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so an anon form /qa/ created an IRC, thought it would be nice to share with the Ngrs.
twist.is.worst.horse Port:6697
we should get in there like swimwear.


Port is SSL just so you know, unencrypted ports are disabled.


Am I the only one who doesn't know how to connect?


File: 1504970320743.jpg (215.35 KB, 1023x724, IMG_0443.JPG)

No worries Ngr.
1. install Pidgin Messenger
2. select accounts tab or ctrl + A
3. select the Add Option

4. Set Protocol to IRC
5. enter a username that you please. (Note that your username must have a letter as the first letter in your username
6. enter server as the OP
7. select "Advanced" tab
8.change Port to: 6697
9. Highlight "Use SSL" box
10. select Add and Presto!

after that enter the buddies tab and select Join a chat, select room. select what channels you want to access, then you are in. You can Add the channels to your contacts, by selecting the conversation tab and select Add.


Well, I am in. I managed to do it with HexChat in the end. What to do now? Where is everyone? Any command to display help?


Don't worry anon, we're among the first to join the IRC. You should be able to google IRC commands.


File: 1504998860131.jpg (66.8 KB, 404x375, IMG_9956.JPG)

fucking classic


I looked up pidginchat originally but…


I dont like that I have to do these stupid work arounds. Though I heard that our free hoating has weak security so w/e.

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