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File: 1504626635943.jpg (159.68 KB, 1280x824, __blitzen_and_matoba_risa_….jpg)


I am not a regular to this board, but You should consider turning this into a NSFW place. Your board would have more content,activity, porn and posters. Holding up a SFW bubble seems counterproductive to me. Even in old days the Internet was full of porn, shit and gore.


Is that animu grill gonna get CLOPPED?


Hey guys did you know that the only important thing is quantity of content, not quality?


sure it would help traffic for /1ntr/ but it would also become buried in porn, and not as oriented with topics or anything that can spark up ideas for new content creation.

also /sp/ seems to have that department covered; we may be slow, but that is due to choices in what we make for our threads. Porn and edgy guro dumps would not help our process when we decide to do so.


File: 1504627952033.png (761.58 KB, 1128x612, Im a stupid asshole im fun….png)


kwahlitee khantent


I was concerned since /sp/ was added so much later than your board but already has almost 4 times the post count. Maybe think about it :/



File: 1504628121043.webm (1.54 MB, 360x203, Do it mein Führer.webm)


hopefully yes, she seems to like to get licked



File: 1504628354008.png (334.25 KB, 400x400, 1502342681412.png)

im sure he has long lost his mind.


File: 1504628499952.jpg (16.56 KB, 500x558, ea6d48b55e832c1a2008c292d6….jpg)

Mfw people want NSFW


-another- NSFW board


File: 1504632144447.jpg (121.91 KB, 894x1206, Lost.jpg)

I prefer for this board to stay this way, it's comfy and old.
Filling it with porn would be a huge..


File: 1504633200625.png (1.06 MB, 1874x899, no means NO.png)

>/1ntr/ in a nutshell


File: 1504637800885-0.gif (144.48 KB, 340x340, 105.gif)




File: 1504639238378.png (632.48 KB, 1874x899, no_means_N.png)


File: 1504639898955.png (505.91 KB, 1024x1024, RD tsundere.png)

No bulli /1ntr/. We must protect their ancient weeboard traditions!


File: 1504639971064.jpg (15 KB, 228x223, IMG_6094.JPG)

Frig off rickie. Go jack off to dismembered bodyparts somewheres else.


>I am not a regular
Didn't we all agree that we'd just let the oldfags do their thing and not bother them?
Stop sticking your nose into communities you're not a part of.


I don't know, this board is pretty dead. Someone ought to use it


I wish to use this board but there's little to lurk, don't want to fuck up your board culture


I think the reason this board exists is because a these Anons were sick of a bunch of newfags fucking up their community, not unlike /mlp/ and /pol/.
Be respectful.


630 posts in 4 months. About 5 posts per day, and most of that is meta discussion or by mlpol users. 1ntr never moved out of their Discord server. What exactly is necessary to declare the board abandoned?


It's not your community. It would defeat the purpose you tried to mold it.


File: 1504643690478.png (144.39 KB, 533x480, 1ntr tan.png)



Then why do they use the discord exclusively?
Make them use it!


Why do you even give a shit if they're not using it enough? It's not meant for you, you're just allowed to use it. Weren't you here when this board was made?


Calm down sweet cakes. Yes I was here when it was made. I'm saying that the intended community does not make much use of it, and seems to have remained largely in their discord. Given that and the fact that this is on mlpol.net, I think it would help if the rules were loosened or at least clarified to allow mlpol users to make greater use of it, perhaps as a /a/.


Yo 1ntr is random, it's ok to use it as an /a/ as long as no porn


With regards to old-meme posting, what is acceptable? No I do not know how old the old memes are, or where they originated


I have no idea
I'm not from 1ntr, just quoting what an 1ntr said


File: 1504644929653.png (449.91 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0396.PNG)

the community is around, and the board is lurked. We make threads when we feel it would appropriate, we dont just spam threads.

there is no need to losen any rules, we have them for a reason. We care to focus on creating content, with an old flare and taste. porn dumps is the least Ngrs care about; same with activity, the community is growing, as well as restoring original members, wether they are ready to return to imageboards or not is beyond us. We care just to have our fun, with some new anons in hopes of creating good entertaining content.

its been said many times, we enjoy visits; but we would like to see what /mlpol/ is learning about /1ntr/ and what content would be suitable by what you have seen.


Anymore pictures of her.


We still know fairly little about 1ntr; not enough to engage with it effectively. What content would be appropriate to post?


you are not singled down to just old memes, that is just a theme to see what year you come from and what boards. Not everyone can be born during the golden years, but we at least like to remind anons and Ngrs that there were Golden years. And its still possible to live them in this timeline while coming back new and kicking.


more to come


So would posting about what were to me viral old youtube videos - Charlie the Unicorn, Pickle surprise, the End of the World, the Demented Cartoon Show - be appropriate? What about my experiences with forums (not related to imageboards) circa 2006?


File: 1504645605559.jpg (36.53 KB, 480x480, 14676561_272822109781936_5….jpg)

ofcourse, there are threads that cover those topics. As well as standard anime conversation, think of /1ntr/ as a place to post outside of ponies, politics, and porn.

Im sure /mlpol/ has the creative power outside of those barriers.


File: 1504651440468.png (486.76 KB, 1341x980, 1ntrtan.png)


File: 1504749451738.png (101.34 KB, 900x900, 1ntr pone.png)

Fuck, how do I draw anime? Does anyone have one of those old manga drawing guides?




File: 1504750618056.jpg (113.03 KB, 1042x1101, IMG_9975.JPG)

oh my thats cute

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