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Never been there. People rip on them for spouting old memes. Went over there and saw a bunch new memes. I know there's a difference between us doing it and them, but can anyone figure out what that difference is?


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not as much spouting old memes, but pretty much the same thing you see now days, we have always had boogeymen, whether it be irc channels, 9gag -the reddit of that timeline- -which is also the reason terms like "epic" and "FAIL" are considered cancer these days, and Gaiafags. pretty much you could look at why reddit gets a ton of flack, and pretty much get the same conversations and posts, just a different name. Only unlike reddit, reddit comes to 4chan and tries to blend in but fails because it seems imageboards require you to actually lurk which is hard for them to understand. 9fag, and Gaia would openly pay visits announcing where they are from, which in turn would always backfire on them. Unlike now, all I can say is that I would rather have the boogeymen and cancer of then compared to now, fucking smartphone teenbros.


Forgot about all that…. I got the impression from this fag, who makes interesting content but ultimately seems as if he's been using 4chan since 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzFykQv6Q08


9gag was a lot like reddit.
They only steal content, and take the credit for all of it.


/r/ing content shit funnel diagram.


Smart phones ruined the internet.



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