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so it seems /mlpol/ wants a random board, and since i see /1ntr/ Ngrs lurking it would be a good time to post this. I dont think /mlpol/ know ls that /1nternets/ is a random board; however safe for work. Does /mlpol/ want a board to discuss matters other than ponies, or do they want another board to dump ponies in?



I avoided posting here because I didn't want to disturb the oldfags..
I still like /sp/ though.


/1ntr/ is the true random board. I shitpost here occasionally and it is glorious.
The only restriction to the randomness is the SFW restriction.


>Disturb the oldfags
Posting isn't disturbing, it's joining in the shitposting which is gr8


this, I for one dont mind the /mlpol/ visits. my only concern is what /mlpol/ wants in a random board.


I like roleplaying, ponies, Candace-posting, meming, greentext, and of course football.


Arent those things done in /mlpol/ what do you guys consider off topic? i would think a random board is good for off topic discussion.


I feel like /mlpol/ posters hold their quality standards so high that they're less prone to start /mlp/ or even /pol/ tier funposts. I feel like /sp/ is a nice place to just cut loose, in the context of football, of course.


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File: 1503251654082.jpg (38.64 KB, 374x347, what.jpg)

this is a random board? I thought it was a internets board?


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File: 1503252395468.jpg (35.53 KB, 391x577, IMG_9357.JPG)

the internet is random, and /1nternets/ is about the internet.




I have never understood what the topics of 1ntr are supposed to be


/1ntr/ dont happen to have one, /1ntr/ Ngrs mostly share different likes when it comes to internet backgrounds. One thing was agreed on and that was, the old internet ways, jokes, jargon, anime was something to be treasured. We had a furfag a few years back, did not last very long but was still funny to have around.

so as far as topics, there really aren't any. There was an idea floating around about starting a General on Chan Politics and news. Anons do not know much about the other chans what goes on beneath the boards. But that is as deep as /1ntr/ will go as far as a topic.

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