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File: 1565547963512-0.jpg (188.31 KB, 1200x1200, Chessboard-Featured.jpg)


How fucking cool would it be to have a chess anime? No magic or anything, just some high school nerds kicking each other's asses at the best game that has ever existed.


e4# I won.


To be honest. I had thought about making a story about this once but I prefer mindgame stories where the mindgames come about naturally in the story. I think it appeals to people outsidde of people into chess. However, if such an anime came about I would watch it.


Pssst. Niggers go 2nd in chess


Yes, chess is one of the most based board games.


Yes I get that, its a truly great pastime. My point is that OP pic is false, for the niggers have moved first. I want to agree with >>971 but first things first, that nigger has to be put back in his place.


Only if it's done as an over the top sports anime, and at least one beach episode.


Oh, shit. Didn't realize that, tbh I just used the first image I found from google that looked nice enough to be an OP pic. Nice observation.


Yeah, that's sort of what I was thinking. Though I dunno how well a beach episode would work, I'm sure there could be some tournament hosted in a coastside town…
But yeah, important moves would need to be emphasized as such in some way, maybe with the opponent explaining it for the people who are just watching it for the smol-titted chess waifus.


Maybe each character could have matching play styles to their character. A cautious person person would play defensive, an extrvagant chracter would be allways looking for mating patterns with cool sacrifice even when they should just focus on the current play, and our mc could be the typical newbie who is special and is learning the through training to get good. Believe it!


As long as they do a pot of greed for common moves that'd be good to have certain moves explained so people watching could learn more about chess.
That's a pretty good way to connect characters with playing styles. I like the idea of a new guy picking up and learning the game. Just as long as he doesn't immediately end up with Bobby Fischer level of skill.


"Fool's mate. A classic opening which is only played by the most daring of grandmasters."
Main guy plays pawn to 8g.
Onlooker gasps.
"What? Was that a good move?" asked Moimoimoi-chan.
"The his pawn reach the otherside. It can now be promoted to a queen," said the nerdy guy who pushed his glasses slightly up at every sentence he said. "This kid he planned this all along."
One chracter was smirking, another was shocked, and the last one looked bored and above it all. The last one, an importal loli wampire, yawned and thought, Lol, this guy can't even promote all his pieces in one move.

But yeah, not follow the game move by move instead focus on the intresting positions that rrive in the games.

But he can have Bobby Fischer's views on the jews at least.

His backstory:
"People think that I can't become Hoka… Grandmaster just because I have an IQ of fity and brain as big as a baseball. But I will show them!"



c4 is the patrician's open

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