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File: 1504229353632.jpg (61.02 KB, 553x604, RaptorJesus188.jpg)


thinking about current year and looking back to this, was Raptor Jesus right all along?


File: 1504230703477.jpg (89.91 KB, 432x432, philosoraptor.jpg)

Or, was he wrong about nothing?


File: 1504235131518.png (32.21 KB, 194x198, IMG_8984.PNG)

Wisdom from the Dinosaurs

File: 1499052007090.jpg (31.43 KB, 480x360, IMG_0112.JPG)


ITT: we post youtube videos that take you back to when youtube was great.

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File: 1500843671177.jpg (21.03 KB, 580x388, windows_xp-100154667-large.jpg)



File: 1503634805415.jpg (13.43 KB, 440x360, hqdefault.jpg)

what the fuck is a samoflage??

File: 1503242804224.png (529.52 KB, 697x944, 1477506009503.png)


Kuroneko for the win
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File: 1503250967048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 558.61 KB, 1280x1825, IMG_0210.JPG)


File: 1503279587830.png (130.72 KB, 414x307, littlesisterroom.png)


File: 1503280604792-0.gif (1.11 MB, 640x360, 1498889686600.gif)

File: 1503280604792-1.gif (737.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1498930414190.gif)

The phone girl


File: 1503285539483.gif (656.4 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mmr7mbXSjV1r9b5wlo1….gif)


File: 1503351415982.gif (341.66 KB, 500x280, imb_20170821031539.gif)

File: 1503246262668.jpg (96.63 KB, 600x600, IMG_0201.JPG)


so it seems /mlpol/ wants a random board, and since i see /1ntr/ Ngrs lurking it would be a good time to post this. I dont think /mlpol/ know ls that /1nternets/ is a random board; however safe for work. Does /mlpol/ want a board to discuss matters other than ponies, or do they want another board to dump ponies in?

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File: 1503251808839.png (162.86 KB, 1280x793, J31u5uP.png)


File: 1503252395468.jpg (35.53 KB, 391x577, IMG_9357.JPG)

the internet is random, and /1nternets/ is about the internet.




I have never understood what the topics of 1ntr are supposed to be


/1ntr/ dont happen to have one, /1ntr/ Ngrs mostly share different likes when it comes to internet backgrounds. One thing was agreed on and that was, the old internet ways, jokes, jargon, anime was something to be treasured. We had a furfag a few years back, did not last very long but was still funny to have around.

so as far as topics, there really aren't any. There was an idea floating around about starting a General on Chan Politics and news. Anons do not know much about the other chans what goes on beneath the boards. But that is as deep as /1ntr/ will go as far as a topic.

File: 1499844110120.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 KB, 400x400, win.png)


I wonder how many people won yet? I sure haven't, but I also haven't been following the rules. I suspect everyone else is doing the same.

I also think there's an entire generation not in on it. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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Haha too late I already was out of it last month and already did not win when realising what your post was about..
Well there may be a lot of people not playing right now, it's kind of sad


File: 1501065783368.jpg (90 KB, 800x600, 339212 - meme the_game.jpg)


File: 1501495329160.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.58 KB, 640x480, i-love-this-game.jpg)


File: 1501495409224.swf (7.92 MB, FunkyTromboneGuy.swf)


I lost

File: 1499418142600-0.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, Good Morning.png)

File: 1499418142600-1.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Akiyama.png)


Apparently this is relevant, and 2012 is old enough to this board's flavor, right? Right? Hi, guys. Just finished Girls Und Panzer, and was wondering what other recommend war animes exist. I enjoyed GuP very much, which has grown my interest in the genre. A fun ride so to say. The other anime I had considered Youjo Senki, but it didn't pick up my interest the first episode like Girls Und Panzer did. Any others. Also, Akiyama is best girl.


File: 1499489770147.jpeg (329.69 KB, 1600x1000, soranoto.jpeg)

Most would not be okay with asking for recommendations, fortunately for you this is not /a/.

One of my personal favorites is SO RA NO WO TO


File: 1499493945811.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, fuck.png)

Sorry. I'm a newfag when it comes to anime. But, thanks for the suggestion, senpai.


File: 1501483788998.jpg (36.52 KB, 250x271, John-Elway-Speaker.jpg)

man, that shit feels like it just happened last week.

File: 1495966709815.swf (19.91 KB, Random SCP Button.swf)


Roll and see.


File: 1495983072428.png (37.39 KB, 177x185, 108108582.png)




File: 1498543803292.png (267.58 KB, 400x400, 1491180209017.png)


File: 1495900723400.jpg (74.83 KB, 800x575, rare_s118.jpg)


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File: 1495951736482.jpeg (57.95 KB, 640x567, image.jpeg)

>doesn't know about the mlpol newfag infiltration


>implying our newfags screech as loud as the ones on 4chink
>implying they aren't at least being discreet or attempting to blend in
>implying the newfaggy newfags stuck around once they saw their (((edgy))) nazi "friends" engaged in inappropriate conduct with ponies


File: 1495966587909.swf (5.74 MB, Picard.swf)


File: 1495982701307.jpg (53.96 KB, 500x314, captain_picard.jpg)

>post your best CP
having newfags is not a problem I was thinking more along the lines of the immediate reaction to the OP, I found the thought pretty funny.


File: 1495987061589-0.swf (9.05 MB, cheesepizza.swf)

File: 1495884968235.swf (657.27 KB, MissMeYet.swf)


Do you miss me yet?


File: 1495893118102.jpg (31.1 KB, 294x273, IMG_0227.JPG)

Not yet Dubbya, not quite yet.


They were both jewish-controlled fucks anyway.

File: 1495648846003.jpeg (17.35 KB, 600x564, received_1140456709359554.jpeg)


Why would anybody try force that's just rude what if the triangle is in a committed relationship with a rectangle I just don't understand may you please explain


File: 1495654768749.jpg (19.51 KB, 251x241, IMG_9608.JPG)

first explain your pic OP it fills my mind with fuck

File: 1495455282711.png (68.04 KB, 898x546, Phpbb_3.0_prosilver.png)


I used to use them regularly. I still use a few of them… mostly hackforums, leakforums, and lewdsx.

What were your favorite moments on forums? Forums introduced me to a lot of the Internet that I didn't know existed, like Dubtrack, Plugdj, and other fun and interesting communities. I also met some really nice and knowledgeable people, but of course I met idiots as well.


File: 1495466878732-0.jpg (35.23 KB, 468x336, IMG_9753.JPG)

File: 1495466878732-1.png (41.93 KB, 400x400, IMG_9754.PNG)

Personally enjoyed Neogaf and its friendly atmosphere, there used to be raids for camwhore streams that were quite funny being with nothing but gamers with silly insults like "oh my god you are ugly, you look like wii graphics"

there was a post once referring to a country where prostitutes were protesting by giving out free sex. there was a response to it with an image of an airplane taking off, sadly noone got the joke until later with another post (not sure what it was about) but it ended with several posts of airplanes taking off, along with boats and swimmers, even goku teleporting.

good times


File: 1495467246510.gif (5.72 KB, 1008x630, 1ntr5.gif)

I like stormfront


Raids are tons of fun.
I remember participating in tons of twitch, IRC, and hitbox raids.


File: 1495632764741.gif (1.36 MB, 245x143, kpop-flasche.gif)

I want the good old times with phpBB boards back :/
They were small but very active communities.


I still use one about ponies.
It's pretty dead, and it's nothing compared to what it used to be.
We used to hang out on raidcall, do some karaoke, sometimes even raid other forums or post ponies over places where ponies weren't allowed, the production of freshly baked OC was great too, but the years went by and people just got better things to do.

File: 1495454630177.gif (10.04 KB, 1008x630, food1.gif)


And so, /1ntr/, I present to you a thread that is 100% fail-proof, guaranteed of sticky.
In this thread, we MSPaint our favorite foods.
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File: 1495475174764.gif (4.02 KB, 1008x630, food40.gif)


File: 1495475597290.gif (6.33 KB, 1008x630, food41.gif)



File: 1495475620512.gif (5.4 KB, 1008x630, credits.gif)


This was really nice story.

you have my uplike


File: 1563820684066.gif (8.09 KB, 671x791, 1187476008169.gif)

Well that's a interesting premise.

File: 1495305333766.gif (81.61 KB, 275x200, I know I have a pone gif f….gif)


'cause .swfs are enabled only on /1ntr/.


File: 1495305593709.swf (8.07 MB, friendship_is_magic_bitch_….swf)


File: 1495315217879.jpg (58.78 KB, 600x673, IMG_0032.JPG)

welcome horse friend, are you here to discuss the internet with us?


I'll see about getting SWF uploads enabled across all the boards.


You can now post SWF files anywhere.

File: 1494519614940.jpg (2.62 MB, 2304x3072, 1488837645703.jpg)


Redpill me on /1ntr/
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File: 1495084358043.jpg (68.1 KB, 598x476, 1418149383599.jpg)

I like this board pls bring moar ppl here
oldfags unite


File: 1495085340538.jpeg (21.42 KB, 510x336, image.jpeg)

It's all about AngelFire, Geocities, Aol chat rooms where everyone is 14/f/cal and cp


File: 1495106991448.jpg (70.04 KB, 600x572, hank.JPG)

>nobody will ever ask a/s/l?
>nobody will ever use the term "cyber"
>nobody will ever pm bomb you
>you will never wait for an eternity for a .jpeg of some tits to load
>you will never be greeted by the creepy dial up tone late at night
>you will never be relieved by the soothing greet of "you got mail"
>even though you dont got mail
god I love the old days.


File: 1495296284755.png (92.05 KB, 400x550, 1412965930148.png)

I'm still cybering to this day.
I never grew up.


File: 1495311653625.gif (222.72 KB, 220x200, 1494379745195.gif)

File: 1494798571381.png (324.69 KB, 480x716, Femanon grows up.png)


I read on the main board that one of you guys requested Atlas for asylum here. May I ask where you guys came from, or where you've been squatting until now?
I'm quite interested in your community and vintage memes.
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File: 1494993247055.gif (2.57 MB, 300x356, 1490969109322.gif)

Ofcourse newfriend, that would be a great Idea for a new thread, Perhaps the Newfags guide to chan history and culture.

A great opportunity if I do say so myself.


>that would be a great Idea for a new thread
Show us the way.


constructing this thread properly would be the key concern, Newfriends are not too fond of reading walls of text. this could take a while, but it can be done.


File: 1495128705130.jpg (33.22 KB, 600x428, 1493587875513.jpg)

make a thread construction thread.


File: 1495130386028.jpeg (91.07 KB, 800x600, 205b11a6e760c4bd1fe406a53….jpeg)

you are not funny nigger, now excuse me while I think about my life choices.

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