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File: 1495454630177.gif (10.04 KB, 1008x630, food1.gif)


And so, /1ntr/, I present to you a thread that is 100% fail-proof, guaranteed of sticky.
In this thread, we MSPaint our favorite foods.


File: 1495454650041.gif (7.29 KB, 1008x630, food2.gif)


File: 1495454776938.png (4.2 KB, 640x400, wew.png)


File: 1495455012776.gif (6.36 KB, 1008x630, food3.gif)

oh this is still here…


File: 1495455073021.gif (5.69 KB, 1008x630, food4.gif)

no one's probably on anyway


File: 1495455192195.gif (4.8 KB, 1008x630, food5.gif)



File: 1495455260331.gif (4.46 KB, 1008x630, food6.gif)



File: 1495455476013.gif (4.45 KB, 1008x630, food6.2.gif)



File: 1495455679774.gif (4.45 KB, 1008x630, food6.3.gif)

This is really awkward.


File: 1495455735052.gif (5.62 KB, 1008x630, food7.gif)

Heh heh
don't mind me guys
I was just
uh about to throw this


File: 1495455885668.gif (5.15 KB, 1008x630, food8.gif)

Lemme just go get my trashcan


File: 1495455934036.gif (2.52 KB, 1008x630, food9.gif)


File: 1495456098119.gif (7.76 KB, 1008x630, food10.gif)

lol found my trashcan
damn roommate


File: 1495456593346.gif (6.83 KB, 1008x630, food11.gif)

wait a minute



File: 1495456801258.gif (7.38 KB, 1008x630, food12.gif)

What's that, inside?


File: 1495456973205.gif (6.69 KB, 1008x630, food13.gif)

Let me get a better look at this


File: 1495457314087.gif (5.92 KB, 1008x630, food14.gif)



File: 1495457542470.gif (5.49 KB, 1008x630, food15.gif)


File: 1495457707340.gif (5.99 KB, 1008x630, food16.gif)


File: 1495457828909.gif (7.13 KB, 1008x630, food17.gif)

Well hello there


File: 1495458169728.gif (8.51 KB, 1008x630, food18.gif)

meh I like this one better


File: 1495458585493.gif (9.42 KB, 1008x630, food19.gif)

I gotta show my roommate over on /mlpol/


File: 1495460562393.gif (4.54 KB, 1008x630, food20.gif)


File: 1495460719568.gif (13.07 KB, 1008x630, food21.gif)

boingy boingy!

gimmie my mask!


File: 1495460961382.gif (8.66 KB, 1008x630, food22.gif)

oh jeez…


File: 1495461122125.gif (5.2 KB, 1008x630, food23.gif)

ok now I'm mad…


File: 1495461472978.gif (6.86 KB, 1008x630, food24.gif)

Lets see how he likes it…


File: 1495461756245.gif (7.15 KB, 1008x630, food25.gif)

hurr durr I like old fag may mays!


File: 1495462138987.png (4.62 KB, 562x545, a present.png)

ill just leave this here


File: 1495462306719.gif (5.43 KB, 1008x630, food26.gif)

I thank you
I bet I can do anything better than that guy


File: 1495462348524.gif (5.59 KB, 1008x630, food27.gif)

check em


you tried


File: 1495462751939.gif (5.82 KB, 1008x630, food28.gif)


so what is this thing?


File: 1495462862135.png (563.26 KB, 472x475, Capture.PNG)

check em


File: 1495462963665.gif (5.84 KB, 1008x630, food29.gif)

damn u


File: 1495463464076.gif (5.95 KB, 1008x630, food30.gif)

it's a windmill of friendship!


File: 1495463510566.jpg (36.77 KB, 640x480, IMG_9752.JPG)

i must as you mister /mlpol/

do you leik mudkips?


File: 1495463675931.gif (7.08 KB, 1008x630, food31.gif)

yeah I like mudflaps
they keep big trucks from flinging dirt and shit all over my windshield when I drive


File: 1495464019260.gif (12.3 KB, 1008x630, food32.gif)

what the devil is that?


its a mudflap


File: 1495464453009.gif (12.54 KB, 1008x630, food33.gif)

ya don't say?
come here lil guy…


File: 1495464721829.gif (13.9 KB, 1008x630, food34.gif)

sweet jesus!


File: 1495465031106.gif (8.51 KB, 1008x630, food35.gif)


File: 1495465111347.gif (828.49 KB, 250x188, 1395710642592.gif)

there is no jesus here


File: 1495465748637.gif (6.06 KB, 1008x630, food36.gif)


File: 1495466216597.gif (7.22 KB, 1008x630, food37.gif)


File: 1495466357876.gif (4.01 KB, 1008x630, food38.gif)


File: 1495471647211.gif (8.28 KB, 1008x630, food39.gif)

no more mr nice guy


File: 1495475174764.gif (4.02 KB, 1008x630, food40.gif)


File: 1495475597290.gif (6.33 KB, 1008x630, food41.gif)



File: 1495475620512.gif (5.4 KB, 1008x630, credits.gif)


This was really nice story.

you have my uplike


File: 1563820684066.gif (8.09 KB, 671x791, 1187476008169.gif)

Well that's a interesting premise.

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