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File: 1566107837950.png (375.83 KB, 500x500, 1553021271155.png)


Tenshi eating a corndog.


File: 1566516574544.png (226.96 KB, 1300x1600, ReiFilly.png)

I'll take that corndog from her if I'm ordered to.


Digits say you are ordered to.


I have been ordered to take your corndog. Please surrender it.

File: 1571464434212.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1268, saratoga.png)


How right wing is this board? Giving the benefit of the doubt and presuming it's quietly natsoc. A lot of people see The Greatest Story Never Told and ride the emotional high thinking they have a full understanding of the 2nd European civil war. You should understand that there was a more important spiritual theory that was internal to national socialism, explained in the book The Myth of the 20th Century. This is the real importance of national socialism. Whereas modern heresy views religion as an individual's journey, the truth is cooperation is a central necessity for actualizing spiritual values. These values are expressable only by the people with the biology to perceive and express it correctly, leading to the concept of the race soul. An abridged audio book is here: https://archive.org/details/TheMyth


File: 1571524197247.jpg (65.94 KB, 960x720, sakura_face.jpg)

Cool story, Pleb. Now go read up on the Greeks before Kaiser Frederick I arises from his sleepy mountain cave and knocks your dumb ass upside-down.


File: 1571641975581.jpg (163.47 KB, 683x807, Wl5jeX5.jpg)

Just need to get 10x more anons like you and this place would be home. The Greeks were amazing but I don't think we can realistically take from their culture. Look at how different the architecture is in their temples vs gothic cathedrals. They had a completely different outlook and feeling that would be foreign for most Europeans. The myth of the 20th century is really just a long, drawn-out argument in favor of finding our religion and where the genuine inspiration for that comes from.


File: 1572834276063.jpeg (105.98 KB, 989x1463, Nagato-Yuki-5262516.jpeg)

>it's quietly natsoc


You don't speak for everyone.


File: 1574836378242.jpg (489.39 KB, 866x512, aulde king WoJack.jpg)

I don't think you understood my post. I cannot be bothered, so have this schlock:
"Race soul" is idiocy and ultimately materialistic, but quite frankly it doesn't matter because it has nothing to do with Japanese animation, you sodomite.
The Enlightenment was a mistake, and Spengler was right.

File: 1571804446609.jpg (285.43 KB, 1920x1080, Mayuri for my background.jpg)


My waifu


Is shit.


File: 1572535034746.png (318.54 KB, 600x600, 1543254334117.png)

Show me a better one then, faggot.

File: 1563522872245-0.png (226.07 KB, 1107x620, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1563522872245-1.png (569.22 KB, 818x456, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1563522872245-2.png (802.53 KB, 987x552, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1563522872245-3.png (319.78 KB, 542x360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1563522872245-4.png (289.04 KB, 727x438, ClipboardImage.png)


at least 33 people dead, many of them Artists. Many more maimed.
5 works have been destroyed beyond recovered, all manuscripts were destroyed in the fire.

>11 minute video by Mr. Obvious.


Kyouto Animation, a famous and beloved japanese Anime studio responsible for works like K-On!, the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and contracts works for Ghibli, has been destroyed by a fire on Thursday, July 18th 2019.

41 year old male arsonists sets Studio ablaze because "they ruined his favourite anime". As of the writing of this post the suspect is alive, being held in a hospital for burn wounds.

this is about as close to murder of not only real people and invaluable amounts of work, but also genocide of anime girls as it gets. I dont know if Japan has a death penalty. but this would certainly warrant a case.
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>>933 checked


Not a fan of Marxism either, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if he were an adherent to your ideology, you wouldn't be saying that.
Besides that, he's human whether you like it or not. There's no special rights or higher meaning to something so material as "humanity", that is liberal and Marxist-tier.


File: 1570275579814.jpeg (12.11 KB, 173x256, spengler.jpeg)

>some of the best animators in the business worldwide who could have carried anime into a new age
Why is this bolded? And they sort of have already, but KyoAni is a bit overrated. They're only a product of the times, unfortunately. Talented, but without the "soul".


Got a link anywhere?


You can probably get a better, more insightful commentary with Metal Gear Solid 2.

File: 1543212218864.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_2585.mp4)


Got a treat for you all


how much did that nigger pay for that shit


>handicapped parking


File: 1570275644910.jpg (18.16 KB, 413x395, laughing_glass.jpg)

File: 1569849592644-0.jpg (16.12 KB, 542x320, _AAA A ME.jpg)

File: 1569849592644-1.jpg (41.23 KB, 506x512, _jojo begone thot.jpg)

File: 1569849592644-2.png (156.93 KB, 398x300, _Jotaro garfeild.png)

File: 1569849592644-3.jpg (469.5 KB, 1200x960, _jojo 3.jpg)

File: 1569849592644-4.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, _Stand Darling.jpg)


What's your favorite anime /a/?
Mines JoJo
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Okay, I just don't think Future diaries is that good. I can explain myself if you want.


>if you know what specifically you like about it, I could probably recomend something similar and better.
Not sure how to explain what exactly is the thing I like about Mirai Nikki. But I think it is the bleak outset without sugarcoating it, or needing or trying to make a happy ending (even though Mirai Nikki has one). It is sort of like Suicide Circle, no western movie would be so nonchalance about the subject matter and just let the story progress into the inevitable conclusion.


I have some ideas. I will get back to you.


As far as films go, Akira. Fucking masterpiece.
For shows, probably Tanya the Evil. Eva is a close second, but the grinding halt that the series budget came to really killed my action boner.


File: 1570130182953.mp4 (11.77 MB, 1280x720, 4chan o sings night of fir….mp4)

Initial D, i love it because you watch this naive Japanese schoolboy compete with the best racers and he still doesn't care too much about driving cars other than he does it for his dad's business but over time he begins to enjoy racing, sure it's a bit cheesy but it still manages to be awesome in the races
the soundtrack is really good too and people still listen to it, my favorite song from the soundtrack is 'night of fire', even Tarrant played 'Gas Gas Gas' from the soundtrack

also all of the stage's after 2 are just shitty reboots, they go against the manga and the original show's premise of Takumi being naive and stubborn and it makes him even more of an asshole than stage 1 and 2

File: 1564137642452-0.png (115.4 KB, 838x636, Opera Snapshot_2019-07-26_….png)

File: 1564137642452-1.png (419.65 KB, 1600x2050, Maximum Joe.png)

File: 1564137642452-2.png (1.78 MB, 1000x1000, 1564117919538.png)

File: 1564137642452-3.png (1004.69 KB, 1847x896, 1564129059494.png)

File: 1564137642452-4.png (146.15 KB, 676x676, 1564126313078.png)


>/h/ Sticky with 1000 replies

+ + + Sad Panda, One of the biggest Hentai Sites on the Internet with a 20 year history is shutting down+ + +
after a legislation change in the hosting country of the Netherlands.
No official statement has been made by the company or the server providers as of yet.

The head admin has given up and surrenders to the authorities, burning the whole place down due to the hosted loli & shota pictures.

Screencap assembly of one of the insiders. This whole shutdown would have gone on in silence would it not have been for people like him.
as of the writing of this post, most of the content is already gone and the site mostly shut down
This is a decisive blow against Western Hentai hosting and Reposting services and will in all likelihood lead to the shut down of other sites in the coming weeks. One of them possibly being N-Hentai, A Doujin reupload data base.

4chan*s Hentai board (among other communities) had undertaken last minute emergency measures to save as much content as humanly possibly. but given the short time window of 12 hours this had to take place in, it can be assumed that many portions of the double digits gigabytes of content have been lost forever to the aether. Decades worth of the lifes work of some of the most talented Hentai artists on the planet.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I never used their site but always appreciated how they kept the brainlets out with the cookie shit. Am genuinely surprised that a) the law enforcement managed to find their way in, and b) none of their lawyers know how to spin it in their favour.







File: 1527816761842.jpg (50.17 KB, 515x600, ba8.jpg)


Wch 2hu wud u fug?
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File: 1527893449864.png (404.56 KB, 767x578, IMG_2430.PNG)

Breeding Clownpiece for the moon nazis to maintain a super-majority over the martians is the only correct answer.


File: 1528135283819.jpg (118.27 KB, 850x567, 0b8c9f4a36c0b7b86bc0e7e278….jpg)



Mokou is over rated


Ur mum is over rated.


File: 1566107785927.png (194.2 KB, 430x579, Yuka.png)


File: 1566067604400.jpg (604.33 KB, 1530x1100, 3.jpg)



> Fantastic world-building

> Lot's of gore
> Cyborgs
> Murderous patting zoo people

File: 1527293819373.png (2.45 MB, 1733x2000, 1414914838184.png)


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File: 1538173877623.png (275.92 KB, 900x1000, _awoo unfff.png)


File: 1538204460764.png (325.86 KB, 672x751, _boo maga.png)



thats not how the supercrown works, you have to put it on the head directly, otherwise it will turn the magahat itself into a princess


>it will turn the magahat itself into a princess
Fund it.




File: 1565465339614.jpg (114.85 KB, 749x660, Anime Tier list.JPG)


The animes on the list are compared to eachother. Even the ones in the 1-tier have things I like and I know there are flaws in Death Note. Some are higher up for subjective reasons not just quality.


I fucked up. Coes Geass should be moved from 2 to like 6 or 5.


Can barely even fucking see the images, just post your list in text since it's for ants.


Really, I can see them just fine. And that's not because I am familiar with them or becuase I remember who I picked but sure I can.
I also want tot say that. This are not all anime I have ever watched but of the ones that where in the template. However , I couldn't come up with any that would be meaningful to include.

[I will but some of my opinions of the show here]

10 Death Note [Have still never seen anything like it in terms of mindgames in anime. Don't know if there are things outside of anime that are similar. Thick with mindgames that lead into one another. The biggest con for me is that moral dilemma doesn't really make sense.]

9 Nothing

8 Steins Gate[Seem to be consitent with its rules, filled with subtle storytelling details, and the mechanics of the time travel is blend of many differnt ideas strung togather beautifully. Don't remeber my hangups bt thhey were few. I think it is more that even though it is well made it throughout I think there are two reasons for it not being a ten. The first reason is that I might subjectively like something more and the second reason is that I simply thought that the brillaint moment in Death Note were far more brillant then the ones in Steins Gate.], One Punch Man[Great action Comedy that does not hold skimpout on either action or comedy. It is subverting and poking fun of super hero tropes and shoenen series tropes. Isn't a ten because of the same reason Steinsgate isn't one], and Log Horizon[Nice abuse of typical game mechanics by the main character. Can't really remember what more I thought about it right now.]

7 Bakemonogatari[Intresting subversions of typical tropes in anime. Can be a bit tiresome with its pretentious overabundance of flashing text and imagery. Like I think these text sinppets hold so much importance that I will pause the video so I can comprehened this deeo materpiece.], Kill La Kill[Cool action directing and use of animation. However, the story is inconsitent with a lot of things. It also doesn't help the series that I dislikes it type of "storytelling". They use a bunch of symbolisms and refrences. The latter is an overrated type of storytelling. Have you ever played Neptune. The former is not a story and is so surface level if you think about it. Yes, I get it. Threads and scissors; nakedness and clothing; Ragyo, the incarnation of hiePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1544128185842.jpg (70.77 KB, 500x385, spike-spiegel-3.jpg)


They Are Doing a remake of it
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Dunno yet. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!




Who gives a shit about these stupid Netflix anime remakes anyway? I don't even understand who this is for. Fans of the original aren't going to be interested in seeing some live-action Western knockoff, and the soyboys who watch all the woke Netflix crap have probably never even seen Bebop.

I'm beginning to wonder if this whole thing isn't just Netflix throwing money into projects they know will tank just to make some pointless angry gesture at the alt-right. Same as with feminists and video games, they just want to ruin anything that brings us joy.

Anyway jokes on them, I have the original on DVD so I'll just watch that instead.


I was always interested in seeing a live action version for funsies but once I saw how anime remakes were being done I began begging god to never make it happen


File: 1561191721065-0.png (365.75 KB, 673x538, Yuka Takaoka cosplaying as….png)

File: 1561191721065-1.png (1.02 MB, 972x1910, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1561191721065-2.png (220.64 KB, 653x1823, News Report Japan Today Ma….png)

File: 1561191721065-3.png (544.68 KB, 1243x698, Yuka Takaoka discovered by….png)

File: 1561191721065-4.png (350.83 KB, 588x416, Yuka Takaoka Snapchat Phot….png)


Man stabbed by woman in Tokyo apartment

May 24 03:34 pm JST
TOKYO - Japan

"Police have arrested a 21-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she stabbed a male acquaintance in her apartment in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district on Thursday.

Police said they received a call at around 4 p.m. from a woman saying that she had stabbed a man in the stomach, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police rushed to the scene and found the man, who is in his 20s to 30s, collapsed and bleeding at the entrance to the apartment building. He was taken to a hospital where he is currently in critical condition.

The woman who lives in the 5th-floor apartment, Yuka Takaoka, was sitting at his side. Police said she admitted to stabbing the man and then calling them.

Takaoka, who occupation is unknown, was quoted by police as saying, “’My plan was to first kill him and then I thought about committing suicide.”"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1562270161075.webm (11.57 MB, 320x240, The faster you run from m….webm)

File: 1538006988717.jpg (217.75 KB, 1404x856, 1502664885668.jpg)


ITT: Post Waifus and Waifu tier grills because you can only have one and I have nothing better to do.
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File: 1552966955351.png (201.17 KB, 1034x835, 1530988577663.png)



File: 1552968850646.png (240.77 KB, 640x480, HaruhiFujioka.png)

Patrician taste in waifus right here. If I'm ever asked my waifu, I always post Nausicaa.

Besides Nausicaa, I have always like Haruhi Fujioka as well.




File: 1562177530629-0.jpg (554.07 KB, 2000x1124, Komori.Kiri.jpg)

File: 1562177530629-1.jpg (87.34 KB, 662x596, komori opened.JPG)

File: 1562177530629-2.jpg (66.2 KB, 679x389, komori tv door smash.JPG)

File: 1562177530629-3.jpg (287.76 KB, 2167x1231, komori and chie.jpg)

Kiri Komori from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Cute hikki gf who is still able to take care of herself.

File: 1528400147539.jpg (189.71 KB, 488x615, 1511485856032.jpg)


Why does Maho have autism /a/?
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then why are you here?


File: 1531110618571.jpg (53.81 KB, 599x700, 3e0c6ec8fcc9eaaf259fcfbcc3….jpg)

Stealing trips, so far


>drags knuckles
>unga dunga what anime hurr
what's the movie and yeah, if you know Maho you know the Anime, whatever a maho is, fucking weeb


File: 1531134145580.gif (106.59 KB, 500x281, medium.gif)

Point to the area on the doll where the bad annie-mays touched you


File: 1561401797814.png (20.72 KB, 259x229, IHaveNoSidesAndIMustKek.png)

>"I come here for this."
My fucking sides are in orbit.

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