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christmas truce.jpg
/mlpol/ Christmas Truce video
Does anyone know where I can find the old /mlpol/ Christmas Truce video? I found it a month or so after that April Fool's day, but when I went on an archival binge a few months ago, I wasn't able to find it.

You know the one. It's based on that Christimas Truce video that shows England and the Russians playing soccer in the winter. They edited new subtitles into the video, and might have made some minor edits to the actual video itself.

It was a nice video, and I'd like to see it again.
File (hide): 8F0368869B9AEA7B94C714B461636D8B-8772761.m4v (8.4 MB, Resolution:640x360 Length:00:02:10, videoplayback (22).mp4) [play once] [loop]
videoplayback (22).mp4
I got this copy.. I'll see if I got a better one (I think/hope I downloaded higer res).
aryanne 132718.png
Fantastic. Thank you. I'll keep the thread open in case you do find that higher res copy. If you have the link to where you found the video so I can give it the original video title, that'd also be great.

While I'm at it, since this thread is partly about archival, here's MisterDavie's Newgrounds page. He's the animator that posted a bunch of MLP animations back in the day. His YouTube videos were all deleted from YT by Hasbro years ago, but the Communities page on his profile still shows his video announcements for each video. He also usually gave links to file lockers that contained higher res versions of his animations. His 3 animations that are hosted on Newgrounds also each have a download link to high res versions of the animations.
Sadly I can't remember where I saved it from. Usually when I dl fro youtube I save the youtube link ID, but since my filename don't have that I'm not sure where from or how I saved it.
I wish YouTube were more interested in saving the history of digital culture instead of sucking off the dick of cancel culture. Youtube has siglehandedly destroyed more art than anyone in the entire history of mankind.
>if you got the old youtube link I might have more to search by in my hunt for better quality