn't be working with our current system, but one where the middle and upper classes push even further away from the current average.
2. Even if the working class benefits, then we're talking about raising a baseline. Income may be higher, but the change on effective income, i.e. purchasing power, would be negligible at best, harmful to those without upgrades at worst.

Local policy and the job market would require major changes if an increase in the standard of living across the board is desired, and the mentality of the non-working poor would need to be completely overhauled to encourage workforce participation. The technologies surrounding this process will likely not have any significant effect on the human psyche, or be enough to provide sufficient incentives on their own.

I don't advocate gommunism, but I sincerely hope that these technologies don't push us into the disparities seen in the 1870s-1920s. The middle and working classes need to have some influence against the elite, otherwise we will have solved none of the problems we see today.
I think the working class will benefit. Not all of these new technologies will be prohibitively expensive to produce. Even if pharmaceutical companies decide to jack up the price then someone else will find a way to provide the enhancements legally or not. You are absolutely right about this being bad for anyone who is not enhanced though, but natural humans won't be able to compete with machines anyways. At least we have a chance to compete with the upgrades.
I can't see why nationalised eugenics has not been mentioned.
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Screencap my predictions.

>Intelligence-enhancers mean more intelligent political opinions amongst normies and less libtard cucks
>Black communities will notice more intelligent niggers act less naturally-niggerish and reject the enhancers and shun any who take them.
>Black communities will call intelligence enhancers racist and how much control SJWs have by then decides how much of a future intelligence-enhancers have
>Space colonization becomes something people want
>Space mining becomes something people and corporations want
>Internet freedom is obtained and the jewish influence is contained or destroyed, or absolute jewish control of all media including internet is obtained and white influence is contained and eventually destroyed.
>On a world without whites, niggers or muslims use nukes and destroy the world "For Allah/Mugabe".
>On a world dominated by powerful and shameless whites, a hopeful future is possible and secured.
Eugenics becomes obsolete when you can enhance anyone.
I'm kind of worried about some of the advancements we've made already. Especially with psychiatric drugs over half the population is on pills already and more people start taking them every day. These drugs are only going to get more advanced and governments will start using them for control if they aren't already.
>or muslims use nukes and destroy the world "For Allah/Mugabe".
This is the only even remotely reasonable merit to the U.S. staying in Afghanistan: the prospect of the Taliban spreading-into and taking-over a nuclear-armed Pakistan is worrying.
>Intelligence-enhancers mean more intelligent political opinions amongst normies and less libtard cucks
consumerist cattle will alwais be more profitable. Expect fake drugs or neuron-burning chemicals to be added in the mix.
After all, these nootropics only have to make you "feel" you've become temporarily smarter. And there's a lot of chemicals that can simulate a state of "open mindedness", "enlightment" or "self confidence" while completely fucking you up.
>consumerist cattle will always be more profitable
Bullshit. A nation with a higher national IQ will have a higher GDP. The (((elites))) will probably keep the best nootropics for themselves though.
>The (((elites))) will probably keep the best nootropics for themselves though
exactly. Only a small part of the population needs to be "talented" and "aware" to keep the circus going, see Pareto distribution.
The rest can starve and descend into chemically powered delusional idiocracy
They will still give the rest of the population some form of cognitive enhancement. A population with an average IQ of 115 is not much of a threat to elites with IQs of 180+.
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if a 108IQ average batch of shitposters can bring down the liberal establishment via memes, even a slight power-up would be catastrophic (for them)
>for them
By "them", did you mean (((them)))?
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who else

now that I think of it, has there ever been a kike pone?
Like in the show?
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>kike pone
I just found these Israeli "ponies" on the booru.
stupid goy.jpg
Twist looks pretty fucking Semitic to me..
We would get a slight power up and (((they))) would get a major boost and don't forget the good goy pills are also getting much more effective. They could have a population with an average IQ of 115 and have them completely pacified on psychiatric drugs.